Top 1 Games Similar to Shooting Star

Cosmic Hero (Space Shooter) 1.7.3
Danial Islam
It is the future. Nations around the worldhaveput aside their differences to unite for a common cause: todefeatan alien invasion from outer space. Alien UFO forces fromthe ZetaReticuli star system have invaded planet Earth. It is yourduty -the Cosmic Hero star fighter - to seek out and destroy theUFOinvaders to free the planet from invasion. In this spaceshooteraction game you must end the occupation of the alieninvaders! Bringglory to planet Earth!You are Cosmic Hero, the defender of Earth, in this free,exciting80s retro-themed arcade-style shoot-em-up / space shootergame,with comic art involving outer space, star fighters,aliens,asteroids, missiles, boss battles and a UFO invasion. Earnyourwings and defeat the alien invaders with your Cosmic Herostarfighter and compete for glory and the highest score.Is this the hardest game ever? Give it a try. We think it is oneofthe hardest games you will ever play. It starts out witharelatively easy asteroids level and then progresses to alienswarmsof various sorts, and then a boss battle!The free Cosmic Hero star fighter retro action game isreminiscentof early 80s shoot-em-up and space shooter and alienUFOinvaders/invasion games, found in the arcade and on retrohomeconsole systems.This retro shoot-em-up / space shooter featuresoriginalcomics-style artwork by Waseem Bashar, inspired by theearlyshooter / shoot-em-up / arcade games from the 80s!The game is free and supported with ads.Like our free retro shoot-em-up comic-style game Cosmic HeroonFacebook!