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Piggy Jump: Fun Adventure Game 1.0
Mad Quail
Prepare your fingers for crazyjumpingaction:tap, tilt the phone and jump sky-high to collect allthefruits andvegetables and feed the hungry piglet!Piggy Jump: Fun Adventure Game is, as the name says, one ofthemostamusing and “addicting games” that will take you onanexcitingplatform jumping adventure! Jump up and then tiltthephone left andright in order to collect all the fruitsandvegetables that arefalling down, but watch out not to let thefoodfall down and hitthe platform because it will startcracking!Also, beware of thedangerous piggy killer poison bottleand avoidit at all costs!“Piggy Jump: Fun Adventure Game” has thecoolestgamefeatures:✔ Cute eye-popping piggy character and vivid graphics!✔ Simple and intuitive controls:✔ Tap to jump, tap twice to jump higher, and tilt your phonetomakethe jumping pig go left or right!✔ Collect the food, avoid the killer poison and savetheplatformfrom cracking, or else, you'll lose the floorunderyourfeet!✔ Fun and addictive gameplay!✔ Lots of different collectibles: yummycarrots,cabbages,watermelons, apples, cucumbers, and much more!Are you ready to perform a mega jump and hop up hightowardsthesky? Make your piggy friend jump happily and take allthefruitsand veggies to feed him! This action and adventure gameforkids isso cute that you will instantly get hooked on it, andyouwon'teven notice the hours pass by as you play it! Tap tojump,tilt thephone, collect the food, carefully avoid all thekillerpoisonbottles and save your platform from cracking! PiggyJump:FunAdventure Game, a hyper fun arcade mega jump gameisvisuallystunning, super fun, endlessly re-playableandcompletelyfree-to-play! What else could you possibly want! Comeon,make yourpig rush to collect all the food! Jump piggy jump andflyin theair!This super pig game for kids, for teens and even for adultswillmakeall generations happy and amused! If you are a fanofplatformjumping games and “pig games”, download this“actionadventuregame” for free and blast off on your crazy journey!Yourpiggie iswaiting – set it in motion and make it jump upanddown!Be the best jump ninja piggy, get one of the best 2015 pigappsforkids and adults and get ready for some serious jumpingaction!Ifyou like adventure and platform games, you'll adorethispiggiegame! This funny arcade for kids will take you on ajoyridethroughthe happy piggie village full of platformjumpingaction!Tap and tilt the phone to feed the hungry piggy and enjoythispigmania! If you are bored with silly jungle runs,thenzombies,monsters and their temple races, this new 2015addictivegame willdefinitely offer you something innovative anddifferent!Above all,this is also a cool jumping games for girls -thisjumpingadventure offers the best gaming experience for bothboysandgirls, kids of all age and adults as well! Acquire PiggyJump:FunAdventure Game and hop, hop, hop! Make your pig jumperjumpbetterthan your gran and beat your own high score! Turn it intoaninjapig, catch the jumping fever and have tons of fun! Get downtoplaythis cartoon game now! Ready, steady, go!