Top 3 Games Similar to Penguin Slide

Penguin Slide 1.0
GRAB YOUR EARMUFFS!Step into the flippers of this adorable penguin and jumpacrossthe conveniently spaced platforms of our frozen landscape.Competeagainst your friends by setting higher scores andunlockingachievements!.
Penguin Slide 1.1.5
Penguin Slide!Tap to flap your penguin wings and jump, get to theplatformsandget as many gems as possible! Help your penguin slidein ice,andjump in a colorful snowy environment!Instructions:-Tap on the screen to jump-Hold longer to achieve a higher jump-Tap again in mid-air to get a second jump-Collect gems to increase score-Post your score to Facebook!
Greedy penguin 1.3
"Raise a penguin with fun! Very exciting FEVER time!You can become a breeder, and this is a breeding game bygivingfish to the cute penguin.Slide the fish which the breeder has, and feedthepenguins.Be careful, there are some foods which the penguins can't eat!How quickly and precisely can you feed them and get thehighscore!?The things which the penguins can eat are fishes colored blueorgold.Things which the penguin cannot eat is sea cucumber, seaweeds,andsea stars.If you throw a sea cucumber, seaweed or sea stars tothepemguins,they will get angry and stop eating.So, look carefully before throwing.The fever time starts after giving five fishes subsequently.■How to play①Start the game by tapping the play button.②Feed the penguins by swipe foods which the breeder has.③Give only the fishes to the penguin.If you throw some thing else, the penguins will get angry.④Throw away except the fishes by flicking.⑤The fever time starts after giving five fishes subsequently.⑥During the fever time, you'll only get fish to throw so,give the penguins many at that point."