Top 24 Games Similar to Ball Resurrection 3D

Shredder 1.1
Phase 6
Shredder is an arcade style game in thegenreof Arkanoid/Breakout/Brick Breaker.Shredder can be played on your Android device or onyourChromecast using your device as a controller. Note: You do notneeda Chromecast to play the local/device version of the game!Features:Device-based game:- Arcade-style play (no saved progress)- Highest score, best level, and most lives acquired are savedsothat you can try to beat your last performance- Custom leader board allows you to compare your high score tootherplayers. (see privacy policy)- Ability to turn on/off music and/or sound effectsChromecast-based game:- Arcade-style play (no saved progress)- Highest score, best level, and most lives acquired are savedsothat you can try to beat your last performance- Custom leader board allows you to compare your high score tootherplayers. (see privacy policy)- Current scores are displayed on both your television throughyourChromecast and on your device.Leader Board:- There are separate leader boards for the device andChromecastversions of the game.Game play:Blocks - break them and get some points.Coins - catch them and get more points!Ball power-up - pops an extra ball into play.Shredder power-up - a three-bladed brick-tearing machine! But,becareful, shredders can pop your other balls and speed up witheachhit of the paddle!
Jumpy Cat Bubbles Free 1.0.3
+ Now that flappy bird is gone, jump highwithJumpy Cat and pop as many bubbles as possible! +Highly addictive jumping fun with the cutes cat you'veeverseen!Easy controls let kitty jump on a paddle to reach all the bubbles.+ How to play +Drag and swipe the red paddle right and left.Push the paddle and little kitty high up to let her pop allthebubbles.Complete the bonus letters to find the red magic cape to popevenmore bubbles.+ Different stages+ Easy to start, hard to master+ Many bubble items to pop+ Special bubbles with extras+ Game Center with Leaderboard and many achievements+ Colorful and funny artwork+ Fun music+ More updates to come! +Jump on for the latestkittyjumping news.Thanks for playing! We love to hear your feedback.
Breaker Blitz 1.2
GlobalFun Games
"Smash the blocks to escape! In this funandcolorful version of a classic arcade game, use a paddle and balltohit carefully placed blocks. Destroy all the blocks to advancetoanother challenging level. Can you survive the Breaker Blitz?----------------------Breaker Blitz features:★ Beautiful graphics★ Over 400 levels★ Catch bonuses that fall from the sky★ Unlock items by completing levels★ Listen to great DANCE, POP, JAZZ and other music trackswhileplaying---------------------"
The original IMPOSSIBLE ROAD game.IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is a pure, minimal arcade game about risk,reward,and rollercoasters."9/10" - Edge Magazine"4.5 stars" - TouchArcadeGame of the Week - PocketGamerGuide THE VESSEL down the roller coaster-like track atspeed,scoring for each gate you make it through. Navigate hair-pinbends,jumps, banked curves and adverse camber in the quest fortheperfect line.And when you learn how to cheat the game, and you discover thatitis rewarded not punished, the leaderboards will belongtoyou.- Unique minimalist styling- Smooth 60FPS gameplay- Supports Google Play Game Services for leaderboardsandachievements- Optimized for tablets and smaller devices alike- Four themes including a dark theme optimized forOLEDscreens[Controls]Touch the left side of the screen to turn left, touch the rightsideof the screen to turn right.Touch your score to show the Quick Restart button.[Credits]Design, coding, art and audio - Kevin Ng @pixelsontoastPlay testing and feedback - the wonderful [email protected]:Andy Durdin @adurdinTrevor Fountain @dochesAaron Dron @tinyblobJonathan Brodsky @jonbroPaul Scott Canavan @abigbatGillian Patterson NAE TWITTERAndy Watson @andywatson00Peter Van Der Watt @tenebriousIan Usher @FatConanBen Newbon @bennewbonGavin Jones @aotumediaKayleigh Boyd @SilverlynxcatAndroid Testing:Dave Sapien @DaveSapienJonathan Brodsky @jonbroColin Whiteside @spacehostRohit Bhatia @RohitBhatia29
Candy Blast Shooting 1.5
Yac Dev Mobil
Welcome to candy blast shooting, thebestBreakout style game on androidThis is an app which will remind you of the classic arcade gamesofthe past.Candy Blast Shooting is a challenging game in which youmustdestroy all of the candy's to pass 20 levels in thischallengingfun game.Candy Popping shoot or candy shooting mania buddle is a sweetandaddictive Bricks Breaker game, similar to the classic ArkanoidorBreakout game, with just a touch you can play this game,roundcandies will be echoes to and fro upon the walls, and candestroythe line candies on top, slide under your gum to prevent thegumdrop and round they reflect it on.There are three bonuses in different sweets, includingcandyadditions will round up lots of sweets round ricochetedandchocolat candy strawberry, life enhancement and expansion ofthecandy that is under so much blocking shaped candies and go to all the key level to complete the game.Candy Blast Shooting is a unique remake of the classicbreakoutarkanoid game that we all played in the good olddays!This fun game is full of tasty sweet candy and featuring 4differentpower-ups and 20 fun levels.How to play- simply move the paddle by sliding your finger left or righttobounce the sweet candy ball around the screen and break allthecolorful candy bricks to advance to the next level, and makethecandy blast.Play now, start your Candy Blast Shooting, have fun
Bubble Diamond Breaker 1.4
Mind Bender
Bubble Diamond Breaker is a freediamondbreakerand bubble popper game. Move the paddle from side tosidewith yourfingers to bounce the ball and break the diamonds andpopthebubbles. Gold coins and birds are hidden inside thebubblesanddiamonds. Diamonds are harder to break but you get moregoldcoins.You will be able to free the birds and collect goldcoinsafter youbreak the diamonds, bubbles and also increase yourscore.Engagingmusic and graphics. If you are logged into GooglePlay thanyou cansave your score on global leaderboard so you cancompeteagainstthe world.How to play - In Bubble Diamond Breaker move the paddlefromsideto side with your fingers to bounce the ball and preventtheballfrom hitting the bottom.
Don't Fall 3D 1.5
Move paddle and save the ball from fallingtothe ground.Find new ways to let the ball stay at top more,Tap Tap screen to get more score but mind it,the rotation willswingyour mind so let your concentrationunaffected.The game has okay as we care for the ball,so don'tletthe loveable ball fall ,reach high score tosee the magic in the game, the game has a single power ,whichpopsup after 18 seconds and then 12 seconds after it,Take the powerandTap Tap to get your score higher,FEATURES:-ROLLER COASTER CAMERA ROTATION-LOTS OF FUN-HIGH GRAPHICS-BEAUTIFUL BACKGROUND MUSIC-ADDICTING TO GET MORE AND MORE
Balance 3d Ball :Break It Free 2.4
Balance 3d Ball :Break It Free is afundamental3d balance ball game for your mobile device. Let’sstart Balance 3dBall adventure journey with smashing break outexperience !Break all the glass in this orbiting styled space ball fastpacedgame. In Balance 3d Ball :Break It Free move yourself with thehelpof your finger. You can adjust the direction to break and smashhitall the glass coming in your pipeline way with the help ofrollingball .Don’t avoid any glass to hit in this space game and smash ithard!But be careful with the red balls as you have to avoidthem.Smashing glass has never been so fun. Your running ballexperiencewill be on sky level with this fantastic break outgame.Lets get started with Balance 3d Ball :Break It Free and see howfaryou can go in this fast paced break the glass game forenormousresurrection fun.How to play :Tap to change the direction of running ball in the arkanoidbreakitworld.Game Features:• Fast paced smash it 3d 3d balance ball game• Roll the ball to smash it hard• Random day and night mode in this roll the ball game• Pipeline orbit running environment• Cool game for all ages• Play free online with friends and share your score on googleplayachievements• Arkanoid breakit world and commendable graphics• 3D styled space ball resurrection game
Arcade Brick Breaker
If you want to play an exciting arcadegamewith unending dynamics and fun of unpredictability,arkanoidcategorized Arcade Brick Breaker will be the best app foryou playon your mobile device. It is a simple to play game for boysandgirls but it has so many twists and tweaks that you will keepyouengrossed for long.The objective of the game is, as implied by the name, tobreakoutall the colored bricks with the help of balls. The gamepresentstwo-way challenge: you have to crush the bricks by the balland theball will be bounced on a moving platform that you have toplaceeach time to catch and bounce the ball so that it hits thetarget.You have to move the paddle by your fingers from left toright sideor vice versa to adjust the spinning ball on it.However, apart from balancing the ball and smashing the bricks,thegame has lot more attractions to offer you as a part of itspowerplay. It has different power ups and these power ups pop up ontheshape of big balls like multi-ball (blue), power-ball(yellow),laser fire (purple), extend platform (green) and one toescape thatwill truncate the platform (red). It is a multi-levelgame anddifficulty level will be increased once you start climbingthelevels.Besides brick breaking, the game is a block breaker game too.Thegame will present some colorful blocks like:• Usual block – has only 1 life and it can be destroyed fromthefirst time.• Moving blocks – found hovering over the screen• A steel block – These blocks cannot get destroyed byusualball• A glassy block – offers 3 lives to survive.• A hidden block - will be hidden.• A bonus block - brings useful bonuses for extra score.Before you hit the download button, check its entertainingfeatures.It will help you to play the game with extra vivacity andpowerpacked performance:• Superbly organized and attractive user interface,• It is a multi-level game,• The difficulty level will be gradually ascending while youwillclimb the levels,• Flash screen is an extra advantage for enjoying the game,• You can get to enjoy multiple lives: it will help you tosurvivem\longer,• Different power ups are there: it will help you in playingthegame with better output.• The ball’s speed will increase and decrease as the gamemovesahead.• Stimulating music at the backdrop will heighten thegamedynamics.This brick breaker game can be played offline unlimited, anytimeyouwish. It is an entertaining game for girls and boys, who lovetoplay addictive mobile games; however, it is a great tool topolishyour reflex and hand-eye coordination too in fun andplaysetting!
Smash Break Bricks
smash break briks is an amazingbreakspopping/breaking/buster game with a new and addictivetwist!Let's experience a revolutionary brick breaking game that sets anewstandard of fun over any break your first brick to startarevolution today!Familiar to play, yet hard to master, break bricks bringsfreshchallenges and unanticipated obstacles to breakout hunterageplayers around the world. smash is playable at no cost andfreefrom ads.against the bricks and knock down them to extinction. breaker isaclassic brick breaking game.The options :- Beautifull graphics- Provides an active physics applied to natural movement.- Intuitive bit controls with realistic physics- Archanoid demolition- twelve difficult level to finishHow to play game smash :1. Move the paddle together with your finger Or tab buttontomaneuver your paddle.2. after you bit the screen, the ball being unemployed.
Classic Brick Break free game 1.5
Classic Brick Break free game is a goodappofwhich will probably remind people of an classic arcade gamesofthepast.demolition visit greater than all 5 millionsregardingplayersworldwide IN ADDITION TO play during in excess of150handcraftedAS WELL AS unique levels with anodia, fun AS WELLAScreative geton a good classic hit.Aim associated with brickbreakerwill be foryou to destroy bricks with a paddle ALONG WITH agreatball.exploitairy in the course of your game, capsules fallcomingfrom bricksand gives a person in some other powers pertainingtodestroyingbricks.exploit airy treasure possesses a lot more than9hardlevels involving brick-busting fun within a greatremarkableworldconnected with fantasy AS WELL AS magic.use racketto Breakmoreand more bricks that help you to clear your level andgetchancesto play next challenging level. will probably thefairiespossiblybe with you! your additional bricks people popwithin agreatsingle Click on : your additional simple measuresanindividual getwith regard to every brick. Also, you need toraiseAs much Just asplatinum possible, to unlock your own closedstagesof an game INADDITION TO in order to buy upgrades in themarket Asto be able toincrease your current racket (bat or maybepaddle).useracket foryou to Break additional AND ALSO extra bricksThis letyou clearyour level and get prospects in order toplaysubsequentlychallenging level. Make sure you the ball doesn'tfallunder onespaddle, Faster to finish to get ones Easiest timingalongwith theBest score.Are you up to the challenge of becomingtheultimatebrick breaker?
Birdie Blast FREE 3.2.0
Extract from Pixelinvoke's lunaticBirdieBlastquestionner:1. A terribly annoying bird is flying on yourdevice'sscreen.You've got a fleet of weapons at your fingertips.What doyoudo?A) Watch a scientific film about the ornithologicalwondersofplanet Earth.B) Have a cup of coffee.C) Or tea.D) Blast the hell out of Birdie!Naturally, the answer that makes the most sense is D, andyoucando what D says in this game for COMPLETELY FREE!**FEATURES**GREAT WEAPONS! Use rocks, bombs, TNT, guns, otherbirds,fruitsand more, to make this maddeningly irritatingfeatherycrittersuffer!CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY! As you reach higher and higherlevelsyourskills are tested more and more.COLLECT STARS! Stars are an integral part of BirdieBlast,collectas much as you can to unlock new and insanelookingworlds!DESTROY THE ENVIRONMENT! Actually, you can do much morethanthat.By destroying game elements such as pipes in the correctwayyou canuse them to damage Birdie.AMAZING GRAPHICS! Birdie Blast is set inanastonishinglycolorful, skilfully drawn and cleverlyanimatedpixel-art world.You'll have fun even by watching someoneelseplay.FUN EFFECTS AND SOUNDTRACKS! Birdie Blast's uniquesoundsandmusic are very cheerful to fit the game's friendly theme.Butnextto being comic in many ways, the songs and sounds aremelodicandmusically interesting to listen to.So... what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD BIRDIE BLASTFORFREENOW!
Brick Breaker Master 1.1.0
Brick Breaker Master is an amazing gamebasedon a very popular concept in the 90s where you control a balltodestroy as many bricks as possible.Unlike the original game though, we added severalimprovementssuch as a radioactive ball, a missile launcher, someplasma guns,etc. The game is full of surprises!For example when a brick is hit by a ball, there is a chanceofgetting an "upgrade" such as a special ball or a specialpaddle.Some bricks are also special and will give a bonus whenhit.One of the particularities of the game is the leveldesign.Several levels will show a well known site such as the TajMahal orthe Eiffel Tower. Some others will be very difficult tocompletewith solid bricks in the way that can only be destroyed byheavypaddle "artillery"!All levels can be played in any order so you will not be"stuck"on a particular level for weeks without being able toprogress inthe game. This is the way it should be.The instructions provided in the game give a full list ofwhatthe upgrades are and of the potential "danger".Like we said, the game is full of surprises so please give itatry! We are totally confident that you are going to like it!For a minimal fee you get a very interesting game withabsolutelyNO advertisement such as annoying ad banners popping upon yourscreen.Game navigation notes:To navigate through screens, you can use the buttons providedorsimply swipe the screen left or right with your finger.Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: @d14studiosWatch us on YouTube:
Jumpy Cat Bubbles 1.0.1
Puzzle Brothers
+ Now that flappy bird is gone, jump highwithJumpy Cat and pop as many bubbles as possible! +Highly addictive jumping fun with the cutes cat you'veeverseen!Easy controls let kitty jump on a paddle to reach all the bubbles.+ How to play +Drag and swipe the red paddle right and left.Push the paddle and little kitty high up to let her pop allthebubbles.Complete the bonus letters to find the red magic cape to popevenmore bubbles.+ Different stages+ Easy to start, hard to master+ Many bubble items to pop+ Special bubbles with extras+ Game Center with Leaderboard and many achievements+ Colorful and funny artwork+ Fun music+ More updates to come! +Jump on for thelatestkitty jumping news.Thanks for playing! We love to hear your feedback.
TNNS 1.2.6
Rabbx Inc.
~+~ Voted third place for Best ArcadeandAction game in the Best App Ever Awards ~+~TNNS (pronounced “Tennis”) is a game about bouncing andbendingballs. It’s a game about keeping your eyes on balls.Sometimes there are a lot of balls. Too bad you only havetwoeyes.Your psychic paddle zips to your finger. Wiggle to bendballpaths once (or twice) to make tricky shots in two hotmodes.✔ TNNS For One: It’s you and a never-ending sequenceofprogressively trickier levels. Collect star coins; smash starboxesto proceed. Survive as long as you can. Spend money tobuypower-ups to boost your scores. Brag to your friends on FacebookorGame Center.✔ TNNS For Two: If you play TNNS with a friend, they mightbecomeyour best friend . . . or your worst enemy. Bring the skillsyou’vesharpened in single-player to a multi-ball challenge. Bendandswerve. Stage crazy fake-outs. Sink epic shots. Scream when youwin;scream when you lose.We plan to submit TNNS to the Pulitzer Prize committee. (*Asofthis writing, the Pulitzer Prize committee does not have acategoryfor games. We expect them to make one.)We also plan to submit TNNS to the Nobel Prize committee, inthe“physics” category. (*As of this writing, the Nobel Prize doesnotaccept games as submissions. We expect them to makeanexception.)Those last two paragraphs were jokes.✔ You will never see the whole game: Each trip intothesingle-player endless mode of TNNS sees you through a pathoflevels randomly selected from over 500 hand-crafted layouts.Theprobability of your seeing everything in this game is about ashighas the probability of your climbing Mount Everest with onehandtied behind your back. And: spoiler alert -- some of theharderlayouts are just plain weird.✔ That’s right -- Hand-Crafted: The levels aren’trandomarrangements; they’re premeditated first-degree obstaclegauntletsdesigned to always surprise you. Some blocks you break;some blocksyou bump; some blocks stay put. Black holes teleportyour balls.Sometimes, everything is spinning. And sometimes, it's achaosfreak-out. TNNS is like a pinball machine married a jazz bandandhad a million weird babies.✔ Your Android Device is now a portable party: Anywhere youbringyour phone or tablet is a place where people are going tolike youunconditionally. Experience the shrieking joy of PartyMode -- whereplayers compete for goals . . . or for stars. Or forboth! It’s yourparty: just keep your eyes on the balls. Bend; betricky. Out-thinkyour opponent. One thing you won’t have to thinkabout is HavingFun: we’ve already done that thinking for you.✔ Power up, get down: Spend the stars you’ve earnedinsingle-player or multiplayer to buy power-ups at the in-gameshop.Make your paddle bigger. Double the coins you’ll earn. Startyournext game with an extra ball (or three). Equip boosters tothreeslots that you can activate when you want: pop a multi-balltotriple your fun, or launch a fireball to tear a stage apart --ifyou can control its awesome power.✔ Customize: Maybe you’d prefer the background look likeafootball field. Maybe you want the ball to look like abasketball.We like you, so we want you to be happy. Head to thecustomize shopand go nuts.✔ Play how you want: It’s your Android device. So play howyouwant. TNNS is a landmark first* in app Design: the game doesnotrotate as you rotate your device. The scoreboard, however,does.Play right handed -- or left-handed. Play with the screenheldupright and the paddle at the bottom. Or play with the paddleatthe top, if you’re feeling feisty. (*Note: Statistic refers onlytothe 148 apps we have evaluated out of millions available.)✔ You’ll want more: So we’ll give you more. There are morelevelsin this game than you can ever see. We’ve already made agame youliterally won’t be able to get enough of; now watch uskeep makingtoo much of it.
Ball Coaster 3D : Frenzy Ride 1.1
This is one of the top 10 addictive gameonplaystore.The Best Addicting Game of 2015 and The Hardest Gameonplaystore.The Best Physics game. The Best 3D Game.Its a Ball Resurrection ride. feel the experience ofpassingthroughAlpines and Frenzy tracks.Your player is a Space Ball, running on impossible track.Remember, your track is surrounded by Huge Chasm !Its an Impossible Roller Coaster Ride !Take a thrilling ride full of excitement. through the citythatneversleeps with 3D Roller coaster.Get amazing experience of Roller coaster with this game.Save your ball from Geometry Spikes on its way.Welcome to Experience the Impossible Rush!your way is quite risky and full of excitement.This is awesome Impossible Arcade game. for allthechallengeacceptors out there!Here, you will get experience of joy ride. your playerisSpeedyRed Ball. move your ball around the track and survive itfromhuge,giant obstacles on its road.This is a perfect roller coaster ride for everyonekids,boys,girls and elders, who are ready to accept thechallenge.Enjoy the smoothest gameplay ever!This is really challenging game. ride your ball tomaximumdistanceand get your name on Google Leaderboard.Feel Gratitude and crack more and more challenges.
Disco Snake 2.4
Disco Snake is a wonderful and addictiveremakeof the old Snake game. This 3D remake brings you backdirectly tothe music and dance floors of 70s & 80s. Now youcan enjoy hoursand hours of smooth 3D gaming experience on yousmartphone, nomatter where you are!There are also several cool features, which make the gameevenmore interesting. You can dress up your snake by collectingrecordsand scoring points. Also, the app is fully integratedwithFacebook, so you can compare your scores with your friends!Just besure to be the best among them :DWhat are you waiting? Download and play now!Follow us on FB and Twitter - #discosnakeCheers,Bleya team
Jump Ariel Jump 1.0
FunPlay Games
Jump Ariel Jump - is a new style tap tojumpgame in which you can test your patience and quickness. Bytappingeach area above the head of Ariel she must jump over spearsso youcan earn points. Seems easy? Try to earn 50 or 100 points! Ifyouhave accumulated a good number of points then participate intheTop Jumpers competition, share your score, invite your friendsandenjoy Jump Ariel.
Bounce Ball Spikes 1.0.1
Bounce Ball is a simple 2D bouncing game.Bounce Ball game is an amazing and addictive Arcade game inwhichyou have to tap the screen to keep the ball bouncing, itsoundssimple but you have to keep focusing on the ball andobstacles atthe same time and not getting distracted from thechangeable colorsat the background. The more obstacles you bounceover the highestthe score you get. Compete with your friends andsee who can stickup on the top of the leaderboard.Try Bounce Ball now and keep Bouncing.Try Bounce Ball now and unlock new achievements collect coinsandchoose different balls. It's an addictive and challenging gamesharewith friends and beat each other highest score.Try the ball bounce now for FreeSimple steps to start playing :+ Tap screen to start bouncing+ Avoid Sparks+ Act fast22 different ball types :Football, Tennis, Basketball, 8 pool ball and moreFeatures:+ Unlock Achievements+ Leaderboards for Highest Score and Game Played+ Collect coins an unlock cool Balls+ Colorful graphics and changeable Background colors+ Resurrect to keep going and beat your previous Score+ Real Physics+ Semi circle pillow that boost your bounce up+ Share with friends on social media+ Like Us on FacebookPlay one of the most bouncing balls challenging games.Bounce Ball combines simplicity and challenge spirits!
Eco Birds 1.1
ECO BIRDS is a fun and addictivetap-to-flygame where you play a bird trying to stop evil villainsfromcutting down trees, polluting the oceans, and destroyingtheenvironment by pooing on their heads and replanting trees.Help the Eco Birds stop their home and environment frombeingdestroyed by Big Oil, Deforestation, Toxic Polluters, andothers!With an environmental focus and eco-friendly theme, the moretreesyou replant and villains you hit, the higher your score!**WARNING** PLEASE NOTE: If you're upgrading to version 1.1froma version of ECO BIRDS you installed BEFORE January 15,2016(version 1.0 or version 1.0.1) your unlocked birds will bereset.If you don't want to loose your unlocked birds, DO NOTUPGRADE.This will not happen in future upgrades after version 1.1and thedata reset will not affect any new players who installed ECOBIRDSafter January 15, 2016.
My Magnificent Balls! 1.0
This is the spot tograbtheprototype/alpha/demo/proof-of-concept edition ofMyMagnificentBalls!MM Balls! is a high-speed, high-skill,physics-based,top-down,arcade, smash-‘em-up modeled after theclassicquarter-gobblers ofyore, but with that ‘special twist’GrandpopGames have becomeknown for.Additionally, it comes with a long list of descriptivetermsinthe description, complete with many commas and hyphensincludedATNO CHARGE!Features include:•Ten levels with a gentle learning curve to showcasethecoregameplay•Real physics determines not just where you Swing, buthowHard•Eight unique power-ups ranging from Incredibly UsefultoOutrightStupid•Toe-tappingly terrific music from CDK•Musically driven effects that enhance the visualswithoutblindingthe player•A ‘combo decay’ system designed to allow everyone toachievehighscores while still rewarding experts•Unlimited continues so everyone can enjoy the entire game(Atthecost of their score)•And, as always, a fabulously overproduced title screenThis project is currently ‘on hiatus’ withfurtherdevelopmentbeing considered in 2016. If you would like tohelpshape thefuture of MM Balls! (or, more appropriately, decide ifithas afuture at all), leave comments, criticism,[email protected] or via [email protected] the meantime, please enjoy this ad free versionofMyMagnificent Balls!
Bricks Breaker 1.0
Bricks breaker is addictive gametoentertainall generation including kids and youngsters. Navigatethepaddleto hit the ball and pop off every brick to completethelevel. Needvery quick reflections to beat the speed of ballanddifficulty oflevel.Features•Different levels•Four lives to complete the level•Play/pause feature•Amazing game•Fun for hours
Breaker Brick 76 (Brick Game) 1.20
Breaker Brick 76 Arcade GameA cool Brick Breaker action game that comes complete withcolorbrick overlay mode. Play with mono or color bricks. Break outthequarters and play this arcade classic.Use finger to swipe move paddle / bat break bricks out of thewallsand beat your high score. Classic free arcade retro homage.Bounceand smash all the colored bricks to reach the next level.Enjoysome ping pong brick breaker fun with this super timekiller.Imagine it's the mid '70s - You are in your favoritelocalArcade and have a pocket full of quarters...You see a newarcadegame just released and you gotta play it! You take out aquarterand pop it in the slot!★ Retro cool / authentic arcade screen display like a1970sarcade★ Two Game Modes: Classic and Progressive (blocks move down!)★ 8 bit soothing sounds★ Color plastic overlay mode★ Many levels to defeat★ Increasing difficulty and addictive family fun★ Game for all ages and skill levels★ Write permission for saving Hi Score (only)If you love old games and the classics you will love thisretrobrick breaker game. Bounce your way to a high score! Ping Pongwithbricks!Follow @Gazzapper on twitter
Meligrove Band Bones of Things 1
You've enjoyed their music - now enjoytheCanadian indie rock superstars THE MELIGROVE BAND in their veryownvideo game!See Jay, Mike Darcy & Brian as never beforeusingstate-of-the-art technology and superior 8-bit graphics withthehighest of fidelity audio.Bones of Things the Meligrove GameWhen Rock and Power Pop Meet there is a purple soundexplosionthat creates a band…The Meligrove Band!After the smoke clears and everything is vaporized with awe,allthat is left is the musically energized bones of things!Run!They’re not happy to be musically charged bones of things!Pick your favorite band member: Jason, michael, Brian, orDarcy!And Run, Rock and Jump with them across the country in thisclassic16bit adventure! Collect Maple leaves and trade them in forClassicVideo Game costumes you will love!Listen to an Exclusive new 8bit Cover of Ichi Ni by JasonNunes!Only in the game!Want to win Gold and Platinum records like your favoriteband?Then Play the game and earn Gold, Platinum and even DiamondRecordsby surviving longer than your bandmates!It’s finally here! Bones of Things: The Meligrove Game!