Top 3 Games Similar to Mega Bodyguard Masters Game

Escorts Girls BodyGuard
Poo And Play
Committed to protected a woman taken hostagebyprofessional killers you'll have the freedom from the hotel roomandsafe place to escort Girls BodyGuard leads you into a styleactiongame with police movie a former mafia and cartel face highvoltagecriminal organizations.Buy your weapon fire equipment has improved your skills abarehandA killer game pledge Escorts Girls BodyGuard is one shot ofhardcore gamerwe count on you for the next day put a grenade and shotgun hashishonorA former military converted in protecting it closer threatenseethat family! it was more or less advise to stay in place andnotcall the police under any circumstances with EscortsGirlsBodyGuard, that woman taken hostage by dangerous madman hewill doeverything to the releasedThe studio poo and play presents Escorts Girls BodyGuard anactiongame in the third person in a hardcore style of play thenoobskiller is the one shot shot your dead so you have to shootfirst tosurvive thanks to your support through comments andsharing.
Being Salman-The Official Game 1.0.4
He has ruled our hearts for the last28years!The guy with a Golden heart. His movies arethebiggestblockbusters in Bollywood. The original rock star ofIndiancinemanow brings to you his first official mobile game!This is the first ever Bollywood celebrity Game where yougettoplay in and as Salman Khan himself.You get to play as Salman Khan in various, unique&exclusiveavatars of Tiger a suave secret agent, Prem astreetfighter andChulbul Pandey a Decorated cop.Salman Khan - the Samaritan in our game, helps peopleinneed,distress, beats up the bad guys, saves the good onesandevenpromotes Swachh Bharat.The game gives an assured sense of gratification anddelightoncompletion of every mission.The first ever, feature length premium Celebrity gamewithpowerpacked Action, FPS and Melee. Upgrade and getSalman'siconicBracelet for Stability, Guns for incredible shootingpower,theSalman Khan’s Ring for better punching power, andvariousotherupgrades to improve you’re range, scope &performance inthegame.The Sultan of our hearts- Salman Khan.He has delivered major blockbusters likeBajrangiBhaijaan,Wanted, Ready, Kick, Bodyguard, Ek tha Tiger,Sultan andmanymore.Features:-A VISUAL BLAST-VARIED ROLES- A Designed Cop, The Heroic Agent&ACommoner-PERSONALIZED SALMAN KHAN UPGRADES AVAILABLE-UNIQUE MAPS & GORGEOUS LOCATIONS-BOLLYWOOD STYLE ACTION SEQUENCES-UNIQUE MIX OF A SHOOTER, MELEE AND DESTRUCTION-AMAZING 3D GRAPHICS AND INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLS-A STUNNING FPS FIGHT AGAINST THE CORRUPT-VARIED AI BEHAVIOR MAKING EACH LEVEL UNIQUE AND CHALLENGING-ENDLESS GRIPPING GAME PLAYWe love to hear from our players, and we are sureSalmanwouldlove that too! Join the game, and don't forget to ratethegame andshare it with your friends if you like it.Do get in touch.
Death Fighting Tiger 3D 1.2
Big Mad Games
The tournament of chosen warriors begins!Joinit and win – or be flushed away like a small obstacle! Do yourbest– kick, smash and strike your way to the top of the hill withDeathFighting Tiger 3D!Lord Lightning, The Elder God of Thunder has summoned manycraftyfighters to his island. Here you can find frost ghostlywarrior,atomic mutant, battle princess exiled from her own Kingdom,agingmovie star with his curvaceous bodyguard and many others. Onlythebest fighter could beat his way to the victory and become awinnerof Tiger Claw Tournament!Face different enemies using different fighting stylesincludingTaekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing and other andovercome all ofthem with the power of your own fightingstyle!Earn points to unlock new levels of your progression and buynewkicks and punches! Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracyorunlock new strikes and fighting styles getting points foreachwinning.Check contest and survival mode – fight against enemies andkillthem to earn points or survive on the ring as long as youcan!Become the strongest fighter on the earth playing DeathFightingTiger 3D action game!Death Fighting Tiger 3D features:Ultimate action fighting game in fantastical styleVarious strikes and fighting styles to tryPowerful enemies to struggle againstContest and survival mode – beat and kill your enemies toearnpoints or survive on the ring as long as you canEasy and smooth controlsEnter the ultimate contest and gain unprecedented combatexperience!Start the toughest fight ever! Kill or be killed! TryDeath FightingTiger 3D right now!