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Ludo 3D Online
Play this fun game Ludo with up to 6playersonline. Choose from one of the 3 different amazing tracks!:)You can play with your friends in Internet game or againstthecomputer.Select the players, name, color and you can start playing. Throwthedice and move the figure by clicking on it. Your clashcanbegin.Ludo is classic board game for kids and adults, one of themostpopular board games - play have fun and do not be angry:).Take all your figures to the finish houses as first!Enjoy the game and have fun! :)Team Azodus
Ludo 1.49
Play this fun game up to 4 players :)You can also use the new multiplayer game (bluetoothoronline).Select the players and you can start playing. Throw the dicebyclicking on it (or you can hold it longer and then release).Movethe figure by clicking on it, or drag it to theappropriatefield.Take all your figures to the finish house as first!Enjoy the game,Azodus team.
Ludo 5.21.20
"LUDO" is a classic dice-and-race game,playedwith four pieces per player and a set of dice.Usually The pieces are in Blue, Red, Green and Yellow colors.TheGame is recommend for growing up children.The game is played between 2 and 4 players. The goal of the gameisto move all four pieces to the home position in the center.The players start the game with all four pieces at thebaseposition. Each turn begins with a dice roll, followed by apiecemovement. If a six is rolled, the player rolls the die againandboth (or more) numbers are used to make a move with theselectedpiece. The moves are made around the game board, clockwise.Inorder to place a piece to the start position, a six must berolled,otherwise the piece stays at the base position.If a player's piece movement (or one of its sub-moves in case ofamulti-roll) ends at a circle which is occupied by anopponent'spiece, this piece is captured and returned to theopponent's base.The captured piece can be returned to the boardonly if a six isrolled.A piece cannot be moved to a place which is occupied byanotherpiece of the same colour.If no legal move can be made with the current roll, the playermustpass the move.When a piece is moved to the player's home, it cannot becapturedanymore.The Player who managed to move all own's pieces to the homepositionin the center wins the Game.
Ludo - Don't get angry 1.6.3
Are you looking for a great beer andpretzelsgame for your mobile device? Would you like to play againstyourfriends even if you don't have a board game available? Or wouldyoulike to try your luck against a computer opponent if no one elseisaround?Ludo - Don't get angry (also known as Parchis,Parcheesi,Parchisi) gives you these great opportunities and so muchmore!Enjoy the authentic die-rolling atmosphere created byclevertouch-screen support and motion sensors, cool music,customizablerules, and much more.No matter when or where or whom you’re playing with, Ludo -Don'tget angry is one of the best beer and pretzels game for yourmobiledevices around!Features:- Genuine boardgame atmosphere for you and your friends- Cool dice mechanism created by clever touch-screen supportandmotion sensors- Individually customizable game rules- Multiplayer fun for up to 4 players- Clever artificial intelligence in Ludo when playing againstthecomputerJoin us on Facebook:
Ludo, Mensch ärgere dich nicht 16
Klapa Games
Mensch ärgere dich nicht is a German boardgame(but not a German-style board game), developed by JosefFriedrichSchmidt in 1907/1908.The game was issued in 1914 and sold about 70 millioncopies,driven by huge popularity among German troops serving inWorld WarI. It is a cross and circle game with the circle collapsedonto thecross, similar to the Indian game Pachisi, the ColombiangameParqués, the American games Parcheesi, Aggravation, andTrouble,and the English game Ludo.The name of the game literally translates to "Man, don'tgetannoyed", though Mensch is gender neutral. The name derivesfromthe fact that a peg is sent back to the "out" field whenanotherpeg lands on it, similar to the games Sorry! andTrouble.The game can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players – one playerperboard side. Each player has 4 game pieces, which are in the"out"area when the game starts, and which must be brought intotheplayer's "home" row. Early games had painted wooden pieces.The rows are arranged in a cross pattern. They are surroundedandconnected with a circle of fields, over which the game piecesmovein clockwise direction. There are 3 fields nearest to eachside ofthe board; the left one is the player's "start" field(marked "S")and the middle one leads to the "home" row.This means that each game piece enters the circle at the"start"field, moves (clockwise) over the board and finally entersthe"home" row. The first player with all of their pieces intheir"home" row wins the game.The players throw a die in turn and can advance any oftheirpieces in the game by the thrown number of dots on thedie.Throwing a six means bringing a piece into the game (byplacingone from the "out" area onto the "start" field) and throwingthedie again. In some variants, a player who has no pieces in thegamehas three tries to throw a six. If a piece is on the "start"fieldand there are still pieces in the "out" area, it must be movedassoon as possible. If a piece cannot be brought into the gamethenany other piece in the game must be moved by the thrown number,ifthat is possible.Pieces can jump over other pieces, and throw out piecesfromother players (into that player's "out" area) if they land onthem.A player cannot throw out his own pieces though, and cannotadvancefurther than the last field in the "home" row. A playercannot bethrown out if he is on his "start" field.
Play Real Fun Ludo Game Free 1.0.1
-- ideathere are too many games representing real ludo played all overtheworld, we thought to change some of the idea to entertain userin alittle different way, with some rules changed board game free.alove battle starts with the selection when you and your friendorfamily member agree to play a game on the same mobile withnoprivacy or you can also play against android AI.-- ludo resemblancethe game provided in this package resembles the world wideplayingludo or Parcheesi game but this is not ludo so be awarebefore youdownload it resembles ludo free game and like moredifferent boardgame but not same to anyone. You have to toss a diceand play thescore more or less near like ludo on the beautifullydesignedboard.-- offline multiplayerin this game that don t need wifi for connecting via facebookorgoogle play services you can play at your home or school withreallife people and entertain yourself. two modes are present inthisfree version of ludo game, one-to-one against android AI or1-to-1against your real life family member or any of your boyfriendorgirlfriend when you want to spend time with them.-- against androidits really amazing to play against computer AI when youcan’tpredict even a single dice roll result and both have 100%randomoutput of the rolling dice, you can win the battle of pawnagainstandroid or surrender in front of its skills.-- with family memberplay with grandpa and let him win or let your papa win the gameanddon’t get angry at any cost as you are giving the chance to winoryou can also win from them if you want its your choice. playwithyour classmate or girlfriend and have fun in sending his orhertoken to the staging area to start again with little amountofstrategy added by you.-- realistic dice throwingtap dice and enjoy result of real time throwing a dice because itisalways natural and very much random with bound to its positionincenter of the board.-- board animationthe ludo board moves with each your turn in front of you andgivesyou look just like traditional wood board you played inyourchildhood.-- no age limitwhen you are a child you can play ludo and this amusement neverendsor get old even when a person dies, so this game is for allagelimit users because it has no violence and no sexuality init.-- improvementanything made by man in this universe is not final itneedsimprovement time by time but it is only possible if usergiveproper feedback, we request you to increase love of developeringaming by giving positive marks and if you want anythinginsidegame or you found a bug then please let us know via email tosolvethe issue, we will be more than happy to listen fromyou.-- disclaimerThis is a new idea different from others but as anythingcreationtake money and time so for compensation of team this gameincludeadvertisement.
Real Ludo 1.0.5
Real Ludo is one of the most popularfamilyboard games on Google PlayGame features:* Stunning Graphics (Models, Light and Sound)* Realistic Physics Engine* User friendly interface* Support 2-4 players(Human or AI)* 2 camera views (3D & 2D), you can switch between these2camera views, especially you are playing this game* 2 quiet and comfortable BGMs supported* 12 Dices(dots or number)* Piece animation* Works on phones and tablets in full resolution* Free with unobtrusive AdsIf you like the Board Game, download this StunningLudo("RealLudo") and play with your Lover, your kids, your Mom,your Dad,your Granny, your Grandpa and your Friends!==========================================or Others ?Please follow us:Facebook - -
Ludo Supremo 1.0.4
Ludo Supremo is a fun board game for twotofour players, in which the players race their four tokensfromstart to finish according to die rolls. You can play italoneagainst one to three computer opponents or with a group offriendsor family.In Ludo Supremo you must move all of your pieces from youryardinto your home area. The first player to do so wins. To enterapiece into play from its yard to its starting square, a playermustroll a 6. If a player has no pieces in play they get 3 tries togeta 6. Once a player has one or more pieces in play, he selectsapiece and moves it forward along the track the number ofsquaresindicated by the die roll. Players must always move apieceaccording to the die value rolled, and if no move is possible,passtheir turn to the next player. Any roll of a 6 allows you torollagain whether you can use the 6 or not. If the advance of apieceends on a square occupied by an opponent's piece, theopponent'spiece is returned to its owner's yard. A player can onlymovepieces in its home area with moves equal to the dice roll. Onceall4 pieces are in the home area the player wins. This maybedifferent than some other Ludo games where the home is at endofthe home area.Spend some quality family time playing Ludo Supremo today!
Tuku Tuku - 5 Second Rule Game 3.0.0
Tuku Tuku is a multiplayer party game, thatisall about reflex and acting under the pressure of time. Aplayerhas to give 3 answers to a simple, yet challenging questionin 5seconds, before the bell rings.Would you be able to name 3 countries starting with the letter‘A’when your others are staring at you with their piercy eyes andtheclock is ticking?One can easily get tongue-tied when the time is your enemy.Tuku Tuku is funny and full of ridiculous answers, so it willgetyour party jumping in no time. It is also an excellent game foraboring car ride. Many of the answers will make you and yourfriendsrolling on the floor laughing.The game is free, without ads, with the possibility topurchaseextra card packs to make the game more challenging.Keywords: 5, second, rule, name, quiz, free, things, heads up,card,game, party, ellen, multiplayer, 5 second challenge
Chaupar / Pachisi / Ludo 1.22
Legendary game with a long history. FamousgameChaupar with the roots in India was recreated with manydifferentmodifications over the time. Experience the fun whichalways comesby playing this game.This game features the classic Ludo, Pachisi, Chaupar, Man,don'tget annoyed up to 6 players.You can play with your friends in Online game, over theBluetoothand Wi-Fi Direct or against the computer. In the gamesettings youhave the options to fit the game to your play style.Choose if youwant to play standard Chaupar, well know Pachisi orParcheesi,later modified version known as Ludo, another famousvariation Man,don't get annoyed or take some rules from each of thegames andcombine them to create your own most enjoyableversion.Choose if you want play with pieces, pawns or knobs. You can playinboth ways, clockwise or anti-clockwise. You can select to playwitha long dice, cubical dice or cowries, it's just up to you whatyoulikes the most.Select the players, name, color and you are ready to startplaying.Throw the dice and move the piece by clicking on it. Yourclash canbegin.Chaupar is classic board game for kids and adults, one of themostpopular board games. Play, have fun and do not get angry:)Take all your pieces to the finish houses as first!Enjoy the game and have fun! :)Team Azodus
Ludo Cast 1.0
Ludo Game is NOW on Chromecast!!!Roll your dice, move your plane and win the game.Multiple people battle with AI supported.
LUDO Blitz! 1.6
- The classic LUDO made much, muchmorefun!- So fast, 3 games fit perfectly in your coffee break- Watch your pawns come alive- Tons of boosters to boost the fun- Special board blocks – Teleports and Extra Dice Roll
Ne ljuti se čoveče 0.2.1
Job Manager
Online verzija popularne igrice Ne ljutisečoveče Zone Zabave. Za sve one koji imaju problema sa webverzijom,ili su na putu, u autobusu ili u bilo kojoj drugojsituaciji, mogubesplatno da preuzmu ovu aplikaciju i da se igraju.Na telefonunije potrebno imati konekciju sa Fejsbukom, samo daimateinterneta. Uživajte! :)Online version ofthepopular game Do not be mad man Zone Entertainment. For thosewhohave problems with the web version, or on the road, on the busorin any other situation, be free to take this game and play. Onthephone it is not necessary to have a connection to Facebook, onlytohave the Internet. Enjoy! :)
Mensch ärgere Dich nicht! 1.6.3
The one and only mobile version of themostpopular board game in the world is now better than ever! Thisnewand improved version supports tablets as well. This means a tonofreal multiplayer fun just like with your friends at home!Gatheraround your Android tablet and have a nice board gameevening! Thisis what digital board games should look like today!No matter if you play against your friends or thecleverartificial intelligence, this is Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht! atitsbest since 1910!Features:- Real board game atmosphere for you and your friends aroundyourtablet device- Original game board and tokens from Schmidt Spiele- Customizable rules- Multiplayer fun for 1-4 players- Smart computer opponents in single play- Roll the dice by using the motion sensor of your smartphone© 2013 Schmidt Spiele GmbH, Licence by KIDDINX MediaGmbH,Lahnstr. 21 D - 12055 Berlin.Developed and Published by b-interaktive GmbH, Lohbachstr. 12,58239Schwerte, Deutschland.Join us on Facebook:
Ludo 3D 1.0
Parvula Game
In many countries, Ludo Ludo has been andstillis considered one of the most popular family game.Your family , friends, or is one of the ideal game to have funwithyour own.* 1- 4, or to play against players* Full resolution works on phones and tablets* Classic Ludo board game ( with all rules )* User-friendly interface* Optimization that bring extra burden on your deviceGather your friends or family for fun.
Ludo 1.4
Vladimir N.
Ludo is a board game for 1 to 4 players.Thegoal of the game is to move each of one's pieces to thecenterspace.At the beginning players pieces are positioned at the startingareamark by their color.The players take turns and throw a dice and use the values showntomove their pieces around the boardA player will have to throw "6" to navigate a figure fromits"Home'. When that happens a player will position the figure atthestarting point marked by an arrow. Once a player throws "6"again,he may choose to introduce a new piece to the game or playwith onealready on the board. Throwing "6" also rewards a playerwith abonus turn. If a piece lands on the opponent, the opponentisreturned to the starting area.The first person to move all 4 pieces into the centerspacewins.Network multi-player is not included (yet).This is the first version of the game.Please report all errors and bugs so we can fix them beforewepublish a new version.
Ludo 1.3.7
Ludo is a classic board game for two tofourplayers, in which the players race their four tokens from starttofinish.This is offline version of the Ludo game.
Nicht Ärgern! 1.00
Als Mensch sollte man sich nichtÄrgernlassen,gleich gar nicht beim Spiel.Also Ärgere Dich nicht bei "Nicht Ärgern!" dem BrettspielKlassiker.Der Brettspielklassiker mit vielen Erweiterungen, neuenaberauchalten Regeln, nun auch für Android.Spiele "Nicht Ärgern!" allein gegen den Computer odermitFreundenin geselliger Runde.Du kannst dabei zwischen verschiedenenSpielfigurenauswählen,unterschiedliche Spielbretter benutzenund Regeln aussuchen welche Dir am besten Gefallen.Features:- alle Funktionen und Regeln beliebig einstellbar- Neue Spielelemente (Zusatzwürfel und Aktionen)- erweitertes Regelwerk- 6 unterschiedliche Spielbretter- unterschiedliche Spielfiguren- 1 - 4 Spieler wahlweise gegen KIAs a man you shouldnotbeannoyed, especially not at the game.So you get angry not with "Fret Not!" the classic board game.The classic board game with many enhancements, new as wellasoldrules, now also for Android.Games' not fret! " alone against the computer or withfriendsincompany.You can here choose between different characters, usedifferentgameboardsrules and choose which is best for you pleasure.Features:- All functions and rules arbitrarily adjustable- New game elements (extra cubes and actions)- Extended rules- 6 different game boards- Different game characters- 1-4 players either against AI
Snakes and Ladders Online 1.1
Snakes and Ladders Online is an ancientIndianboard game regarded today as a worldwide classic It isplayedbetween two or more players on a gameboard having numbered,griddedsquares. A number of "ladders" and "snakes" are pictured ontheboard, each connecting two specific board squares. The objectofthe game is to navigate one's game piece, according to dierolls,from the start (bottom square) to the finish (top square),helpedor hindered by ladders and snakes respectively.The game is a simple race contest based on sheer luck, andispopular with young children. The historic version had rootinmorality lessons, where a player's progression up theboardrepresented a life journey complicated by virtues (ladders)andvices (snakes). AND LADDERS FEATURES- Multiplayer (up to 4 players)- Play with friends on one device or over the internet- Play against Android- Rolling dice using real physX, bouncing of the sides- Dice changing color according to color of actual playeronturn- Achievements- LeaderBoard Online- Name the playersSNAKES AND LADDERS GAMEPLAY (Rules)Each player starts with a token on the starting square (offtheboard next to the "1" grid square) and takes turns to roll asingledie to move the token by the number of squares indicated bythe dieroll. Tokens follow a fixed route marked on the gameboardwhichusually follows a boustrophedon (ox-plow) track from thebottom tothe top of the playing area, passing once through everysquare. If,on completion of a move, a player's token lands onthelower-numbered end of a "ladder", the player must move the tokenupto the ladder's higher-numbered square. If the player lands onthehigher-numbered square of a "snake", the token must move downtothe snake's lower-numbered square.The player who is first to bring their token to the lastsquareof the track is the winner. The player must roll the exactnumberto reach the final square to win.
Wargamer Table 1.1.0
Wargamer Table jest to aplikacja pomagającawrozgrywaniu wielu gier planszowych na jednymurządzeniujednocześnie. Gra typu warcaby, szachy czy "chińczyk" nawielugraczy przy jednym urządzeniu nie jest problemem. Jedynieczegopotrzebujesz to odpowiednio duże urządzenie dotykowe zAndroidem.Dzięki tej aplikacji można grać ze znajomymi rodziną naswoichurządzeniach dotykowych w wolnej chwili podczas spotkań czyimprez.Zaletą takiego rozwiązania jest oszczędność miejsca i czasunasprzątanie czy rozstawianie plansz.Dzięki wbudowanemu serwerowi www jest możliwość kontroli stołuprzezprzeglądarkę internetową z dowolnego urządzenia wsiecilokalnej.Co posiada dana wersja:- Trzy plansze do gry (warcaby, szachy i "Chińczyk").- Wbudowany serwer www dzięki któremu można kontrolować stół wsiecilokalnej.- Możliwość dodawania różnokolorowych kostek do stołu.- Po "wyrzuceniu" pionka z planszy zostaje on zniszczony.- "Pop menu" po dwukrotnym kliknięciu na plansze lub wolnemiejscena stole.- Możliwość dodania nowych plansz na stół.- Skalowanie, obracanie i przesuwanie plansz w dowolnysposób.- Swobodne przesuwanie pionków po planszach.- Samouczek.Podstawowa wersja jest jedynie wersją promocyjną,pokazującamożliwości aplikacji. Finalna wersja będzie posiadać dużowięcejopcji "zróżnicowania" rozgrywki.Poza samymi grami planszowymi będzie można grać w gry Bitewneorazklasyczne RPG a nawet karciane.Wspomóż projekt i wejdź na stronę internetową projektu.Oceń aplikację jeśli Ci się spodobała.Wargamer Table isanapplication that helps in waging many board games on one deviceata time. Type game of checkers, chess or "Chinese" on a numberofplayers at one device is not a problem. Only you need isasufficiently large touch Android device. With this applicationyoucan play with your friends on their family touch devices inyourfree time at meetings and events. The advantage is saving timeandspace for cleaning or spacing boards.Thanks to the built-in web server is the ability to controlthetable via a web browser from any device on the localnetwork.What has given version:- Three game boards (checkers, chess and "Chinese").- Built-in web server which allows you to control the table onthelocal network.- The ability to add to the table of differentlycoloredcubes.- After the "throwing" a pawn from the board is destroyed.- "Pop Menu" by double-clicking on the boards or free space onthetable.- The ability to add new boards on the table.- Scaling, rotating and sliding boards in any way.- Freedom to move the pieces on the boards.- Tutorial.The basic version is the only version of the promotion, showingthepossibilities of application. The final version will have manymoreoptions "differentiation" of the game.In addition to board games themselves will be able to play gamesandclassic RPG Battle and even card games.Make a project and go to the project website.Rate the app if you liked.
Ludo Online (Mr Ludo) 1.7.1
Your favorite board game Ludo, akaPachisi(also known as Parcheesi & Cross and Circle), is hereand thattoo in a ravishing Multiplayer 3D Avatar!Simply beat your friends and earn the coins to cheat!Key Features:• Play against friends - Interactive, real-time online play forupto 4 players, in any location!• VIP status – to cheat your way out with a six on the dice!• Leaderboards that track your career progress, both globallyandagainst your Facebook friends.• Additional Express Mode – to play if you are in a hurry or overashort lunch break J.• Offline Mode – to play on the same device or againsttheCPU!• Super-emoticons – yes, emoticons that express allyourfrustrations and joys of the game!• Six vastly different environments, ranging from tropicalislandsto wacky outer space.• Super connectivity – works on 3G & WiFi – and allows youtoresume in case your connection breaks in between.So what are you waiting for – start rolling the dice and enjoythisRoyal Game of India - your favorite 3D Multiplayer Ludo Gameandre-live the Pachisi days! This is the only multiplayer ludogameout there!
Purpulo Ludo 3D 1.1
Purpulo Ludo 3D for Kids free/liteRemember your favorite childhood game Ludo, also knownas "Parcheesi" or "Cross and Circle"? You can now relivethosememories with your own kids in ravishing 3D graphics.The rules needn't much explanation - look out for a six onthedice,hit other player's pieces and avoid getting hit by yourfriends!Why download this game?* One of the best Ludo games for children and totally FREE!* Beautiful and concise 3D environment* Play alone, against up to 3 friends or against up to3computercontrolled players* More beautifully designed boards and backgrounds willfollowwithregular updatesTurn your android device into a ludo board with Purpulo Ludo3DforKids free/lite - fun guaranteed!
Dame 1.4.0
Nach Mensch ärgere Dich nicht! undKniffelbringt Schmidt Spiele zusammen mit b-interaktive einenweiterenbeliebten Brettspielklassiker auf Android: Dame!Egal, ob du gegen die clevere KI oder einen menschlichenGegnerantrittst, hier erwartet dich strategischer Spielspaß ingewohnterSchmidt Spiele – Qualität, wo und wann immer du willst!Dame istein weiterer Klassiker für unterwegs und einunverzichtbarer Garantfür einen mobilen Spieleabend!Features- Gestochen scharfe Grafik- Fordere dein Gegenüber überall und jederzeit zu einer PartieDameheraus!- Oder trainiere gegen die clevere künstliche Intelligenz- KI-Gegner in 3 Schwierigkeitsgraden- Spielhilfe-Feature: lass dir dir möglichen Zügebequemanzeigen!© 2011-2014 b-interaktive GmbH. Lizenz durch Schmidt SpieleGmbHin Kooperation mit Kiddinx Media GmbH, Lahnstr. 21, 12055Berlin,Deutschland. Entwickelt und Vertrieben von b-interaktiveGmbH,Lohbachstr. 12, 58239 Schwerte, DeutschlandJoin us on Facebook: man you donotflame! and Yahtzee brings Schmidt Spiele along withb-interactiveanother popular classic board game on Android: Lady!Whether you take on the smart AI or a human opponent,herewaiting for you strategic gameplay in the usual Schmidt games-quality, wherever and whenever you want! Lady is another classiconthe go and an essential guarantee for a mobile game night!Features- Razor-sharp graphics- Challenge your counterpart anywhere, anytime to a game ofcheckersout!- Or train against the clever artificial intelligence- AI opponents in 3 difficulty levels- Game Help feature: you take your show possible moves easily!© 2011-2014 b-interactive GmbH. License by Schmidt Spiele GmbHincooperation with Kiddinx Media GmbH, Lahnstr. 21, 12055Berlin,Germany. Developed and Published by b-interactive GmbH,Lohbachstr.12, 58239 sword, GermanyJoin us on Facebook:
Ludo Football 2.0
When one combines the most popular boardgameof all times, Ludo (also known as Pachisi,Parchís, Sorry, Chińczyk, Fia med knuff, Covece ne ljuti se,andmany others) with the most popular sportgame (Soccer or Football) you end up with a sensational anduniquegame called Ludo Football.Play with a friend, family or against the computer. Rollthedice, move players, make fouls, shoot free kick and penalty,selectthe defense, and score goals on your road to victory!Our game features cool 3D graphics with funny animationsandsounds, which make the gameplay much more entertainingandguarantees many hours of fun.Game Features:- Play 2 players- Play against computer player- 3D graphics- funny animations- User friendly interface