Top 3 Games Similar to Escape of the Horla

Correr Extremo por la ciudad 1.0.1c
Escapa de esta ciudad tecnológica,recogiendotodo los cubex(cubos verdes) que puedas, sin caerte delosedificios y superando los desafíos que te encuentres enestejuego.Simulador de CorreEs un juego para todo tipo de niños a los que les gustenlasaventuras.Incluye:• Logros de google play games• Puntuaciones de google play games• 4 niveles Grandes• Una gran historia que no incluye zombies o disparos.• Logros de Google Play por montones!!!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.0.1a*Tema navideño.*Correcciones de errores.*Ahora la puntuación se envía cada 20 segundos.*Más cosas de ambiente.*Se agregaron NPC(IA).*Mejor desempeño (Optimización de nivel 1).*Tema Navideño.*Botones para el reinicio del nivel y para salir de él y volveralmenú.*UI de los controles mejorada para que se vea mejor. (Solo enelnivel 1, después esta transparente.)Facebook: by Unity 5.TAG: elrubiusOMGEscape fromthistechnological city, collecting all the Cubex (green cubes) youcanwithout falling off buildings and overcoming the challengesyouencounter in this game.Run simulatorIt is a game for all kids who like adventures.It includes:• Achievements google play games• Scores google play games• Big 4 levels• A great story that does not include zombies or shots.• Google Play Achievements droves !!!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.0.1a* Christmas theme.* Bug fixes.* Now the score is sent every 20 seconds.* More stuff environment.* NPC (IA) were added.* Improved performance (optimization level 1).* Christmas theme.* Buttons for reset level and to leave and return to themenu.* UI of the enhanced look better controls. (Only level 1, thenthistransparent.)Facebook: https: // https: // https: // by Unity 5.TAG: elrubiusOMG
僕達の逃げる道 Lite 1.03
Unknown Order 1.9.1
The new type puzzling game whichsuitableforall ages.Use your finger to move the dot carefully. Hold on yourbreath,tryto dodge the attack and block, or control theposition.Yourintelligence will help you figure out the situation,and findtheway to escape.The Oppression X Beating Heart X Hold on your BreathThe Game X Art with Finger X Skill upThe Caution X Hint of the Tittle X Embrace the HopeThe Beginning The Doubt The Fear The Belief The IntelligenceBring you to the Unknown Zone.--Unknown Order--  Slide on the top of menu to chooselevel,clickthe"GO" button below to select and play.By collecting the blue-light ball can unlock new level.   This game is very easy to control,allyouneedto do is to dodge carefully,and take a look attitlehint,thenyou'll pass 。Hope you'll like it ^0^Hand-made IN Taiwan。Connect us: