Top 3 Games Similar to Reflex Center

Reflex 1.8.0
Jarkko Nabb
Try out your reflexes in this"SpedenSpelit"-like reaction game - an ultimate speed test foryourreaction time. Tap on the buttons and try to keep up withtheincreasing pace. It utilizes vibration + touchscreen to bringyouthe best experience available.The game is good for developing your hand+eye coordination.The game contains a local and internet highscore lists.Play with your friends and family and see who's the kingofReflex!Developed and tested on following devices:Samsung Galaxy SNexus OneNexus SOMAP ZOOM2 reference deviceZTE BladeHTC Desire HD
GUNMAN 2 -reflexes- 1.0
It is an application thatmeasuresthereflexes.When you tap to target that appears to shoot a gun.There is one after another even mode the enemy comes out.
Reflex 1.0.5
It is a reflex game.How fast are you?click the buttons when they are availableand pass the levelsenjoy!