Top 3 Games Similar to Super Run

Jungle Run :Lost Castle 1.4
Nalai Game
Get ultra latest power-hit jungle runlostcastle with multiple worlds, power-ups & challenging levelsforandroid now!Face the unknown dangers and fear! learn to swim & flyalongwith running. Jungle Run Lost Castle is a action packed gamewhereyou need to destroy enemies, cross different obstacles,overcomedangers while collecting as many coins & jewels as youcan toscore the highestRun, rush in castle and help the princess to escape, avoidthedangers. You need to speed up, but need to care in jungle.fluentscreen touch ,gravity control, feeling the most excitedrunninggame. What more, you also need to learn to fly & swimduringthe game course to explore hidden areas.Jungle Run Lost Castle Features:-Free to play-Powerful music-Fluent touch-Excited gravity control- Beautiful quality graphics-More characters to choose-Achievements & abilities to learn - fly & swim-Light weight game to reduce your data costsWhat are you waiting for? Download the super ultra modernaddictivecastle run game
Powerful LadyBug : Courageous 1.00026.6
Kech Fingers
Powerful ladyBug the courageous is anaddictiveand amazing ladybug game. In fact, the hero which is themiraculousladygirl runs to take power in ladybug coins and try tosave catnoir, black cat the love of her life.The principle is clear: our Ninja hero will encounter a lotofobstacles and hindrances depriving him from reaching hisgoalduring his super run. Thee obstacle can be creatures likemonstersand phantoms living in a temple or even shadow forms suchin anarrow subway.In this weird adventure, your role is to make the super heroninjagirl take a big number of ladybug in her run and this byjumpingthrough bridges in skyward and mountains and by skippingthedangerous obstacles. So, it is surly a strong samuraiadventurelift in a huge jungle castle.In addition, the running ninja is like in a fight againsttheobstacles encountered. For this reason, your playing shouldbefast, accurate and with focus, exactly as if like if it was ametalshoot in a deserted temple full of scary creatures shadow.For this reason, not only an exciting game, with powerfulladyBugthe miraculous you will ameliorate your focus, precision,rapidityand playing abilities. As, playing with the hero ninjagirl ladybugcan seem easy but it is not.Furthermore, our hero takes all types of miraculous ladybug.Inother words, it could be super ladybug because they don’t liketheobstacles that hinder from gaining, or stickman ladybug becauseithelp the hero survive while playing using its power; or evenvectorladybug because it is another means to take power andstrengthwhile taking this crazy adventure.So, try powerful ladyBug the courageous, defeat and astonishyourfriends!!Features:- Easy functionalities.- Simple, elegant and intuitive interface.- Pause possibility while playing.- Unblocked games for kids.- easy and Awsome games for kids.- Beautiful landscapes in background.- Share the game with your friends.Wait for other special coming updates!!
Run From Trump! 1.0
*Unlock all characters to enteriPhone6ssweepstakesRUN FOR YOUR FREEDOM! Run from Trump and escape Mexicowithournew viral endless running game!Collect coins, upgrade your characters, acquire new powerupsandspecial abilities! Unlock all the characters and be enteredtowin abrand new iPhone 6s !