Top 45 Games Similar to Penguin Run

Penguin Run Adventure 1.0.40
Penguin Adventure is an amazingrunningandjumping adventure game.Run, jump your way across Penguin's delightfulworld,collectingfishes on the way and there're many monsters ontheway.Please becareful.Features:* 4 Worlds backgrounds and 80 Challenging levels* Collecting more fishes as many as you can* reach to the end of the map* Great pictures for the glacier and lovely animationforthepenguin.* fight the bossGo!Go!Go!
Penguin Skater Run 1.12
STEM Studios
Penguin skater run!!! is a simple andaddictiveadventurous 2D skater run game with awesome game play forallincluding kids. Our little penguin likes to skate and run a lotinthe snow world. Naughty little penguin didn’t hear the words ofhisfather and gone out for skating in the ice world. The poorpenguindidn’t know about the dangerous animals like yeti andmammoth in thesnow while skate run. Finally our penguin lost itsway to reachhome. Can you help the little penguin run and reachits home beforesunset. Cute baby penguin will get tired soon whileskating, pleasetake the fishes to keep penguin run healthy. Justclick the screento make our little skater penguin to jump allobstacles. Thispenguin skater run is the best adventure game forthis season.***Features***1. Tap the screen to make little penguin run throughsnowworld.2. Collect the fish from the ice world without being caughtbymammoth and yetis.3. Run and finish the levels.4. Have good relaxing music and sound effects.5. Have two worlds each of having 12 challenging levels6. Have one touch control suitable for all including kids***How to play***1. Just tap the screen to jump the skater penguin to jump.2. Collect fishes as many as you can, without being caughtbyanimals.3. Run to the end of the levels to reach penguin's home to seethemom and dad
Penguin Run - Free Game 2.1
Penguin Run – Free Game is an amazingpenguinrunning and jumping adventure game in the polar region. Itis acute penguin run adventure game.Help the little penguin find his way back home in the coldwinter,while avoiding obstacles and eating delicious fish!Jump, glide, race, run, skiing, slide, dodge and fly through2Dspace.Very fun 2D running game where you drive the penguin racingforwardand jump different obstacles while catching as many fishaspossible.Lots of fun in this new free android game!Contains more than 180+ challenging levels withincreasingdifficulty!Simple touch controls - everyone can play!Your child will love this simple gameplay, it's best for kids(boysand girls)!Collect gold fish, discover new fun levels!What are you waiting for? Grab Penguin Run - free game and letstartand enjoy life a little more!★ Features:* 180+ super challenging levels* Touchscreen control* Fun and Colorful Graphics* Addictive gameplay* Collecting Fishes* Fun and Interesting Run Game* Good relaxing music and sound effects★ Stay on top of your game! Meet other players and get thelatestnews at:FACEBOOK:★ Thank you all for the wonderful comments!If you have any problems, please contact us [email protected] we will help you directly.Have Fun! :) Thanks!
Polar Dash Penguin Run 1.0
If you're looking for a cute game,relax,relaxed, I suggest polar dash penguin run game withbeautifulgraphics, comfortable. Play simple, hassle Just a penguinon thescreen to run and jump over obstacles.- Features:There are three levels and 105 levelsEasy and fun to play I do not want to lookBeautiful graphics and animations of the penguins.The controls are simple: the gaming experience.
Budo Panda Run 2.0
Long long ago...There have a brave panda.He was lost in bamboo forest.Youshouldhelphim to go out bamboo forest.Budo Panda Run is a running and jumping game.★ How to play ★- Tap the screen for jump- Catch the coins for bonus score- Mind the gap and the obstacles on the road.★ Feature ★- Collect more coins to achieve high score- Simple tap to control the game, comfortable feel- Lovely panda with funny emotion- Panda Run - Budo Technique- Running Game
Penguin In Jungle World 3.0.0
H2H Game
In heat jungle, Penguin must pass thus alotofthreats to run to focus on world. On his road, You aretheprimaryperson play expertise emotional and exciting. You willgetpleasurefrom adventures jam-packed with danger with Penguin.Thegamefeatures a lot of traps, monsters, and unexpectedthingsthroughevery level that we have a tendency to havedesigned.In heat jungle, Mario must pass thus a lot of threats to runtofocuson world. The boy Mario can jump, run and Mario canuseweapon tokill monster however weapon is hidden in somewhere onthejungle tokill all enemies on the approachThere’s a new Penguin in Jungle World game in store? Wait,what?!No,it’s just Penguin in Jungle. No need to justifyhowevercan|thismay|this can} prompt you of our favouriteartificerhowever it’spositively another eight bit mario vogue gametheolder geeks willappreciate. Retro gaming is still high indemand,at least, among theGeneration X-ers who would like tointroducetheir past to theMillenials.For every world I even have tried to stay to a topicwhereastryingto create each level feel distinctive, I hope you willgetpleasurefrom enjoying these levels.As a hidden bonus, I have placed a special hidden MegaMushroomineach stage, can you realize them all!?Super Jungle World fans area unit querulous that theircreationsarebeing removed from the sport while not areasonorrationalization.This has happened before but fans knew that it had beenforthestages that had glitches.The company should update the fans that they needmodifiedthemethod. If not, they should still tell them concerningthestagesand why they're being off from the sport. A few monthsago,gamerswere told that the stages with glitches wouldberemoved.Penguin in Jungle World is the greatest platform adventureforyourandroid! Everything has been rigorously designed for youtoownlots of fun! we have a tendency to warn you, it´snotanstraightforward game thus sensible luck!All this completely free, so you ought to a minimum of attemptit.Wehope all our players have a nice time enjoying it, pleaserateandthanks a lot for enjoyingDeveloped and being maintained by a professional team, thisappwillservice you well.Penguin in World of Mario is very tiny sizeWe hope all our players have a nice time enjoying it,pleaserateand thanks a lot for playing!We can keep operating and change additional levels!Download free game Penguin Jungle World of Mariocurrentlyandenjoy!
Super Drake Jungle World 5 1.0
Super Drake Jungle World is being kidnappedbythe evil croc and brought to the dark castle. the little trolltorescue her!But be careful! A lot of troubles, enemies and traps are waitingforyou in wonder world.Super Drake will have to jump and run over obstacles,fightagainst bees, snakes, snails and a lot of other monstersanddragons, climb up huge stairs and mountains, swim throughdangerousseas and explore a lot of jungle, castle and wonderadventureworlds.Collect coins, find hidden blocks and levels and explore lotofchallenging and addictive worlds and lands!This cool Jump`n`Run is a non-stop old schoolarcadeadventure!+ 80 colorful levels and 4 different challenging worlds(wonderworld, forest, egypt land and cave)+ 8 awesome boss fights (scorpion, spider, crocodile,...) in4different castles+ lots of power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks andbonusitems+ over 20 different, beautiful animated enemies such as bees,frogs,spiders, snails,...+ great mix between 3D and 2D graphics - comes to a great "soft2dstyle"+ retro arcade music and cool sound effects+ perfect game control through control pad like onconsolegames+ achievements and leaderboardsHow to play:+ for moving the character click on right or left on thecontrolpad!+ click down for ducking or on some tree stumps to come to abonuslevel!+ press B-button to make Super jumping!+ press A-button AND right or left for running; press A andBtogether for a higher and wider jump!+ after eating an apple you become Silver and will be abletodestroy bricks!+ after eating a golden flower you become Golden Frozen and willbeable to shoot balls - press B-Button for shooting!+ swimming: press A-Button multiple times to swim higher ...releaseyour finger from button to go down!
Penguin Run 1.0
Ijen Studio
Place cool island there is a penguinwhoisadventurous, he just needs you to help him completehismission,will be a lot of obstacles in the way, you should begoodtocontrol it. Collect points sebanyaknya so that you gain alotofvalue, you will automatically switch to the other world.
Hopping Penguin 1.3.2
Penguins' ice creams have been stolen!Hopthrough dangerous lands and follow a trail of ice creams tocatchthe thief and reclaim the treasure.Hopping Penguin is a cheerful platform game withintuitiveone-touch controls. Jump, run and smash your way throughthe gamesmore than 50 carefully crafted levels! The experience is auniquecombination of challenging platforming sequences andexcitingexploration.Download now and begin your ice cream filled adventure!Features:★ Fun and colorful graphics★ Angry enemies★ Power ups like invulnerability and double jump★ Hidden collectables★ Achievements and a cool trophy room★ Unlock new characters like the super cute Girl penguin andtheyoung but peppy Egg★ Enough content to keep you glued to your device for hours★ Record and share your gameplay videos with Everyplay!-Runner game meets platform game-This penguin game cleverly combines the best features ofplatformerand endless runner games to give you a new kind ofchallenge. Don’tlet the cute mascot fool you; the optional bonuslevels can besurprisingly hard and finding the lost secrets andhidden treasureswill challenge even the veterans of platform games.Levels rangefrom easy to nearly impossible. Jumping from platformto platformmight get super challenging at times, but the game neverfeelsunfair.-Family-friendly entertainment-Hopping Penguin can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults. Thesuitschildren over 3 years old so it’s the perfect kids game!Note: The game is free-to-play. All in-app purchasesareoptional!-Frequent updates: new stuff coming up!-• Air penguin - hero aviator• Club penguin – a real party animal• Super penguin – A Superhero in a flappy cape• New map with lots of new levels for you to jump in• Bears new minions: more deadly enemies-Charming story-The ice cream rush starts when a mean thief stealspenguins’precious machine. Our brave hero has to dash after thevillainflying with a hot air balloon through the exotic worlds toget its’treasure back. After hopping half way across the world thepenguinreaches the thiefs’ hideout, a castle floating in the air.How willthe adventure end?You’re just a penguin jump away from the coolest adventureonmobile. Download NOW!
Penguin Games Adventure 1.0.0
Our goal in penguin game is to pass thepartsbydestroying the monsters that come out of the opposition.Youwillenjoy spending time in a penguin game with excitingandbeautifulparts. Be sure to try our game, the most beautifulandmostadventurous adventure game among Penguin Games...In order to advance your vote, you must first collect thegoldandqualify, then you must jump over the monsters or shoot andkilltheparts.Oyunda ilerlemek için öncelikle altınları toplayıphakkazanmak,sonrasında da canavarların üzerine zıplayıp ya daateşedereköldürüp bölümleri tamamlamalısınız.
لعبة مغامرات البطريق 1.1
Ahmad Ababneh
من اجمل العاب المغامرات لعبة مغامراتالبطريقهدفك في هذه اللعبة الرائعة القضاء على كل الوحوش وجمع كلالنجومولتنهي المرحلة يجب عليك الوصول الى القصر.هذه اللعبة الرائعة تحتوي على ٣ عوالم مختلفة واكثر من ٢١ مستوىمميزوالمزيد قادم في التحديثات المستقبلية ان شاء الله.تضعك هذه اللعبة في جو من المغامرة والمتعة والاكشن يمكنك الركضوالقفزفوق العدو للقضاء عليه وايضا يمكنك الانزلاق للدخول فيالمناطقالضيقةاستمتع بجمال الطبيعة والغابات مع افضل لعبة مغامرات شيقةومناسبةللكبار والصغارOf the nicestAdventureGames Adventures Game Penguin Your goal in this great gametoeliminate all the monsters and collect all the stars and endstageyou have to get to the palace.This wonderful game contains three different worlds and more than21unique levels and more coming in future updates, Godwilling.This game puts you in an atmosphere of adventure and fun andActionYou can run and jump over the enemy to eliminate it and alsoyoucan slide to engage in narrow areasEnjoy the beauty of nature and forests with the best adventuregameinteresting and suitable for adults and children
Penguins cute penguin 🐧🐧 1.0
Penguins Cute Penguin is anawesomeadventuregame for you to enjoy.enjoy the challenge in this fast paced penguin jump adventurerun with the penguin jump and throw rocks at the enemies toreachthecastlePlay Penguin jump now, install the game is seconds andstartplaying.this is one of the best penguin fun games free to installonthestore.this is a penguin fun game for kids, with beautifulgraphicsandsound effects.Welcome to the best Fun Game for Girls, how a cutepenguinandmonsters sound?this our first free game, your feedback ismuchappreciated.We designed this free game to be suited for kids,withbeautifulgraphics and SFX.the cute penguin and monsters make it a perfect free gameforgirlsas well.this is the first of a series of free adventure gamesthatarecurrently under development.Under the theme of kids animal games, we aim to entertainkidsusinganimal games as an asset.your feedback on our free games series will bemuchappreciated.Thanks.How to play & Features:🐧 32 challenging levels.🐧 Fun, beautiful and colorful graphics.🐧 Double jumps & rock throwing.🐧 Angry Super enemies.🐧 Hidden collectibles.
Snow Penguin Running 1.0
Barry Dev
Snow Penguin Running Game is arunningandjumping game.The Penguin would like to collect more fish. But therearemanyhindrances; ice cube, snowball, Seal, etc. Please helpthePenguinby running and jumping.Would you like to join him to start the excitingadventureinsnow? Let's Jump And Run! Good luck!How to play :- Tap the screen to make our Penguin jump.- Collect fish to earn points.- Avoid blocks by jumping over them.- Collect more fish to achieve high score.- Run to the end of snow to pass the level.Features:- Easy touch and tilt control,just tap the screen for jump- Collect as much fish as possible- Mind the gap and the obstacles on the road.- Easy and smooth control and beautiful animation.- More Than 20 levels opend and more levels will be addedinthefuture.- Full screen play suitable for all devices.Start playing Happy Snow Penguin Running game andcompletethechallenging levels.Please do rate and review us. If you have anysuggestionsorcomplaints, kindly mail us.Happy Snow Penguin Running Game !
Jetpack Panther Rush 2.0.0
Jetpack Panther Rush is achallenging,thrillingjump and run platformer adventureHelp pink panther to reach the end of the game bycollectingcoinsand avoiding obstaclesIn this Adventure game pink Panther Games you will beinstrumentalinhelping Ariel Panther Pink sailed the ocean seas toStartjumping andto skip and escape all troubles and obstaclesandcollecting applealong the way. But don't forget there are a lotofdangers andchallenges are waiting for you.Traps, monsters and surprising situations in many levelsarewaitingfor you to make you lose and fail to save that he is able to travel up to the end of the adventure.So many threats are waiting for this Jetpack Pink Panther!Youwillhave the most Pink Panther and exciting moments whenplayingthisgame.Features of Jetpack Panther:+ various challenges, 5 amazing, mysterious worlds and100runninglevels+ beautiful, stunning and smooth graphics+ great music and intense sound effects+ exciting spirit of classic running platform adventures+ easy and unique one-tap control game-play+ very small APK file size to download in short timeJetpack Panther Rush is stranded in jungle ruin world. HelpThepinkpanther running through jungle and temples and try tofindherLove.Enjoy this addictive mega adventure plat-former running gamehit!andshare this game with your friendsDownload Now Jetpack Panther And Enjoy (: !DISCLAIMER:We are not affiliated in any way to Pink Panther.Thisapplicationcomplies with US Copyright law guidelines of"fairuse".If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademarkviolationthatdoesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines,please contactusdirectly.This Game have no relation with Pink Panther and anythingcartoon,weare not the makers of the cartoon and we don't claimanyrelationwith them.
Penguin Run, Cartoon 2.0
Welcome to Arctic world of adventure! Thecutelittle Penguin is rushing to collect fish. Tap..Flap..Easy? Itisone of the addicting games. Ultimately, it tests yourreflexesagainst time and movement. Tap to change your flappingdirection.Beware of the ice cones and snow balls. Don’t hit theobstacles;this is the play rule in this fun game. Collect points,catch fish,unlock more colourful penguins and gain the best scorein globalranking and challenge the players. The thrilling adventureofArctic animals will keep you playing until the very end!Are you ready to begin your flappy adventure? The featuresawaityou:- Snowy mountains and cold snowy backgrounds;- Collect gold fish and unlock exciting colourful penguins;- New fun exciting levels;- Simple touch control;- Tablet optimized;- Stunning graphics, colourful visual cartoon andsmoothanimation;- Enchanting orchestra and relaxing music;- Social network sharing;- Stay tuned for updates; and- Challenging leaderboard contests and gameplay.Are you a Penguin legend? Now it’s time for YOU to help thecutelittle Penguin. Have fun!
Frozen Penguin Run 1.0
If today stress play a game Penguinadventure,collect coins, run to keep the fish and bill to relax.You shouldlike you a cute penguin instead. It is a game in theadventure inthe icebox with jump over obstacles. We have to dodgethe obstaclesto them. And most importantly, to collect as manycoins as possibleto trade it is money. How to play it very simple,just kick thescreen to jump. Just across the barrier. To collectcoins in thefront to the most.The game to collect all the coins. It's latest play funnotbored, make you cheerful, bright up come in?Yes? The game to collect coins on the railroad, more fun butit'sdifficult to play game Penguin adventure play easier than asincewith the game is suitable for everyone, anyone can play. Thegame iseasy to play, such as children, adult, old, deadgrandmother playedout, it is the game running through the defenseplayed veryeasily.The game keeps gold medal, free to no Internet or Internetcanplay this game with cute love. Another perfect game for girls.Or aman.Penguin adventure game, best here. Because it is a game notusingthe Internet to new, popular, free, fun, free, no useWiFi.The story of a penguin adventure, details are as follows.You want to be rich, little penguins birds need to have thegold,the lot. Today he travels in the land, ice, full of goldcoinseverywhere. And that it was the mission run collect goldcoins, hometo take bought the train because เพนกวินน้อย dream thatwant totrain since childhood. The time family illness will takeyou to thehospital easy, a doctor.Happy running. Don't game over before. Do score more. Goodluck,happy.
Penguin Island Rescue 1.0.1
Games2Jolly - Penguin Island Rescue is apointand click escape game from games2jolly family. In the land ofsnow,lives hundreds of penguins. They live as families and eachfamilyshare a lovely bond to other families. In such a pleasantlife evilcame on to them in the form of hunters. Some hunterskidnapped andlocked up a penguins in a cage. Find the key to freethe penguins.Good luck...
새 뽀로로 눈 자전거 1.0
뽀로로뛰어 다니고 뛰어서이 놀라운 세상에서 보물에 도달하고 친구와 함께금발견을축하하십시오.뽀로로 지하철눈 경기실행의 새로운 놀라운 게임이며, 뽀로로와 함께 점프하는 것은 당신의 아이들과 당신을위해서도아주좋습니다. 지루한 것이라면, 뽀로로 세계에서 최고의 점수를 얻고 점프하는 데 도움이 될 것입니다뽀로로 는 재미 있고 놀라운 게임입니다. 당신이해야 할 일은 뽀로로 가 놀라운 세계에서 뛰고 도망가는것을돕는것입니다.소년과 소녀를위한 가장 중독성있는 새로운 게임은 2017 년 현재 Android에서 사용할수있으므로다운로드하십시오.---------------------------#EngPororro is a funny and amazing game, all what you have to doishelpPororro to run and escape from his enemies in anamazingworldThe most addictive New Game for Boys and also for girls Runisnowavailable on Android this 2017 , so download itRun and jump and fly to reach treasures on this amazingworldthencelebrate the gold discovery with your friends.the game is easy to play, you can give it to your kids andyoucanplay it too .The most important thing is to help ourlittleheroPororro to reach the best score of gold.Features:- Easy control and nice design- Beautiful graphics and realistic physics- Designed hill for smooth simulation- Over 100 level and 3 difficulties- Get your high score*** What's New Of Pororo Subway game ***- Beautiful design and High quality graphics HD.- Simple and easy control.- The game is set in a great climb.Starting the most amazing Game Pororro little boy!****if you like the game don't forget to rate it ;) ****Hope you enjoy this amazing Game!!!Season hoppingreachthetreasure ttwieoseoyi wonderful world and celebratethegolddiscovery with friends.Pororo is a new astonishing game for the game Subway eyes run,buttojump with Pororo very good also for your children and you.Ifboring,it will help you to jump to get the best score intheworldSeasonPororo is a fun and amazing game. All you need to do is to helptogoaway to play in Pororo the amazing world.Download the most addictive new game for boys andgirls,becausecurrently available on Android 2017 years.---------------------------#EngPororro is a funny and amazing game, all what you have to doishelpPororro to run and escape from his enemies in anamazingworldThe most addictive New Game for Boys and also for girls Runisnowavailable on Android this 2017, so download itRun and jump and fly to reach treasures on this amazingworldthencelebrate the gold discovery with your friends.the game is easy to play, you can give it to your kids andyoucanplay it too .The most important thing is to help ourlittleheroPororro to reach the best score of gold.Features:- Easy control and nice design- Beautiful graphics and realistic physics- Designed hill for smooth simulation- Over 100 level and 3 difficulties- Get your high score*** What's New Of Pororo Subway game ***- Beautiful design and High quality graphics HD.- Simple and easy control.- The game is set in a great climb.Starting the most amazing Game Pororro little boy!**** if you like the game do not forget to rate it;) ****Hope you enjoy this amazing Game !!!
Skippy Penguins 5.5
Skippy Penguinsis very simple to play yet itisvery entertaining, Battle friends for the high score in thisgame ofavoiding obstaclesSimply tap the screen to make the penguin bounce and go fartoincrease your score. The person who covers the most distancegetthe most points. Collect as many coins as you can to unlock allthecharactersFeatures:★ Play a super fun game Skippy Penguins★ Beautiful graphics and smooth!★Insanely simple and addictive★ Lightning fast controls!★ Challenges and compete with friends!★Share your success with friends on social media!★★★Compatible with all Android devicesHow To Play:***Just tap the screen and the penguin will jump to avoidtouchingobstacles.Have fun.
Penguin To Fly 1.0.0
★★★★★★★★ Penguin To Fly ★★★★★★★★ TheBESTgamefor kids on Android★Help the Penguin to Jump and Fly while avoidingobstaclesandcollecting reward coins ★★Join the Arctic Adventure, its ★FREE!★Make the Penguin to jump and flap it wings to fly onthewildcontinent of Antarctica.Collect all reward coins but beware of cliff, slippery andsolidrockobstacle!Jump, glide, run, slide and fly through antarctic space.if you like tiny wings you will love this cool game.Touch the screen to make the penguin gain all theenergyneeded,release it to make the penguin jump and even fly!Catch allthereward coins and be the champ!Features:★Simple touch & controls - everyone can play! ★Your child will love this simple gameplay, it'sbestforkids! ★The most addictive penguin game!★Collect the gold coin rewards and be the champ★Hilarious sound effects and sound track!★Fun and Colorful Graphics★Penguin To Fly incredibly dead simple gameplayandhighlyaddictive.★Simple, interesting and fun for kids and their parents★Social FeaturesThis is the best free game to enjoy and relaxBest free game for all ages (also kids boys and girlswillhavefun)Five stars!
Game penguin run 2017 1.0
You’re a puny little penguin inthefrozenarctic who’s been trapped in a cage by a hungry polar bear-whatdo you do? Gather your courage, kick the cage open… andrunlikeheck!so this game is made for you since this Penguin Run game isafunnyand amazing game of Penguin , all what you have to doishelpPenguin to run and escape from his enemies inanamazingworldThe most addictive New Game for Boys and also for girls Runisnowavailable on Android this , so download itRun and jump and fly to reach treasures on this amazingworldthencelebrate the gold discovery with your friends.the game is easy to play, you can give it to your kids andyoucanplay it too .The most important thing is to helpourstallionPenguin Run to reach the best score of gold.In a world full of adventure, you should make sure, you runandjumpcorrectly, that Penguin Run don’t run on spikes anddon’thitobstacles and don’t stop or the enemies will get you.Useyoursmooth, easy moves to ride our brave Penguin Runonthisadventure.this amazing game contain over 100 level you'll never beboredwhileplaying this game Penguin world.Free to play!Features:- Easy control and nice design- Beautiful graphics and realistic physics- Designed hill for smooth simulation- Over 100 level and 3 difficulties- Get your high score*** What's New Of Penguin Run game ***- Beautiful design and High quality graphics HD.- Simple and easy control.- The game is set in a great climb.Starting the most amazing Game Penguin Run Game!penguin runpenguin run 2017penguin run free downloadpenguin run buffalopenguin run buffalo ny 2017penguin run cheatspenguin run dcpenguin run gamepenguin run nspenguin runnerpenguin running away
Super Penguin Run 1.0
Mhmapp Studio
Super Penguin Run is an adventuregamewithvarious barriers and obstacles in order to collect as manyads,poro stone penguin to get fish and complete all missions .Features :- Music cool and funny- Character Penguin cute- Using Skateboards- Very easy to play- Many LevelsPenguin Run game can be played by everyone , and very funtoplaywith friends or your family .Let's Play Super Poro Penguin Run and Beat the Odds .
Penguin Run 2d 1.0
Come play with the amazing penguin inaFantasyland of arctic region. Help the cute chubby penguintoembark andcross the mysterious obstacles in an amazingrunningadventure.Face a mysterious new foe with running and jumping questonabeautifully designed snowy track. Rescue your penguinfrombeingfalling while avoiding obstacles and eatingdeliciousfishes.Unleash your super moves of jump in your quest tobe thebest andtest your reflexes of running. Tap and slide yourwayaroundhurdles with continuous run. Run fast and Collect moreandmorefishes to cross dynamic stages of the icy winter. You justhavetotap your screen to make her jump so that shecanavoidbarriers.Penguin run is the most thrilling and action filledrunninggame,which will keep you engaged for long hours. Game playisbeautifullydesigned with HD graphics and astonishingcolorcombination. Thiscrazy Penguin jumps like a ninja and flieslike asuperman or anyaction hero. In this fast-paced game, cutepenguinis trying to runas fast as possible on an infinitetrack.Use simple and intuitive touch controls Single tap onscreentojump but for long jump double tap to cross gianthurdles.Eat fishes Level up your character, the more you earn,thestrongeryou become!Get ready for an incredible Penguin run adventure onyourandroiddevice….!!!☃Features☃★ Eye-catching graphics with astonishing color combination★ Easy and intuitive controls for better gaming experience★ Multiple backgrounds for great fun★ Excellent running and jumping adventure★ Lots of fun powerups★ Play as your favorite penguin character★ Be a part of hilariously fun adventurous 2d GameIf you like our game please Rate and [email protected]://
Poro Penguin Run 1.0
Game Run
Poro Penguin Run is a game going on theroadthetower points and move to higher levels Andexperiencedifficultiesduring play metal boxes ...Poro Penguin Run is a fast-paced running game that puts youintheflippers of the amazingly cute Captain Penguin. He’s makingamaddash to escape the polar bear and you can help him!Tilt and swipe on your device to make Captain Penguinrun,jump,slide and glide his way across all the continents toescapehispersistent pursuer. Can your lightning-fast reflexeshelpCaptainPenguin escape the bear Find out in thisaction-packedrunning game;How to play:************Play through the screen and put pressure on it and edit. Andwonthepoints and move to higher levels and toughFeatures: Poro Penguin RunGame clear HDUnlock and play as Lizard and Panda BearGear up with upgradeable equipment that will helpyousurvivelongerUnlock and upgrade various power-upsPlay daily for a chance to win bonus itemsAn easy game to understand And Win
Penguin Happy Jump games 1.0
"Penguin Happy Jump games" is fun andfreejumpgames. Meet a happy flying penguin. It's so cute. HelpPenguinjumpto goal and don't forget! collect fruits and gift. Youcantouch forcontrol penguin jump saga. Flying penguin forfreebecause this gameis free for you. If you find ""kid penguingame""You've come to theright now!. We are confident this game canhelpyour kids enjoy andfun jump gamesFeature of Penguin Happy Jump games★ Lovely graphics★ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to getthehighestscore★ Collect fruits and gift for big points.★ Challenge your friends and beat their record!★ Online worldwide leaderboards with Feint!★ Support both tablets and phones.★ Minimum permissions required.★ Full screen when runningGreat fun to play with friends and family! Who canmakethehighest score in Penguin Happy Jump?
Penguin Frozen Runner Free 1.0
Penguin Frozen Runner is an awesomepenguinrunning game for kids!Olaf the penguin was walking through the frozen forestlookingfor some ice to make a smoothie when he saw all his friendsnear toan igloo. Olaf said hello to them but no one said helloback.Penguin girl, raccoon, fox, chicken, bear and platypus, all ofthemwere really quiet. That’s weird, they’re usually happy andtalking,what’s happening?Olaf found a message written on the snow. “Your friends arefrozen,if you don’t bring me some gold coins so I can buy chocolatebarsthey will stay frozen forever!”. The snowman wizard of theforesthad frozen the cute cartoon animals! They will be in thesnowforever! How horrible!!Run through the frozen forest and the snow and see how faryoucan go in this awesome running game for children. Help penguinOlafcollect gold coins so he can free all his friends! Once hefreesome friends from the snow they can help him find moregoldcoins.Endless running game is more fun than ever!The frozen forest is full of obstacles you should dodge.Run,jump, slide, dodge and jump again through all the snowed trees,icecrystals, rocks, tents, and keep running collecting all thegoldcoins.Use powerups to cheat death. Use the coins to upgrade thepowerupsand free the other cute cartoon animals and your bestfriendpenguin girl! There will be no chocolate bars for thesnowman!* Dash and dodge as fast as you can!* Swipe to do lightning fast acrobatics!* Awesome powerups!* Cute cartoon animal game free!* A cartoon penguin called Olaf and a wizard snowmancartoontoo!This game is perfect for children, kids, boys, girls, adultsandeveryone!
Rumawa Studio
Help the penguin in overcomingevilmonstersangry animation such as trees and birds attackinganddeadly trapsand that by running, jumping over rocks andbarriersand sharpblades so that the penguin be able to enjoythebeautifuljourney.Penguin Adventure is an amazing runner game. Hopping Penguinisacheerful platform game with intuitive one-touch controls.Jump,runand smash your way through the games more thanmorecarefullycrafted levels! The experience is a uniquecombinationofchallenging platforming sequences and excitingexploration.Levels range from easy to nearly impossible. Jumping fromplatformtoplatform might get super challenging at times, but thegameneverfeels unfair.Penguin run games is exactly what the name says it is.
Pororо Run Adventure Free Game 1.0
Pororo Run Adventure it's a runninggamethroughmultiple crazy worlds full of dangerous monsters,obstacles with somush fun.Porоro 뽀로로 starts his new adventure , alongside his freindseddyandcrong , now pororo penguin run 뽀롱뽀롱 to help them inthischallengingadventure.Prepare to test your speed and reflexes!== Disclaimer ==Our application is an unofficial of Pororo 뽀로로 , this isjustforfans purpose only, it is not authorized or created bytheoriginalcreator.
Little Pororo Penguin Run 1.0
Little Pororo ran: a penguinadventurewithlittle animal friends living together in a citycovered withsnowand ice. Pororo Run is an adventure past theobstacles,fightingevil monsters with passing 4 terribleworlds.Pororo, a penguin looking for a small dinosaur egg full ofsnow.HelpPororo find a dinosaur egg that will hatch into adinosaurnamedCrong.How to play Little Penguin:1. Press the right and left buttons to move.2. Press the up button to jump over the enemy.3. Press the Fire button to attack the monster4. Collect coins.5. Run and finish all levels.Download game Little Pororo Run now !!
Смешарики. Обещание 1.0.2
Вы любите мультики про Смешариков?И это прекрасно! Поскольку интерактивныймультфильм"Смешарики.Обещание" - это не только развлечение, ноиувлекательные игры нареакцию, логику и внимание! Вампредстоитпомочь смешарику Ёжикупройти через множество интересных инепростыхприключений, чтобывыполнить данное им обещание.Ну что, готовы к новой встрече со своими любимымигероями?Тогдаустанавливайте приложение и вперед, навстречуприключениям!-------------------------------------------------------------Всего в игре 24 уровня, в которых вам предстоитпомогатьлюбимымперсонажам в выпавших на их долю приключениях!Приятной игры!Do you likecartoonsaboutSmeshariki?And that's fine! As an interactive cartoon "Smeshariki promise."-Isnot only fun, but exciting games on the reaction,logicandattention! You have to help the Hedgehog Smeshariki gothroughalot of interesting and challenging adventure tofulfillhispromise.Are you ready for a new meeting with their favoritecharacters?Theninstall the application and forward to themeetingadventures!-------------------------------------------------------------All in the game 24 levels in which you have to helpyourfavoritecharacters in the fallen to their share of adventures!Have a good game!
Penguin Run - Jump & Slide 1.2
Penguin Run - Jump & Slide is afreeendless runner game.Unlike the other birds, the penguins cannot fly in the air, sotheymust runs over the antarctic glacier and the pack ice. Butbecareful! You have to avoid the obstacles along the run byslidingand jumping the penguin.In this game you can also, save high scores so, run likethewind, increase your scores and climb the onlineleaderboards.Have fun with this amazing free running adventure!Tips1 - The penguin runs by itself.2 - To jump tap the "up" arrow on the screen.3 - To slide tap the "down" arrow on the screen.4 - To save and see the highscores and the leaderboards, it'sneededan online internet connection.5 - Play the game, collect credits and unlock power-ups.
Penguin Joyride! 1.1
You’re a our little penguin in thefrozenarctic who’s been trapped in a cage. And now he arefree.Somehow he got booster so he can also fly! And That's amazing...There are some penguin who hates him and they don't want himtoescape.So they will be attacking you on your way.Save yourselffromthere.There will be so many traps to misleading you. Stay focused...Gather your courage and Fly like never before.He’s making amaddash to escape and you can help him!You will have so many obstacles in your way. You gotta dodgethemand save our penguin.He can jump, fly and run.Our penguin will have Magnet and Shield to save himself withotherpenguins and obstacles that comes in a way.Collect the coin as many as you can and cover the maximumdistanceas you can.Let's Ride...
Penguin Buddies Matching Game 1.0
Crown Games
The Penguin Buddies Matching Game is atimedthree round matching game, featuring penguins. The first roundinthe Free Penguin Games is 100 seconds and each after that is10seconds less, so will have the time to improve each round.Another thrilling feature to the Penguin Buddies Matching Gamethatmakes it even more awesome then just a matching game- you mustfindthe icons that link together in some way! When you make alinkedmatch the Free Penguin Game it will show the link. You alsogetsome help along the way. You can use the REFRESH button 3times,this mixes up the game cards so it is easier to findlinkingmatches. You can also use the FIND button 3 times, and thiswillfind the matching links for you.Because Penguins are so special we named them.You can find Scott the nerdy, Henry the angry cyclistandKyle.There are 12 different characters in Cool Penguin GameThe Penguin Games for Free are suitable for children andanyonewho loves PenguinPenguin Buddies Matching Game is an addictive race to findthematching links, that gets harder each round. Have Fun!!!
Penguins Game 1.0
Play easy Penguins Game is veryfunandaddictive adventure game for android cell phone for free,usethecatapult to launch the Penguins to her gurney,collectsilvercoins, flowers and fish, and avoid obstacles.Experiencemorerealistic physics engine, and enjoy the fun ofjungle. NeweasyPenguins Game is suitable for all ages(children,kids,kindergarten, teen, adolescent and adult)There are many variety items in your cellphone ortabletgamescreen. The Penguins wants to eat the eatable items andavoidthebad items by rolling over and over forward. Theforwarddirectionis controlled by leaning the device to right orleft. Theforwardspeed is on the decrease gradually. Then it ispossible toincreasethe speed by releasing the gas of Penguins.Clear all the Penguins Game easy and your scorewillskyrocket.The more you play, the wilder it gets. Penguins Speedhas27 levelsof fun, complete with rocket bumpers, shooting starsandspikygiants.It's a casual arcade game that's infinitely playableandtotallyengrossing.The user android interface of Penguins Game easy isverysimpleand friendly to all users, so download Penguins Gamenow,tell usabout it. Come play Penguins easy game now on yourcellphones,it’s Plain and simple pure fun.
platform games free 1.0.0
Super Pinguin Adventure is best Platformgamesfree, its simple and addictive, many chalenge level and to play :- tap for jump or slide- shoot the enemy / monster to get point- collect stars to get more point- collect fruit- be careful dont get trapfeature platform games free- nice graphic- easy gameplay but hard to master- clean sound- always freedownload platform games free now
Penguin - IceLand Adventure 1.0
Welcome To The Penguin IceLand Club!It's Time to Celebrate WORLD PENGUIN Day on 25 April 2k17!Help the Penguins to explore the Snow Hill Island ,whileavoidingobstacles and eating delicious fishes! in this new★FREE!★AndroidHit Title!★ Fun and Colourful Graphics★ Simple touch - Everyone can play!★ Unlock new penguins - Choose your favourite!★ Run, Jump , Eat and Explore the Island .Penguin - IceLand Adventure FEATURES★ Experience an exciting mix between ACTION and EXPLORATION★ SEEK OUT and COLLECT all of the fish and bring them home★ Set off on a gorgeous adventure with AMAZING VISUALS★ Smooth controls★ A lot of funJoin the Super adventures , its ★FREE!★
Super Poro Penguin Kart 1.0
Super poro game penguin kart GoodAndamazingKid games.The latest gameplay from super poro penguin kart toaccompanyyourdull day and definitely entertaining.Perfect for all ages of children, adults, and parents.This amazing children's game contains many levels. You willnevergetbored while playing this game.WHAT All You Need To do is to help pororo to achieve theBestScoreof the Game.Features:- Design cool skills and effects- Move flexibly and play games- Many challenges and stages- Story mode enemy fight to open a new stage.- Many challenges and stages- Easy and Simple to play- Amazing animation
Penguin Adventure Island 1.0
Penguin Adventure Island is anamazingpenguinrunning and jumping adventure game in the Islandworld.SuperPenguin as the adventurous world will go throughmanyobstacles toget the flowers croissant. Super Hero Penguinmustdefeat ordestroy numerous enemies to complete his mission inthisIslandWorld.To finish the platformer game Super Hero PenguinAdventureIslandwill have to jump and run over many obstacles, fightandshootagainst chibi ninjas, cruel crocs, hedgehogs,skeletons,leps,Ladybug, cats blue, spider, fish,monster turtle,redbirds,spiders, ladybugs, and crabs.and many othermonstersanddragons.This Penguin Jump and Run is an addictive old schoolarcadejungleadventure game!The advantages of Penguin Adventure World are:• Addictive, thrilling and challenging• classic platformer for kids, children and adults• Penguin side scroller gameplay with easy gameconsolepadcontrols• free and easy to play but hard to master• classic retro running and jumpingDownload game Penguin Adventure Island now! This is a gamethatisvery cool and fun to play. This game will take youimaginationintoa world of Island.
Super Lep's 5 : Adventure 1.0
Wasilah Sukses presentsthelong-awaitedsuccessor of Lep's World with a lot of Levels,moreItems, a lot ofenemies, higher game physics, impressivegraphicsand delightfulnew sound effects. Thanks for all of yourfeedback!we tend to tookthe most effective ideas and packed theminto Lep'sWorld a pairof, and also the result's associate degreeimprobablysensible andaddictive game.It is a gorgeous sunny day in hob Village. Lep and hisfriendsrelishthe sun, once suddenly the sky darkens and lightningfillsthe sky.associate degree evil wizard seems, he stealstheLeprechaun's gold,and kidnaps all the villagers except Lep,WorldHealth Organizationfortunately escapes. The wizard isprogressingto use theLeprechaun's magic and mix it together withhis own torequire overthe globe.Lep has got to save his friends and family on theirown.thusfacilitate him to achieve a lot of powerful skills todefeatthewizard. Jump and run through Lep's world and rejoicewithsixtyfour impressive well-designed levels duringthisstunningjourney.Note: Get a lot of skills when every World. (e.g. to wear alotofpine cones ;) )
Gravity Super 2.0
Help your favorite character to collectthegoldand challenge gravity so he wont falls into theriver.Enjoy the new funny adventures in gravity super falls.diper is a little boy , his mission is to protect theEgyptiantemple, and find his friends in order to collect canalsogethelp from Mable pins to beat other savage enemies likebillcipher,don't let diper pines get touched by obstacles , dontlethim fallsgravity or mommy otherwise you are not going to betheheroofwe put in your hands this super game just have fun withgravityfall!games> play more unlock high levels> explore hidden levels for challengers> find trophies and beat your friends> in-game rewards> try not to falls from gravity, and enjoy!DISCLAIMER : this game has no relation to a gravity fall!thisisjust a fan-made game!
Super Jungle World 🍄 1.0
Super Jungle World 🍄 as inclassicplatformgames with a super Jungle boy.In the super world, must pass so much threats to run totargetsuperworld.Super Jungle World 🍄 and jumps across platforms and atopenemiesinthemed levels.Super World 🍄 is one of the best jungle adventure game. Thegamehasseveral challenging levels to play and discover.Characteristics:- amazing world- jungle Beautiful graphics- +199 level to play- Beautiful graphics and control- Many challenging levels contested- Try to get highscoreDownload Super Jungle World 🍄 now and enjoy the game.Credit to :Graphic = graphicrivercode = chupamobile
Max: Görev Atlantos 1.2
Unilever Inc
MAX KAHRAMANLAR TAKIMI: GÖREV ATLANTOSOYUNUNUÜCRETSİZ İNDİR, MACERAYA HEMEN KATIL!MAX VE ARKADAŞLARIYLA HEYECAN DOLU BİR MACERAYA VARMISIN?KAHRAMAN OLMAK İÇİN HEMEN OYUNU İNDİR VE OKYANUSUKÖTÜLERDENKURTAR!Birbirinden heyecanlı bölümleri oyna, kahraman ol!Bella Soruyor bölümünde Max Atlantos dünyasına özelsorularıcevapla.Operasyon Phoenix bölümünde okyanustaki çöpleri topla,okyanuscanlılarını kurtar ve Phoenix’i tamir et.Büyük Final’de kötü kalpli Kain’i alt et veokyanuslarınkahramanı ol!Max Maceraları – Kahramanlar Takımı bölümlerini ve Atlantosçizgifilmlerini ücretsiz izleyebilirsin!Özellikler:- Yeteneğini göster, zamana karşı yarış!- Puanlar ve harika rozetler toplayarak gücünü kanıtla!- En çok puanı biriktir, skor listesinde en üstte yer al!- Max Maceraları çizgi filmlerini ve bölümleri ücretsiz izle!- Gizli Görev’i aktive edip, sürpriz oyunu oyna!MAX TEAM HEROES: DUTYFREEDOWNLOAD GAME ATLANTOS, ADVENTURE JOIN NOW!HAVE you an adventure filled with excitement MAX ANDFRIENDS?RIGHT TO BE A HERO GAME DOWNLOAD AND SAVE THE OCEAN OFBAD!Play exciting part of each other, be a hero!He asks Bella to answer specific questions section MaxAtlantosthe world.Pick up trash in the ocean part of Operation Phoenix, savetheocean creatures and Phoenix repair.Kainer in the Grand Final to defeat evil and the hero oftheocean!Max Adventures - Heroes Team section and you can watchcartoonsAtlantos free!Features:- Show your talent, racing against the clock!- Ratings and proved its power by collecting wonderfulbadges!- Accumulate the most points in the top scores listtakesplace!- Max Adventure section of the line and watch movies forfree!- Secret Missions is activated and, surprise play the game!
Amazing Penguin Adventure 1.1
Bloom Studio
Help the Amazing Penguins rescue theirfriendsfrom the funny monsters. Nice graphic, Very funny andveryinteresting, you can help him slide, jump, fire or even flywith acannon or rocket, WOW .Amazing Penguin reach to save his family in thisArcticadventure.Penguin run and jump rescue their children from thefunnyoctopus,Very Fun! Game for everybody!Feature:+ Lots of fun Power up - Become a giant mutant penguin or ridearocket!+ Unlock new Levels - Choose your favorite!3 Worlds+ Nice Graphics+ Touch controller+ Game Play so easy
Penguin Hero 1.0.0
There is a hero penguin using magic,Goes around the world with a power stick.Stretch the stick in order to build the bridge.Game is over if the stick is too short or too long.With the amazing stick, hero penguin can control it from thegroundor skywards direction.There are also 2 hot spots for score up each time you tap have atryand find out.Collect candy or fruit for score up.How far can you go?
Jet Penguin 3.3
Jet Penguin- Collect coins &beatyourfriends.Run,Jump and avoid the dangerous