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Crazy Super Monkey 2.0
In Crazy Super Monkey Game, you playafruitsalesman whose inventory was stolen by a crazed monkey onamagicflying carpet. It’s up to you to recover your bananasandapplesfrom the monkey and restore order to this bizarre bazaar.The wild monkey zooms back and forth on his flyingcarpetwhilehurling your bananas and apples down at you –yourpreciousproduce! You play as the merchant who must move catchtheseflyingfruits in his cart. Bananas are worth one point andapplesareworth ten points. If you miss any fruit, you lose a life.Butbecareful! This menacing monkey has a few tricks up hissleeve.Ifyou accidentally catch a sword you instantly lose a life!It’safrenzied game of cat and mouse – or in this case,merchantandmonkey!Crazy Super Monkey is a great way to challenge yourfriendstocompete for the highest score. With only three lives,howmuchfruit can you recover before the monkey has thelastlaugh?Download this FREE app today for some simple andsillyfun!GET SHARE WITH FAMILY & FRIENDSAs parents, we’ve all been there… your child has created aworkofart and you would love to proudly display it on Facebookorsimplysend copies to family. This is of course difficultwithoutgettingthe camera, scanner or photocopier out! once yourchild hascreatedtheir masterpiece, at the click of a button, youcan shareit withfriends & family via Facebook, Twitter, email,or simplysave asnapshot to your device.Got a suggestion? Email us at [email protected] to inconvenience! This free app is ad supported andmaycontainads in the notification tray and/or home screen.