Top 4 Games Similar to Knock Down !!

i Tower 1.0
Taking one block on a turn from any levelofthe tower (except the one below an incomplete top level),andplacing it on the topmost level in order to complete it.Move the block with the accelerometer and the buttonsonscreen.The game ends when the tower falls.
Gyro Tower Shake 1.0
Djcat Studio
With the brand new, fine-tuned gyrouserinput,this is the game to challenge both stability andprecisionof yourhands as well as your sense of balance.* Full 3D scenario.* 3D movement by intuitive gyro input.* 3 totally different game modes: "Stack to Fall", "StackinTime"and "Pull and Stack" (full version for later 2 modes).* Leisure or Tournament play modes.* 3-columns or 4-columns tower modes.* Single, color or dice modes.* Local network (or server with public IP) party mode for2~4playerswith real-time visual update (full version).* 1+9 (full version) background music loops.* No Advertisement in game, with in-app-purchase item inside.Limited time special offer for new arrival. Try itnowforfree!
One Round Bet 1.3
'One Round Bet' is free game!Don't need join or login.Advertising occur 1/3r rate! I think this is a veryimportantfeature about "Bet"* Drawing Lots* Punch Machine* Time Bomb* Roulette* Crocodile Dentist* Pop-up Pirate* Easy, Fun, Eidetic Game* Do not need Network[Production/Development] Branches[Design] VCR
Noir Chess Free Tactic Trainer 1.3.102001
There are 600 million chess players in the world. If you’re oneofthem, and you’re looking to be better than the rest, then thisisthe download for you!Noir Chess has the modest goal of being the best chess trainingappin the Google Play Store. We’re sharing training techniquesyouwould get from private chess lessons for free in this app! Ourgoalis to improve your chess memory, board awareness, abilitytovisualize the board and see tactics, and your overallchessskill.Exercises are appropriate for all levels, from new players alltheway up to titled masters; there is something in this appforeveryone. Your progress will be tracked by earning stars asyourskill improves in each exercise. Even titled players willstruggleto achieve all of the stars, so you just might be the nextworldchampion if you manage to earn them all!In addition to our chess coaching-inspired training exercises,NoirChess also includes traditional tactics, as well astext-basedtactics that force the player to visualize the positionbeforetrying to enter the solution.You can also use your Internet connection to play live gamesagainstopponents on the popular Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)andInternet Chess Club (ICC). You will be able to create andacceptgames on both of those services. You can choose to usestandardpieces, colored tokens, neutral tokens, or no pieces atall toimprove your blindfold technique. Note that a stableconnection isrequired to play games online.Have fun, and please send us feedback via the app or on our We are continually striving to improve thisapp!** The free version is ad-supported. Please upgrade to thepaidversion if you would like to eliminate advertisements! **