Top 2 Games Similar to Max's Adventure World

Adventure Jungle of Leps Run 1.0
Lep and his friends relish thesun,oncesuddenly the sky darkens and lightning fills the sky.He steals the Leprechaun's gold, and kidnaps all thevillagersexceptLep, Story starts in Jungle World where you have tofightwith junglemonsters like monkeys, snakes, lep and more. Alsoyoucan find otherworlds like lava cave world, castle worldHow to play Adventure Jungle of Leps Run :- Left and Right arrows to move left or right- Down arrow to go inside the pipe to bonus level where youcanfindlots of coins- A button to run faster or shot- B button to jump Cory characterAdventure Adventure Jungle of Leps Run:- Great HD graphics- Nice music and effects- Store where you can buy additional items- Many levels- Hidden items- Game can bring back your memories when you were playingYou must finish your adventure and never give up when youloseallyour lives.Play Adventure Jungle of Leps Run Now !
Super Jungle Adventure World 1.0
Of course that each anyone likejungleandadventure game is first of these. You one of thebestadventuregames called Super Jungle Adventure World and we hopethatyou willbe very happy to adventure like Super bros, with a lotoflevel ofthis game.Super Jungle Adventure World as with classic platformgameshavinga journey of super jungle man. In the super world,superjungle manneed to pass so much threats to operate to targetsuperworld.Features Of SuperJungle Adventure World- 100 beautiful levels, well-designed and challeninglevelswithincreasing difficulty- high resolution graphics – great mix between 2Dand3Dgraphics- special chaves skills hidden in destroyable blocksandbricks- awesome gameplay reminding to retro classic games- sea and water worlds – jumping, running and swimming !Super Bros runs and jumps across platforms and on top ofenemiesinthemed amounts. Super jungle have basic plots, typicallywithsuperjungle boy rescuing the kidnapped Princess fromthemainantagonist. These include a multitude of power-ups anditemsthatgive Mister Bros special magic strengths suchasfireball-throwingand size-changing into giant andsmallersizes.Super Bros must pass so much threats to run to targetworld.Onhis road, You are the first person gaming experienceemotionalandexciting. You will enjoy adventures full of dangerwithSuperJungle. The game has a lot of traps, monsters,andunexpectedsituations through each level that we havebuilt.In heat jungle, Super Bros must pass so much threats to runtotargetworldImagine that today will be a adventure in the superworldwithsuper bros you want to pass more level in a world. Sostartthiskind of adventure game with jump and run for pass oflevel.Goodluck