Top 9 Games Similar to Astroneerr Hero Adventure

astronaut run adventure 6.0
Gif Planet
astronaut engineer ! the fabulousastronautadventure in an alien planet.Control the astronaut to go as far as possible in thisrunadventure, you will just need some courage and power inAstronneradventure and show some great super skills !In Astroneerrun game,fight against the monster and enemy that will block yourway andtry to be careful ! and need to say hello, no neighbor herebutonly a weird planet, some great monsters, and you, thecourageousastronaut in the outer space !
The Guide for Astroneer 1.0
● Automatically updated with thelastestversionof Astroneer ●● Completely Free ●The ultimate guide for Astroneer. This all-in-onesolutionisexactly what you need: everything you need to enjoy thegame.Thisapp will help both beginner and experienced players.This app is completely free with no annoying ads. This wikiappisunofficial.Features:● Getting Started● The Player● Controls● Power● Vehicles● Researches● Equipment● Tools● Planets● and much more!- NoteRequires an internet connection
Space Adventure 1.0
Dév apps
Explore a new world with SpaceAdventure.Inthis game astronaute will be in the space where heconfront alotof dangers.All that the player should do is helpastroneer topassthem. It is possible to collect money to buyshields thatwillprotect you from enemies and magnets to collectmoneyeasily.Thereis so many challenges : planetes, aliens, andotherthings that youwill discover while you playing
Astroneerr Hero Running 1.0
aza cartoon
The humanity's future is out oftheearth.manywars and one can live in this planet withallthisproblems.human need somewhere else to circulate some good people send a man to search for anotherplanetout there to save humanity.they sent ASTRONEER game.Inhisadventure he will mate many aliens and he willlivemanyrisks.This is the ASTRONEER story. All he nneds now is your helptoachievethe human dream.all you have to do is to avoidtheobstacles in hisway by taping on the screen.yes it's a simplegamebut not easy likeit looks.This is very funny astronaut that you will love.from thefirsttimeyou will play it.The astronaut is you assistance now his is yourfriend.circulateasmuch as you can. And enjoy ..
Ben Astronaut 1.1
astronaut engineer ! thefabulousastronautadventure in an alien planet.Control the astronaut to go as far as possible in thisrunadventure,you will just need some courage and power inAstronnerben 10adventure and show some great super skills !InAstroneer rungame,fight against the monster and enemy that willblock your wayand tryto be careful !, some great monsters, andyou, thecourageousastronaut in the outer space !This game its a cool space games of the first hero inthemoonadventure its a nice game for children and all agestoo.All what you have to do is just tap the screen to maketheheroAstronaut ben 10 jumping and take a nice adventurewithinfiniteflight without oxygen spaceship or shuttle in the spaceandplanetexactly in the moon.
Juju On That Beat Hero 1.0
aza cartoon
You most be wanna of the juju found what you were looking for this is the gamethatwillmake feel so happy like the song made you . It's reallyeasyandfunny to play.all you need to do is to tap on thescreen.Juju is adventure game.not like all that'ssample.yes and this is the key why you will love itwhenyou willplay enjoy your free time with us.B.N: Juju on the beat is on of tge most famous song this yearDon't forget juju on the beat. Oh yeah go go . challengeyourfriendsand challenge your silfe , The most beautifulgameadventure
koyia hero adventure 1.0
aza cartoon
You are tired and you want toforgeteverythingaround want to have a fun.this what youwerelookingfor.Yokia game will give all this services and for.sowhatare youwaiting are so lucky to find our app.allthatbecause it'spretty simple to play.all you have to do is toavoidsome object onthe way of Yokia.and that by taping thescreen.goand download itnow.challenge your skills and challengeyourfriend.see how much youwill score.forget the worl whileplayingand don't forget dab ohyeah.Have a nice day.peace and love ya all.. so godownloadyokiaadventure and dab
Little Doc running temple 3.0
Little Doc running temple adventure is agamefor all age!Little Doc running temple is a HD and 2D screen.gorgeous and smooth action running game! This time, ourescapingroute is built in an isolated island and jungle on anunknownocean, where human never a thrilling and extremelyfunrunning game for android.Start Little Doc and Run along an ancient lost temple packedwiththreats. You will accelerate as you complete each level.making the next one more difficult. Slide to avoid saws and jumptoget over stone totems. How close to the top can you get? Doyouhave what it takes to be number one #1?***Slide on your phone's touch screen to play :- Beautiful graphics- Multiple obstacles- Captivating music- Awesome acrobatic, desperate moves, special items and supercoollocations.- Endless gameplay- Smooth touch-based controls- Simple and fun game mechanics.- Multiple Levels- Bullet Firing Capability- Amazing HD High quality graphics
Mission Mars One Astronaut
Poo and Play
A free game for the man a great gameforhumanity! Welcome to Mission Mars One Astronautexploration in space travel to board the shuttle for a topsecretdefense workyou have recovered artifacts of an ancient Martian civilizationyourspaceshipbeing provided with new technology.Explore the planet in March was the conquest of space withMissionMars One Astronaut Thanks to the all-terrain vehicle storageandequipment worthy of a single laboratory survival in anunknownenvironmentnotice to the adventure loverIn an incredible journey live the most amazing experience inMissionMars One AstronautAfter the appearance of a non identify ship in space that is spitonMarch 1 and send specialist teams on site to reap thedata.After many discover the special scientific conquest isfinallyfingertips traveling with Mars One Mission Astronaut freedownloadnow on tablet and mobile phone.The poo and play team is pleased to present you the adventuregameMission Mars One AstronautThank you your support means a lot to us.