Top 24 Games Similar to Fruit Legend 2

Fruit Legend 2017 1.0.0
Welcome to Fruit Legend 2017 – anewestawesomefruits match 3 mania game. This fruit burst game givesyouchallengeto remove all existing cute fresh items byselectingright one. When3 or more fruits matching (link), greatblastingeffect will come.This game is free to download and alsogood forfamily and kids.Fruit Legend version 2017 is 1 of most popularclassicofflinegame on the world. Such as gold digger (gold rush2),diamondclassic or block puzzle mania blast, it is very easytoplay. Justuse 1 hand, touch, touch and link fruits. Fruitscrushand you havescore. That’s all. The more fruits you link, themorescore youget.Fruit Legend game 2017 highlight:- 100+ challenging and amazing pro levels.- Beautiful fruit graphics.- Excellent splash animations.- Cute game play.- Excellent sound effects.- Fantastic blasting effects.- Global Fruit Splash Legend leader boards. Fun achievementsandBeatyour friend's scores!- Share and invite friends playing together- Easy to play but difficult to master.How to play Fruit Legend 2017:- Match (link) 3 or more of the same color fruits bystraight,crossto eliminate them.- In each level, you can collect stars. Complete the level asfastaspossible in order to collect the maximum of stars.Thank you for playing and supporting Fruit Legend game2017.Andif you like this fruit link mania, please give uscommentsandrating. We really high appreciate it.Now, let’s play and enjoy Fruit Legend now.
Fruit Burst 3.6
Fruit Burst is one of the most popularfruitgames! Connect 3 fruits and burst!At our fruit farm, there are mysterious fruits portals, magickeys,bombs, and ice cubes… Also lots of juicy fruits! Hundreds oflevelsof fun and sweetness are waiting for you!======================How to play FruitBurst:========================Slice like a fruit ninja! Connect 3 or more fruits to blast!If you can connect more than 7 fruits, a blender blade willspin& create massive fresh juice!Then it's Blast Party Time! Do you have the moves to win?Complete different goals to pass the level, such as deliveringkeysto the portal, breaking ice cubes, unlock fruits…you will findthisgame is so addicting!=====================Fruit Burst--the juicyfarmfeatures=====================--1000+ juicy levels of the best connect 3 game withdifferentchallenging goals--Special challenges such as breaking ice cubes anddeliveringportal keys--Happy blast party time after goal completion--Easy and fun to play, even more fun to master with skills--Play and compete with your friends--Free to play on different devices, no wifi needed!--Keep updating new juicy levels and surprises--Free gift box for each level which helps you pass theleveleasier!--5 languages available in the app: English, Malayu,Indonesia,Vietnamese and PortugueseWant to know more about this fruit game? Follow us on Facebookforthe news update: [email protected] to our juicy Fruit Farm! Download and blastmorejuice!
Fruit Ninja 2.3.8
The new Ghostbusters™ movie is here! Areyouready to bust some fruit?!NEW BLADE – Proton Pack? Bet it’s got nothing ontheGhostbusters™ Proton Blade.  Draw an ‘X’ to cross thestreamsand spawn energy traps!NEW DOJO – Ghosts have frozen all the fruit! Return to NYCandtest your skills against the greatest menace the city haseverfaced!Slice fruit, don’t slice bombs – that is all you need to knowtoget started with the addictive Fruit Ninja action!From there, explore the nuances of Classic, Zen and thefanfavorite Arcade mode to expand your skills. Slice for a highscore,use powerups and special bananas to maximum effect, and gocrazy onthe multi-slice Pomegranate.All Blades and Dojos now have a unique effect on gameplay. Wantaten-fruit Great Wave? Bouncing clouds to never drop afruit?Swirling tornados for epic combos? Mix and match yourgear,experiment with all the powers and find what works foryou!There has never been a better time to play Fruit Ninja,sounsheath your sword and see what’s new in the game that starteditall.This is still just the beginning – we can’t wait for everyonetojoin us!IMPORTANT NOTICEThis game contains optional in-app purchases. You candisablethis feature in the settings menu of your device.View our privacy policy at our terms of service at Http://
Fruit Wars 🍎 1.0.31
Game hard but not impossible, you havetoovercome different levels throwing fruit as a catapult /slingshotas an archer with his arrow and destroy and knock down allenemyobstacles and angry fruits, score points and treasure up thebestscores. Ten different types of fruit: banana, pineapple,pear,apple, orange, grapes, melon, lemon, strawberry and cherry.Therewill also be levels where you have to use logic of physicswith theeffect rebound. You have markers of stars, depending on thescores.It is a fun game for moments in which you have some freetime andyou want to play a simple and quick game.🎃 Halloween special level: Smash pumpkins and candy also in30seconds. 🎃🎄 Christmas special level: Santa Claus throws presents tothechildren at Christmas, get those that contain surprise, somegiftsare empty. You have 30 seconds. 🎄🌟 20 different levels.🌟 2d graphics coloful.🌟 Kids and adults.🎮 Mode Bonus (rain fruit) : a rainbow of fruits which will havetoget as many points as you can. Leaderboards and achievementsGooglePlay Service.🏆 +100,000 Downloads. 🏆Share the game with your friends on facebook, whatsapp,twitter,etc.DON'T FORGET TO RATE AND REVIEWWeb: (Subscribe):* This application does not have any viruses or subscriptionsanddoes not require permits. *
Dragon Fruit 1.7.1
Banda Games
Dragon Fruit - the exciting “Match 3” puzzle game that will makeyousweat! Or help to improve your health! It is up to you.Please, let me introduce you the best puzzle game among appsonmy device, the winner of Great IntellectualIntergalacticCompetition, the 9th Biggest Brain Teasing Competitionamong geniusand super genius and just the good app – DRAGONFRUIT!Applause!We will not reveal you all the secrets of this app! Just try!Orwe will return you the wasted time!The app is tablet compatible. Enjoy tablet-optimized UI!Please, note that the app is free but containsin-apppurchases.
Candy Fruit Legend 2.2
Game king
The world’s most exciting and addictiveCandygame is back – welcome to Candy Fruit Saga -World!Sweeter and delicious than ever before, Candy Fruit Saga is awholenew level of the smooth fast, thrilling gameplay that madetheCandy game a award-winning hit. Move your fruits through anepicand adventure as you blast exotic fruits from land ofcandygames,fresh juicy Fruits , and crispy crunchy saga of wholenewcandy pack, levels, stars, and more goodies to help you crushyourfruits to a pulp. (Don’t worry, we’ve still got all thegoodness ofcandies , too. It’s vintage now.)Candy Fruits Frenzy :Saga packs in so much content, it’s likeafully upgraded artillery blast of mouthwatering, pixelatedjoylaunched right into your smiling little face… and it hurts sogood!GAME FEATURES★★ Squash and have blasting excitement in exotic news lands –holdthe line in berry town , juicy land and even theexoticorchard!★★ Three new specialized Worlds ! Slice, sizzle, andsquashExtremely powerful fruits with longest chain, Mighty stars–hey, wetold you we were shaking things up.★★ Over 50 new game levels - puzzles that will challenge inveryexiting and unique way !★★ Special power and features on every stage! Match longestchainsof juicy fruits.★★ Unlimited life's to play Candy Fruit Frenzy for hours withover70 achievements!★★ Juicy , Fruity , and Most Addicting game modes to challengeyourtactical skills!★★ Two difficulty modes! Are you up for a real challenge? GowithHard mode!Intoxicating charm with a rousing score, full-bodied voice-oversandlovingly illustrated cartoon art!
Fruit Farm 29.5
You - happy farmer who churn fruit, thusmovingto the next levels. You need to collect the fruit group, andthenshoot them down.
Onet New Fruits 1.02
Onet Klasik
Onet Fruit is a Onet classic -Connect-2puzzle, the game you have played on PC long timeago.Now it's available on AndroidThis is one of best for killing free time, training your eyesandbrain.How to play Onet Fruits ?- Remove 2 onet fruit with the same kind which can beconnectedwithin 3 lines.Features:- Classic game play- Nice graphic HD.If you like connect / matching game, then your will love toplayfruit connect onet games.Download Free game now and enjoy!Have fun of playing Onet New Fruits.
Pineapple Pen 1.31
Sometimes all you need is to stick a pen intoafruit.Tap to throw the pen and try to hit an pineapple or an apple.Hitthe perfect center for two times in a row, and experiencejoy!Challenge your friends to find out which one of you is thetruemaster of the pen!
Fruit Splash Mania
Play the addictive new puzzle game fromthemakers of Candy Blast Mania, Jewel Mania and Bubble Mania!Take a bite into Fruit Splash Mania with its uniqueline-drawingpuzzle gameplay! Match together festive Fruits thatripen intocolossal combos!- PLAY through 120+ Levels of fruit-tastic fun as youmatchbushels of delicious lemons, berries, and watermelons!- MASTER five challenging gameplay modes, including High Score,FreeThe Fruit, and Fruit Drop!- BLAST your way past Vines, Stumps, and Doom Slime to freeyourFruit friends!- BOOST your score with potent power-ups like the Bomb and theCrossBlaster. Earn three stars on every level!- CHALLENGE! Climb your way up the Leaderboards to be thebestpuzzle player!- EXPLORE juicy jungles, mouth-watering mountains,delectabledeserts, and more!- EARN keys from completing challenges to win Gems, Boosts,andmore!- STELLAR performance with top-notch graphics, amusinganimations,captivating music and expertly crafted soundeffects!- FREE levels, obstacles and game modes added regularly! No pausetothe puzzles!- CUSTOMIZED for your Android phone or tablet!Please note that Fruit Splash Mania is free to play, but youcanpurchase in-app items with real money. To disable this feature,goto the Google Play app on your device, tap the Menu button,selectSettings > Use password to restrict purchases. Then followthedirections to complete setup.TeamLava, a Storm8 studio, is the #1 Mobile Social GameDeveloperfor Android devices.Use of this application is governed by the TeamLava TermsofService. Collection and use of data are subject toTeamLava'sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are and READ_PHONE_STATE permission is used to help usrememberyour puzzle progressFollow
Fruit Cut Mania 1.6
Cut of all the fruits without touchingthechopper and dropping them out of the screen,Make your thebestscore and tell your friends to make better score than you.Lotsofgood sounds are waiting for you also it has really goodfingerswipe effect.It's completely free and it will be.
Fruit Cutter Mania 1.5
Watermelons apples kiwis pearspomegranatesbananas melons strawberries coconuts are all around.Slide yourfinger on game screen to slash fruits. Time to makedelicious fruitjuices. Use your finger as a ninja sword. Don't letyour bladefinger cut bombs instead of fruits if you want an endlessfruitslicing game.Be the best fruit cutter by slicing fruits like kiwiwatermelonapple pear strawberry coconut as many as you can. Avoidcuttingbombs to continue fruit slash. Dash fruits as many as youcan toget the highest score.If you are able to slice fruits, you are right to feel likeninjamaster. Don't worry, there are easy and medium levels fornoviceninjas and assiduous fruit cutters.Features:- Juicy fruits like kiwi watermelon apple pear pomegranatebananastrawberry yellow melon coconut- Amusing gameplay- Suitable for all ages- Flying bombs to avoid slicing- Three game modes: easy, medium, hard
Cut The Fruit 2.7
Play Cut The Fruit with friends.How many times can you slice these Fruits? Cut The Fruit isasweeping 3d classic arcade game with awesome gameplay. Play likeamaster ninja, ready to cut anything and anytime he want.Slashmultiple fruits as quickly and with the fewest mistakes aspossible!! Get this game for Free:This is a must have game for you and your family and friends, Trytodevelop your reflexion skill while having fun playing thisawesomeandroid masterpiece. Enjoy.FEATURES:* POWERFUL BLADES to choose from: Bubble, Ice and Flame Blades,MoreBlades to be added every update.* Leaderboards & Achievements : Challenge youfriends.Accomplish & Collect All Trophies* Intense and exciting game rhythm. Slice, Dodge the bomb,Score,Very easy* Highly addictive Gameplay* Smooth game control feelings* Gorgeous 3d visual effects** How to play **- Tap and hold the screen to cut the fruit- Don't touch the bomb- Try to archive a big score before time runs out- Blast special star ball to get bonus points.Enjoy The best Slice Game of 2018 !!
Jungle Monkey running 1.2
adventure journey Jungle Monkey running he went into the jungletopick up fruits . But is full of danger,he needs your help !is an amazing run and jumping adventure game. Help the monkeytocollect as much as banana and complete the levels in theforest.Tap to jump and double tap to jump and escape the pitfalls.It isfun Jungle animals games.Start Benji Kong and complete the challenging a cool running climb tree and jumping game. It's aneasierversion.★★How to play★★1.Just tap the screen to let the monkey jump.2.Collect Fruit , bananas and Ananas as many as you can,do notfalloff the ground.3.go to the end of castle to pass the level.4.Jump over the machine to make the jump monkey fly★★Features★★- awesome 2D graphics-3 different terrains-+150 cool and addictive levels.- Lot of Challenging Levels+ great music and sounds- Collecting Bananas in Island- catch banana and Banana Box- Fun and Intresting Run- Try out the game and Have Fun...and Enjoy...!-Various cool tricks.1.Easy and smooth control and beautiful animation.Tap the two bottoms on the screen (The right one is acceleratingandthe other one is jumping).Show some cool★ easy to play - but hard to master★ classic platformer for all ages-More levels are coming soon.***********************jornada aventura Monkey Jungle corrida entrou na selva parapegarfrutas. Mas está cheio de perigo, ele precisa de suaajuda!é um jogo de aventura incrível correr e saltar. Ajude o macacopararecolher tanto como banana e completar os níveis na floresta.Toquepara pular e tocar duas vezes para saltar e escapar dasarmadilhas.É divertimento dos animais da selva jogos.Comece Benji Kong e completar os níveis desafiantes.é um jogo de corrida legal, árvore escalada e do salto. É umaversãomais fácil.★★ Como jogar ★★1.Just toque na tela para permitir que o salto do macaco.2.Collect frutas, bananas e Ananas como muitos como você pode,nãocair no chão.3.Go ao fim do castelo para passar de nível.4.Jump sobre a máquina para fazer a mosca salto macacoCaracterísticas ★★ ★★- impressionantes gráficos 2D-3 Terrenos diferentes- + 150 níveis legais e viciantes.- Lote de níveis desafiadores+ Boa música e sons- Coleta de Bananas em Ilha- Bananas captura e Banana Box- Fun and Run Intresting- Experimente o jogo e Divirta-se ... e ... Aproveite!Truques -Vários.1.Easy e controle suave e bela animação.Toque os dois fundos na tela (a direita está a acelerar eooutroestá saltando) .Show alguns cool★ fácil de jogar - mas difícil de dominar★ jogo de plataformas clássico para todas as idades-Mais Níveis estão vindo logo.
Fruit Smasher 3.5
Face the battle like ninja warriorsaveyourself from knives while the fruit popping on screen are tobesmashed. Tap the clock to win more time for game. Enjoytogetherthe thrill of saving life and the fruity blast.This new free game is changing the trend of slicing to smashing.Youneed to have top smashing speed to master the game in any ofthe twomodes.The first mode tests your alertness as you have to save threegivenlives. You will be losing one life every time you touch theknifeand one life will be taken for losing the opportunity to smashthefruit.Enter the time zone of the game and as you tap the yellow clockyouwill get the extra seconds to improve score and if you taptheblack one you few seconds will be deducted. Along thetimemanagement skills the fast smashing of fruit are necessary inorderto score high.Share your score and tell your friends that you are therealsmasher.**--**The application has been tested extensively onfollowingdevices :-*_* Samsung Galaxy Note*_* Samsung Galaxy S2*_* Samsung Galaxy S3*_* Moto Razr XT910*_* Samsung Galaxy S*_* HTC Explorer*_* HTC One V*_* LG Optimus One*_* LG Optimus Black*_* Samsung Galaxy S Advance*_* Motorola Fire XT*_* Sony Xperia U*_* Samsung Galaxy Grand*_* LG Google Nexus
Fruit Crush World 1.0
Fruit Crush World is a brand newamazingaddictive connect lines puzzle game. Offline and completelyfree!!Easy to learn, challenging to master. One tap on two ormoreadjacent same fruits will burst them all and help youTo complete levels.Complete adventurous levels and unlock to Play nextlevelstreats.1.Match three or more same identical fruits to score points.2.New Main feature is, if you will match only two sameidenticalfruits to score points that will deduct your points.3.In every new levels new fruit will be added and they willhavemore points if you burst them.4.Blooming in fruits will give an extra scores.5.One Tap to burst.6.Lightning fruit can eliminate more fruits in one or rowsandcolumns.
Fruit Mania Free 1.0.3
world sniper
Fruit Mania Free is a fruit cuttinggame.Thereare different types of fruit: banana, pineapple, pear,apple,orange, grapes, watermelon, lemon, strawberry, cherry,coconut,kiwi, lime and peach. You have markers stars. Become a realsamuraifruit. It can be good exercise the brain's ability. How manytimescan you slice these Fruits? Cut the sweet and delicious fruit.Asso on you complete the level find more fun and interest inthisgame and lot of more. It is completely 100% free gameforeverybody. various colors of fruit juice splash into the air,orsplash into the wall, bringing exciting perspectives fortheplayers to experience.How To Play:Hold the finger in your hand and sweep it in the air towardthefruit to cut and got score. don't cut bomb fruit then youwillfail, and enjoy especial effect. The cloud appear in somelevel,itwill hinder you where you pass levels. just you try tofocus in thescreen. Do not need to be hurry if you miss the chancedo try againand sweep it with good angle and got the expertise andlot more.Keep in control to your mind and not to be a panic if youloss tryit again and again.
3D Fruit World 1.8
3D-Fruit World!!Slice fruit by your finger, and enjoy fruit juice!Face the battle like Ninja Warrior, save yourself from kniveswhileslicing the new variety of 3D fruits like (banana,cherry,pine-apple, water melon, pear, orange,).This new 3D Fruit Smasher game named as "3D-Fruit World" willchangethe trend of smashing the fruits. You need a top smashingspeed tomaster the game in any of two modes (Classic Mode, TimeMode).How to Play:-* There are two modes "3D-Fruit World" game (Classic Mode,TimeMode).* In Classic Mode you have to save three given lives. You willbelosing one life every time as you touch the knife. You havetosmash the 3d Fruits but be careful from the Sharp Knife.* In Time Mode you have to tap the yellow clock also with 3DFruitsas you will get the extra seconds to improve score but if youslicethe red clock your seconds will be deducted. Along thetimemanagement skills the fast smashing of fruits are necessarytoscore high. You have to smash very quickly if fruit fall downthescreen you lose a life.# Share the link of the game via- Google+, facebook,twitter,whatsap and many more
Cutting Fruit 3D 8.0.1
Imagine What
Get this challenge and try to cut asmanyfruits you can in this incredibly fun game.Free fruit slice 2014 was made ​​using the best graphics! FullHDand 3D graphics.Enjoy Fruit slicer 2014 free today and experience all the funandthe quality of the original and the best slicer on Android!Free Fruit cut can be a good exercise capacity of the brain.iscut off the main content on the screen constantly out ofvariousfruits, which requires players to faster action, the gamescreen dovery delicate, cut fruit, it will be open to see differentcolorsof light meat, you can see stone, flesh texture. Variouscolors offruit juice sprayed into the air, or splash into the wall,bringingexciting prospects for players to experience.Use your finger as a ninja sword and good luck! Do not letthefruit that fallsEnjoy this survivor and addictive game!Please leave your feedback =)Now Available on Google Play the best game slicer!Now is the time to cut and splatter fruit like a true samuraiandninja warrior! but be careful with explosives, which areverydangerous!Feature:- Nice 3D graphic- Easy to play- Best for everyone- Enjoy cutting Lemon, Banana, Lemon, Apple, Water Melon etc.
Fruit Archery 2.0
Rocking Games
Aim at the fruits popping up every nowandthen. The smaller the fruit size higher the point you score.Thisis a high scoring game. Keep aiming and score high.
Shoot Bubble Fruits 1.1.2
Shoot Bubble Fruits is Classic casualpuzzlegame really fun to play in all time your activity bubbleshootermania.To play this game is really simple just Make combinations of 3ormore bubbles with same color to make them fall down/crush/burstandClear all the bubbles to win game. This game have deluxebeautifullcolor bubbles ready to play for you bubbles shootermaniaShoot bubble worlds/Bubble Shooter puzzle adventure is one ofthemost popular fun journey game pop/burst/fall down bubbleobjectgame! Another option to play game when you bored. #one ofthenumber 1 legend Puzzle deluxe mania game on the world.Shoot/shooter bubble worlds is journey games. Play for free asyoushoot/shooter poke deluxe beautiful bubbles with journeyadventuremore than 100 level and Shoot every bubble like a witchtrow aspell with their stick magic witch and make burst/falldown/crushevery deluxe colorful bubble as many you can bubblesmania. everydeluxe poke color like blue bubble,orangebubbles,greenbubble,purple bubble and other mix color poke deluxebubble readyto burst and crush as you can. it good news for youBubble Shootermania journey loversHow To Play Shoot Bubble Fruits:- Shoot/poke bubble with tap your screen.. and directed at least3bubble to make them burst/crush- Mark your target with same color bubble- Bouncing/bounce bubble with Tap the Pole at right or leftsideyour Phone or tablet- Clear all bubble to finish level and play another funbubblepuzzle in this game- Clear all bubble as fast you can because you have limited timetoburst/crush bubbleFeatures:- Colorful bubble with cool design GUI- Have 8 color bubble likeblue,orangelitght,orange,purple,green,mix color blue,mix colorpurple and manymore- Have more than 100 level ready to play and will addmoresoonTips to Play :- Bouncing/bounce bubble in this game to make clear or finishlevelmore faster- Shoot/poke bubble with same color at least 3 bubble- Shoot bubble as fast you can like a witch will wars spell tootherwitch with their stick magic witchYou will love the fun bubble shoot mania worlds and burst orcrushbubble lines in this puzzle game with your hand, yourcreativityand excitement to shoot/poke bubble will help you tofinish alllines bubble puzzle more faster and easier.Shoot bubble world wars is a wildly addictive bubble linescrushlegend puzzle game!Tap on your screen to poke/shoot adjacent bubble to makethemcrush/destroy, and try to scoring as many points aspossible!The power of magic witch wars shoot bubble is in your hands!Shootbubble and match 3 deluxe bubble to walk through limitedlevels inthis completely journey shoot legend bubble puzzle maniaadventureand more than enough to dissaapers your bored time .So let's get started play Shoot bubble world wars mania andstartyou journey adventure in bubble world now!REMEMBER AGAIN !! Burst or crush bubble a group with at least 3thesame kind of deluxe colorful bubble and shoot or poke bubblelike awitch trow a spell with their stick magic witch and you willgetbubble will crush/burst like bomb!Destroy/crush all target bubble to level up. Clear all level asfastyou canLast tips. Bouncing/bouncing bubble when you have a chancetobouncing bubble
Jetpack Joyride 1.9.33
Bullet-powered jetpacks! Giantmechanicaldragons! Birds that poop money! Suit up with a selectionof thecoolest jetpacks ever made and test your skills as legendaryactionhero Barry Steakfries. Over 500 million players can’t bewrong.Download FREE and start your adventure today!FEATURES:* Fly the coolest jetpacks in gaming history* Complete daring missions to boost your rank* Customise your look with ridiculous outfits* Dodge lasers, zappers, and guided missiles* Collect coins and make boatloads of money* Storm the lab in giant mechs and crazy vehicles* Equip high-tech gadgets and power-ups* Earn achievements and battle it out against friends* Test your reflexes with simple one-touch controls***This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disablethisfeature in the settings menu of your device.View our privacy policy at our terms of service at
The Better Together update is here!Exploremassive multiplayer servers directly from the game menu andplaywith friends on all different devices.Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things fromthesimplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creativemodewith unlimited resources or mine deep into the world insurvivalmode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off thedangerousmobs.Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobiledevicesor Windows 10.
Frozen Fruits Crusher 3.1
Want to crush things? Tired of being aFruitand wanna do something crazy to the frozen fruits? Play andEnjoycrushing the frozen fruits. Smashing the ice-cubes of fruitsistotally fun! Attention: This frozen fruits games requiregoodamount of attention in sequential order for allcoolfeelings.Frozen Fruits Crusher is a 3d game by g4u. Which lets you tocrushthe frozen fruits using your finger or thumb. The challengingpartof the game is that as your number of fruits increases thespeed ofthe game increases. Then only sharp players can survive atmaximumspeed. User can improve the brain response by playing thisgame.This game is targeted for all age groups including kidsandgirls.Enjoy the totally cool feelings by smashing the ice-cubes offrozenfruits and slicing them.Features of game:- Variety of fruits with deflecting bombs- You must avoid touching bombs because bomb blasts your game- Fruits Crush or Fruts Smash are two ways to slice the iceofrandom coming fruits.- After each 50 points you will get a bonus life.- You don't smash the bomb. If you smash it your game willbeover.- Find more interesting similar smashing 3d minigame gamesinit.- Give your valuable suggestions for further improvements.- Achieve the High score in frozen world- Enjoy the curshing of Frozen Fruits Mania and show yoursuperskillsCONTACT USEmail: [email protected] us: http://g4ugames.comGoogle Plus: us: us:@g4ugamesWatchus:> g4u <