Top 49 Games Similar to School Lunch Vending Machines

Vending Machine Simulator FREE 1.2
Do you love Vending Machines & BubbleGumMachines? Do you love Candy, Ice Cream, Prizes, Stickers&Toys?Do you also love those Prize machines at the Grocery store thatgiveToys, Games, Candy & Bubble Gum Balls?Do you also love Prize Claw Machines at the Supermarket, andGroceryStore when Shopping with Mom?You will LOVE Vending Machine Simulator: Prize Claw,GumballMachine, Prize Machine Games, & Prize Claw Kids isincluded inthis amazing pack!Play Vending Machine Simulator and select from a ton ofVendingMachines including Candy, Soda, Drinks, Sandwiches, Chips,andMore!! Insert the coins and take the food item, make tonsofselections like a REAL Vending Machine!Play Prize Machine & Gumball, and Choose from a ton ofCandy,Toys, Gum, and Prizes!! Insert the coin like a real prizemachineat the grocery store, and decorate your machine with amedley ofstickers!Prize claw - play the REAL prize claw machine just like thegrocerystore, grab the toys, and get them all! Move the crane backandforth, and make your selection! Sometimes the crane will grabthetoy, other times it won't! Keep trying to get them all!So much to do in this game including a ton of variety, and hoursoffun for Kids of All Ages!!
Vending Machine Simulator Fun 1.0
Free Machine games are always fun & fullofsurprises for kids & so is Vending Machine Simulator. Thisisalso one of the prize machines with best prize claw to fetchplushtoy or teddy along with candy, gumball, ice cream,sandwiches, sodacola and chips in different vending machinespresent in Supermarketor Grocery Store near by you. Grabbingmachines with toy crane isalso a part of this real fun game toenjoy teddy picker which willbe a surprise with your win !!So instead of going to Grocery Store for shopping with mom,whynot download prize machine simulator to make your kids lovetoygrabber along with candy, bubble gum balls and other toygamesalong with ATM cash learning.This is not a love wheel … but Learn coin counting inamazingmachine simulator to win prizes !!Prize claw machines are just like UFO catcher … Scary butamazingpack and along with Vending machine simulator fun, you canlearncash register features as well with food items beingboughtautomatically in each vending machines. A Real vendingmachinemakes you enter cash and coins from different segments justas cashmachines have in grocery sales corner. You have to choseyour fooditem to insert money in vending machine in conveniencestore … suchas you want a special candy soda which has price adollar n somebucks .. insert it in their segments appropriately. Inthis waythis game is some how ATM machine learning as well, but itworksjust opposite.So play a prize machine game, along with vending machineswhichare present in grocery shopping stores .. & make yourchildrenenjoy fetching bubble gum in this premio. So navigate back&forth in prize claw machine & enjoy vending machinesimulatorwith multiple selection which is available with variety ingamewhich is fun for all ages …. Especially kids. So enjoy minigames& grab your toy with crane. Yes as we said it here thisgame isa total fun with multiple out class levels to be a winner ofrealthing with gaming physics being realistically challenging.So crazy kids, enjoy surprizes with new Vending machineSimulatorand download it ASAP
School Lunch Food Supermarket 1.3
School Lunch Supermarket Food is here forkidsthat love making School Lunch Food & shop for food intheSupermarket & School Cafeteria for lunch!Shop for all kinds of food at every school in town! Grabsnacks,drinks, desserts, sandwiches, fruit, milk, candy bars,andmore!!Check out at the register with your credit card, and handthecashier your items to check out! Just like a real cashier attheSupermarket!Check out at the school cafeteria with your yummy anddeliciouslunch! Grab your sandwich, drink, chips, and dessert andgive it tothe lady to check out!Also make your very own School Lunch Food in School Lunch FoodMakerMini-Game! Make a tray full of sandwiches, pasta, yummyanddelicious muffins, donuts, chocolate bars, and more!! Addsomedrinks, then put some stickers on there to decorate!School Lunch Food Supermarket & School Lunch Food Makeraregreat for kids of all ages, and even Mom can play too!
Celebrity School Lunch Maker 1.9
Celebrity School Lunch Maker is a deliciousappthat lets you decorate your school lunch tray with yourfavoritefoods including sandwiches, burgers, fries, fruit, friedfood,desserts, drinks, candy and more!Grab some sandwiches, hamburgers, and grilled cheese and moreasyour main dish! Then snag some healthy fruit options likeapples,berries, and pineapple and more!!Then add some side dishes like french fries, potato chips, andotheryummy finger foods! Top it off with some delicious dessertslikecookies, and cupcakes, then add your favorite drink like MilkorOrange Juice!Head over to the sticker lab and add your favorite stickers toyourlunch tray!! Snap a picture of it, and send it to a friend!Greatfun for kids, and fun for the whole family!!
Money Claw: Prize Money Arcade 1.3
Money Prize Claw Machine is themostentertaining game you will find at the Arcade, Grocery Store,orlocal Toy Shop!!But now your love for money can be used and your skillsanddexterity to pick up bills, coins and rake in the dough!!Skill, Patience, and Dexterity are all required to win at thisfun,and engaging game!Pop a quarter in, pick a game, and start playing! Choose from 2FunArcade Games: Free Play or Challenge Mode!Grab the bills, and gold & silver coins, and drop them inthehatch!Fun for all ages, easy to pick up and play, and endless funwithfree play or challenge modes! Even the adults will lovethisclassic arcade favorite!!Make it rain money, for the love of money is a universal thing,andprize money machine is a popular simulator that you only wishcouldexist in real life!!• Features 2 games - Freeplay or Challenge Mode!• Pick up Dollar or Silver coins, and pick up bills ranging from$5to $1000 currency!!• Fun for kids and adults alike!• Easy to use controls and interface!• Music and Sound can be toggled on and off!
School Lunch Food Maker!
Crazy Cats
Hmm~ The school cafeteria food? GROSS!It'stime to take matters into your own hands. Put on your chef hatandhead to the kitchen! We're going to make the ultimate lunchfood:hamburger, buffalo wings, juice & milk. Great, Let's play.Product Features:- Fun, interactive food making game.- So many kinds of school lunch foods to choose from.- Create your own lunch food from scratch.- Use a variety of delicious flavors for each lunch food.- Decorate kinds of lunch food & Design the lunch box inyourown style.- Endless mix and match fun with tons of food options andstickersto make your best school lunch ever!- Enjoy your lunch food in school with the best friends.How to play:- Star from choosing your favorite food. Hamburger, Buffalo WingsorJuice & Milk.- Take different courses for all the foods and lunchboxdecorating.- Add & Mix various ingredients to create the unique flavorofyour school lunch.- Create your school lunch food with tons of side dishes, fruitsandstickers.- Pick the lunch box you like, paint it as you like and mark itwithtons of stickers.- Take the yummy school lunch to school to show off toyourclassmate- Take a photo to share with the best friends and family.Want to know more about us?Having problems or suggestions?You could find us by:- Visiting our official site at Following us on Twitter at Like us on Facebook at
School Lunch Food!
Ever wanted to have control over what youeatatschool lunch? Now you can! Do your own culinary creations!Wash and prep your ingredients to create your ownschoolmeal!Fry crispy tater tots!Toss Fresh Salads!Cook Hearty Macaroni and Cheese!Don’t forget that cold and refreshing milk!Add them all to your lunch tray and have a greatschoollunch!
Vending Machine Simulator 1.0
Do you love Vending machines withcandy,icecream of different yummy flavors? Chicken sandwiches,potatochipsand much more? Or do you love Prize machines at thegrocerystorethat give toys, claw machine games & Bubble gumballs?Thisisn’t it.. do you also love prize claw machines atthesupermarketstores & Grocery malls when shopping with mom?If you loves surprises and prize games then you are attherightplace! Welcome to the best free machine games fullofsurprises forkids in this Vending machine simulator. This is oneofthe prizemachines with best prize claw to fetch plush toy orteddyalongwith candy, gumball, ice cream, sandwiches, soda colaandchips indifferent vending machines present in SupermarketorGrocery Storenear by you. Grabbing machines with toy crane isalsoa part ofthis real fun game to enjoy teddy picker which will beasurprisewith your win !!You will LOVE Vending Machine Simulator includingPrizeClawwith Gumball Machine, Prize Machine Games, & PrizeClawKids isincluded in this amazing pack!Real prizes of gumball along with tons ofvendingmachinessimulator gifts like drinks & sodacola. Insertthecoins,choose the food code and take the food itemslikedeliciousdesserts and fast food like French fries withhamburgers&sandwiches. Not to forget delicious ice creamsofchocolate,vanilla and different favorite flavors. A realvendingmachinemakes you enter cash and coins from differentsegments justas cashmachines have in grocery sales corner. Thisgame is asinterestingas you found ATM simulator, but much excitingwith clawmachine& real prizes.Prize claw machines are just like UFO catcher … Scarybutamazingpack and along with Vending machine simulator fun, youcanlearncash register features as well with food itemsbeingboughtautomatically in each vending machines. Play the REALprizeclawmachine just like the grocery store, grab the toys, andgetthemall! Move the crane back and forth, and makeyourselection!Sometimes the crane will grab the toy, other timesitwon't! Keeptrying to get them all!So play a prize machine game, along with vendingmachineswhichare present in grocery shopping stores .. & makeyourchildrenenjoy fetching bubble gum in this premio. So navigateback&forth in prize claw machine & enjoy vendingmachinesimulatorwith multiple selection which is available withvariety ingamewhich is fun for all ages …. Especially kids.Every toy has it’s own price so you have to put acertainamountof money in the vending machines.So Vending Machine Timeless Fun can be a little bitoverwhelming.Soto calm your nerves we’ll just tell you that you cando whatyouwant, whenever and however you want in this game.Havesomeconviction.
Lunch Food Maker!
~~^~~Do not like the food at school café? So make lunchbyyourself!~~^~~Do not have a kitchen and materials? We send you one!~~^~~Do not know how to cook? Just follow the recipes!~~^~~Everything you dream about are in School Lunch Food Maker2!Wewill solve all problems for you just for a perfectlunchtime!All you need to do is:^-^ Chose what you want to eat and find the recipe.^-^ Prepare all materials: Cleaning, cut, stirring and etc.^-^ Follow the recipe step by step to finish your lunch.^-^ Put them all on the table and take a picture!Hurry up make your lunch and surprise your friends andMommy!
Kids Ice Popsicles FREE 1.3
Do you love Ice Popsicles, Frozen Desserts,IceCream Maker Games & Chocolate Games?Then you will love Ice Popsicles!Kids Ice Popsicles now lets you decorate Ice Popsicles from molds,awide Selection of Ice Cream Bars & Quick Ice Popsicles thatyoucan pick and start decorating!For Ice Popsicles:Tap Start, Choose A Mold, and Fill your Popsicle mold with avarietyof delicious rainbow flavors!For Ice Cream Bars:Pick an Ice Cream Bar Wrapper, and dip it into the chocolatesauceto start decorating and eating!With Quick Ice Popsicles, pick a colorful Popsicle &startdecorating it with a plethora of toppings!Decorate with a variety of candy, toppings, chocolateandmore!Snap a picture, and view your ice popsicle in the gallery!Kids Ice Popsicles is a great app for kids, and it's fun andfreewith so many options unlocked!Have fun with the whole family with Kids Ice Popsicles & theallnew update with so much more content!
Ice Popsicles & Ice Cream FREE 1.4
Ice Popsicles & Ice Cream Games are ahitfor Kids of all ages and the entire family!Choose between an Ice Cream Bar, and Ice Popsicles!With Ice Cream Bars, you can dip a vanilla flavored Ice Creamintothe dipping sauce of your choice: Chocolate, Strawberry,andOrange!In Ice Popsicles Maker, choose a mold, and fill your mold with atonof delicious flavors like grape, strawberry, lime, orange,cola, andmore!Then decorate your ice cream, or ice pop with delicioustoppingssuch as sprinkles, gummies, chocolates, candy, andmore!Ice cream and Ice Pops are a fun way to enjoy food makergameswithout the mess or cleanup!
Supermarket Drugstore Cashier 2.0
Supermarket Drugstore Simulator, GroceryStore,Quick Stop & Gas Station Cashier for Kids!Have you ever wanted to run a Supermarket, Grocery Store, aQuickstop & Gas Station Pump and a Pharmacy & DrugstoreCashRegister? Well now you can!!Supermarket Drugstore Simulator has a Supermarket GroceryStore,Quick Stop market, and a Gas Station Game where you can pumpgas,and pay at the pump!Play Supermarket with over 5 venues total including Fruits&Veggies, Candy & Desserts, Dairy, Meat & Cheese, andeventhe Supply Stock Section!Play Drugstore & Pharmacy and stock up on medicine,bandaids,first aid kits, and more! Stock up on snacks, drinks &food atthe Drugstore, as well as Baby Care, Makeup & Perfume,PersonalCare items and more!!Also play Quick Stop - stop at the gas station and pump gas, andrunyour credit card to fill up! Then grab some quick snacks to eatatthe Quick Stop! Get drinks, chips, candy and more!
Celebrity Snow Cone Maker FREE 1.8
Celebrity Snow Cone Maker is the latestandgreatest food maker games for kids and the best part is, it'sfree!Get the creation craze for kids that love fun and freegames!Tap play, and start playing Celebrity Snow Cone Maker inthefreezer, and Pour Ice into the Machine!If you're looking for food maker games for kids free, then thisisit! Make Snow Cones right at your fingertips!Hold down the button to crush the ice into a perfectly moldedlumpof cool, chopped ice!Then choose a Snow Cone Mold including Bunny ears, ChristmasTree,Bear, Double Scoop, Packed, or Traditional and more!!Decorate your Snow Cone Mold Celebrity Style with a Medleyofflavors including Strawberry, Banana, Green Apple,Pineapple,Coconut, Lime, Pink Lemonade, Lime, and more!!!Slap some toppings on your delicious creation likechocolateconfections, gummy bears, candy, sugary treats andmore!Smack some bling onto your cup, and pop a spoon or two intherealong with some fun toppings, and eat your snow cone treatrightaway!Snap a pic and change up the background to suit your style!Endless creativity, and possibilities are at your fingertips!Great fun for the whole family!
Blood Draw Injection Simulator FREE 2.8
Do you love Injection Games, Blood DrawGames& Emergency Lab Games? Do you love the phlebotomist, goingtothe lab at the hospital, and watching the injectiontechniques?Then you will LOVE Blood Draw and Injection Simulator!This gamelets you become a pretend phlebotomist in the HospitalLab!Start the patient's IV before they go into Surgery, theoperatingroom, clinic, and prep them for their procedure!Play 4 Games total including:Intravenous IV Start - Start the patient's IV, and get thefluidsgoing before SurgeryIntravenous IV Start with Medication Injection - Start the IV inthevein, and inject the medicine!Take a blood sample using a butterfly needle - Label the vialsandplace them into the bag after and send them off to thelab!So many fun games, and so realistic, it's just like going totheDoctor to have your blood drawn & Injections done!Blood draw and injection simulator is the most realistic versionofgiving injection and starting IV's!
Ice Cream Bars & Popsicle City 1.5
Ice Cream Bars, Popsicles, IceCreamSandwiches, and Soft Serve Ice Cream are at yourfingertips!Ice Cream Bars Maker & Cooking Games lets you make 4differentkinds of Ice Cream in one Game!Make Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Choose from Neapolitan,Vanilla,Chocolate And Strawberry Ice Cream!Make Ice Cream Bars, and choose from a variety of bars includingIceCream Dipped in nuts, chocolate, Sprinkles, and more!Soft Serve Ice Cream is also available to make - choose tonsofflavors like bubblegum, coffee, surf, vanilla, chocolate, andmixand match all the flavors!Tons of toppings, candy, sugary treats, and more are availableatyour disposal!Ice Cream is the hit treat for the Summer, and the best way tocooloff in the heat is with a frozen treat!Grab Ice Cream Bars & Popsicles City - Great fun forAllAges!
Slushy Maker Celebrity FREE 1.4
Slushies & Slushy drinks are all theragefor the Summer & even the Fall!Every kid wants to drink a Slushy Drink, and mix and matchflavorsgalore!Well you can do that here in this game, right now!Tap the button in slushies to choose a medley of flavorsincludingstrawberry, pina colada, cherry, blueberry, andmore!!Once you're done mixing your frozen slushy drink, it's time todeckout your cup with a variety of bling, stickers, straws, andothercool stickers!Drink your slushy, refill it, and drink your slushie again!!Keeprepeating the process, or start over and create a newone!Great for kids and the whole family!
Cake Maker Cooking Games FREE 1.3
Get busy in the kitchen baking, grabyourmixing spoon and kitchen gear, and get into making cakes! TheBestpart of Cake Maker is that it's free! Everything isunlockedincluding all cakes, toppings, icing, and more!Make fun tiered cakes with small, medium, and large tiers!Select a bunch of Cake flavors including: Vanilla,Chocolate,Sprinkles, Orange Cake and More!Select from a medley of icing, and decorative items includingbows,polkadots, flowers, icing, pearls, stars, strips, andicingswirls!Top your cake off with fancy icing, and make it lookWedding,Birthday Party, or Celebration Ready!Change the background depending on the event, and then tap tostarteating it!
Talking Pug 2.0
Talking Pug is the most hilarious talkingPugapp on planet earth, and Voted #1 on Planet Pug!!Butter, the pug, travels the world to spread her witty,charm.Butter has a big dog personality trapped in a littlePugbody!This talking app is Doggone fun! Butter, the Pug, gets 5PawsUp!Release the Doberman and Rottweiler in her, or observe herPugclown-self!Talk or bark at Butter and she will do the famous Pug headtiltwhile listening. Then, Butter will repeat what you said inthefunniest, most hilarious Pug Voice ever!!Then play it back over and over, or record a new voice orstatement,and hear her blab it right to you!Cute animations and character quirks make this Talking PugGamehilarious and entertaining!Features include:Talking Pug with recording, talking and sharing features!Brand new update featuring a game where you can feed yourpugdelicious treats, and deck him out in accessories likesunglasses,hats and more!Includes backgrounds from cities from all around the worldincludingLondon, San Francisco, Vegas, Fiji, and other funvenues!Easy to use interface, and fun entertainment for theentirefamily!
Milkshake Yum - Kids Frozen Desserts Games FREE 1.5
Do you love Ice Cream, Candy, Popsicles,&Milkshakes? Do you love making your own frozen desserts,sundaes,ice cream, chocolate candy bars and more? Then you willLOVEMilkshake Yum - Kids Frozen Dessert Games FREE!Milkshakes are a Classic Treat, and now you can create your veryownMilkshake from scratch!First, pick the flavor Milkshake you'd like to create, choosefromover 9 varieties including Vanilla, Chocolate,Strawberry,Shamrock, Birthday Cake, Sherbert, Banana, andmore!!Then scoop the ice cream into the cup, and drag theremainingingredients into your Milkshake cup!Then turn the mixer on and watch your delicious creationgettingmixed!Decorate with a variety of toppings including candy, fruit,sweets,sugary items, gummy bears, bananas, chocolate confection andmore!Choose from a variety of waffle sticks, straws,andtriangles!Top if off with your favorite whipped topping, and stick thestrawin and go!Tap to drink your creation, and watch it disappear into theglass!So realistic, so delicious, it will make you want to run outandgrab a Milkshake from your local shop!Save your creation to the gallery to look at later! Milkshakesarehere for the Summer, and the possibilities are endless increatingyour masterpiece!
Mega Surgery Simulator Doctor - Pro Surgery Games 1.7
Mega Surgery Simulator 2 - Pro Surgeon,GeneralSurgeon & Plastic Surgeon!Become a Surgeon of ALL Trades and Perform Surgeries with over18Operations in Total!Play Heart Surgeries like Heart transplants, Heart BypassSurgery,Knee Surgery, Eye Surgery, Rhinoplasty - NoseSurgery,Blepharoplasty, Stomach Surgery, Ankle & Foot Surgery,HandSurgery and more!!So many surgeries to choose from with hours of fun wrapped upintoone game! The best part is, you get all the tools, accessories,andmore!Mega Surgery Center is great fun for gamers of all ages, lookingforcasual fun surgery simulator and medical games!
Celebrity Ice Cream Maker FREE 2.4
Celebrity Ice Cream Shop is an Ice Creammakingapp fit for a Celebrity!!Choose from a vast selection of colorful cones, chocolate cones,andsome dipped in nuts, and sprinkles!Then go and drag your ice cream to your cone, and build it up likeatower! Not only fun to decorate, but fun to make your ice creamastall as possible with tons of toppings, syrups, and yummychoicesfor eating!!Once you're done, snap a pic, or eat your creation!!!Fun to build, easy physics, you can even play around with youricecream, remove layers easily, and knock some over!!Fun for the entire family!!
Heart Surgery Simulator FREE 1.6
Get ready to play Real Heart SurgerySimulator,and become a Cardiovascular Surgeon today!Prep in the OR, and perform good hand washing, gown up, andgetall your Tools Ready!Treat the Patient with Multiple Heart Surgeries tochoosefrom!As the Surgeon, take charge in the OR, and performsurgerieslike:Heart Transplant - give the patient a brand new healthyheart!Remove the old one, and place the new heart inside, and sewup allthe valves like a Real Heart Surgeon!Heart Bypass - Perform a Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery(CABG)and put your skills to the test!Angioplasty with stent - place the stent inside the arterytoopen it back up again and get the blood flowing normally!Pacemaker placement - put a pacemaker in the patient's hearttoget the heart rhythm normalized and recover all your patientsaftertheir major cardiovascular surgery!Realistic tools and sounds like the Saw, scalpel, and more!Stitch them up, and send them home! Great fun for all!
Ice Summer Dessert Food FREE 1.3
Do you love Ice Cream, Frozen Desserts,&Ice Popsicles? Do you love Snow Cones, Ice Cream Bars &FrozenPopsicles!? Then you will LOVE Ice Summer Desserts &Beach FoodMaker! This game has over 7 Ice Cream Modes to play intotal! Thebest part is, everything is unlocked and free toplay!Play Ice Popsicles, Snow Cones, Ice Cream Bars, QuickPopsicles,Soft Serve Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sandwiches, & IceCream Scoopsfor 7 Delicious Frozen Dessert Games in one GIANTpackage!!Make Ice Popsicles, and choose your mold! Drop in a rainbowofflavors including grape, strawberry, coconut, lime, cola,orange,and more!Snow Cones is a fun game where you can make real SnowCones!Decorate them with delicious syrups and toppings!Ice Cream Bars lets you make real, classic Ice Cream Bars likewhatyou purchase at the store!Ice Cream Sandwiches lets you make Ice Cream Sandwiches, andchoosethe Ice Cream Flavor for your Frozen Treat!Frozen Ice Popsicles lets you fill a variety of Popsicle moldswitha rainbow of flavors, then decorate with yummy candy!!Soft Serve Ice Cream lets you serve up delicious soft serveicecream on a variety of delicious Ice Cream Cones!Ice Summer Dessert Food, is the best way you can make anyfrozentreat, and will be a hit with kids to beat the heat!
Kids school lunch food maker 1.0.3
Kids Fun Plus
Hello school girls!Do you love to take lunch box at your school and want to learnhowto make delicious school lunch items?We bring you an exciting school lunch box maker game that helpsyoumaking fast lunch for school. Its school time, make yourcustomizedschool lunch box of your choice and fill it withscrumptious andtasty food items of your choice. Decorate lunch boxfor kids wholove school lunch with your favorite foods like fastfood itemslike sandwiches, burgers fries drinks, juices andsmoothies of yourchoice. Make your lunchtime memorable &Decorate your lunch boxwith these tasty fast food items. If youreally love to make yourschool meal on your own and crazy aboutcooking class games this isa perfect game for you to learn theschool lunch box recipe.Game play and features:1- Make sandwich or burger from scratch by cutting meatselectingvegetables and other toppings2- Make crispy fries from scratch by cutting the spuds and frythemtill perfection, add them as a side line to your lunchbox.3- Choose a smoothie, juice or any drink of your choice.Place all the items in your school lunch box and enjoy themduringyour lunchtime. Download this perfect school cooking game andcoolschool lunch game for high school as well as junior school kidsandenjoy your leisure time!
Cake Pops Maker - Kids Cooking & Baking Games FREE 2.1
Do you love cooking games? Do you lovebakingCake Pops, Cupcakes, Chocolate Candy, Donuts &otherdesserts?Then you will LOVE Cake Pops Maker - Kids Cooking & BakingGamesFREE!Cake Pops are the latest and greatest treat, and they'renowavailable for your enjoyment.Start out by choosing from over 10 different flavors of Cake,andmix the ingredients together with the spoon. Once you'redonemixing, drag the batter into the Pan, and bake for theallottedtime. Then pull them out of the oven, and drag the stemsinto theCake Pops one by one.Let the Cake Pops chill before decorating begins. Choose fromover25 various Fondants and Icings. Choose from over 60differenttoppings, candy, chocolates, sprinkles and more.Intuitive gameplay and controls make this a breeze for kids toplay,and adults will enjoy it too. Once you're done decorating,tap theeat button, and tap the screen to enjoy your delicious CakePops.Save your creation to the Gallery, and view yourcreationlater!Thousands of different ways to decorate, many toppings, andseasonalfondants starting with the Easter Variety!Features Include:A wide selection of Cake Pop Fondants and IcingsIncludes Easter themed Pop Cake Fondants, and updates foreachHolidayWide selection of Sprinkles, Toppings, and Extras to decorateyourBest Pop Cake CreationGallery where you can save your Pop Cake creation, and come backtoit laterKid-friendly with intuitive controls, and design!
diamond claw machine game 2 1.0
diamond machine game allows you pretendusingaclaw machine to take out with virtual joystick or let the claw to move until itintheright place.use numbers keyboard on the vending diamond machine.the claw will pick up the prize if you will aim properly.not a real claw machine, just a diamond and vendingmachineprizeclaw.levels with different difficulty: take out all thediamonds.diamondsin balls. beware of mines and vending by numberandmoneypayment.features:- diamonds claw machine simulator.- full use for free.- fun and easy.
Halloween Supermarket Grocery 1.0
Halloween Supermarket Simulator&GroceryStore Cashier Girl Fun for All Ages!Halloween Supermarket Simulator, Grocery Store Cashier,andSuperGrocery Store Simulator is fun for kids of all ages!Halloween Supermarket Sim lets you pretend play andbecomebothcustomer and cashier!Shop for Halloween Items at the Grocery StoreincludingPumpkins,Food, Candy, Trick or Treat items and more! Droptheminto the cart,then head to the register to check out! Dragitemsto the movingbelt like a real customer at the Grocery Store!Thenswipe yourpretend credit card, and hit okay to processyouritems!Pretend to run the Cash Register at fun Halloween venues!Dragtheitems off the belt, and enter the price, then drop themintothe bag!Run the Register like a real Grocery store clerk!Also includes fun games like Halloween Pumpkindecoratorandmaker! Decorate fun and festive Halloween Pumpkins anddeckthemout with masks, candy, hats, decor and more!Halloween Supermarket Grocery Store Sim is a fun gameforAllAges, and lets you pretend play in this FunHalloweenThemedGame!
Celebrity Doc & Dentist FREE 1.7
Have you always wanted to become a Doctor oraDentist? Well now you can play BOTH games!Have you ever dreamed of working as a Doctor or DentistwithCelebrities, and the rich and famous?! Now you can pretend toworkin both of these prestigious careers, with today'sfamouscelebrities!!Play with Dental tools, and fix up celebs teeth! Then bling themoutwith jewels, diamond teeth, and more!!Take a pic of your celebrity, and save it to yourphotogallery!Also act as a trained medical doctor and nurse, and treatwounds,take blood pressure readings, and use the X-Ray Machine andBrainScanner to evaluate your patient from head to toe!Bling them out after they're all better, and make them looklikesuper stars once again!!Great for the whole family, this game will keep kids entertainedforhours on end!2 games for the price of one can't be beat!!
Baby Nurse - Kid Hospital FREE 1.7
Baby Nurse is a Virtual Kids Baby Careappwhere you get to take care of the Baby in four differentfungames!Baby Nurse - Treat the baby with Medications, Injections,Bandaids,and check their Heart Rhythm and more!Baby Bath - Take care of the baby and bathe them with soap andrinsethem with the showerhead! Then take a towel and wrap them tokeepthem snuggly and warm!Baby Dress-Up - Dress your baby to the nines with plenty ofoutfits,pajamas, shorts, shirts, hats, and top them off with cooltoys!Dress them up in the cutest outfits after treating the babyin BabyNurse and Baby Care!Baby Care - Meet the babies basic care and needs, and feed themabottle of milk, change their diaper, and give them a pacifierwhendone. Baby will let you know if he/she is hungry, or needs adiaperchange, so be quick!Sticker lab - there is a fun sticker lab at the end of everygame,so play with the fun stickers and bandaids, and make babylookultra spectacular!
Beach Food Popsicles Ice Cream 1.2
Do you love Ice Cream, Popsicles, IceLollies,Snow Cones, Candy Apples, Dipped Cones, Ice Cream Bars,Milkshakes,Ice Cream Sandwiches, Candy Apples and Ice CreamCookies?Well now you can have ALL of these Beach Summer Desserts atyourfingertips with EIGHT total Ice Cream Venues at the beach, andtheBEST part it, it's TOTALLY FREE!Choose Ice Popsicles and decorate and make tons of FrozenIcePopsicles and Ice Lollies! Make rainbows of popsicles withvariousmolds like rocket pop, twister, and more!Choose Ice Cream, and make Ice Cream & Soft Serve Cones withavariety of toppings!Choose Ice Cream Bars and make tons of dipped Ice Cream conesdippedin chocolate, nuts and more!Choose Ice Cream Sandwiches or Ice Cream Cookies, and decoratethemwith a medley of sugary treats!Pick Milkshakes, Candy Apples, and Snow cones, and have a fundayeating Fair Food and Carnival Treats and Desserts!!It's an Ice Cream, Popsicle, Beach Food, and FrozenDessertExtravaganza, so enjoy hours of fun decorating and makingice creamand popsicles galore!!
Ambulance Doctor Kid EMT Nurse 1.5
Do you love Doctor Games, Ambulance Games,andSurgery Games? Do you love ER doctor games & otherdoctorsimulators? Then you will LOVE Ambulance Doctor KidEMTNurse!Ambulance Doctor is a fun Medical game where you treat thepatient'swounds right inside an Ambulance rushing to theEmergencyRoom!!Exciting gameplay - remove thorns, bandage the patient up,cleanthem up before they arrive to the Emergency room, whilsttheAmbulance hastily arrives at the Hospital!Choose from over 6 patients with varying ailments, and treatthemwith wound care, tweezers, IV Bags, check their blood pressureandmore!Acuity levels are high in this game, so get your patient treatedandall better before the Ambulance gets to the hospital fortreatmentby the doctor and nurses!Decorate the patient with stickers afterward, and treat thepatientsto make them feel all better!Get ready to utilize your skills as a Doctor, EMT, and Nurse inthisgame, as it will be a big hit for the Holidays!!Features Include:Features 6 Patients with multiple illnesses to treat in thisfunambulance game!Ambulance Cabin featuring Driver, and RealisticAmbulanceSounds!Tons of Medical Tools, BP cuff, EKG Machine, Injections, andmanymore fun Doctor toys to use!Sticker lab at the end of the game when the patient is treatedbythe EMT and Doctor!
Surgery Simulator Celeb FREE 1.0
Real Surgery Simulator Celebrity is afunandrealistic game where you can become a Real Surgeon andperformupto 7 Surgeries total!Surgical procedures include Foot Arthrotomy, andarthroscopy,HandScope, Knee Arthrotomy and exploratory surgery aswell asSurgeriesof the Heart, Stomach, Ear procedures, and Sinus-NoseSurgeries!Become a real Pro, and use the tools and see if youcancompletethe Operation in a timely manner!Includes 3 Celebrity Patients, and many tools, and optionstouseincluding the scalpel, suction, lasertreatment,clamping,cauterizing and more!Easy and intuitive gameplay - great fun for all!
Doc Stuffies - Pretend Kids Toy Doctor Games FREE 1.5
Do you love taking care of your stuffedtoys?Do you feel like your stuffed animals need your care? Do youloveplaying pretend Doctor & Pretend Doc Stuffy Nurse?Then you will LOVE Doct Stuffies - Kids Pretend Toy Doctor!Doc Stuffies is a fun kids game where you can take care of6Different Hilarious, Popular, and Cute Stuffed Animals in aprizefilled game!Choose from over 6 of them including: Grumpy Cat, Draco theDragon,Babs the Bear, Munch the Pink Bunny, Fritz the Orange Fox,Dee theDolly, and Olly the Owl!No need to worry about any Cat Claws, or Claw - these arecute,friendly, and furry pets awaiting your treatment, and as theDoctorin the house, it is your job to clean them up!All of them have dirty, grime, gum, missing parts, and needyourhelp to make them as shiny and new as they originally were!Theywent through a lot of trauma, have lots of open stuffing, bitsandbobs missing, & they need your help as their trauma doctorandER nurse!Use a brush to scrub gum away, sew loose stitching backtogether,add missing eyes and noses, and patch up anything thatrequirespatching up with a colorful medley of material!Replace Batteries, and watch them come to life when all thetasksare complete!! Your Prize is the completion of the tasks, andheadon over to the Candy Laboratory where you can place funstickers,food, cupcakes, treats, and desserts on your Stuffies tomake themextra happy!Wonderful for kids, intuitive interface, and easy to usetouchcontrols make this game a must have in your kids library ofgames!!Chock full of prizes, stickers, and fun interactivegameplay!Doc Stuffies - Kids Toy Doctor Features Include:• Features over 7 unique and gorgeous, illustrated StuffedAnimalsin need of repair including a dragon, bear, bunny, grumpycat, fox,owl, and doll - treat them as Doc Stuffie!• Cute animations and toy box make this game come to life inthisimaginative Kids ER, Toy & Trauma doctor game!• Variety of tools to master including the sewing kit, patches,eyeand nose replacement, gum removal and more!!• Stickers, Candy and a Medley of things to decorate yourstuffieswith at the end of the game!• Easy to use interface - any kid can pick up and play this gameandpretend they are a toy doctor in real life!!
Plastic Surgery Simulator FREE 1.2
Plastic Surgery Simulator FREE-Operation,Surgical, and Doctor Games for Kids!Become a Surgeon at the Hospital and performsurgerieslikeRhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty or Eye Surgery, LipInjectionSurgery,Heart Surgery, Knee, and Ankle Operation,StomachSurgeries, andeven Ear Surgery!Take charge in the Operating Room, and take care ofpatientsthatneed Plastic Surgery, as well as Orthopedic andHeartSurgery!Plastic Surgery Simulator is fun for kids, andengagingforadults!
Junior High School Lunch Box 1.0
Let’s get back to junior highschoollunchtime with fun, first crush and parties. Your momwenttosupermarket to buy some grocery and forgot making yourschoollunchfood.So what! Make some delicious recipes likechickensandwich,scrumptious french fries and strawberry milkshakeandprepare someother yummy dishes. If you love cooking in thekitchenthen itsideal game to entertain you.Start making food and prepare your school lunchbox anddecorateitwith scrumptious lunch food like high school cafeteria.If youloveplaying juice maker or lunch box maker cooking games youwillenjoythis fun school games for sure.Hurry get inside house kids kitchen and make sandwichwithfreshchicken and meat. Add some fresh cabbage, tomato ketchupandonionto cook mouthwatering breakfast in school games.Food Maker Game Features:- Amazing different variety fast food to enjoy this lunchboxmakergame- Prepare many kinds lunchbox in this super fun schoollunchmakergame.- Peel potatoes wash and chop them and fry them over stovetomakeyummy french fries.- Cook delicious flavor lunchbox from scratch tocafeterialevelitems.- Lots of fun food maker tasks to finish making lunch foods- Tons of food making options prepare best school meal ever- Eat or share your school lunch with your best friends- Cook delicious cuisine with various cooking ingredientsHow To Make School Lunch FoodSelect meat, chicken or beef to prepare with mixer makeminceandcook it over ovenGet bran bread add fresh cabbage leaf, potato and meatkababtoprepare delicious sandwichCut some fresh chop strawberries add milk and sugar put inblendertomake chilling milkshake dessertGet potato peel it and fry some yummy french fries sidedishesforschool lunch foodIf you love juice maker game you will enjoy making freshmilkshakeinthis cooking gameIf you like playing house cleaning games and top girlscookinggamesyou will enjoy playing this school lunchbox making gamewithlots offun and entertainment for all age groups boysandgirls.
Breakfast Food Maker!
Crazy Cats
Whether you like flavor filled meatsorhealthier fruits and vegetables for breakfast, you’re sure tofindsomething for you in this fun breakfast food game. Learn toprepareyour favorite breakfast foods and play tons of mini games,too!Before you get to work hard in the kitchen, visit the barn tomilkthe cows or stroll the orchard to pick some fruits. You canevensqueeze your own fresh juice to go with your meal! Whenyou’reready to fire up your frying pan, gather your ingredients andgetto work!Add oil to your pan by tilting your device, then heat it upandfry steaks and bacon. For less greasy meat, grill some sausage!Adda side of eggs in different shapes including hearts and stars,andheat up your toast before you eat. You can even add tastyveggies,fruits, and syrups to make it healthier or tastier! Theoptions areendless in this fun cooking game, so invite your familyand let’sdo brunch!Product Features:- Tons of options in this fun breakfast cooking game.- Easy to use controls for interactive fun!- Different meats to cook including steak, bacon, andsausage.- Cook eggs in fun shapes: kittens, hearts, stars, and more!- 30 different fruits to use!- Choose onions, strawberries, syrup, and more to topyourfoods.- Play fun mini games to gather your fruits and getfreshmilk.- Decorate your drinks with straws and stickers!How to Play:- Use interactive controls to play the game.- Play mini games to gather ingredients.- Cook tasty foods including meats, eggs, and toast.- Serve a huge brunch full of your favorite breakfast foods!Want to know more about us?Visit our official site at http://www.crazycatsmedia.comFollow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at
Celebrity Baby Doctor & Nurse 1.7
Celebrity Baby Doctor is a Fun, VirtualKidsgame where you can play Doctor, Care for baby, Bathe Baby,andDress them up like a Super Star Celebrity!!Play four different games including Baby Bath, Baby Care,BabyNurse, and Baby Dress-Up in this fun game for kids!Hours of entertainment, and endless possibilities await - funforall ages!!Features over 5 Celebrity Babies to dress up and care for!Baby Nurse Mode - take care of baby with all the Doctor andNursetools available!Baby Dress-up Mode: Deck baby out in the most fashionable andbrightclothes! Includes some trendy Hats too!Baby Care - Care for your baby by feeding them, changingtheirdiaper, and giving them a pacifier - give them stickers too tomakethem feel better!Baby Bath - Bathe baby in style, shampoo, powder, and towels areatyour disposal!
ER Doctor Kids Emergency Room 1.5
ER Doctor is a fun game where you canplaythreemini-games total in this Virtual Kids Emergency Room!Start an IV, and give your patient fluids to rehydratethem!Makethe Celebrities in the game happy!Draw Blood with 6 different colorful vials! Placethetourniqueton the patient's arm, scrub it with alcohol, andplacethebutterfly needle into their arm as indicated! Then dragthetubingjust like a real lab technician, and draw their blood!Play ER Doctor, and Treat Celebrities in the triageroomforwounds, cuts, bruises and more! Take X-Rays, Cast thepatients,andput stickers and bling on them at the end in this fungameofplaying Doctor!Fun for all ages, and even the adults, or big kids canenjoyERDoctor!! Become a nurse or a real doctor! Even a Dentistcouldhavefun with this game!
coffee machine maker game 1.0
coffee machine maker game. frothymilkandcoffee beans. vending machine and coffee vending machine allows you to pretend to useanautomaticdrink machine to take out coffee.use cash money coins to pay for the product. insert codetoselectthe type.choose the design of the vending machine ingredients for vending machine like: milkandcoffeepowder.learn how to use a code and pay with virtual coins.use the frothy milk and coffee beans grinder tomakeperfectdrink.not a real vending machine, just a simulation.features:- dollar currency.- full use for free.- easy and fun.
Make Lunch Box: Kids Food Game 1.0
Lunch Time! Time to make some yummytreatsforlunch. Can you cook up the best lunch ever?Lunch is often undersold as an important meal. Breakfastistheoft said to be the most important meal to get a persongoingduringthe day and dinner is the meal that brings familiestogether.Lunchis that meal that keeps you going, and shouldn’t beforgotten!Makesome great lunch food to fill you up. Pizza andsandwichesaregreat meals that can be built into a yummy lunch. Addsomethingtodrink, some fruit to keep it healthy and a tasty dessertforthatsweet tooth of yours. The time is now to stop skippinglunchandget some afternoon energy! Can you be the best lunchboxpacker?Challenge your friends today and bring lunch backintoitsimportance as a meal.How to Play:• Decide what sounds good for luncho Sandwicho Pizza• Pick some fun additions to liven it upo Fruito Beverageo Dessert• Find a fun lunchboxo Choose from a fun variety of designs• Time to eat!Can you make the tastiest lunch and pack it into thecutestlunchbox? Time to find out. Download today for hours ofenjoyment!Getcooking!________________________Cooking Entertainment is a studio dedicated to providequalityfoodgames to everyone who enjoy the art of cooking. Ourvision istoextend the entertainment value of cooking from real lifetoyourmobile devices in the States and across the globe
Halloween Pumpkin Maker FREE! 1.3
Halloween Pumpkin making has alwaysbeenaHoliday tradition, and now you can get creative, anddecoratetonsof Pumpkins directly on your device!!Choose from a ton of pumpkin selections withvariousshapes,sizes, and colors!Then choose from a plethora of faces, hats,accessories,candy,decorative items, and more!!Change backgrounds to appeal to your mood, and stackthepumpkinson top of one another using a fun,physicsimplementation!Wonderful for kids, and adds extra fun to the gamewhilestackingpumpkins, and dragging them around - make a huge towerofthem, thenplace faces on them, hats, candy, masks, and more!!The perfect Holiday game for the kiddos, and for theupcomingFallSeason, and Halloween!!• Features over 20 different pumpkins with variousshapesandsizes!!• Features a fun, physics mode during the game so you canstackthepumpkins on top of each other!• A ton of accessories including masks, decorativeitems,halloweenicons and more!• Tons of Hats, and cute items to place on yourpumpkinincludingpirate hats, fedoras, ghost hats and more!• Tons of Candy, Cupcakes, and Chocolate to decorate yourscene,andgive it the Halloween them!• Save your creation to the Gallery for viewing later,directlyonyour device!
Claw Prize Machine Simulator 1.0
We’ve all played toy crane game andstuffedtoyanimal grabbing machines at the arcades and usuallywalked awaywithno stuffed toys and no pennies either.Don’t be sorry to yourself! Now, you can get the chance toplayeverycrane machines games you can think off & catcheveryanimal toyin the claw machines!Little kids! Welcome to an amazing machine real prizes&circusgame, this is one of the prize machines with best prizeclawtofetch plush toy or teddy along with candy, gumball,icecream,sandwiches, soda cola and chips in different vendingandclawmachines present in Supermarket or Grocery Store nearbyyou.Grabbing machines with toy crane is also a part of thisrealfungame to enjoy teddy picker which will be a surprise withyourwin!!No even need to go to play land, all you need is todownloadthisreal prizes machines simulator to make yourself andotherkidsfriends to love teddy toy grabber along with candy,bubblegumballsand other imaschine games along with ATM cashlearning.Claw prize machine simulator, not a love wheel butstuffedanimaltoy cranePractice and tune your skills to handle and play hugeuniquemachinesimulator, Take into consideration claw angle, swingrateandrotation. Look around the machine using the swipebutton,thencarefully time your grab and with luck you'll be awinner ofmoney,coins & teddy bears. The game doesn't cheat, itwon’tjust pickup a gift if it touches it, no the claw has to grabtheitems justright. As we said before its physics based, andaschallenging asthe real thing.This claw machine game is the newest game that really wantstomakeyou feel like you are on the fair, festival or neartheclawmachine near your supermarket at home. There aremultiplemachinesto play on with different prizens and looks! It isverysimple toplay and easy enough for anyone ranging from 1 -99yearsold!So, what are you waiting for?Download the unique Claw prize Machine simulator, startgrabbingthetoys & have a good practice then get off to thearcade andcleanout the real thing 
surprise machine game 2.0
surprise vending machine allows youtopretendto use an automatic prize machine to takeoutsurprises.use cash money coins to pay for the prize. insert code toselecttheprize.use claw machine to take out wrapped surprises.take out items on the balls machine.choose the design of the vending machine inthevirtualfactory.learn how to use a code and pay with virtual coins.use the cash money to get the prize.not a real vending machine, just a simulation.features:- dollar currency.- take out toys or sweets.- full use for free.- fun and easy.
Teddy Bear Machine Prize Claw 3.0.0
Tiny Spider
Teddy Bear Machine is a fun teddy bearprizeclaw machine simulator, like the ones that you have playedinarcades, it has a realistic physics simulation using box2dthisgame you will feel the same as playing in a real machine, withgoodquality physics. Use the claw and pick up cars, footballballs,rubber ducks, airplanes, ufo, boats, beach balls, baby toysandeven more!Beat all the levels and get all the toys in yourcollection!!
My First Crush 1.0.1
Get ready to meet & fall in love withthecutest boy in school! Yay – he asked you out! Get a makeoverbeforeyour date. Time for the best date EVER! You may even get yourfirstkiss…OMG – I think someone at school likes you! Could it be yoursecretcrush?!? Is that love letter from him?!? I think it just maybe!Yes – he asked you out! Dress to impress in beautiful clothesforyour big date. Get ready for a romantic picnic under thestars…Will you get your first kiss?!Features:> It’s time for high school! Decorate your locker & meetyourhot new crush!> Text your friends & use the Zodiac Match to find outwhoyou should date.> Lunchtime! Make your own delicious food in theschoolcafeteria.> There’s only one cupcake left! Will your crush share itwithyou?> Oh no! Your crush got hurt playing basketball! Help himtreatthe injury & sign his cast.> Dress up in the cutest outfits & impress your crush!> Is that a love letter?? Who could it be from? Did yourcrushsend it??> Share an umbrella with your crush on a rainy day!> Your crush has finally asked you out! Get glammed up foryourbig date!> Give yourself a makeover to get ready for your big date!> Help your crush fix his bike & be his lab partner!> How sweet – he got you flowers!> Enjoy ice cream together in the sun & have a picnicunderthe stars!> Get ready for your first kiss!!! Xxx.The "All Levels Pack" allows you to enjoy the entire game!Completeeach level individually to advance to the next one andachieve yourfinal goal.ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play Top Developer, recognized for its commitmenttolaunching high-quality and innovative apps on Android,TabTalelovingly produces games, interactive e-books, andeducationalexperiences. With over 1 billion downloads and growing,TabTale hasestablished itself as the creator of pioneering virtualadventuresthat kids and parents love. TabTale’s apps sparkchildren’simaginations and inspire them to think creatively, whilehavingfun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover moreincredibleapps.Visit us: Plus: us: us:@TabTaleWatch us: USLet us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions?TechnicalSupport? Contact us 24/7 at [email protected] MESSAGE FOR PARENTS:* This App is free to play but certain in-game items mayrequirepayment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling themonyour device.* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this App may include third parties servicesforlimited legally permissible purposes.
Cotton Candy Maker Kids FREE 1.2
Cotton Candy Maker - Kids Cooking &DessertMaking Fair Food Games is FREE!Do you love making Desserts? Do you love Cotton Candy,Desserts,Chocolate, Candy Bars & Bubble Gum? Then you will LOVECottonCandy Maker FREE!Pick a flavor Cotton Candy, & choose between a ton offlavorslike Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Grape, Cherry, &More!Pick a shape such as regular round, star, and heart, andbeginmixing the sugar in the Cotton Candy Maker Machine!Choose a colorful stem, and start twirling it until yourCottonCandy grows bigger and bigger!Once it's done, start decorating with a TON of Candy!! GummyBears,Sugary Treats, Chocolate, Marshmallows & More are atyourdisposal to decorate your Cotton Candy Ball!Then tap to eat your creation! So much variety, so many stickers,somuch candy & endless possibilities are at your fingertipswithCotton Candy Maker Kids FREE!
The Amazing Claw Machine 1.10
The Amazing Claw Machine - Crane Grabber,TeddyPicker, Candy Crane.Unlimited free grabs.We've all played those toy crane grabbing machines at thearcades,and usually walked away dejected with no toys and no moneyeither!No more, now you can play The Amazing Claw Machine on your phoneortablet. It won't cost you a penny and you can practice andtuneyour skills because this game is physics based and in 3d.Take into consideration claw angle, swing rate and rotation.Lookaround the machine using the swipe button, then carefully timeyourgrab and with luck you'll be a winner. The game doesn't cheat,itwont just pick up a gift if it touches it, no the claw has tograbthe items just right. As we said before its physics based, andaschallenging as the real thing.There are plenty of toys to collect and also a "REFILL" buttononthe settings screen if you want a new set of toys. Refill isalsouseful if the chute gets clogged up with too many toys!If you have a faster phone then we can pack in even more toys,ifits a basic phone then sorry but you'll not have as many toystochoose from.So download The Amazing Claw Machine, have a good practice thengetoff to the arcade and clean out the real thing :-)
Claw Machine, Teddy Edition 1.10
The Amazing Claw Machine :- Teddy Edition.Use the claw to Collect Teddy bears, bunnies,cuddlypuppiesandstacks of other cute toys in this very specialTeddyBeareditionof our Amazing Claw machine.We've all played those toy crane grabbing machinesatthearcades,and usually walked away with no toys andnopennieseither.No more, now you can play The Amazing Claw Machine onyourphoneortablet. It won't cost you a penny and you can practiseandtuneyourskills because this game is physics based and in3D.Take into consideration claw angle, swing rateandrotation.Lookaround the machine using the swipe button,thencarefully timeyourgrab and with luck you'll be a winner. Thegamedoesn't cheat,itwont just pick up a gift if it touches it, notheclaw has tograbthe items just right. As we said before itsphysicsbased, andaschallenging as the real thing.There are plenty of soft toys to collectCuddlyTeddies,cutepuppies, adorable bunnies, kittens, etc.So download The Amazing Claw Machine :- Teddy Edition,haveagoodpractise then get off to the arcade and clean outtherealthing:-)
Teddy Bear Machine 2 Claw Game 1.8
Teddy Bear Machine 2 is the sequel ofthefamous Teddy Bear Machine, which got over 3milliondownloads!Teddy Bear Machine 2 is an exciting and addictive game based ontheclassic Claw Machines we all have played with!Have fun with 300 challenging levels, racing against time tograbover 20 toys with your claw. Levels get harder and harder,havingmore prizes to grab but also some other toys bothering tomake itharder. But don't worry, Teddy Bear Machine 2 will check howwellyou are doing and suggest you other difficulty modes.You will start grabbing the funny Teddy Bear, but soon you willbecatching dinosaurs, toy soldiers, toy cars, dolls, waterguns,joysticks, cameras, tennis balls, volley balls, footballballs,soccer balls, basketball balls, rubik magic cubes,firefightertrucks, school buses, rubber ducks, soda cans, cerealboxes andflashlights. If you are running out of time you can alsograbclocks to get some valuable extra seconds.Play each level faster and faster until you get all rewardstars,and climb in the level rankings against your Facebookfriends. Thisclaw machine game will give you hours and hours of funon yourphone or your tablet!Teddy Bear Machine 2 uses realistic physics to simulate clawandtoys movements, giving you an immersive game experience whereyoufeel like playing in the real world claw machine. Enjoyplayingwith this great claw machine!Being one of the most lightweight games for Android, you won'thaveto worry about your phone available memory. Just download andhavelots of fun!FEATURES• 300 challenging and entertaining levels• 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard)• Facebook friends rankings• Star rewards on each level.• Over 20 different toys to catch.• Bonus time clocks.• Play on 6 different locations.• Realistic physics crane engine.• Specially designed to look great on phones and tablets.• Optimized to work smoothly on every device.• Very lightweight! Super fast download!HOW TO PLAY• Hold down your finger to make claw move towards your finger• Tap the screen to open or close the claw.• Drop the toys on the left to collect them.