Top 24 Games Similar to Crime City Legend

Criminal Zone Outlaw 1.0.0
The best criminal game! Here youcanfindendless mission about how to conquer the world of mafia.Itcouldbe very hard to complete such quests, but try to do itintime.Just try to conquer the city of mafia and your ultimate aimistobecome a criminal boss. Fight against your rivals, applyallyourpower and use modern weapon. Take part in a carchase,escapepolice or ever kill them. Do everything that is need tobe aleaderof the crime gang.Many extreme quests and exciting missions.Drive as a crazy racerFight against mafia clanConquer the vice citySurvive in street fightsPlay in casino but try not to lose all your money
Mortal Tournament Super 1.0
guayaba games
Batallas mortales videojuego debatallasentrerobot humanos y bestias elige de que lado estas yseleccionatujugador entre ser un robot un un peleador humano ounaterriblebestia lanza poderosos ataques cuerpo a cuerpo ygolpeasadistancia cada personaje tiene diferentes armasydiferentesmetodos de pelea vence a todos los peleadoresyconviertete en elpeleador mas fuerte, controles tactileslosataques se realizanpresionando la pantall, las armas sedisparandeslizando haciaderecha, podres especiales deslizando haciaabajo,es escudo seinvoca manteniendo presionada la pantalla condosdedos, cada armarestara poder que se restablecera coneltiempoDeadly battlesvideogamebattles between human robot and beast choose which sidetheseandselect your player between being a robot A human fighteroraterrible beast launches powerful melee attacks andhitdistanceeach character has different weapons and differentmethodsfightbeat all the fighters and become the strongestfighter,tactilecontrols attacks are performed by pressing thePantall, gunsarefired swiping right, special podres sliding down,it is a shieldisinvoked by holding down the screen with twofingers, eachweaponpower that will restore subtract time
Trump Vs Hillary Free Fight 3D 1.3
Trump vs. Hillary Free Fight - the choiceisyours. Pick you favorite presidential candidate of America andmakethem beat the other one in a FREESTYLE STREET FIGHT. Youareagainst immigration or in favor of it, you’ve got a candidatetosupport either one. Trump has got no small hands, nor Hillarycanget away with the email scandal, it has all boiled down tostreetlevel. Trump is good at picking fights but Hillary is goodatdefense. Kick, punch, fight, like Bruce lee style asbothcandidates have got all the tricks. Do you want to makeAmericagreat again or prefer Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to wininelection 2016? It’s all up to you, don’t let yourcandidatedown.Trump vs Hillary is all about the battle for the White house andyougot the chance to play and support your candidate for thepresidentof America as you are part of the election campaign sofight withopponent being a Hillary or Trump and help yourcandidate to get himor her in to be a victorious inelections.Trump vs Hillary is all about fighting for your favoritecandidateso whoever is winner you must try and be a winner inthischallenging campaign. Forget about the high school life oraboutthe past of your candidate and just fight to win theWhiteHouse.Download Trump vs Hillary Free Fight free from the Google PlayStoreand enjoy the fight.-----: Trump Vs Hillary Free Fight 3D Features:-----*** A fighting game to become the winner.*** Free Fighting between a male and female character.*** Support your won president Trump Vs Hillary.*** Fight and win the support for your candidate either HillaryorTrump.
Unreal Fighter
iRobi Dev.
You will be immersed in the game with unbelievable surroundingsandexcellent graphics. Unreal Fighter puts you into theatmosphere,where everyone is waiting for retribution for theirsins, andthirst for blood of the enemy, where the fights have norules.If you're having problems with this app, contact us at [email protected] Tell us abouttheissues, your device & OS version.A unique new combat system will allow you for the firsttimefighting game, deal with the enemy, not only with differenttypesof martial arts, but also the hard-break dance! Armed withanindividual kind of battle, as well as your skills, your fighterhasto fight, carrying out of their way each. Just in passingarcademode, you will be available a survival mode where you willfight tothe last breath.In this game there is no any spending. Enough to buy onceandplay the full version without any additional in-apppurchases.Battles are waiting for you on multiple open spaces withhighdetail and colorful effects.Great shaders graphic.Cooperative play via Wi-Fi.Dynamic lighting.Interactive camera behavior that helps you feel moredynamicgame.Each fighter has stunning combination.Cool soundtracks from the project "The Reptiles" fromCyrilSkotnikov.Two types of controls - a unique control system designed forthegame, and all the usual management is on-screen virtual buttonsasin the famous consoles PlayStation, Xbox, etc.We recommend you to run it on top devices for good results.
Gangsters: the Street Gods 2.0.0
Start this amazing game and watch out,therealot of enemies in this city!Use well your super strength. Investigate what happened toyouandhow did you get superpower.
You not the only one in trouble,butinthis vice place you are the only superhero. Help peopleindanger.Stop the main villain. But don’t reveal your identity.Ifyou arelost - see the map!Extreme quests and exciting missions.Drive as a crazy racerFight against mafia clanConquer the vice citySurvive in street fightsPlay in casino but try not to lose all your moneyDefeat adversary squadInstall the bomb
San Gang City 1.0.0
Explore the underworld empire fullofactionquests. In this San City you have one choice - jointhecriminalsor become their slave. You can’t escape the pressuresoflife,fight, survive. Do your best not just to avoid thedealersandgangbangs, but become the king of this gang world. Theyneed anewlord to control mafia world.This journey will take you across the entire western cityofcrimeto take control of it. Only one will reach the top!In this dangerous area only gun will let you to survive.Street strikes are a common thing here. Be prepared!The loud engines, the peeling wheels, burning asphalt -wintherace!Recruit your own gang and stop at nothing toovercomerivals.Advanced strike will let you to win warfare.There is no justice for you except you earn it. Earn respect!Accept challenge to become the # 1 of this outlaw empire!San Gang City - set your own rules within your gang, don’tlettoothers to defeat you, even police, and take all power inthisviceand crime city!
Champion kungfu:Chaos Fighting
"Champion kungfu:Chaos Fighting"is theChaosStreet Fighter Game,Recall your childhood memories ofarcadegame!It is a perfect fighting game with agile fighters whocanperfectly control their skills and their own style offighting.Theworld's largest fighting started! No ranking, norules,you can onlybe dead or alive! Victory is at yourfingertips!"Champion kungfu:Chaos Fighting"Each one for survival and honormuststart the toughest fighting. Who is the strongest fighter ontheearth? Get ready for super fun arcade action! Test yourreflexes andbreak records, challenging fighters around the world.And remember,if you stop you will lose! thousands of with powerfulattacks inamazing, non-stop, 2-D action."Champion kungfu:ChaosFighting"is theaction game of fighting. It is a perfect fightinggame with agilefighters who can perfectly control their skills andtheir own styleof fighting."Champion kungfu:Chaos Fighting"Each one for survival and honormuststart the toughest fighting. Who is the strongest fighter ontheearth? Get ready for super fun arcade action! Test yourreflexes andbreak records, challenging fighters around the world.And remember,if you stop you will lose! thousands of with powerfulattacks inamazing, non-stop,2-D action.Use super skill to the sin fighters!Kill or be killed!Trydifferentfighting styles,you can compete against of kung fu, MMA,karate,wrestling, boxing and other forms of struggle,to enjoy anepicbattle.Enjoy the mortal combat for control of world boxingfightingscene in a struggling battle, thanks to the best free gamesofstreet fights of super heroes,you can feel the combat asneverbefore done.This amazing fighting game can recall your childhood memoriesofarcade game!Free classic Fighting arcade games are enjoyedwithandroid device Now!Prepare yourself to face endless foes!Datebackto the history of the classic arcade game, Chaos StreetFightingGame was one of the most popular. Compared with otherfightinggames,this game has been designed to be played moreeasily.We hopeyou once again to have a great time!"Champion kungfu:Chaos Fighting"What we've prepared for you:- Addictive arcade game play.Fight hundreds of every minute andearnprizes.- Easy sliding and touching screen bring about continuouslycoolFighting!- The most classical Fighting arcade game Style!- Modern graphics and excellent performance on most devices."Champion kungfu:Chaos Fighting"is an exciting arcadefightinggame,it is an amazing arcade game which can bring back yourmemoryof childhood. Enjoy whole game with nice sound effects andrealfighting skills.So Don’t Wait to install and enjoy Ultimate Fighting Championgameand become the king of Kung Fu Fighting fighters.Epic Fightinginthe Chaos Street are waiting for you!Are You ready?Comeon,challenge the Ultimate Kung Fu Fighting."Champion kungfu:Chaos Fighting"is an new free exciting game.Youcanexperience the thrilling sensation with deadly, awesomefighting!Free classic Fighting arcade games is enjoyed withandroid deviceNow!It has sticated Superb scenes, gorgeous special fightingskills.Themost thrilling and exciting fighting game is waiting foryou. Manyprops will be here to help you achieve your honor! In thissuperfighting game you have to show your endurance!Use super skill to the sin fighters!Kill or be killed! Trydifferentfighting styles,you can compete against of kung fu,MMA,karate,wrestling, boxing and other forms of struggle, to enjoy anepicbattle.Enjoy the mortal combat for control of world boxingfightingscene in a struggling battle,thanks to the best free gamesof streetfights of super heroes,you can feel the combat as neverbeforedone.beat and prove your worth as the Angry Master KungFuLegend!This amazing fighting game can recall your childhood memoriesofarcade game!Free classic Fighting arcade games are enjoyedwithandroid device Now!Prepare yourself to face endless foes!
Grand Mafia Action 1.0.0
The best criminal game! Here youcanfindendless mission about how to conquer the world of mafia.Itcouldbe very hard to complete such quests, but try to do itintime.Just try to conquer the city of mafia and your ultimate aimistobecome a criminal boss. Fight against your rivals, applyallyourpower and use modern weapon. Take part in a carchase,escapepolice or ever kill them. Do everything that is need tobe aleaderof the crime gang.A real mob hit, big explosion of the open world! Be readytopayfor every mistake you’ve made.Hunger for speed. Burn asphalt and show what does it mean tobefastracer and furious fighter.No rules, no limits. Combat battle where could beonlyonechampion.Create your own gang empire, do a first strike, make surethatyourenemies are knocked down.Fight for money, power and respect. This is a strategy,whichwillbring you to the top of the empire.
Vice Theft Story 1.0.0
It’s your vice story! Your city andyourrules!Start this amazing game and watch out, there a lotofenemies inthis city! But don’t be afraid – every time you haveachance torestore stamina.Well the game consists of many exciting quests that needstobecompleted. Follow the story and do your job well.Everymissiongive you some points to exchange it to money orenergy.Every nextquest is harder than previous. But remember youare aleader of thegreatest mafia gang in the city, fight braveandsurvive in thissecret mission.Many extreme quests and exciting missions.Drive as a crazy racerFight against mafia clanConquer the vice citySurvive in street fightsPlay in casino but try not to lose all your money
Robot Crime City 1.0
Life logs
In this game you will will be a bigrobotthattries to stop other powerful robots that arecriminals..Everycompleted level is being rewarded. This gamecontains thebestgraphics. One of the most challenging games.Features: Tonsofinteresting levels. One of the most biggames.
Crime City Prison Break 1.3
glulen games
Crime City Prison BreakGet ready to attack maximum security cage on hilly landscapeinPrison Escape City Jail Break 3D game.This Game requires you to be the Professional lockup breaker whohasa vicious plan to escape from the torturing hell.It is a very exciting and thrilling police chase game. Useyourstamina and try to successfully breakout from the culpable.Provethat your area a Professional imprisonment and get yourselfoutfrom this criminal jail.Some hardcore criminal and thugs are lockdown in special cells,getmaster key from warden so you can help escaping all.Your life mission is to help your cellmates, prisoners andtransportthem out of limbo without getting caught.Do whatever it takes to free cell inmates and completethisnotorious assignment. Sneak out with care and avoidclimbingstairs.An Epic Story of a lockup breaker in this Hard time captiveexitGame 3D.It’s time to use your skills and wisdom and do whatever it takestorunaway. Deal with the counter attacks of the wardensandcops.Your Feedbacks and ratings are valuable for us to keepourselvesbusy in creating more fun in the games to entertain you,yourfamily and your have to find map in fourth level for findout your partnerandfor withdrawal limbo.Your survival chance only depends upon how good you’ve planned.Allthe hard time spent behind the bars need to pay off in yourperfectconfinement mission.Safe imprisonment exoneration is a vital part of the dealwhileavoiding kind of counter attack,Enjoy the police chase gameswhileyou sneak around and make a fantastic prison exemptionfromjailbird.Try your fate of freedom and get yourself and other prisonersoutfrom this non-ending Punishment.Features :=> Extreme chase game=> Sniff, chase and catch robbers, thieves and thugs=> Smooth Controls=> Exciting but challenging gamePlay=> Amazing sounds and graphics
Crime City Dead Assault 1.0
NeoSoft World
Crime City dead assault is one of thebestGangster city shooting game ranging assassins of small citycrimeactivities to manslaughter.You are a last line of defense against rising criminalactivitiesin San Andreas, hear the call of duty, seize your rifleand spurtyour enemies with the spirit of true hero.You are equipped with heavy weapons, guns and turretstocompletely destroy the terrible forces in the city.ENTER IN A WORLD OF CRIMEFight your way in a city filled with massive gangster andhavocthe mankind life with their unfair activities. Enjoy agameplayfilled with thrill of shoot, fire, blood and death.SLOT IN ENEMIES WITH REAL COMBATUse your rifle shoot to destroy your enemies and slowlyconqueryour position level by level with your assault skills. Youare inan apocalyptic battle for the freedom of San Andreas.IT’S YOU A CONJURER AGAINST GANGSTERSUnleash striking power of a trained shooter against brutalforceswith melee attacks, gun fires, turrets and tank attack.Feelyourself in a War where you are alone to fight with an armyofequipped shooters. Experience gameplay with a hero characterofHammer the most wanted in this critical situation.BANG YOUR COMBAT EXPERIENCECrush the criminals with high tech armor and weapons withyourexcellent skills to adhere them in a boss battle,FIGHT FOR MANKIND SURVIVALFight in a campaign to save humanity from biggest threatofdestruction. Save the innocents and shoot to kill crimeboss,thugs, and mafia and don’t let them escape into city.ENJOY WTH CONTROLLABLE ARMED VEHICLEEnter battle for up to the clearance of the area, use yourarmedvehicles and move with them to the new challenging missions,useturrets, tanks and other fully armed vehicles for yourvictoryagainst explosives.For the first you will experience a battle with a variety oftheheavy weapons, armed vehicles, tanks and helicopters withinasingle battlefield of destruction. See a real resistanceofsuperior power against dreadful forces. Say NO to give up andstartyour journey of freedom for the people of San Andreas.–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Amazing crime City environmentSan Andreas under mafia attacksImmersive Challenging levelsUnforgettable bullet shoots momentsHigh intensity apocalyptic battleUse customized and controllable weapons to move up inthebattle––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Follow us on facebook @
Big Bear Hunter Sniper 3D 1.0
Puzzler BOT
Hunting wild jungle animals is fun when oneisa professional hunter as an amateur will endanger his lifeintrying to kill furious beasts.This game is a brand new real hunting and sniper shootingexperiencewhich you might not been able to get in your real life.Those whocannot risk their life hunting wild animals can enjoyreal huntingexperience by playing this game.You are avatar with a special precise sniper gun to shootfuriouswild animals. For the time being you have three options, youcankill bear, stag and wolf but in next versions you will be abletokill fast animals like cougar, bobcat and tiger.Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary. When someonegetsinto it they take it as an invader. So the sniper should holdhisbreath and be patient. While hunting bear and wolf be aware,theywill become alert hearing the sound of bullet fire and willattackon you and if you will not hurry the survivor beast will takenotime to kill you and the game will be over.While stag or reindeer run away hearing firing sound. The targetofsniping running animals is a little challenging. So use yourarmysniper shooting skills to kill these animals before they attackorrun away. You have to select one animal at a time and then gointothe levels which are five in number.Embark on a lifetime hunting and sniper shooting actionadventureandGood luck!!!FEATURES- An ultimate hunting action.- Gameplay is simple yet entertaining.- Efficient gun control.- True to life hunting experience.- High fidelity cool graphics.
California Crime City Race 3D 1.1
Drive into the atmosphere ofcriminalCalifornia city! Feel yourself as a violent criminal driverplayingCalifornia Crime City Race 3D! Steal cars, start a gunfight,roband take part in extreme cop chase! Become a part of powerfulgang,use powerful weapons and ammo and join California crimeempire!It’s high time for a car theft!Do your illegal job living the life of a criminal driver,dealwith stolen cars and make some cash selling it! Are you readytobecome a city car thief? Gain ultimate racing experience tryingtoavoid cop chase with this crime simulator in 3D! Moreillegalmissions you finish - more street respect you will get!Become agang leader playing California Crime City Race 3D!Dive into a criminal world full of dangers! Cops areeverywhere!Drive fast, complete illegal criminal missions – stealcars,participate in gunfights, buy powerful weapons and ammo! Takepartin extreme city race and cop pursuits to join CaliforniaCrimeEmpire! Get ultimate driving experience, rushing your cardownCalifornia city streets and never let cops catch you! Startyourcareer being a car thief, participate in gunfights andcompleteillegal missions to become a real gang leader! Keep yourguns andweapons alert to build your own crime empire playingCaliforniaCrime City Race 3D!California Crime City Race 3D features:- Ultimate crime simulator in 3D- Illegal missions, car thefts, robberies and extremecoppursuits- Various guns, weapons and ammo to prove your worth as acriminaldriver- Start your own gang to build crime empire- Try powerful sport cars and enjoy high speed racingTry this ultimate criminal racing game in 3D! Start as acriminaldriver stealing luxury and become a gang leader who hashis ownmassive crime empire! Complete illegal criminal missionsyou canfind right on the city streets – rob, steal cars, take partin coppursuits and gunfights using powerful weapons! Become acriminaldriver with this racing game! Join a gang or build yourown crimeempire playing California Crime City Race 3D! Never letcops catchyou!
Real Police Simulator 2.0.0
Join the police world. Live the life ofacityguard. Your main mission is to save people and controlthecityorder. It’s a real police simulator, feel the extreme inthedailylife. Street fights, professional battles and many moretodealwith. Accomplish your duty well. Don’t let thelawbreakersescapefrom you. Turn on the siren in a police car andyouradventure willstart!Catch escaped prisoners.Arrest bank burglars.Defuse the bomb fast
Gangster War Crime City 2016 1.2
Gangster War Crime City 2016 is anewadditionin criminal games. Play like a brave ninja in the cityandchastthe criminals. Play against the criminals and showyourspecialmartial arts and weapon skills to controls the crime inthecity!Gangster War Crime City 2016 is the story of a gangstainCrimetown. No one dare to come to the city to fightagainstthecriminals but you are a gangsta and expert infistfighting,shooting and fight with criminals to cut the throat ofthemafiaand criminals. Clear the crime town empire from allthegangstersand thieves. This is the war for vendetta. Everybodyyouface inthe crime town deserved to be killed, he is eitheragangster orcriminal or a thief. Be a brave gangsta of crimetown,enter thecity, and walk around the streets to find the mafiagang.Risk yourlife for a peaceful empire and let not this crimetownspreadaround the country. Its vendetta for RevengeandRevolution.Story Line Gangster War Crime City 2016 :This is the story of a Gangster Ninja, A gang lord in Mexico,ashecomes to this another town , he faces difficulties due tothedrugempire and their crimes all across the town. He wasnotordinaryperson, he is skilled in fist fights and every typeofcombatgangsta should know.Gangster War Crime City 2016 Features:- 3rd Person Smooth Controls- Multiple weapons like (Arrow, Sword, Pistol,AssaultRifle,Knife)- Combat Fist Fight (Punches, Kicks)
Army Prisoner Survival Escape 1.0
3Dee Space
Challenge yourself in a unique armytrainingsurvival run in high security survival island and startyour prisonescape story in an addictive army game and army prisonerescapegame. A fine prison break jail game where jail break andprisonbreak missions go side by side even in jail criminals’presence.Equipped with super escape game features where yourprimary role isto head the training camp prison escape mission intop securedAlcatraz prison.This is your only chance to solve the escape puzzle withstartingyour own escape mission 2016 and escape mission 2017 inwhich streetfighting against prison guards will give you a truerealistic prisonenvironment feel. A prison is a giant castle on anopen survivalisland, but your ultimate surviving instinct incitesyou make astrategy to escape castle which is actually an Alcatrazprison cell.So surprise the police prison guards and police prisonwardens inAlcatraz escape mission and make your prison escape likean Alcatrazmission prison escape. Your Alcatraz escape should besilent becauseprison missions and prison story go very silentlylike bank robbery.After attending a secret meeting prepare a goodescape plan andavoid police chase and sniper shooting.Don’t bother if this hard time has thrust upon you because youaregoing to start your own prison escape story resting ingangstersand criminals and will explain later to your inmates ashow did youdodge the prison police and how did you escape policeand its otherprison cops for a successful prison run. Unlike aprison escape busdriver, you will be running for your survival asprison police willnot tolerate any of this escape previous busdriver strategy. Dodgethe prison escape sniper personal who has hadenough escape snipertraining from professional sniper shootingschool. Sometime youwill also face sniper missions going down whenan escape plan isunderway.However, in this game the army prison police can also availtheaircraft carrier for prisoner transportation purposes. So thenyouwill be all alone in the air for a jail break in jail but aboveinthe sky not in Alcatraz jail. NY police heli will alsosupervisethe army prisoners who are planning an escape from jailfrom cityprison and city jail. Some army escape missions include NYpoliceescape and NY prison escape but escape breakout mission canonly besuccessful if your prison inmates are your friends and canbetrusted or else they will tarnish this jail breakout mission likeacrazy jail break.Escaping from jail is one thing, but avoiding sniper shootingfromprison guards, prison wardens, prison police and prison armywillbe the ultimate task like escaping from supermarket is notthateasy. So trust yourself only and escape crazy jail as well asanescape in police airplane as a secret agent. Always rememberthatthis is not an ordinary robbery escape or criminal escape inwhichyou have a high chance to run from the police crime scene.Butsince this is a high security jail like Alcatraz prisonandAlcatraz jail, so you have very less chance to survive.A scintillating prison cop and escape fail game, you willbethrilled to see large prison crew with heavy weaponry likerifle,machine guns and sniper shooter guns shooting at you withhighintensity. Some jails are assigned for prisoner rehabilitationbutAlcatraz jail is not a prison rehabilitation center instead it’sahigh security jail where jail breakers always find a way toescapeeven being incarcerated.Features of Army Prisoner Escape Mission• Amazing Prison Mania Trying to Escape Jail• An Epic Jail Break With Sniper Shooter in Action• No time to Rescue Inmate Just Run and Break Jail• Avoid Police Prison Guards & Army Prison Wardens• Patrolling Police Can Destroy you Jail Break Plans• Top Army Game and Jail Game in Realistic Environment• Tactical Incarcerated but Still You have to Make Super MovesandBe a Jail Breaker
Mortal Battle of Superheroes 6.0.0
Explore the universe in your spacestarship!This time crime city has visitors from space! Their poweristremendous. Start a mortal battle againstextraterrestrials.Everything depends on you and on the strategy youchoose. Followthe story and accomplish all the quests on your way.The morequests completed, the more energy you have to fight againstaliens.And if you will do well, you become an ultimate champion ofthecity!Become a space lord among galaxy creatures. Remember yourmission:become the leader in this chaos! Save your amazing city ofthe viceand defeat the alliance of extraterrestrials.These some of the most important missions to resolve:Stop alien invasionFind a dispenserDestroy your enemies in cruel battleDetonate the explosiveTake part in street race
Crime City Simulator 1.0
gERA Mobile
Plunge into the world of crime with thecityofshowdowns, murders, and a thrilling story.In the game you can fly and shoot on anairplane,helicopter,jetpack, blow up the house, the car, killingthe mafiaandmore.Use the all weapons, grenades and pistols from RPG.Clean the city from criminals and become better!
Get The Auto: Police City 1.0.0
Music for You
Get the Auto: Police City - openworldisbecoming more outrage. An urban war between gangstersforthecontrol of the vice city will never stop. It’s your dutynotonlysurvive, but rise to the top of the crime world.Deceivethepolice, drive the sport muscles cars, promote yourauthority intheeyes of mafia. Underworld empire of crime at yourfingertips.Or you can choose other side and become a cop.Fightagainstorganized crime, join the police for protection, savethisvicecity. Earn respect of the gangster underworld. Urbancrimeworldwill be controlled by you. It’s the most colorful actioninyourlife. Main boss of cartel will be your main opponenthere.Let’ssee, who will control this city. Will police win organgsterswillstay in power?Choose your side: gang or police.Extreme life in the open world is waiting for you.New contests of urban battles.Get the Auto: Police City – whose side will you choose?
Game Of Theft Auto
Game Of Theft Auto with Mark Deveró isastoryof grand gangsters and mafia in the vice city of lossantos(sanandreas). As a grand gangsters and mafia in the vice cityoflossantos (san andreas) you have a lot of things todo,includingsuper interesting missions, kill people, drive anyvehicleyou find(cars, trucks, planes, copters, etc) and control thebigvice cityof los santos (san andreas).Get funny!
Gangster Crime City Real Sim 1.2
Roadster Inc.
It’s time to rule the gangster mafiaempireofsin city. Play as gang leader of the most brutalandaggressivecriminal squad and give a hard time to city policedutyofficer.Build your crime squad; fight for the survival ofyourfellowgangsters. You have spent a horrible life in jail.Mafiapeoplehelped gangster escape prison under hostile situation.Thecriminalsquad now need help of notorious gangster boss. Unmaskyourbrutalside & take revenge from crooked cops and guardsassolegangster. Get out of darkness and begin the mafiaevolutionwithcrazy crime cartel.Espionage and murder the rival gangsters group; escapethesecuritypolice chase. Take your territory back; carry outrobbery&theft with the fellow muggers and become most cunningthiefofcriminal world. Explore crime city by driving carinopponentterritory; plan crazy heist involving shooting&fightingaction. You are most-wanted criminal after theviolence andhavocthat you caused in gangster city. Extreme drivecar fromcrimescene to escape police chase. Hit hard and smashpolice cars.Takeout your gatling gun and shoot down police men.Enjoycriminalthrilling adventure and drive fast for gangsterescapesurvivalwith best driving simulator.In 2016 Cops vs robbers story; a ruthless gang war is abouttobegin.Start killing & shooting to spread terror anduseweapons forspecial crime missions. As most dangerouscriminalsquad in the cityof crime; escape chasing police cars bydodgingthem and escapingfrom the narrowest ways. Use your extremedrivingskills for racingcar through the streets. Thrash and crashtodestroy the untouchedpolice car. Show the world how ruthlessandbrutal are you with yoursuper shooting skills and wildheists.Features:Unique Crime City shooting missionsUnderworld gangster city environmentExtreme car driving with gangster escape missionsMultiple weapons selection for crime shooting gameEclectic Collection of cars for driving game
Duty Of War Call Enemy
Duty Of War Call Enemy, San Andreasvicecitystory of Los Santos army tells the story of Mike andTrevor,2military soldier returned from war in Irak to theiroriginaltown,Los Santos, in de San Andres vice city state.Features:- Sandbox game- Complete storyline- Insane number of missions- More than 60 different vehicles (cars, planes,copters,trucks,etc)Finish the war, feel the duty call!
Crime City Fighter 1.0
Get ready to light up the waragainstcrime,becoming the crime fighter the city desperately needs.Thecity isswarming with criminals and thugs, terrorizingtheinnocentcivilians as they please. You are the only one who cantakethefight to the crime spree in the city and rescue theciviliansfromthis ill fate.Engage the battle against crime in this first/thirdpersonactionsimulator, where you take the role of a stealthenforcer outtofight crime and eliminate mob gangs. The gameplaygives a mixofaction and stealth mechanism, allowing players to usestealthplayin third person, strafing and shifting betweenwalls,andinitiating precise and deadly attacks in FPS shootermode.Stealthand conspicuousness is the key here, if your presenceisdetected,the lurking thugs will go wild to hunt your down.GAMEPLAY FEATURES :- Revolutionary third/first person combined shooter- Complete various stealth/assault mission sets- Varied arsenal of primary and melee weapons- Pick up health kits to keep alive in the gameHIHGLY OPTIMIZED FIRST/THIRD PERSON COMBINED CONTROLSThe game controls are highly optimized formobiledevices,enabling swift toggles between first and thirdpersonmode.