Top 1 Games Similar to Toydozer

Train Tracks 2.2
Poppy Games
Remember model trains? TrainTracks is yourveryown virtual train set. Plan your track layout, design yourroads,position trains and traffic, place buildings, trees, riversand moreand bring it all to life in 'Free Play' on your tablet orphone. Butwait, there's more! Challenge yourself in 'PlatformPanic' to movepassengers from one station to another before theyfall to theirdoom!TrainTracks comes with four maps however the fun is increatingyour own maps and watching them come to life.TrainTracks features:- fully functional map editor allows the creation of maps up toagrid size of 40x40- draw tracks and roads by moving your finger over thescreen;TrainTracks determines what needs to be done- variety of trains ranging from diesel to passenger trains andavariety of carriages- variety of traffic ranging from cars to SUVs- variety of buildings, vegetation, water, rivers, tunnels,andbridges- two modes of play - 'Free play' and 'Platform Panic' mode- two modes of view - view the map (zoom in and out) orfollow/chasethe train- notification of events occurring off screen for large mapsandability to zoom to the event quickly- delete and share maps with friendsTrainTracks is suitable for Android 2.2 and above andscalescorrectly on phones and tablets.