Top 7 Games Similar to Line Ball

Skylanders Cloud Patrol 1.9.6
JOIN IN THE BATTLE TO DEFEAT THE TROLLS!Join TRIGGER HAPPY and the rest of the SKYLANDERS as theypatrolthe Skylands for escaped trolls! Grab your favorite Skylanderandtake to the skies in your flying gunship to put thosetroublesometrolls in their place – Skylanders style.Not familiar with Skylanders? No problem! Cloud Patrol is aneasyto learn, action-packed game that everyone can enjoy.Amazing features in this unique arcade shooter include:o Tap to shoot or slide your finger across targetscreatingamazing knock out comboso Score the highest combo per area to get more points andcollectmore loot.o Complete goals to level up and earn gems to unlockmoreSkylanderso Use tons of magic item boosts to help you power throughyouradventure.o Dominate the leaderboards and show your friends who rulestheskies!And, Skylanders Cloud Patrol has full support for yourexistingSkylander collection! You can unlock any of the 30+Skylandersfigures you already own with your web code card to get aleg up onthose nasty trolls.Users of the following devices **must** upgrade to JellyBean(Android 4.1) or greater:- Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0/10.1, Galaxy Nexus, GalaxySII(GT-I9100G)- Motorola Droid RAZR, Droid RAZR MAXX, Droid Bionic, Droid 4- Motorola ATRIX 2, Xoom 2, Xyboard- LG Optimus L9- Toshiba Excite 10 LE AT205, Excite X10 AT200- Archos 80 G9, 101 G9©2012 Activision Publishing, Inc. SKYLANDERS CLOUD PATROL,andSKYLANDERS GIANTS are trademarks, and SKYLANDERS SPYRO’SADVENTURE,and ACTIVISION are registered trademarks of ActivisionPublishing,Inc.
Magic Line 2.0
Gnik Box
Magic Line is a game built on Line 98 - PC.However, with the quality graphics , great sound , Magic Lineisready to bring you the feeling of " happiness " in thegamingexperience .Game is simple , you just sort of the same color ballsadjacentvertically , horizontally , diagonally so that all 5 balls,youwill get score. Score after game over will be convert to themoneyto buy the Boost .Magic Line has the function of auto-save your game plays to notlosepoints when you exit the game . Online ranking function ,functionallinks to Facebook , user-friendly ...I wish you happy in game . If you have suggestions , you letthecomment stay here , we will continue to receive your opinionstomake game better ...
Bionic Turtle - Subway Jumpin 1.0
JoeDoe Games
It is your sacred mission to fight offthewicked Ninja minions!Your kind have learned the Anti Bionic Ninjump - amasterninjutsu move that is fatal to any bionic ninja.Choose one of the 4 mutated turtles fighters to battlethemaleficent ninjas that are trying to suppress you!FEATURESThe game strategy is simple: just tap the screen, jump,makeamazing spins and slash the waves of ninjas that are trying togetyou!Power-ups: awesome Ninjump skills- the turtles transformintoamazing Super TurtlesSmooth, easy & dynamic game playFuturistic music & sound effectsThere are two turtle ninja characters: male and female each ofthemwith a unique set of skills!Overcome 3 enemies and discover a new fighting stage - that’stheway it goes! Be the hero for your mutant turtles siblings,theTeenage Mutant Jump Master and the one who knows there isenoughpizza in the world for all!Choose your destiny:You can chose to fight as a teenage mutant turtle boy or girl.Thetwo characters have different perspectives on the game.Super Turtle Powers and Enemies!Overcome 3 enemies and discover a new fighting stage - that’stheway it goes!1.Turtle Hulk Gorilla - when your pizza supply is nolongerenough to ensure victory, this power up will increase tenfoldthepower of your sexy ninja muscles and will help you climb higherandfaster!2.Bionic Mojo - you’ll get on your hover-board. This way,you’llbe able to avoid your enemies, collect pizza and save somepreciousenergy for the next fights!3.Flash Turtle - This super-power combines two abilities thatnotrue ninja fighter can live without: super-strengthandsuper-speed. No attacker will keep up with you and no enemy willbeable to defeat you.Enemies – The wicked ones!1.Mosquito - this flying shadow comes for you with 3tridentswith the sole purpose of slashing you.2.Red Eyes - like his name says, this attacker is mad withangerand tries to take you out of the game with not one, but twosharpswords. Overconfident, Red Eyes wears no armor, so make sureyouhit him in the right spot when you make your killer jump!3.Shuriken Master- he doesn’t concern himself withWesternweaponry because it is no match for oriental finesse. Theshurikenis his best friend! Avoid his ancient ornament weapon anddeliverthe final blow.Joint the fight agains the Evil Bionic Ninja Clan andprotectturtles’ God-given right to eat as much pizza as theywant!
Line Ball 1.0
In the game, the players can controlthedirection of the ball via touching and sliding, in ordertoeliminate all the objects that aren’t black by rebounce.Theplayers need to control the projectile angle on the basisofcollision characters and let the ball spring back amongthebarriers continuously. Don’t let the globule fly over thescreenrandomly. Or it will result in serious consequences.
Diskobolos 1.0.1
Diskobolos - Retro. Arcade. Highscore.The new space retro arcade highscore fun game outnowforandroid!Diskobolos is a skill-based retro arcade game thatsendsplayerson a hunt for the highscore. In order to succeed,playersmustshoot disks at space bionic insects. Let disks bounceoff thearenawall, use game changing items, and black holes toboostyourhighscore multiplier. Diskobolos’ tough gameplaydemandsfastreflexes and tactical actions to become the newchampion. Playthenew space retro arcade highscore fun forandroid!AppAdvice: 5/5"This game is a riot. [...] If you pick this game up, you willhaveahard time putting it down."App Spy: 4/5"Diskobolos is an arcade title that offers a greatsanctuaryforthose who love big combo multipliers and watching thenumbers goupthe longer they play."148 Apps: 4/5"Challenging and addictive"AppMyWorldApp of the Week 8/22/12The Indie Game Magazine: 80%"Diskobolos is a solid arcade title founded on nostalgiaandpackedwith fast paced action [...]"HighlightsArcade - Go on the hunt for the retro highscoreandchallengeplayers from all overthe world. Only one can be the champion of “THE List”.Depth - Skill is everything. Only players who figureoutthecomplex highscore system behind the gameplay, canmax-outtheirhighscore multiplier.Content - 50 challenging missions require players tochangetheirplay style again and again in order to unlock allextrasandachievements and to become the new champion.Variety - Use different items like the Power Disk, SlowMotion,orthe screen clearing Interrupt to handle riskysituations.Individuality - Use up to four different perks likeanaimassistant or a lifesaving Firewall to fit yourindividualplaystyle.Diskobolos - Retro. Arcade. Highscore. Play new spaceretroarcadehighscore fun game for android!
Whack A Friend Free 1.0
Whack A Friend Free Version!Take Your Whacking to a Whole New Level!Ever had one of those days whereyourFriend-Co-Worker-Boss-Strangerjust drove you nuts?Well now you can take out those frustrations! Take apicturewithyour camera, Choose a image from your Gallery orContacts andstartWhacking them! Change Images anytime you want.Each Level isTimed.Hit your target, Earn your Badge and move on upto the nextlevel.Free version includes 1 level and the camera function.Please upgrade to the full version to use the GalleryandContactsFeature and to unlock more levels!Not Responsible for sore fingers or cracked screens!Happy Whacking!Tested on Motorola Bionic- LG Revolution - Thunderbolt- HTCEvo-Samsung Galaxy so farSome Pic A Friend Features Such as Pick from CameraorContactsmay not work based on Phone. Please give Feedbackandinclude yourPhone Make and Model so we can improve yourexperienceand correctany issues. You can Email [email protected] orvisitourwebsite at
ROBOT X Counter Shooter 1.5
Legion Games
Welcome to the official game of LEGIONGAMES:Robot X Counter Shooter 3D: REAL IRON STEEL fightsvsdeadmachines.For limited time, get 80% of FREE Counter attack OFDRONEMISSILESfrom Robot X and Free Special ArmorsIn 2050 on EARTH, when the HEAVY REAL STEEL Machineshaveattackedin, the ROBOT X NEO, a loving human robot is up intheline of duty,to save the HUMAN RACE! An army of dead machineshavesubdued yourstar-ship arena! Counter it back as ROBOT X andtakeyour revengeupon the arrogant iron wretches!****Join the LEGION GAMES program to become ROBOT XShooter,theultimate SNIPER MESSIAH SHOOTER!!*****Battle alien crooks, counter robot enemies and learn howtodefendthe human race in the world of 2050.Your skills matter the most and it will determine theoutcomeofspace battles against the alien’s dead machines, so keepupthepace of using the Robot X shooting efficiently and we mayhaveachance of winning this war!FEATURES- Addictive sci-fi themed ARENA- exciting, futuristic endless survival game- Awesome mountainous mech designs- Do more damage with the RIGHT ARM of ROBOT : MISSILEATTACK!▶ IT’s a WAR & BATTLE with FUTURE MACHINES▶ Try the new SURVIVAL GAME in EARTH 2050!▶ Shoot your way through the HUD with easy controllersStart your training now and experience the HEROIC Robot madeupofREAL Steel & Iron with bionic structure!TOP GAME REVIEWS:Become a robot champion ONCE AGAIN!Fans of the smash hit Real Steel with 10 MillionsDownloadswilldefinitely enjoy playing ROBOT X with More Robots,More ActionandMore Fun!FIGHT HEAD TO HEAD with Killer Machines and show your powerasahard hitting shooter that double the action of all sniperandvsshooter battle games. Time has taken you to the extremeofpeople& ROBOTS so be a SAVIOR and an ATTACKER for a largerthanlifeentertaining experience and hay your way to VICTORY!ROBOTS as ZEUS ATOM TWIN NEO … the contenders have enteredtheARENA.SAVE HUMAN RACE from bio war and more!DISCLAIMERThis game is ad supported and for free!