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Amegoo Pixel
Dakon is a traditional game from Java. In Indonesia this gameisalso known as Dentuman Lamban (Lampung), Mokaotan,Maggaleceng,Aggalacang or Nogarata (Sulawesi), Dakuan (SouthBorneo) andCongklak. Not only in Indonesia, This game have adifferent name inthe world, There is Sungka (Philippine), Congkak(Malaysia) andgenerally, This game is known as Mancala.Dakon is used to be a very popular traditional games inthecommunity, but the growth of video games displace the existenceofthis game. That's the reason, we created "DAKON" topresentingtraditional games in digital form so that the values ​​ofthistraditional game is not lost inedible age."DAKON" can be played from 1 to 2 players. Has anintuitivedisplay and easy learning tutorial, so players caneasilyunderstand how to play dakon.**** Upcoming Update ****- Dakon Game Tutorial- Normal and Hard Computer Difficulty- Board and Seed Variant- Environment Theme- Another Indonesian Traditional Songs
Ayo 2.0.16
Ayo is a popular strategy board gamethatoriginated in West Africa and is engaging and addictive!The objective is to win all the houses (holes) on the boardbycapturing as many seeds as possible in each round! The guideddemowill show you how to play if you're not familiar withtherules.This game goes by other names, such as Awari, Oware, Adi,Awale,Woaley, Wari, Ncho, Ouri, Adji, Ogedesi, Uko.If you are giving Ayo less than 5 stars, we will appreciateacomment :)Please email: [email protected] for any issues.Have fun!
DAKON 0.13.3
Amegoo Pixel
Dakon is a traditional game from Java.InIndonesia this game is also known as Dentuman Lamban(Lampung),Mokaotan, Maggaleceng, Aggalacang or Nogarata (Sulawesi),Dakuan(South Borneo) and Congklak. Not only in Indonesia, This gamehavea different name in the world, There is Sungka(Philippine),Congkak (Malaysia) and generally, This game is knownas Mancala.Dakon is used to be a very popular traditional games inthecommunity, but the growth of video games displace the existenceofthis game. That's the reason, we created "DAKON" topresentingtraditional games in digital form so that the values ​​ofthistraditional game is not lost inedible age."DAKON" can be played from 1 to 2 players. Has anintuitivedisplay and easy learning tutorial, so players caneasilyunderstand how to play dakon.**** Upcoming Update ****- Dakon Game Tutorial- Normal and Hard Computer Difficulty
Mancala 6.2
Mancala, one of the oldest Africantraditionalindoor game, is available for your mobile.This game is also famous by the name of “Congkak”, “Sowing”.Get this classic Mancala game with exclusive board to play withyourfriends Offline as well as Online. Mancala will improve yourfunexperience via available exciting boards.Mancala is available with very interactive self-learningtutorials.You can learn the best strategies via mini games.Features:• Exclusive multiplayer feature• Beautiful boards• Interactive Tutorials• Study different strategies.• Two Player offline modeGame play: - Collect maximum beans in your Mancala thanyouropponent to win the game.Now Mancala is available with special Christmas theme andnewChristmas boards are available. Merry Christmas to youall!
Dakon Game Tradisional 23.2
Capung Studio
In Java, this game is better known by thenameof congklak, dakon, dhakon or dhakonan. In some areas inSumatracultured Malays, the game is known as cavalier. In Lampung,thisgame is known as the slow thump, while in Sulawesi this gameisknown by several names: Mokaotan, Maggaleceng, played by children and adults, but in line with theprogressof time the game is rarely played, so therefore we makedakon gamecan now be enjoyed on your android phone platform forfree and easyto play.Menu:1.Multi Player or can be played alone with your friends2. The player vs computer3. The computer easy and difficult levelRules:board game that has 14 holes and two large holes that are intheleft and right ends. Every 7 small hole in the side of theplayerand a big hole in his right side is regarded as belonging totheplayer. This game can only be played by two people.How Play Dakon initially every little hole filled with sevenseeds.One of those who started (usually perform suite to determinewho ismore used) can select an aperture to be captured and put oneintoeach hole on the right and so on. When the seeds out in asmallhole that contains other seeds, he can take the seeds andcontinuefilling, when discharged in large hole hers then he gets aspecialopportunity to choose a small hole in its side when itwasdischarged in a small hole in the side so he quit and takethewhole beans on the side were facing each other ,but when stoppedatan empty hole on the opposing side so he quit and did notgetanything.The game is considered complete when one of the players is nolongerseeds that can be taken (whole seeds are placed in a largehole onthe right and left of the player).The winner is determined by who gets the most seeds.
SOS Masters 3.0.1-OnlineMultiplayer
SOS Masters is a classical SOS game thatwilltake you to your childhood with the beautiful atmosphere.We guarantee that you will have fun while playing SOSMastersagainst 5 detailed AI levels (Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard,Master)or your friends in multiplayer mode.*** Google Play Games Connection* Submit your score to global leaderboard.* Compare your rank with your friends.* Unlock challenging achievements.* Reach to new levels and become a "Master" SOS gamer.* Play against thousands of worldwide players.* Invite your friends and challenge them.*** Online Mode* You can play online by connecting your google account.* "Play Now" option provides you a random opponent to play.* You can invite your friends via "Invite" option inOnlinemenu.* You can also play with nearby people using "Invite" optionviafinding over bluetooth.* You can check receiving game invitations on"Invitations"part.* You can share the game on Facebook, WhatsApp via"Share"option.*** Features* Advanced Artificial Intelligence* 5 Difficulty Levels (Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard, Master)* High playability* Well designed graphics (Both for tablets and phones)* Multiplayer mode* Settings screen (color & name change features)* Nice sounds* Unlimited hours of fun for free.*** Game Rules & Objective- Sos is a turn based board game played by two players in a2Dgrid.- Players apply moves by putting one of "S" or "O" letters onanavailable box.- Turns changed consecutively.- If a player makes an SOS sequence as vertical, horizontalordiagonal he/she gets 1 points and makes another move.- The game is over when all boxes are filled.- The player who has biggest score wins the game.If you encounter a problem or if you have a suggestion pleasesendus an [email protected] page: FUN!!!Keywords : sos, sos game, tic tac toe, sos multiplayer.
Oware3D 1.2
Kobby's Hobby
Oware is a Mancala styled game that isplayedin West Africa and some parts of Asia. Your goal, as withotherMancala style games is to capture more seeds than youropponent.This version of the game (Oware 3D) features rich HDgraphics,exciting game play and online multiplayer (BETA). Enjoythe newestrendition of the oldest ever board game known to man.Plus it's absolutely free!!Oware 3D won the 2013 MTN Apps challenge.Features:- Single player mode with 3 levels of difficulty- Local two player mode- Online Multiplayer (BETA)- Interactive tutorial- HD Graphics
Congklak / Dakon 2
Ray Developer
Di Indonesia, Permainan ini dikenaldengannamacongklak, dakon, dhakon, dhakonan, dakuan dan lain lain.Dibeberapadaerah di Sumatera yang berkebudayaan Melayu,permainanini dikenaldengan nama congkak. Di Lampung permainan inilebihdikenal dengannama dentuman lamban, sedangkan diSulawesipermainan ini lebihdikenal dengan beberapa nama:Mokaotan,Maggaleceng, Aggalacang danNogarata.Di Malaysia, permainan ini dikenal dengan nama congkak,diFilipinadisebut sungka, di Srilangka dikenal dengan cangka,diThailandtungkayon, sedangkan dalam bahasa Inggris permainaninidisebutMancala. (wikipedia)In Indonesia, thegameisknown as congklak, dakon, dhakon, dhakonan, dakuan andothers.Insome areas in Sumatra cultured Malays, the game isknownascavalier. In Lampung, this game is known as the slowthump,whilein Sulawesi this game is known by severalnames:Mokaotan,Maggaleceng, Aggalacang and Nogarata.In Malaysia, the game is known as the cavalier, inthePhilippinescalled sungka, known cangka in Sri Lanka,Thailandtungkayon,whereas in English this game calledMancala.(Wikipedia)
TogyzKumalak 1.9.2
Тогыз Кумалак ("девять камешков")-этоказахская логическая игра для двух игроков, котораяотноситсяксемейству игр Манкала.Игрок побеждает в игре, если он собирает в своемказанебольшееколичество камней, чем противник собирает всвоемказане.Если в конце игры в казанах каждого изигроковнаходитсяодинаковое кол-во камней, то игра завершаетсявничью.TogyzKumalak("ninestones") - is Kazakh puzzle game for two players,whichbelongs tothe family of Mancala games.A player wins the game if he collects in his cauldronmorestonesthan your opponent collects in his cauldron.If at the end of the game in Kazan each of the players isthesamenumber of stones, the game ends in a draw.
Nine Stones 1.2.0
Тоғыз құмалақ - казахскаянароднаялогическаянастольная игра на доске, в которой 18 игровых идвенакопительныелунки. Игра распространена также средикаракалпаков,татар инародов Сибири. В Турции игру называют«Dokuzkorgol»,разновидность этой игры у казахов Монголииназывается«Есенкоргол».Игра принадлежит к семейству манкала, включающему такиеигрыкаквари или калах. В основу игры положено число 9(9×9=81и2×9×9=162), считавшееся у древних монголов и тюрковсвященным.Играразвивает математическое мышление и воспитываетвыдержку.Называли«алгеброй чабанов». Партия может продолжатьсячетыре-пятьчасов. Входе игры соперникам приходится использовать всечетыреосновныхматематических действия. Игра строится не тольконаскоростиподсчёта, но и на тактике. Традиционная доска дляигрыимеетокруглую форму и изготавливается из цельногокускадревесиныToғyz kumalak -Kazakhfolklogic board game on the board in which 18 games andtwostoragewells. The game is also common among Karakalpak, TatarandSiberianpeoples. In Turkey, the game is called «Dokuzkorgol»,this game kindof Kazakhs of Mongolia called "Esen korgol."The game belongs to the family of Mancala, whichincludesgamessuch as boil or Kalah. The game is supposed to number9 (9 × 9= 81and 2 × 9 × 9 = 162), which was considered by theancientMongolsand Turks sacred. The game develops mathematicalthinkingandraising the shutter speed. Called the "algebra ofshepherds."Theparty can last four to five hours. During the game,opponentshaveto use all four basic mathematical operations. Thegame isbasednot only on the speed of calculation, but alsoontactics.Traditional board games has a rounded shape and ismadefrom asingle piece of wood
Sungka Free 1.0.0
Sungka is a Philippine mancala game,whichisnow also played wherever Philippine migrants are living;e.g.inMacau, Taiwan, Germany, and the USA. Like thecloselyrelatedCongkak it is traditionally a women's game.Sungka was first described by the Jesuit priestFatherJoséSanchez in his dictionary of the Bisaya language(=Cebuano) in1692[manuscript] as Kunggit. Father José Sanchez whohad arrived onthePhilippines in 1643 wrote that at the game wasplayedwithseashells on a wooden, boat-like board. The Aklanonpeoplestillcall the game Kunggit. José Sanchez (bornJosefZanzini[*1616-1692) in Trieste, Holy Roman Empire of theGermanNation) isknown for founding the town of Jagna on Bohol,which istodayfamous for its rich historical heritage.There are Sungka tournaments in thePhilippines,Taiwan,Australia, Austria, England and the USA. Thebiggestcompetition isheld each year at the Kadayawan SportsFestival inDavao. In May2006, the Philippine Empassy compound inPretoria,South Africa,hosted a Sungka tournament during the ASEANGames andSports, whichwas held under the auspices of ASEANEmbassies basedin SouthAfrica. The six winners for the first Sungkagamecompetition wereparticipants from the following embassies:Vietnam,1st; Malaysia,2nd; Malaysia, 3rd; Indonesia, 4th;Philippines, 5thand Indonesia,6th. In 2008, the Philippine Languageand CulturalAssociation ofAustralia, Inc. (PLCAA) organized aSungkacompetition at theSydney Regatta Centre, Penrith. TheDepartment ofComputer Studiesat the Imperial College of Science inLondon(England) held acomputer tournament in 2004.It is known that Sungka improves mathematical thinkingandteachespatience and observation skills. The John W.GarvyElementary Schoolin Chicago (Illinois, USA) uses Sungka tohelpchildren withdyscalculia.ChuncajonTraditional Sungka Board (Culin 1894)Sungka is similar to many other Southern Asian mancala gamessuchasNaranj (Maldives), Dakon (Java), Congkak(Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia) and Chongka' (Marianas). The gamediffers fromKalahwhich is known in North America and Europe inbeing amulti-lapgame. Another important difference is that thefirst moveisexecuted simultaneously in Sungka which is meant tobalancethegame. Sungka is distinguished from Congkak bybeingplayedcounterclockwise and also by some other minorruledifferences.
BantuMe 0.1
BantuMe is a board game that's very simple.Ifyou have old Nokia phone, you will remember the game namedBantumi.The game is similar with Mancala, Kalah, Dakon,Congkak.This version is very light with size no more than 1 MB.The gameplay is simple, too.There are 2 mode gameplay, 2 Player and computer versus witheasyand hard type.
Seaman's Ayo 1.0.1
MaxyStuff UK
SEAMAN’S AYO, a very popular traditionalgameplayed on carved wooden board between two persons. The game isverycommonly played in Nigeria and some countries in West andNorthAfrica.As the custodian of enduring blessings, Seaman’s Schnappshasonce again brought our African culture alive by bringing theAYOgame to mobile. Our people can now play the game anytime,anywhereand experience the exceptional pleasure and satisfactionthe gamedelivers.SEAMAN’S AYO game is our all about culture and wouldthoroughlyengage you and if you think you are very good at the gamethen youwill love the twists in the game play.FEATURES:• A highly intuitive, engaging, fun and relaxing game• Easy to learn-just pick your seeds and play• Access to product information• Daily motivational prayer to start your day• Leader board to see top players• Easily share your points on Facebook and possibly win prizesCREDITS:Seaman’s Ayo GameA MaxyStuff UK productionOn behalf of Grand Oak Ltd, Lagos NigeriaCopyright 2015 REDOT. All Rights Reserved.Find Us on Facebook: us on Twitter: you're having any problems with this app, feel free tocontactus at [email protected] about the issues you're running into as well as what deviceandOS version you're using.
Congkak - Congklak Games 2.3
Capung Studio
Congkak or Congklak is a mancala game ofMalayorigin played in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,Indonesia,Brunei and Southern Thailand.Congkak tradisonal is a two player game where opponents competetoget the most shells into their storehouse.Congkak used to be a game that was played only by womenandchildren, but it is really a great game for anyone of any age.Thegameplay is similar to mancala and it is popular in countriesallover the world.dowload and playing congkak game free for you.Menu congkak game :1. congkak 2 player2. Player one vs Computer3. Level Easy & Hard4. Provided Boards 5,6,75. congkak online and ofline
Congkak 1.1.7
The classic and traditional Congkak game isnowavailable for your Android devices!Congkak is a variant of Mancala game that often played inMalaysia,Indonesia (Congklak), Singapore and Brunei. It is atwo-playerboard game, and each player will have seven houses plusonestorehouse. Initially, there are seven seeds within thehousesbefore both players distributing their own seeds inclockwisedirection (i.e. known as sowing). During sowing, playerwill skipthe opponent storehouse but not the player's ownstorehouse. Bothplayers will start simultaneously during the firstround. Player'sturn is over when the final seed falls into an emptyhouse.However, if the last seed falls into a player's own housethat isunoccupied after one round of sowing, the player can removethelast seed and all the seeds in the opposite house into theplayer'sown storehouse. If the house is occupied, then the playerwillcontinue sowing. Player will get a free turn if the final seedofsowing ends in the player's storehouse. Player who hascollectedmore seeds is the winner.Main features include:★ A REAL Congkak gameplay.★ Three types of gamemode.★ Three levels of AI.★ Six different colors of marble (blue, green, red, cyan, pinkandpurple).★ Can play with your friend offline.★ Automatic movement during sowing.★ Traditional and relaxing music.Sit back, relax and enjoy the game !
Sunka 1.0
Sunka (or known as Sungka) is a funandfriendlygame from the Philippines. Coming from a family lineofboard gamescalled Mancala in the Asian countries, this isaPhilippines'adaptation of it and is a game that can beenjoyedbetween friendsand families.In this game, you can outwit your opponent byfaintingvulnerableexposures on your side of the tray, stealing allgemsfrom anopponent's pots and craftily ensuring extra turnsforyourself. Thegame's main aim is to take hold of the mostgemstones on the board,and place them to your store (big hole toyourright).This game project takes a certain interpreted design forthegame- taking place in a rain forest and playing with gemstones.It hasa very special characteristic opposed to thetraditionalSunka game,whilst also maintaining most of the gamefeatures onboard. Webelieve that this design will greatly enhanceyourexperience withthe game, whilst also boosting the funandentertainment value ofwhich the game can offer.NOTICEABLE FEATURES:- Single player AI support, ranging difficulties fromeasytohard- Very hard to beat hard AI, recommended forprofessionalSunkaplayers trying to learn how to make thenear-perfect move atthenear-perfect time- Local and online multiplayer support- Interactive UI graphics- Visual aid with both numbering and highlighting the movesthatyoucould make- Specialized thematic game design- Smooth animated movements of gems in the game- Customizable settings and features- High scores recording both the player's history andaplayer'srecord statistics (when given the same name)- Compatible with ALL, if not most, android screenresolutionsandscreen ratiosDIFFERENCES FROM ORIGINAL GAME:Please note that the original Sunka game allows bothplayerstosimultaneously make their first move. This is not possiblewithacomputer, and much less likely for an AI player since theAIwillalways win.We have therefore taken the approach of allowing theselectionoftaking either the first or second turn for a singleplayer game,andimplemented a 'first-come-first-serve' basis formultiplayergames(in which acts similar to simultaneous moves to whogoesthefastest).FAQ(s):Q: How do you play multiplayer online?A: Both you and the opponent must both have the same gameonyourrespective android devices. You both must also connect tothesamerouter, of which is used to forward the local ip addressandportnumber so that it can be used by the joining peer.This game is made for a university project. We are verygladtoannounce that this game has received high remarks as ourveryfirstrelease to the public! We hope that you will find thisgameasentertaining as we do, and have fun!To learn about the rules of Sunka, go to: some historical insights into the game itself, go to: for the usage of third-party resources:Ambient background music: effects/SFX:
Board game base on traditional game.A board game where need two players to play a single game.Thecongkak board usually have two homes and seven holes for twosides.For initial state, the hole will have seven balls. At everyturn,player need pick a hole with the balls and the move startafter thepicked hole. The player need leave a ball for everyvisited holeand player home. The turn ended after there are no ballleave onplayer hand. The winner of the game decided with the mostballbetween two homes.Feature :- One Player (vs Computer)- Two Player- Difficulty Option
The African Game 1.0.2
The African game uses strategy to outwitanddominate opponent, capturing their seeds. If you like chess oranyboard game that requires strategy in winning the opponent, youwilllove The African game.Learn how to play in the challenge against computer.Challenge your friends and other players in the online mode andaimto be top in the leaderboard.Select and play with a different hand with special abilitiesandmoves.Please let us know of anything we can fix or features youmayrequire.Enjoy!!!
Sungka via Bluetooth 1.0
SUNGKA via Bluetooth is atraditionalFilipinogame in which you can play on android phones.SUNGKA is a turn- based game , however, the rules ofSUNGKAareunusual in that the first turn for each player is taken atthesametime.A player may decide which of the seven holes in front ofhimhewishes to begin with then moved his hand around the boardinaclock wise direction dropping one shell in each hole hepassesoverincluding all of the holes in both sides of the boarandplayerexcept the opponents house.If you land in your own house, then you maycontinueyourturn.If you drop your last shell into a hole that already hadshellsinit then you may pick upevery shell in that hole.however, if you drop your last shell into an empty hole,thenyourturn is over. If this happens in one of your own hole, onyourownside , then you may claim all the shells in theholedirectlyopposite ( from your opponent side of the board)anddropthem inyour house, although the turn is still over.Both players play simultaneously and it can be quitehectic.Oncea player has ended their first turn, he must wait fortheopponentto also end his turn and from that point on,playerssimply take itin turns to play their turns. For eachsubsequentturn, you may onlystart with a house on your side of theboard.Thegame ends whenneither of the players can play on.
Sungka 1.0
Sungka is a board game that recreates thejoyof playing the game from its original wooden board toyourhand-held device.From the gratifying sounds of robbing all your opponents points,tochallenging the most difficult AI, this game sets a newstandardfor hand-held board games.Don`t know how to play the game? Don`t worry, the tutorialsectionwill help you learn the basics of the game, so that when youplayagainst your friends, you are ready!Game Features:-Play against an AI, or with a friend both on the deviceandonline.-Enjoy the stunning minimalistic design along with theatmosphericmusic and sound effects.-Look at your and your friends statistics, become the bestSungkaplayer between your friends.Feel free to give input for further development.
Sunka 1.0
Alex Jordan
This application brings the FilipinogameSungkaor Sunka to Android
Bingo 1.14
Bongo - old board game. Play usingspecialcards with numbers painted on them, and barrels with numbersfrom 1to 90, which gets out of the bag at random. In Lotto can beplayedsimultaneously by several people. The winner is the first onetoclose all of a single row or a single card depending on therulesof the game.This annex application you to play Lotto with two rivals, forwhomplaying the computer. If you select a short game - winningthefirst one to close all the numbers of any number of cards. Iftheplayer chose the long game - the winner will be the one whoclosesall the numbers first to any of his cards.To leave the application free, it uses free advertising in theformof banners and interstitial ads.
Mancala Tournament 4.0
We present you Mancala, one oftheancientAfrican traditional board game, for your smartphone.Get this classic Mancala game with great boards to playofflinewithfriends. Exciting boards are there to improve yourMancalagameexperience.Learn the game and play the tournamentcampaign andwinexciting Trophies.Every one taught you to play now it’s time to perform.Useyourlearnings in exclusive tournaments in Andora, UK,Baltimore,CapeVert, Cameroon, Kenya and Grand Cayman. Win all thetournamentsandstay top on the leaderboard.This game is also famous by the name of “Congkak”, “Sowing”.FeaturesWell designed game boardsLearn to play and strategizeTwo Player offline modeTournament CampaignsMancala is a family of board games played aroundtheworld,sometimes called "sowing" games, or"count-and-capture"games,which describes the gameplay. The wordmancala comes fromtheArabic word naqala meaning literally "tomove".Nobody knows where were games originated. It is difficulttosayprecisely. There are different theories which havebeendifficultto prove, however. No written records have survived,ifever therewas.The family games of sowing and capture, known as Mancala,havebeenplayed over thousands of years. Even though there isnogeneralagreement about where and who were the first to playthesegames,through the evidence collected has earned the right tobeknown asthe traditional board game world’s oldest.They were originally some kind of game? Mancala probablydidnotstart as a game. What was its purpose? This is anothermysteryforeveryone.One theory is that mancala started as a recordkeepingsystem.Another theory is that mancala was originallyassociatedwith aritual. One theory is that mancala started as aspringplantingritualGame boards found at African temples and shrines suggestadifferentritual associated with mancala. The game boardrepresentsthe worldand is laid east to west, in alignment with therisingand settingsun. The seeds or stones are the stars and theholesare the monthsof the year. Moving the seeds represents thegodsmoving throughtime and space and mancala predicts our fate.Mancala has different names and versions in differentplaceslike,Bao is a complex strategy game of Kenya and Zanzibar,playedon a 4×8board. Kalah is the ruleset usually includedwithcommerciallyavailable boards; however, the game is heavilybiasedtowards thefirst player, and it is often considered achildren'sgame. The boardis 2×6 with stores. Oware, the nationalgame ofGhana, is also knownby Warri,] Ayo (Yoruba Name. Nigeria),Awele,Awari, Ouril, and othernames. It has relatively simple rulesbutconsiderable strategicdepth. The board is 2×6 with stores.Omweso(also known as coro) is astrategic game of Uganda, played ona 4×8board. Pallanguzhi isplayed in Tamil nadu, Southern Indiawith 2 x7 stores. Two varietiesof this game are popular, KaashiandBank.
Oware 1.01
pure minimal abstract strategy- minimalist art style- no text: discovering the rules is your first challenge- six dynamic levels of difficulty- two player mode- automatic persistence- reset button
Dominoes 1.0.37
Carl Hopf
"Dominoes" is a single- and multiplayerlogicdomino game.Your aim is to match the bones with the same number of dotsandscore the most points. Compete against up to 3 opponents inthisclassic puzzle game!# Domino game modes- Muggins, All fives: Score fives with spinner- Block: Play tiles and score having the fewest left- Draw: Just like blocking, but draw when blocked- Singleplayer vs. bot or local players- Multiplayer (online) with chat, highscore and profiles# To answer a few comments:Bone selection/drawing is absolutely random. If you write downdrawnbones for a higher amount of games you'll be able to verifythatthere is no pattern or bias.Also the bot does not cheat, but it can easily calculate hischancesto block and score and will act accordingly.
Oware 1.0.17
Mancala is a family of board games ofAfricanorigin and one of the oldest board games known.This game is based on the Oware variant, also famous by the nameofWarri, Ayo, Awale, Awari,Ouril, Awaoley, Ourri, Wari, Awele,Ncho,Adi… Currently is one of most famous variant of Mancalagame.Get this classic Mancala game and enjoy it playing againstthecomputer, with your friends and in the amazing Onlinemode.You can chat with your opponents and fight for entering in thelistof Online Top Players. Could you be able?Features:• Exclusive Mancala multiplayer mode• Play with your friends Online• Play with your friends Offline in the same smartPhoneorTablet• Play against random players online• Chat with your opponents and friends• Play against the computer and unlock different boards andlevelsof difficult• Customize your profile and avatar• Game achievements list to unlock• Online TopPlayers listIf you are giving Oware less than 5 stars, we will grateful ifyougive us your comment to improve.Please contact with [email protected] for any issuesorcomment.
Naija Ludo, Classic Ludo
Ludo is a classic dice and race game,playedwith four pieces per house and a set of dice.NEW FEATURESMORE BOARDS ADDED: you can choose among three colourfulboards.(usethe more button from the first screen to accessthisfeature).**Visual hand added**Multiplayer is fully supported through Wifi (2 players)**Difficulty level added(Easy, Normal and Hard)**Speed control added. You can control how fast a Piece move.**You can enable or disable barrier**You can enable or disable safe-house**You can position board the way you like**You can choose to play with one die or two dice**You can decide to remove a piece when it captures opponent'spieceor not**You can decided to play again when you capture opponent'spieceirrespective of the outcome.All these features are accessible through Options.
Mancala PRO 1.0.3
Play Mancala PRO, our new releaseofpopularancient game Mancala. This game has many namesandvariations andalso known as Kalah, Bantumi and Congkak. Weofferyou a classicversion of Kalah game that is played in US. Youcanplay againstcomputer with 3 difficulty levels on yourAndroidsmartphone ortablet. Mancala 2 player mode is also availableinthis app.The board game Mancala is very funny and immersive.However,areal Mancala board can be a bit cumbresome to carry itwithyouduring travel, and losing playing pieces can be a problemtoo.WithMancala PRO you can play Mancala wherever you gowithoutfacingproblems mentioned above.Unlock Achievements, post your score online, and muchmore.Youcan customize your settings to speed up or slow downthegame.Mancala rules:Each player starts with 6 Pits (filled with 4gemstones),totaling48. The object of the game is to get the mostgemstones inyour HomePit (Your Right Most Pit).You get an extra turn if your last gemstone lands inyourownmancala.There is no luck or cheating in this game. This game isallaboutmathematical skill. Use techniques such as:- free move (last stone ends up in your own mancala)- hoarding- forcing other player into Defense,(when you empty out oneofyourpits, creates capture opportunity later).Download Mancala PRO game free! This game will bring youhoursoffun and will train your brain as well!
Mancala & Friends 4.14
Get back to basics and play the classic gameofMancala on your Android device! You can play against thecomputer orfriend online or offline.Mancala is from ancient times. It is one of the oldest knownboardgames. There are many variants including Oware,Awale, Ayo,Warri,Ouri, Ncho, Awele, but this game uses the mostpopular,Kalah.Features- Play with cpu on your device! No internet needed!- Play with friend on your device! No internet needed!- Play with Facebook friends on your device! internet needed!- Play and chat with cool emoticons.- Instructions - Learn how to play, or check out the rules ifyouneed a refresher.- New amazing graphics.- New emoticons added.- New table added.- More engaging.- Google play game services like leaderboard andachievementsadded.- Play multiplayer with google play game service.
Oware 1.0.0
Oware, also known as Mancala, is a classic2player game.Players take turns traded pieces between their sixwarehouses,trying to capture the most pieces! A timeless game ofstrategy andthinking.
ADJI finds its origin in Antiquity. Thisgameis played on all the African continent.Every country has its way to play it, but there is one rulewhichdoes not change.ADJI is based on simple mathematics rules.This game takes place for two players and its principleconsistsin getting back the maximum of theballs of the opponent while respeting rules enumarated below.
oware 0.2
Oware is a board strategy game oftheAfricanorigin.Move Your stones along the board and try taking stonesfromtheopponent side. Check game rules.Play with a friend or against a computer player.Simple. Free. No advertisements.License: GPLv3Website: Tracker: Code:
Bluetooth Games All in one 1.0.5
le trong hau
Bluetooth games mini games folk games:+ Vietnamese chess chinese chess co tuong.+ Chess co vua.+ Co ganh vietnamese hexagon.+ Mandarin square capturing capture bantumi mancala (atJanpan)congklak (at Indo) village squares sowing games count andcapture olang o an quan.+ Caro xo tich toe tich tac toe five in a row co caro.+ 99 Number find number.+ Reversi Othello.+ Bingo: miss number.+ Treasure: same battleship, navy submarine attack naval,morskoiboi, morskoj boj, warship, batalla naval, acorazado, batallanaval,marina de guerra, submarino de ataque, la guerra naval.*** Bluetooth Auto Connect. Auto connect to all devices.*** A solution to your Bluetooth connection problems.Itautomatically tries to connect to your Bluetooth deviceswhenBluetooth has been turned on or when your device screen goeson.First, connect and pair with your Bluetooth device manually(thisis a requirement) and then just turn off and on Bluetooth (orleaveBluetooth on and turn the screen on) and it will autoconnect.*** How to pair? With this device: Android setting /Wireless& networks / Bluetooth setting / click for turn onBluetooth,click Discoverable after that click Search/Scan or maybeFind tosee another android device and pair. Do it the same withotherandroid device. Note: your device can discoverable in 120second,after that please click Discoverable again to make yourdevicediscoverable.*** How to play? Device A can make host by clickMenu/Createselect game at list and click Create, device B can jointo play byselect host name at list and click Menu/Join or can presshost nameand hold in a short time to join. Server/Host/Creater havesomefunction example Run or Continue game.*** Play with other player via Bluetooth. Use two devicetoplay.*** Try it now and don't forget leave comments to help usimprovethis app.*** Support Android ver 2.2 and higher. Recommended screensizeis 480x800 (4") or larger for better game experience.*** Thank you very much for your interests. Any questionsorsuggestions, please email to [email protected] or cellphone+8498 345 7505.Good luck!!!*** Dùng hai máy để chơi trực tiếp với nhau thông quaBluetooth.*** Lần đầu tiên khuyến cáo nên vào cài đặt của Bluetooth(BluetoothSetting) để ghép nối (Pair) hai máy với nhau (lưu ý nhớkích vào ôphát hiện (Discoverable) để có thể nhìn thấy được nhauvà ghép nối(Pair)), từ lần thứ hai trở đi thì sẽ tự động kếtnối.*** Các bước để ghép nối: máy A vào Cài đặt / Không dây và mạng/Cài đặt Bluetooth / bật Bluetooth, kích chọn Có thể phát hiện(đặtthiết bị ở chế độ phát hiện) hoặc có thể là hiển thị với cácthiếtbị được ghép nối hoặc hiển thị với tất cả các thiết bị, cũngcó thểlà cho phép các thiết bị khác nhìn thấy.... Sau đó kích vàoTìm kiếmthiết bị hoặc Quét tìm thiết bị. Làm tương tự với máy B.Chú ý rằnglúc kích vào phát hiện hoặc nhìn thấy thì thời gian mặcđịnh để chophép thiết bị khác tìm ra nó là 120 giây, sau thời gianđó người sửdụng cần phải kích chọn một lần nữa để hiển thị hoặccho phép.*** Một người tạo Host bằng cách chọn Menu/Create sau đó chọnmộtgame trong danh sách và kích Create, người kia có thể tham giavàochơi bằng cách chọn Host từ danh sách ở phía trên sau đóchọnMenu/Join hoặc có thể kích chọn Host và giữ trong một khoảngthờigian ngắn.*** Hỗ trợ Android version 2.2 trở lên. Kích thước màn hìnhtốtnhất vào khoảng 4" và khoảng 480x800 pixel.Chúc các bạn chơi vui vẻ bên người thâ[email protected]+8498 345 7505
Classic Bantumi 1.2.1
Classic Bantumi is a popular board game.IthasAfrican roots and also known as Kalah, Congkak or Sowing.Getthisclassic Bantumi game with an authentic board to play itwithyourfriends or a computer!Bantumi is one of the most popular mancala games forkids.Theboard has six small pits, called houses, on each side; andabigpit, called a Kalah or store, at each end. The object ofthegameis to capture more seeds than another player.The game has thorough and interactive self-learningmanual.Youcan view and learn best strategies of this game.Features:- Beautiful boards- Interactive Tutorials- Study different strategies.- Single player mode (play with computer ) and two player modeDownload Classic Bantumi and play mancala free gameonyourAndroid smartphone or tablet! The game is totally free,sodon'thesitate to install it! A hours of joyful playing areawaitsforyou.
Number game Awale 1.1.0
Here is another brain teaser game thatyoumight add to your favorite games !With a minimalist general user interface, Awale DroiD usestheprinciple rules of the game Mancala variant "2 or 3 aswinningnumbers" and variant "4 as winning number".Compared to the principle Mancala game:~> The concept of seeds in Mancala is replaced by numbers,mucheasier to evaluate by a glance.~> The initial content of the boxes is configurable.~> Two layouts for the game board are currently offered:~~~~~> Classic 'in line' layout~~~~~> The cells arranged in form of the 'C' letter. Thislastlayout will confused some players.You might enjoy the world of Awale DroiD with thosegamefeatures:~> 2 Player match. With players on the same device.~> Match versus the DroiD (several levels of difficulty)~> Match versus your friends online (Multiplayer game)~> At any time, consult your statistics stored onyourdevice~> Online achievements~> Tweet your progress~> Online leaderboards, be the best of your circles ... ortheworld !!All synchronized with your google account (phones andtablets)Rapidly trying this new attractive and addictive Mancalagame.And feel free to leave us your comments and help us improve thisnewMancala game.So, Good Mancala!
Kalah/Mancala Board Game 1.07
Mankala is like most mancala gamesshareacommon general game play. Players begin by placing acertainnumberof seeds, prescribed for the particular game, in eachof thepitson the game board. A player may count their stones toplotthegame. A turn consists of removing all seeds from apit,"sowing"the seeds (placing one in each of the following pitsinsequence)and capturing based on the state of board. This leadstotheEnglish phrase "count and capture" sometimes used todescribethegameplay. Although the details differ greatly,thisgeneralsequence applies to all games.Mancala is a classical board game. Also knows asMankala,Kalah,Naqala, Bao la Kiswahili, Congkak, Oware, Awalé,Awélé,Toguzkorgool and Toguz kumalak.ObjectiveThe objective of most two- and three-row mancala gamesistocapture more stones than the opponent; in four-rowgames,oneusually seeks to leave the opponent with no legal moveorsometimesto capture all counters in their front row.At the beginning of a player's turn, they select a holewithseedsthat will be sown around the board. This selection isoftenlimitedto holes on the current player's side of the board, aswellas holeswith a certain minimum number of seeds.Awale playersIn a process known as sowing, all the seeds from aholearedropped one-by-one into subsequent holes in amotionwrappingaround the board. Sowing is an apt name for thisactivity,sincenot only are many games traditionally played withseeds,butplacing seeds one at a time in different holesreflectsthephysical act of sowing. If the sowing action stopsafterdroppingthe last seed, the game is considered a singlelapgame.Multiple laps or relay sowing is a frequent featureofmancalagames, although not universal. When relay sowing, ifthelast seedduring sowing lands in an occupied hole, all thecontentsof thathole, including the last sown seed, are immediatelyre-sownfromthe hole. The process usually will continue until sowingendsin anempty hole. Another common way to receive "multiple laps"iswhenthe final seed sown lands in your designated hole.Many games from the Indian subcontinent use pussakanawalaps.These are like standard multilaps, but instead ofcontinuingthemovement with the contents of the last hole filled,aplayercontinues with the next hole. A pussakanawa lap movewillthen endwhen a lap ends just prior to an empty hole. If aplayerends hisstone with a point move he gets a "free turn".CapturingDepending on the last hole sown in a lap, a playermaycapturestones from the board. The exact requirements forcapture,as wellas what is done with captured stones, varyconsiderablyamonggames. Typically, a capture requires sowing to endin a holewith acertain number of stones, ending across the boardfrom stonesinspecific configurations, or landing in an empty holeadjacent toanopponent's hole that contains one or more pieces.Another common way of capturing is to capture thestonesthatreach a certain number of seeds at any moment.Also, several games include the notion of capturingholes,andthus all seeds sown on a captured hole belong at the endofthegame to the player who captured it.Follow of facebookforupdates:
Mancala Free 2.3
HOW TO PLAY THE MANCALA FREE APP?GAME SET-UP:The board has two rows, six pits (round holes) each withastore(oblong hole) at each end. Four marbles are placedineachhole.MANCALA GAMEPLAY:Each player starts their turn by selecting a hole on theirside.Theplayer drops a marble, one-by-one, into eachsucceedingholecounter-clockwise around the board until the marblesrun out.InMancala, this is called "sowing."CAPTURE: If you end on an empty pit in your row, the marblesintheopposite pit are captured.FREE TURNS: Place your LAST MARBLE in your store and getanextraturn!AND THE WINNER IS...When a player runs out of marbles, the game ends. Theopponentgetsto add all marbles on their side of the board to theirstore.Thisis where real strategy comes into play.The player with the most marbles in their store wins!MANCALA FREE STRATEGY TIPS- Plan ahead, get free turns whenever possible.- Going first? Start with the hole that is FOUR PITS awayfromyourstore. Why? Because the last marble you place will endinyourstore and you get a BONUS turn!Ready to travel back in time? Mancala isn't exactly atimemachine,but it's one of civilization's earliest games.
DropDown Block 3D 27
This block game is more fun to playseveralpeople.Each person is going to turn the game on.Grabbing balance, block push, or block drag upThis block contains the game physics engine.You can select various blocks.Including Basic, Twist, Zigzag blocks set.Play to have is1. Choice block. (Color is blink)2. Drag block.drop the blocks under the table3. Turn Change.(Computer or another player)enjoy it!