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Solitaire by E4 Software 2.4.1
E4 Software
Discover the evolution of solitaire withnextgeneration graphics and ease of use. This is a card game unlikeanyother you have ever experienced.So easy to use, this is the LAST Solitaire game you willeveryplay on your device. Solitaire by E4 Software has beenbuiltspecifically to bring you the best card game experience everandfor you to fall in love with it over and over again. Once youplaySolitaire by E4 Software, you will not be able to play anyothersolitaire game out there!Solitaire by E4 Software contains full resolution backgroundsandcards for your display to take full advantage of your device.Thebackgrounds and cards have been specifically designed for usbyworld-renowned and award-wining artists to enhance your cardgameexperience.With the "Quick-Touch" feature, you simply tap a card and itwillmagically be placed at the right spot, or when you prefer, youcanuse our enhanced drag-and-drop to move a card or a stack ofcards toany valid place.With Solitaire by E4 Software, you also get all the featuresthatyou would expect from a first class card game, such as:- Klondike game rules- Landscape and Portrait orientation play- Draw-1, Draw-2, Draw-3 games- Right and left handed game layout- Drag destination highlighting- Suggested move auto hint- Intelligent Hints- Automatic game save and resume- Multiple levels of undo- Tap to place cards- Drag and drop cards- Auto-complete- Double-Tap to auto complete- Multiple Scoring Modes- Move counter and Timed games- Game statistics- Stunning Custom Graphics designed by World-Renowned Artists- Support for HD Display- Intuitive Controls- Online and local game scoring- Online achievements (get them all)- Extreme-SPEED Mode- Unique Themes- Custom Sounds- Customizable Theme- ALL Device Orientations- and many more... too many to list.For any questions, write us at [email protected]: www.e4software.comFACEBOOK: @e4softwareBLOG:
Solitaire: Card Game 1.0
Solitaire is the ultimate addicting puzzlecardgame. You’ll be passing hours on this faithful recreation ofthecomputer version of this classic Windows card game. Thispuzzlerwill keep your mind sharp and you’re sure to never be boredas longas you have your mobile device with you!Our version of Solitaire (also known as Patience) usesclassicKlondike rules and is faithfully recreated with crisp,colourfulgraphics and intuitive, responsive controls.Solitaire / Klondike Solitaire / Patience is one of themostpopular card games in the world and is sure to keep you gluedtoyour screen for hours at a time.Solitaire Card Game FeaturesClassic Klondike Rules.• 3 card draw.• 1 card draw.• Beautifully drawn classic deck design.How to play:Your objectiveYou must build four card stacks, one for each suit going from aceupto king.Table setupSolitaire is played using a deck of 52 cards. The game startswith28 cards arranged into seven columns. The first column containsonecard, the second has two cards, the third card three etc...Onlythe top card is facing up with the rest invisible totheplayer.The four objective stacks are located in the upper-right corner.Youneed to build up each stack here, in the correct order, to winthegame.How to playThe objective stack must begin with an ace. If you can’t findone,you'll have shuffle cards between each column until youdo.You wont be able to move cards between columns at however youlike.Columns need to go in descending order, from King to Ace.Forexample, you’d be able to place a Jack on a Queen, but not ona7.To keep things interesting cards in columns must alsoalternatebetween red and black.You are also able to move more than one card at a time, providedthecards are ordered sequentially you can move the whole stack atonce.Tap the deepest card in the run and drag them all to anothercolumn.This is useful to get at other cards deep in a stackunderneath yourother cards.When you run out of moves, draw more cards by tapping the deckinthe upper-left corner. If the deck runs out, tap on the outlineonthe table to reshuffle it.You can move a card to the objective stack either by draggingitor by double-tapping on it.ScoringUnder Standard Klondike scoring, you receive five pointsformoving a card from the deck to a column, and 10 points foreachcard added to an objective stack.If a game takes more than 30 seconds, you also receivebonuspoints based on the time it takes to finish.Coming soon!• Multiplayer mode! Compete against the clock and compareyourscores against other Solitaire pros!• Many more beautiful custom deck designs.• Custom table tops.• Change rules to your favorite playing style!
Solitaire Deluxe Social 3.4.3
Mobile Deluxe
Solitaire Deluxe Social hasGuaranteedWinnablesolitaire hands... updated daily!***** “this is seriously the BEST solitaire gameever.”-JackieScott***** "It’s the only solitaire game I play now.” -Katieibond***** “Best solitaire out there. So much fun, lots ofgamestopick from, Thanks.” -Imaklutz***** “The best solitaire app! …none even compare tothisone.”-Megaamy***** “This is by far the best solitaire game in theAppStore.Hands down.” -Crazyeightyeight***** "Such an addictive game!!! Cannot stopplayingit!!!"-Leeschutte***** "Good fun, good value, easy to use." -MadMeg2***** "I could get lost in this game for hours." -DebBers1From the most trusted brand in Solitaire, SolitaireDeluxe®Socialis the new, premium solitaire experience handcraftedforyour Androidsmartphone and tablet.Solitaire Deluxe Social is the only leading solitaire apptogiveyou 16 solitaire games for free, including all of themostpopularforms, and tutorials to help you out.And it’s brought to you by Mobile Deluxe, theU.S.companyspecializing in mobile solitaire since 2003.PREMIUM FEATURES-Beautiful HD Graphics.-Play with friends on Facebook or play solo.-Exclusive Easy Read™ cards.-Winnable Deals – Thousands of guaranteed winnable dealsforeverygame!-Draw 1 and Draw 3 Klondike… plus 15 others likeSpider,FreeCell,and Tri-Peaks!-Exercise your brain: Best-in-class tutorials forall16games.-In-Game shop for exclusive cards & backgrounds.-Best-in-class customer care for any questions.Solitaire Deluxe Social is the only leading solitaire gametoofferKlondike (classic solitaire), along with the 15 othermostpopularsolitaire games in the world, includingSpider,FreeCell,Tri-Peaks, Pyramid, Canfield, Golf and more. All ofyoursolitairefavorites, and all with simple tutorials.And now it’s social: Have fun playing with friends, orplaysolo.Use Facebook to keep up with your friends or challengethemto theexact same deal you just won.Your mobile device has advanced… isn’t it time yoursolitairedid,too?
Solitaire Cardgame 1.2
Simply the best FREE Solitaireexperienceforyour phoneIf you love Windows Solitaire but want something withalittlemore class, this is the app for you!- The best looking Solitaire app on the store.- Unlimited time to play or numbers of free games.- Drag & drop, tap to move cards.- Landscape orientation and auto fit for screen ratio type.... and more interesting !!!We'd love to hear your suggestions on how to improvetheapp!Please leave comments in your 5 star reviews!
Freecell Solitaire 1.02
Freecell Solitaire Free is one ofthemostpopular solitaire games with an excellent graphicsandanimation.The game offer selectable background, undo, replay,savegame andmuch more! Get Freecell Solitaire Free today and jointhefun!Freecell Solitaire Free is specially designed forAndroiddevicesand supports both portrait and landscapeorientations.Features:- Background Images- Sound Effects- Save/Load Game- Undo/Redo- Restart Game- No moves remaining detection- Portrait and Landscape orientation- Mark Playable Cards- Mark Target Piles- Drag 'n' drop play mode- Single tap play mode- Movement Animations- Auto-jump to foundations- Detailed Statistics- Top Scores Board- Game Seed- Seed Sequence- Left-handed layoutSupport:If you have any technical problems, please email us at [email protected] us at for more informationaboutFreecellSolitaire Free and other fun games!