Top 24 Games Similar to Robot-COP SWAT Patrol Assault

Robot Fight: Fighting Games 1.9.171
Robots made of steel battle in thisrobotfighting games, the real fight club of battlebots and warrobotsLike Robot Games, Fighting Games? Then Iron Kill is foryou!FEATURES☆ Fight with 35 robots in this robot fighting game☆ Fight in PvP multiplayer robot fighting games with realplayersworldwide☆ Unleash devastating combos, abilities and special moves☆ Upgrade, research and equip boosts to dominate fights☆ Fight in Championship Leagues, Restricted Fights and LimitedTimeEvents☆ Stunning high quality graphics and animations☆ Compete against your Facebook Friends in LeaguesCOLLECT YOUR MIGHTIEST BATTLE HEROESBuild your legendary fighters from 35 mean metal machines,fightingrobots and dominate in the contest through apost-apocalypticworld.UNLEASH REAL DEVASTATING MOVESStart your robot boxing fight using quick attacks to stay agileorheavy attacks to go strong. Perform a wide range of boxing&fighting tactics along with unique abilities like stun,criticalstrike, shock shield…etc. during fights to turn the odds inyourfavour. Fill your revenge meter and unleash the superpower ofyourboxing robot made of steel. Unleash your combat skills todominatein the real fight of champions!UPGRADE, RESEARCH & EQUIP BOOSTSWin and upgrade your battlebots to enhance their steel andattackskills. Equip them with Boosts to double their power in thefights.Perform research tactically to enhance your bots andaccelerateyour overall journey.LEAGUE ROBOT BATTLES, RESTRICTED FIGHTS AND LIMITEDTIMEEVENTSCombat through 60 league fights challenging 12 unique championstowin the Ultimate Iron Kill Championship! Completerestrictionevents to win special Pro edition steel made boxingrobots.Participate in limited time events to win coolin-gamerewards.STUNNING 3D GRAPHICSImmerse yourself in 7 flawless real looking arenas designed toholdthe deadly robot wars between 35 real robots.ENGAGING SOCIAL FEATURESCompete against players worldwide on the journey to become BotFightClub Champion! Brag about your wins to win cool in-gamerewards.Challenge your friends in completing achievements.Download and start fighting! Build the ultimate immortals andkilleverything that stands in your way to dominate the botfightingchampionship, Ironkill!A network connection is required to play.Having problems? Any suggestions? You can reach [email protected]
Multikill 1.0
In 2178 year the whole world wasplungedintodarkness and chaos. People get what they want,throughconquest,murder. Civilians were hiding in their homes, builtthecatacombsand bunkers to survive. Until they invent a robot-COP.Nowhe'llstand on guard of the order and will protect the peaceoftheinhabitants, destroying terrorists! Return the city toitsoriginalpeaceful mind!*Stunning animation!*Great gameplay!*Excellent management!*Many different fighting techniques!*Selection of weapons!When the world is already hanging on the verge ofextinction,thereis only one hope for you! Try to restore all thathasbeendestroyed! You only need to believe in yourself! Thesepoorpeopleneed to you!
Robots Tanks of War - Transformation Fighting 2.11.6
The mech robot fighting wars of thefuturebreaks out! In these futuristic battle fighting games robotalliescompete in brutal battles against combat tanks. Ourtransformandroids are trained to kill and conquer the world but thewartanks outnumber them by far.Participate in this steel robot fighting against militaryattackssimulator and win by dodging the titan tanks that block yourway inthis racing game full of ultimate war robots andshootertanks.Make use of the super developed artificial intelligence ofyourandroid to dodge action tank attacks and to reach yourmilitarycamp and win this war robots battle against dangerous tankwarriorswith all type of weapons. Plan all your mech robotfightingmaneuvers strategy but beware of every enemy weapon! - Wartanksracing from everywhere and try to keep war robots awayfromachieving their goal. Stop the carnage extinction anddestructionmade by the tank rivals!Control your realistic 3D battle robot titans by sliding yourfingeracross the screen in this action game! Dodge the combattankmissiles attacks and speed up your fighting robots using thearrowson the floor. Continue your race for survival and make surenot torun out of energy! Do not loose all your armor or you willfail themission leaving the city in enemy's hands causing chaos,rage anddestruction!You will accumulate points based on how far you are able to getwithyour transformation android using different strategies andtacticsin this futuristic panzer battle. Let's see how far you cango withyour metal fighting machines and how skillful you avoid thetankattacks!Challenge your friends in this war robots game to see who canreachthe highest score in this exciting mech fightbetweentransformation androids and panzers. But be careful: Thesewarmissions are very addictive!Defeat and destroy your titan enemies and become anindestructiblewar machine against the military attack of the tanks!Download thisaction game now and run as fast as you can in thisfuturisticandroid war against the enemy tanks carnage!Can you achieve victory in our war robot game, soldier?By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy: @LabCaveFacebook:
Ghostbusters™: Slime City 1.961
New York City has been overrun byparanormalactivity and its up to you as a new Ghostbusters recruitto savethe city and humanity as we know it! Those ghosts and demonsdon’tknow what they’re in for!Grab your Proton Pack and build your own Ghostbusters teaminManhattan, blasting and trapping ghosts for amazing rewards!Standstrong, don’t cross the streams, and work your way to becomingtheultimate ghostbusting team.FEATURES• Conduct some major ghostbusting by battling specters, demonsandundead of all types! Are you up to the challenge?• Team up with other Ghostbuster player squads in asynchronousco-opto take down the biggest threats in the city.• Own and upgrade your own Ghostbusters HQ by capturing andstoringit with the most powerful ghosts.• Save the city! Start out at HQ, and work your way through themapof Manhattan, securing additional buildings as youprogress.• Accept and complete jobs along the way to earn rewardslikepowerful and customizable equipment. The harder the jobs,thericher the rewards!• No point in being the best if you can't brag about it. Get youandyour Ghostbuster team to the top of the leaderboards and winawesomerewards!• Craft your own proton packs from hundreds of cool parts -there'sbazillions of different combinations!• Everyone likes stats! Customize your strengths and collectcoolloot items that give you unique powers and abilities.
Jet Fighter Robot Wars 1.0.4
Amazing Gamez
Are you tired of the simple flightsimulators,gunship battles, jetpack games and the mainstreamRobocop robotgames?Want a real navy F-18 fighter plane fighting and a shootinggamethat is a combination of all the amazing airplane, fighter jetv/snavy and robot fighting games?Jet Fighter Robot Wars is a flight simulator and a moderncombatrobot fighting game that takes you into the future in a citybeingflooded with real steel robots that had been made for defenseandworld robot boxing purposes but have now gone rogue due toanetwork virus.All the army forces have been used and to their failure, therobotsstill rule the city and are swiftly turning it to ashes withtheirstate of the art laser canons and missile systems. A gunshipbattlehas just been lost at the hand of these terminatortransformers andthe military has faced a huge number of casualties.It is now clearthat this is no situation for a helicopter warfareand a moderncombat with fighter jets is what the city needs!Jet Fighter Robot Wars is a war simulation and military gamewherethe military has ordered an air attack throughout the city assoonas the civilians are evacuated and you will be the squadronleaderleading this mission impossible against the extremely hightechterminator robots and rogue transformers.This is not a simple Robocop or Dino robot shooting game but isanactual flight simulator and war simulation with real fighterjetsand real steel robots and a top notch military game that asksyouto accomplish a mission impossible and put an end to thisroguenation of robots.Download Jet Fighter Robot Wars now and be a player of thisjawdropping addition to the fighter plane, helicopter warfare,Dinorobot, world robot boxing and other robot games!Key Features:- State of the art fighter pilot flight simulator!- Amazing robot v/s jet fighter game- Splendid graphic content- Realistic sound effects- User friendly and smooth controls- Addictive gameplay- 6 breathtaking game levels
Steel Street Fighter Club 2.5.1
If you like robots fights, you can notmissthis free fighting game, Steel Street Fighter Club, reflectsthehistory of the Earth in 2025, humans do not fight more, thebattlesare decided by boxing robots .Choose your favorite robot and become a hero of the streetfights,feel like you destroy your opponent's iron punching andperformingamazing combos to do.If you like boxing and action games, choose your favorite robotandprove that you can be the world champion of street fightsGame Features:- Incredible 3D graphics.- Immersion in combat.- Sound HD.- 16 fighters.- 6 different scenarios.- Incredible combos.- Quick fight mode.- World Championship Mode.- Global Leaderboard.Show that you can fight with the same skill through yourrobotavatar, enjoy 3D fighting robots as ever habias sense, enjoythegraphics engine of Steel Street Fighter Club and get to beworldchampion street fights.Download this free fighting game and demonstrates how youhandleyour fists of steel in a fast-paced combat, you feel likesplashingoil your opponent as they are very realistic these fightsin boxingmode.Play every day of your life to Steel Street Fighter Club, as it isagame of free fighting game, without having to make anypurchasewithin the application or pay anything, because thisapplication isfully funded through advertisements within .
Robot Fighting: Steel Battle 1.1
Trigger Team
It’s high time for steel revenge!Startultimate robot battle playing this fighting simulator in3D!Try brutal hand to hand combat and step into the ring beingasteel robot. Upgrade your fighting skills to the top level abstryto survive among mean machines! Massive robot wars have begun,sotry different punches, strikes, kicks and knock outs to becomerealninja! Learn Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Boxing and other fightingstylesto defeat all the robot enemies and become a champion! Areyouready for an extreme robot fights? Survive on the battlefieldaslong as you can as a real robot killer playing RobotFighting:Steel Battle 3D – ultimate action game for all boxing andninjagames lovers!Participate in ultimate robot fighting championship and havefun!Demolish this fighting machines, earn points for each battleandupgrade your robot in the way you want! Create your own killerrobot– just a mean steel machine made to kill, fight and with nomercy.Join this brutal hand to hand combat, use different punches,kicksand knock outs and become the only champion on this robotfightingarena! Don’t forget about the blocks, your steel enemymight be evencannier than it seems! Become a professional ninjakiller withamazing Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Boxing skills and end upwith thiscruel robot wars! Battle in this epic robot combat withRobotFighting: Steel Battle!Tired of usual boxing simulators and fighting games? Tryyourselfas a robot killer – no mercy, only powerful punches anddeadly knockouts. Join robot fighting league, win as much battlesas possibleand prove your worth as a boxing champion? Dreamed tobecome a ninjaor just a professional fighter? Step into the battlearena playingRobot Fighting: Steel Battle 3D action game!Robot Fighting: Steel Battle 3D features:- Brutal hand to hand combat – defeat your enemies on theboxingring as a real robot killer- Upgrade your battling skills – use different fighting stylessuchas Taekwondo, Mauy Thai or Box and learn new punches, kicksandknock outs to become more powerful- Earn point for each battle and create unique steel machine madetokill – customize your ninja robot, unlock amazing strikesandblocks- Try different modes – kill enemies one be on or trysurvivalmode- Ultimate robot fighting championship in 3DBoost up your robots - increase damage or armor, upgradeothercharacteristics and show what the true might of steel is!Startrobot wars, use various kicks and don’t forget aboutblocks.Unleash your fighting style with deadly jabs, uppercuts anduniquemoves to become a champion in this ultimate robotfightingchampionship! Kill all the enemies, get points and trophiesandenjoy Robot Fighting: Steel Battle game! Become a real ninjawiththis brutal robot fighting simulator!Waiting for your reviews on facebook-
Robot Battle 1.1.8
LIP Studio
Robot battle is a special design versionforrobot game fan who love robot transformer and robot fighting.Wedesign the weapon system what is invested to graphic and powerverydetail. You know, you will love it in the first time you seeit. Ifyou are thinking about a robot mobile game then this isexactlywhat you need.Robot battle is being supporting 5 character robot and 10 bulletgunwith more than 30 bosses. Each boss support a private weaponsystem.Each boss will have a different power and weapon powerincrease baseon level. Higher level boss will stronger than thelower level boss,so it will be more difficult to destroy. But youcan upgrade yourweapon and power of character so that you candestroy all of bosseseasily.Game is designed as a versus game with each stage versus isapre-design battle for a power of weapon and power of boss.Theplayer have to fight and win to get over the next battle. Youyoulose can try again forever until you win, don't worry!If you win you will be rewarded a number of coins what you canuseto upgrade weapon power, gun and character power.Each robot was supported a super weapon system with differentstrongpower and different attack ways, you will learn how to usethemeffectly to show off all of your power.FEATURES- Easy to play- Nice graphic and eye catch effect- Support many characters and bosses- Multi-Weapon system and upgrade- Multi-gun bullet and upgrade system- The system for upgrade weapon and powerWeb:
Real Steel 1.39.1
Based on the Dreamworks movie, starringHughJackman, the gritty action of Real Steel takes place in asecretworld where boxing has gone high-tech in the not-so-distantfuture.Players lead their robot to greatness, fighting off steelopponentsweighing over 2,000 pounds and reaching up to 8 feet tall.RealSteel features rich gameplay and high replay value includingnewTournament and Survival Modes.Choose your fighter from a selection of 65 Robots! IncludingMovieChampions - Atom & Zeus!Choose from Tag Team, Challenges, Tournament, Survival &FreeSparring to fight!Unlock 10 Special Edition Robots for completing EachGameMode!New Tag Team Mode - 3 vs 3!Build Customized Robots with your very own Build Your OwnRobot[BYOR] Feature!Multiple Battle Arena EnvironmentsBe the first to know! Get inside Reliance Games info on greatdeals,plus the latest game updates, tips & more…* The game is also optimized for tablet devices.* *Permissions:- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress- RECORD_AUDIO: To announce your robot in styleVISIT US: US: US: US: optimal performance, we recommend closing other applicationsandre-booting your device after downloading and starting yourfirstboxing bout.
Grand Robot Car Battle 1.3
Daring Master
Now DARING MASTER brings you new era ofGRANDROBOT CAR BATTLE, the brand new of robot fighting games.Handle your robotic car simulator 2016 and transform it tograndrobot simulator in this robot car games new and free robotbattlegames! This futuristic robot battle 2017 will give you the 3drobotfight experience. In this stunning robo game, you’ll testyourcontrolling skills of both robot simulator and robo car. Thisis anew kind of robot war games where you will feel like infuturebecause of this new robot fighting games with new CombatStyle. Inthis robot car games new and free robot battle games youwill facedramatic robot games fight 3d. This brilliant robot wargames willdefinitely give you the pro practice of best car robotgames3d.GamePlay:Play the toughest of robot fighting games and robot war gamesever.Are you expert enough to control a giant robot and cars inthisfuturistic robot battle 2017 War? If yes, then you are at therighttrack to get your daily adventure doze with this fantasticrobotcar games new and free robot battle games! Drive, fire, andfightwith all the cars and robots carefully and defeat them badlyinthis robot games fight 3d battle. Download this car robot games3dand choose your Robotic CAR simulator 2016 to get into theULTIMATEFIGHT!Features:New Big city 2017!Different Robotic Vehicles to Choose.Flying Robots Fight in the airReal 3d Graphics and environment.Smooth on screen controlsAmazing , Thrilling and Stunning gameplay levelsBeware from Police CarsBrilliant Sound Effects you will definitely likeTransform Car into Robot and Robot into CarFantastic and different fighting animation , PunchesandKicks.You will enjoy the features of all other robot fighting gamesandrobot war games. You will definitely love this futuristicrobotbattle 2017 War because now we have added the savor of bothrobotgames fight 3d and car robot games 3d with having extremeroboticcar simulator 2016 and robot simulator .GRAND ROBOT CAR BATTLE is going to beat all other robot cargamesnew and free robot battle games with its best robotic carsimulator2016. This futuristic robot battle 2017 is here with tasteofflying robot fight 3d combat that will make you a pro Player ofcarrobot games 3d. So get ready for the king of all ROBO CAR games,The One and Only the GRAND ROBOT CAR BATTLE!GIVE YOUR REVIEW AND PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND SUGGESTANYIMPROVEMENT FOR OUR GAMES.
Modern army warfare robots 1.0.4
Take yourself in the modern war era, wheretherobot battles and army jet fighter combat come face to face inthemodern battlefield for a combat simulator game. The war robotsthatonce swore to protect the realm have gone rogue, now therobotattack against the army jet fighter and have turned the cityinto alive battlefield.In Modern army warfare robots, the realm needs a warfare heroallthe armed forces have tried their best but have failedmiserably,the war robots still rule the realm, and the threat ofannihilationfrom robot fighting is greater than before. Thecasualties andcatastrophe is increasing, as the military keeps onlosing gunshipbattles at the hands of the robot transformers. Nowwhat the cityneeds is an army jet fighter attack alliance missionagainst theserogue steel robots. So unleash your fighting style andachievegreatness in this epic, exciting and challenging robotbattle andwarfare game.Modern army warfare robots is a jaw dropping addition to themodernwar simulator and army jet fighter games, where the militaryhasordered an army jet fighter attack and gunship battles forrobotfighting as soon as the civilians are evacuated. You will havetoplay the role of squadron leader leading the modern combatmissionagainst the extremely high tech robot fighters.Modern army warfare robots, is an actual combat game betweenthearmy jet fighter attack and robot attack, where you will havetoaccomplish every modern war mission and put an end to therobotwars annihilation.Key Features:> State of the army jet fighter simulator and robot combat> Amazing jet fighter v/s war robots game> Splendid warfare graphic content> Realistic sound effects> User friendly and smooth controls> Addictive game play of combat simulator> 6 challenging war simulator levelsSo Download Modern army warfare robots now and take yourself totheera where army jet fighter and robot wars is a 3D reality.
Terminate The Robots 2.5
Sunstar Games
Get ready to enjoy an amazing and astounding3Dmec robot battle games to dominate mecha robots. It’s the yearof2020 and the planet Mars has been destroyed by legionary mechrobotsand the only shelter Aliens can get is the earth. Their planwas toinvade at any cost even they have to eliminate the humanrace sinceearth is going to be their only survival. In thissci-fi-game ofmech war you will be the last hope to save the earthfromextinction.The futuristic weapons in mech fighting games are going to helpyouto kill the robots using tactical expertise against thedeadlycriminals & force of the enemies in battle mech.Attackingpublic places in legions way and create a panic is theirstrategy.They are equipped with the high explosive weapons and willbe usingagainst incontrol common man.This is not going to be an ordinary battle you need to dominaremechrobot; you have fought against opponents in other mechs wars.It’stime to save the earth from legion destructions from metalsoldiersand prove that you are the best shooter and ready againstany threatand also show them that you have an incredible tankdomination powerin mech battle games.Features★ Achievements and Rewards!★ Smooth and intuitive FPS controls!★ Unique Action Combat camera sequences!★ Complete missions divided in city, and play special MostWantedmissions!★ Difficult FREE challenging missions★ Missions full of explosive combat action★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★ Full addictive control of latest futuristic gunsThis game is for hardcore mec robot battle gamers who enjoy thetoplatest FPS mecha robots, shooting and racing games. Neverbeforewill you have found yourself shooting amidst intenseenemycrossfire by tank domination!PS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report [email protected] you love to play our games and would like more addictivegunninggames or would just like to say hi, please like our Facebookpageat
Tanks Fighting Robots Battle 1.0.0
Fernando Baro
Fighting game between tanks androbotstodeath, a battle game between a combat tank againsttherobotattack.The robots murderers are trying to reach the city on theroadtodestroy and kill the humanity.You're a soldier who must drive your tank to get beforethemandprepare the counterattack to kill them all!Run all you can in this funny fight game tosavethehumanity.Drive your battle tank, dodge the robots you find along theroadandarrive to the city to give notice to your army and planthedeadlybattle.Take energy to reach your objective and complete the mission.Become the best pilot of army tanks and win the waragainstthemurderers robots!Twitter: @bravocterogamesFacebook:
Supermarket SWAT Sniper Rescue 1.0.2
Hispanic gangs are attacking yourbigcitysupermarket and stealing auto cars? Play role ascitypoliceofficer in Supermarket SWAT Sniper Rescue the newestactiongame toarrest crime lords on Andreas fault.Receive wireless from police scanner regardinggangstercriminalactivities in Andreas Supermarket. Drive police carandreachdestination as soon as possible to shoot Chinese triadinMiamisaints. The real crime lords are using foot soldier tobringchaosin crime simulator. Race through city trafficbeforegangsterescape from police squad. Supermarket gangsters areonrecklessmission to take hostages, loot cash counter andgrabutility items.Their aim is to auto theft & create chaosandanarchy inAmerican grand city. Play this newest crimesimulatorgame, takedown dangerous gangster shooter with no mercy.Finishsnipermissions clear Miami Saints from Chinese triad andHispanicgangsin this crime story.Rescue supermarket innocent citizens who came to buygrocery&food items. Miami crime city gangsters have managedtoentersuperstore, turn off all cameras and now they are onextremefightbetween police sniper hit-man & ruthlessgangsta.Badassbandits are on the go to escape hot pursuit andoutrunpolice. Playas loyal SWAT police sniper mission who fight&survive againstenemies. Make a plan to locked up criminalsandmanipulate gangs ofcrime organization. Ruthless gangstershavehostages in supermarketand they are killing them one by one.Appearas professional snipermarksman shooter & make escapeimpossiblescenarios for Miamicrime city thugs in latest survivalgame. Asreckless criminalshave extreme stealth gangster skills, itbecomestough battle ofpolice vs robbers. Underworld mafia involvedinprison escape haskilled security guards and now they haveoccupiedthe wholesupermarket.Take revenge in crime story one go by setting target frombestsnipernest and headshot notorious mafia gangs evading cops.Useyourprofessional shooting skills to bring criminals behindbarsand don’tlet powerful gangsta members easy escape.Entersupermarket buildingwith your police team and start firingoncriminal shooters. Savehostages by killing grand gangsterstakingvengeance from policesquad for extreme jail break. Rushtowardsyour cop car as somegangstars sneak outside in thug cars.Showoffextreme driving skillsin police car chase criminals oncitytraffic filled streets. In thiscrazy drive-by shootinggame,attack gangster cars by auto racing andshooting down armyofgangsta. Police patrol on flying cop cars andarrestcriminalsotherwise you will lose police rescue mission. Youhaveplayed citygrand gangsters and extreme shooting simulatorgame,this timefight as a heroic police sniper shooter and don’tletcriminalescape in mafia lords car.Supermarket SWAT Sniper Rescue features:10 missions of extreme shooting & snipinggangstersinsupermarket.Play as vigilant police officer to rescue & safeguardMiamigrandcity.Action packed simulation game with intuitive controls.Different weapons & ammunition to choose from.Unlimited bullets & guns to shoot badass criminalsintown.Amazing HD graphics & shooting sound effects.Download Supermarket SWAT Sniper Rescue right nowtolockdownsupermarket gangsters and make successful rescuemissionsin bigtown.
Steel Fighter Club 2016 1.3
In the year 2030 the battles are decidedbystreet fighting robots, consisting of a representative fromeachteam in Steel Fighter Club 2, reflects the futuristic storythathumans do not fight each other, feels like the metal is meltedtostick with your brass knuckles, dodge your opponent and do notletthem reach to avoid a KO.Download this free fighting game and demonstrates how youhandleyour fists of steel in an exciting fight, you feel likesplashingoil from your opponent as they are very realistic thesefights inboxing mode.True champions are not born, they are forged in streetfights,prove you're able to be champion of the galaxy, train yourrobot todo boxing world champion.Game Features:- Incredible 3D graphics.- Immersion in combat.- Sound HD.- 20 fighters.- 6 different scenarios.- Incredible combos.- Quick fight mode.- World Championship Mode.- Global Leaderboard.You can not miss the fantastic free fighting game, chooseyourfavorite character, including more than 20 robots, and competeinthe fight, have fun, testing the skills of your boxing back ofagiant steel shatters your opponents.Show that you can fight with the same skill through yourroboticavatar, fell 3D fighting robots, enjoy the graphics engineSteelFighter Club 2, remember not rest until being world championboxingstreet.Play every day of your life Steel Fighter Club 2, as it is agameof free fight, without having to make any purchase withintheapplication or pay anything, because this application isfullyfinanced through ads on your inside.
SWAT Sniper Team 1.6.1
SWAT sniper triggerSimulator of sniper 3d shooterYou swat sniper assassin of elite army sniper!Your target crime gangster, sniper killer, commandos!Get prepared for everything , an online fps game every timeorwherever you can play it at no cost . I use great graphics andBestsounds in map.Rescue your soldier from dark city , shoot enemy guards andreachnearest top buildings for safe rescue by friendly soldiers.Now itstime to rescue remaining soldier and start counter strikeand showfighting skills.To assist you as our last hope we want to help you in safe rescue,pick sniper for long range shooting, pick shot gun forshortdistance and for heavy damage, pick most famous AK47 todeadlyassault missions.
Futuristic Robot Battle 2017 1.3
Fan of futuristic games? The time is nowtoprove your robot fighting mettle against the greatest fightersonearth. Fight for survival! Relive the uniqueness in robotshootinggames with realistic battle arena. Destroy your opponentswhilealso keeping an eye on the combat strength, speed, anddurabilityof your battle robot in FUTURISTIC ROBOT BATTLE 2017, theking ofrobot games.Gameplay Features:• 15 epic robots fighting missions• 3 challenging modes i.e. easy, medium and hard.• Action-packed game-play• Switch from your robotic truck and transform into ahumongousrobot!• Operate variety of gigantic robots!• Smooth on-screen shooting controls• Realistic & vibrant 3d environment with active traffic• Impressive sounds• Realistic sci-fi robot animations• Attractive lighting and effects
SWAT Crime Sniper 1.6
blast game
SWAT crime sniperThe most realistic anti-terrorist FPS gameLead as SWAT force captain enter the hostile battle locations.SWATRescue is thrilling action game to deal with crazy anddeadlyglobal terrorist groups. In this crisis situation yourbattlefieldtraining will leads you to success in green forest andlocomotiverailway station.You can play in this Ultimate crime simulator different typeofmission like plant bombs and detonate them, Retrievestolenvehicles, Eliminate the criminals and the special onecollectdocuments with intel about the criminals. Target enemiesmercenaryand military forces, take aim and pull trigger to killthem all insuperb FPS gameplay. Enter in warfare battle againsthard corecriminal like thief, robbers, and real gangsters in SanAndreascrime city.Be the sniper heroes for people in the world sniper 3dshootingand sniper assassin!Mission to destroy crime in the future, and kill crime mafia,andinvestigates criminal case.Key Features:★ immersive games.★ instinctive, a very simple game controls.★ Shooting Games give players a super cool peaks and killing★ The game has multiple scenes and experience, so you can beindifferent battlefields facilities do.You want to become a sniper master? Let's see, let your gun!
Swat Team Counter Attack Force 1.0.5
911 Emergency! Captain we got ahostilesituation, some terrorist kidnapped civilians and theytransportedhostages to different locations. City police is nottrained forthis situation it's time for SWAT force to savecivilians in crisissituation. Play SWAT Team Counter Attack Forceis full action based3D simulation game.Lead as SWAT force captain enter the hostile battle locationslikefortress in dark forest, bullet train subway station and Cityarea.SWAT Team Counter Attack Force is thrilling action game todealwith crazy and deadly global terrorist groups. Your team gotmastersniper and tactical shooters lead them as pro gunman and savethehostages life. In this crisis situation your battlefieldtrainingwill leads you to success in green forest and locomotiverailwaystation. Target enemies mercenary and ex military forces,take aimand pull trigger to kill them all in superb FPS gameplay.Enjoymost thrilling anti terrorist shooting game in android playstorefor tablet and smart phones. Enter in warfare battle againsthardcore criminal like thief, robbers, and real gangsters inSanAndreas crime city. Prisoners escape from police bustheyimprisoned civilians in the crime city different locations. Aspartof strike team, go for rescue op, kill all the bad guys,robbers,gangsters, thief and criminal in the battle situation.Save the innocent people and arrest crime boss, thug andmafiamembers to put them behind bars in downtown. Help policebustransport these prisoner to the prison of San Andreas don’tletthem escape prison and attack in crime city. The arsenal is fullofammos, your prime task is to kill the enemies and saveinnocentcivilians in hostile situation. Handle the hostage crisissituationas team captain, target to kill the oil barrels to makesome blastfor diversion. Keep your friends close shoot bad guys becarefulwhile you pull the trigger or you can kill your team membertoo.Save civilians and take them out of imprisoned. Lead thecounterSWAT force; Don’t let criminal escape the location you aretrainedand licensed to kill the terrorists. Download SWAT TeamCounterAttack Force free from Google android play store foraddictiveammos shooting game with realistic weapons andfirepower.Game Features:◆15 hostile situations for different locations tosavehostages◆Superb dark forest, subway train station and city area to killthebad guys◆Smooth aiming and shooting experience with best FPS gameplay◆Friendly fire is on so be focused while you take aim toshootenemies◆Full action packed game to save hostages from crime lords
SWAT Shooter Killer 1.0.5
SWAT Shooter Killer is the most challengingandadventure FPS Sniper Shooting game. The terrorists occupiedthedesert town.They wanton looting, sabotage, kidnappingordinarypeople.Town People's lives are in danger. Snipers andspecial talksfamily has been in place, SWAT accept the mission torescue thehostages, this is the moment of your bravery!You are a special training SWAT, skilled in using all kindsofsnipers, machine guns, and other weapons; You were dispatchedtorescue people trapped in the desert town,fight againstterrorists;The task is very arduous, keep calm,hold your breath,pull thetrigger, shooting.CHALLENGING ADVENTURE FPS SHOOTING TO TERRORISTS* Rich weapons, snipers, assault rifles, pistols, help youcompletea variety of missions!* Different task levels, difficulty different, make you feelpassionand thrilling shooting* Realistic picture of the game, immersive experience in thedeserttown.* Ranking system, and other various title, Primary,Senior,Advanced, Elite Killer.Features Of SWAT Shooter Killer :-First Person Shoot Sniper Game-Realistic scenes,all kinds of characters,rich weapons.experienceanextraordinary journey killings.-The shock of the game sound effects, bring you differentawesomeshooting experience. Shot, headshot,sniping,explosions-Easy Play, Completely Free, play Happy.-As long as you work hard, get more rewards, use these rewardstounlock more advanced weapons and clips.For terrorists and criminals without mercy and hesitate to takeuparms to come play SWAT Shooter Killer, save the world,maintainingpeace!
Secret Agent Swat Spy Mission 1.1
Step in to complete secret missions killorbekilled in this spy stealth games. You are recruited as aelitespyagent and trained by secret service force to keepyournationsecurity essential. Keep cover in shadow forstealthoperationsbehind walls, remain out of sight from criminalsquad insecret spyagent game. Sneak behind enemy guards and snaptheir neckwith onesmooth movement like ninja. Shoot spotlight, picklock andmove tostrike criminal squad with deadly force. Beinganexperienced andwell trained special force swat agent equippedwithall modernweapons and guns you have to complete every missionyouareassigned for to counter terrorist attack of the enemyinthisSecret Agent Swat Spy Survivor Mission.Live life of spy operate under the radar, Trained asshooter&killer in public for stealth operation in sin city,exhibitquicklymove and sneak skills to steal information.Infiltrateenemyterritory shoot lights to walk shadow to shadowcrime citygangsterescape. Get inside IT room and plant a networkhack. As newmemberto the agency your missions will start simple,but make nomistakeyou will soon need to kill or be killed in thisescapemissiongame. It’s an impossible mission but the secretserviceagencywants their top agents back. Intelligence agencytrained youas oneman army use stealth highly secured areas. Attackfrontlineor makemelee attacks.As professional spy trained get ready to executedangerousoperationsin miami. Rescue fellow Agent prison escapefrom jailafter stealingmilitary intelligence collected data. Geton rooftophideout andsecure location for agent till he reachhelipad. Takedown mafiaenemy rogue sniper and foot soldier armedwith assaultrifles. Spyingand assassinations play key role toserve yournation. DownloadSecret Agent Swat Spy Mission and livelife of spyagent breachingenemy hard time and stealing sensitiveinformationor assassinationmission for high profile personescapemission.Play real Secret Agent Swat Spy Mission, which requiressplitsecondreflexes & ultimate shooting skills.Secret Agent Swat Spy Mission FeaturesSmooth and intuitive controlsStunning & High Quality 3D GraphicsThrilling and challenging MissionsSniper Shooting & Assault Rifle CrossfireHighly challenging stealth game missionReal time lock picking and door hackingIntuitive FPS and 3rd Person ControlsEasy & Fun to Play
SWAT Train Mission Crime Rescu 1.0.3
Hello SWAT force captain! There isanemergency call from police; most wanted terrorists havehijackedthe subway station. These terrorists do not demand forransom,their intention is to blow up train station and escape indesertcity. Play SWAT Train Mission Crime Rescue, newest 3D shootergameto fight for innocent civilians and clear the crisissituation.Trained bad guys have captured the train station and hijackedthelocomotive after shooting driver, now they have civilianhostages.City police has asked for SWAT force help as this hostilesituationis like advance warfare. The subway station looks likeabattlefield surrounded by terrorist mercenary. City is filledwithterror and fear of the terrorism, innocent citizens are cryingforhelp and waiting for subway rescue team to arrive. Lead asrescueteam SWAT shooter in vehicle and reach the train station.Enemyjeep is parked outside and guarded by terrorist gunman. Takeoutgunman with a sniper shot from your assault rifle and blowupenemies jeep and arsenal. Clear the underground subwaystationbefore terrorists leave in train to desert. After intensecrossshooting, kill all bad guys and rescue passengers fromrailwaytracks..Ride the train towards city desert and guard thepassengerstravelling across state. As you entered desert area, 2ndterroristgroup attacked the train. Their target is cargolocomotive, shootthese criminals and don’t let anyone escape. Makesure allterrorists are killed and hostages are safe. If anycivilian isshot, your subway SWAT mission is failed. As a SWATsniper take outthe enemy their arsenal and destroy their cars andjeeps. Keepshooting at enemy vehicle until car blast into fireflames. Conquerthe battlefield conflict with your shootingexpertise. Enter intoguerrilla war ambush terrorist convoy armedwith machine gun andGatling.Features:★ 10 thrilling and challenging SWAT team rescue missions★ Multiple weapons like SWAT sniper guns and assault rifles★ Realistic train station and desert battlefield environment★ Smooth touch controls for best first personshootingexperience★ Amazing headshot kill animations and detailed 3D graphicsDownload SWAT Train Mission Crime Rescue, 3D action game forintensecombat missions and terrorist shooting. Many innocent livesdependupon successful SWAT rescue mission, so do not blow thisup!
SWAT Rescue Mission Hostage 1.0.2
Hostile Situation Alert! A terroristgrouphas hijacked an aircraft on city airport and demanding heavyransomto free innocent civilians. Engage in commando action toeliminateground threat from extremist leader and rescue hostagesfrom Boeingairplane in SWAT Rescue Mission Hostage.Attention SWAT Force! Pilot just sent a Mayday from cockpitofBoeing airplane parked on runway. The city airport is underattackand some syndicate terrorists have hijacked theinternationalairliner with passengers on board for next flight.Climb up thestair car and get inside the air plane, take cover andkill armedmercenaries with your sniper gun. Terrorists have modernera warequipment like automatic rifles and ak-47. Take headshotkill fromsafe distance and avoid killing innocent hostages. Becomerambo andengage in melee attack with terrorists until bomb defusingsquadreaches cargo section to end threats.Enter hostile situation make diversion to save pilot inairlinercockpit, avoid to kill any civilian. When you finishterrorisminside the Boeing airplane, 2nd group arrives atbattlefield withgreat firepower and start shooting ground staff.They kidnappedpassenger bus parked near airport runway beforerefueling fromgasoline truck. Lead the SWAT black ops rescuemission to saveimprisoned hostile ground staff. You have policeteam professionalstraining and the ability to win this advancedwar. Help pilot tofly over this airliner. Enjoy intense action andaddictive gameplay in this 3D sniper shooter game.SWAT Rescue Mission Hostage Features:★10 challenging combat missions to save your team-mates★Weapon selection from assault rifles to sniper guns★Real life airport arena with aircrafts parked in hangerforflight★Realistic animations and bomb blasts to rescue automobile,staffand civilians★Smooth controls for best fps shooting experienceDownload SWAT Rescue Mission Hostage 3D best first personshootinggame for intense action and put end to terrorism and savegroundstaff.
M2: War of Myth Mech 1.0.7
“Transform into Myth Mechs in fierce battles and slay enemiesenmasse.”“M2: War of Myth Mech” is a 3D mini-mecha action game.Itintegrates gorgeous fighting action and mecha transformationsandenables you to become a powerful hero transform into the MythMechand overturn the tides of war! You will save the world!“M2: War of Myth Mech” is a high-impact game and you willenjoydecimating enemy ranks!================●BackgroundIn the beginning there was the Terra Mainland. The people livingonthe land were constantly under the threat of violent beastsandpowerful floods. A mythic tribe known as the “Deus-sapiens”camedown from the heavens helped the people to overcometheirdifficulties. Thanks to their help, the people were abletoestablish the technologically advanced “Empire of Zhou”.TheDeus-sapiens left the people of the land, and people began tostartwars against one another. To escape the flames of war, anancienttribe from the Mainland left the battle zones and builttheirUtopia. In the Utopia there was a temple, inside the templewas anancient Myth Mech. People in the Utopia worshipped it andhoped tostay uninvolved in the Great War.However, fate is harsh and the tides of war are beginningtoswallow the people in Utopia. As the villages of Utopia burns,theMyth Mech begins to resonate with young men and women. Aspeopleare dazzled by its glory, it becomes a presence dwellinginside theyoung heroes...●Transform into Myth Mech in the heat of the battle and Fightinthe Sky‧As your character grow, he or she will be able to stringmorecombos and defeat massive hordes of invading enemies with fluidandfurious attacks.‧Accumulate energy and call on the Myth Mech, transform intoit,fight in the sky and experience Mecha battles thrashingthroughenemy ranks.‧By Flying, Myth Mech is not limited to the scene, able topassthough each obstacle and using various strategies to haulandgather the enemies.‧Humanoid forms and robots have different attack methods,offeringvarious ways of defeating your foes.●Unique Mech skills‧Mech is your most valuable companion. In the beginning, youwillpilot a humanoid. You will become much stronger when youtransforminto mech.‧Different Mechs have different skills. Each skill demonstratestheuniqueness of a Mech, making your way of battle standoutfromothers.‧Depending on which skill you want to employ, you can collectandpilot different Mechs to use many skills.●Offering a rich variety of weapons for you to make thestrongestMech possible‧Many different types of weapons available without complexequipmentscheme, powering up your Mech as you like.‧Choose from many close quarter or distance combat weapons.Inaddition to hacking and slashing, you can select many typesofprojectile weapons.‧You don’t want to spent a lot to power up your Mech? You won’thaveto! We offer fair-priced, massive amounts of weapon equipment.Forgeyour perfect Mech and improve your battle prowess!●Play the stages FREE and enjoy the satisfaction of taking itouton the enemy hordes‧You’re the hero that will thwart the tides of war, linked withyourMyth Mech, you can save the Empire of Zhou fromtotaldestruction.‧Enter an ancient Mech research facility full of unknown devicesandprotect the front from being penetrated by the enemy.‧10 difficult levels with 6 completely different scenes,andfighting off dozens of invading troops.●Magnificent battle display and dynamic music andsoundeffects‧Ancient battle grounds with bright and colorful tonescontributingto an already exciting gaming experience. We offergreat music andsound effects to give your eyes and ears atreat.‧Advanced game engine offering you a brand new experienceincontrol, visual and sound effects, ensuring smooth operationsforyou.!!! Requirement : Android 2.3.3 or above !!!