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Dalmax Men's Morris PRO 3.6.1
The classic Nine Men's Morris game, withmanyvariants, both in the number of pieces and in the form oftheboard.You have to form row of 3 tokens to remove youropponent'stoken.Start by placing your tokens in the board, and then movethem,when one player has only 3 tokens he can move them in every placetomake the game more funny in the endgame, anyway this option canbesetted in the game rules, if you don't like it you candisableit.When a player remain with only 2 token or cannot move, helosethe game.The available variants of the game are:- 9 Men's Morris- 11 Men's Morris- 12 Men's Morris- 3 Men's Morris (and the flying related: "9 holes")- 4 Men's Morris- 5 Men's Morris- 6 Men's Morris- 7 Men's MorrisIn each variant the option by which when a player have only3tokens can move them everywhere is selectable.KEYWORDS: Men's Morris, Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills,Merels,Merelles, Mérelles, Merrills, Mühle, Muehle, Mühlespiel,Molenspel,Jeu de Moulin, Smerelli, Tela, Merlo, Grissia, Grizia,TavolaMulino, Mulinello, Tria
All Men's Morris Free! 4.0.5
TRsquare Lab
This game has three variants more totheclassic nine men's morris game, namely three men's morris,sixmen's morris and twelve men's morris.Three men's morris is a variant of "Tic Tac Toe" where you canmovecoins once all the three are placed.Nine men's morris is called as "Navakankari" in India. Othernameincludes "Nira", "Mills", "Mill Game", "Merrills", Mühle,"Merels","Paddock", "Tela", "Triple Chance", "Triplice cinta","ZuluMaraba", etc.Game has a simple and easy to use interface.1. You set a coin by clicking on the vacant place.2. Move the coin by first clicking on the coin which you wanttomove and then by clicking on the highlighted targetposition3. Remove coin by clicking on the marked opponents coinMultiplayer option added with google play game service. You canplaythe game online with your friends and family members usingyourgoogle account.Achievements are also added which will get unlocked as you playthegame.Declaimer: This application uses an google analytic toshareapplication usage data. No personal data is shared fromthisapplication.