Top 24 Games Similar to Special Forces Warrior 3D

Counter Delta Force 1.03
Counter Delta Force, you are, a lonesoldiernear the base of Delta Force who tried to coup theGovernment. Itsthe mastermind of this coup so you had to show yourfirearm skillsalone and arrest or kill the master mind of the Coup.The ArmyDelta Force has tried to coup Government and you are aloneArmyCommando to Counter Delta Force and it is your duty of thechief ofthe army to kill everyone in that Delta Force camp baseincludingthe mastermind of a coup.Show no mercy to any Delta Force person and fight likeaprofessional Counter Delta Force.Prove that you are always readytokill even your own blood when your country need you.Armyhelicopter is ready to pick you from Army Alpha Base and willdropyou at the delta force base to the Counter Delta Force. That'sallwith the briefing now get your a** moving towards theDeltaForce.Features:• A FPS action shooting game
• 10 levels of thrilling missions
• Top quality weapons used
• Real war arena
• A combination of commando and sniper shooter
Commando Desert Assault: Army 1.2
Games Cottage
Commando Desert Assault Army is one of thebestFirst Person Shooting game. Now with full of action packandchallenges. A real bloodshed thrill with High DefinitionsGraphicsand 3d Environment plus addictive gameplay and stunningsoundeffects. Enjoy exactly the real feelings of a battle field.Surviveyourself, but don’t afraid to sacrifice your life forhumanity. Tryyour Luck!Being a commando of special army force, you have been assignedaduty. The mission is given to a well experienced and specialteam.You are a member of that team, each team member has beenassigned alocation to clear. There are deadly enemies andterrorist, full ofhigh quality and special weapons. Your trainingwas tough enoughthat you can survive it. But it is all your fate.Try your luck andfight for the glory of your nation and people.Best of LuckCommando. Aim and Attack.Experience the enemies with arms, Ak-47, Snipers, and Shotguns,Minifirearm, Bazooka and new damaging weapons. You are theovercome Armycommando and an expectation for the country. Pointflawless to shootthe head shots of your opponent. Exact and exactpoint practice willprompt to more precision and take outpsychological warfare inwilderness shooting confrontation.Remember; he is the horrendousfear based oppressor you will swatand slaughter. Gaze intently atyour rifle scope, zoom into findand recognize the objective. Take abreath...and swig the triggerto kill your adversaries. Turn out tobe a Commando enterpriseprofessional killer in this genuine wargame.You, as a first class expert rifleman and officer of fortune,agenuine contract executioner sharpshooter, are the last lineofprotection of Nation against the intruders. As the mainsurvivingcommando of an assault against the fear mongers, youshould utilizethe majority of your specific aptitudes to survivethe huge amountsof the adversary drives and retaliate for yourfallenfighters.Some prepared fear based oppressors over the fringe haveenteredyour dirt through overwhelming mountains and thickwilderness andthey are genuine risk to your armed force base in thezone withthick wilderness and mountains. You are the master ofcommandooperation in such conditions, this time in a desert, andyou needto seek every single fear monger in the territory to shootthem todamnation before they could assault you or your unit aroundthere.Enemies know about your ability and they will target youbeforethey could assault on the base. So be ready with yoursharpshooting abilities and present day weapon to dispose of them.Snareand murder the adversaries before they execute you.Computerizedradar framework is there which demonstrates to you theareas anddevelopments of enemies, there is much ups and Down theMountainwhich show is much troublesome.You have diverse errands at every stage is allotted todemolishadversary targets and to avoid local key position possessedby thefoe. In this way, the procedure as indicated by the approachofevery undertaking. What's more, prepared to appreciate thephysicalrecreation of the track.You need to go into armed force camp via arriving frommilitarygunship apache helicopter. Security of camp is extremelytrickconfirmation. When you go into the camp, begin murderingandshooting foe fighters. You are outfitted with numerous weaponslikeexpert marksman shooting firearm and AK 47 attack rifle.Utilizeyour reasonable weapon as indicated by the circumstance.There isno possibility of re-authorization and there is no supplyline. Youhave cross the global fringe. Presently you are onadversary arrivewith no supply line. So keep you ammo put somethingaside for along fight. You need to murder all the officer of foefor thesecurity of your country.
IGI Commando: War Mission 2016 1.0
IGI Commando: War Mission 2016Duty IGI Commando Shooting 3DCommando is a complete war machine but still moderncombatbattleweapons great to kill enemy territory.Duty to Stop Terrorist Attack is front line first personsniperarmyshooter game against most wanted criminals.You must becarefulandKill out all criminals before they kill you and safeyourarmyperson from them.Battlefield frontline commandoadventureshooterfree 3D game-play. The walking dead triggerwarriors delta force with shooter war fighter, droidbattlewarriorsis jigsaw game around the world. Droid PoliceYouhavechoice of usemore sniper Guns to use in battlefield and killallyourenemies.IGI,Commando games,igi commando games 2016Features:Semi automatic weapons (M4 gun, G3 rifle, Ak-47).More Battlefields Levels.Kill all enemy to Unlock next mission.Real and more battlefield fight against enemy army.It is single player FPS 3D ideas.How To Play::Tap fire button to fire the enemy.Sniper zoom in/out to get the target close.Shoot to target quickly either you could be hurtbyopponentbullets.Health bar at top left will show your life line.
Combat Army Commando War 1.1
It is a small story about the man whichisawarrior and it is one of the best Jason called asAmericanwithbest weapon belong form the US. It is a commando actionasbelongfrom the African. One is a Navy man that is snipershooterwhich isfull train shooter. They fight at the battlefield inthehuge worldwar two which is the biggest ground in theAfghanistanand theylinked to the Agency. Here are many IGI whichare used thedeltaforce in the failure deal. They are many terroristpeopletheyalways shoot to the army in the Jungle ground whichismountaindesert which is area of the Mafia. So it is impossibletocovet itbecause there are many Gangsters they assigned thetargetto theenemies to killed the innocent people. Enemies usedtheGunshipHelicopter to shoot the all things and destroy themilitarytroopswhich are the mini tank. One Fury which used theGunner fortheattack the bad enemies in the vigilant and toaccomplish intheambush with the real up hill in the tracemountains. One isthewonderful combat located at the Afghanistanwhich is the chiefofthe terrorist of this mission they have allcontrols to dronetheshowdowns. It is a dexterous contain the SWATand they swifttheall sweep in the crush. It is Android applicationtwo isthemachine called as assassin that have engaging to thebazookasforthe variety daunting in the all navy man. They used thewarshipinthe destructive with the all dead assault to beloadedthebloodshed in the ultimate with the adventure in the DroidRobotandthey never fear to the innocent people and rescue it.Huge Feature>>1) All Commandos is at the duty they have the mission tocoverthethrilling.2) Armed never fear to the military in the WW2.3) It is a Global world war Game with mega music.4) It is FPS say as First Person Shooter in the IGI2.5) It has small ads and has walking killer in the battle.6) All Counter killer Graphics are High Definition.7) They refuge the people or rescue the all childreninthe9APPS.8) Here are many object like as the Ghost or similartotheNinja.9) It is a Fasted Crush and Quickly deadly Game.10) They used AK-47 to find the all object nameasKalashnikovprepare at the Russian.11) M203 which is smaller Launcher.12) They have handgun call as the commando pistol it is bettertothejigsaw.Free android Application also say as Criminal type availableattheGoogle Store and other many social medias like as theWhat’sappand may be at the Google plus and it is mostly reached atthemanyposts in the Face book. It is mobile application run attheandroidoperation system also run at the tablet device
Desert Force Strike HourSmall DescriptionInitate the counter attack in the desert storm acrossthearmybases!Long DescriptionYou're a specialist. That is what it takes being anassaultcommandowho can go deep into enemy territory to delivercripplingstrikesagainst them. You are igi in hot desert strike modeand wehavegiven the ultimatum to the enemy to surrender. You willstrikewithyour specialist skills to advance deep into the deserttoreclaimyour country's land.Desert Force Strike Hour encompasses missions across thedeserttobring you explosive first person shooter action. Getincharge ofanassault commando who takes hold of modern weaponry todestroytheenemy who has invaded the lands. You will be faced byelitesoldiers,airplanes that fire smart missiles to destroy you!Youwill initiatecounter attack with shotgun, assault rifle,pistol,rocket launchersand grenades to clear a path to victory!What areyou waiting forsoldier? Glory is the reward!***FEATURES***-Modern Explosive Weapons!-Armor will protect you to provide betterfirefightsurvivalrate-Losing health quickly? Get a fresh breath by using themedkit-Blow the enemies with your grenades if you get stuck-The enemies with their airplanes when they get frustrated-Challenging missions-Realistic 3D environment-Real sound effects
Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops 1.3.8
Tiny Troopers are back and better than ever! Decked out innewuniforms and sporting the latest in military hardware, thetroopersare just itching to get back into the fight! Test yourmettle andlead your troopers to victory in three thrillingspecialoperations!LOCK AND ROLL!Jump on a humvee and man the .50 Cal turret-gun as your drivermakeshis way through the enemy infested territories while avoidingtankshells and a rain of bullets.A-TEN HUT!Customize your troopers with new uniforms and train them upthemilitary ranks. Upgrade their rifles and body armor to helpthemsurvive longer on the battlefield.SPECIAL FORCESRecruit specialists ranging from medics and machine gunners totheelite Delta Force and the flamethrower wielding Flamer to helpyouon your missions.MEAN AND LEANUse slick touch controls to move your squad, unleash a hailofbullets and decimate the enemy ranks with grenades, rockets andairstrikes.SURVIVE THE HORDE!Help the Tiny Troopers fight through endless waves of zombies in3action-packed maps. How long can you survive among theundeadhordes?Consult the bill payer before making any in-app purchases.Important Consumer Information. This app: Requires acceptanceofEA's Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA. Collectsdatathrough third party analytics technology (see Privacy &CookiePolicy for details). Contains direct links to the Internetandsocial networking sites intended for an audience over 13.Allowsplayers to communicate via Facebook notifications andgifting. Todisable see the settings in-game.Terms of Service : & Cookie Policy : : or inquiries.EA may retire online features and services after 30 daysnoticeposted on
Frontline Duty of Commando 2 1.0
Frontline Duty Commando Attack 2 istheHeavyraging sequel to frontline duty commando game . On thismoderndayof warfare the commando needs to strike and surviveenemyattackwith 8 maps and 100+ levels to gun down enemy behindlines .Thedelta force and hired assassins are totally ready toattack atyouand keep the lands conquered with them . You have togear upandplan your attack with multiple weapon armory andfinishyourmission. Your team may fall weak but you shall protectthe armyandmake them proud by counter attacking terrorists andwinningtheday. Easy aim fire with realistic gun fire animations andwillgiveyou real battlefield experience.Frontline Duty Commando Attack 2 Features :- Realistic Battlefield action scenes.- Multiple enemies , terrorists and hired assassins.- 18 heavy ammunitionweaponslikeknife,axe,sword,magnums,ak47,machine gun,rifle,hand gunandmanymore- 8 enemy maps and 100+ missions to shoot to kill.Frontline Duty Commando Attack 2 won’t let your finger offtheguntrigger and keep you alerted until the killer elite squadisshot andkilled. So be the modern commando your army needs youtobe and swat& kill all the targets with sniper fury.
SWAT Shoot Strike Terrorist 1.7
SWAT Shoot Strike Terrorist FPS Game!AD 2050, the terrorist organization Terrorist.X ragingglobal,killings, kidnappings, bomb attacks,no one can stopthem.Whom theworld jittery moments, in order to defend justice,fighting againstevil, you are organized as a special forcesdelegated for the eliteteam to stop Terrorist.X continuedviolence.During the execution of tasks you need to bold butcautious,careful, race against time, to fight a duel with theterrorists ,rational use of sophisticated weaponry will help you togive them afatal blow.Of course, the more enemy killed as soon asyou can, themore reward items you will get, so that you canpurchase moreadvanced arms and ammunition.Pick up your weapon withnohesitation,please show no mercy.GAME FEATURES:1.Wonderful and diverse game modes. Each pattern brings you intoasense of cool realistic game....>In competitive mode, your task is to ferret outterroristsand every hurdle to destroy them all, headshot, whack, dowhat youcan to kill them....>In the bomb mode, you must find time bomb that setbyterrorists within the specified time. When you're looking forabomb , the terrorist will attacks on you from time to timealso,are you willing to meet the difficulties ?...>In the hostage mode, you must find the kidnapped hostagesassoon as possible, and brought them to the designated safeplace,take care, the terrorists will attack you on the way.2.A variety of weapons and equipment. As long as you aregoodenough, get enough reward gold, then you can buy anyadvancedweapons you want, so you can give them morenumerousstrike.Guns:AK47,MP5,K1A,M16,AWP,KRIS,M19113.Realistic battle scenes(Ice Fortress,MilitaryBase,ClassicDust2,Arms Depot,Construction Site).All the s nes arerealisticstyle, simulate real-world terrain features, desert 2,militarywarehouses, snow scene intersection etc. allow you toexperience anextraordinary journey killings.4.The shock of the game sound effects, bring youdifferentawesome shooting experience. Shot, headshot, sniping,explosions,etc..
Helicopter City War Offline 1.0
Do you love to play an exciting, fullofactionand thrill shooting simulator game? Then werecommendHelicopterCity War Online free for you. This is multiweapon highquality HDgraphics game to give you real time shootingexperiencein a realcity war situation.To become a brave shooter, download free this new actiongamefromGoogle Playstore right now and engage yourself ineverlastingexcitement.GAME PLAN:Enemy warriors are spread throughout the border line cityandhavecaptured all buildings. They have installed canons,machinegunsand their soldiers are ready at buildings tops&onground.You are member of SWAT team from the Delta Forces. You areprovidedastealth helicopter equipped with various guns. Yourmission istoeliminate the enemies from city and get freedomforkidnappedcitizens. The Elite force commandos will provide youhelpfrom theground. They will identify enemy positions andintimatehelicopterpilot. The expert pilot will bring to yourhunt.So show up your shooting skills and shoot, kill enemiesinthisstunning heli airstrike. When you are flying high in skythenuseAK47 sniper rifle for precise target hitting. Use yourmachinegunburst fire to eliminate terrorist forces standing atbuildingtops.Fire rockets to destroy enemy guns, helicopters.MAKE THE MAXIMUM SHOOTING SCORE & CHALLENGE YOURFRIENDSTOCOMPETE YOU.....GAME HOT FEATURES:- Three different weapons i.e. sniper shooting gun, machinegun&rocket launcher.- Endless game with lots of enemies, loads of weapons.- Realistic 3D city environment.- Live score board with current and highest scoreinformation.- Multi modes i.e. moving and still firing.- Impressive sound effects to make you feel like inrealwararena.- FPS Shooting simulator 3D game with addictive gameplay.- Easy to play, free to play game for shooting lovers.ZACT STUDIO GAMES: AN INTRODUCTIONThis is our first game on play store. We are committed tokeepourcustomers always excited and happy with full of funGames&Apps made of cutting edge technology. We willalwaysappreciate thecomments and improvement suggestions from you.Hopethat youlike....
Join the war for Europe in the exciting sequel toFrontlineCommando: D-Day. Close in on the Occupation with eachmission, makeyour way to the heart of Berlin, and lead the Alliedforces to WW2victory! History depends on you!ENGAGE IN HISTORIC WARFAREExperience exciting WW2 campaigns with challenging missionsthatwill test your skills on the battlefields of Belgium,Italy,Germany, and more. Grab your guns to fight enemy troops,eliminatesnipers, or obliterate convoys, halftracks, and tanks toforwardthe war campaign and save Europe.COMPLETE DANGEROUS MISSIONSMaster challenging objectives in Assault, Sniper and RocketLaunchermissions to clear war-torn streets and rural villages ofAxisinvaders! Become a special operations solider to take downthedeadliest, high-profile WW2 enemy officers and destroyvaluablemilitary targets using snipers, machine guns andtanks.POWERFUL WEAPONRY AT YOUR COMMANDNew and improved weapons are at your disposal to help leadtheAllied forces to victory. Fight with your whole arsenal andutilizemachine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers,flamethrowers, andmore. Choose your weapon of war and eliminateyour targets!STELLAR GRAPHICS AND IMPACTFUL ENVIRONMENTSWith cutting-edge graphics and precise controls, you can seeandfeel the action of WW2. Whatever the mission or weapon-frommachine gun to sniper- you’re on the frontlines of war.High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!Frontline Commando: WW2 is free to play, but you can choosetopay real money for some extra items, which will chargeyouraccount. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting yourdevicesettings.Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms ofUse.Collection and use of personal data are subject to GluMobile’sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are available terms may also apply.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Elite Killer: SWAT 1.3.1
Aim and Shoot! Leave no squad mate behindinthis action oriented first person shooter game! Elite Killer isthe#1 realistic 3D FPS game available on Google Play.You are a well trained elite member of special weaponsandtactics teams. Equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper riflesandstun grenades, you will navigate secret missions across theglobeto eradicate the evil syndicate that stands in the way ofapeaceful world. It is time to load out your firearms and get your5star FPS fix! Let the bullets fly now!Game Features:- Boasting spectacular graphics and blisteringactionsequences- 30+ real world weapons and 100+ challenging levels in dozensofworldwide themes- Local Mission mode and online PvP mode
Crisis Action: NO CA NO FPS 2.0.2
NO CA NO FPS - Crisis Action is the bestFREEeSports FPS mobile game with classic CS modes. Real-time matchandvarious gameplay give you a perfect shooting experience.Hundredsof guns and props show off your shooting skill and arm youto beinvincible. Now 50 million shooters are playing online.Downloadfor free and Join the arena NOW!   *Reminder: Join monthly online tournament to win big prize,poweryour clan! Limited free Mi phones, First Come FirstServed! ========================Visit our official site at: http://casa.herogame.comLike us on Facebookat: our YouTube at: Service Email: [email protected]======================== ---- Game Features ---- ★30 Kinds of Gameplay, Enjoy Your Tricky Shooting MomentCrisis Action satisfies all your CS shooting desires, anditsleisure modes even unlock your mind and vision into a brandnewimagination of FPS. Zero Gravity, Hide& Seek, Cartoon HeroandStay Alive Mode, it’s not only shooting but more playing. Thereisalways one for you! ★200+ Powerful Guns, Customize Your Exclusive RolesCrisis Action provides more than 200 kinds of powerfulguns&weapons for you, including rifle, submachine guns,pistols,shotguns, sniper rifle and even a magic bow! At the sametime thereare more than 20 kinds of roles to be chosen andcustomize withfancy props. Show your personality! ★100% CS Maps,Call Bros to Play Classic ModesThese 100% replicated classic maps will wake up your FPS memoriesofCS! Build your own clan for free & headshot the enemywheneverand wherever! Invite your friends to the arena ofreal-time crisisaction for free, friends should be share! ★Join Fair Tournaments, Win Big Prize With Skills2017 online & offline FPS eSports tournaments is goingon,millions of rewards, thousands of diamonds and exclusiveweaponsfor the most skilled winners! Players of all levels can jointhetournament for fair. Now come to the MI-Power LeagueChampionship,hero never give up! -----The Gameplay------Stay alive mode: Last shooter standing. Be the onlysurvivor!- PVE challenge mode: Various gameplay and much more fun toconquerthe difficult hell.- Bio parkour mode: Hurry up! Chasing zombies, or escape fromthehunters.- Create mode: Use your imagination to create an exclusive arena,bethe designer!- Ranked match: Variety of guns and maps for you to choose tobeNo.1- Arena mode: Either fight in teams or solo, skillsarerequired!- Leisure mode: Zero Gravity? Hide& Seek? Cartoon Hero? Isthisreally a shooting game?- Limited weapon: If we all use the same weapon, can you stillwinthe game? -----About Hero Entertainment-----HERO Entertainment was founded in 2015, and is aimed at buildingaworld-leading interactive entertainment brand. Based onglobalperspective and the era of mobile Internet, HERO devotesitselfinto providing high-quality mobile games to domestic andoverseasusers. HERO has published many preeminent mobile MOBAgamesincluding Crisis Action, Basketball Hero, King of Warship,BombMan, WeRace and Phantom Blade2HERO. HERO promotes mobileeSports,creating entertaining games, and starting a new era ininteractiveentertainment for everyone. Any business cooperation, please feel free tocontact:[email protected]
Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting 2.5
You want a lot of shooting andexcitingmissions?We present our best game of the category action games, his name-Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting.Right now, you can become a sniper shooter, here you willlearnshoots with many kinds of weapons.After the call of back there war.Now already played in this shooting games, show what youcando!This first-person shooter where you can develop the skills.In Game Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting, you have to surviveinconditions of unequal battle with the criminal gangs.This sniper game is a simulator of an army sniper who fightsagainstterrorists.Your duty to kill all the terrorists who have given youthecall.And so, you are in the role of a sniper shooter, the USgovernmenthas sent you on a special mission in which you mustdestroy theterrorist groupings.The effect of this 3d sniper game takes place in an abandonedcitywhere criminal gangs hiding, you have to get to him and killhimwith one shot to the commander of the gangsters.- Game First Person Shooter- Many types of weapons- A lot of shooting and action- Realistic graphicsDownload and play this free shooting games.
Critical Ops 0.9.5.f315
Are you ready for a no-nonsense, actionpackedfirst person shooter ?Critical Ops is a fast-paced FPS that will test your reflexesandtactical skill. Experience the thrill of modern terroristwarfareas you fight a critical strike operation as acounter-terrorist oraim to cause destruction as a terrorist. Fightfor dominationalongside your friends, or show the world your skillby leading theindividual scoreboard. Join the competitive combat inthe mostskill-based portable FPS!Game currently in Alpha phase: Critical Ops is stillunderdevelopment, but you can download and play the game now! Wewillkeep working on the game continuously to fix bugs,improveoptimization and add a ton of new features and content tothegame!The game currently features 2 game modes: Defuse andTeamDeathmatch.In defuse the terrorists try to plant and explode a bomb whilethecounter-terrorists try to prevent the bomb from exploding.In Team Deathmatch the teams compete for dominance within atimelimit.Critical Ops is not and will never be pay-to-win: Purchase camostocustomize your favorite weapons.Follow us on social media:Facebook: Policy: of Service:
Navy Gunner Shoot War 3D
Navy Gunner Shoot War 3DNavy Gunner Shoot War is a free action filled gun shooting gamewithmodern navy strike war fight. This gun shooting action gamehasplenty of challenging critical missions & abeautifulbreathtaking 3D sea environment. This free to play actiongameprovides you the chance to proudly serve your duty with thebestcommando sniper soldiers & elite war fighters of navy,militaryofficer, air war force & army in casual combat rivaloffense.Embark as hunter on a special combat mission with armysniper forceto destroy as warrior at the enemy territory &compete with thedeadly criminals gangster enemy in order to saveyour city forsurvival in arena. A chance for you to experience theintense warin fast action game & firepower in attack of ship inthe truemanner & to be a true war hero warrior of navy military&secret agent elite league squad. Let’s play & strike inthenaval game to blow away evil enemy in city shooter war.The evil enemy has attacked by firepower in your marine navalbaseand trying to play hide & seek so with the help of one ofthelargest tactical shooter air craft carrier. Battle in sniperfreeat the enemy with courage to defeat gangster & terroristsenemyby deadly trigger of shooting guns. The gangster deadlycriminalsenemy is about to enter in your sea water to attack yourcity withfull combat equipment & modern weapons along withsniper fight.They need to be outbreak before they invade the wholecountry withcombat & intense war. Enemy is backed by the pumpgun, snipers,apache helicopters, F16 aircrafts, navy warships,battle ships,modern weapons & guns including army snipershooters, the bestrifleman & marksman.Your ultimate duty is to protect your city & fellowmilitaryofficer commando soldiers on the land to control combat& inthe sea from the ruthless enemy forces. Being equipped withthelatest machine gun and rocket launcher you need to strike&destroy their air craft carrier, eliminate rival soldiers,anddestroy motor boats, warships and fighter. You’ll beperformingyour duty on the frontline flying planes wings in theheat ofaction. You are expected to defend the frontier at all costin fastaction game. Your survival depends on your accurate aiming&shooting skills. To counter opponent’s attacks & strikebackhard also matters a lot. There will be waves after waves ofrivalsoldiers enemy, special gun forces, navy battle ships &gunship helicopters shooting at you that won't let you settledown.Combat fearlessly with shooting firepower to win this war andtosave your city & country for survival. Your success iswhat’sgoing to make you the best army sniper gun shooter,gunner,rifleman, marksman & a true soldier militarycommandohero.Loosing hope in this gun battle is not acceptable; you need towinat any cost. Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel.Whoeverwins is the warrior, will be remembered forever.Top game features:Immersive breathtaking 3D environmentChallenging & addictive gameplayPlenty of gun shooting action filled missionsAmazing sound effectsFollow us at facebook to be aware of bestgames: We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajor phone and tablet. If however you encounter any issuewhichdoesn't let you enjoy our games, please report [email protected]
QRF Tactical Sniper Shooter 1.0
Row Up Apps
Jason Bourne is a veteran in theMarineCorpsSniper Shooter Squadron. As an Elite patrioticSergeantsoldier offortune of Green Berets TaskForce, adapt in theart ofcreed tosurvive behind enemy lines as a lone survivor,bestsurvivalinstincts, enaging in deadly fights in thebattlefield,docamouflage, use tactical weapon guns with completegears andguts,show patriotism, expert in using sniper rifle,experienced inQRFteams and stealth kills, he is recruited by DeltaForce Marinesasa special forces sniper elite to complete variety oftopsecretdangerous fury missions, fight in Anarchy nuclear war.Tactical Green Berets of QRF attack as sniper shooterwithfury,gears and guts.You will play the role of the Special Agent and EliteSergeantJasonBourne in the Green Berets TaskForce, Marine Corps,DeltaForceMarines and Counter Terrorism Department as a SpecialForcesSniperElite Tactical Veteran to complete different topsecretanddangerous missions and anarchy nuclear war.>>>>MISSIONS<<<<1- TRAINING:After fighting wars as a special agent and EliteSergeantSoldierof fortune under the command of Marine CorpsSniperShooterSquadron, the patriotic veteran Jason Bourne is senttothetraining camp of Green Berets TaskForceCounterTerrorismDepartment. Where you will learn new survivaltactics,doingcamouflage in extreme battlefield conditions, to useheavyandadvanced weapon and guns, creed to survive undertoughconditionsand as a lone survivor behind enemy lines,showpatriotism withcomplete gears and guts.2- FIELD MISSIONS:After training with Green Berets TaskForceCounterTerrorismTraining Department with heavy and advanced weaponandguns, nowit’s time for some real action. After showingpatriotismandcourage in Delta Force Marines Squadron, it’s time foryoutobecome a Top Secret undercover Special agent inSpecialForces.The anarchy nuclear war is under the rage of strike. Youwillbeengaged in deadly gunfights in the battlefield as afurysniperelite. You will have to show survival instincts and haveacreed tosurvive behind enemy lines as a lone survivor with thehelpof yourtraining skills, camouflage, sniper rifle skills and fortheQRFteams to arrive. Pass each level to unlock the nextlevel.***ADDITIONAL LEVEL***It is the complete test of stealth movement and precisetiming,asyour patriotic soldier of fortune sniper gears up for awarmissionto infiltrate one of the most secure jails ever, takingonthe mostnotorious criminals in a gun fight with your sniperrifle,wherecrime dominates. But it will your stealth and agilitythatwilldecide your fate in the ultimate battle. Take everycriminalin yourpath if you have to until you retrieve theinformation fromthe mafialeader himself. Gear in for a tough warmission ahead oldsniper!***FEATURES***- 5 stealth based assassination levels in an FPSsnipershootersimulator- Complete objectives and eliminate criminals by causingaslittledisruption as possible- Take on the mafia gang leader in the penultimate bossbattletocomplete the final war mission- Superb sniper shooter controls with a realistic andauthenticfeelof shootingComplete some of the toughest sniper war missionsetsagainstdeadly opponents. It’s either shoot your way out ordietrying.
SWAT Sniper Team 1.6.1
SWAT sniper triggerSimulator of sniper 3d shooterYou swat sniper assassin of elite army sniper!Your target crime gangster, sniper killer, commandos!Get prepared for everything , an online fps game every timeorwherever you can play it at no cost . I use great graphics andBestsounds in map.Rescue your soldier from dark city , shoot enemy guards andreachnearest top buildings for safe rescue by friendly soldiers.Now itstime to rescue remaining soldier and start counter strikeand showfighting skills.To assist you as our last hope we want to help you in safe rescue,pick sniper for long range shooting, pick shot gun forshortdistance and for heavy damage, pick most famous AK47 todeadlyassault missions.
Special Force - Online FPS 1.2.3
Special Force NET: REAL TIME MULTIPLAY FPS▶MO- FPS that you’ve never experienced before on Mobile!-World's first real-time multiplayer gun battle(Shooting)onmobile.-Easier controls with UI customization. Works on any device!-10+ maps/6 battle modes▶Run through the battlefield with dynamic and realisticcharactermovements-30+ actual weapons with the different gun specs-Unique sound effect/character action for each weapon.- Realistic graphics with more sophisticated lightings.▶Charater Customization-Customize your character with various costume itemsandskills.-Costumes upgrade the characters skills.-Group and battle with your friends: Clan System
Bullet Force 1.29
Lucas Wilde
Bullet Force is a fast-paced modernmultiplayerFPS with many AAA features, such as:***FAST-PACED MULTIPLAYER ACTION***Fight alongside your teammates in massive 20-player battles usingavariety of iconic weapons***CUSTOMIZATION***With over 20 weapons, 30 weapon camouflages, multiple optics,lasersights, and barrel attachments, the possibilities arevirtuallyendless.***PLAY HOW YOU LIKE***Bullet Force currently features 4 polished game-modes includingTeamDeathmatch, Conquest, Free-For-All, and Gun Game.***CUSTOM MATCHES***Set up the match you want by creating your own custom matchwithyour own custom settings.***CINEMATIC FEATURES***Bullet Force features a free spectator mode and an option todisableHUD, making the game perfect for all your montageneeds.***OFFLINE FEATURE***Don't have an internet connection? You can still play thegameoffline with bots in a skirmish and campaign mode.We hope you enjoy this new multiplayer FPS, see you inthefight.
Special Force 0.92
Parsis Games
Special Force GameHave you ever imagined yourself as a Special Force policeinyourdreams?We have good news for you: Your dreams becomes reality!You will be play as a Special Force Member and huntdowncriminalsand terrorist all over the world.Special Force is an Online Shooting Game full ofactionandshooting situations. Buy weapons and Equipment, trainyourstriketeam and show no mercy to terrorists!
Gun Strike Shoot 1.1.4
"Gun Strike Shoot 3D" is 3D FPSgame.Incarnation of the game you will be brave soldier, toexperiencethe true absolute hot stimulating shootout.From theDesert Eagle toAK47 and sniper, as you have access to a variety oflight and heavyweapons, as well as powerful grenade too!In the gameyou can notonly choose in the hot desert combat, you can also icecold in thecity to fight, I believe this variety of terrain will beable toignite the passion of your research.Quickly pick up theirweapons,the end of the line of fire, etc. you through!Game Features:**Game you can adjust the number of robbers NPC and intellectualtomeet your desired degree of difficulty, but also can be avarietyof different weapons selection and replacement. Many typesoffirearms the game, especially with a sniper rifle up fullmomentum,(guns have M249, M4A1, AK47, M3, MP5, MAC10, AUG, SG552,P90,Desert Eagle, grenades and so on.).**Shooting guns in the game is very straightforward, shoot theenemynot only has a huge refreshment, but also get a lot ofmoneymonetary rewards, expert players up clearance should notbedifficult.**As a good shooting game, of course, in the game there areseveralclassic battle maps for you to choose, there is desert,city, snow,etc., you will experience a different shootingpleasure.**The overall feel of the game shooting game are very similar,butthey are not the same feeling of playing together, using asimplefighting style, novice players can immediately getstarted!**Game has realistic scenes, flexible battle mode, theoverallfeeling of the world's best, fast rhythm, full of intensebattlescenes as well as simple, smooth control of the interface, isarare fun FPS games.
Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer 1.0.5
One Man. One War. Now You Are The HotSniperKiller.*There you play the game was the fantastic 3D FPS game .As thesolesurviving special forces of a renegade attack against aruthlessterrorist organization, you are stranded on the battlefieldandhell-bent on payback.You must use all of your specialized skills to survive theonslaughtof the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.Facedwith thissituation of you have no choice but to grasp thenettle.From the M16to AK47 and sniper guns, as you have access toa variety of lightand heavy weapons, as well as powerful grenadetoo!In the battle youwill be sent to different locations toperform the difficulttask.Such as IceWorld,Desert,City.Game Features:**Fight in difficult terrainYou will face different environmental challenges spacingcase.Butnothing can stop you to destroy the enemy'sconfidence.**Providing advanced weaponryMany full power firearms will be available to give a fatal blowtoterrorists for you.AK47,M16,WA2000,AWP,M400.**Experience the perfect touch operationThe awesome 1rd person shooter with stunning consolequalityvisuals, precise controls, advanced physics anddestructibles. Jumpin the heat of battle and push your Androiddevice to thelimit!**Complete Dangerous MissionsThe number of enemies and the AI you face are different dependingonyour selected tasks in each level.In short, the more theenemykilled, the more reward you get.What are you waiting for, let's take a journey andstartkilling.
Naval Strike Operation 3.0
Naval Strike Operation Air Navy FightersLite,powered by ROTORS flight engine - F18 Carrier Landing, let youdiveinto a new flight dimension.Your aircraft carrier in deep seaisunder attack. You have to counter the attack and evacuatethecarrier from enemy forces they are on deck. An aircraft carrierisa warship with a full-length flight deck and facilitiesforcarrying, arming, deploying, and recovering aircraft, thatservesas a seagoing airbase. Typically, it is the capital ship ofafleet, as it allows a naval force to project air powerworldwidewithout depending on local bases for staging aircraftoperations.It is extremely expensive to build and important toprotect.Aircraft carriers have evolved from converted cruiserstonuclear-powered warships that carry numerous fighter planes,strikeaircraft, helicopters, and other types of aircraft.Thrill busting super exciting Multiple game levels designedtochallenge your combat instincts. Clash with thebattleship,aircraft helicopter and naval boats to complete themissions.You as a Naval Strike Operation commander, got an order fromthehigh command to move for the air craft carrier far from theIslandbase to evacuate the carrier from the enemy forces. You haveto flyon gunship helicopter with your Delta company. The enemycommandoshave entered on the aircraft carrier in deep sea. Your aircraftcarrier is loaded with several air jets, helicopters, missileandother military assets. If the enemy get control of carrier, it'sabig loss to your force. Snipe, shoot and kill them, theoperationshould be successful to win the combat. Lets shoot to saveyourforces and military assets of naval forces.You have to command, you have to be attentive, look deep in tothesituation and condition and shoot the enemies using severalweaponsyou have got. You are on helicopter. You have to attack fromtheHelicopter to bring them down to sea and then drop yourcommandoson the aircraft. Survive yourself and survive theaircraftcarrier.You have multiple weapons, like shot guns and assault rifles tosootand destroy the enemy.Game Play:➫ Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to move your gun rightorleft or up and down➫ Aim and tap Fire button to shoot➫ Try to shoot and kill enemy soldiers on first spot➫ The weapons will reload itself and you have unlimited numberofbullets➫ You can select either pistol (shotgun) or an assault rifle toseeyour convenience➫ The helicopter is moving slowly toward the enemies➫ Evacuate killing one by one.Cool Features:➫ FPS (First Person Shooter) Game➫ Efficient weapons and control➫ Multiple weapons like pistol and gun, heavy Guns, RPG➫ Multiple challenging levels of game➫ Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)➫ Realistic 3D Graphics real look➫ Nice view from helicopter➫ Amazing Movie Quality sound effects and sound track➫ Easy GUI and controlsSo get your game Naval Strike OperationBe a brave man!
Clash Alert Surgical Attack 1.0
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