Top 4 Games Similar to Egg Incubator: Relaxing Game

Roll Out Egg Baby Hatch Game 2.6
Grunn Games
Hatch a baby egg in a survival adventuregameworld with dangerous obstacles.Avoid dangerous obstacles by hatching, rolling, hopping,running,jumpingand even flying around in this super egg game.A journey through a landscape filled with tricky obstacleslikegears,spikes, arrows and boiling water to surprise you againandagain.Download and hatch your egg now!* * * * *Other Grunn Games:Farting Farm Pig Farty Fart grew up on a farm between bighorses,crazy chickens, grumpy goats, wild cows and heavy pigs likeababirusa where he ate his first onion and became addicted toit.The other animals gave their buddy his nickname Farty Fart,becausehe farts a lot and that’s why he lost many farm friends.They justcouldn’t take the smell anymore.Farty Fart is a funny, shameless farting pig withextraordinaryintestines, that enables him to make big jumps byfarting. FartyFart eats gassy food that creates an excessive amountof gas likeonions, a lot of onions! Pick them up, eat them and fartto thetop, passing fainting chickens and falling cows and birds,avoidingvicious pitchforks and huge tractor tires.Today Farting Farm Pig Farty Fart wants to change his fart facelookand particularly the way the horses, chickens, goats, cows andotherpigs think of him by taking a refreshing warm mud bath andwash hisgassy butt, but someone placed it somewhere at the top ofa game andit’s your job to help Farty Fart get up there by fartingfromplatform to platform. That sounds easy, but it’s a long way togoand full of dangers.* * * * *Funny Monkey Banana CatchCatch bananas and avoid coconuts that are falling from the sky.Itall depends on your quick skills.A rain of bananas to catch and no time to blink your eyes. ThisisFunny Monkey Catch Bananas!Catch a peanut from of the sky and you are lucky. Funny Monkeygetsa super special effect with extra points. For 5 seconds longthismonkey will be a strong banana magnet.Play against friends from around the world and become amonkeylegend.Can you catch 2017 bananas this year? Let the bananasfallnow!
Egg Shoot Classic 1.5
A fast-paced prehistoric puzzle game! Yourjobis to shoot dinosaur eggs into the puzzle to create groups of 3ormore of the same color...they'll get "blasted" offthescreen.There are 3 different game modes in Egg Shoot. Beginners may wanttotry the Endless game first. Experts may prefer Stomped!. Ifyou'relooking for a low-stress game, try Time Trial... youcan'tlose!Hope you like it.
Bird Eggs 1.0.1
Rara satarin
More than a few eggs surprise, ready toenjoythe children's surprise game now!Hidden inside a wide range of surprises toys and rewards,keepshaking the eggs, be careful this is easy to addiction yo!Thereare a lot of eggs, fun and playable game very high, veryuniqueapplication, when the above figures are 0, you can getanunexpected reward.The game features:- Very large variety of eggs- Suitable for adults and children- Play at any time- You can play for a long time and not play greasy- play is simple but unique high- Fine, pleasing background- Can get the mysterious giftI believe that children can have fun and can learn fromtheefforts will be fruitful, only non-stop shake the eggs in ordertoget the ultimate reward for your child to learn in the game,earlyunderstanding of the truth of the world, as work , There arepaidto have the results, with this entertainment game, letyourchildren learn not the same knowledge, this is our purpose, sothatyour child is not bored to learn.
Relaxing Sandbox Clicker
2d2b Games
There are a lot of stresses inourlife.Sometimes we need to relax in a quiet corner andmakesomethingsimple. Many people need to keep calm and relax.Counter sand is a one of the relax games. Probablywhenyouwas a child you wondered: How many grains of sand in thesandboxorin the cat tray? It is possible that someone had tried tocountthesand. Do you agree that is calming activity?Now you have the chance to play in the sandboxwithoutmud.You can open the anti-stress application atyoursmartphoneafter hard working to calm their nerves.The mechanics is very simple you just need to drag the grainfromoneheap to another. After each drag and drop counterisincremented. Theapplication is similar to the mostsimpleclicker.Just count the sand and relax.