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Dominoes 170.0.0
As part of the Social Multiplayer Gamesclassat NYU, I have built a dominoes game.The game can be played as per below:- Play with a friend on the same phone, invite a friend to playorpractice against the computer.- Two players are allowed per match. Each player will receive7tiles.- If you are the first player to join the match, you will beallowedto start by playing a double tile. If you don't have adouble tilethen you can either buy tiles from the house or passthe play toyour opponent.- Each player adds a domino to an open end of the layout,ifpossible.- If a player is unable to make a move, he/she must drawdominoesfrom the boneyard until a move can be made. If there arenodominoes left, then the player must pass.- A game ends either when a player plays all his/her tiles, orwhena game is blocked. A game is considered blocked when allplayersmake a pass their turn (i.e. no player can make amove).- When a hand ends, the player with the lightest hand (i.e.thefewest number of dots on their dominoes) wins the number ofsumtotal of points in all of his opponents hands (minus the pointsinhis own hand, if any).
Hit the Clown 1.0.5
Tab on the left side of the screen tomoveleftand tab on the right side of the screen to move right.Hit the Clown is an endless runner. From second to secondthecardrives faster and faster. Do you think your reactionsarefastenough to dodge the other cars? Free the streetsfromtheClowns!Compete against the entire world, in the fight for firstplaceinthe world rankings!In our shop you can buy cars with ingame coins, thatyoucollectduring the game.If you like Hit the Clown, please rate this app!Have fun!
Bottle Flip Challenge 1.1
Make the water bottle flip with asimpleonetap. This is the biggest water bottle flip challenge gamethatyouever played. Looks easy? Just try the bottle flip challengeandseeit for your self. Have fun!Inspired by the global epic water bottle flip challenge.Features :- Most Extreme water bottle Flip Game Ever- Level Based and Endless Modes in water bottle challenge!- Collect all Bottles- LeaderboardsLets go Flipping!
Bottle Flipper 2K16 1.1.5
New Ideagame
The best Water bottle flipchallengeever.Enjoy addictive and simple casual game with real physics.You've tried the challenge, you've flipped the bottle, now takeitonthe go.Flip and land the water bottle upright to score. You can unlockalotof new bottles and trails to make them cooler.Compete with your friends on Android mobile.No internet connection needed and no in app purchases.To take a screen to share your score, we may access to mediafilesisrequired to share your score.► FEATURES ◄♦ Absolute launch control.♦ Realistic physics.♦ Global leaderboard.♦ Saves your own highscore.♦ Play for free now.
Juju on that Beat 1.2
Eric Fortier
Juju on that beat is a fun gamefortoddlers,kids, teens and adults.Angry moles are invading the garden. You have to get ridofthembefore time runs out! But beware, moles do not want toleavethegarden and have organized to protect themselves from theblowsandattack you. So hurry, take the hammer and whack the mole!Juju on that beat, is a fun game suitable for all ageswith20different levels that will ensure fun for long. Toddlerswillhavefun hitting everything that comes out of the hole, eithermolesorrabbits, regardless of the points. But as they grow,childrenareadapting to the complexity of the game and are abletodistinguishbetween rabbits and moles to know who to hit.But keep in mind that some rabbits are still in thearea,becareful not to hit them.Juju on that beat game for your smartphone!- 20 levels with increasing difficulty- 3 power-ups to use including elixir, bombandempoweredhammer- bunnies to distract attention- funny graphics and soundsWhen you pass each level or have enough points, you canbuysomeextras that will help you. To use them, select themfirst.Extras:- Bomb : Destroy everything that comes through thatholeandnearby.- Power : Increase the intensity of the blow.- Elixir : Improve your hammer for a while.- Trunk : Cover a hole for a while- Stone : Cover the hole throughout the level
Bottle Flip 1.2
Bottle Flip, the most popular flipping gameyoushould not miss!!Multi ways to flip bottle, and Various emulated scene as wellasbottle types give you fabulous and real bottle flip experience.Take the bottle flip challenge in two modes!Endless ModeGet score by Flipping bottle onto the platform.Level ModeFlip a water bottle onto the platform to get score,soeasy?Difficulty level is getting higher now!! To get score byflippingbottle onto the platform of other object while bottomperfectlylanding on surface.Customized SceneBottle flip offers various customized scenes and bottle types,whichgives player a fabulous and real bottle flip experience.Let’s flipbottle with changeable environment and emulatedscene!How to play1.There is certain chance to flip bottle in every round. To taketheflip bottle challenge with limited life in level mode~2.During your play session, you can get more chance to flipbottlewith our little bonus. Let's take the bottle challengerightnow!Features:1.To get score by flipping bottle onto the platform of otherobjectwhile bottom perfectly landing on surface~2.Offline game makes it possible to take challenge anytimeandanywhere~3.Totally free bottle flip game without in-app-purchase!4.Emulated landing makes it possible to experience the realbottleflip~5.Show off your high score and invite your friends to takechallengetogether!Obsessed with flip game? Realistic emulated Bottle flipchallengeis waiting for you!Wanna be the Master of Bottle Flip? It’s time to flip waterbottlesnow! Just have a try!
Juju Dance Challenge 1.0
Show off your Juju dance moves to allofyourfriends ! TThe most popular Juju dance in 2016! Make sure you don't missit.Challenge your friends with awesome dancing moves. How wellcanyoudance on the beat ? Use your finger tap on the beat buttons!howfast can you react to the music rhythm? How long canyousurvive onthe beat before you fail?Dancing levels are getting harder and harder , moreandmorerhythm buttons need to press to pass the challenge , areyougoingto be the dancing kings and queens in this dance battle?This extremely fun Juju dance challenge game is for allthedancelovers ! Make your finger dance on the beat today !
Domino Dot Counter Demo 2.0
Counts the dots (a.k.a. pips) on a groupofdominoes using the camera. Great for adding up the dots on alargenumber of tiles at the end of a round of Mexican Traindominoes.Just start the app, point the camera at the dominoes, andtapanywhere on the screen. The total will appear in about a second.Acircle is drawn around each pip in the image.This demo version of the Domino Dot Counter App has ads. It isademonstration of the capabilities of the paid version of theapp.If you like the demo, please purchase the full version. Thefullversion now keeps score!!!For best results, it is important to hold the camerahorizontallyover the dominoes. It is also important to play on asolid-coloredsurface like a wood table or a solid tablecloth.Please email us with any suggestions, concerns, or problems withthedot counter demo.
Water Bottle Flip Challenge 1.2
Can you make a Water Bottle FlipChallengePremium? Take the TournamentHow To Play:-Tap to Flip on each platform-Time your jump
5 Second Guess 3.2.0
Marco Studios
5 Second Guess is a fun and fast pacedpartygame suitable for the whole family.The rules are simple. With 5 seconds on the clock, a player hastoname 3 things. Once the time runs out, the other playersdecidewhether it qualifies as a pass or fail. The player with themostpoints at the end of the game wins!★★ Features ★★✔ Hundreds of fun challenges✔ Add your own 5 Second challenges✔ Play with up to 8 players✔ Completely free to play✔ Set the number of rounds to play✔ Keep track of player scores✔ Frequently updated with more contentGreat fun for all ages!
Ariana Grande Piano Game 1.5
If you are a Arianator or Tiny Elephantyoumusthave this game!!You just have to touch the pink keys fast to hear themelodyassmoothly as possible, but you have to avoid touchingthewhitekeys, in the challenge mode, you need collect 5 song notesforwinone star that would you need to get the newest songsUse your thumbs or play with one finger, collect as manytilesasyou can and obtain the other songs.The application is free for entertainment purposes onlybutitcontains ads that help us to finance our developments, thiscanbeannoying to some people but we ask for your understandingThank you, enjoy it.DISCLAIMER:Ariana Grande Piano Game is an unofficial fan application. Itisnotaffiliated with or endorsed by Ariana Grande, theirmanagement,orher record label.This app does not include any copyrighted material.The piano melodies are arranged with individual piano notesThis app is for entertainment purposes only
Bottle Flip Extreme! 2.1.0
Oaks Games
Water Bottle Flip Extreme (Most FamousBottleFlip Game)!Water Bottle Flip Extreme is inspired by the senior talent showAK2016, Water Bottle Flip Extreme brings you the insaneflippingchallenge of the year!Hold Tap to set the power to flip the water bottle and flippybottleonto the platform to score. If you like Dude PerfectChallenge orpaper tos with extreme, This game looks like.Game Features:- Extremely fun and addictive- Realistic water bottle flip physics- Most Extreme Bottle Flip Game Ever- Add 8 styles of bottle for bottle flip- 2 modes to play(endless mode & time limited mode)- Win more diamonds to unlock new bottlesHow to Play:- Normal target: Calculate the angle and strength, and thenslidescreen to flip bottle.- Moving target:Be attention to speed of movement targets andthenflip bottle at the correct time.Coming soon:-Online global scoreboardLets flipping bottle now! Share and compare your scores withfriendsand others on the online global scoreboard.Flip the water bottle onto the platform to score. Can you masterthebottle flip game?*No Internet Connection Required*Download Bottle Flip Extreme game, the best retro arcade actiongameon mobile now.
Save The Drowning Girl 1.1.0
This is aime hospital. You need to dealwithall kinds of emergencies and rescue work as a goodemergencydoctor.This time we have a drowning young girl suffering frominjuries.We need you to go over there to rescue her.Time is tight, let’s set off immediately.Features:-Preparing the emergency supplies and take them with you;-Driving the ambulance;-Rescuing the drowning girl;-Treating the wounds for the injured.
Water Bottle Flip Colors Match 1.0
The 2016 Water Bottle Flip Craze hastakenoverthe world by storm. Take your water bottle flip skills andtrytheextreme Color Match Challenge in Water Bottle FlipColorsMatchChallenge. Are your reflexes that good? How long canyoulast?Brought to you FREE by Top Crazy Games, the makersofHoverboardRush Race Simulator and Trump Hoverboard Sim.[How to play]- Tap to flip that bottle up.- The flippy bottle color will change and switch.- Tap again to clashy through the right color and landsafely.- Collect water drop for awesome prizesFeaturing 30+ unlockable flippy bottles, cocacolabottles,vibrant colors, and mystery ak prize wheelMore coming soon in this Extreme Water Bottle FlipColorsMatchChallenge game.Follow Top Crazy Games
MyFlower - Grow Flowers - Free 1.0.3
★★★★★MyFlower!★★★★★✓MyFlower is a flower you will need to take care of it,✓Plant it, give it a name✓Grow it with so much love✓Watering it , give it fertilizer every time it will need it✓Play MiniGames with her to have fun together✓when it is fully grown is your choice whether to sell it gainingabit of money to use in the shop✓Buy all objects in in the shop to customize the game✓Change background occasionally✓All achievements★MiniGames:✓Jump, Rise Up, Down, Up And Down, Tap The Red, TicTacToe, Flappy,Fall❤♫☮Peace !!
Burger Fever - Shop 🍔 1.2
Vair Games
Get ready to cook, sale to earn themoneyforspending luxirious life. Now a days every person isworriedabouthis livinghood but vair games is introducing thisburger fevergamefor you in which you have to work efficiently tocreate thegudreputation before your customers.Some customers are entered in your shop to buy chips,burger,colddrink, hot dogs, and fries you have to deal them verypolitelyandhave to complete their order shown on your devicescreen.Yourcustomer are in hurry and they can wait for some timeand youhaveto cooking after taking an order from customer in timetoenjoythis game and to collect money.Remember! if you are not completing your task in timeandyourcustomer returned without anything then it will cause ofyourlevelfail.Your Feedbacks and ratings are valuable for us to keepourselvesbusyin creating more fun in the games to entertain you,yourfamily andyour friends. In case if you find any bug thatneeded tobe addressedjust send us an email, we will improve it andreply toyour email assoon as possible.
Drop that Domino! 1.1
Fat Mammoth
A simple game where you line up Dominoesandseehow far you can get before they topple.