Top 6 Games Similar to Lion Hunter 2017

Angry Gorilla Simulator 3D 1.0.1
Amazing Gamez
Unleash your inside beast and hunttheultimatejungle prey in a most extreme wildlife gorilla attack3Dsimulationgame. Play as fiercest ape and attack wild monkeytodominate yourterritory with full throttle gorilla rampage action.This Angry Gorilla Simulator 3D is the best example oftotalAfricandestruction where hunt or to be hunted is a part ofthedark jungleenvironment. The smartest species like chimpanzeesandwild monkeysmight play their ways against gorillas, but whenthejungle ape willunleash its powers, no one will dare tocomeforward for one on oneencounter.Experience the real super challenging gorilla missions andfeeltheultimate joy of fighting against cheetahs, panthers, andwolvesforyour own survival. Face the real forest darkness andstarttheultimate gorilla rampage in the vast savannah asangrygorilla.A total action packed real gorilla simulation game withfulljungledestruction missions will surely terrify big jungleanimalsin anopen 3D woods environment map. Just download it andenjoythegorilla rampage in a classic realistic way.Game Features: Angry Gorilla Simulator 3D• Realistic Gorilla Simulator with Aggressive Animations• Actual Thrill of Gorilla Attack in Jungle Environment• Show your Hunting Skills• Amazing 3D HD Graphics of Real Wild Animals• Experience Gorilla Rampage in Addictive Levels
Wild Animal Sniper Hunter 2017 1.0.2
Enter into the jungle forest; choose,aimand shoot like a professional hunter to build a zoo ofyourown.This big game hunting season be a wild hunter or get hunted asyouenter the safari inhibited by the most dangerous and wildanimalsof the world! Wild Animal Hunter 3D gives you a chance ofbuildingyour own wild animal zoo of your dreams. So if you thinkyou havegot talent for wild hunting or safari hunting, then thiswildanimal hunting is a MUST HAVE game for you.No wonder you have tried your luck with wild hunter and deerhuntinggames, but Wild Animal Hunter 3D is nothing like the otheranimalsniper games. This hunting game gives you the experience ofhuntingand then capturing the animals to make your own zoo like noothergame.Journey to the safari with your jungle sniper kit but insteadofbullets you will have tranquilizer darts to sedate the wildanimalthat you shoot and later transport it to your zoo. WildAnimalHunter 3D gives you chance to hunt wide range of animalsfrom,stag, deer, or zebra to the ferocious lion and cheetah, huntthemand then own them in your own custom made zoo.The only tip of survival in the wild jungle: Rely on yourwildanimal hunting instincts because if you take hunting wildanimalfor granted the hunter might become hunted.Features:• Master the skills of perfect shot• Epic Third person sniper hunting experience• Efficient gun control for steady aim• Build your own zoo by hunting animals like lion,elephants,cheetahs, zebras and deers• Bag the biggest wild animal for your zoo• Smooth and efficient game – controls• Amazing real hunting 3D environment
Safari Hunting: Wild Animal 3D 1.0.2
Safari Hunting Wild Animals 3D is a realanimalhunting game in which world’s wildest location will bedisclosed foryour five star shooting adventure. The real thrill ofbeing in ajungle for real animal hunting requires accurate aimingand shootingskills.It is not an ordinary safari hunting game, but as you startyourrough journey, this wild sniper shooting game will land you inanepic jungle hunt where animal attacks are usual, but you asanexpert wild animal hunter, should aim and shoot precisely fortotaldomination in the jungle.This 4x4 safari hunting game has many wild animals to hunt,butstags, lions, rhinos and zebras will be your primary targets.Theexclusive deer hunting mission will add further elation whenyouget a chance to shoot through the wild hunting sniperrifle.You as a wild safari hunter whose on the big jungle adventurewillbe equipped with best hunting rifle to escape wild animalattacks.As a wild hunter, you will be driving top suvs for bestspeed andprecise shooting. Your 4x4 safari hunting car is youronlyadvantage, but when out open in the jungle, the scary wildlifechallenge is itself a daunting task even for a real expertsafarihunter.Safari Hunting: Wild Animal 3D: Game Features• Best Safari Hunting Shooting Mobile Game• Real Safari Hunting in Real Safari Wild Environment• 4x4 Realistic Animated Safari Hunting Adventure• Jungle Sniper in Action with Awesome Rifle Simulation• 3D Wild Hunter in Brilliant 4x4 Car Simulation• Deer Hunting with Full Aiming and Shooting Precision• Wild Sniper Shooting with High Quality Graphics• Jungle Animal Hunting Completely in Open World• Wilderness Quest for Real Jungle Adventure Lovers• Wild Life Epic Off-Road Adventure• Hunting Sniper Rifle with Powerful Zoom• Wild Animals Attacks of Elephant, Lion, GiraffeandRhino
Wild Animal Hunting 3D 1.0
Hunting wild jungle animals is fun when oneisaprofessional hunter as an amateur will endanger his lifeintrying tokill furious beasts.This game is a brand new real hunter and snipershootingexperiencewhich you might not been able to get in your reallife.Those whocannot risk their life hunting wild animals can enjoyrealhuntingexperience and note animals simulator by playingthisgame.You are avatar with a special precise sniper gun toshootfuriouswild animals. For the time being you have threeoptions, youcankill bear, stag and wolf but in next versions youwill be abletokill fast animals like cougar, bobcat andtiger.Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary. Whensomeonegetsinto it they take it as an invader. So the sniper shouldholdhisbreath and be patient. While hunting bear and wolf beaware,theywill become alert hearing the sound of bullet fire andwillattackon you and if you will not hurry the survivor beast willtakenotime to kill you and the game will be over.While stag or reindeer run away hearing firing sound. Thetargetofsniping running animals is a little challenging. So useyourarmysniper shooting skills to kill these animals before theyattackorrun away with Wild Animal Hunting 3D . You have toselectoneanimal at a time and then go into the levels which arethreeinnumber.Embark on a lifetime hunting and sniper shootingactionadventureandGood luck!!!FEATURES- An ultimate hunting action.- Game play is simple yet entertaining.- Efficient gun control.- True to life hunting experience.- High fidelity cool 3D graphics.
Wild Deer Hunter 3D 1.0
Socho Games
Wild Deer Hunter 3D game is for those, whoareaddicted sniper shooting and hunting games, this game is alsoforthose who love to hunt animals on the driving vehicle.Wild Deer Hunter 3D gives you the experience of snipershooting,you will have to hunt the different animals with differentkinds ofstrong and heavy weapons.Features:High quality graphics3D realistic environmentPowerful shooting weaponsmore than 100 missions to challengedifferent kinds of wild animals
Black Panther Sniper Shooter 1.0.6
Just start a lifetime hunting as anexperiencedhunter in the forest wilderness which you might notbeen able to getin your real life. You are bejeweled with aprecise sniper shootergun to hunt down wild animals in this BlackPanther Sniper Shooter3D game.This game provides you a hunting simulation that is completelytrueto life! Open and explore a huge 3D world in HD qualityinhabitedby variety of wild animals from black panther, wolves anddeer tobears, tigers and cheetah so Set your Scope and Hunt!You are avatar with a special precise sniper gun, fully loadedandready to hunt for furious wild animals. They all run towards youassoon as you shoot at one wild animal, shoot them before theygetyou. Shoot to Survive and Kill them all.For the time being you have six options, you can kill bear,stag,wolf, black panther, tiger, cheetah but in next versions youwillbe able to kill other beasts like cougar, bobcatanddinosaur.Return to the wilderness of jungle in the most stunning FPShuntingsimulator on Android! Embark on the wild animals huntingexpeditionof a lifetime to kill the ultimate game in Black PantherSniperShooter 3D. When you kill the deer, bear, tiger, wolf,blackpanther and cheetah, you must remember these are 3D models notrealanimals.Enjoy real hunting experience by playing this game but Be carefulofthese bloody beasts as they are thirsty for blood, and they willgeta good meal with your flesh.KEY FEATURES- Explore exotic jungle locations- High fidelity HD graphics- Unlimited ammo- Different camera positions: sniper and basic- Simple yet entertaining game play- 10 unique shooting levels and different beasts to hunt down- Be aware of time