Top 14 Games Similar to Run Criminal

Murder Case : Mystery Crime 12.0
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Help me police..!! Here criminal's attackandmurder in my city, so please protect people and investigation.— Play Environment —Investigate all new crime case scene.In this game find the clue.Solve all Criminal Case Scene in the city.New murder case detective game include in all levels.Here lot of criminal case needs to solve it and arrestcriminal.We will update new crime scene detective game within week toweekand solve new case....!! Come Fast Police and Solve Criminal Case Scene ...!!
Smashy Road: Busted 1.0
✪✪✪ Smashy Road: Busted criminal ✪✪✪Have you ever tried driving service in Minecraft games? Itbringsyou hours and hours fun and excitement! Anyway, the gametakes placein the city full of many types of cars. You can findhere forexample classic cars, old cars, jeeps, limos etc. Butbeware, it isclear, that for road pirates are waiting police carsor even SWAT!If something happens, there are available some firetrucks andambulances. The city is really perfect for racing! Thereare longand wide roads for drags with traffic lights or manycorners forclassic races through the city. The rest is up to you!You can craftand build other roads, even the bridges, springboardsets. It is allup to your imagination!✪ Many models of cars✪ Amazing graphics✪ Great ingame possibilities✪ Unique surroundings✪ Police and fire workers✪✪✪ How To play ✪✪✪- Choose your car!- Explore the city!- Try to avoid the police!- Don´t cause any crashes!
Crime Scene 2 4.7
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Investigate the criminal case by examiningthecrime scene for clues! Search hidden objects and find theneededevidence to solve the murder mystery and catch the serialkiller.Hints are there to help you solve the puzzle!
Crime Case: Serial Killer 3.0
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Can you solve the crime case and catchtheserial killer? Scour the crime scene for clues, investigatethemurder weapon, and catch the murder!Hints are there to help you solve the puzzle!
Dexter: Hidden Darkness 2.1.1
Step into the shoes of America’sfavoriteserial killer. Follow the evidence left by dangerouscriminals byinvestigating crime scenes and uncovering numeroushidden objects.While at the same time planning out your own secretagenda.With exclusive brand new criminal stories, here’s your chancetoimmerse yourself once more into the mind of Dexter.Can you handle the two sides of DEXTER MORGAN?- BECOME Dexter Morgan, the Blood Spatter Pattern AnalystatMiami Metro.- FIND hidden objects throughout various crime scenes.- SOLVE intriguing murder cases and puzzles.- FOLLOW Harry’s Code to guide your secret instincts.- TEAM UP with your favorite characters: Debra, Harry, BatistaandMasuka.- FEED your dark passenger on ruthless murderers.- CHALLENGE your friends to see who’s got the bestinvestigationskills.- PLAY anytime – no Internet required.- DISCOVER new crime scenes for FREE.DOWNLOAD now and become Miami’s most famous blood expert!About the franchiseDexter: Hidden Darkness is based on the American televisiondramaseries “Dexter” which aired on Showtime and CBS foreightconsecutive years and was nominated for many Primetime EmmyAwardsand Golden Globe Awards while reaching a record-breakingaudienceof nearly 3 million viewers.Internet is NOT required for gameplay except when unlocking anewcase in the investigation screen or purchasing an item.PLEASE NOTE: Dexter: Hidden Darkness is free to play, but youcanalso purchase some items within the game with real money. Ifyoudon't want to use this feature, just disable in-app purchasesonyour device.The application is only supported on devices using Android 4.1orhigher.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Like Dexter onFacebook: on Twitter: Bug? Feedback? Contactus:
Criminal Cage : Crime Scene 2.0
Criminal Cage : Crime Scene game isbasefromCriminal want go out side of jail but he need to the criminal for collect the key of jail door. Makebestscoreof criminal Cage. find the key and solve criminal case.Solve all Criminal Case Crime Scene in the Jail.Collect more keys and improve your score.Be Care full police to solve Criminal Case light is On.Make your own criminal cage game.Best Of Luck..!
Mystery Case: The Criminal 1 1.2
Hungry Potato
In the latest episode of Mystery Case,ourbeloved Detective Ray Bennet joins hands with Amelie DuPont -anagent whose work in the forensic department qualified her to beapart of the InterPol's most counted upon agents. Together theyhuntfor a serial killer who has left a trail of bodies globally.In Mystery Case: The Criminal I, the body of a slain doctorhasthe authorities on toes as the clues point towards hiscolleaguewhereas, the M.O is frighteningly similar to that of aserialkiller whose escapades across the globe have garnered himarock-star like status.Solving this criminal case and the like is the only way tocatchthe murderer they're trying to find.Put on your thinking caps, pack your sleuthing gear as youdelveinto a case filled with lose ends and misleading clues.Find the hidden objects and clues within the different locationsinorder to solve the criminal case and catch the him.Mystery Case: The Criminal - Copyright © Hungry Potato 2015
Criminal Jailbreak 4.0
***Note: Game is just for funandentertainment, we are not inspire any type of criminal andharmfulpeople. So Download criminal jailbreak android game***Criminal Jail game so entertaining a people who is interestedtojail break. In this city many criminal case scene and arrestmanycriminal, someone criminal jailbreak. See this game how toruncriminal in the jail.--: Game Story :--Criminal want to go out side of jail but he need to readysomeexpert plan. help the criminal for go to the out side ofjail.Hurry jailbreak if you are capable. check your smartnessthoughthis criminal case game. Easy jailbreak game Play, Just Tap&Release Screen.--: Feature :--Diffrent 5 Criminal Case view available.Best Crime Scene with attractive graphics available.Effective Sound of Criminal Case Scene view.
Sherlock, a criminal case! 1.5
Hey detective Sherlock, for you anotherbizarrecriminal case to solve, do you have any suspects?There are a lot of clues on the desk of the police office, youhaveto find the right ones to frame the killer.Detective Sherlock, another criminal case to solve! is a puzzle-adventure game where the players have to use their ownvisualskills to find the clues shuffled on the police station desk,youare the detective Sherlock in this puzzle - adventure game andyourpurpose is to solve this bizarre criminal case and find allthesuspects in less time possible.Features in Detective Sherlock, another case to solve:. A bizarre way to solve a murder case, you have a lot ofclueson your desk and you have to find the right one as soon as youcanto solve this criminal case.. Good quality cartoon graphics to plunge into the atmosphere oftheinvestigator in search of the murderer. A different way to play an adventure game, the clues areshuffledon the screen and you have to find them in a sort of HiddenObjectgameplayDo you have any suspects, ready for the challenge?DetectiveSherlock, this is the right case for you!
FBI Murder Case Investigation 6.0
Game Vision
"FBI Criminal Case Investigation" isamazingHidden Object Game! So Are you ready to Catch TheKiller?Investigation, Examine, Analyze, Interrogate and ArrestTheKiller.Challenge Your Self...There are 5 different Cases. Find The All Clues, Evidences,Suspenseand Solve Puzzle In Every Case.Select Your Police Partner or Investigate with and findevidences,suspend and clues.Solve Puzzle One By One and Completed Murder Case.Features:=======1. All Levels Are Free.2. Amazing HD Stunning Graphics.3. Hints help to find the hidden objects.4. Analyst your self and identify the killer with witness.5. Solve Puzzle with your brain and Catch the killer.6. Solve all Criminal Case Scene in the city within time.So Are You Ready For Catch The Killer? Play And Solve AllCasesNow……..Don't forget to Review Us!Web: http://www.imobigames.comLike:
Police Line Investigation 3.0
"Police Line Investigation" isamazingHiddenObject Game! So Are you ready to Catch The Killer?The house was broken into while the owner were at a party.Imustfind out which object were stolen.There are 4 different Levels. Find The AllClues,Evidences,Suspense and Solve Puzzle In Every Case.Solve Puzzle One By One and Completed Murder Case.Remember, this is my first case, I wanna makeagoodimpression!!Features:=======1. Amazing HD Stunning Graphics.2. Hints help to find the hidden objects.3. Analyst your self and identify the killer with witness.4. Solve Puzzle with your brain and Catch the killer.So Are You Ready For Catch The Killer? Play And SolveNow……..Don't forget to Review Us!Web: http://www.imobigames.comLike:
Mystery Case: The Criminal 15 1.3
Hungry Potato
Previously on Criminal Case: With suchadreadful Killer at large, things can't get any worse. The Killerisgetting away every time from right under the Detective'snose.Let's see for how long he can get away with his horriblemurders...In Mystery Case: The Criminal 15, murder of an auditor of alocalcompany got the whole law enforcement alarmed. Detective RayBennetand Agent Amelie put their heads together to solve thismysteriouskilling, hoping that all the hardwork pays off.Get ready for the whole new world of secrets because there isnota crime, there is not a dodge and there is not a trick whichdoesnot live by secrecy.Solve this criminal case and the like to catch themurdererthey're trying to find.Find the hidden objects and clues within the different locationsinorder to solve the mystery case and catch the criminal.Mystery Case: The Criminal 15 - Copyright © Hungry Potato 2015
FBI Agent : Crime Case 3.0
FBI Agent is one of the best criminalcaseinvestigation games. You are the FBI Agent prove your skillandinvestigate hard. In this City crime case rate has gone toohighlike murder case, kidnaping, robbery, assault, sexualassaultand etc So Crime Patrol workout.All levels are very difficult to solve than think as acriminalminds and also think as a forensic investigator crimepatrol andhackers type.Features:=======1. Free All Levels.2. HD Graphics.3. Hints button to help you.4. Identify the clue and arrest him.5. Test your brain to solve all levels.6. Time is going so please quickly achieve your target.I think you are ready FBI Agent, solve and arrest who'sinvolvein murder case..!!
Mystery Case: The Criminal 2 1.3
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In the last episode of Mystery Case:TheCrminal, Detective Ray Bennet was assigned with a specialagentfrom InterPol to catch a serial killer who has been escapingthehands of justice till now by framing other criminals for hisdirtywork.In the latest episode of Mystery Case, Detective Ray BennetandAgent Amelie DuPont continue chasing the trail, left bythismysterious serial killer.In Mystery Case: The Criminal 2, the bodies of twopoisonedvictims has the law enforcement on edge, and the evidencesaresimilar to the same serial killer whose been long wanted bythepolice all over the world. Ray Bennet is feeling sorry forhavingdoubts in Amelie’s abilities in the past and now, he himselfnotsure about what to conclude from the evidences.Solving this criminal case and the like is the only way tocatchthe murderer they're trying to find.Put on your thinking caps, pack your sleuthing gear as youdelveinto a case filled with lose ends and misleading clues.Find the hidden objects and clues within the different locationsinorder to solve the mystery case and catch the criminal.Mystery Case: The Criminal 2 - Copyright © Hungry Potato 2015