Top 24 Games Similar to Frozen Fruits

Frozen Frenzy 1.02
Can you avoid the cars, trucks, buses andSumoWrestlers?!?! Drive your ice cream truck through a constantarrayof obstacles as you continue your Frozen Frenzy through thecity.Simple to play, difficult to masterThree difficulty speedsRetro art styleNo intrusive banner adsAddictive ice cream truck soundtrackSocial LeaderboardsTap left or right to avoid obstaclesCan you score more points than your friends?
Frozen Jewels Dash
Jessica Sun
Welcome to Frozen Jewels Dash, the bestandaddictive match-3 game!Are you a super fan of diamonds or jewels style games? Iftheanswer is yes, Frozen Jewels Dash is the game that you must haveinyour game collection. It’s expected that this game will lead youtoextremely interesting experiences.Frozen Jewels Dash is a match-3 puzzle game with classicandaddictive gameplay. Like another jewels or diamonds game, justtapor touch and match jewels by your way to get highest score,andpass as many levels as you can. Especially, you can play withyourfriends in game center to see who get the highest score.Frozen Jewels Dash is a free game in the genres of puzzle,arcadeor casual which will present you lots of pleasant hours. Itis asimple but extremely fun match-3 game. By playing this gameyou mayfind yourself hopelessly addicted to tapping or touchingtheglorious jewels.Various jewels, diamonds, beautiful graphics, smooth gameplayandawesome blast effects make this jewel game to be great, a bestwayto kill your time!-------------------------------FEATURES:- 3 Game Modes: Time Rush, Endless and Dash.- Game center integration.- 7 identical jewels.- Various items in game.- Nice sound and music, beautiful graphics.- Auto save game so that you can continue whenever you want.-------------------------------HOW TO PLAY:- Tap or touch 3 or more jewels of the same color.- For endless mode: Clear the jewels as more as you can and meetthetarget for each level. Endless relaxing!- For rush mode: You have 60 seconds to tap the jewels as fastaspossible. Let’s see how many score you can get within 60seconds.Compare score and challenge with your friends to see whoget thehighest score!- For dash mode: You have to break blocks as fast as you cantoreach to the next level. You'll get time bonus after reach thenextlevel. Try to survival as long as you can in this mode and earnthescore as more as you can. Let's see how far you can go!-------------------------------TIPS:- Many jewels blast at the same time, you’ll get thehigherscore.- Use the item dragon stone wisely to explode all the jewelswithsame color.- Timer item will add extra time.- Treasure chest will give you amount of bonus score based onyourlevel.-------------------------------By playing Frozen Jewels Dash, you will love the fun, creativityandexcitement of this great casual game.Any questions or advice, please send us e-mail. Have fun!Best wishes to you.
Frozen Bubble Classic 1.7.1
Android port of the Frozen Bubblegame.Knockthe bubbles down by forming clusters of three or morebubbles.Afun puzzle game suitable for the whole family young andold.Want more levels ? Try Frozen Bubble Neo or a leveleditorapplfrom the play store.
Frozen Snowman Run 1.0
Beautiful falling snow accompanies you asyouguide your snowman through 105 frozen lands avoidingperilousobstacles.Collect as many stars as you guide your smiling snowman totheexit with simple 1 touch control. 3 level packs take youfromsimple to extreme difficulty, if you are up to it!**Features**- FREE - No purchase required.- Simple 1 touch controls- 105 different levels in 3 difficulty levels- Beautiful original graphics that will make you smile.- Falling snow effects- Engaging music and sound effects (can be toggled on or off)- Suitable for people of any age including children- Phone and Tablet support** How to play**- Touch the screen to make the snowman jump- Get to the exit while collecting as many stars as possible- Avoid the obstacles- Passing through speed up and slow down zones addtrickychallengesIf there is anything you do not like about the game please letusknow and will seriously consider ANY requests or feedback.Please don't forget to RATE US :-)
Frozen Cubes 1.1.2
UI-topia Labs
Just what you always wanted: flyingcubesofwater that turn to ice when you touch them!Actually five educational games in one:1. In the "Spelling" module, you spell words bytappingtheletters in the right order. Several vocabulary liststochoosefrom.2. In the "Count by Multiples" game, you count by 2's,3's,4's,all the way up to 144.3. In the "ABC" module, you tap out the letters ofthealphabet.Intended for younger players.4. In the "Counting" game, you tap the cubes for 1, 2, 3,andsoon, in the correct sequence. Also intended foryoungerplayers.5. In the "Times Tables" game, you answerbasicmultiplicationproblems by tapping the answers on cubes.This game was completed as a class project by the studentsofCS203 (Fall 2011 semester) at Brigham YoungUniversityHawaii. by Joe Toscano - photo adapted from the Radio Nowhereblog-
Frozen Snowball with Penguins 1.0
Frozen Snowball is an addictiveandchallenging,arcade survival game. You slip and slide acrossthearctic ice,collecting stars and crystals, while dodging minesandcrazypenguins.One Finger Controls, 3 Game Modes and 9 Upgrades.[HOW TO PLAY]• Touch and hold anywhere on the screen to activateajoystick.• Control the snowball by sliding your finger left or right.• Collect stars and crystals• Upgrade your snowball in the shop• Avoid the mines and the penguins[GAME MODES]1. Mines Mode – you travel across a mine field trying tocollectasmany stars as possible2. Arctic Mode – how long can you survive the penguinhabitatwithouthitting any of them3. Gate Mode – penguins form gates along your path; canyougothrough them all?Enjoy the game.FEATURES:• One Finger Controls• Funny penguins dressed like a pirate, a judge, darthvader,apilot, a solider, etc.• App2SD--------------------------We want to make our game better, so please show yoursupportbygiving us a rating. It really does make a differenceforus.Thanks! :)Experiencing problems with Frozen Snowball? We’re heretohelp:[email protected] Entertainment is an independent developer of freegamesformobile. Games for girls have been a niche market for alongtimeand their aim is to create addicting games that catertothisparticular public. They create funny games that give asenseofcompetition, serve as social glue between old friends,andbringstrangers together with every challenge they encounter.
Angry Frozen 1.0
Angry Frozen is exciting gamewithdifferentlevels.Must play with puzzle and memory games, which are goodforbrainexercise.
Freeze! 2 - Brothers 1.18
Welcome to "Freeze! 2", the highlyanticipatedsequel to the multi award winning puzzle hit "Freeze!"(More than11 million downloads worldwide!).PLEASE NOTE:"Freeze! 2" is the premium full version with 100 levels, withnoin-app purchases and without annoying ads! So, it isn’t free -butwe can also guarantee that you pay only once for the entiregame,and never again!+++ unique atmosphere, charm, and a compelling twist +++[PG Award,]+++ top notch, highly innovative and immersive +++[5/5,]+++ worth your attention +++[]THE STORY:Many years ago, our old hero from „Freeze!“ was kidnapped fromevilaliens and locked in a tiny cell on a planet far, far away.Henever found his way back.Now his little brother heads to the stars in his self-builtrocketto find his lost brother and to free him from the clutches ofthealiens!THE GAME MECHANICS:You’ll solve twisted physics-based puzzles by rotating thecellsaround our heroes with your finger. And of course you’ll havetouse the Freeze-buttons to arrest gravity for the brothers.Soundssimple? Well, yes, it is - at first.NEW IN "FREEZE! 2":The basic gameplay is the same as in „Freeze!“, but there aremanyexciting extensions: In the levels you’ll encounter liquidslikewater and deadly rocket fuel sloshing around. The brothers havetopass most levels together, fighting against lethal electricfields,smart batteries (what?!?) and slightly sadistic leveldesign.HIGHLIGHTS OF "FREEZE! 2"• Premium game, no ads, no in-app purchases, developed byAndreasvon Lepel• New look and unique graphics by art director JonasSchenk(• With surreal alien worlds by illustrator JonasLittke(• 4 alien worlds, 100 varied and exciting levels, designed byHiroYamada• New dark tracks from the Swiss Trance Master KarlLukas(• Simulation of fluids such as water and deadly rocket fuel• High Scores and Achievements - who’ll escape fastest fromtheprison worlds?============= About „Freeze!“ =============+++ Winner of the "Indie Prize Europe 2013"-Award ++++++ "Top 10 Android Game of 2013" (Android Qualityindex) ++++++ More than 10 million downloads worldwide +++»Freeze! is one of a kind. It’s a whole new gamingexperience...Score 4.3/5« (, review)»Score 91/100« (, review)»The twisty-turny physics delights on offer here arecleverer,darker, and more devious than what's on offer in youraveragecasual puzzler.« (, review)»minimalistic yet stunning artwork … gameplay is fun,challengingand maybe even a little maddening ... Score 4/5«(,review)»Spooky, Challenging Perfection - Score 10/10«(,review)================================================
Frozen Tales 1.5
In the animal world, the fightbetweenpiggiesand yetis has been around for a while, your missioninthisintuitive arcade, is to move away the snowballs to preventtheyetifrom killing the adorable baby pigs that one day willfighttheyetis for you.Aid our hero, Master Pig on his questo to protectthenextgeneration of piggies, is not going to be easy. Are youreadytotake the lead in this adventure in this fun,challengingandaddictive arcade, combining a really intuitivecontrols amazingandfull of color graphics?Challenge your Facebook friends to see who can last longerinthefield, and show the big yeti who is the boss here.Features:- Vivid cartoon-like graphics- Simple and intuitive controls- Protect the cute babies bouncing around.- Dodge as many snowballs as you can to score higher.- Keep yourself alive jumping across the scenario.- Acquire items that will help you to defeat the yeti.- Connect with Facebook and compare your scorewithyourfriends.- More challenging scenarios soon
Frozen Birt Jumper 1.0
Cheap Hotel
Flying and jump in the frozen world .Frozen birds is a simple game with a beautiful winter theme .Help the frozen birds fly and jump as high as possible .Tap the screen to flyEarn coins , buy and collect birds cutefeatures :- One touch controls .- Challenging gameplay .- Excellent graphics and beautiful winter .- Effect snow storm Realistic- Character birds cute and adorable- Google Play Game Services
Frozen Heads 1.0
This is a new version of Frozen Heads whichwasremoved for not complying with the new play store policies.Thisversion fully complies with new store policies.The challenge is to knock the characters down by formingclustersof three or more characters.The playing space gets smallerascompressor goes down.So hurry up ! Also when the "Rush Me" modeison (by default it is ) and you stay more than 20 secondsinactive,the character will go to wherever it`s facing !!;)However you canalways disable the "Rush Me " mode by going to theoptions andselect" Don`t Rush Me ".FEATURES* 1000+ entertaining and colorful levels ( more levelscomingsoon).* Easy to pick up* Simple and cool graphics for everyone* Colorblind Mode option available* "Rush Me/Don`t Rush Me" mode available* Level selection available for all cleared levelsHow to play* Just tap the point where you want the character to go.*** Hint : Just like billiard balls, the characters can alsobounceoff the sides.Use that to help you clear them up !
Frozen Invaders 4.0
Electric Fish
Frozen Invaders is an old school shootemupgame but with a Christmas theme. Masses of snowmenareattackingand you must defend your space. You control Elfred(theelf) at thebottom of the screen, armed only with anunlimitedsupply ofcolossal crackers. Look out for the deadly (okcold) icecubes thatthe snowmen are dropping. You can take 3 hitsbefore youarecompletely FROZEN.
Lion Pig : Frozen Run 1.0
Lion Pig : Frozen Run is a free toplayfastrunning platform adventure set in a beautiful pixelworld.It'stime to put on your running shoes because Lion Pig isready toracethrough the Frozen Valley! You must run and jump asfastaspossible while avoiding traps such as giant snowballsandcrystalshards. Be careful not to fall down a snow pit whilegazingat thefrost-covered trees and mountains as the sun and moonpassover thehorizon. The game has a beautiful retro style andsomecharmingwinter music you will surely fall in love with.This is is the ultimate test for your racing skills.Upgradeyourscore multiplier and keep running to earn the best scoreontheLeaderboards!Features:* Randomly generated world for lots of platformjumpingandclimbing* Day and night cycle - Watch as the backgroundchangesbeautifullyfrom morning-afternoon-sunset-evening-night* Upgrades to keep you coming back for more!* Beautiful pixel graphics drawn to create a vibrantandcolorfulwinter environment* Simple 1-touch controls* Leaderboards and Achievements in Google Play Game ServicesLion Pig : Frozen Run is free to play but includesoptionalIn-Apppurchases. Purchasing any In-App purchasewillremoveadvertisements.The game is optimized to run on most Android devices.UnchecktheHigh Quality checkbox in the options menu if you haveanolderdevice and experience lag. This will helpimproveperformance.Do you have what it takes to be on top oftheleaderboards?Download Lion Pig : Frozen Run today for free!
Super Freeze 4.7.7
Univcoda AS
Andy's Breakout(block, brick breaker,arkanoid)is not just a classic breakout-style game. It is based onbox2dphysics engine, which makes game play more dynamic. It'sgreat funwatching and crushing ice swings and other constructionsin arkanoidgame style.New levels will come with next updates. I'm wating foryouropinions and prompts how to make it even more fun!
Frozen Tap 1.0
Frozen tap challenges your short termmemoryand relaxes you all at the same time!Remember the symbols you see in the upper part of the screen,andtry to tap on the duplicate ones before they reach the bottomof thescreen!Sounds easy ? It gets harder every time you succeed!Share you highscore with your friends and family to showtoeveryone you have the best memory!Frozen Tap is free so you can share it with everyoneyouknow.
Penguin: Frozen Fall 1.0.1
Fennec Games
Penguin: Frozen FallHow far down can you get with your penguin and are youabletoscore better than your friends and the other players?Tilt your device to control the penguin & taptothrowsnowballs to clear the obstacles and dangers out ofyourway!Don't let the Hothead get you and make sure you stay stayonmoveto score big.The Fall is Frozen, don't let your penguin slip!* Endless opportunities to improve your score* Pretty and clear graphics* Challenge everyone on Google Play Services leaderboard!
Penguin Run:A Frozen Adventure 1.0.5
***** Penguin RUN ******play now this fantastic arctic game!! enjoy its colorfulandexciting levels!!Join this penguin and enjoy his funny journey throughdifferentfrozen stages!!Run and jump avoiding different obstacles. Get coins and starstounlock new levels!!jump on different animals to get stars, there are a lotofanimals in this penguin's journey such astigers and polar bears, even mammoths and reindeers !!Avoid ice columns, frozen spikes and bombs and fire or youwilllose!!!be careful when colliding with animals because if you dontlandon their top you will lose 1 star!***features****- 30 different levels.- 5 stunning arctic landscapes.- fun jump and run game.- unlock levels getting stars and coins.- nice cartoon 2D graphics.- adults and kids will enjoy this game.******************************Join now this fantastic adventure and help this penguin tounlockall levels!!*********Penguin Run will have more levels soon!!!!!-------------------------------------Music credits to:"Happy Boy End Theme" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Frozen Spike Balls Shooter 1.12
Frozen Spike Balls Shooter themostaddictivefree shooting game ever ..1.Make 3 or more balls of same colour to burst it2.tap the screen to shoot3.shoot all balls to unleash new levelsYou have two modes-aim to shoot and point to shootUse menu to have more options and settingsplay it and have more fun !!!!!
Frozen Air Hockey MP 1.0.3
Frozen Air Hockey is the firstevermulti-devicemultiplayer Air Hockey game for the Android! Youcanpurchase thepaid version of the game to host multiplayer gamesandyour friendscan play against you for free!Additionally, you can play singleplayer against achallengingAI,and send feedback and feature suggestions from insidetheappitself.Upcoming features:- Desktop version for testing multiplayer against yourselforwithfriends.- Reworked physics engine.- Tweaking speeds, friction, and physics response.- Integrating input for multi-touch devices(forsame-devicemultiplayer)- Increasing performance for slower devices.- Implementing popular suggestions sent from the'Feedback'sectionof the game.Troubleshooting- I can't see other devices on the network.Make sure you are on the same WiFi connection and your hostisusingthe paid version of the game. Restart the app and enterthegameslist around the same time. If all else fails, somewirelessaccesspoints do not implement IPv4 multicast which isrequiredfornetworked play.- The game crashes on my device or is really slow!I'm working hard to support as many devices as I can. Pleasesendmea report from the 'Feedback' section of the game ore-mailme.- Anything elseShoot me an e-mail from the 'Feedback' section of the game.I'lldomy best to support you.
Frozen Furballs 1.1
Snowmen are trying to get away withALLthepresents... This cannot be allowed!The Furballs are here to help! Aim, Expand and ReleaseFurballstostop the Snowmen and knock the presents away.Earn bonuses and special powers to boost your score further.Frantic frosty winter themed fun!Music by pheonton via OpenGameArt.orgLicensed under
Blue Tiles: Piano Hero
Blue Tiles is a fun piano tiles stylegame,mini step on white and blue tiles with piano rhythm.It looks very easy, but be careful, don't tap the white tile, anddoyour best as a piano hero.How to Play:1.Don't tap the white tile.2.Step on the blue tile and run as long as you can.3.Enjoy piano tiles.Feature:1.Classic mode: just step 50 tiles and enjoy the piano music.2.Arcade mode: keep you in the tiles when speed is more fast.3.Zen mode: how many steps will you run in 30 seconds.4.Relay mode: get extra time when step 50 tiles in 10seconds.5.Rush mode: how fast could you rush?6.Bomb mode: don't tap the red bomb tile.7.Frozen mode: double tap the frozen tile and go ahead.8.Simple design and easy play mode.So let's play and become a piano hero, do it now.
Frozen Diamonds 1.1
Features:-Time mode-Beautiful graphics HD-Amazing animations-Level mode-Special tiles for amazing combos -Lots ofachievementswithprizesIt’s completely free and super fun!Give it a try and match them all!
Princess Unicorn - Air Hockey 1.2.0
Discover a new fantastic air hockeygame.Choose between numerous frozen fields. Challenge yourself intheenchanted fairy world where 4 different difficulty levelsarewaiting for you. Play against a virtual adversary or challengeoneof your friends.This game works like a classic air hockey game but it will bringyoueven more fun. It has incredibly realistic physics, a coolgraphicstyle and you can change the field theme with just a coupleoftouches.How to play: Use your finger to move the paddle and hit thepuckto score goals.Features:- Colorful graphics.- Smooth and responsive game play.- Realistic physics.- 2-player mode (on the same device).- Quick play mode (single player).- Numerous hockey fields: Princesses, unicorns, jewels, etc.- 4 difficulty levels: Easy medium, hard and pro.- Vibrate when scoring goalThis game is has been designed to entertain you if you likeitplease rate it with 5 stars on the app store.
Frozen Fardy 1.0.1
MOAz Studio
Cute Penguin 'Fardy'.To become Queen of the penguins to a severe test. EH?The keep flying despite being a Penguin!You will be able to fly until when?[Play]And around the keep flying to touch the ice splinter! -Big ice coming down from the great gap about to leave! Throughthegap between the big ice and score!Aim for the high score![Features]-Right jump button and is the left jump button just for asimpleoperation.-LINE or Twitter to share scores.Get high marks for trying to show off to friends!-Aim for the top leaderboard! And of course it's free!-Killing time are also great!-Supports Tablet! Tablet can play in comfort!