Top 15 Games Similar to Zombie Defense / Defesa Zumbi

Zombie Defense Survivor 1.1
Zombie Defense Survivor isaside-scrollingshoot up defense game. Players require theirweaponsto clashagainst the zombies approaching towards them. Therearenumerouslevels and power-ups in this Zombie Defense Survivorgame.Yourselfmove soldiers between slots, upgrades and operatehugehurdles.Each minute you are in risk, you have to to takestepsquickly andefficiently in order to stay alive and get not inofthis hellishcity. Struggle to stay alive in zombie havoc.Walkingdead areextremely quick, fuming and dangerous. If you fireout thematlegs, they resolve to crawl. Save bullets, aim attheirheads,looks around like a ninja, or you will die veryquickly.Amazingmakes you return. A single-handed human surroundedby theundead,you hunt for something. You brawl your way throughtheruins. Grosscash on missions and use up them among missions tobuypermanenttechnologies, upgrades, weapons .You will be trainednewskills,polish old ones and gain expertise in some. Thezombiesyouencounter get faster, stronger and bigger each night. Youknowyoucan't afford to rest. You can not afford to lose. Youcannotaffordto die. Play no for FREE.How to Play:-* Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shootandzoomin&out.* Tap on left side to navigate the area.
Zombie vs Gunman 2.2.1
Lumosoft Ltd
Zombies are smarter now, they don't justwalktowards you with bare hands. Running, jumping or airborne...theywill sure catch you by surprise. And don't expect them to bemeleeattackers only as they do some time throw axes from arange...Defeating them will be challenging!You will have a range of gunman under your command, riflemanisthe backbone of your army, their bayonet will come in handyoncezombies get close. Shotgunner delivers powerful shots that canpushzombies back, they're the best friends of those who always wanttokeep zombies at a good distance. Machine gunner is theultimatekilling machine, deploy them and watch how zombies getblown apart,and more types for you to explore in game.Guess what, your gunmen love chocolate, so feed themchocolateand watch them killing faster!DescriptionA musthave for zombie lovers, Zombie vs. Gunman is an addictiveandchallenging zombie survival / shooting / action game. Combiningtheelement of tower defence and active zombie shooting/headblowing,"Zombie Gunman" is very easy to pick up, very hard toputdown.Hordes of zombies are approaching your position. Captain, yourorderis clear: Hold your position until reinforcements arrive.Usegrenades, machine guns to stop their advance.- A selection of different types of soldiers - Rifleman,machinegunner, shotgunner...- Multiple upgrade path for all your soldiers.- A variety of zombies.- Multiple Acts and numerous levels.
Zombie Hunter: Zombie Defense 1.0
You are the only survivor inthiszombieapocalypse and you need to save yourself in thecity.Theauthorities closed the city so only way to survive istoeliminateall zombies. In Zombie Hunter Zombie Defense you willwakeup andyou only have your pistol and nothing else. In the citytherearecars with supplies which you can recover. are you ready tokillallthe zombies in this game and be sure you are the onewhowillsurvive and not the zombies.Can you handle this zombie apocalypse and keep your headclearandfocused. You are the last man standing in the city.Eliminatethemall and stop this zombie apocalypse now!Missions in Zombie Hunter Zombie Defense•Recover cars with supplies•Reach a safe zone•Destroy the zombies nest by plant a bomb and detonate it•Drive with your own car and collect info about thezombiesleftbehind by the governmentMain features of Zombie Hunter Zombie Defense•Kill all zombies•Kick and shoot the zombies•Amazing gameplay•Revive yourself and buy armor to protect you more againstattacksofzombies•Hunt like a real zombie hunterPlease let us know what you think of the game and rate thegameonGoogle Play.Facebook:
VR Zombie Defense,Cardboard 1.1
VR GunDefenseThe VR GunDefense been released.'Gear VR' experience of VR or virtual reality using'Googlecardboard' a.After running the application Experience a virtualrealitythrough the cardboard.Please defeating the dreaded zombie raising your score※ Google cardboard, etc. VR gear you need tools that makethenormal content to enjoy the virtual reality experience.※ You can split the screen darkening, depending on the typeandbrightness of the display of the device.
Zombie defense: death invaders 1.8
Abi Games
A worldwide zombie outbreak erupts in several metropolitanareasaround the world; those bitten by the creatures becomezombiesthemselves within seconds. You need to do all you can toresist thewalking dead and rescue as many survivors as possible.All of thatcreate Zombie defense: death invaders idea game!Zombie defense: death invaders feature:- Zombie games combat in 4 different map with 5 uniquegamemodes- Zombie games over 10 weapons- 4 skills to improve your ability: HP, power, armor andspeed- Zombie games up to 6 types of zombies: quick, strong,remoteattack and powerful boss- Zombie games with tons of missions- You can earn extra coins by trainingIf you love Zombie defense: death invaders don't forget torateus and leave positive comments.Thank you for playing Zombie defense: death invaders
soichiro sato
The world is dominated by zombies.You are a last of human.Drop objects from a top of tower and drive climbing zombies.
Zombie Defense Kill 1.0.2
Welcome to our new fun shooting gameforandroidphone. Download today don't waste time, play and useyourexcellenthead. A virus spread across the humans worldtransformedpeople intozombies with shotgun. Your mission is tostrike anyzombie you areseeing, and kill them in this actionchallengezombie game. You haveto defense yourself by using theshotgun anddon't get dead. You willhave a lot of fun timefinishing themissions. Shotguns availablewill give you thepossibility to playthis action game in the endlessmode. Useweapons to scout the cityarea. Upgrade levels and survive.Watchyour head, there are zombiesurvivors who will raise again likeyourfriends but they areenemies. Watch you neighborhood town, anddon'tlet the war begin.You have to shoot your enemies anddefenseyourself. Walking fastis the special powerful tactic. Deadsoldiersare waiting for yourvictory. Gather as more money as youcan andfire with your ammoquickly those creatures in thatenvironment.Audio is amazing, justtrigger your weapons and you willhear goodsound. Graphics are HD.Don't let the apocalypse start, useyour cstactics and strike thisvirus in all the missions available.Zombiesare everywhere sobeware. Touch the screen to kill. Protectpeopleand friends inyour city by shooting. The subway is full ofzombiewith shotguns,fire fast, kill, defense and using the weaponis thekey.
Three Stooges®: Zombie Defense 1.0
Experience The Three Stooges® asyou’veneverseen them before! The zombie apocalypse is happeningandLarry,Moe, & Curly must defend their red carpetpremierefromoncoming hordes of high-falootin’ movie-goingzombienumbskulls!Build up your Stooges and their abilities and savetheLadies inRed; stop the zombie outbreak of Tinseltownfromdestroying thegala event! With Larry taking point, Moe withthebird’s eye view,and Curly launching pies like there’s notomorrow(because theremight not be one), The Three Stooges® aretheultimate in zombiesurvival!The Three Stooges®: Zombie Defense is a classic towerdefensegameset in the universe of The Three Stooges®. With realaudioclipsfrom the original shorts, hilarious dialogue that mergesthegreatThe Three Stooges® comedy that we all know and lovewithmodernthemes, classic & new music of epic proportions,TheThreeStooges®: Zombie Defense is all you need to survivethezombieapocalypse!A network connection is also required.BE THE THREE STOOGES®Play as Larry, Moe, & Curly!!Real Audio clips from the original Stooges shorts!Hilarious dialogue in the legendary style of The Three Stooges®DEFEND YOUR MOVIE PREMIERESave your movie premiere from the zombie apocalypse!!Defend your theater with pies, seltzer bullets, &plentyofinsults from the zombie invasion!!Upgrade your Stooges to become the ultimate zombiekilling-trio!THE CHALLENGE15 zombie types & 1 mega boss zombie of hilarious origin!20 levels of increasing challenge!Get 3 stars in every level to become maximize yourzombiekillingpower!!REWARDSRewards for completing levels and challenges!Save the Ladies in Red for additional rewards!Survival is its own reward, you knucklehead!Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: usonGoogle+: our website: http://www.thethreestoogesmobile.comThe Three Stooges®: Zombie Defense is free to downloadandplay,however some game items can also be purchased with realmoney.Ifyou do not want to use this feature, please setuppasswordprotection for purchases in the settings of yourGooglePlay Storeapp.PrivacyPolicy:®/© 2015 C3 Entertainment, Inc. AllRightsReserved.http://www.threestooges.comSUPPORTHey Moe! Havingproblems?Visit
Zombie Target Shooting 1.1
Zombie Target Shooting is one of thefreezombiekilling games which involves John, a member of ahighprofile killersquad, all set to be a zombie killer in a city.Hismain armor is azombie assault sniper. He realizes thateveryzombie hunter has diedfrom the dead zombie in the city.Herealizes the only way ahead isto kill zombies in thiszombiedefense.Death stares at him in a zombie world war. Blood will beshedashe finds himself on the frontier of a zombie defense.InZombieTarget Shooting game you will be involved in a zombiekillwithyour assault sniper. This won’t be a walk in the park forJohn,ashe has only one thing in his mind, the death of thezombiekillersquad due to the zombies. Time to take revenge, crushandkill allzombies. They are your only enemy in this zombiekillergame!!Key Features of Zombie Sniper Shooting: 3D-6 dead zombie defense levels.-Zombie world war environment.- Waves of dead zombies to kill.-Unlimited Ammo to kill zombies.-Smooth zombie assault sniper action.-Optimized Graphics
Zombie Apocalypse Gear Marines 1.0.7
Welcome Cadet in metal zombie survivalpostapocalyptic simulator game - Zombie Apocalypse Gear Marines!Starship is quarantined by the martian Colonial HulkBattlestarafter the morbid outbreak of a plague inc infection thatcausedresurrection of the dead and turned them into bloodthirstygrosskillers. Killzone zombie apocalypse is rising! Join elitewarframeMGS Space Marine Corps Inc for deathrun and first assaultthe Deadoccupation on infested and unkilled martian starship!Becomewarmonger executioner, mercenary savior of the ColonialHulkBattlestar Inc and trigger first living and walking Dead!Yourmission is to prevent starship from becoming rottenfalloutzombieland! Don't save the shells! Let the bloodbathgamesbegin!Take your solid gear warframe and rush to killzone defensetheinfested colony! Stop the rising occupation!- Morbid and doom HD graphics in evil post apocalyptic horrorscifirace setting! This game is not for the weak amateur!- Challenge your friends in rotten martian zombieland race!Reachhighest score and survive 5th wave!- Annihilate hordes of gross dead colony zombies like ZombieDefenseHulk, Yik Yak Apoc War Trigger or Machinehead Riff,Infected Unicornand dodge them in last minute! Attack first!Assault evil to itsextinction! Let the bloodbath begin!- Get cash and buy new types of bulletproof vest and jackets!- Unlock new heavy weapons like Scifi Inc Riff Gatling, YikYakGungrave, 911 Incognito Crossbow, mgs V, Death Note ReachApocWars, Colonial Assault Rifle! They will help you survivethiszombie highway!- Pyre and dash dead with explosives and amunition! Don't savetheshells! Pull the trigger!- Even more explosives in deathrun- Unlock support skills (yes... explosives!). Make falloutkillzoneon the infested and unkilled! They are notbulletproof!- Enjoy warframe bloodbath with solid metal music riff tunesfromour rockstar Dealer! Slay the unkilled walking dead in thispostapocalyptic run simulator!If you are enthusiast of solid heavy metal morbid action racegames,Zombie Apocalypse Gear Marines Corps Inc is for you!Morbid and thrilling horror infection! Take your warframe vestandfirst assault rifle and start zombie defense deathrunbloodbath!Pyre infection! Remember, this game is not for the weakamateur,but for real rockstar survival warmonger and executioner!Reach outto new gross death trigger mgs v games! Stop this zombierising.Reach in the shop for new weapons, they will help yousurvive thisunkilled zombie!Race with solid metal music riff tunes by rising rockstarDEALER!Hell yeah!Don't wait! Death and fallout doom are coming! Reach out tomartiancolonial mgs v space marine Corps! Stop the rotten zombieplagueinvaders on Mars! Slay infested and unkilled zombieland,clear thestarship from plague inc infection, stop the walking deadkillzoneoutbreak. Become mercenary savior of the martian ColonialHulkBattlestar Inc! You'll be transferred there as incognitoamateurmercenary conscript cadet, equipped with simple task noteandbulletproof vest from MGS Space Marine Corps Inc destined tobecomeveteran survival warmonger. Don't save the shells! Startdeathrunon starship and eliminate the infested walking deadoccupation!From cadet conscript to veteran infection executioner!See if youcan survive to 5th wave of infection!Trigger the morbid warframe deathrun bloodbath inzombieland!Become true killzone doombringer! Apoc wars is risingdead! Stopthe rotten plague infection outbreak! Grow from veteranincognitoamateur mercenary conscript cadet into pyrewarmongerexecutioner!Enjoy this new free zombie apocalypse survival raceshootingsimulator! Scifi on android was never so morbid and grosslike truezombie fallout infection! Post apocalyptic zombielandoccupationunicorn run simulator!Join Space Hulk Marine Corps Inc! Death note was sent!Download NOW on of best new free zombie shootingapocalypsesurvival simulator games!
Shooting Zombies:City Defense 120.045
a cross-action super classic shootingzombies,can run without networking. Free forever. Storm came. Thewar ofshooting zombies season is beginning ...Special Ops(SWAT) shooting zombies to defend the city by Bomb,Sosome of the weapons.Story: Zombies suddenly appeared in six cities around theworld,thistime you as a user become a super woman special policeappeared inthe city.Task: Waves of zombies coming to you, you need to upgradeyourweapons and equipment, with the fastest speed to destroythem.Hunter them. Kill them all.Mode of operation: Dual joystick, left joystick controlsthedirection and right rocker opened fireHigh game quality with 2.5D screen, distinctive character style,atleast nine kinds of zombies, we had learned the advantagesfromother zombies games.And improve the difficulty of the game, improving theuserexperience, so you should have try to play this game.With 6 Stage, 8 small levels per stage, each level is different,soyou experience in a variety of end-kill zombies pleasure.Morebehind the content more exciting.
Zombie Defense: Dead Target 3D 1.0
This city looks like a usual country town –butthere is no any life. Citizens left their houses panickingafterbeginning of zombie invasion. Nobody knows where thiszombieinfection comes from, but it's no time for thinking – youhave totake your gun and fight. Zombie Hunter: Dead War 3D –incrediblezombie shooter on the real city streets. Try to survivethe zombiesand kill them all!Explore city streets and defence from zombies. Try to winthisultimate fight and become a real zombie hunter!Zombie Defence: Dead Target 3D game features:• Realistic zombie survival shooter in 3D;• Different weapon in your arsenal;• Cool graphics and sounds;• 1 person view shooting game;• Real city to explore;• A lot of stuipd hungry zombies.Where will be only one winner in this dead war – enjoyplayingZombie Defence: Dead Target 3D!
Dead Pixel: Zombie Defense MOD C10.2
In Dead Pixel: Zombie Defense MOD helptheherodefeat uncountable hordes of zombie enemies. Usepowerfulweaponsfound throughout the landscapes and earned fromchallengingtasks.Guide our brave hero through difficult levels fullofdangerousobstacles and powerful foes.LONG LIVE THE HUMANS...You are the lone survivor from the heavily armed andeliteSquadZero. You live in a planet that was conquered byzombies,andhumanity now lives under their rule. Your squadron isone ofthelast rebel fighters rising up against these monstersandreasserttheir dominance.KILL ALL THE ZOMBIES, END THEIR REIGN OF TERROR ANDFREETHEHUMANS FROM THEIR LIFE OF SLAVERY...Enjoy exciting combat action in this thrilling warstimulatorgamewhere you are up against waves of enemy monstersinvariousbattlefields, such as the treacherous zombie bridge,thedevastatedvillage street, and the abandoned train station,allwhilecollecting a range of modern day weapons andutilizingspecialitems.BECOME THE LAST SURVIVOR...People aren't mean to be servants of the undead. Itisyourmission to destroy these undead overlords and restore peacetothehuman race. Start off the game on the right foot andearnyourselfa power up from the get go. To do this, you'll beprompteduponlaunching the game to watch a brief video ad. The perkyou'llearnfrom this task will help you in an even greatermissiontoeliminate every zombie enemy in a limited amount of time.In araceagainst time, you must scour the land and defeateveryenemy.Succeed and earn yourself a mega permanent weapon.Simpletouch padcontrols and user-friendly intuitive interfacemakescontrollingyour character a cinch. Jump, run, sprint, crouchandchoosebetween weapons as you blast through levels to claimthetitle ofultimate champion.Game Features:-Interesting fps tasks-Fight to the death against intelligent enemies-Great weapon selection-Dynamic game play-Amazing bonuses and boosts-Interesting locations-Classic pixel graphics-Play against integrated game timers-Earn powerful power ups-Map style level selectLevels:- Zombie Bridge- Village Street- Train Station
Zombie Games-Defense War 3.5
Wax Game LLC
One day the alien zombies suddenlymadeamassive invasion to our peaceful Earth, making ourcityprecarious.Fortunately our super hero appeared in time! He usedhisgun andstrength to build a line of defense. However, therearestillcountless zombies coming for him and their mysteriousbossiswatching behind, waiting for chance,You can findyourdefensetechnica…Features:- A variety of characters to choose, giving you thediversifiedplayexperience!- Distinctive zombies to fight, making the gameeasybutchallenging!- Plenty of fun levels get you never bored!- A wide variety of game props are free to use, greatlyincreasethefun!- Special equipment upgrade system alsoupgradesyourenjoyment!- Complete various tasks, get rich rewards!
DOOR DEFENSE: ZOMBIE ATTACK - bloodyactionarcade. Primary purpose is to relax the nerves and a slew oftime:)In DOOR DEFENSE you have to play the role of a guard door inthebunker with radioactive materials.A guard from the crowds have nasty zombies that crazy idea togetinto the bunker and eating therein isotopes become a largeandstrong zombie mutants ...Your main task is not to miss a single door zombies, well, ifyoureally miss it be ready that soon mutated zombies get out ofthebunker taking with them one of the valuable reagents.In your arsenal no extra weapons. You, as a guard ofhighlyqualified, armed with a powerful six-barreled gun and at anymomentready to be put to its intended use.Well, you ready? Good luck!Specifications:screen resolution 800x480.