Top 12 Games Similar to Small Chicken Egg Runner

Play with one hand possible : Egg RaiseAvoid obstacles flying high up the game to obtainthehighestscore.Eating out items in the game can be grown in chicken eggs.The moving speed of the egg to grow faster every time.How to play* Touch the screen to jump eggs.(Note: The more you touch the eggs in a row sharp jump height)* It hits the wall in the color contrast changes thedirectionofthe egg* Hit the black wall, the game is over.
Roll Out Egg Baby Hatch Game 2.6
Grunn Games
Hatch a baby egg in a survival adventuregameworld with dangerous obstacles.Avoid dangerous obstacles by hatching, rolling, hopping,running,jumpingand even flying around in this super egg game.A journey through a landscape filled with tricky obstacleslikegears,spikes, arrows and boiling water to surprise you againandagain.Download and hatch your egg now!* * * * *Other Grunn Games:Farting Farm Pig Farty Fart grew up on a farm between bighorses,crazy chickens, grumpy goats, wild cows and heavy pigs likeababirusa where he ate his first onion and became addicted toit.The other animals gave their buddy his nickname Farty Fart,becausehe farts a lot and that’s why he lost many farm friends.They justcouldn’t take the smell anymore.Farty Fart is a funny, shameless farting pig withextraordinaryintestines, that enables him to make big jumps byfarting. FartyFart eats gassy food that creates an excessive amountof gas likeonions, a lot of onions! Pick them up, eat them and fartto thetop, passing fainting chickens and falling cows and birds,avoidingvicious pitchforks and huge tractor tires.Today Farting Farm Pig Farty Fart wants to change his fart facelookand particularly the way the horses, chickens, goats, cows andotherpigs think of him by taking a refreshing warm mud bath andwash hisgassy butt, but someone placed it somewhere at the top ofa game andit’s your job to help Farty Fart get up there by fartingfromplatform to platform. That sounds easy, but it’s a long way togoand full of dangers.* * * * *Funny Monkey Banana CatchCatch bananas and avoid coconuts that are falling from the sky.Itall depends on your quick skills.A rain of bananas to catch and no time to blink your eyes. ThisisFunny Monkey Catch Bananas!Catch a peanut from of the sky and you are lucky. Funny Monkeygetsa super special effect with extra points. For 5 seconds longthismonkey will be a strong banana magnet.Play against friends from around the world and become amonkeylegend.Can you catch 2017 bananas this year? Let the bananasfallnow!
Golden Eggs 1.0
★ Limited Time SALE for Launch! ★★ WARNING EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE! ★Help the chicken land her golden eggs in the nest.Use beach balls, crates, sticks, bubbles, magnets and otheritemsto safely guide the eggs to the nest.Avoid the spikes and other obstacles!3 Different worlds full of levels for the whole familytoenjoy!
Mommy Hen 1.1
Peak Rainbow
This is a multiple level game. Playertapsthescreen to move the basket to collect eggs falling fromhenhouse.Mommy Hen is very happy if you help her to collect alleggs.Hey,why not give it a try? Good luck!
Happy Chicken 1.0.8
Ruduit Game
A Happy Chicken is a game for thechildaudience. Chicken eggs need to be born by her chicks but forthisshe needs your help, Touch the chicken at her for eggs and thenagorgeous chick will be bornPlay hard and earn points and is the largest chickenfarmer..Be sure to evaluate and recommend our games :)
Brave Chicken: The Golden Egg 1.0.17
AMC Studio
Brave Chicken Adventures: The Golden Eggisthefirst game of this funny chicken. You must help her get toskyandget the precious golden egg.Get the highest score possible dodging hazards and gettingallthebonus.Keep playing and find all available achievements.Connect to Google play games to see your achievementsandyourfriends scores.Enjoy it in English, Spanish and CatalaniOS version:
Falling Eggs 1.2
All the chickens on the farm has gonemad!Chickens continuously hatching. Eggs falling and breaking.Crazychickens will not stop. Could you help us? Now take theyellowbasket. Collect all eggs.How to play?Your fingers moves the basket.You want to collect the falling eggs.If you fall three eggs, game is over.Try to make the highest score.
Catch the Eggs Free 1.2
Xpert Studios
Catch the Eggs is the most excitingEggCatchgame ever. With more fun and full of surprises. The goalofthegame is to catch the eggs with the basket. Egg catcherisanaddicting and fun.1. catch eggs laid by chickens by swiping the basketleftorright.2. If you miss three eggs, you loose the game3. BEWARE!! Chickens keeps increasing with score toaddmorefun.4. BEWARE!! Speed of eggs keeps increasing with score to aaddlittlecomplexity.5. BEWARE!! Avoid catching black eggs, you'll lose the game.6. Take 'Life Heart' to increase lives.7. Take 'Fire' to reduce chickens.Designed for the whole family. We bring this game to youtoplaywith your family and friends. Add fun to your lifewiththisaddictive eggs game.Our team is working on more features to provide youbestgameplay. Thanks for downloading.
Egg N Basket Game 1.3
Chicken Egg catcher is an interestingandeasyto play free high score game.Chicken Egg catcher game collect eggs in the basket andwitheachegg collected player will gain 10 points and with eachblackeggcollected player will lose 20 points.Player can play and make high score to compete withothereggcatchers.These high score can be posted to the amazon Leader-boardtoshowthe world how best egg catcher you are.
Chicken Tap 1.3
Chicken or egg? Let’s try this Chicken Tapgameto find out which one can get more coins for you to win thegame!This ‘TapTap’ game is very easy to play and you will beaddicted toit easily.Please help these chickens to get back home! They will growifyou feed them worms and then they will lay eggs but watch outforthe hungry fox which will steal the eggs. Each chicken needs togoback to the right colored house in order to get coins.Intuitive game play, hundreds of uniquely designed levelsgiveyou hours of fun.Other features:- Facebook integrated so you can compare your score withyourfriends.- Stunning cartoon graphics and art with awesome backgroundmusicand cool sound fx.- Game for all ages.- Challenging gameplay.
Golden Eggs Free 1.1
FEATURES:- Free game ( Free to Play )- Cute graphics, rich sound.- 3 Different worlds full of levels for the wholefamilytoenjoy!HOW TO PLAY:- Use beach balls, crates, sticks, bubbles, magnets andotheritemsto safely guide the eggs to the nest.SUPPORT :- QUESTEK Media ( chicken, eggs, game for kids,
Birds Catcher 1.0.1
Welcome to a new exciting skill game callBirdsCatcher, a game that is very nice like flappy pony or othersgamesof this types.. As the name says in this game your mission istocollect chickens and also other objects. The bigger is thechickenthe bigger will be the bonus you'll get for it. Just lookaround andyou will find besides chickens also surprise boxes, goldeggs andother objects. If you'll catch a surprise box you can geta bonnusor a new objects that could help you finish quickly thelevel and ifyou'll catch a gold egg you'll get much money for it.You need toknow that you must have a certain number of money tocomplete thelevel and go to the next one. As you advance in gameincreases theamount of money required and you'll have to move fastto completethe level. Try to cach first the bigest chicken andgolden eggs. Becareful because the time is very short. Enjoy thislogic game withbirds!