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Two Squares 1.0.2
Square Mobile
This fun and addictive game is simpleandchallenging all at the same time.To play you merely tap your screen to line up your squares tomatchthe other squares. It sounds easy because it is. But thingsheat upas you move along! Win in game fabulous achievements andgainmassive points to climb the global leaderboard ! Be the bestTwoSquares player in the world and go to the top!Simplistic graphics and expert design make this game amazinglyfunand addictive for most gamers! Spin , match, win! Do you havethereaction time to match the Squares? Find out how awesome you areatmatching Squares!All-ages fun gaming! Enjoy!Two Squares features:★ Free Play★ Excellent physics engine★ Clean, colorful graphics★ Amazingly well designed control and input that puts you inthecenter of fun★ Global leaderboard for friendly competition★ 12 Google Play Service Achievements, try to collect alltheachievements★ Easy to learn game that will challenge your skills★ High quality all-ages gaming that is user friendly andtotallyrocks★ Fun sound effectsPlay Two Squares ! It’s fun and challenging!It's totally FREE !!!This game is very similar to the Two Dots game.