Top 2 Games Similar to Pobble

Star Slayers 2.11
Star Slayers is a2014side-scrolling/actiongame created by Playwith Interactive. Playasone of the threesisters of the stars Lena, Firia or Amelieinsearch for power todefeat the evil creatures that inhabit intheMagical Land! Flythrough this fantasy world and defeat allthepowerful monsters andbosses that corrupt the skies andthreatenyour kingdom!Hatch Magical Eggs that contain faithful companions thatwillhelpyou clear the corrupted sky! Unlock your sisters andfightpowerfulboss monsters that will await you at the end ofeverystage!You will be able to craft items by collecting ingredientsthatdropfrom the evil creatures! Enhance your health and powertoproceedinto more difficult levels!Let the hunt begin!Game Features:- Invite your friends and Challenge them into beatingyourhighestscore!- Collect Magical Hats to lend and borrow Star Slayersfromyourfriends!- Use the Magical Crafting system to create items that willhelpyoualong the way!- Hatch, collect and enhance beautiful pets that will helpyoudefeatthe evil creatures!- Beautiful 3D Character visuals in a 2D world!- 6 themed level designs with 5 challenging difficulties!- 30 magnificent stages to complete! Can you earnallthestars?- Creative Boss Monsters that will challenge your reactions!- Connect with Facebook play with friends! Like usandreceivespecial rewards!- Download today on your Android device, and become thebestStarSlayer in the world!Join the CommunityGet in touch with all the Star Slayers fans throughourofficialwebsite, forums and social media profiles! We’relookingforward tohear from you!Language Support: EnglishRequirements:3G or higher connectivity required to receiveStarSlayerupdates.Terms of Service: www.playwithi.comPrivacy and Policy: www.playwithi.comFor assistance or inquiries visit:
Kitten Jump Game:JUMP UP Kitty 1.3
Mad Quail
"Funny cat game" may begin – try outyour"jumping cat" and help it to reach every next candyplatform!Kitten Jump Game: JUMP UP Kitty is the cutest among cutecats gameson the market! This adorable pretty kitty needs your helpto jumpsky-high and climb on platforms made of sugar candies! Ifyou havebeen looking for cute "adventure games for girls", you cannowrejoice and enjoy playing this funny kitty cat game in yourfreetime! Come on, it's action and adventure time: grab thisjumpingkitty and see if you can jump for 64 days! A candy joyrideto thetop is waiting for you, will you accept the challenge andshow yourjumper skills? Hop on each candy and crush this cute game!Preparefor some hyper fun mega jumping on sweets!* Play “Kitten Jump Game: JUMP UP Kitty” and get bouncy!* A cute fat jumping cat needs your help to jump sky-high!* Wait for the right moment and JUMP to the next platform!* Beware: Don't jump too soon or too late, or you'll fall offtheplatform!* Guide your ninja cat lady on this jumping journey by usingsimpleand intuitive tap controls!* Day changes to night as the hours pass by, and the otherwayround! Can you jump for 64 days?* Your pretty jumping kitten gets new cool looks as days go by -tryto see them all!* Easy to master, physics-based gameplay!* Awesome action and adventure game that you can download forfreeand play without any time limit!Don't let your cute cat get lost in this lovely candy land–don't let it miss the platform and fall down! Start your candysagaas soon as possible and you'll get hooked on this "jumping gameforkids" in no time! Crazy jumping action adventure and asweetjoyride to the top starts now – prepare your fingers to tapandjump up! Catch the fever of this "platform jumping game" forgirlsand go leaping, hopping and climbing from one candy toanother!Delicious lollipops are waiting for you – download KittenJumpGame: JUMP UP Kitty and hop on now! This fat cat game ofjumping upis one of the best "addicting games" in 2015, ready forall fans ofaction-packed 2D games! Take a good care of your cutecat astronautand help her to reach its candy bars and lollipops!Jump for yourlife and enjoy seeing your pretty kitty happy when itjumps on thenext platform! You will fall in love at first sightwith your cutepink and yellow nyan cat!This fun 2D platformer is waiting to entertain you – tap to hopupand your cute kitten will bounce as if she is on atrampoline!Forget about all popular games for boys such as monsterand zombieruns or jungle and temple races and spend you free timeby playingthis 64 days long amazing “candy adventure”!Kitten Jump Game: JUMP UP Kitty is absolutely unique cool gameforkids that is free! Practice your prediction and calculatingskillsand count exactly when yo should jump in order to land safelyonthe next candy platform! Pay attention to the size and speedofmoving candies and be the best in this jumping fever!Thisvertically challenging jumping adventure is simply perfect forallwho got bored with side-scrolling games and want to try outadifferent bouncing jam! Don't wait up - download this crazyactiongame and start your joyride of jumping and climbing rightnow! Bequick to play and dash through your candy land!