Top 23 Games Similar to Guide For Hay Day 2016

Candy Jelly Blast FREE 1.1
Candy Jelly Mania FREE: Match 3 Puzzle - BEST Candy Puzzle GamefromMakers of top hit apps!Match3 Puzzle is a popular arcade puzzle jewels pop breakinggame!Another classic gem candy match-three game.Swipe your finger to connect three or more candy pieceseitherhorizontally or vertically to clear and destroy them. Thegoal isto rack up as many candy points as you can for diggermonster Pou.You will get a bomb and thunders to strike off thosecandy gems.Tap them to make them burst and blast. Try to score asmany pointsto level up. The power of magic candy crush is in yourhands! Walkthrough thousands of levels in this candy crush sodaadventure.This candy mania is an addictive and delicious adventurefilledwith colorful gummy gems crunching effects with a welldesignedgraphic game.This game consists of 3 modes: Classic, Time AttackandMagic.A Classic arcade puzzle blast match -3 game with additionalbraintwisting mode – Classic, Speed Blast & Brick Collapse.It’s 100%FREE to play! You can enjoy the game without splash asinglepenny.A blitz game in the farm with Juicy jelly, cookies, fruit thatisexciting and easy to play!. Enjoy in your jolly sweet ice-creamfunand show off the mania power of cookie clash.*****How to Play*****1. Twist your brain but don’t jam your mind to connect three ormorecandy pieces either horizontally or vertically to unblockanddestroy them.2. Mission: To pipe up as many saga points as you can. You willgeta gift box bomb and thunders to strike off those candy fruitgems.Tap them to make them crush and blast.3. Walk through thousands of saga levels in this sugar candygummygameplay. This is an addictive and delicious farm adventurefilledwith colorful jewels style crunching effects with a sweetsugargraphic picture.===Game Features===- 3 Modes in 1 game for you to run- Classic Mode reach a specific point goal to solve thepuzzle- Brick collapse to challenge your craft power by crush thesweetsfor naughty monster mermaid!- magic match in the fastest speed to splash & gain thegoldencoin prize!- Music Background- Pause it & play later- Fantastic fruit splash style blasting effect- Delicious cookies & candies- Thousands of delicious candy crush soda saga levels- Multiple background graphic to suite your sweet need!- Casual & classic games- best to kill your free time- Suitable for family, including kidsJust install to play, and you will addicted to it!DOWNLOAD today! It will make your happy hay day!
Guide For Subway Surfers 2016 2.0
New Guide for Subway Surfers It includealltheinformation for Subway Surfers.This is the best Guide for Sbeginner player , thisapplicationisjust tips and traps.include- Best Strategy to get the best high score- Level And Walkthrough Guide- Hints for Beginners- Levels Walkthrough GuideGuide for Subway Surfers is an unofficial app created byfans,forfans gives you all the information about the game forthewinGood Luck!!
Guide For Piano Tiles 2 (2016) 2.0
Guide For Piano Tiles 2 (2016)This is the best Guide for Piano Tiles 2 , Guides to getahighscore in Piano Tiles 2 Coins Free download and acompleteguide.very useful!Main features of The Guide:- Best Strategy to get the best high score- Hints for Beginners, Newbies.- Levels Walkthrough GuideWork without internetThis Unofficial app made by fan of this game. It includealltheinformation for Piano Tiles 2 aka Don't Tap the White Tile2Good Luck!!
New Piano Tiles 2 2016 1.1
Piano Tiles 2 is the sequel toyourfavoritePiano Tiles with new gameplay, graphics andsounds.What's new:- Great design in "piano" style with hints ofexpensivemahogany,imagine yourself playing on an old luxurypiano.- New gameplay.- Global competition mode, challenge yourself and others,trytobecome the best.- Results sharing.- New high quality sounds, new songsHow To Play:The rules is easy, just tap the black tiles by finger tothemusicand play fast.You don’t want to miss this!Game Modes:-Classic mode, tap 50 black piano tiles as soon as possible.-Arcade mode, try your best to tap the black piano tiles anddonotmiss one.-Zen mode, try your best to tap the black piano tilesin15seconds.-Bomb Mode - Avoid bombsTips:1. Collect as many points as you can.2. Don't tap the white tiles.3. Share your best score with you friends.Compatible with ALL devices. Download Piano Tiles 2forFREEtodayGood Luck!!
Guide for Geometry Dash 2016 1.1
This application is a guide, tips,tricksandcheats that help you to play Geometry Dash ,thisapplicationtellsyou all the things what you need to win this game.We willhelp youto make this game seem easy by our guide, tips,tricks andcheats.Features of the app:- Cheats for Geometry Dash- This application does not require large space- You don't need an Internet connection- Run on all Android devices- No LagThis Unofficial app made by fan of this game, It includealltheinformation for Geometry DashGood Luck!!
Guide for COC 2016 3.0
This Unofficial Guide of COC. It includealltheinformation for Clash of Clans.This game guide gives you all the information abouttroopsandbuildings of Clash of Clans, the best clans game. It willhelpyouto improve the layout of the buildings in your villageanddefendyourself from the attacks of your enemies•BEGINNER'S GUIDE :Everything all Clashers must know, easily explained.•STRATEGIES :Tactics and Strategy Guide. All about farming, gems,inactivebases,matchmaking, loot, etc.•STATS :The most accurate and updated stats available for the gameClashofClans.•ATTACK STRATEGIES :Exclusive attack walkthrough created by Clashers only forthisapp.Pros and cons about the best formations, and step by stephowtomake a champ and farming attackThis Unofficial app made by fan of this game. It includealltheinformation for Clash of ClansGood Luck!!
Guide Dream League Soccer 2016 4.2
Dream League Soccer 16 is a new gameforplayfootball on 2016. With Dream League soccer 16. With thisgameyoucan play an exciting game of football , This is a guide tohelpyouplay the game Dream league soccerGet a way to get a long lifeGet Free Coins to be able to continue playing NewDreamLeagueSoccerGet the secret way in order to winAnd all just in this application+Features :- This application does not require large space- You don't need an Internet connection- Run on all Android devices- No LagThis Unofficial app made by fan of this game. It includealltheinformation for New Dream League SoccerGood Luck!!
Guide for Shadow Fight 2 Titan 1.0
Are you always lose fight with theTitan?Don'tworry, this app maybe help you to get the winner fighttobeat him.This also contain how to use combination weapon,armor,andmagicit will bring you more fun to play, help you get passthroughmanyhard chapters, guide you many tricks that you neverknow!Guide Features:- Shadow Fight 2 Full Guide- Detailed Walkthrough- Shadow Fight 2 Hacks Coins and Diamonds Guide and Tips- Pro Tips and Advice- Perfect Strategy- Shadow Fight 2 CheatsThis Unofficial app made by fan of this game, It includealltheinformation for Shadow Fight 2 TitanGood Luck!!
New Guide For Temple Run 2 2.1
Are you a Fan of Temple Run 2? This isthebestTemple Run 2 Tips & Guide.You can find information identified with your amusementlevels,characters here and open . This is a perfect forbeginnerandwidely appealing playerMain features :- Best Strategies to Beat- Hints for Beginners and Newbies.- Levels Walkthrough Guide-Work without internet.This Unofficial app made by fan of this game. It includealltheinformation for Temple Run 2
Guide for GTA San Andreas 2016 1.0
Ultimate GTA San Andreas Guide Game2016,Thisapplication contains tips, tricks and tactics for thegame.Thisapps contain huge collections of HD video guide for GTASanAndreassuch as mission guide, girlfriend guide, achievementguide,datingguide, and many more. Download Guide for GTA SanAndreas Gamenowand become the best GTA San Andreas Game player!Features of the app:- Walkthrough- Cheats for GTA San Andreas Game- Codes- CLEO Mod for GTA San Andreas Game- Mods for GTA- TrainerThis Unofficial app made by fan of this game, It includealltheinformationsGood Luck!!
Guide LEGO Ninjago Tournament 1.0
Are you a big fan of LEGO NinjagoTournament?If so, this app is for you!Guide LEGO Ninjago Tournament is an unofficialguide,tips,tricks, walkthrough, and secrets for LEGONinjagoTournamentgame!This is the best Guide for LEGO Ninjago Tournamentcontaineverythingyou need to know to become best LEGONinjagoTournamentplayer!strategies, and cheats of ultimate superherosquad with theheroes of DC Comics choose from Batman, WonderWoman,GreenLantern, Superman, Flash and Cyborg to build yourdreamfightingteamFeatures:- Cheat mode- Red Brick minikit finder- Red Brick X2- Super speed flying- Batman: arkham Asylum reference- AchievementsThis Unofficial app made by fan of this game. It includealltheinformation for LEGO Ninjago Tournament
Guide Hungry Shark 2016 2
If you like to play Hungry SharkEvolution,thisapp is useful, Best Cheats & guide for HungrySharkEvolutionTips collect all infomations from hungry sharkevolutiongames.This app include all the information for Hungry Shark World.Main features of Hungry Shark World:- Best Strategy- Hints for Beginners, Newbies.- Levels Walkthrough GuideAlso some of this app Features:* This guide is characterized by three interfacesforreading.* You can bookmark any part you want.* Work without internet.This Unofficial app made by faan of this game. It includealltheinformation for Hungry Shark
Guide Clash For Clan Build 1.2
A guide for those brand-new to Guide ClashForClan Defense, focusing on the first three days while undernewbieprotection. How to start your Clan off on the right footWithCocHere are some useful Clash of Clans strategies that you can usetohelp you along your way to the top!Giant Unit, Barbarian and Goblin – This combo is excellent asgiantswill target defensive buildingsBuilder : 250 500 1000 2000 gems (you add this duringthetutorial)Feature Tower And BasicXBowInfernoFarmingArcherWallBreakerBalloonWizardHealerPEKKAMinionHogRiderValkyrieGolemWitchLava HoundWall StatsClan CastleCannonArcherMortarAir DefenseWizardHidden TeslaHow To builders 4 and 5 are a long ways off, builder 3 isachievablerelatively quickly if you save your gems.This is best Clash of Clans Guide of the best! These bases happentobe selected by people from the community by their baseofpreference. The bottom they will use in-game!
1001 Attempts 1.3
Get ready to flip out with 1001 Attempts!ENDLESSLY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAYTired of games that claim to be addictive? Well, you shouldn'tbebecause addictive can be fun! 1001 Attempts introduced excitingyetsimple gameplay elements that keep you coming back formore!HUGE CHALLENGELike many games on the Google Play, 1001 Attempts has that"onemore try" aspect that is loved by players world wide.Dodgeexplosive missiles, flying sawblades, and freakin' laserbeamswhile trying to rack up huge points in theworldwideleaderboards!SIMPLE TO LEARN, TOUGH TO MASTERThe plan is simple: Move left and right and jump across theleveldodging danger and collecting jewels. How many can youcollectbefore ultimately falling with glory?- Share your success with your friends through SnapChat,Facebook,Instagram, and Twitter!- Hilarious pop-culture references from Game of Thrones,BreakingBad, Walking Dead, Mario, Zelda, Big Bang Theory, AngryBirds, StarWars, and more!- Free To Play! 1001 Attempts is currently Free To Play soyoucan experience a world of not-so epic proportions! Clash ofClans,Candy Crush Saga, Minecraft, Dragonvale, and Poker all letyoudownload for free.Everplay Interactive is a new company to take on the free toplaymarket that is dominated by the likes of Zynga, ElectronicArts,Kabam, Nimblebit, and Supercell!1001 Attempts has received Fantastic Reviews from greatsourcessuch as Kotaku, IGN, TouchArcade, PocketGamer, SlideToPlay,andmore!"A Flashing, Frantic, Four-Quarter Trip to the Arcade""I instantly got addicted to this game after just a few triesatdelaying the inevitable death." -"Disney won't approve of the wanton death, but we sure do!""Hail to your pocket god devices! Great time waster here.""Great time killer while you wait for Game of Thrones,BreakingBad, Walking Dead, or Big Bang Theory to return totelevision!Better than wasting time on YouTube and Vine.""Free To Play games completely remove the barrier of entryforplayers. Now players can download Temple Run, Despicable Me,HayDay, Minecraft, and Jetpack Joyride for Free and enjoy theirtimewithout spending a dime."Follow Everplay on Twitter @EverplayGames for up todateinformation on news, updates, and future games releases!You can find 1001 Attempts by searching: Difficult, Super MeatBoy,Mario, Sonic, Link, Zelda, Metroid, Super Hexagon, CandyCrush.
Thất Truyền – Game hay VTC 3.0
VTC Corp
Cùng khám phá bí ẩn của nền văn minh Mayavàgiành lấy kho báu 50 Triệu vô cùng quý giá của game Thất Truyền-Tựa game vòng quay may mắn ăn khách số 1 Việt Nam.Hệ thống bonus game siêu hấp dẫn với:- Vòng quay miễn phí- Truy tìm cổ vật- Xây kim tự tháp- Màn chơi x2Tải ngay Thất Truyền để trải nghiệm những tính năng không thểbỏqua:- Thắng lớn tới 64.000 lần giá trị phòng chơi.- Nhận ngay 5.000 Sao khi soạn tin GC Sao gửi 19001530.- Bảo mật 100% với mật khẩu OTP và Két sao- Chơi mượt trên mọi hệ điều hành.- Đặc biệt với tính năng Quay Thử - Trúng Thật vào Thứ 2, 4, 6vàChủ Nhật hàng tuần, giúp người chơi nhận thật nhiều Sao hoàntoànMIỄN PHÍ.Thông tin hỗ trợCác thông tin liên hệ với BĐH cổng game Phát Lộc khi cầnhỗtrợ:- Facebook: Hỗ trợ: 19001530- Trang chủ:
Honey Bird 1.0.2
Gulu Studio
Honey Bird game is a simple game,extremelyeasyto play. Simply tap the screen for the bird to fly upand donot tapon the screen to fly downGames include:- 1 bird no legs, no wings.- The diamonds- The obstacles.You will control the bird to eat the diamonds withouthittingtheobstacles.When you eat each diamond, you will get 5 points, you musteatenoughpoints required for each level
Hay Cow 1.1
Largo Media
Enjoy with the Beautiful game withtheCowduring eating !!In these game we will help the monkey to eat , enjoy withtheCow! After start eating, The Hungry Cow discovered that theForestisgravity and can go upside down and decide to take thechallengeandEating the max possible of Hay ! Enjoy !!ALL THE FUN OF Hay Cow• Enjoy Most beautiful moments with Cow The beautifulanimalofthe Forest• Perform Highest scores through hundreds Hay• Flip the moving and Change the Gravity direction !• It’s a FREE TO PLAY !!• It’s a différent story of the Cow Life " Now you canhelptheCow to eat the max possible of Hay" !
Boy or girl: laugh 1.2
FunXL Apps
Game Boy or girl to laugh - it is achallengetodetermine the sex of the child to laugh: who laughs,boy orgirl?Training and practice of the future in the present.Youexpectantmother or the future pope, the real mother orfatherpresent - checkyour instincts, guess the baby's gender ontheiremotions! They sayparents feel children at a distance. Withanappendix Boy or girl:laughter Train your skills or to checkthelevel of the existingskills of Mom and Dad. Who laughs daughterorson? Daughter or son?Boy or girl?
Hay Maker 1.0.1
It's harvest time in Hay Maker and thefarmerneeds your help! The farmer needs to harvest the wheat tomake hay,but the wolves are set on getting the farmer!Farmer John needs your help to guide him through mazesfilledwith loads of crops, wolves, and challenging puzzles. See ifyoucan help Farmer John solve all of the puzzles and collect allofhis crops! Help the farmer with his hay day.+ Fun and addicting gameplay with challenging puzzles+ Challenging mazes with switches, gates, doors, and otherfunelements+ Awesome power-ups to give you the edge over the wolves+ Many exciting levels with more levels on the way+ Farm location, with more coming soon+ Simple controls, just swipe anywhere on the screen thedirectionyou want to go+ Universal support that looks and plays great on both phonesandtablets+ Hay Maker is fun for all agesUpcoming update:+ Additional levels+ Additional locationAt Tomato Factory we are focused on creating fun games.Pleasegive us a positive review if you like our game as wereallyappreciate it.Follow us on Twitter: @TomatoFactory
Nhảy Nào - Game Vui, Hay, Viet 1.0.1
Gulu Studio
Trò chơi gồm có 1 nhật vật, các viêngạch,cáccon quái vật và các bộ đẩy giúp đẩy nhân vật nhanh hơn.Nhiệmvụcủa bạn là điều khiển nhân vật nhảy lên từng viêngạch.- Nhân vật tự động nhảy lên khi tiếp xúc với các viên gạch.- Bạn nghiêng điện thoại để điều chỉnh hướng nhân vật.- Các viên gạch màu xanh, vàng, đỏ.- Ăn các trợ lực để đẩy nhân vật bay nhanh hơn.- Tránh các quái vật, nếu trúng quái vật thì gameover.- Ăn các đồng xu để được cộng điểm.Game Việt Nam, Game của người Việt, Game thuan Viet,gamecuanguoi viet, tro choi Viet Nam, Game Vui, Game Hay, GameVietThe game consistsofonecharacter to date, the bricks, the beast and the pushtohelppromote faster character. Your task is to controlthecharacterjump brick by brick.- Character automatically jump when exposed brick.- You tilt the phone to adjust the direction of thecharacter.- Bricks blue, yellow, red.- Eat the power assist to push the character to fly faster.- Avoid the monster, the monster hit if gameover.- Eat coins to earn points.Vietnam Game, Game of Vietnam, Viet thuan Game, GameoftheVietnamese, Vietnamese games, Fun Games, Game Hay, GameViet
+ Beautiful interface.+ Effects ultimate game.+ Sounds.+ There are 30 levels of play, always challenging througheachlevel,the difficulty will increase gradually (Challenge)+ There are 50 levels to play in theclassicalstyle(Interesting)+ There are 20 levels to play the new style (Very Best)+ Does not require activation by SMS.+ Absolutely free.+ In the main interface of the game has no advertising,makingthestandard gaming space.
خروس هپی فارسی 1.0.6
Mobin Games
گنجشک پَر ، کلاغ پَر ، و ناگهان خروس ...با کلیک کردن ( ضربه) به صفحه مبایل خود جوجه خروس را به پروازدرآوریدو از میان موانع عبور دهیدآیا می توانید 100 تا مانع را رد کنید ؟ خیلی دقت زیادی میخواهدامتیاز خود را می توانید با دوستانتان و دیگر افرادی که این بازی رادرسرتاسر دنیا بازی می کنند مقایسه کنید و به اشتراک بگذارید.همچنین با کسب امتیاز بیشتر می توانید جوایز را هم قفلکشایینمایید.این امکان را می توانید در تصاویر اسکرین شات بازی ببینید . درحالحاضر یک نفر موفق شده امتیاز 99 را کسب کند . تصاویر اسکرین شاتبازیدر بالای همین صفحه می باشد.توجه : بنا به درخواست عزیزانی که این بازی را دانلود کرده انددرنسخه جدید لاگین گوگل گیم سرویس اصلاح شده است و در شروعبازیاتوماتیک لاگین نخواهد شد.از این پس شما هر زمان که بخواهید با ضربه اول روی آیکون رتبه ها ویاآیکون مدال لاگین گوگل انجام می شود و سپس با ضربه دوم روی هر کدامازدکمه های رتبه ها و یا مدال می توانید تابلوی امتیازات و تابلویجوایزرا مشاهده نمایید.نکته مهم : لازم به ذکر است که در تابلوی امتیازات به صورت پیشفرضامتیاز شما با دوستانتان مقایسه می شود . اگر بخواهید امتیاز خودرابا همه اشخاصی که این بازی را انجام می دهند مقایسه کنید کافی استازقسمت بالای صفحه تابلوی امتیازات ، گزینه " همه " را انتخاب کنیدتالیست تمام اشخاص بر اساس امتیاز کسب کرده و رتبه نمایش دادهشود.شایان ذکر است که برای استفاده از سرویس بازیهای گوگل اتصالبهاینترنت ضروری می باشد.اگر سوالی داشتید و یا مشکلی در اجرای سرویس گوگل وجود داشت لطفاباایمیل زیر تماس بگیرید[email protected]پس منتظر چی هستید ، بازی را همین حالا و کاملا رایگاندانلودنمایید**************لطفا با امتیاز پنج ستاره از ما حمایت کنیدمرسیFull sparrow,crowfeathers, and suddenly a cock ...Click the (impact) on the screen of your mobile cockerel to flyoffand pass through obstaclesCan you get 100 to prevent rejection? Very carefully, youwillYour score with friends and others who can play the game alloverthe world to compare and share.It also awards to earn more points can also lock your Kshayy.This will allow you to see game screenshots. Now one has managedtogain 99 points. Game screenshots at the top of this page.Note: At the request of those who have downloaded this gameinthe new version of Google Login Service Ltd. has been modifiedandthe automatic logon will not play.From now on, whenever you want to rank first shot on the iconoricons medal Google login, and then the second shot on any ofthebuttons on the stars or medals can be able to see AwardsintoScoreboard and .Note: It should be noted that the default leaderboardcompareyour score with your friends. If you want your score to allthepeople who are doing this game, compared to just the top oftheleaderboard, the option to "all" Choose the people with the listofall the points to be Rated be displayed.It is worth noting that the use of Google services, gamesandInternet connection is required.If you have any questions or problems in the implementation oftheGoogle service, please contact the following [email protected] what are you waiting game right now and absolutelyfreedownload**************Please support us your five-star ratingWow
Game Player 1.0
Saphagon Apps
Game player has been designed for gamerswholike to make money from their skills. Game player is also agreatbusiness opportunity for those who master the games to buildupthere revenue. So if you like to play for profit this App willshowyou some of the best games to do it with.