Top 24 Games Similar to Urban Motocross Bike

Motocross 333
wu xiangwan
Motocross, challenge your driving skillsandspeed!Driving a motorcycle across a variety of scenarios, realphysicalmotorcycle game!Driving Moto through a variety of different scenarios, you needtohave a balance between speed and skill. If your skill ishighenough to accelerate! Acceleration! Acceleration! In themotorcycledriving game experience chaotic fun!You can train your driving skills motorcycle game by game"UltimateMotocross", you can also choose different difficulty toexperiencepassion. Training mode, rich scene, anyone can easily getstartedand get high scores.You also have the car fun to drive, you can also enjoythetechnology brings pleasure to play with!
Motocross 1.1
Riding on the motocross bike.Grass, sand hills, icy mountains and cliffs.You are waiting for 20 levels of different complexity.
Mountain Motocross 1.0
This is extreme! Riding a motocross bikeonthemountainous terrain, steep cliffs.Keep your balance, do jumping on prepyatsviya.If you love motorcycles, download a great game with 20levels,greatgraphics.
MotoXtreme 1.2
MotoXtreme is a 2d physics basedmotocrossgame.The goal of each level is to collect all the coins,then getto thefinish without hitting your head or a mine.35 fun and challenging levels.
Motocross Construction 1.0
Motocross on the construction site - itisanexciting arcade game. Manage driver motocross bike,jump,fall,fun. Interesting graphics and music will not make bored.Greatforkilling time, for games for children and adults.- No in-game purchases- Small file size- Does not require special permissions- 3+ age rating
Pixel mini motocross 1.0
Biking in retro style pixelgraphics,excitingmusic. Jumping on a motorcycle in the office.Great game torelaxfrom work and relax.- Funny accidents ;)- Small size of the game only 14 mb- Retro style- Pixel Art- No purchases within the app- 8-bit music- You can play for children
Mine Farm 1.8
Feel yourself like a real farmerincubestylised World with this Tractor 3D Simulator Game.Connect beautiful animated trailers and drive throughfarmfields,harvest wheat crop and feel the cube country life.NO ANY IN-APP PURCHASES, JUST GET THIS GAME AND ENJOY.Features:- Minecraft's styled world- In first levels has tutorial- fast graphics- awesome soundtracks- different camera views- realistic 8bit sounds- different trailers: digger, harvester, seeds, water.- easy to use control.Supports different camera views so you can test how itfeelslikedriving farmer tractor and live in a country side.Thegraphicsisoptimized for mobile devices.Thanks for gaming!
Extreme Bike Trip
Roofdog Games
Introducing Extreme Bike Trip withmultiplayerraces! The much awaited new entry in the Extreme RoadTrip series!It’s time to take your bike off the road, customize yourriderand race against your friends in the new Multiplayer Racemode!Choose your favourite bike from a collection of scooters,dirtbikes, cruisers and speed bikes! Customize your ride withpaintjobs and use all-new power-ups to achieve the best scores!Featuring signature music by Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson(of"Extreme Road Trip 2" fame).== Features ==* Extremely addictive gameplay!* Introducing all-new Multiplayer Races!* Huge gratifying explosions and crashes!* 28 bikes to ride, from scooter to speed bike!* Customize your rider and show off to your friends!* All-new power-ups like the ejectable seat and energy drink!* Catchy music that will stay with you all day* Drive in dangerous and unexplored locations!* Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards* Free!
Bike Racing 4.0
Be ready to enjoy the crazy crazy stuntsandjumps!Take your bike, go to the mountains and get a lot of adrenaline!Thegame is not for wimps, but for this extreme. Never let go ofyoursteering wheel, of course, if it does not cool trick!Dangerousstunts in your blood, prove it to everyone! Downhill andcrossbikes, bike for trial, motorcycles, sport bikes, choppers andmanyother types of two-wheeled technology, which will help tochoose thestyle of driving that you are most like! You can fly onthe bike,perform tricks, make dizzying flips and dangerouscoups! Each bike is controlled and feels like a bicycle oramotorcycle! In order to get a new bike steeper, you need toscoremore points, and for this you need to do quite a few tricksandthus never fall. If you make a mistake and you fall down, youhaveto start all over again. Be careful, the game is very steepslopes,your mountain bike to withstand any load. Very cool graphics and animations, real cyclist smashesintothe wall, falling from the bike and writhing in pain, all inrealtime! Sophisticated physics games, if you did not reach totheobject, the forward somersault in the air you will flyfarther.Accelerates or brakes, it all depends on the specificsituationwhere you need something to fly across the chasm, and insome caseswill be rough road, and if you do not slow down, you fallfrom yourbike. The game contains about 100 crazy tracks with a varietyofhazards. If you get through all of them, this experience willhelpyou in real life, you will become a steep mountain bikers.Whenperforming the coolest tricks, the game slows down the camera,sothat you could have time to straighten your bike so thatflythrough a narrow crevice. Choose a mountain bike to taste and perform dangerousstuntsnow! Levels are divided into two types, during summer andwinter,if you want to ride on the snow route, prepare your bikeinadvance. Remember that the mountains are subject only tothefearless racers, be bold and fearless in front of them.Features:- A steep mountain bike- Dangerous stunts- cool music- Real physics- Great graphics- Easy operation- A huge bike shop different categories- Free gameHow to play:Manage the arrows on the screen to go faster or slow down.JustManage the arrows to spin in the air. On the ground you mustalwaysland on the wheel, otherwise you lose. Finish the trackintact.Good luck.Dear friends, we are glad to communicate with you, so joinourgroup, write comments, discuss the problem with us andyoursuggestions!
Meek Mill Presents Bike Life 2.2
Bike Life is an “endless riding” mobile game.Aproject co-developed by Meek Mill and IM3 Gaming Studios. Thegameis a unique & authentic representation of a culture thathasjust hit the mainstream.Players will compete againstothersgathering coins and performing sick tricks as they mock andevadepolice apprehension.
Mountain Bike Mayhem Lite 3.0.8
Racing across challenging terrain onyourmountain bike! This is the Lite version with 3 easy levels,2intermediate levels, and 1 expert level.
Bike Rush
Get ready for a bike rush!It is time to dust down your iron horse and take an extremeridein the endless 3D runner Bike Rush! Dash down the streetavoidingoncoming cars, ride through green parks, rush along thecoastbreathing in the fresh sea air and become the fastest biker inthecity!— Check intuitive controls— Meet 10 daredevils — who looks like you?— Test 6 unique bikes with different skills — find yours— Become even faster with power-ups— Compete with your friends and become the Number One— Enjoy the rush ride and crazy stunts— Delight in the outstanding graphics and awesome soundtrack— Get to the chopper! Activate motorcycle in your ride!And remember! Breaks are for cowards!
Bike Race - 3d Racing 2.3.3051
Bike Race is a fun and excitinggame.Enjoy real Bike Racing feeling here. Download for free.Jump over obstacles, make a cute back flip. Dodge flyingbullet,show off your bike master skill. Collect coins, windiamonds,unlock and upgrade your props. Win high score and achievegreatachievements. Challenge the best high score on googleplayleaderboard. Take an adventure in this bike racing game andachieveyour world champion dream! Let's shake the city!Get Bike Racing 3D, achieve high score, enjoy extremeextraordinarychampion experience!Features Highlight:- Classic gameplay and easy to control- 2 realistic scenes: City Road and Garden- Magnificent graphics, vivid and smooth animation- Real 3D visual effects, thrilling extreme experience- 3 customized characters with special skills, unlockandupgrade- 8 well-designed levels refresh your eyes, more levelscomingsoonRide your cool bike, Be the cool kid! Race your bike, challengethebest rider!
Quad Bike Bandit vs Cop Racing 5
Sunny Games
Racing against the deadly traffic andthepolicepatrol cars as you make a get away collecting all thecashfor theultimate reward in this endless fun racing off your quad bike fitted with Nitro NOS boost as youburntherival cops and race against all the slow oncomingtraffic.Adefinitive stress relief game in the shortestamounttimeguaranteed!This game features* Awesome 3D realistic graphics* Gun and Explosions* Thrilling music score* Intuitive and deadly accurate simple tilt controlDOWNLOAD FREE and FEEL THE SPEED!!------------------------------------------------------------------
Bike Race Extreme 1.5
Viper Games
Bike Race Extreme is the extremeexperienceforyour device! Very easy to play. we garantee hours offun!"This game is Awesome!!!"We are working to bring to you the best bike game ever!Get it while it is free!If you like this game you will love Bike Race 3D - TopFree2014check this new amazing Bike Racer in our store!Features:- 3D models game!- Simple controls- 13 challenging tracks- Amazing bike- Touch to accelerate, and to control your bike! Veryeasytoplay!- Cool stunts- Backflips and frontflips bonus!!!- Collect coins and avoid obstacles.- Great sounds experience
Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner
Why run when you can rideyourmotor-bike?Why go slow when you can be a speed devil?Meet Ghost, the biggest stunt biker menace to hit StuntCity.Ride with him and his misfit friends in this new takeofourfavorite runner genre. Break all the speed limits andrunthroughthe entire Stunt City for free while chased by thepolice.Doamazing stunts with your awesome bikes, quadsandskateboards.Get Ghost! is the next generation runner game! You canridebikes,jump, duck, rocket jump, glide, fly planes, climb oncars,rideclouds, jump on roofs and run through buildings.UPGRADESTrain Ghost to be a better stunt rider. Help him upgradehisrunnerpowers. Get faster reflexes, run faster, get betterglidewings forhis bikes, stronger rockets for bigger jumps, extentarmorandmagnet timers for longer runs and many more.UNLOCKSBuild up your score and you, Ghost and his stunt bikerfriendswillbring havoc to Stunt City and all of the neighboringlocationsyourun through.Play the game and unlock new characters, bikes,Quadsandskateboards. Complete quests and unlock fun new locationstoplaywith. How many will you discover?CHALLENGESIf all that isn't enough, harness your runner skillsinGhost'schallenges. Play a number of fun, challenging levelsandcompletegoals to earn coins and infamy.----Make sure you play online to gain access to the latestcontentandfeatures.PLEASE NOTE! "Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner" is free toplay,butit contains items that can be purchased for realmoney.To prevent unauthorized purchases, select “Set or ChangePIN”fromthe Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, then enablethe“UsePIN for Purchases” option. You will then be required toenteryourPIN before every transaction."Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner" is published by Bedbug.CreatorsofMax Awesome and Balliland XL.
Crow Hunt 1.2
Crow Hunt - Be a hunter crows! Learntoquicklyshoot a shotgun at crows.Control:Tilt the device in the direction of viewing, so you cantouchwithyour finger and move the stage horizontally.- Supported languages: English, Russian,Polish,Arabic,Portuguese, Chinese Traditional, ChineseSimplified.- Live 360 ​​degree camera, the sight follows every movementofthedevice!- 100 game levels of varying difficulty!- Unique, beautiful hunting simulator.- Leaderboard, show who is the best hunter!- Interesting living world, great graphics optimized.- Application size is 20 megabytes.Hunting season is open, join us!
Пердак Какла ретро 1.0
Не смотря на успех новой версии ПердакаКакла2есть люди желающие играть в в ретро версию.Газуй пердаком какла и набирай максимальное количество очков!Despite the successofthenew version Perdaka Kakla 2 there are people who wish toplayin aretro version.Gazuy perdakom kakla and gain maximum points!
Flappy Dots 1.3
Flapy Dots is a tap game.Tap on screen and force magic points to fall into the portalBeautiful graphics, pleasant sound. Beat all the records andshareonTwitter with the results.
Climbing Cat 1.0
Go with the cat in the fire escapeJourney.Catch colored mice jump collect points. Climbing cat is agame inthe style of runner. Share records through Google and Win aplusfor all and become a leader!- Support for multiple languages- FREE- Ingame NO PURCHASE
Turbo Bike 1.0.2
Become a bike racer and drivethroughobstacleat crazy speeds.Turbo bike is a new category of limitless arcade racinggame.Haveyou ever felt that there is need for speed in youlife.Drive your dashing and beautiful car through highwayinultimateracing game which will test your skills anddeterminationto be thebest driver on the world.Features:-- Attractive 2D graphics- Tap to speedup- Release to slow down- Automatic speed ups- Collect coins,powers- Make highscore- Drive car through town, beach, and city
Bike Em! 1.1
- Avoid falling down into the broken road- Collect the golden tickets to unlock tricks- Land your tricks perfectly to gain more points- Convert the collected golden tickets into points* HOW TO PLAY *- Tap on the screen to gain speed- Touch on the jump button to jump higher- Touch on the desired trick button to land the trick- Tilt your screen to the right or left to do the frontfliporbackflip trickBike Em! implements opt-in video ads which you can voluntarilywatchthem to gain extra golden tickets. You must watch the entirevideoads in order to gain the extra golden tickets.If you have any problem or suggestion about this game, youcancontact me at [email protected] THE GAME AND HAVE FUN!
Motocross go Home 1.3
Base on motocross game play, beautifulmaterialdesign style and fun sound background to made thisgame.You have mission to control motorbike run as far as you can butkeepyou wife and little child safety.This is endless run and physics games style. If you are a bigfanmotocross games, this game is a big gift for you.*Note:Don't get serious with accident happen passenger, it's for fungameplay, just relax and enjoy !* More levels and new feature will coming soon.
Moto Transporter 1.3
* Fun gameplay - load and deliver!* Easy and intuitive control of a truck!* Strategic driving - do not lose your load!Are you ready for the best job in the world? It is timetodelivermoto, how much will you deliver and how much willyoulose!Take control of the delivery truck and be careful not toloseyourload!Can you deliver the cargo in time? Accomplish the mission-todeliver all moto lossless!