Top 11 Games Similar to Experimental Platformer

Insane Platformer 2.1.1
Team Insane
*Fix for wonky collisions in the worksCome join the brand new insanely challenging worldofInsanePlatformer. Run and jump across treacherous levels andtrytosurvive or at least keep your sanity. Simple controls makeiteasyto play, but surprises around every corner make ithardtomaster.Any issues please let me know.
Jack 3D Platformer 1.2.0
Botond Kopacz
Welcome to amazing adventures of Jack!Jack 3D is a brand new 3D platformer game for Android deviceswithan amazing gameplay and stunning graphics.What you have to do is to help Jack to escape from trappedwords.Find the hidden chests which contain the secret keysrequired forunlocking the levels and enjoy the excitingadventures.Jack 3D is easy for all ages to pick up and play, but itischallenging if you want to be the #1 player on the levelscompetingagainst all the players around the world.If you achieve a score that you think is amazing, you cansimplyshare it with your friends on Facebook so they can see howgood youare.Jack 3D. The brand new, amazing 3D platformer gameforAndroid.
Monster Runner - Platformer 8.0
Run around with a monster!Simple and at the same time fun game, ran together with themonsterand collect the coins on the playing field. Monster willrunitself, your task is to jump in time to avoid obstacles andkeepfrom falling into the pit. Collect coins and earn a lotofpoints! Fun game for kids and adults! simple controls and funmusic.Anyone can play at any time. Runs every 30 new levels! The game of the genre walker will give you a lot ofpositiveemotions and help you spend your time. New characters, newrulesand new adventures are waiting for you, download more!Features:- Fun game;- For children and adults;- Easy operation;- funny music;- 30 new levels;- Walker game in the genre;- A new character;- new Adventures;- A free game;- Beautiful graphics.How to play:Monster will run itself, your task is to jump in time toavoidobstacles and keep from falling into the pit. Collect coinsandearn a lot of points!Do not forget to leave a comment !;)
Almightree: The Last Dreamer 1.10
The world is shattering and you are theonlyhope to restore the balance.A thrilling and challenging 3D puzzle platformer game. Find yourwayto awaken the Almightree while racing with calamity.Touch Arcade - 4.5/5'An excellent puzzle platformer'148 Apps - 4.5/5'It is an amusing puzzler'Pocket Gamer - 8/10 Silver Award'Smart and engaging 3D puzzler that ups the ante'App Advice - 4.5/5'This one is downright gorgeous'It was just a radiant day when the ground started to fall,housesand towers crumbled, and the world gone out of its order.You loseeverything you have, everyone you love. Your only hope istheAlmightree and its seedlings, mythical trees that believed havethepower to keep the order of the world. But be watchful onyouradventure, as you may find clues that maybe there are stillothers.Journey through an intense and puzzling world to awakenseedlingsand finally majestic Almightree. To restore the balance oftheworld or even maybe bring back everything you hold dear.FEATURE OVERVIEW- Thrilling 3D puzzle platformer experience- Discover the stunning world of the Almightree- Conquer 100+ puzzles across 20 vast stages- Over 6 unique puzzle features to overcome- 40+ challenges to be completed- Unlock 10+ mysterious illustrations about the hero- Compelling cutscenes to narrate the story of Almightree- Adjustable difficulty for personal gaming experience- Compete score and earn achievements in Google Playgameservices- Cloud save support through Google Play game servicesFollow us for the latest info and game news!•••
Jewels Rush 3
Ancient Jewels Rush game description:In the middle of dense amazon jungle You foundtheancientziggurat temple. It stands where indicated on theoldpapyrus maps,purchased from a suspect dealer.If the legends are true too, you will find there a lotoftreasures.Apparently there is a lot of precious jewels,diamonds,jade,bloodstones, amber, emeralds, gems.You have to be careful. Nearby tribe spoke of peoplewhoneverreturned from the temple. There are many pitfalls,gapholes,arrows and other traps. There are also hostile guards,sowatchout, because You can easily become their target. Followtheoldpapyrus map and not swerve out of the way.In the game you can unlock additional characters andlocations.Yourtarget is to explore the ziggurat temple and findthegreatestamount of precious gems.Ancient Jewels Rush It is a marvelous puzzle platformgame.Thegame refers to adventure films from the 80's and 90'sandoldschoolplatform games.We play as a world famous archaeologist the target of whichistochase the adventures. We are exploring the ancientziggurattemplechambers and head for the exit. The more jewels Youcollectalongthe way, the better.Controls are typical for this kind of game - You can checkthembypressing "i" - button in main menu.Features:* colorfull marvelous retro graphic design* oldschool 8bit platformer style & gameplay* easy to control* levels and characters to unlock
Dark Hero : Another World 1.08
This game is "Platformer Adventure game"thatmaximized the fun of controlling.First place in 17 countries! Global hit gameDark Mario is “Platformer - Adventure game” that maximizedthefun of controlling.Feel the nostalgia and fun of 2d game full of game elementsonceagain.Generation period: 7 daysTarget distance: 18cmMaximum speed: 3mm/minLong journey with a traveling a distance of 3000 times itsbodylengthThe smallest cell of man…embarks on a quest to find the biggest cell of womanThe competitive environment of procreation has made spermbecometerribly aggressive over the years.The inevitable conflict and competition leading up to thefiercebattleWho will be the bravest of them all that will come out asthesole survivor out of 30 million competitors?
Lethal Lance 1.4
Lethal Lance is NOW playable on all Android devices withAndroid4.0+Lethal Lance is an old school side scrolling platformer.You are Lance, a fearless adventurer.Your mission is to save the world from an evil enemy with yourskilland ... YOUR SHOTGUN!Defeat all the enemies on your way to successfully completeyourmission.Run, jump and shoot - this is all you'll need to becomeahero.FEATURES:- 40 different levels- 5 unique environments- Several enemies to destroy with your shotgun- Beautiful old-school graphics with retina support
Dagru's World - free 1.7
Classic game with total feel of arcadegaming,your thumb will twitch to play this platform game. Game isbased onstory of Viking World. This journey will take you throughvariousAdventures like jungle run, explore desert, caves and lurkinnight. It gives classic platformer gameplay experience.One day when Dagru was returning home from journey of VikingWorldhe lost all of his coins on the way. Now he needs to find allofhis coins. So Dagru decided to go on an adventure of VikingWorldfilled with dengerous creatures and action.To find his all lost coins Dagru decided to explore WorldofVikings. To do that he need your help. Help him run and jumpinthis adventure, take out all enemies in a way and collect allcoinshe lost. Be careful, though. This place is full of beastsandmonsters, and they'll do everything so they can catch you andhavea feast.Features :+ Classic platformer gameplay+ 25 Unique levels+ Cute and beatiful graphics+ Simple and intuitive controls+ Ability to double jump+ Collect score by taking out enemiesSo get your beard and moustache ready for this new adventureinDagru’s world.
Caveman Boggo's Adventure 1.02
Morieli Games
Lead caveman Boggo in the prehistoricworldfull of adventures. Caveman Boggo's adventure is aclassicplatformer - jump and run game, where Boggo has to jump, runanddefeat his enemies, in order to survive in the stoneageenvironment. Although dwelling in the stone age caves, theworldaround Caveman Boggo seems to have evolved and modernized.Theenemies, as well as helping objects, became civilized too.Dancinggigantic dinosaurs, guitar playing turtles, cactuses orgiganticworms, these are a small selection of creatures, living intheprehistoric environment of caveman Boggo.In order to master the challenges in this classic 2Dplatformer,brought by the civilized world, the Neanderthal Boggohas to jumpand run, penetrate platforms, overcome multipleobstacles, anddefeat complex enemies. Destroy the obstacles, and instone agedwelling enemies, including dinosaurs, giant flies andinsects,worms, climb on snakes, avoid touching spikes, jump onwoodplatforms, Hot Dogs and mushrooms, run fast and carefully,travelaround in the forests with huge plants, caves and meadows oftheoverwhelming, modernized, prehistoric world of cavemenBoggo.The cave dweller does not have to explore the dangerouscivilizedworld alone. He always carries his vegetable weapons withhim,which help him to clear all the obstacles and masterhischallenges. Carrots, Potatoes, Tomatoes or Broccoli, theveggieweapons are always accompanying the troglodyte. His strongbeliefin the finger god gives the Neanderthal the power tomanipulate andmodify most of the objects and enemies, using hisfinger, as wellas activate some weapons, and prove himself in thedangerousprehistoric world. Use your fingers to destroy or displacetheobjects, paralyze or damage your enemies, to unleashpowerfulattacks, as well as to charge yourself and obtain extrahealthpoints.What makes Caveman Boggo unique?Caveman Boggo is a 2d Action Platformer game, offeringallfeatures which you are used to from other Platformer games.Incontrast to other Jump'n'Run games, it offers a newfeature"Nudge". Touch your enemies, and some dynamic objects, usingyourfinger, and you will see how they change. Nudge Boggo andobtaintemporary health points, which make it easier to survive inthewilderness. The game offers furthermore a huge selection ofveggieweapons, which can be found inside the game or can be boughtbyfruit coins which you can collect while playing.The game is free to play. It does not require any paymentsinorder to finish the levels. The game offers in Apppurchasesthough, which improve the user experience.Overview- enchanting full HD graphic- 18 huge, prehistoric levels for jumping, runningandexploration- over 10 complex enemies with AI, including dancingdinosaurs,music playing turtles and much more- over 30 dynamic objects and power ups- 7 different vegetable weapons + 2 finger weapons- penetrable platforms in stone age environment- high variety of levels, including exploration, jumping,labyrinthand arena levels- breath taking adventures- complex final challenges- the nudge feature- multiple hours of gameplay and funCaveman Boggo's Adventure is optimized for multiple devices,butit is recommended to play it on high performance devices inorderto achieve best possible user experience.Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to alwaysreceivestatus updates and notifications about game updates:'t forget that only the strongest, cleverest and themostskilled ones will survive in the wilderness. Be strong, be fastandthoughtful and you have nothing to fear!
Reed (free)
Reed – it’s a tiny creature and thelastcreation of an old supercomputer.The old supercomputer is dying by losing all of his cubes andhe’sgetting much slower without them.Without supercomputer, world is going to end.Could you help him and save the world ?Can you collect all the cube that could be found in levels thatarenot so easy to pass ?Features:- Beautiful pixel art graphic !- Ambient music !- Easy to control !- Addictive gameplay !- Hard levels !- Different traps !- Achievements !We are in social network:Twitter
Cube Robot Speedy 1.1
Go on a platformer journey with theCubeRobotSpeedy. Jump and run through many diversifiedlevels,dodgeobstacles, and speed it up, to get all the stars.Thiscubeadventure is an unforgettable adventure for CubeRobotChampions.Be fast to get all the stars. Did you know, thatcubesare theanswer to every question? This platformer is more thananormal 3Dplatformer. This real game will make you sweat.Manylevels arewaiting for you, and many are to come with thenextupdates. Willyou be able to get all the stars? Or will you dielikea noob?Cube Robot starts easy, but gets more and more complexandhard.Jump and Run in many speed levels, the clock isalwaysticking. TheCube Robot dies, when you are slow. Be a fastchampion,that iswhat you are meant to be!Dodge lasers, and don't let the Cube Bombs touch you,orelse,guess what, you will die. Why are you still here readingthis,youshould be downloading this great adventure 3D gamealready.Musthave for speed action fans! That is what the speedCubeRobotmentality is all about. This adventure game is so hard,thatnoobswill lose their pants. But pro gamers will be thechampions oftheplatformer world. The clock is ticking and you arebecomingthenext Cube champion.The first 3D platformer for Android that is only forpowergamers.Yeah, the power gamers will take over the world, andthepower noobswill be bashed. Did you ever jump on a rotator, orrunthrough lasercubes, and falling cubes? What are you waitingfor?The clock isticking and the Cube Robot dies if you are tooslow.This fast 3Dplatformer game is an Android revolutionaryspeedadventure.The world is waiting for the Cube Robot, because it needstobesaved. But the world won't be saved by the cube robotinthispowerfull time attack adventure, because it is not hisjob.Someoneelse can do it. No, the cube Robot is only here, tobeplayed as anadventure master Jump and Runner and becomethechampion ofplatformers!