Top 16 Games Similar to Ultimate NCPE Mod for MCPE

Risk By Darth377 (MCPE Mod) 1.0
Long ago, when the world of Minecraftwasbeingcreated, a devious creature by the name of ‘Risk’ enteredtheworld,creating laws adding Risks to the world. Luckily, Riskwasbanishedfrom Minecraft, imprisoned to his homeplanet‘Hazaridsk’.Unfortunately, before he was banished, he wasable toturnHerobrine against Notch, and in doing so, grantedHerobrinethepowers of immortality and flying. Risk was also able tocreateadungeon, filled with the mobs from Tuataras. Notch, whoatthattime was named ‘Luck’, created armor and a new form ofmagic,inhope that one day, someone would be able to slay Risk, andindoingso, save the world, and worlds to come. That someone isyou.It isyour time now, to play your part, and win freedom.Welcome to the world of Risk.*****************Risk is an MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) mod that adds avarietyoffeatures into the game. Risk is a ModPE script createdbymyself. Inorder to use this mod, you must have thelatestblocklauncher and theminecraft pocket edition updateparallel toit.*****************I am not affiliated with Mojang AB.Features:Multiple spells, including Void, Teleport, and flying.New mobs: Sun, Moon, Herobrine, and Serpentine!GUI: Including, Sprinting, Sneaking, Shooting,Casting,Sacrificing,and moreNew Items!RiskRod with an ID of 369Risk Apple with an ID of 322Risk Cookie with an ID of 357FireyGem with an ID of 497Creeper Star with an ID of 498Weak bow, 503Ok bow, 504Super bow, 505Ultimate bow, 506Super Flame bow, 467Ultimite Flame BOw, 468Risk Shickaxe with 507Risk armor with ids:502,503,504,505508: Risk Carrot510: Book of Engraved Time460: Book of Reverted time462: Book of Night461: Book of Day463: Book of Extended health464: Book of Delayed Risk (5000)465: Book of Delayed Risk (12500)464: Book of Delayed Risk (27000)Hard gameplay with ALL NEW Time Rush mode!In time rush, or running out of time edition, you willhave30minutes on the clock. To gain more time, tap iron,diamond,gold,lapis, or obsidian blocks after you tap the sacrificegui.Eachblock has a unique amount of time it will give.Added commands!/repairST·Repairs the risk rod (as it has a duribility)/helpif you dont know much about the mod, some info/shut upmutes modTick based clientMessage/un shut upun mutes it/close watchsends a message when an npc spawns/un close watchdoesnt send messages/spawn OP creeperspawns a god creeper above you/cheat mode onenables cheat mode/easy mode onenables easy mode6 New Bows! 4 dropped by skeletons, two craftedIntroducing the Creeper God!it has 1 health,and if it dies, blows up with explode(x,y,z,50);Extremely Dangerous.Extremely Rare.However, if you kill one, you have a very small chance togetthemost OP item in the game.The creeper star.O.P.Now with Luck ArmorGives 6 armor points when you have full pair. (hint.itsactuallychain)It will appear in the crafting table under the armor tab.Its fairly cheap to make!When you wear risk armor:·Less chance of negative risk·Negative Risk Negated, Health isnt decreased·Raises chances to get: Risk Rod, Firey Gem, Risk Cookie·Killing npc's drop 4 diamonds instead of 2·Allows Herobrine, Sun, Moon, and NPC to droptheirrespectivebookshas lots of durability!Risk is one of the longest mods available for pocketedition,withover 3000 lines, it keeps brining you back formore!Will you accept the challenges of Risk? Try tocollectEveryitem!(Want to test each item? Try '/review')
Crafting for Girls 1.0
★★★ Crafting for Girls ★★★Amazing free crafting game for every player, butspeciallyforyoung ladies and girls. In the game, you will appearinbeautifulvillage, which is located far away fromothercivilization. Thelocal citizens are living their own nicelife.They have herereally everything, what they need. They liveinclassic big familyhouses, sou you can build your own of course.Youhave alsoavailable some nice old cars, while every family inthecity hasone car.And what they do in their free time? There is bigswimmingpoolwith many attractions like kid playground, pit andmanyothers.There is also a zone for the parents, where you can sitandjustchill!★ Nice surroundings★ Beautiful models★ Minecraft for girls★ Many possibilities★ Girly graphics textures★ Crafting game to your mobile or tablet★ Models of cars★★★ How To Play ★★★* Explore all parts of the village* Build your owh house* Go to the swimming pool* Craft and build* Expand the zones of city
Helicopter Mod for MCPE 1.1
This mod adds a helicopter andotherusefultechnique to move. To use any of the types of equipmenttobeadded, in addition to the equipment you need fuel andkey.Anotheradvantage of the technology in the fashion that itworks100% - thetank and the airplane can fire and a bulldozerdestroyseverythingin its path. Download mode on the helicopterforMinecraft 0.13.1is very simple, and the benefits from itsusesimply phenomenal.The technique that adds events:HelicopterTankAircraftBulldozerA carA bike
Mod Minions World for MCPE 1.1
If you like the minions from theanimatedfilm"Despicable Me" Minions then mod for Minecraft PE youwill loveandwith it you can call these funny creatures and have funwiththem.They are absolutely friendly and will wander peacefullyaroundthegame world, and most importantly they are alldifferent.ThereMignon with one eye, there are two eyes, so theydiffer fromeachother in height and shape of the body, so thatthediversitypredostatochno.Kak cause Minions? What would causeMinionsMinionsin vogue for Maynkraft PE you need to spawn the egg,whichyou willfind in your inventory if you're playing in acreativemode, andsurvival mode, you can add an egg spawn hisinventar.Poslehow youwill have an egg, you need to take it in handand tapnutthem onthe ground, then this place will cute Migno
Advance Morphing Mod for MCPE 1.1
If you would like to turn into a mobanditsability to receive events while Advance Morphing help youwiththisand you will have access to all images of mobs thatareinMinecraft PE. To get the look of a mob you must first beathim,andthen a special menu to choose its appearance, as soon asyouturnright you will see all of his abilities.Another interesting feature of the fashion forAdvanceMorphingMaynkraft PE is the possibility to save all imageandchange themwhenever you want. For example, if you need to crosstheriver, youcan turn into a chicken and fly it, and if you needtoget on ahigh, sheer wall, then one better cave spider forthistasknayti.Kak use the mod? After installation, modification onthegameinterface, a new button will appear, it is in thelowerleftcorner. Clicking on it brings you to the menu mode, whereyoucanturn invisible for hunting mobs and see a full listofavailabletransformation options.Then get the mob to which you want to turn and kill him. Thisisbestdone with enabled stealth feature, which is presentinthismodification, because then you will not attackotvet.Dlyaexample,let's turn into residents to take this egg spawnandencourage him,and then we should just kill him and we will beableto turn tohim.Now we already have a skin for the conversion, and let'strytobecome a more dangerous enemy, for example creeper. Callorcreeperfind and kill him. Then we turn into him and try toblowupsomething.Now you can try to turn into a spider that would gain theabilitytocrawl on walls or cliffs.
Dragon Mount Mod for MCPE 1.1
Mod Dragon Mounts for Minecraft PE willaddtothe game Dragons, which you can tame and even ride onthem.Dragonwill be faithful to your companion on any journey andwillallowmuch faster to travel long distances in a short time.JustfashionDragon Mounts for Minecraft PE will be accessiblesevendifferentdragons from fiery dragon and finishing diamond. Allthedragonswill have a different appearance, so you can at anytimechangeyour pet when your old one is already tired of you.Inaddition,you can feel like a real dragon breeder who willgrowthesemythical creatures from the eggs, and then watchhisgrowth.How to grow a dragon The first thing you need is an empty eggandalarge aviary where you'll grow your pets
Godzilla Mod for MCPE 1.1
If you think the game Maynkraft PEnoworthyopponent for you, then install the mod Godzilla andfightwith thisgiant lizard using a new weapon. As you can see inthegame modadds a huge, evil lizard, called Godzilla, moreoveryouwill beavailable just two of their kind. Each of them has itsownuniqueabilities and requires a special approach in the battle.To defeat these monsters in the game Minecraft PE youneedaspecial weapon, which can be found in the archivewiththemodification. His power should be enough, that woulddefeatthisgiant lizard and save thousands of lives.How to summon Godzilla?Unfortunately they do not appear in the game world, andthatwouldadd to the game, you will need two eggs spawn that shouldbeaddedto your inventory using ToolBox modes.Egg Appeal Godzilla (1500)Appeal Egg Burning Godzilla (1501)After calling one of them, he immediately beginstoattackeverything that he sees, and destroying everything initspath. Ifyou use conventional egg Appeal Godzilla, then you willseea greenlizard the size of a skyscraper.
Blocky Roads Parking 1.0
Have you ever thought of enjoying aparkingmess? Perhaps never, but it can be real fun if you play aparkinggame like Blocky Roads Parking.The game plan is simple but mastering the parking task isreallychallenging. However, surprisingly, the challenging tangyvibes ofthis free android game is the life of its game play.This parking simulator game is super-duper addictive and hereyoucan play the role of a driver looking for a suitable parkingplacefor your vehicle. The game will offer you immaculate scope totestyour virtual parking skill with 4 types of vehicles like Car,jeep,semi-trailer, and truck.How to play the game:There is nothing difficult to play the game, only you have tohavewonderful sense of vehicle control exactly as you applywhileparking your car on city parking lot in real life.In this Blocky Roads Parking app you can take your pick outoftwo play styles – you can play by tilting your device, or youmayuse a virtual steering wheel. This is a beautiful andchallengingway to test your exactitude, style, and skill in 30levels (morelevels are coming next).You can enjoy drive in achangingenvironment like on multiple roads and pathways. Therearedifferent challenges but one thing is sure! The awesome dynamicsofthe parking game will keep you high on alert and engrossed onyourmobile screen for sure.App’s features:Regardless, you are playing the game from the perspective ofadriving pro or a game freak prior knowledge about theappintegrated features will surely be an advantage for you:• This 3D parking game play presents an excellent challengeofvirtual parking. Enjoy seamless driving, advantage to pauseandvirtual pleasure to steer over ramps, hills, and bridges.• You can use gas to move forward as well as you may use braketostop and control movement ahead or back,• Other than tilting device, you can select a steering wheel forcarcontrol,• Enjoy your parking frenzy under three weather conditionslikedrizzly raining, snow land and sunny ambiance,• You will get three lives to play and survive the challenge oftheparking simulation game: by upgrading the free app you can gettoenjoy 5 lives to enjoy more strength to survive.• You can enjoy three camera views for safe and flawlessdrivingeven on the by ways,• The Blocky Roads Parking app offers facility to avail quickrepairservice: repair your car at your crush point and continuethe game:however you need to upgrade your app.Trivia:The app offers in app purchase facility to make your freeversionmore peppy and entertaining. The options include:• Choose between 5 control steering options,• Enjoy weather options to add more life in yourparkingchallenge,• Take the time allowance of quick repair pack and enjoygamecontinuation after your car crash catastrophe: avoid the optiontostart a new game.• Add more spice to your parking challenge: enjoy total 5 livesandcherish more sustenance for playing the parkingsimulationgame.Download the amazing parking game app Blocky Roads Parking andtestyour driving and parking skills all at your fingertips.* No traffic or highway wars* No smashy drivers wantedGame features:- Easy to learn, hard to master 3D gameplay with no traffic.- Gas to move forward, brake to stop and to move backwards- Three weather conditions (drizzly rain, snowland andsunny)with controls (off/on)- Three camera views for better driving on the byway.- Quick repairs to continue where you crash.- Three lives to play, with an option to upgrade to five!- Swerve and roam around walls.- Operate on multiple roads and pathways.- Drive,halt and steer over ramps, bridges, and hills.- Time your laps around each parking route.- Slant device with tilt controlsLike "Grand Champ Games" on Facebook to keep up with futuregamesand updates:
Smashy Road: Wanted 1.0
✪✪✪ Smashy Road: Wanted ✪✪✪Have you ever tried driving cars in limitless Minecraftworld?Ifno, you should definitely try it, becouce it brings you alot offunand excitement. Anyway, you will appear in the big city,whereisdriving and racing on a daily basis. Of course, it isaclassicMinecraft city builder, so you can build otheramazingbuildings,some racetracks, whatever you want.In the city, you can find many great models of racingcarslikeMustang for example. But be careful, there is also apoliceservicewith many fast cars, so it is not really easy toescapethem. Ifyou like this style, do not hesitate and downloadthisgreatMinecraft car mode and try this craft racing.✪ Great and fast models of cars✪ Police and firemen✪ Racetracks✪ Unlimitless 3D World✪ Services like gas station or car repair shop✪ Unique surroundins✪✪✪ How To Plax ✪✪✪* Explore the city!* Choose your favourite car!* Try to avoid and escape the police!* Don´t couse any accidents and crashes!* Visit the car service station!
Too Many Tool Mod for MCPE 1.1
Mod TooManyItems will allow youtoplayMinecraft PE 0.9.5 and 0.10.0 to receive an unlimited numberofallblocks that you need. With it, play becomes easierandmoreinteresting. Now you do not need to spend a lot oftimesearchingfor relevant units, enough to choose what blocks youneedand theirnumber, after which they will appear in yourinventory.Justbecause of TMI mode you can use the othermodifications thatare asuseful to you in the game.If you get tired or worn items to craft in searchofrelevantunits across the game world, Pocket Edition, then thismodfor sureyou will like it and help you get rid of theroutineactivitiesthat tire
Green Hero Mod for MCPE 1.1
If you love watching movies orcartoonsbyMarvel Studios then you know exactly Hulk thanks tofashionTheHULK MOD Minecraft PE each player can turn to him andgainnewstrength. After you install the mod you will need tocreatethearmor of the Hulk, which will allow you to turn intothismonsterand get all his abilities in Minecraft PE. In additiontotheenormous power which endow you with new armor andappearanceshewill make the game character is practicallyinvulnerable,becausehe will have 1000 heart health.ID items and crafting recipes:Hulk-Armor (ID: 500) - 1 + 1 diamond helmet diamond bib + 1+1diamond leggings boots diamond emerald + 1 unit.Turns into the HulkWhat would turn into the Hulk in the game MinecraftPocketEditionyou have crafted armor, how to do this, see above.Afterthat, takeit in hand and tapnite it on the ground that wouldwear.Afterthat, your character skin will change color to green, butfromallclothes only shorts will be on you.After the conversion process is fully completed will begladyouhave new abilities are sure to be useful to you. Forexample,whenyou hit the ground beneath you will be an explosionandareforwarding into the sky, so you'll have a super power andkillanymob with a single blow. Last events that will give you TheHULKMODin MCPE is invulnerable, after you put the armor you willhave1000health heart that is almost comparable to immortality.
Furniture Mod for MCPE 1.1
Do not deny yourself the pleasure to sitinacomfortable chair, after a hard day of miner! As you know -isamod furniture for Minecraft 0.13.1 and besides thealreadyeverydaythings like tables and chairs, there is even acomputer. IDobjectsI unfortunately do not have, but you can addthem if youjust go tothe creative - only about 10 objectsavailable
Wyvern Mod for MCPE 1.1
Wyvern - you are bored dogs and cats?Youneedan unusual pet? What's the problem - tame wyvern!This mod adds to your game a new species of reptiles -wyvern.Itis a hostile monster. If you dare to fight with her, thenthedeathof the dragon is a chance that the egg can fall. As youmayhaveguessed from the eggs and can bring new scaly friend!Wyvernsaredifferent colors, but they are drawn to each scale.Thestrongestare Wyvern white and black, because they have greatspeedandincredible strength. Find these creatures can be in hell.Ifyou arenot satisfied with the search, use the egg appeal tothecreativeinventory rezhima.Esli you beat the egg and spawn ababy,you shouldwait a little longer. As soon as he gets older - youcanride itwith a breeze!But assuming that you will have a special seat (ID329). Ifyouaretired of the trip, then simply click on the jump button..
Waypoint Mod for MCPE 1.1
If you are experiencingproblemswithorientation in the game world Minecraft PE thenWaypoints Modmodwill allow you to get your own GPS navigator anduse it to findtheway back. The essence of fashion is as follows -you'll havetocreate waypoints, then, can include GPS Navigatorwhichwillindicate the direction in which they are, at one timeanavigatorshowing one point in the game Maynkraft PEifnecessary.After installing the mod Waypoints Mod on the main screen,youwillhave a button with the letter W when clicked, will openamenuwhere you will be offered to create a point, to do this,clickonthe button Сreate waypointOnce you have clicked on Create waypoint in the center ofthescreenwill be the field in which you have to enter the nameofthis point,your current location will be indicated on thestandardin it, enterany convenient and friendly name for it andclick Okthat would addor "Cancel" it would otmenit.Posle, you canclick onthe name of thestored point in the top of the screen willbe our"GPS navigator" inthe movie is an arrow indicating thedirectionof the current willact where the waypoint .When you reachtheplace where your savepoint, the arrow begins torotatecontinuously and it will mean thatyou are meste.Howewernavigatorin fashion Waypoints Mod has afeature in which at the timeof yourdeath will be automaticallycreated a guiding point, allowingyouto quickly look for a place,where died.
Free city: Story Mode 1.1
✪✪✪ Free city: Story Mode ✪✪✪If you like the great world and surroundings ofMinecrafr,thenyou are in the right place! This game offers youreallymanypossibilities, what you can do. You don´t needanyinternetconncetion, so you can play anyhere and anytime youwant.In thegame, you will appear near the amazing prepared modernhouse,whichyou can of course rebuild or upgrade according toyourimagination.Everything is up to you. Right next to the houseisalso thegarage, so if you want, you can surely build somecar,which youcan hide there. Of course you have to eat, so donťforgetto growsome crops and plants on your garden. The game canservealso asminecraft how to build tutorial of course.✪ Prepared surroundings.✪ Free world✪ Many possibilities✪ Awesome graphics✪ Games for kids✪✪✪ How To Play ✪✪✪* Go to the house* Find all hidden chambers* All secrets has to be revealed* Explore the surroundings* Grow some plants and crops
Machinery Mod for MCPE 1.1
If you do not have enough in thegameMinecraftPE various transport, both civilian and military,whileMech modadds to the game five different vehicles, since thetankand endingplanes. Each of them has its own characteristics, bycaryou candrive fast on the ground, a bulldozer can quicklybreakblocks, thetank can shoot the TNT blocks, and the aircraftwillallow quickaccess by air to any point on the map.Mech Mod for Maynkraft PE will allow you to greatlydiversifythegameplay, so you'll not only be able to move quicklytodifferentparts of the map, but also to protect his house andmine,using thetank.How to use the mode of transport?The first thing you need is a basic crafted items, fashionisthekey (ID: 1000) and fuel (ID: 1001). Without these items,youwillnot be able to start and drive any of the abovevehicles.Onceyou've crafted keys, fuel and direct one of the carstofashion,you will need to take it in hand and tapnut her ontheground.