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Zombie Hunter 2.0.1
New version of Zombie Hunter 2018:- Portrait screen mode- New Look and new gameplay, more exciting!- Good game for halloween nightZombie Hunter, A Free and Fun shooting game!Shoot 'Em up and save the peoplePass all level and save the human race!Earn score and lead the top player on leaderboardLet's play Zombie Hunter now
Zombie hunters arena 0.12.2
Multiplayer zombie shooter. Shoot zombiesandupgrade your weapon.
Zombie Hunter Sniper 1.07
Now it's time to face the apocalypse andblowthe crap out of thousands of zombies!Now it's time to facetheapocalypse and blow the crap out of Thousands of zombies!
Sniper Zombie Hunter 1.0
Roger That
Get ready to play in a most dangerousandwildmission you ever play. This Zombie Sniper shooter gamewillblowyour mind. Save yourself from the zombies thatattackedyourhometown. Eliminate them and take them out all. Thereis onlyonechance to clear this mission is to save yourself andkilleveryzombies that attacks you.Zoom in and Zoom out for better target view. You canchangetheview to night vision in case you cannot see anyzombiesinnight.Amazing 3D graphics is waiting for you with realphysics.WeChoose the best weapon for you to kill these zombies.Best andaperfect way to kill zombie is take a headshot that’s howyou killazombie.You will addict to this game very soon because oftheperfectenvironment and live scene.Enjoy hunting the zombies and be a savior of your town.Features- Easy controlsNatural EnvironmentRealistic physicsNight vision sniperUnlimited AmmoFree game.How to Play:--Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and zoomin&out-Tap on left side to navigate the areaTake some time off from this game and give us feedback.Your feedback is very important to us. Thank you
Zombie Hunter 4x4 1.0.1
Oppana Games
Zombie Hunter on SUV - is a realphysicsenginegame and hunting ZOMBIES.Hunting zombie on the SUVindestroyedcity.Your goal is to kill all zombie in your range. Use sniperviewforbetter precision. During the game, you will enjoytherealisticgraphics of the apocalyptic city.Hunt different zombies from you locate and kill them all!Hunting Zombie 3D features:- High quality graphics.- Easy controller.- Off-road simulator 4x4 / SUV.- Open 3D environment.- Realistic animated zombies to hunt.- Realistic sound effects.- Real Apocalyptic city.- Full 3D - 360 Degrees Action.
Zombie Game PRO Bow Shooting 1.3
The apocalypse is on. Become an ultimatezombiehunter! Hordes of undead monsters are attacking! The end oftheworld is a fact, there’s no hope for humanity. Possessed demonshaveno fear. Walking dead zombies all around you. Survive or geteatenby the undead. You have a bow and arrows to defend yourselfand huntthe cursed monsters.Stretch the bow and aim for the head. To survive the apocalypseyoumust shoot fast and don’t get bitten. Armageddon happened, allhopeis gone. World War Z is now and all you have is this bowandarrows. Shoot precisely and annihilate the zombies. There areothersurvivors - try to save them before the dead monsters getthem!Become the ultimate zombie hunter! Walking and shootingdeadmonsters - that’s your new hobby. Zombies are fast so you havetobe faster. No parkour skills to escape so you have to defendthelast spot you have. So if you want to play zombie shootinggamesfree, like the apocalypse survival simulators then this gameis foryou.With this game you getDifferent environments: apocalyptic city, village andfarm,suburbansYou can use Longbow with arrowsShooting zombies in the head is more efficientSurvival mode (defend the spot, defend the Survivor)Hunter mode (hit the Boss-Monster)AchievementsLeaderboards - you can compete with your friendsWind factor! Arrows actually turn - Take an amendment tothewindFree to play! No money needed!How to play:Tap to stretch the bowAim the target (hit the head for more points!)Bow reloads automaticallyBow will start shaking when stretched for too long!Don’t get killedPLAY OFFLINE - no internet needed, no wifi!visit us on: http://playcoolzombiesportgames.comFor more shooting games (target shooting or long range shooting)seeour other awesome free games!
Zombie Exterminator: Sniper 1.0.1
Zombie Exterminator: Sniper game bringsatotally new experience.How are you supposed to deal with zombie? You are zombiehunter,keep hope alive for the human race.A virus unlike anything we've seen before has spread aroundthecity.Everyone have been transformed into creatures that will killanyliving thing they come across.Survivors have fled with hoping to escape, everything like a cityofthe dead.Those lucky to still be alive are hidden in subwaystation,supermarkets or anywher with hoping waiting to berescued.Everything will you a zombie exterminator game. Come on andenjoysuch a lifelike shooting zombie game. Download now enjoy!===== HOW TO PLAY =====* Slide to the left of the screen to controlcharactermovement.* Slide to the right of the screen you can adjust the target.* To deal with different kinds of zombies, sometimes you havetochange your weapons.===== FEATURES =====* Stunning graphic and epic battles.* Enjoy shocking music and sound effect.* Experience the sensation of firing wildly* Kill different kinds of zombies.* New weapons and upgrade system.* Smooth game play* Fast game paceDownload Zombie Exterminator now and enjoy such a lifelikeshootzombie game!Anything please feedback for our. Thanks!
SWAT Action : Zombie Hunting 1.1
SWAT Action : Zombie Hunting -endlessaddictive 2D action shooting games. Hunt the zombies thatattackthe town.In this SWAT Action : Zombie Hunting game, you play as SWATteammembers that fighting with the walking dead. Shoot and killthem toend the war between human and zombies. Pick up the weaponsand lifeto enable you to defend the town. All SWAT game lover, timetocombat back!!Game Features of SWAT Action : Zombie Hunting:- Gameplay is simple but hard to master! Keep play and youwillsurvive.- 100% free to play.- Stunning graphics and realistic background.- Spectacle sound effect. Can turn on or turn it off.- Smooth joystick controls.- Beat friends high score in the online leaderboard.- This game is suitable for all kind of genres from kids, girlsandboys of all ages.- Share your high scores on Facebook.- Best casual game during free time.How to Play:- Touch "A" button to shoot.- Touch "B" button to jump. Touch twice to make a doublejump.- Use the joystick to move the soldier direction.- Pick up the life and weapon.- Kill zombies by shooting or jumping on their head.SWAT Action : Zombie Hunting - you chance to be the walkingdeadhunter.
Zombie Hunter VR 1.4
You are locked up in the underground roomofthe building in a city devastated by zombies.You have to survive the zombies' attacks and climb up to theroofwhere the rescue team will land.- Aim at the zombies using head tracking to fireweaponsautomatically.- If screen is not in the center of your field ofview,double-tap the back of your smartphone to re-orientit. You can do this anytime while using this game.*This app requires a VR headset.
American Zombie Hunter 1.1
Zombie apocalypse is serious business.Be casual about it and you'll end up a casualty.Train hard and you'll have a chance to survive.You want to save your family and your friends, don't you?The time is now.Become a Zombie Hunter![How to Play]• Tap the growing zombies before they hit you.• Don't tap the hands trying to grab you.• Always tap the health packs, they are rare.• Boss zombies hit hard, bring them down as fast as you can.[Game Features]• Google Play achievements, leaderboards and cloud saves.• 10 cities from West Coast to East Coast, San Francisco toNewYork.• 3 punishing difficulty levels.• 3 boss fight mechanics to figure out.• An intense reflex test. Improves your hand-eye coordinationandreaction time.The game is hard! Zombies won't go easy on you.-------------------------------------How did the hunt go? Tell us your story:[email protected]:
Zombie Hunters 3D 1.0.8
App Holdings
First person Zombie shooter adventure whereyoumust use your weapons and your fists to battle forhumanity'ssurvival!Intense set of missions to progress through with more coming allthetime!- Easy Touch Controls (well-known fps style)- Colourful world to explore with beautifultoon-styleGraphics- Diverse, engaging enemies- Awesome and unique weapons- Cool locations- Lots of missions with more coming very soonDownload for free and don't miss out on the awesome updatescomingsoon!** A TERRIBLE SECRET **A military secret has gone wrong. People are going missing.Rumoursof "monster" sightings are increasing. The world is inpanic!That's where you come in. Are you ready for a night among thedead?While others simply abandon those left behind only you andtheZombie Hunters team will take a stand! Some say the zombieviruscan't be fought. They say the wave will continue untilthere'snothing left... But they've never met you.** TERRIFYING ENEMIES **Face your basic walking dead enemy or go toe to toe with agruesomemechanical experiment gone wrong. Get your hustle on andavoid thespeedy zombie while also trying to avoid the explosive funof thekamikaze zombie! The difficulty progresses with each missionmakingit that much more intense and fun to upgrade your gunandcharacter's abilities. Your success against these variedbaddieswill decide whether you will see the dawning of a new ageorhumanity's sunset!** AMAZING GUNS AND ABILITIES **Quick reflexes and sniper abilities like these don't just growontrees. Switch your game into overdrive with awesome upgrades!Runfaster, hit harder, shoot with greater accuracy! Collect cashtounlock new guns and abilities. upgrading your melee attack willgoa long way! Crush the zombie wave and see it cowerbeforeyou!Available Guns: Pistol, Shotgun, Uzi, AK47, Tommy Gun, M16,ZombieZapper, Laser Blaster,Coming Soon: Assault Rifle, Plasma Gun, Mini Gun, RocketLauncher,and more!The world is in your hands. It's up to you...HUNT or be HUNTED
Dead Shot Zombie Hunter 1.2.4
Update :- Halloween update is the streets getting filled by the pumpkin headzombies. Don'ttake them lightly as they might cause more damagethan youthink.Zombie outbreak has begun. People who survived, theystartedbuilding huge walls around their small towns making it asafe placeto live. But it didn't last long.. one small mistake leadthedestruction of your whole town. The zombies have found a way inandare now a huge threat to the survivors living with you in thetownas the city is now filling up with the dead people walkingandcrawlers.As a skilled sniper, its your job to help the survivors gatheraliveand evacuate the city.Dead shot zombie hunter takes place in a small town ofsurvivorswhich are now about be overrun by the zombies. Help thesurvivorsto survive against the hordes of zombies trying to eat outtheirbrains.Dead shot zombie hunter puts the player in multiple situationswherethey have to defend from a distance or survive an attack byswarmingzombies on themselves in day and night. Zombies havedifferentcharacteristics, there are crawlers, walkers and runners.Thecrawlers are slow but persistent. The walkers are youraveragezombies. The runners are fast and are extremelydangerous.Player can unlock different sniper rifles with unique propertiestounleash the storm on the zombies.Intuitive touch controls and adjustable zoom forsniperrifles.Dead shot zombie hunter Features :- Multiple Sniper Rifles to purchase- Realistic sound effects- Realistic graphics- Multiple graphics adjustment options- Day and Night environments- Multiple achievements and Leaderboards to compete withyourfriendsBe the guardian for the survivors and bring death from above totheundead.Find us on :Facebook : : :
Dead Target Zombie OMG! 1.0.7
Dead Target Zombie is a brand new FPStoughfree zombies game of 2016. The tyrant virus or the t-virus averydeadly mutant form of resident evil out broke in 2050 in asmalltown and the Zombie Apocalypse spread in the graveyard ofthattown. The far mysterious town has become a Zombies booth andzombieare coming like a tsunami from everywhere. You are aspecialistzombies tsunami hunter of the dead targets and thelocalauthorities have called you for help. Can you survive thedeadlyzombie Apocalypse? Let’s see zombies hunter how far you go.Hahaha,are you afraid?== FEATURES ==☆ Great fun for everyone, even for girls!☆ Five hard levels for you to become an ZombiesboothTsunamihero☆ Defend yourself and don't get eaten in the zombiesboothmountaincity sniper!☆ Cool HD graphics with scary graveyard scene and horrifyingwitchcastle!☆ Five levels with different feel and look of theenvironment!☆ Terrifying sound effects!★ Experience exciting FPS shooting gameplay against deadtargetszombie tsunami★ An evil and dark adventure in the cold of awinternight!If you like free zombie games, sniper fury or shootinggamesfree; you would love to play this very hard FPS zombiesshootinghunting game featuring the living dead targets inzombiesbooth, theresident evil. You may have played many zombiegames free beforebut baby this is something really hard to play,don’t believe! Comeon and see for yourself how theses dead targetscan make you screamand dead in minutes.There are 4 best guns to choose from e.g. AK47,M-24semiautomatic and M4A1. Which one is your favorite? We intendtoput more deadly weapons, grenades and powers in your arsenalhunterin future releases. So don’t worry if you can’t overcometheresident evil zombie Apocalypse now!Good luck zombies Tsunami hunter, you're going to need it themostat this point of time in your life against the sinisterdeadtargets and you must become a tough hard target for themotherwisethey are going to convert you into dead meat hahaha!! Andalso trypixel gun strike, monster squad battle camp, jailbreakkillshot,guns glory gunslingers, Critical Commando Strike, CommandoStrikesubway Ops, Zombie Gunship Air Strike and space twist turnetc.Do like our Google & Facebook page, give us good rankingsandreviews as well so we can make better games free foryoualways! then, Good Day and get some time to Play!!
Zombie Hunter - Endless Attack 1.8
Hunt zombies and kill as many as youcan!Hurry, the zombies are growing in numbers and the wavesofenemiesnever end.You are the last line of defense against hordes of theundead.Kill the Zombies as fast as you can using a right handedtriggerandleft handed touch.* feature- Gun upgrade system- 10 zombies- 3D graphics
Zombie Walker Hunter 1.03
the unknown virus infects human beings;thezombies rule all cities. as the zombie hunter, can you escapefromthe city? or can you find the antidote to rescuehumanbeings?now pick up the weapons to prevent attack and to prove whetheryouare the zombie hunter to rescue human beings
Zombie Hunter 1.1
Zombie Hunter , Save human andKillZombieHunter.Zombies are leaving the graveyard and going to city tokillHumans, Let's Help us and save the Humans :)They running fast either kill them by hand of kill thembysensorgun.Help Help Help :( :( :( They are coming fast and Running tothecityand Killing people.Let's Kill together Be a Zombie Hunter......
Zombie Defense: Dead Target 3D 1.0
This city looks like a usual country town –butthere is no any life. Citizens left their houses panickingafterbeginning of zombie invasion. Nobody knows where thiszombieinfection comes from, but it's no time for thinking – youhave totake your gun and fight. Zombie Hunter: Dead War 3D –incrediblezombie shooter on the real city streets. Try to survivethe zombiesand kill them all!Explore city streets and defence from zombies. Try to winthisultimate fight and become a real zombie hunter!Zombie Defence: Dead Target 3D game features:• Realistic zombie survival shooter in 3D;• Different weapon in your arsenal;• Cool graphics and sounds;• 1 person view shooting game;• Real city to explore;• A lot of stuipd hungry zombies.Where will be only one winner in this dead war – enjoyplayingZombie Defence: Dead Target 3D!
Zombie Hunter 1.0.0
Can you survive the zombie apocalypse ?Theonlyweapon available is a small machine gun and 499 bullets ?Eachshotfired makes a noise which attracts more of them things.Try and survive to get the highest score possible-Leaderboardcoming soonVersion 1: My First game, small simple addictive shooter,Updates coming soon -1. Music - Every game needs sound but i forgot thatpointwhendeveloping this.2. Store - collect coins to buy guns and more ammo,3. Better controls - Have a better way tocontrolthecharacter.4. Global Leaderboard - Stay connected and challengefriendsfromaround the world to a survival and see who isthebettersurvivor.
Zombie Hunter Breaker 1.0.9
The worldwide user-friendly Breakoutgamegenre. Zombie Hunter Breaker!Attack a monster that constantly appeared in "Power Ball"!Hunter hunting ancient ruins appeared!Kill the monsters to attack the powerful hunter and let occupythetreasure!Raising the skills of the hunter you defeat a strongmonster!★ more than 60 different stages!- Boss appeared every stage!★ end of the unknown Survival mode! - Check the worldwide user rankings!★ 6 kinds of personality of the Hunter - The presence of a variety of unique skills.★ 6 different skills Hunter - Have strong skills in Hunter Updates!★ more than 14 kinds of various pet - Pets will present each with a unique skill.Upgradeable!★ 9 different game items - Items that appear at random, will make the gamemoreexciting.★ great reward paid at various achievements and clear!  - Total 10 different achievements★ hunter, pet, check the zombie picture book!- Hunter, please check your pet's unique abilities intheEncyclopedia- Check the various zombie I caught★ Gold stations to be paid every 5 minutes- Collect the gold more easilyContact Us: [email protected]
Assassin Sniper Zombie Hunter 1.2
After a nuclear attack has turnedpeopleintozombiesThere are zombies all over the cityThe city with the most advanced weapons the Army is tryingtocleanup the zombiesAlthough the soldiers are very powerful weaponszombiesstillcontinues to create chaos in the cityOne soldier was killed when the hero discovers that thezombieheadshot from justZombies are needed advanced sniper gun to shoot in the headArmy gave this brave hero and the most advancedsniperweaponsoldierCity of Heroes soldier trying to clean itself fromthebrutalblood-smelling zombiesBut this horrible zombies, they multiply very quickly andcontinuetostray on the streetsOther people in the country from turning into zombies needtorecoverfrom this bloody cruel creatureOur brave military continues day and night to killthiskillerzombie, but not enoughPrepare your sniper gun at you and kill zombies, helpingtheherosoldieryou you can be a hero if you kill enough zombiesZombies are very powerful sniper weapon without so dontforgettostrengthen your
City Hunter 3D Zombie Killer 1.0
Kool Games
A city hunter becomes a zombie killerinthiszombie shooter game of a zombie hunter. This is a zombiegameofzombie hunter where zombie shooting and zombie killingisrequiredby the zombie hunter.Background story:-Our zombie hunter has now moved from the junglezombiehuntingsituation where zombie shooting for zombie killingwasrequired.The zombie hunter is now in a city zombiehuntingsituation so ourzombie shooter can be titled a city hunteror azombie killer as hewill have to do zombie shooting forzombiekilling to save hislife.What is this zombie game all about?This zombie hunting game is all about zombie shootingandzombiekilling by a city hunter. This zombie shooter gamehasdifferentzombie hunting levels. Each level of this zombie gamehasaninteresting mission for the zombie killer. There are a totalof30zombie shooter levels. Your objective in this zombie gameasazombie shooter is to do zombie shooting and zombie killingtostaysafe.How to play this zombie game?You are going to have your sniper rifle on you for thezombiehuntin this zombie sniper game as you will need to shoot tokeepyourselfsafe from the zombies. You need to use the sniperrifle infollowingmanner to shoot:1. Click on the Zoom button in left bottom cornerofthescreen.2. Once you have enabled zoom, a bullet button will appearontheright bottom corner of the screen.3. You can click the bullet button to fire but you will alsohavetheenhanced zoom option at this stage.4. Click the Zoom+ button on the top left corner of thescreentohave a better view of your target.5. Aim well and try to take a head shot to finish your enemyinoneshot.6. Touch the bullet button to eliminate your enemy.7. As this shooting game has different levels soaccomplishthemission set for a certain level to successfully unlocknextlevelof this hunting game.8. Once you have cleared a level, you can always come backandgiveit another shot to better your previous missionaccomplishmenttimein this zombie sniper game.Why this shooting game?You are surely going to love this hunting game over theothersdueto following salient features:1. Totally Free: This shooting game is totally free!2. Delightful graphics: This hunting game has awesomegraphicswhichmake long lasting impressions on your mind and vision.Thegraphicsare high quality as well as very smooth so you aregoingto haveyour best gaming experience while playing thisgreatshootinggame.3. Entertaining music: This hunting game has averyentertainingmusic for your pleasure.4. Very realistic sound effects: The sound effects inthisshootinggame are very realistic and they keep you fullyinvolved inthiskiller game.5. Top Quality Fun: Its great fun to play this zombie snipergameasthe aim is to get better and better until you are totallysafefromthe zombies acting as your enemies.6. Realistic Missions: The mission associated with each levelofthiskiller game is very realistic and it throws you in therealworldwhile keeping you fully engaged. Each mission is timeboundwith aspecific elimination target of zombies to keep youfocusedon the jobat hand.7. Player Feedback: We are at all times looking for yourfeedbackandtry our best to make your gaming experience moreandmoreinteresting.Who should play?Anybody who wants a challenge to keep himself safefromthezombies should play this zombie sniper game and establishthebasicskills in the simulating environment mapping to therealworld.Everyone else looking for endless hunt of zombies isalsowelcometo play this killer game.When to play?Another great thing about this zombie sniper game by KoolGamesisthat it can be played at anytime during the day or duringthenight.You are at office or at home, whenever you have freetimejust pullout your gun and enjoy playing this killer game.Please don't forget to rate our game/ provide feedback.ENJOY & Thank you!
Sniper Zombie Assault Hunter 1.0
It’s a judgment day. Your rifle weapon isthelast hope to help escape your hometown from theseassassinatewalking dead – zombies. They are running around, killingyourfriends and changes your neighbors from humans to zombies. Thelastday of being a man or to survive for your life is a choice.Huntthe deadly killer zombies or to be killed? It’s time to shootthemout.Zombie Hunter: Sniper Assault is the real-feel game taking youtothe zombie hunting battle with high performance for yourawesomemoment. Enjoy!★★★★ How to Play ★★★★★After finishing installation, tap the game icon to runthegame★The left side of screen shows the energy and score.Everysharpshooting is counted. Note that the energy levelislimited★Dragging finger on screen to move★Use the radar display on the upper right to find the zombies★Tap the gun view finder to focus the target★Tap the gun icon to shoot
Zombie Alien Hunter VR 1.1
Zombie Alien Hunter VR is a virtualrealityzombie shooter.Requires a VR headset such as Google Cardboard, SamsungGear,Durovis Dive and a GamePad to control movement andshooting.
DeadLane: 3D Zombie Apocalypse 1.5
The endless 3D zombie horde has risen fortheblood & brains of all mankind. You must use your carandsuperior driving skills to kill them all. Ride the roadtosalvation and survive the apocalypse on the highway of thedamned.Fine your lane and escape the city to wage war against thekiller3D zombies walking the road ahead. Whether in the desert oron thehighway your endless action packed journey has justbegun.The undead have not quenched their killer thirst for flesh.Therewill be blood, and it is your head they are after. Survive foraslong as you can in this endless zombie runner game. Kill thedeadand make sure they stay dead in this epic 3D zombiesgame.Experience the blood and gore of smashing the dead, directly onyourwindshield. Race down the highway, changing lanes and winningthewar, one zombie at a time. The survival of mankind depends onyou.Whether in the city, forest, or desert the undead will notyield.They will maintain their lane, and you must clear them offtheroad.Join mankind’s war for survival armed with your trusty carandlightning reflexes. Attack the walking dead for bonus gems,collectshields for invincibility and trigger jumps to hurdle overshortobstacles.The journey may be endless, but you will be rewarded, brandnewzombie splattering vehicles and the title of zombie hunter. Withavariety of 3D models, you will always find a freshnewtarget.An action packed endless 3D zombie killing, highway drivinggame.Put the pedal to the metal, the grill to the undead face, andenjoythat satisfying splat.