Top 48 Games Similar to FreeCraft Zombie Apocalypse

Experiment Z - Zombie 2.14
App Holdings
EXPERIMENT Z IS HERE!*SPECIAL OFFER* Download NOW and get 50 free Zcoins!!SURVIVE in the most anticipated mobile multiplayer zombiesurvivalgame for your android!!!!Play with friends, scavenge and loot buildings, find food,guns,weapons to SURVIVE in the massive open world map. Follow usonFacebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and YouTube for updates,giveaways,and more !*** NOTE: THIS GAME IS INTENDED FOR FAST PHONES ANDTABLETS!It will be slow and laggy on older devices. You need atminimum aNexus 4 or Samsung S3! ***Key Features!* Multiplayer online action, play with your friends for FREE!* Next Gen 3D Graphics* MASSIVE 3D open world map to explore* Survive through the day and night!* Hungry ZOMBIES on the prowl* Drive different vehicles or take a ride with your friends* Find all the clothes, gear and weapons to help you survive+++ IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ +++This version of the game is the Early Access release version.You will notice bugs, glitches, crashes, etc, this is normal.Thegame will continue to improve as we fix bugs and put in yourideasand suggestions. Thanks for playing and have fun!
The Walking Zombie: Dead City 2.50
Alda Games
Play The walking zombie: Dead city,zombieshooter game that takes place in the scary nearfuture.Terrible epidemic made world full of zombies and now youmust fightto survive!Fight various zombies (zombie prisoners, zombie dogs,zombiecheerleaders, gunmen or epic boss monsters) with more than10different weapons! Enjoy great cartoon graphics and trytosurvive zombie apocalypse with your reliable 3D pixelgunthat can be upgraded to inflict more damage, be moreaccurate,reload faster or have more ammo. Day by day, enemy byenemy, nowalking dead can remain unkilled if you and entire humanraceshould survive. Zombie games were never moreentertaining!Features:* Epic 3D pixel cartoon graphics* Zombies reacting to being hit and falling apart with multiplehits- effects on various dead are different* Zombie blood and gore everywhere!* Intuitive controls making zombie killing much more fun* 20+ different zombie types - shooting zombie, dog zombie,prisonerzombie etc* Huge boss monsters* Arena bonus mode - kill as many zombies as you can usingonlymelee weapon* 10+ different weapons, from revolver and assault rifle tooverkillweapons like rocket launcher, you don't need to fear thewalkingdead anymore* Many maps with different visual themes and enemy routes* Hit zones - many enemies will fall down after precise kill shottothe head* Shooting games are about skill - survive with enough healthandhave high % of headshots and get bonus rewards!* Rail shooterThe world after zombie apocalypse is dangerous place, but youareready for its challenges! Pick up weapon and have some funwithzombie shooting - don't stop your trigger until alldeadare...completely dead. Get reward for your hard work andunlocknew weapons, upgrade current ones and just kill asmany walkingdead as possible. This is a zombie game where yourskills reallymatter! In the world of The walking zombie: Dead city,you can haveonly one of these two roles - either zombie killer orzombiedinner.The walking zombie: Dead city is free zombie killing gamesodon't worry, you will only lose your flesh and brains in worstcasescenario. Shooting games are always fun, but this one willtaketake your heart (and brains).
Cube Z (Pixel Zombies) 1.0.11
Cube Z (Pixel Zombies) is a new online3Dmultiplayer zombie survival shooter for your Androiddevice!It is addictive, capturing and dynamic pixel survival game.Tosurvive at the time of zombie apocalypse, join forces withyourfriends in hour of need and blitz the enemy. Keep an eye onyourvitals, drink, eat and be alert for danger in the blockcity!Play with friends, find food, guns, weapons to SURVIVE inthemassive open world map.Main Features:* Multiplayer online action, play with your friends for FREE!* 3D open world pixel map to explore – 1.5 x 1.5 km!* Deathmatch mode – kill everyone and show them who is theboss:become the only winner in deathmatch competition!* Evil games mode – one chance to win: grab a gun and becomethelast man standing!* ZOMBIES ZOMBIES ZOMBIES all around!* Choose from an array of bone crushing weapons to rip apartanyopponent and tank up with strong cars and blocky tanks* Find all the clothes, gear and weapons to help you surviveAnd even more:- 200+ subjects- 180 craft recipes- Character customization- Farms and magic mushrooms- Day to night change- Сrafting, sand box- Voice chat to talk with friendsIf you like war, FPS or shooting games, Cube Z (Pixel Zombies)isright choice: try to survive among dozens of zombies in arealapocalypse!
Zombie Craft Survival 2.0.5
awsome craft action game and zombie thrillerinthe craft game style!Find surviving friends hiding in the area infected byzombies.Call your friends, gather your class to find more powerfulweaponsand enough ammo to kill zombie!Collect Items, play in multiplayer mode with your friends,survivethe war against the zombies!Create houses, zombie kill, combine items, be the best inthegame!Enter the zombie apocalypse world, and create houses, buildblockswith your fortress, and protect yourself from pvz zombieinfectionand the horror craft monsters!Some weapons of the Zombie Apocalypse world:gun12 gaugesniperAK47SMGAnd many other craft weapons!Hide in the city of zombies, playing with friends is agoodalternative to complete the game mode.Some details about the Zombie Craft Survival:zombie fps in first personzombie pandemicmultiplayersingle playerbuilding itemsConstruction ModeSurvival Exploration ModeConstruction of blocks and housesItem Chestcarsitem inventoryMaps available:zombielandzombie craft worldzombie citydeathmatchsandbox
Zombie Squad
Drive your way through a zombieapocalypse.Fire your guns and kill all zombies in your path. Avoidother carsand obstacles and get as far as you can.Zombie Squad allows you to choose your car and upgradeit.Personalize your car by changing its weapon or its armor. Also,youcan buy new car models in the store.Kill all zombies in your way, gather as many coins as you can,andupgrade your ride in this amazing game for android!Features:- Lots of zombie killing fun.- Great cars and weapons.- Excellent graphics.- Amazing gameplay.
Guncraft - Zombie Apocalypse 1.5.1
3Ds Games
A strange virus has infected allhumankind,turning them into Zombies. Only a few people who areimmune to thevirus have survived.Be one of the characters and survive this war by exploringandcollecting food, water, medicine and materials to maketools.Find all kinds of weapons and ammunition to eliminate anyzombiearound you. Will be able to design and build your own houseorshelter and keep all your belongings there.Be alert and eliminate as many Zombies as possible. Goodluck!Product features:Create a characterRealistic Day - night circleGreat variety of weapons: Pistol 9mm, M4A1, AK47, BarretM82,Magnum, Shotgun, Sniper rifles, Grenades, and moreTools: Axe, Flashlight, Hammer, MacheteHouse building system.Medicine and food.Collecting materials: wood and metalDifferent maps with different gameplay
WithstandZ - Zombie Survival!
You want to get in a fun adventure based onanApocalyptic Zombie theme? So this game is especially foryou!You can play alone or Online mode with your friends, youwillcontrol the character chosen and survive in the zombie world,youcan get items in houses, villages, military and otherfields.WithstandZ BETA is an open world game in the emerginggenresurvival as much as multiplayer orsingleplayer. Based in the Unturned. Over the course of atypicaland epic adventure, you'll have to survive searching forsuppliesand equipment, and to being able to build yourownhouse/base/construction.SURVIVAL:You will have to learn and develop your own survival technique,goin search of food and equipment and keep the thirst, hungerandlife of your character in stable level.EXPLORE:The game features a map of open world, where who chooses wheretogo, it's really you! Therefore, you will have manyinterestingplaces to explore and loot.MULTIPLAYER:The multiplayer/online mode brings a new experience to playersonportable devices like smartphones, Tablets and other, that wayyouwill enjoy and have fun with your friends, and if you'replayingalone, it's up to you to decide if you will the player"Hero" or"Villain". :)ZOMBIES:Our zombies are constituted with an excellentartificialintelligence, that way if you are inside a House, youdon't have toworry about a Zombie appear out of nowhere, they willonly comeafter you if you really want.FEEDBACK:Our game is still under development, and we'd love to hearyourideas and constructive criticism, that way, if you are willingtohelp can send us an email with your feedback. :DPrivacy Policy ConsentBy installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:''
Zombie Catchers 1.0.22
Let's go zombie hunting! Catch zombies forfunand profit!*** TOP 10 game in over 90 countries! ****** TOP 5 action game in over 100 countries! ***Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game in a world riddled byazombie invasion! Planet Earth is infested with the undead,butwe’re in luck: A.J. and Bud, two intergalactic businessmen,havedecided to set up shop on our homeworld! Together, they plantocatch all the zombies and make Earth safe once more - whilealsomaking a handsome profit...Use an arsenal of gadgets and traps to hunt and captureripezombies, take them to your secret underground lab,and...profit!FEATURES- Catch zombies!- Discover new territories!- Unlock exciting new gadgets!- Build a juicy and delicious business empire!- Expand and micro-manage your own underground lab!Notice: Zombie Catchers is completely free to play, but thegamealso allows you to purchase some items for real money. If youdonot wish to use this feature, change your device's settingsanddisable in-app purchases.Zombie Catchers is allowed for download and play only for persons12years of age or over. Please refer to our Terms of ServiceandPrivacy Policy for more information.Download now, and get ready to kick some rotten zombie butt!
Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike 1.4
You keep the defense inside the house,whichstorms the bloodthirsty crowd of zombies! Your goal is tosurviveand crumble as many as possible of the living dead! Theability tobuild baricades and a huge selection of different weapons(knives,axes, pistols, submachine guns and shotguns) will help youtocontain these hordes.The main thing be alert, because even among the weak, half deaddeadthere are strong monsters with unique abilities, ready to tearyouto pieces at any moment.Features:- Cubic first-person shooter- Unique locations in pixel style- Hardcore bosses- A huge arsenal of weapons (from a knife to a machine gun)- Realistic physics- Pocket edition, so you can play on the road- Dynamic Action in confined spaces- Craft of weapons and ammunition- Pixel variant of the game Black Ops ZombieDownload Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike, survive in the shelterunderthe onslaught of zombies!
Earn to Die 2 1.3
Not Doppler
Drive your car through a zombie apocalypseinthis massive follow-up to the chart-topping hit Earn toDie!An evacuation ship is waiting on the other side of the country.Theonly thing that stands in your way: city after city overrunbyzombies . With only a run-down car and a small amount of cashyouface a familiar situation... to drive through hordes of zombiesinorder to survive!BRAND NEW STORY MODEEarn to Die 2 introduces a massive new Story Mode, five timeslongerthan its predecessor. The game departs its familiar desertsettingand delves into the depths of cities infested byzombies.MULTI-TIERED LEVELS:Levels are now multi-tiered! Drive across decayedhighwayoverpasses, via underground tunnels, or smash through epiczombiefilled factories. Whichever path you choose to take, youwon't beable to escape the zombie hordes - your only choice is tosmashthrough them!BUILD A ZOMBIE-SMASHING MACHINEUnlock and upgrade 10 different vehicles, including a sports car,afire truck, and even an ice-cream van. Each vehicle can beequippedwith a range of upgrades, such as armored frames,roof-mountedguns, boosters and more. Those zombies will stand nochance.DESTRUCTIBLE VEHICLESVehicles are now fully destructible. Hang on for your life asyourvehicle gets smashed to smithereens if you aren'ttoocareful.MORE ZOMBIES. MORE DESTRUCTION. MORE MAYHEM.What are you waiting for? That rescue ship isn't going towaitforever! Prepare yourself for a wild ride - and seriously,there isnothing like smashing through zombie-filledfactories!Earn to Die 2 is a bigger and better version of the originalwebseries which includes Earn to Die 2012 and Earn to Die2:Exodus.Earn to Die 2 is free-to-play, however contains3rd-partyadvertising and optional in-app purchases.For more information on advertising, please see our PrivacyPolicy: Permissions FAQ:WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required to load and display adsingame (Earn to Die 2 is an ad-supported game).
ZIC: Zombies in City — Island survival & Pixel Gun 0.58b
IO Games Ltd.
Meet Zombie Apocalypse! Become a zombiehunterand survive in zombie invasion.ZIC: Zombie in City is one of the best first person shooterwithzombies.If you like zombie shooting games, survival games and pixel gun 3d—you love this game!STORYLINEAs the city is infected with zombie virus. Four characters unitetostand against zombie attack. Main goal - surviving inzombieapocalypse. Walking dead everywhere... Life will bringtogetherdifferent people in the zombie killer squad, able towithstand theonslaught of the walking dead.The zombies come at night, out of the fog. Zombieinfectionspread throughout the undead city and initiated azombieapocalypse. Zombies ate my friends... The deadly virus hasnottouched only us and now only we the hope for all of humanity.Wemust stop zombie infection!LONG-AWAITED UPDATE!Adventure continues! And now the heroes have a new challenge—survival on the island! After survived the plane crash, theheroesended up on the tropical lost island... But is it so safe, asitseems at first glance?Incredible storyline, new weapons, colorful locations andnewadventures await you in the new update of the ZIC!GAME FEATURES☣ Endless story mode — interesting storyline about escapedsurvivorsand undead zombies in the undead city;☣ 10 different zombie types, monsters and enemy marauder;☣ The change of night and day;☣ Zombie killer squad: 4 heroes with unique characterandhistory;☣ Characters voices, cutscenes and easter eggs;☣ Large selection of letal guns and deadly weapons to equip youtokill zombies in the undead city!☣ Chainsaw, uzi, grenade, rocket launcher, AK-47, baton,machete,bat, pistol, revolver.☣ Survival Arena COMING SOON!ZIC — is first person shooter in zombie survival games genre.Thezombie shooter keeps the tension conveying the atmosphereofapocalypse in the city despite the cartoon style graphics.WARNING!In the free game ZIC: Zombies in City contains adultmaterial:☢ Murdering games - murder demonstration;☢ Showing blood;You might want to close the access to it for your children.ATTENTION!The game is in beta stage right now. You can support thedevelopersby making in-app purchase. It will turn off allads.It will also allow us to buy some food and survive in order tomakemore awesome levels and modes for this game!Thank you for downloading!VK:
Zombie Age 2 1.2.2
HALLOWEEN SALES- Discount & bonus up to 300%The fence has fallen down again, one after the other, no matterhowmany zombies you have killed. The town is now overrun bythewalking dead, and everyone around you had turned into meat.You’vecome to realize that you can no longer defend in the housesincethe zombies are getting more enraged while the supply isrunningout. It’s time to load up the gun and shoot your wayout!FEATURES- Zombie combat in 7 different zones with 7 unique game modes- Slay zombies with over 30 weapons- Up to 17 characters- Request friends to fight for you- Unique cartoon style- Tons of missions- Global Leaderboard- Both HD/SD are supportedLike us on Facebook at ISSUES:FC on low devices such as: Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy YDuos,Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Samsung GalaxyMini,Samsung Galaxy Pocket. We support SD graphic now but if theproblemstill persists, please try following solutions:- Shut down others running applications- Reboot the phone.- Switch off sound/music in the gameIf none of above solutions works, then we are sorry but yourphonejust does not have enough memory/ram to play this game
Zombie Age 3 1.2.4
Get Ready for the Holidays withGooglePlay’s Festive Updates★ Snow theme★ Xmas bosses, zombies and events★★★★ The awesome Zombie Age series returns with a lot more ofsavagezombies, deadly weapons and unique heroes. Enjoy thezombieslaughter with your own style. And If you’re about to lookfor thebest zombie shooting game, look no further! ★★★★So you’re still alive… Congrats!... But for how long when theyhaveyou absolutely outnumbered? What are you prepared to do?...Keepplaying as a lone hero killing every walking dead on theroute?Trust me, you won’t last two days! It's not about survivingin thezombie apocalypse any more, it's about winning thiswar.FEATURES★ Enjoy the zombie slaughter in many different ways★ Cooperative gameplay with your friends★ 30+ deadly weapons at your disposal★ 20+ characters with unique abilities to develop★ 10+ different zombies & horrible bosses★ Up to 10 game modes with thrillingly tough boss battles★ Achievements & Global Leaderboards★ Tons of missions★ Tablets supported★ Truly HD graphic
Zombie Waves 3D
Zombies? OH YEAH!3D graphics and full 3D environments? OH YEAH!100% free to play? OH YEAH!First Person Shooter FPS controls? OH YEAH!Guns? OH YEAH!Grenades? OH YEAH!Launcher? OH YEAH!Market place to buy more guns and ammo with coins fromkillingzombies? OH YEAH!New levels with every update? OH YEAH!Install now and start your counter walking dead experience!
Anger of Stick 5 1.1.5
Up-to-date version of ' AngerOfStick ',Tophottest Game in the world with 60 milion download recordthe best stickman fighting game ' Anger of stick5 : zombie '*StickMan Game:AngerOfStick2, AngerOfStick3, AngerOfStick4, AngerOfStick5*Scenario:A strange group of enemies appeared in the city and have beenusinginnocent people as experimental tools.Lots of people have turned into Zombie so that Hero and hisfriendsshould save the people and remove the enemies.*Collect various colleagues!- Please collect 6 kinds of reliable fellows.- You can arrange the stage with the total 3 fellows.*RPG's growth elements-The level up system throgh experiences (EXP).*You can enjoy both Single mode and Jombie mode.*A variety of movements and realistic actions havebeenrealized.====================================Support Information:For additional support, please contact:E-mail : [email protected]====================================
Zombie Frontier 1.29
FT Games
In 2020, T viruses spread allovertheworld.Alarge number of people are infected withvirusesTandbecomezombies. You are one of the survivors. Youareinvolvedinthe waragainst the zombies.FEATURES:★Enjoy shocking music and sound effect!★Experience the sensation of firing wildly!★Kill different kinds of zombies!★New weapons and upgrade system!★Challenging role growth system!★New and unique bonus items!
MODDAYZ for Minecraft PE 8.0
MODDayZ - this mod takes you into theworldafter a zombie Apocalypse, and now your only task will betosomehow prevent it in the same way as in the game MODDayZ.Zombies will spawn in much greater numbers and they alsostopburning a day. They have changed model — more bloody andterrible,as well as new sounds. In order to somehow increase yourchances ofsurvival, the game also will be added new armor andweapons. Youronly chance to survive with the mod for a ZombieApocalypse forMinecraft you is to be prepared and armed.Despite the fact that the plague has infected the entireplanet,special forces want to give her a fight: russian specialforces,FBI and the usual modern soldiers.
Stickman Zombie 3D 1.06
You are a stickman! Shoot and kill thestickmenzombie horde and also other enemy survivor stick figures!Find agun, and start killing anything that is still walking!Warning: thisgame contains lots of blood and fun violence!~Features- Post apocalyptic 3D world with zombies- Easy controls for running and shooting- Physics based ragdoll deaths of stickmen- Lots of shooting and killing!- Death and blood!Music:dem0lecule-Global-Mechanization
Zombie Tsunami
The zombies are revolting ! Attack thecitywith a horde of zombies, change pedestrians into zombies andcreatethe largest horde.Eat your friends, and challenge them to a crazy race bydestroyingeverything in your path.Zombie Tsunami has proudly exceeded 200 million players aroundtheworld.FEATURES- "One touch" gameplay to control the entire hord- 10 delirious bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and many more- Many upgrades to unlock- Raise zombie birds and use their powers- More than 300 missions to devour- 11 sets to travel in- Optimized for all Android modelsREVIEWS4.5/5 TouchArcade - "Zombie Tsunami is a game you really needtoown"5/5 AppSmile - "Featuring Pixar-like graphics, simple controls,andplenty of content"5/5 - "If you’re looking for a fantastic game, looknofurther!"4.5/5 148Apps - "It’s fun madness, emphasis on fun."5/5 - "Revolutionary endless runner formula!"5/5 - "Zombie Tsunami carves its own path with agreatclaymation style and roaming hordes of the walking, andjumpingdead"Why not try our other games: EDGE, Cross Fingers, PerfectCell,Truckers Delight.Follow us on us at
Plants vs. Zombies FREE 2.1.00
Get ready to soil your plants as a moboffun-loving zombies is about to invade your home. Use yourarsenalof 49 zombie-zapping plants — peashooters, wall-nuts, cherrybombsand more — to mulchify 26 types of zombies before they breakdownyour door.This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-apppurchasingusing your device settingsWINNER OF OVER 30 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS*50 FUN-DEAD LEVELSConquer all 50 levels of Adventure mode — through day, night,fog,in a swimming pool, on the rooftop and more. Plus fend offacontinual wave of zombies as long as you can withSurvivalmode!NOT GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULSBattle zombie pole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and 26morefun-dead zombies. Each has its own special skills, so you'llneedto think fast and plant faster to combat them all.Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy andUserAgreement.SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIEBe careful how you use your limited supply of greens andseeds.Zombies love brains so much they'll jump, run, dance, swimand eveneat plants to get into your house. Open the Almanac tolearn moreabout all the zombies and plants to help plan yourstrategy.FIGHT LONGER, GET STRONGEREarn 49 powerful perennials as you progress and collect coins tobuya pet snail, power-ups and more.GROW WITH YOUR GAMEShow off your zombie-zapping prowess by earning 46awesomeachievements and show off your zombie-zapping prowess.COIN PACKSNeed coins for great new stuff? Buy up to 600,000 coins rightfromthe Main Menu.*Original Mac/PC downloadable game.Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plusthelatest game updates, tips & more…VISIT US: eamobile.comFOLLOW US: US: US: Agreement: terms.ea.comVisit for assistance or inquiries.EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’noticeposted on Consumer Information. This app contains direct linkstothe InternetRequires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy andUserAgreement
Swamp Attack 2.4.0
Defend your house! Your swamp cottage isunderattack by animals gone crazy. You have to defend it andsurvive theoncoming attacks from the evil zombie critters who knownomercy.What's great is that Swamp Attack is free to play, with theoptionto purchase items to help you progress through thelevelsfaster.Now with an ACTION-PACKED MULTIPLAYER MODE, more than 300differentsingle-player levels, 8 episodes and Quick Missions forinstantaction! Defend your house with more than 30 awesome defensetoolslike the mighty shotgun, the reckless minigun and the superatombomb! Witness more than 35 different critters going wild -eachwith its own special attack!HOW TO PLAY- Tap the screen to shoot.- Drag and drop the explosives onto monsters.- Switch between weapons during the action.- Upgrade and equip weapons before starting a new level.- Drink potion to continue playing if you get killed, or torefillthe energy instantly.Defend your house and have fun!This app contains:- Promotion of Outfit7's products and contextual advertising- Links that direct customers to our websites and otherOutfit7apps- The option to make in-app purchases- The option to invite Facebook friends for in-game rewards- The option to play against other usersTerms of use: policy:
Zombie Smasher 1.8
Italy Games
Zombie Smasher is the #1 addictingandentertaining game available on Google Play.Get ready to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about toinvadeyour town! Those undead creatures are back, and it's up toyou tokeep them brainless. Use your finger to tap on the zombiesto smashand eliminate them before they break down your door.How to Play:- Simply touch the zombies to kill them- Don't hit the kids surfers from neighborhood- Use the special power-ups wiselyGame Features:- Story Mode (60 levels and more to come), Survival Mode,TimeMode- 7 totally terrifying enemy zombie breeds (normal, dog,oilworker,timberman, ghost, baby & fat boss)- Amazing visuals & immersive CD quality audio- Intense zombie-blasting action game play fit for subwaytime
Stupid Zombies 2 1.3.6
What's a good zombie story without anepicsequel?The undead return in this new, jam-packed release withexciting,brainless creatures, weapons, puzzles, moody environmentsallwrapped up in a slick, player-friendly package. They say youcan’tkill what is already dead, but it can’t hurt to make a splashbyshooting in their general direction.It is just you vs zombies, so make sure to stop the endlessangryhordes before you run out of bullets.Features:Funtastic gameplay, now even better!Now with 600 levels.Choose between a male and female hero character.
Exploration Craft 1.0.5
An amazing infinite blocky open world tobuild,craft and explore. Exploration Craft lets you be therealitycrafting god!As a miner and adventurer, you need to build constructions outoftextured cubes in this 3D block world. You may also need tocombatagainst evil monsters in the evening using the weapons minedandcrafted in the daylight. Explore, mine resources, craft toolsandweapons, grow plants, raise you own mounts and cast magicspells.There are no limits to your creativity andimagination!Game Features:- Deep tutorial and tons of 3D elements- Procedurally generated open world sandbox environment- Create your own castles using blocks and other elements- Train and raise mobs/mounts to help you fightagainstmonsters
Zombie Survival Craft: Defense 1.3
Zombie crafting survival games!Buildingandcrafting games for boys and girls! Protect thevillagefromzombies. Building and exploration! Lite crafting&survivalgame! Build shelter and survive the pixelzombiesapocalypse.Create and construct during the day and fight inthenight whenzombies come! Zombie craft in the blocky world! Nogirlscraft forlittle girls! Scary game for real men! Startfromexploration,gather resources needed for crafting new unique -eliteitems!Destroy blocks to get the resources and bonuses!Shootzombies withbow & arrow, crossbow etc. Design anddecorate!(design craft)Build a fortress to repel the zombie attack!Chatwith other (chatcraft!), Shoot and survive! Build asettlement,gather thesurvivors of the zombie apocalypse and win theworld warwithundead! Build houses for residents. Evil forces arerightbehindthe fence! Prepare for the night! Protect thecivilians!Pocketedition of crafting dead! Shoot the pixel zombies.Survivalgamewith zombies. Sandbox, infinite world! ScaryExplration(horrorcraft). Feel like a square head zombie buster!Freesurvivalcrafting game based in cube world with scarymonsters&zombies! Open your Eyes -The haunt is on! Build &craftduringday, survive the night! Monsters, zombies and ghostscomewhen thedaylight is gone! Create scary maze, horror hospitalorhauntedhouse! Play one of the best scary free games forteenageboys &girls! Spooky Horror House Exploration! Nodungeons anddragons !Just you, the haunted mansion full of zombies&halloweenexploration. This lite game for boys and girlscontains:blockplacing, cube world, real time world craftgeneration. Build acubehorror story world!Craft & Explore thecube world - buildahorror maze! In this free game you can destroyall theblocks,collect resources, survive and build anything (citybuildinggame).This pocket edition game (PE) contains a large numberofdifferentblocks with which you can craft your own cubehorrorworld!Craft& explore! High resolution textures, veryconvenientandthoughtful game control, High FPS, without compromise!Soplungeinto the fantastic world of ‘Zombies Craft: Horror Story’Pettheanimals, talk to the other people and explore the worldofzombies!Invite your high school crafting friends to join youinmultiplayermode! Survive the zombie raid togetherComing soon:MultiplayerCrafting itemsBuilding craft modeSurvival exploration modeCube Block CraftWorld Craft StorySkyblock free modeStory modeWeather (rain, snow)Moving carsStats and inventoryDifferent worlds (hell, heaven, lair)If you are interested in similar games such as our cubegirlscraftworld game please see our other games.Protect the village from zombiesCraft items and survive!Explore the world to gather resources!
Bomber Friends 2.10
Get Bomber Friends now and join theimmenselyhectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friendsand bethe last to survive to win the match!Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs! Use the explosivebombsto blast your friends from across the map!And don't worry if you get blasted, then the fun has justbegun!Dead bombers can haunt the living players and make theirplayharder with curses!Game Features:- Online multiplayer for 2-8 players! Challenge your friends orplayagainst random opponents.- Campaign mode with over 300 levels! Find your way through6different worlds full of devious monsters!- Classic Bomber style gameplay, with controls polishedfortouchscreen!- Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.- Customize your bomber man or woman with cool hats, taunts,andgreetings!- Different bombs to blast the enemies to smithereens.- Includes google play achievements and leaderboards.- Bomber Friends has universal game controller support!- Supports Android TV!Have fun!*Important message: This game includes in-app purchases. You cansetup password protection for in-app purchases in the settings ofyourGoogle Play Store app.*
Stupid Zombies 2.0.4
Those stupid zombies are back, and youarehumanity's last hope to keep them brainless. But beware, ammoislimited so you will have to get crafty and use thestraightbullets, grenades, split- and buckshots in the mosteffective waypossible to survive the 720 levels.One man, one shotgun and lots of stupid zombies.
Earn to Die Lite 1.0.28
Not Doppler
Drive your way through a zombie apocalypse!Give Earn to Die a test drive today, and see why the hitonlinegame series that enjoyed OVER 200 MILLION PLAYS is biggerandbetter for your mobile and tablet.THE BEST OF THE ACTION, DRIVING AND UPGRADE GENRESYou're stranded in a desert surrounded by zombies. With onlyarun-down car and a small amount of cash at your disposal,yourmission soon becomes clear – to drive through hordes of zombiesinorder to escape... alive!Earn to Die sees you not only driving your way through hordesofzombies, but allows you to earn cash to upgrade, unlockandcustomise new vehicles. Is your vehicle not strong enough? Whynotadd a gun, or boosters, or even a spiked frame?Earn to Die Lite lets you play through the first level oftheStory Mode for free.Once you've completed your test run don't miss out on thefullversion of Earn to Die so you can:● Smash your way through the rest of the STORY MODE, which seesyoudriving cross-country during a zombie apocalypse● Get access to all 8 VEHICLES, including a race-car, a truckandeven a school bus!● UPGRADES GALORE! Just unlocking a vehicle isn't enough,customiseeach vehicle with a range of upgrades● Zombiesssssssssssss... Plenty more zombies to smash through...Besure to introduce them to your car's front bumper● Race for the best time in Championship Mode.● Survived the zombie apocalypse? Smash through pumpkinsinHalloween ModeSo think you've got what it takes to survive thezombieapocalypse? Download and try your luck today.Note: Some aspects shown in the screenshots may only beavailableon the full version of the game.
Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) 13.5.2
Pixel Gun 3D
Try Pixel Gun 3D in MULTIPLAYERMODEwith Cooperative, Deathmatch & Deadly Games! Also it isa coolmodern block world shooter with singleplayer campaign andsurvivalarena.This is a pocket edition for mobile devices. Now you have aperfectchance to battle with your friends, classmates andcolleagues oranyone else around the world! You can create andcustomize yourcharacter using a special skins maker and then showoff on thebattlefield! It is an awesome pocket FPS shooterfor allkinds of players!*** MULTIPLAYER MODES***Deathmatch mode benefits:• WORLDWIDE and local.• unique maps of various shapes and sizes.• Varied weaponry, ranging from Magic Bow, Combat M16 Rifle,GoldenDesert Eagle and Lightsaber to the simplest things, in caseyouwant to butcher someone with a knife.• Up to 8 players in one game.• Now chat is available! Talk with friends right inthebattle!• Challenging and exciting experience that can really getyouhooked!*** COOPERATIVE MODE ***Cooperative mode features:• Up to 4 Players in one game.• Chat is available as well!• 8 special maps.• Hardcore gameplay.• Coins as a prize for top results.*** SURVIVAL CAMPAIGN ***In this story mode your character is “face to face” with hordesofzombies attacking you from all sides. A lot of enemies fromcops& robbers to nurses and swat members! You have to wipe themoutotherwise you are doomed!Your only task is not an easy one - to whack all the monsters.Don'tlet the seeds of fear grown in your head. If you survive alltheattacks of the dead, you'll face an EVIL ZOMBIE BOSS in thismod.Having made mincemeat of him, you open the portal to thenextbattlefields! Start your combat.New cool features in a campaign mode:• A new training camp for first-timers.• More detailed graphics.• New cool maps like a Forest full of seeds.• Cool new songs• More challenging gameplay: now you are not able to passthroughenemies & different mobs. Watch out for narrow passagesandlanes! There you almost have no chance to get out alive!Make up your mind about the gun (though you may prefer a bow oraknife) and polish your killing skills! Perform at your bestandshare your high score on Facebook and Twitter!Main Features of a campaign mode:• Wide choice of arms, such as Colt, Heavy machine gun, AK47,MP5,and many others.• A lot of absolutely different maps.• Many types of zombies and enemies.• Awesome HD pixel graphics with dynamic light.• Breathtaking sound effects and songs. Use headphones formaximumfun!• Cool fun on the age of PC FPS shooters.*** SKINS MAKER ***Now you can make your OWN SKIN and USE IT IN THEMULTIPLAYERGAME!Thank you for all the comments and advices, we really appreciateit.In this version we tried to fulfill your wishes. Wait for thenextupdates with new cool features!——————————————————————————————————This is not an official Mojang app. Pixel Gun 3D is notassociatedor connected with Mojang AB and its game Minecraft -PocketEdition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it isnotendorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game oritslicensers. 1.5.1
Play against other people online! Canyoubecome the longest slither?If your head touches another player, you will explode and thenit'sgame over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode,andyou can eat their remains!In, you have a chance to win even if you're tiny. Youcanswerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them, nomatterhow big you are!Download now and start slithering! Good luck!
ZIC: Survivor — Zombie Apocalypse 0.15
IO Games Ltd.
Welcome to the survival games — a alpha-testofthe new project in the world of the game ZIC: Zombies intheCity!ZIC: Survivor is a free survival games and shooter withrpgelements & craft. Build and develop your shelter, craftdeadlyweapons and explore open wide world. Feel the Apocalypse&become a zombie hunter!STORY LINEThe virus infected the entire crew and passengers of theairliner,which led to the fall of the aircraft. You are the onlysurvivor ina plane crash who has not been touched by a zombievirus. After thefall, you woke up somewhere in the wild, around thewalking deadand half-alive scientist...Infection with a deadly virus has turned the world into a deadzoneand now you have to survive in pandemic at all costs and find awayto stop the zombie apocalypse. And try not to die,otherwisehumanity will be doomed. The plague must be stopped, everydead manmust be in the grave.KEY FEATURES OF THE GAME☣ Zombie survival games & zombie shooting games genre;☣ A fascinating story mode with interesting quests;☣ Various NPC and lots of undead;☣ Stylish cartoon graphics;☣ Open wide world with crafting and building;☣ Realistic change of the day/night — craft a torch fordarknight!☣ Charismatic character and interesting dialogues;☣ Incredible soundtrack — immerse yourself in the atmosphere oftheapocalypse;☣ A rich arsenal of weapons against zombies, from knifetorifle;☣ Get involved the development of a project aboutzombiesurvival!WARNING:In the free game ZIC: Survival contains materialsforadults:— Demonstration of the killing of zombies;— Scenes with blood;Perhaps you will want to limit access for your children tothisgame.ATTENTION!The game is in development and is in alpha-testing. Your feedbackisimportant for us and any information about bugs and errors willbeuseful. Write your review here or in our groups:VK — — a good game!
Call of Mini™ Zombies 2 2.1.3
A sequel for the Call of Mini™ Zombies!► ► ► ► ►Secondary weapons and a combo system are here. Fight offhordesof zombies and take on powerful bosses to save the worldagain!► ► ► ► ►• 10 deadly weapons• 5 awesome characters with unique secondary weapons• 10 fearsome zombies• 8 engaging environments• Real-time lighting effects• Monthly updates: new avatars, guns, bosses, modes, etc.► ► ► ► ►• Complete various missions in fast-paced battles• Fluid shooting gameplay with a great combo system• Complete Daily Missions for extra rewards• Challenge new bosses: Chef and Rugby Player
Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer 1.0.5
One Man. One War. Now You Are The HotSniperKiller.*There you play the game was the fantastic 3D FPS game .As thesolesurviving special forces of a renegade attack against aruthlessterrorist organization, you are stranded on the battlefieldandhell-bent on payback.You must use all of your specialized skills to survive theonslaughtof the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.Facedwith thissituation of you have no choice but to grasp thenettle.From the M16to AK47 and sniper guns, as you have access toa variety of lightand heavy weapons, as well as powerful grenadetoo!In the battle youwill be sent to different locations toperform the difficulttask.Such as IceWorld,Desert,City.Game Features:**Fight in difficult terrainYou will face different environmental challenges spacingcase.Butnothing can stop you to destroy the enemy'sconfidence.**Providing advanced weaponryMany full power firearms will be available to give a fatal blowtoterrorists for you.AK47,M16,WA2000,AWP,M400.**Experience the perfect touch operationThe awesome 1rd person shooter with stunning consolequalityvisuals, precise controls, advanced physics anddestructibles. Jumpin the heat of battle and push your Androiddevice to thelimit!**Complete Dangerous MissionsThe number of enemies and the AI you face are different dependingonyour selected tasks in each level.In short, the more theenemykilled, the more reward you get.What are you waiting for, let's take a journey andstartkilling.
Call of Duty®: Heroes 4.6.0
Command an army of legendary heroes,elitesoldiers, and devastating drones straight from the Call ofDutyfranchise in this 3D combat strategy game. Customize your baseandtrain elite forces to dominate your enemies in fiercebattlesfeaturing fully controllable heroes and epic Killstreaks,like thefirst-person chopper gunner.Take command of a small outpost and build it up into animpenetrablebase. Then go on the offensive, launching attacksagainst yourenemies. Take direct control of heroes such as Price,Soap, andHarper, wreaking havoc with game-changing Killstreaks.Create deadlyalliances with your friends, competing for in-gamerewards.Features:• Take control of and level up iconic heroes from the Call ofDutyfranchise, including Call of Duty: WWII, Call of Duty 4:ModernWarfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and more. Each hero hastheirown progression system and unique Killstreaks.• Train and specialize your army using units directly from CallofDuty, such as Juggernauts, Dragonfires, and CLAWs.• Unleash Killstreaks such as the drone strike, UAV, carepackage,and chopper gunner to devastate opponents.• Build and upgrade your base into a fortress with sentryguns,Guardians, SAM turrets, howitzers, mines, and over 30otherupgradable structures.*Defend your base against attackers and go on the offensive inthreeunique modes: PvP, Campaign, and Survival• Team up with your friends to form alliances, donate troops,anddominate your enemies.Like Us! ---> for Updates! ---> our Forums! ---> our Wiki! ---> Support? ---> An internet connection is required to play this game.Please note this app contains social features that allow youtoconnect and play with friends, in-app purchases that costrealmoney, and push notifications to inform you when excitingevents ornew content are taking place in the game. You can choosewhether ornot to utilize these features.© 2014 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION and CALL OF DUTYaretrademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarksandtrade names are the properties of their respective owners.Bydownloading, installing or using this App, you agreetoActivision's privacy policy and terms of us, as may be updatedbyActivision from time to time. Pleasevisit toviewActivision's privacy policyand to viewActivision'sterms of use.
Gun Shot Fire War 1.1.2
"Gun Shot Fire War" 3D FPS game. In thegameyou play the role of a superb shot technology elite killer.Youwill be faced with fully armed murderous terrorists,theyareheinous, with little attention you will be killed by them. Inorderto complete the task and not be killed by them, you have to goallout. You can use a variety of weapons and shootthem,includingpistols, rifles, machine guns,and so on. Choosingdifferent scenesand fight with them will make the game interesting.You will feelsurprised by the Perfect game play. What are youwaiting for,quickly picked up arms to fight with them. Lasttips,take care andshow no mercy,goodluck!***Game Features:***There are several game modes available to players. TimelimitedMode which you have a limited time to destroy the enemy,whetherthose tasks fail. In the Hostage mode, you should rescuethehostages whom controlled by the terrorist. Anyway you have topickup guns and launched a desperate struggle with the enemy.***The game offers a variety of combat maps, such as the DesertII,Ice and Snow, the Persian Town, Dilapidated City.Youwillexperience the fantastic fighting experience on this maps andwillbe shocked by realistic brilliant battle scenes.***Arsenal will provide attractive firearms for you. Whichincludeguns such as AK47,M4A1,M249,Deagle,Grozo,Barrett,AWP,MP5 andso on.All guns are very realistic, I believe it will give you asensestraightforward shooting experience.***The operation of the game is very cool, the game runssmooth,realistic sound effects, exquisite effects definitely givesyou astraightforward shooting experience.Headshot,Blood,Sound,Effects,GamePlay,all things are perfect. Whatyouhave to do is bore the bullet pierced into body ofterrorist.***Each shoot an enemy, you will get gold award. You can usecoinsto buy more sophisticated guns or other useful items. You alsocancomparisons with other players to see who is more powerfulandstronger. Your score will be uploaded to the rank.***Important is that the game is free, all things arefree.Quicklypick up your guns and experience.
SWAT and Zombies 2.0.3
- The defense game with over 11milliondownloads is back with more advanced graphics andsystems!- Kill or be killed! It’s one or the other! It's thebreathtakingconfrontation for mankind's survival!- Stay frosty! The tension never lets up as you move to thesecondhalf of the stage! Feel the intensity!- Join the S.W.A.T. team and kill all the zombies. You mustprotectPerfectville, the last remaining safe zone.- Shoot all the guns at an endless zombie horde! Usebombstoo!- A new defense game that offers FPS sniper mechanics withstrongaddictive authentic defense elements! Go and immerse yourselfinthis fun game!■ Game Features ■- Collect Weapons: Collect around 50 different types ofweapons.Improve your FPS skills with them!- Bizarre Zombies: Skateboarding, bowling, spear-wielding,fat,pink-wearing, and even dog zombies! Face all kindsofzombies!- Challenge Hell Mode! Hell Mode Stages stimulate the desiretofight, but will be tough without upgrades! If you have theskillsand confidence, try it!- Challenge Infinite Mode! Eliminate endless zombies andchallengethe world rankings! Save humanity with your friends.- Experience our concept of a real-time battle mode! CompetewithS.W.A.T. teams around the world! Check your skills throughthereal-time network battle!- World Cleanup Day! Let's clean up constantly appearingzombies!Sweep away all the zombies that have conquered the planetwithplayers around the world!- Ultimate Weapon System: Drag your finger on the screen totargetzombies with the best weapon, the sniper!- Create the Strongest S.W.A.T. Team: You can make yourS.W.A.T.more and more powerful with coins and stars.=================================Facebook : : :
Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Demo 1.1
Scott Cawthon
NOTE: This game requires at least 512 megsofRAM. Phones with less than that may crash!This is a 2-night demo of the game. If you enjoyed it, getthefull versionhere: this last chapter of the Five Nights at Freddy'soriginalstory, you must once again defend yourself against FreddyFazbear,Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and even worse things that lurk intheshadows. Playing as a child whose role is yet unknown, youmustsafeguard yourself until 6am by watching the doors, as wellaswarding off unwanted creatures that may venture into your closetoronto the bed behind you.You have only a flashlight to protect yourself. It willscareaway things that may be creeping at the far end of thehallways,but be careful, and listen. If something has crept tooclose, thenshining lights in its eyes will be your end.
Zombie Road Racing
THIS IS IT! You’re in for the ride of yourlifethrough a zombie apocalypse! Zombie Road Racing is #1fast-pacedphysics-based racing game.Zombie Road Racing is a milestone in the genre ofphysics-basedracing. Drive your car through deserts, forests,highwayssurrounded by zombies, earn cash, upgrade your car and buymorepowerful ones. Steer your car to keep balance on the hillswhiletrying to smash zombies into debris. It's you against aboatload ofsuper-strong zombies!Game Features:- Crisp Graphics & Immersive CD Quality Audio- 7 different designed ultra realistic vehicles- Upgrade and customize every aspect of your chosen ride- 6 detailed environments: forest, desert, arctic, highway, mineandspace- Unique physics, handling and realistic sound forspectacularcrashes
Stupid Zombies 3 2.7
The Stupid Zombies have risen again, andourheroes are on the move!Drop some mad geometry and score huge combos with crazybankshots!Send zombies flying with huge explosions and massive destruction!• 4 Wild Weapons: the Trusty Shotgun, Fiery Flare Gun,Grannie’sHomemade RPG Launcher and the all new BaseballBomber!• 200 Brain-Bustin’ Levels!• Play With Your Friends and Save to the Cloud!
Zombie Gunship Free
Zombie Gunship® puts you in the gunner seatofa heavily-armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft. A shooter gamewhereyou strategically fire your powerful guns to slay endlesswaves ofzombies and protect the remaining survivors of thezombieapocalypse!☆☆☆☆☆ IGN Editors' Choice (9/10) "Amazing" ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ "Meet the real angry bird: the ultimate anti zombie weapon."-Forbes ☆☆☆☆☆● 3D night vision display● Use your radar to detect the undead threat walking towardsyourbase. You are humanity’s last defense● Authentic guns, including 25mm Gatling gun, 40mmBoforsauto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon. Which gun will beyourfavorite?● Complete objectives, earn ranks, and out gun others ontheleaderboards!● Collect a bounty for each plague infected dead zombie● Upgrade each gun and increase your zombieshootingefficiency.● Game controller support, so you can shoot zombies with agamepadfor the ultimate experience. Put your trigger finger to gooduseand gun down those zombies dead● Cloud Saved Games with Google Play. Save your progress andrestoreit on other devicesGive us a +1 if you think this game is awesome!Email us questions, problems, or suggestionsat:[email protected] also has these other defense games:☆ TowerMadness 2 ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense where you canshootaliens dead.☆ TowerMadness ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense, the prequeltoTowerMadness 2.☆ TowerMadness Free ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense, the free versionofTowerMadness------------------------------Limbic’s FacebookPage:’s Twitter:’s Youtube Channel:'s Google PlusPage:
Pixel Zombies Hunter 1.3
Pixel Zombies infecting many innocent peopleinjungle village valley, many people escape from the village torescuetheir lives,and many of them just reached our armyheadquarters forassistance and to kill all those dead walkingpeoples.Hunt the crazy killer zombies using shotguns.We are launching this mission to rescue remaining people inthevillage and start major hunting mission , we have trainedourspecial army soldiers and commandos for this mission you arepartof our quick response team and you will lead thismission.Many important weapons dropped in surroundings to assist youdetailsof weapons are as follow.1 : pistols.2 : short range guns.3 : Long range snipers.4 : Bombs.5 : Wooden Rods.6 : Food kits.7 : Medical must explore the area and pick all those necessarythingsquickly and start hunting all zombies to rescue remainingpeoplequickly we will send more troops soon to assist you.Best of luck for zombies shoot down mission.
100 DAYS - Zombie Survival 2.0
■ Survival mode unlocked!■ New items, stages and zombies!■ Adjusted difficulty level.■ SynopsisOnce an ordinary man, Peter is left to survive in midst of azombieapocalypse. As he fights against them, his strength andskillgrows.Your job is simple - survive.■ FeaturesKill zombies and collect Gold to upgrade teammates andvariousinstallations - to kill more zombies!Simply tap to fire your gun.Your tapping speed determines the firing speed.Hire teammates to increase chance of survival in this worldofdespair.Experience this simple, yet strategic game!■ InfoYou can use auto-fire when you reach a certain level.There are various skills that can save you fromcriticalsituation.Every teammate has different weapons, with unique attributes.Kill zombies for Gold. Use the Gold to upgrade teammatesandmaintain the camp.Offensive or deffensive? It all depends on your choice.As days pass zombies become stronger, and they will become evenmorepowerful during night time.Collect various inventory items for additional strength.It's a good idea to check the type of item each Boss yields.Mine is a very powerful weapon with devastating damage.When barricade is breached, zombies can attack yourteammates.Nuke will restart the game, but you'll keep inventory items.When you have an inventory item, obtain another identical itemtoupgrade it.If the game is too hard, try again from the start withyourinventory items by using Nuke.There's a massive Last Boss waiting for you.■ This game saves player data in device. Deleting the appwillterminate all save data.
Zombie Road Trip 3.22
In Zombie Road Trip the rules are simple-escape the zombie horde or have your brain eaten. Are you upforthe challenge?From the creators of the Tiki Totems saga comes a game thatblendsthe boundaries of runner and racer trick games!Race against the unrelenting Zombie Horde across thegreatwastelands in the never-ending game of survival. Shoot thezombiesahead with your impressive arsenal of weapons and witnesstrueragdoll-packed gore galore! Earn zombie coins to upgrade yourrideand weapons to lay waste to the undead and show them just howmuchyou hate them.Perform and perfectly land tricks to earn boost and drive as farasyou can, or else you might just die a horrible death!Zombie road trip features :- 5 landscapes each with its own distinct look- fully randomised terrain (every play through will feelbrandnew)- dynamic zombie demolition engine (every a zombie diesthecollision will look awesome and new)- 10 exciting weapons to dispatch your foes- 34 unique cars- 8 add ons that will change the way you play the game- beautiful high def graphics- buttons & tilt controls; you choose!- spin bonus the wheel to earn more zombie coinsReviews:7/10 "Thrilling and Challenging with excellent graphics"-AppsZoomZombie Road Trip - coming from Spokko and Noodlecake.
War Robots 3.6.0
War Robots is an action-packed multiplayergamewith 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time! Join the ranks of theMetalWarriors!"If you are looking for something new and love robotsandmultiplayer battles it's worth the download to check it outsinceinitially it won’t cost you anything." - Droid Gamers"War Robots is an excellent game that works well no matter ifyouplay it on your Android smartphone or tablet, and it’s such agoodmultiplayer game that it can give people a competitivechallengewhile on the move." - AndroidHeadlines"As a high-end, team-based online multiplayer mech game onAndroid,it's also fairly unique to the platform." - AndroidPoliceIt's a time of war, pilot! Are you ready for surpriseattacks,intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricksyour rivalshave in store for you? Destroy enemy robots, capture allthebeacons, and upgrade your weapons to increase combatstrength,speed, and durability of your battle robot. Prove yourselfin eachmap and use different strategies and tactics to emergevictoriousfrom battle!MAIN FEATURES:– 31 battle robots with different strengths;– more than 20 weapon types, including ballistic missiles,energyand plasma guns. What will you choose?– many possible combinations of robots and weapons. Create awarmachine to fit your own play style;– create your own clan and lead it to glorious victories;– join epic PvP battles against rivals from all overtheworld;– complete military tasks for bonuses and earn the BestPilottitle.Onward, soldier! Victory is yours!Want to talk about the game or find allies?Join us on Facebook: us on Twitter: new videos onYouTube: all about WR on our KnowledgeBase: note: This application requires a stableinternetconnection.Enjoy the game!
Santa vs. Zombies 1.09
Ho ho ho, Santa Claus is coming totown.Onlythis town has been taken over by the living dead! Take ontheroleof Santa Claus as you go chimney to chimney, fightingthezombieapocalypse. Clear the house of all ZombiesbeforeChristmasmorning, build a snowman and even decorate aChristmastree!Seasons greetings be damned, Santa Claus has a scoretosettle, andhe's going to earn his milk and cookies thisyear.The dead are walking and old Saint Nick has just added themtothenaughty list.Visit Facebook for HINTS andBUGREPORTS: by point and click adventure games, withsomeChristmashorror!-Excellent graphics, detailed objects and deadly zombies!-Face off against the living dead as Father Christmashimself!-Features holiday cheer and the blood thirsty undead !-Take out the undead using Santa approved firearmsandexcitinggunplay !-Many items to collect, combine and use in your quest.-Tackle puzzles and explore a house that needs to be savedintimefor Christmas.-A dark adventure full of chills and thrills, face offwiththeundead!-Zombies !Contact us if you have problems or comments with the app.
Last Empire - War Z: Strategy 1.0.181
Protect your empire by shooting andbattlingthe zombie army that wants to steal your resources in LastEmpire -War Z, a strategy RPG and base building war game. Build anarmywith other players from around the globe and plan an attackwithyour own zombie army! Develop your kingdom and befriendempireallies to combat both zombie and human enemies. Do you havewhat ittakes to be the strongest commander?Last Empire - War Z is a zombie-themed free-to-play warstrategygame. Battle zombie troops and survivors to protect yourempireagainst the upcoming zombie war. Team up with friends fromaroundthe world to build an army, increase your zombie defensestrategyand participate in special events. Take part in brutalzombiewarfare and build an army to grow your empire – survivingthezombie apocalypse is in your hands in Last Empire - War Z!Last Empire - War Z Features:Strategy War Games & Empire Defense *Strategy war games pit you against an endless zombie horde!*Empire building games – Base building strategy thatencouragesplayers to work together and achieve powerfulbonuses!*Build a zombie defense strategy during in-game events andregularsurvivor challenges for great rewards!Battle Zombie Troops with Alliance Members*Battle zombie troops and other survivors during thezombieapocalypse.*Attack zombies in real time on the world map and chat withalliancemembers worldwide!*Empire allies battle with you to destroy zombie troops andothersurvivors to expand your empire.Build an Army with Zombie & Human Troops* Build an army of deadly Zombie Troops to destroy your enemiesanddefend your empire!* Zombie apocalypse survivors can be recruited and upgradedwithunique war skills and strategy.* Strategy is everything. Varied Skill Trees allow playerstoenhance their heroes.Build an army of zombie troops, battle to survive thezombieapocalypse, and defend your empire in Last Empire - WarZ!NOTE: Last Empire – War Z is free to download and free to play,butdoes offer in-app purchases of items and other gifts.In-apppurchases can be disabled through your device’ssettings.Download and battle in the most exciting zombie war andbasebuilding game available today!
Master for Minecraft-Launcher 2.1.31
MCPE Master
**Support Minecraft Pocket EditionThis app requires Minecraft Pocket Edition.[Key Features]★Floating Window★√ Player: Invincible | Fly | Sprint√ Game: Change Weather | Time | Mode | Show HP | Mini Map√ Item: (TMI) Too many items | Redstone | Mobs√ Rapid build: Put Line, Cuboid, Sphere by one click√ Mob: Creeper | Enderman | Silverfish | Ocelot| Ghast★Import & Download★Mod | Maps | Textures | Skins | SeedsAll the interesting maps, cool skins, amazing texture andvariedmods can be applied to MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION by simplyclickdownload and apply.★Addon Download & Import★The newest version supports download and import of addon.Playerscan now download addon directly from MCPE Master by oneclick. Itis also a convenient addon tool to import addon from yourphone'sfile.● MCPE Mods:Weapon Mods | Gun Mods | Furniture Mods | Portal Mods | AnimalMods| Pet Mods | Dragon Mods | Redstone Mods● MCPE Maps:Adventure Maps | Parkour Maps | Minigame Maps | PVP Maps |HorrorMaps | Roller Coaster Maps | Hide and Seek Maps | SurvivalMaps |Redstone Maps | Architecture MapsIt is not only a launcher for Minecraft Pocket Edition, but alsoanapp for you to download fantastic maps, skins, texture packs,seedsand mods. There are plenty of maps for MCPE. Players caneasilydownload adventure maps, PVP maps, minigame maps, etc. MCPEMasterwill update Minecraft maps, skins, texture, seeds and modseverydayso that players can access the newest resources and enjoyplayingMinecraft. We will continuously focus on finding out moreresourcespacks. You can even submit your own MCPE maps, skins,texture,seeds or mods to be added to MCPE Master. They can be sentby email(to [email protected]), or upload via the port intheapp.● For MC PE skins, there is a function called 3D preview.Thousandsof skins for MCPE are available. You can preview the skinsin 360degree and download for free.● For MC PE mods, there are plenty of mods like Polar Bearmod,every kind of gun mods, pet mods, TNT mods, dragon mods.If you like MCPE master, check out our new productMultiplayermaster for MCPE. With Multiplayer master you are able toplayonline with your friends from worldwide.We are not affiliated with Mojang. And it is not an officialMojangapp. The Name, Brand and the Assets are all property ofMojang ABor their respectful owner......................................................................Check out more videos from Minetubers:※ AWESOME TOO MANY ITEMS for 0.13.0!!! - Inventory Editor for MCPE-Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)※ TOO MANY ITEMS MOD in 0.13.0!!! - MCPE Master Update -MinecraftPE (Pocket Edition)※ RAPID BUILD MOD!! - Minecraft Pocket Edition MCPE MasterAppUPDATE! 0.14.3 + (Pocket Edition) Master Official Website:
Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes 1.24.6
From the makers of Plants vs. Zombies 2andPlants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 comes the next great gameinthe epic battle between doom and bloom – Plants vs. ZombiesHeroes.Collect Heroes with outrageous and incredible super powersandbuild your ultimate battle team. Embark on a journey todiscovernew characters, and confront mighty opponents along theway. And,for the first time ever on mobile, play as either plantsorzombies. It’s the lawn of a new battle!COLLECT YOUR HEROESCollect and choose from 20 unique Plant and Zombie Heroes andunlocktheir lawn-inspiring super powers. Will you pick Plants anddeploythe masked, sharp-shooting avenger, Green Shadow? Or willyou choosea Zombie Hero and call on the superbly superficial SuperBrainz,Zomboss’s secret weapon with a powerful punch and fondnessfor hairgel? Each Hero’s selection of super powers will helpdetermine yourteam’s winning strategy.FORM YOUR TEAMEvery Hero needs a crew. Build yours and diversify your skillsbycollecting teammates – from the PvZ characters you know andlove,to daring new plants and zombies. There are hundreds todiscover!Devise distinct strategies for your Hero by selectingcompatibleteammates and experiment with devastating combos. Or, useAutoTeam-Builder to quickly create your team, try out newstrategies,and automatically upgrade your teams as you collectnewcharacters.GO ON COURAGEOUS ADVENTURESJourney through the universe of PvZ Heroes as eachaction-packedskirmish takes you further along an ever-blooming map.Battlebrain-thirsty or botanical foes – each side has a differentpath tofollow. Encounter challenging bosses with tricky powersandabilities, and defeat them for legendary rewards!PLAY AGAINST FRIENDS AND FOESTest your team when you take on other players in excitingreal-timematches. Earn rewards for defeating your bite-iestadversaries, andbuild your bank when you complete Daily Missionsfrom Crazy Dave.Who will become the ultimate horticultural hero?Harvest yourcourage – the battle is on!Important Consumer Information: Requires acceptance of EA’sPrivacy& Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Collects datathrough thirdparty analytics technology (see Privacy & CookiePolicy fordetails). Contains direct links to the Internet andsocialnetworking sites intended for an audience over 13.