Top 24 Games Similar to Seven Fights of Wrestlers

Gang of Wrestlers 2.0.0
Gang of Wrestlers - knockout your opponentandbe the ultimate fighting champion! Fighting ring is waitingforyou. Who will be the next champion of this greatestfightingtournament?ABOUT THE GAMEYou and your character are going to go through 3 matches. Yourmainaim here is stay on the top of the champions list. If you wanttowin just knockout your opponents, make them to hittheground.MAD LEAGUEShow us your best combination! The greatest tournament ofthechampions is waiting for you. Are you angry enough to takeachallenge of this madness beasts? Strike a decisive blow! Winthisbeasts battle!FIGHTING CLASHThere are no special rules to win this championship. Mix ofboxing,wrestling, karate and kung fu. This is not a dumb way, butthe wayof madness to the championship.
Superhero Comic Team 1.0.0
Superhero: Comic Team - team upwithsuperheroesand fight for the humankind survival!You should to lead the vanguard alliance. Alien squadssquareoffagainst humanity. The last chance to survive is ateamofsuperheroes. You get a real chance to team upwithfavoritesuperheroes in this contest between championswithsuperpower andalien destructive weapon. Don’t let them toenslaveyour world.Fight till the end to win this contest!Lead vanguard force to protect the world.Fight for humankind’s survival!Justify our existence!Discover a new world of superheroes contest.Power-up your team and send them to the battle.Go on exciting missions and battle epic foes.Create the ultimate superheroes team.Immersive and impressive adventure with superheroesagainstalientroops is waiting for you!
Criminal War Mafia Pursuit 6.0.0
Join this extreme adventure, enter tothebattlefield and start fighting. No mercy on the arena, only youandyour rival. That will be a mortal enemy chase with manymissions.The point is that you'd better complete all the quests tobe thewinner. Try not to lose this round or start once again.Addicting and interactive war gameApply your strategy to win the great gangsterBe ready to meet furious beastsStrengthen your heroContract the best fighter of this alliance
Amazing Heroes Team 1.0.0
Aliens have attacked the planet to destroyallhumans and take control of the energy sources and enslavepeople.Superhero’s team is ready to save the planet! Unite 4superheroesand choose one for you. You will have to go through manyexcitingquests to survive in this space war. Use your destructiveweaponand superpower against angry villains. Don’t let them toenslaveyour world. Fight till the end to win this contest andbecome theultimate champion!Lead vanguard force to protect the world.Fight for humankind’s survival!Justify our existence!Discover a new world of superheroes contest.Power-up your team and send them to the battle.Go on exciting missions and battle epic foes.Create the ultimate superheroes team.
Criminal Beasts War 1.0.0
Start the war in crime city. Findyouropponentand attack him on the battlefield arena. Each nextenemyis morestrong and powerful. Be well prepared to survive insuch amortalbattle.Are you tired of endless war? No problem - start a questchooseamission. Race by the vice street’s road, escape gang bossintheepic chase. Be smarter than the crime boss. Defeat him.Gangsters warVice town missionsMad racing challengeCrime adventureFurious car chase
Gangster Moscow 1.0.0
Take a tour to the Moscowcriminalunderworld.This game will let you to fully enjoy anopen-world ofgangstergames. Deal with the assassination, withcriminal groupsand evenstreet racers while rising to the top of thegangster list.Makeyour reputation in this criminal empire. That isthe only waytosurvive here and to get the most out of your time inan openworld.Try to steal a car of the city mayor. This is your cityofviceand there are no places for two authorities.How a real powerful crime lords deal with their problems?Theycallto a real cool guys, who are not afraid to have abusinesswithcriminals. Be one of them. Orchestrate the perfectcrime.Take over the world of Russian mafia. Open world gamewithRussianroulette rules.Gangster Moscow – a new king of underworld empirewillcontroleverything here.
Clash of Superheroes 1.0.0
Music for You
The most epic battle of superheroes! Someofthem are very famous in America and in the whole world andothersneed to gain the glory. Fight in the ultimate battle ofchampionsagainst villains.Apply special strategical techniques. Use your destructiveweapon.Be a captain and lead your army victory.This top action game offers you many quests to resolve,differentsituations and location and an entertaining comic’sstory.Soak up the thriving atmosphere, experiencelimited-timemissions, face famous enemies and new grandadventure.Develop their unique abilities and triumph over evil.Get on with exciting missionsInteract with other superheroesStrengthen your power to combat your competitorParticipate thrilling quests and complete underworld war.
Sticked Man Fighting 1.2.3
Sticked Man Fighting is an epic bullystickwars adventure for real men ONLY! Fight with your rivals,gothrough the numerous levels and become the best boxinggamesterever!Gain victory over their half-dead bodies in our sward fightinggame!AWESOME STREET FIGHTER GAMEtotal chaos between the stickman fightersADVANCED FIGHTING SYSTEMuse bonuses and do fatalities as a punch heroPOWERFUL WEAPONS AND UPGRADESunlesh revenge of stickman and defeat all fierce opponents!Sticked Man Fighting FEATURES:• Impressive street clashes of the blusterous stickman fighter -whois the mightest punch hero?• Deadly weapon: bat, spear, brass knuckles, sword,axe,shuriken, nunchaku - it's the real ruthless revengeofstickman!• Different boosters and combos: health box, energy, shieldanddouble damage• Awesome locations: forest, middle ages and even Mars!• New enemies: knights, aliens, lumbermen and many others!Killthem all!FIGHT this stick war as a super boxer! Use the right tacticsandwin all your rivals in the street fighter game and become thebeststickman boxer ever in the sward fighting game!
Super Hot Trigger 1.0
Swift Apps LLC
BEST SLOW MOTION SHOOTER ON GOOGLE PLAY!First person shooter where you can control time. Defeat yourenemiesand use time to your advantage. Use multiple weapons,explore hugelevels and master your skills to complete deadlymissions!- Advanced slow-motion mechanics- Mesmerizing 3D environment- Cutting edge graphics- Massive and challenging levels- Variety of extreme weapons- Easy controls and smooth gameplayCONTROLLING THE TIMEWhen you’re standing still the time moves very slowly but ifyoumake just a little move the time immediately speeds up. Whenyou’reshooting you’re also speeding the time up so be verycareful.TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLSTo move in any direction you have to use joystick in the bottomleftcorner. To look around you can swipe anywhere on the screen.If youwant to shoot just use button in bottom right corner. Pausebuttonis situated in the top left corner.GRAPHICS AND QUALITY SETTINGSYou’ll be amazed by top notch graphics including real timelighteffects, laser sharp animations and destructible environment.Thegraphics quality will be automatically detected for yourdevice,however you can change it in the settings menu. To visitsettingsclick the screw button in bottom left corner in mainmenuscene.
MMA Sports Fighting 3D 1.1
Big Mad Games
MMA Sports Fighting 3D is ultimateactionfighting game that let you feel like a real profighter!Enter the world of cruel and bloody sports - martial arts andletthe biggest fighting contest begin! Overcome your rivals deadoralive!Explore different locations and use your fighting power to win!Beatall the opponents and prove your worth as a Master of martialartsplaying amazing MMA Sports Fighting 3D game!Perform endless combinations of moves and perfect your ownbestcombo strike! Fight against powerful opponents usingdifferentfighting styles including Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu,Boxing andother and enjoy being a real pro wrestling fighter!Use all your strategy to grab your opponent from above andtacklehim down, taking a life. Become the strongest fighter on theearthplaying MMA Sports Fighting 3D action game! Upgrade yourpower,speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikes and fightingstylesgetting points for each kill.MMA Sports Fighting 3D features:Many mighty enemies to battle against and killUpgrade your fighter skills – increase power, speed, andaccuracyand try new strikes to overcome rivalsTwo game modes - contest and survival mode Easy andsmoothcontrolsAction fighting 3D game!Gain unprecedented combat experience! Unleash the champions,enterthe ultimate contest! Start the toughest fight ever!Check contest and survival mode – fight against enemies andkillthem to earn points or survive on the ring as long as youcan!Explore different locations fighting for your life and surviveonthe ring leaving your opponent no chance to stay alive! Earnpointsfor each beaten enemy, fight against powerful rivals and uplevelyour boxing skills to the top level!
Smashy Pixel Gang 2.0.0
Start your fighting championshipinrealsimulator boxing game. Beat everyone on your way to glory.Thisisa real ballet revolution in voxel style. Improveyourfightingskills, train kung fu or karate, be invincible hero.Complete different levels and become the ring king.Knockoutyouropponents. Use different tactics to win as kick, punch,jump,andslash. Make your opponent to hit the ground, otherwiseyouwilllose. Play as a wrestler, jump, force your opponents outofthetop.Super funny heroes on the ring.So exciting and extreme.Voxel style angry wrestlers.
Police Chase Mission 1.0.0
The job of a police officer is not soeasybutfull of thrilling missions! Start this adventureandstrengthenyour skills. Upgrade your police hero bycompletingexcitingquests. Arrest assassins and angry drivers whobreak citytrafficrules. Your duty is to serve good to the people.Don’t letthemafia come into the city and do dark affairs.Everythingdependsfrom you.Many exciting questsExtreme missionsAngry enemiesBank robberiesIllegal businessCar chaseMafia pursuit
Criminal Ghetto 1.0.0
A new episode of the gangster warsinthecrimopolis. Big open world allowed you never getbored,completeall missions and rise to the top of the criminalpile. Facethegreatest challenge in the mafia crime game!Your character has been living in the underworld crimeempireforthe whole his life. He knows the rules of this city liketheback ofhis hand. Fight against gangsters? Help your friend whohasjustescaped the prison? Save your girlfriend and payback foraninsult?Nothing is easier!You know that rules of the virtual world are pretty easy.Oneofthem, if you get into trouble, there is only one road tosurvival–take a gun and save your life. Don’t be afraid tomakemistakes,you can replay wherever you want.Complete all quests, while exploring this grand openworld.Learn to drive fast, make a dead shot andfightagainstinjustice.Each quest offers something different and will test you inanewway.This game will get you out of your routine life.
BombSquad VR for Cardboard 1.4.116
Eric Froemling
IMPORTANT: Requires a gamepad to play (orasecond device running the 'BombSquad Remote' app)Blow up your friends in explosive mini-games rangingfromCapture-the-Flag to Hockey - now in VR on GoogleCardboard!Includes the 'BombSquad Pro' upgrade (regularly $5)Features networked multiplayer, gratuitous explosions,advancedragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians,insanechefs, and more.VR VERSION NOTES:- BombSquad VR requires an external controller to play. You canusethe BombSquad Remote app on another device, but a hardwaregamepadis recommended.- BombSquad VR is more demanding on hardware than regularBombSquad.You may want to ensure your device runs the regularversion ofBombSquad well before trying BombSquad VR.- BombSquad VR does not currently support ticket-pack purchasesorGoogle Play account sign-in, but you can now link yourCardboardaccount to your Google Play account (or any otherplatform'saccount) and share progress.
Face Puncher 3.0
Face Puncher is pure physics-basedfightingmadness.Take control of your character and fight against fierce rivalstowin trophies and prizes in the ultimate facepunchingcompetition.Taking influence from Toribash, Sumotori, Gang Beasts,NekoFight, Karate Face Kicker and others, Face Puncher isaphysics-based fighting game where no two matches are everthesame.
Pixel Monster Craft 1.0.0
Music for You
You arrive at the pixel world asthenewsuperhero. Can you imagine it?Discover pixel city with the new Pixel Monster andbattlewithvillains. There are a lot of cute characters andkawaiianimalswhich need your help!It's time to show who is the best hero in pixel world!DownloadPixelMonster Craft right now!Araise your level by accomplish different quests:find an ice cream truckreturn a lost clawnsave group of childrencatch a chiefstop big firefind all missing animals
Smashy Crime Stories 1.0.0
Smashy Crime Stories - are you afanofopen-world games with mafia, gangsters and police war?It’syouagainst injustice!Thrilling open-world game of underworld empire. Remember,hereisonly one rule – don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you canreplayitanytime. This is a mobile game’s world with no limitsandquestsfull of non-stop action, adrenaline and extreme. Get themostoutof the game by taking a part in races, firefighting withpoliceandbank robberies.Play as the fighter against corruption police and governmentinanopen-world action game. Our hero intents to change the lifeofhiscity. Crime, shooting, gangster battle. Everything thatyoulike inone game. Help your friend to deal with mafia, drivethebest cars,hit the jackpot by playing casino and bring backlibertyto this cityfull of vice.How far are you willing to go?Amazing crime epic open-world game.Start out small and expand until you have taken overtheentirecity.End the injustice once and for all.Complete activity missions to save your city.Destroy your enemies and fight for justice and peace.Be ready for the life full of dangers.Plunge yourself into the atmosphere of open-world crime city.
Super Sports Legends 1.0.0
Now this awesome sport game is betterthanever!The soccer players are fast and angry, nothing stop theminfront ofthe winner’s podium. You can try your abilities togothrough thisfurious challenge.Here you have rules of the game:Score points by carrying the ball from a starting pointintotheopposition’s end zone. Use end zone in front of your teamtoscoreand don’t let opposing team to reach yours. Run the showonoffenseand defense.A play begins as usual when the ball is moved from thegroundintothe hands of the players. Of course you will be harassedbythe otherteam but this is the American football.Game is divided into four quarters of 60 seconds each.So,buildyour own offensive and defensive teams. You haveanopportunity toplay as quarterback, receiver, linebacker,cornerbackby yourselfduring the game.This action sport battle is the most immersive,streamlinedfootballexperience on mobile. It’s time to playfootball!Show off your skills on the pitch like never before to beaworldchampion!Features:Fight your way forward with running plays.Play as the franchise quarterback.Practice strategy and special plays.Cross the opposition’s goal line with the ball.
Crossy Gangstar War 1.0.0
Start your fighting championshipinrealsimulator boxing game. Improve your fighting skills, trainkungfuor karate, be invincible hero. Beat everyone on your waytoglory.This is a real fighting revolution in voxel style.Use different tactics to win as kick, punch, jumpandslash.Complete different levels and become a king of thering.Knockoutyour opponents. Make your opponent to hit theground,otherwise youwill lose. Play as a wrestler, jump, forceyouropponents out ofthe top.Cruel gangsters on the ring.So exciting and extreme.Voxel style angry wrestlers.
Assassin's Creed Identity 2.8.2
* Requires an online connection to play.Play now the first ACTION RPG game of the acclaimedASSASSIN’SCREED Franchise.Explore the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE through the eyes of yourOWNASSASSIN, complete dozens of missions and unravel the epicmysteryof The Crows.WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT US:• “the graphics look spectacular”• “a proper bonafide Assassin’s Creed game” pocketgamer• “gorgeous graphics” phonearena.comCREATE, EVOLVE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR ASSASSIN!- Pick a CLASS: Choose between Berserker, Shadow Blade,Tricksterand Thief- CUSTOMIZE your Assassins: Use loot, choose your outfitsandweapons like epic swords and the iconic hidden blade.- Make your Assassin EVOLVE from NOVICE to MASTER!TONS OF MISSIONS AND POSSIBILITIES!- Experience the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Run, jump, climb andfeelthe thrill of the leap of faith on your mobile screen!- Achieve an infinity of QUESTS, unlock new locations andhundredsof items.- PLAY HOW YOU WANT TO with simple tap-to-move, dual virtualstickcontrols or with a gamepad.THE TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE OF THE ASSASSIN'S CREED GAMES!- The Unity game engine brings STUNNING GRAPHICS throughamazingcustom-made HD textures, shaders, and models to yourscreen.- Every place you visit in the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE will be anopenmap for you to explore: Santa Croce Area in Firenze, theColosseumarea in Roma etc.**ASSASSIN’S CREED** is one of the most popular franchise ofalltime. Its success has been built through years with famoustitlessuch as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Assassin’s CreedUnity,Assassin’s Creed Black Flag etc.This game is available in: English, French, Italian,German,Spanish, Russian, Brazilian, Japanese and Korean.Are you a fan of ASSASSIN’S CREED IDENTITY? Like us onFacebookor follow us on Twitter to get the latest news:
Wrestling: Revolution Fight 3D 1.2.1
Step into the ring to show your power asamaster wrestler and use all fighting skills to overcome yourrivals- make jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, and fight without mercy!Becomea pro wrestler with this ultimate championship simulator-Wrestling: Revolution Fight 3D!Beat everyone on your way playing this fighting sports gameandbecome more powerful! Some fighters might be stronger thantheylook, so train a lot to prove your worth as a real athlete! Trynewstrikes, kicks, and punches or even new fighting styles!Unlock new opponents to struggle against – punk rock fighter,crazedclown, muscled chick, and others – they are using differentfightingstyles such as Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo or Boxing!Do yourbest to break them and earn special points defeating them.Use allyour reflexes and special moves, unleash fierce punches,kicks, andcombos to beat all opponents!Check story and survival mode – fight against enemies to get tothetop, or survive on the ring as long as you can! Becomethestrongest fighter on the earth playing Wrestling: RevolutionFight3D action game!Get the Golden Champion’s Belt with Wrestling: RevolutionFight3D!Wrestling: Revolution Fight 3D features:Ultimate wrestling tournamentStory mode and survival modeFace different rivals using different fighting stylesVarious unlockable strikes and fighting stylesYour use of Wrestling: Revolution Fight 3D is free of chargeinexchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFiandvery limited cellular data), and only when you are not usingyourdevice. You may turn this off from the settings menu. Pleaseseeour TOS for furtherinformation.
Ultimate Free Prison Fight
Poo and Play
At the heart of a prison in Mexico thesecuritybackground gangs reign with a code of honor the law of thestrongestand organizes Ultimate Free Fight Prison tournaments is anextgeneration fighting game offering outstanding fighters andcategorymastering all styles of martial arts cage.In the course of the prison all barred with Ultimate FreeFightPrison enter a ring without a referee, no rules haverealisticsound effects lists of attack and several projection sportcombatgame Far with a system of self defense and ragdoll givingtherealism of cage fighting and professional wrestling holds orsendyour opponent to the mat by ko liveThe history of the Ultimate Free Fight Prison place after theescapeof a big arms reputed drug lord with April 1 million dollarrewardfor doing what he intends to follow the walls of the prisononly oldexisting They then organized an underground fightingtournament todetermine the champion of the prisonWith 4 traditional fighting style of kickboxing worldchampionhalfway between wrestling and street fighting ghettostyleThe pooandplay team is pleased with you presented UltimateFreeFight Prison a free game offering a new dimension to 3Dfightinggame supports Google Play tablet in high resolutiongraphicsgenerationThank you your support means a lot to us.
Motorbike Driver Fight
Bambo Studio
2016 Fight motorist is an aggressivefighterin the race track. Fight to reach the second round bykicking andpunching unfinished ejected with red flag. Feel theaction racinggame without rules. Choose any of most playersmurderer world to winthe tournament in story mode motor. Theexcitement at its best whenyou fight with your classic rival. Thebikes are not necessary, onlyhis biker boots and fists.Many players are in the bank ready to fight for their teams andkeepgoing until the end of the world championship !. Injuriessanctionsdo not exist and never will be punished by the judgesbecause thisis a street fight knockout game.+ Kossi is one of the best fighters in the world motorcycle.Hedominates all martial arts since he was a child.+ Vazquez is simply the most magical boxer who ever lived,hismovements are smooth and barely visible.+ Larosa is an old glory of the fight. He knows all thetechniquesof street gangs and knows all about street fighting. Nowyou canfight him again in the World Championshipmotorcycling.+ Vorenzo is also a wrestler vintage motorcycles, well knowninEurope is well known for its mega-kick in the chest.Remember that this is just fiction. Do not try to fight onthestreet and even in motorcycle racing. Play on your mobile whenyoutry to fight enemies. Fighting game players motorcycles.Motoristsstruggling in 3 rounds in a match in the worldchampionshipmotorcycle, Motorcycle Cup win, fighting all players intheautomotive world.Two players motorcycles involved in a fight, multiple combostodefeat your enemy, vital waves, martial arts, karate, kickboxing,thousands of tricks and combinations of kicks, punch, airstrikes,multiple kicks, punch infinity knockouts air strikes andmany moreto discover.Three game modes, World, Quickplay and Training. realisticscenario,the public tier encourages you and encourages theirwhistles andapplause on the side of the circuit.Choose your favorite biker, each rider has skills, movementsanddifferent tricks, besides a different way to fight inthefield.The gameplay motorcycle world championship season is a tie amongthebest drivers in the world, have to beat your rivals but willbeeliminated from the World Cup.The training mode will help you learn tricks and martial arts,youcan see this by pressing the buttons and check the effect ofyourmoves and let your enemy knockout.actual combat in this fighting game engine where players engage inafight, among the best riders in the world of international teamsandchampionships most famous motorcycles in the world.2016Bambo Studio
Football Street Beasts 1.0.0
New football season starts now!Tryyourabilities to go through this furious challenge.Now this awesome sport game is better than ever! Build yourteamofsport stars in the gang world of angry beasts. Soccerplayersarefast and marvelous, nothing stop them in front ofthewinner’spodium.Here you have rules of the game:Score points by carrying the ball from a starting pointintotheopposition’s end zone. Use end zone in front of your teamtoscoreand don’t let opposing team to reach yours. Run the showonoffenseand defense.A play begins as usual when the ball is moved from thegroundintothe hands of the players. Of course you will be harassedbythe otherteam but this is the American football.Game is divided into four quarters of 60 seconds each. So,buildyourown offensive and defensive teams. You have anopportunity toplay asquarterback, receiver, linebacker, cornerbackby yourselfduring thegame.This action sport battle is the mostimmersive,streamlinedfootball experience on mobile. It’s time toplayfootball!Show off your skills on the pitch like never before to beaworldchampion!Features:Fight your way forward with running plays.Play as the franchise quarterback.Practice strategy and special plays.Cross the opposition’s goal line with the ball.