Top 1 Games Similar to Firebomb the Zombies

Easter Egg Throw III 1.0
Easter Egg Throwing Game III is anexcitinggamewhere you throw Easter eggs with a catapult at littlechicks.It'snot only fun but educational as well. This gamehelpschildrenunderstand leverage and distance.How to play: Pull the catapult back and let 'er go! Soonyouwillsee how close it comes to the target. Then, you will knowifyoushould pull the catapult more or less to hit your target.Whenyoucomplete one level, you will click the arrow and proceed tothenextlevel, where there are more chicks! There are threelevelstotal andwhen you successfully complete the third level youwillgo to the"winners" page where you will receive"Congratulations"andfireworks! Good luck and have fun!Design team: Bud, Gloria & Mollie