Top 24 Games Similar to Build a Tree House & Fix It

Builder Game 1.15
It's your turn to run the coolesthandyman’sworkshop. Enjoy this building experience and proveyourself to bean excellent construction worker.Kids are standing in a queue to get your best products andservices.You can do activities like digging the soil, building ordemolishinghouses and towers, constructing wood products, cuttingwood, weldingand other fun things. Make what children orderedusing differentbuilding materials, tools and machines to achievegreatest results.A good name is better than riches!• Woodworking: Cut the wood accurately with differentsaws.Construct a chair, bench, fence, birdhouse or doghouse withahammer or screwdrivers. Put the finishing touch to the newwoodproduct by polishing and painting it.• Build the tower: Build an apartment or business tower withthehelp of a crane which can lift heavy loads. If some parts arenotappropriate for the kind of tower you are building, put them ontheassembly line and pick the right building part.• Build the house: Pick builders tools and avoid toys and candiesinthe fun Catcher mini-game. Then build a house by addingwindows,walls, a door, a balcony, stairs and a roof to make it adreamhouse.• Demolish the tower: Sometimes an old building needs to bepulleddown to make way for a new one. Use a hammer, pneumatichammer, TNTbox and wrecking ball. You will enjoy demolishingbuildings in themiddle of the city.• Welding: Damages and holes have to be fixed. When youfinishbrushing the iron construction or leaky pipes in acustomer’shouse, don’t forget to use a welding mask beforewelding!• Warehouse: You are getting so many orders! Pick up thephone!Customers want to order building material. Follow theshoppinglist, use a fork-lift and load a truck with boxes.• Timber cutting: To get wood for your constructions, firstchoptimber with a chainsaw or a hatchet in the Timbermanmini-game.Then move all the logs with a crane and cut them with thecircularsaw.• Construction site: Be the head of the building site and rollupyour sleeves. To fill the holes with soil, dig up the materialwitha digger, take a truck to transport it and use a road rollertoflatten it.• Tile art: Remove all the cracked tiles using differenthammers,pour enough adhesive over the floor to lay new tiles andsolve ananimal puzzle in the meantime.Complete all fun challenges and be the boss builder inyourtown!Features:• easy-to-use game with a friendly interface for kids• many mini-games and creative possibilities• over 50 different tools and building materials• play and learn how things are made• beautiful graphics and special sound effects• earn coins to use entertaining tools
Interior Home Decoration 2.0.8
Become the interior designer you havealwayswanted to be with this home decoration game! Create a warmandinviting indoor area where your clients can relax. Not only canyouchoose the furniture and accessory pieces, but you canrearrangethem accordingly to your own personal taste and style.Play one ofthe best home decoration games today and let yourinterior designerout to play.Features• Create a stunning indoor setting filled with style andfashionableappeal.• Choose furniture pieces that compliment the type of room youwantto make.• Accessorize with rugs, plants, and other wonderful items tomakethe room extra special.• Place or rearrange your furniture to deliver a fantastic lookanda different style time and time again.
house building games 4.0
house building games allows you to createahouse.To collect money you will need to design the house exactly asitdescribed.Fun game for boys and girls!Three types of games: two freestyle games ,game by instructions.features:- Many choices for colors.- Many choices for windows.- Roof, door, flowers etc.- easy!- free!
Build a Dream House 1.0.1
Hey Kids! Here we introduce the new BuildaDream House & Fix It Thriller after the success of build mycarand build Farm House game.Make, decorate & design a baby’s dream house for yourlittlecustomers with creative skills. Kids like to build homeandbuildings of multiple designs. Boys and girls help the babyandtoddler in building the dream house on the large field. Cuttreesand collect woods pieces and design & make an adorablehouse.Use nails, hammer and other construction tools to build thetoyhouse. Now decorate the house using different color paintandfurnish the home. This dream house maker and designer game isforcrazy fun times for kids.Kids work like an architect and make dream like wonderfulhome.Build a dream house is a virtual workshop in which childrencanbuild, customize and decorate a fantastic home. With alargeselection of materials, paint colors and decoration, kids canmixand add till they find their perfect style. Dream housedevelopmenthelps kids to learn and inspire a real life treehouseconstruction.This game is full of room, house and outdoor adventure andfun.Many creative activities such as repair, fix it and rebuildingahouse from scrap. Build a baby house is crazy builder game.Thisgame is as much fun as any car garage or salon game. Makeyourhouse and enjoy your building story with fun and adventure.Now download this home builder mania game and have fun!
Build a Farm House & Fix It 1.0.2
Hey Kids! Here we introduce the new BuildaFarm House & Fix It Thriller after the success of build mycarand build my truck game.Make, decorate & design a farm house for your littlecustomerwith creative skills. Kids like to build home andbuildings ofmultiple designs. Boys and girls help the baby inbuilding the farmhouse on the large field. Cut trees and collectwoods pieces anddesign & make a farm land house. Use nails,hammer and otherconstruction tools to build the house. Nowdecorate the house usingdifferent color paint and furnish thehome. This house maker anddesigner game is for crazy fun times forkids.Kids work like an architect and make dream like wonderfulhomeover the village land. Build a farm house is a virtual workshopinwhich children can build, customize and decorate a fantastichome.With a large selection of materials, paint colors anddecoration,kids can mix and add till they find their perfect style.Farm housedevelopment helps kids to learn and inspire a real lifefarm houseconstruction.This game is full of room, house and outdoor adventure andfun.Many creative activities such as repair, fix it and rebuildingahouse from scrap. Build a farm house is crazy builder game.Thisgame is as much fun as any car garage or salon game.Now download this home builder mania game and have fun!
House Mod Runner 7.0
Quiz Quiz
The Mods House runner game is oneoftheshortest games in the world and when you combine itwithyourcreativity just get fun and exciting fun, House Run is agameforyour creativity that lets you imagine runners across homesModmodwith a variety of different types of buildings:palaces,villas,castles, parks, cities, harbors, buildings andmanymore.Have you ever wanted to become a Super Runner? Well, withthisgamecalled the House Mod runner games, you can becomeasuperrunner.The Mods House runner game is free.This is an endless game that uses various mod image homes.The best app with + 5 millions downloads
Build a house - Building games 1.0.1
Hey little man child! To build a house isnotthat so easy. It requires a lot of work, a lot of physical workandmany tools and of course, a lot of money. I think that youwillwant to have your own dream house. Today I will show you howtobuild a house. This game has 4 levels and you must play allthisinteresting levels to complete and finish the job. You havetostart with the foundation. Here you must to make the cement.Tocreate the cement you must to have a lot of tools, likecement,water and sand. Then you have to build the walls, to grointhebricks. For the next level you have to use timber,wood andmanycotters. Then you need to isolate the walls. In the end, themostbeautiful part is to choose the house color. You should tobecareful and very patient to make a great job. Have a fun andenjoythis building game. Help us with a rate and with an honestcomment.Come back to us to enjoy our new games for children.
Home Design Decoration 3.0.4
bweb media
Moving into your new doll house can beanexciting thing! Here you can put your home decorating skills tothetest and create a beautiful house that your dolly will justlove.With this decorating games for girls you can rearrange all thedollfurniture into its specific rooms, change their colors,positionthem at different angles, as well as add the finalfinishingtouches that your doll will love. This is one of the mostfun dollgames for girls yet, so why not come and have a looktoday!Bedroom DesignFirst it’s time to design your dolls bedroom ready for her tosleepin it for the night! Make sure it is nice and cosy foreasysleeping.Kitchen RenovationYour dolly needs somewhere to eat and have breakfast! Usethelargest room and make it ready for fine dining with allyourdolly’s friend!Bath TimeAll dolls need a bath at some point so make sure her bath islookingfabulous for relaxing in! Create a stylish bath roomatmosphere thatyour doll will want to stay in and soak for a longtime!Outdoor DecorationsDecorate your outdoor area and let your doll show it off to allherfriends! Let them be amazed at your new car and outdoorset.What’s Inside Home Design?yellow fabulous carpuppy with dog kennel for its homebed for easy sleepingspiral staircase for getting to your second floorfridge with kitchen accessories for fine diningAnd more decorating furniture!Home Design FeaturesCreate a comfortable bedroom atmosphere for your doll tosleepSetup a lovely kitchen area to entertain your dolls friendsMake a bathroom that will relax your doll after a hard dayofworkPark your car outdoors to show your doll neighborsPlay with your puppy and have fun setting up its home
Little Big City
Be the Mayor! Design and build theprosperingcity of your dreams!Make it a wonderful place to live for your citizens using avastnumber of creative resources. Unleash your imagination as youplacefunctional buildings and cool decorations. Meet characterswhocan't wait to be your neighbors and help each other's citiesgrow.You can even take an entertaining break from being Mayorwithspecial mini-games that will challenge you and offervariousmissions and collectibles.Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the appandmay contain third party advertisements that may redirect you toathird party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Decorating Games for Girls 1.0.1
If you want to surprise your parentbydecorating your room if you are to develop a child's room,considergender, age, interests and the things your child likes todo. Ifyou have a great singer at home, you can decorate withwallstickers in the form of notes, or something else that isthematic.terrariums became a real hit in the contemporary decor.They aremore suitable for a nice common room as bedrooms. And toyou ourideas more precisely, we will show you the original picturesweselected for you!For children, the bedroom is also a playground. Often thedecorationchanges with age and sex. The girls enjoy the brightcolors likepink or mauve, for atmospheres . As for the boys, theyprefer shadesof blue and green with themes reminiscent of natureand adventure.They often enjoy fun furniture with shapes andoriginal colors andespecially a bedroom with customstickers.Check out the different forms of this file to compose theperfectsetting and adapted to each of your rooms.In the room of a little boy, the most used colors are greenandbrown. The most dynamic boys appreciate a raised bed with aslidedesign as a descent.All toys will be gathered in one place thanks to largechestscustomize with stencils or stickers.Again, that says adult room said rest and sleep quality. Thesilencethere is therefore preferable. To caricature avoids theinstallationin this room Swiss cuckoo grandmother! Electrical andelectronicdevices of all kinds are to be avoided, even addicted todisappointsome of the TV and the computer. enjoy the game and makeyour ownhome today .
Small People House Decoration 1.4.7
bweb media
Creating a fun home atmosphere for yoursmallpeople is something that can really make them feel warmandexcited, and with this small people house decorating game youcaneasily create the perfect home for your small people to live inandenjoy. Here you can easily rearrange all the differentfurniturepieces to create the perfect living areas for your smallpeople tospread out in. You can also decorate the front yard andplace theplay set and eating table out ready for great outdoorfriend fun.When done you can then start over again and great newand excitingrooms with this small people house decorating game andhave lots offun with your friends.Features:HOUSE decoration fun! Choose which rooms your small people wanttosleep, eat, or relax in.REARRANGE your doll house furniture to create the perfect dollhousesetting.DECORATE the front yard with play sets and outdoor tablesforfriends to enjoy when visiting.START your house decorating all over again and change each roomtocreate a new and exciting house decoration theme.
House decoration and design 1.0.8
Decorate your entire house with this cutehousedecoration game. You'll start by picking out all of thefurnitureitems that you need for decorating your home. Make atheme or mixand match different pieces for a really cool design.You can evendesign each room so that everyone has their own spacein the house.Design your dream house today with this fundecoration game!Features:• Pick out cool furniture for your house.• Plan out a theme for your house or make it all up as yougo.• Change the arrangements of your home anytime you want.• Freedom to decorate as you like.
Virtual Families 2
The sequel to the smash hit mobilegame“Virtual Families” is here!ADOPT YOUR FAMILY TODAY!Adopt a little person from the thousands living inside yourmobiledevice! In this life simulation game, help them choose ahusband orwife and start their virtual family! Make babies and passthe houseon to the kids! Adopt all kinds of cute pets for your kidsto playwith - cats, dogs, and more! Help nurture and guidegenerations,managing your own beautiful family story.DESIGN YOUR DREAM HOMEExpand and renovate your virtual house. Your adoptee’s new homehasa lot of potential, but they need your help to fix it up!Imagineyour dream home and make it a reality. Add bedrooms, ababynursery, a home theater, or even a game room! Collectdecorationsto customize and design each room.MAKE A HAPPY, PROSPEROUS LIFETrain your little people from babies to adulthood to take careoftheir home and make the best choices in life. Encourage themtowork on their career and earn money for decorations,necessities,and luxuries. Upgrade your virtual family to be thebest versionsof themselves. Your little people will send youmessages, thanking,pleading, and praising you for caring for them.Don’t forget tocheck in on them, because they miss you and becomevery sad!LIFE SIMULATION RUNS IN REAL TIME!Your little family continues to live, eat, grow, and work whentheapp is switched off. Along the way, there will be manydifferentrandom events to respond to, all of them adding surpriseto thissimulation game and unexpected elements to routine, dailyvirtuallife. Find highly varied, unpredictable game play. No twogames runthe same; the story unfolds differently for everyone whoplays it.This simulation game is designed to have a life of itsown!
Build a Cave House & Fix It 1.0.1
Kids like to build house andbuildingsofmultiple designs. Build a cave house is a crazyhousemakergame.Join this amazing cave house adventure , make,designanddecorate a cave house for your little customers withowncreativeskills. This house builder and home designer game iscrazyfuntimes for kids. So little boys and girls, get ready tocreateyourown building story.Kids work like crazy builder and dream to build anddecorateadream house by their creativity. Build a cave house isavirtualworkshop in which children can decorate ,customizeanddesign afantastic home. Use nails, hammer, electric drillandotherconstructions tools to build the house. Furnish thecavehouse,select chair, table and other furniture items. Useyourcreativeskills, decorate the house using different paint colorsandhouseaccessories and kids! keep doing the crazy housemakeoveruntil youfind your perfect style.This home builder and makeover game is full of funandoutdooradventure. Give chance to crazy builders to domanycreativeactivities such as build, furbish and makeover of ahousefrom ascrap. Build a cave house is a crazy builder game sobecareful,have patience to do great job. Play this houseconstructiongameand become the best house builder in the world.Download this house builder mania game and have fun!
Home Decoration Game 3.0.1
bweb media
Design home and furniture to create theperfectlook with this creative game. Start with the basics andbuild yourhome fast. Come up with a theme for the design of thehouse or juststart decorating rooms any way that you’d like. Thisgame will allowyou to create a house with individual style thatyou can be proudof! Design and show off your new home with thisfun decorationgame!Features:· Select all of the features of your new house including theroof,rooms, and windows.· Decide on a theme for the house or mix and matchfurnitureitems.· Switch it up whenever you get bored or want a new style.· Spend hours decorating as you like.
My Doll House - Make & Design 1.1.11
Create and decorate the dollhouse ofyourdreams with My Doll House! Pick your favorite houses or castlesandgive them your personal touch with over a hundred differentandbeautiful items for every kind of room you can imagine.Don’tforget to add cute dolls, puppies and kitties to play with!Use your creativity to design incredible living rooms,bedrooms,bathrooms, kitchens and much more. When you are done, takeapicture of your lovely house or room to save it forever andshareit with your best friends!My Doll House brings back all the magic, fantasy and enjoymentofthe dollhouses. Download now and start having fun!HIGHLIGHTS• Incredibly cute illustrations• Designed for all ages• Over 100 exclusive decoration items for your dollhouseincluding:tables, chairs, windows, wallpapers, beds, wardrobes,bookshelves,lamps, plants, plush animals, ovens, refrigerators,clocks,mirrors, paintings, posters, televisions and more• Different house models• Cute dolls, puppies and kittiesPlease note! This game is free to play, but it containsitemsthat can be purchased for real money. Some features andextrasmentioned in the description may also have to be purchasedfor realmoney.
Playrix Games
Township is a unique blend of city-buildingandfarming!Build your dream town! Harvest crops at the farms, process thematyour facilities, and sell goods to develop your town. Tradewithexotic countries. Open restaurants, cinemas, and othercommunitybuildings to give life in your town special flavor.Explore themine to get resources and find ancient artifacts. Runyour own zooand collect animals from around the world.Are you ready to become a farmer and city-manager to buildyourdream? Let’s get started!Township features:● Different buildings and decorations you can use to createyourdream town● Various crops to grow and later process at your factories● Fun, charismatic townspeople with orders you need to fill● Your town's mine packed with ancient artifacts to discoverandcollect● Lovely animals to take care of● Farms to manage and expand● Exotic goods brought from islands● A zoo to build where you can even breed animals● Country flags and famous landmarks you can use to decorateyourtown, like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and many more!● Play with your Facebook and Google+ friends, make new friendsinthe game community create your own clans!Township is free to play, though some in-game items can alsobepurchased for real money.*Internet connection is required to play the game and enablesocialinteractions, competitions and other features*Enjoying Township? Learn more about the game!Facebook: Contact our Tech Support at [email protected]
Princess doll house 3.0.7
When it comes to creating a beautifuldollhouse for your princess, look no further than this decorationgame.You can choose the design and location of the rooms, add allthefurniture to make each room special, decorate the outdoors ofyourdoll house, as well as change the colors of your furniturepiecesto compliment your princess’s home. So why not get creativeandshow your royal princess just how much of a decoratoryouare.Features:• Rearrange the rooms to just how you want your doll housetolook.• Add each piece of furniture in separate rooms to make eachroomspecial.• Choose and change colors of your furniture to make itcomplimentyour wall paper.• Decorate the outdoors so all your friends can come and stay forawhile.• Show off your doll house that is only fit for abeautifulprincess.
My Dream House Decoration 4.1.1
❤ Have fun with Dream House FamilyDecoratinggame for android game for you. Touch and drag up morefurniture inthis dream house. You want to look at that bedroom now.Bathroom isnow Or Our kitchen is the room now. Decorated andarrangedbeautifully style like you would imagine it. Have fun!! ❤++ For evolution of imagination and creativity.++ Should connect to WiFi or 3G / 4G / 5G before use.++ Have fun and actually play 100%.
Weapon Builder 4.9
Weapon Builder is a fun app that allowstheuser to build a custom weapon on their Android device and exportitas a graphic to share.Some key highlights of the application include;+ Choose from over 100 different parts+ Save your build so you can reload it at a later time andcontinueworking on it+ Share your build as an image file across social media sites,emailor text message+ Move items freely (no snapping) around the screen+ Pinch to zoom into specific areas+ Place items on top or behind other items on the screen byusingthe bring up or send back feature+ Rotate and Flip items+ Intuitive options menu is activated when an item isselected+ Color picker menu to change item colors--------------------------------Pro (Ad-free) version is available with over 350 parts! Itisavailable at; Builder available on the app store at; Info--------02Mar2014 - Version 26: Major update, added style featuresthatallow you to style your weapon as you see fit.-------------------------------------------------------------18Feb2014 - Version 23: Added a button dedicated to addingmagazinesto your buildFixed bug causing images to save twice-------------------------------16Feb2014 - Version 22: Added 14 new receivers including moreboltaction riflesFixed bug causing flipped items not to save their flipped stateonloading a saved build-------------------------------16Feb2014 - Version 21:+Fixed bug causing database to crash app, sadly any old savegameswill have to be recreated-------------------------------15Feb2014 - Version 19:+ Added color picker to change item colors (this isn't perfect asitshades the item but there is some creative functionalityitadds)+ Added ability to input name for save builds+ Modified options menu to display at top of the screen onsmallerdevice screens+ Fixed various bugs causing app to crash on some devices---------------------------------15Feb2014 - Version 17: Fixed save build bug causing a singlebarrelto constantly load---------------------------------13Feb2014 - Version 16: MAJOR update+ Improved movement controls+ Scale images on demand using pinch gesture+ Rotate images on demand using gesture (must enable theitemsrotate toggle)+ Removed zoom screen due to ability to scale eachitemindependently+ Improved screen layout added menu to bottom+ Removed drag to trashcan to remove item, now just tap item andtapremove-------------------------------09Feb2014 - Version 15: Minor bug fix-------------------------------10Feb2014 - Version 14: Added 23 new items includingmultiplescopes.Added pinch to zoom functionality.Scaled the items so they would fit better on smaller screens-------------------------------09Feb2014 - Version 13: Addressed bug causing an ad toconstantlypop up after being closed-------------------------------06Feb2014 - Version 12: Fixed bug causing app to crashoccasionally,added tweak to assist in moving small items-------------------------------06Feb2014 - Version 11: Added a rotate and flip function foritems,added a few more items for content-------------------------------Weapon images courtesy of Dr.Noob at http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.comKeywords: Gun, rifle, gun maker, gun builder, creativeweapon
Home Decoration Games 3.1.1
Enjoy the game, a two-story luxury homeisgoodfriends will be coming by this beautiful and eleganthomedecorgame.The friends will have to drag each piece of furniture toputtheamenities in this luxury home after the house was the homeoffouryoung siblings. The other is a man offered to help hergethome.Which will be their home for the most beautiful. Thefriendsmustuse your finger to tap and drag the furniture tobedecoratedbeautiful.++ For development of imagination and creativity.++ Should connect to WiFi or 3G / 4G before use.
Home Cleanup Game 1.3.0
Selfie Soft
Are you girls ready for anamazingchallenge?In one of the best house cleaning games there is, HomeCleaningGame,Help your mom to get excited about helping you tidy upthehouse.It’s time to clean up the mess in your world famous Home,Your mom has been working all day.She needs to clean up the mash in the little timeShe asked you to help her out with putting everything back intheright place.Help mom out with cleaning up the 1. floor of the homeSo Your mom can go to bed with a relaxing feeling.Cleaning has never been this fun!Clean up the dirty things that are laying around and more.A simple interface for young kids that has 6 ( six ) levelstochoose from.Game rule: Drag the items to the right place and win morescores,see the remaining belongings number on displayLevels; Living room, bedroom, bathroom, kids room, teenageroom,kitchen, chef kitchenThis is a new super fun cleaning game from selfiesoft.Have fun with playing this new girl game, hope you will enjoyourfree cleaning game.Home Cleaning Game is a game from Selfiesoft, we publishmanydifferent easy to play girl games apps. We hope you will enjoyourHome Cleaning Game.
Colorful 3D 2.0.75
!! Big Update in September 2017Version 2.0 (Creative Builders): New Gameplay And BetterGraphics!!If you love creativity, builders and lego, you're bound toloveColorful 3D. This original 3D app introduces a completelyfreespace where users are able to build whatever they wishwhileunleashing their imagination. There are no limitations: youcan dowhatever you want; build the house of your dreams.Colorful 3D doesn't even need instructions: you just need toselectthe brick and drag it to the exact position, tap to changethecolor and use the buttons below to move around the screen andgetthe right perspective.There's a total freedom of movements and you can zoom in andout,change perspective, select bricks from a wide variety of colorsandwhen you've finished, take pictures and send them to friendssothey can enjoy your creations. Colorful 3D is acompleteapplication that is appropriate for both adults andkids.
New home decoration game 1.0.9
Become an interior designer and decorateyourhouse with this home decoration game. Now you can designanddecorate with the latest décor before mixing and matching tocreatea new room time and time again. Don’t wait! Get decoratingtodayand accessorize your room with plenty of furniture withthisdecoration game.Features:• Select the furniture that will complement the room.• Add the doors and windows to let in the light.• Accessories your room by adding rugs, lamps and otherfabulousitems.• Mix and match furniture to create a fabulous new look timeandtime again.