Top 2 Games Similar to Space Quest

Space Quest 2.0
Get ready to test the limits ofyourreflexesand eye hand coordination in this fast paced arcadestylegame.Move your blue bubble across the galaxy into thegreenzone,avoiding the enemy photons being shot into space. Steerbytiltingthe device, using your finger, or using a trackball. Youcanalsotouch the screen to move to that location. When you reachthegoalzone, you’ll move to the next level, more photons will beshotintospace, and the goal will switch to the other end.You have 9 lives in a normal game; free play livesareunlimitedand you can continue from the highest levelyou'vepreviouslyreached. Use the menu button to end a game inprogress,or to go tothe preferences where you can enable or disabletiltcontrol, makethe dots change colors continuously, show framespersecond, orselect a background image from your photos.
Blastro Chicken - Full Version
The usually mild-mannered Blastro Chickenhasbeen under a lot of stress lately. Between work at the henhouse,traffic, and the day-to-day demands of being a chicken, hehasanother problem to deal with. A much, much larger problem.THE END OF THE WORLD!Blastro must embark on a mission to save the world from analienthreat before it's too late. You'll have to use lightningquickreflexes to land him safely in each level, avoidingenemies,obstacles, and anything else that wants to put an end toyourmission. Sounds easy, right?Features:- 28 levels- Ad-free version- Global high-scores - Compete against your friends!- 3 different difficulty modes- Speed-run mode- Lightning-quick gameplay- Great graphics, music, and sound effectsGuaranteed the most fun you'll have with two wings.Loosely based on the mini-game Astro Chicken in Space Quest 3bySierra Online.---------Blastro Chicken requires the following permissions:INTERNETREAD_CONTACTSACCESS_NETWORK_STATEREAD_PHONE_STATEThese permissions are used for the Scoreloop high-scoreintegration.No personal information is accessed by thisapplication, and nonetwork access is made withoutpermission.If you have any questions or comments, please email [email protected]