Top 48 Games Similar to Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt Nitro 1.7.1a
Can't get enough Asphalt? This 35 MBmonsterpacks all the adrenaline-pumping velocity you love -- andit'savailable now!Take control of luxury licensed cars, such as the FerrariLaFerrarior Lamborghini Veneno, in breathtaking environments thatyou’llneed to tame with the craziest stunts you can pull off! Fireupyour Nitro and be the first to cross the finish line!BURN UP THE STREETS & THE SKY!• Take your amazing speed machines and push them miles beyondtheirlimits!• Hit the ramps and take the race to new heights.• Maneuver through the air while pulling offmind-blowingstunts.MASTER MULTIPLE MODES!• Challenge opponents in 8 different game modes, includingGateDrift, Knockdown, and much more!• Police Chase mode is back for the first time since theearliestdays of the series!• Beat your friends in asynchronous races!CIRCLE THE GLOBE!• Race across some of the most gorgeous locations on Earth,eachrecreated with stunning graphics. From Brazil to China, you’vegota whole world to explore!• Discover loads of hidden shortcuts to help you completely dustthecompetition.Important Consumer Information:Please note that the game may not launch or work properly withIntelAtom processor devices._____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft._____________________________________________This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Terms of Use: Policy: LicenseAgreement:
City Racing 3D 3.3.133
#1 Free Physics 3D Car Racing gameProudlyPresented!Bring fast driving experience to a whole new level! Incredibleslimsize, and support WiFi Multi-Player racing mode! Race thetraffic!Be the king of street racing!● Real CompetitionReal cars, real tracks, real traffic racing with epic driftstunts.Climb up the leaderboards!● Super Cars & Easy ControlsBig surprise for free nice cars and the test drive! Easycontrolsand great car selection● Car Upgrades & CustomizeUpgrade turbo engine, find the optimal tune for your car.Colorfulpaints and cool stickers● WiFi Multi-Player Racing#1 LAN Multi-Player Real-time Racing game on mobile!● Global Rally TourRace around the worlds' most bustling metropolis like Tokyo,Paris,Chicago, London, Macao, Cairo, Hawaii, Chengdu, Arizona● Many Racing ModesInclude Career, Elimination Tournament, 1 Vs 1, Time TrialFree Clash Racing in City Racing 3D!We'd appreciate to hear your suggestions and comments!Like us at Facebook and stay tuned with all newfeatures:
Asphalt Street Storm Racing 1.3.3e
Porsche just pulled up to the startinglinerevved-up and ready to drag! Prove your worth in the newestall-outdrag racing game:- Up to 4-player simultaneous PvP- Race for money, fame and even your opponents' pink slips- Amazing real-life cars, ranging from McLaren and LamborghinitoFerrari -- all up for grabs!Drag race across the world’s top cities behind the wheel ofyourfavorite race machine!Drive your best turbo-charged Supercar across the world’smostglamorous and popular cities in high-speed drag races. Raisethestakes, show your muscle, and then smash your way throughrain,snowstorms or scorching heat, betting pink slips to winyourrivals’ cars on amazing 3D streets.Looking for real quick multiplayer fun? How about live 1 vs. 3PvPfree-for-all races? The harder the race, the greaterthetriumph!• THE CAR COLLECTION OF YOUR DREAMSCollect, customize and race full-power autos you've owned orthebest speed machines you need to drive, ranging from classicmusclecars to new turbo Supercars. All licensed! Does that get yourmotorrunning?• BETTING TO WIN!Whether you bet small on each street run or need to studyyouropponents before betting pink slips, this is the most funandintense quarter-mile of drag racing you’ve ever seen. Betsareavailable in single-player and multiplayer PvP battles.• 4-PLAYER DRAG RACESQuick shift from single-player to multiplayer races fast forthelive thrills and fun of challenging the world’s topdrivingopponents! Take part in cool races vs. 3 other players inreal-timePvP clashes where only one can win, and the others willburn out indefeat.• MIND THE WEATHERYou never know when a drag race will throw a new twist, likeablizzard, rainstorm or burning heat on the street. Eachweathersimulator can have a real effect on your and your rivalracers’driving. So don't lose your grip and nitro your auto overthefinish line!• RACE AROUND THE WORLD IN THE MOST STYLISH LOCATIONSTry not to be distracted by the top-quality 3D HD environmentswhenyou need to pop a nitro canister in 3 of the world’s top citiesforspeed: New York, Paris and Hong Kong.• MAKE YOUR AUTO UNIQUE!Going for a new look? Need some quick muscle upgrades? Thenfeelfree to browse through numerous options to customize and powerupyour torque, nitro or engine power. Show your racer rivalsrealstyle with fun decals, and maximize your multiplayerperformancewith turbo speed, motor superchargers, nitro and muchmore.• OUTSTANDING GRAPHICSFeast your eyes on the cool 3D visuals and natural lightsimulator.Console-level HD graphics are a classic mark of what wedo!Tell us what you think or check out tips:» Forum: our Racer Community!» Facebook:» YouTube:» Instagram: our official site at out the new blog at app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement: bet you're going to have fun in this new, free and popularracinggame! Drive fast, look cool, customize your car and enjoythe bestHD 3D graphics as you test your engine’s torque, betSupercars orclassic autos and race in real-time PvP to top yourdriving rivals.Free your inner speed demon with the topnitro-powered drag racing.Enjoy the most fun with popularhigh-speed Supercars, fast races andNOS burnouts, all in HD!Download the best all-new drag racing game now! Drive fast.Lookcool. All free!
Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing 1.09
Dominate your criminally insane rivalsinextreme head-to-head drag races!• Pick from 69 cars: stock rides, dragsters, andpolicevehicles• Let your creativity flow through a ton of tuning andcustomizationoptions• Drive in 5 city districts, each with its own unique theme andgangcrew• A real-life inspired aircraft carrier to race on• Epic arcade game modes• Adrenaline inducing Most Wanted police chases• Mind blowing 3D HD visualsReach impossible speeds by expertly timing gear changesandbursts of nitroTop Speed is setting the new standard within drag racing genre.Haveyou ever wanted to participate in underground racesagainstunpredictable mafia mobs? Drive top class luxury cars andshoweverybody who's the boss? Jump right behind the wheel and getreadyto have your breath taken away the moment you push thatnitrobutton.Drive 69 cars, beat 20 criminal overlords and become thebiggestfish in the cityIn Top Speed you can tune and mod your ride to yourliking.Increase the engine's power, upgrade your gear and nitro,repaintyour car, slap on some decals if you need to. All of it willhave adefinite impact on the realistic driving simulation. Whenyouunlock elite dragsters you can also reach for the mosthardcorevisual mods from the black market. All of the goods fromthecriminal nation are at your disposal - you just make sure tomakegood use of them in the race.Choose any car you want from an astounding selection of 69rides- you can drive classic stock cars, new heavily moddeddragstersand even national police vehicles from 5differentcountries.Nothing will stop you from burning the rubber on the streets.Allraces take place off the grid, away from the traffic, so youcanget crazy with burnout, plow the asphalt and race withnolimits.Challenge the odds as a mafia underdog and make your way tothevery top.On every step, you'll have to race against each of the 20criminaloverlords that keep the city in their steel grasp. Thecity'sasphalt will become a battleground and no limit will beplaced uponyou - let ambition and adrenaline be your guide in thisrace.You're the best new racer on these streets, but your rivalsstilldon't know that. How about showing them that by leaving thembehindin the smoke from burnout after you drop the nitro? Kids,don't trythis at home!Drag race in 5 beautiful and distinctivecitydistricts.From quaint Suburbs to teeming with high life Downtown, yourneedfor sightseeing will be satisfied. Drive for glory andadrenalinein the Little Asia district, a fusion of China and thewesternworld. Reach incredible velocities on the scenic Highway. Asaprofessional arcade racer, you'll have plenty of opportunitiestoshow off your ride in nice and realistic surroundings.Your skills will be tested, so get ready for the most intensearcaderacing game of 2017! Download for FREE now.Turn on, tune it, race out!
Nitro Nation Drag Racing
For those who live life 1/4 mile at atime,Nitro Nation is the most addictive drag racing game!Race, mod and tune dozens of real licensed cars. Start ateam,invite your friends, win tournaments. Trade parts with otherdragracers online and build your dream car."It's almost dangerously simple to pick up and play"-Pocket Gamer"Nitro Nation Online is one of the best drag racers outthere...A must have for the speed-addicted." - TheAppZine"Nitro Nation Online is a beautiful drag racing game withavibrant online community" - Pocket MetaLOTS OF CARS - Supercars and Exotics? Check. TunersandStreet racers? Check. Classic and Modern muscle? You bet! Thebestpart? There's always more of them coming to the game!We know you love drag racing cars, we have more than 100 realcarsfrom top international car brands like Audi, BMW,Chevrolet,Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan,Subaru,Volkswagen - and many more!FAIR PLAY - no "fuel" that you have to wait for. Freeof"delivery time" for cars or upgrades. Every vehicle iscompetitiveand there are no "premium" upgrades. It's all aboutplayer drivingskill and dedication.REAL RACERS & TEAMS – we’re all about multiplayerracing,there's always an online rival waiting for you on thestreet or thetrack. Start by racing any distance from 1/8 to afull mile, join orcreate a team, win tournaments with your crew,work your way up theleaderboard rankings, or test your nerves inwager races.Join a Live Multiplayer race, play in real time with friendsandopponents all over the world! Compete in weeklyRegionaltournaments and work your way up through the Bronze andSilverdivisions to the Worldwide Gold Elite Racing division!EPIC UPGRADES - Upgrade and improve 33 unique carcomponentswith 3 tiers of aftermarket blueprints. Satisfy your needfor speedand build a one-of-a-kind top drag racing machine. Everdreamed ofsmoking an exotic sports car in your 800 HP VolkswagenGolf?Happens every day on the streets of NN.Save up to 85% with a Monthly Gold Pass and never run out ofgoldagain!PERSONAL TOUCH – customize your drag car with cooldecals,arrange them the way you like. Choose your own custom paintcolorand finish for every bit. Add real Toyo Tires and aftermarketTecSpeedwheels rims, install aftermarket bumpers, skirts andspoilersto give your car a unique look!CAR GEEKS WELCOME – powered by the CarX Physics Engine,wehave the most realistic car physics on the market -everythingworks the way it does in real life. Tune your gears withdetailedspecs, dyno graphs, gearing charts and advanced racestatisticswill help you put your racing knowledge to use.AWESOME COMMUNITY - It's all about themultiplayerexperience! Connect with other car game fanatics, makesome newfriends and enjoy NN together:Website: REQUIREMENTSThe fully installed game requires at least 1.5 GB in yourinternalstorageOS: Android 4.x or higherDevice: 1 GB of RAMWifi: Internet connection is requiredTROUBLESHOOTINGIf you forgot your password, you can reset it usingthecorresponding option on the login screen. Check your e-mailforinstructions.If you haven't set up a recovery e-mail, or ifyouforgot your username, please contact usat and tell us everything thatcanhelp identify your account.If you have any questions, make sure you check out our FAQat use one of the two ways to contact us through ourSupportsystem: viae-mail at [email protected] Policy: of Use:
Raging Thunder 2 - FREE 1.0.17
Raging Thunder 2 willtakeyouthroughabandonedtemples, tropicalbeaches,snow-coveredmountains,the Great Wall and a range of other breathtakingvistastheworldover!Key features:- Console quality 3D graphics- Cross-platform multiplayer racing- Fast paced, intense gameplay***As seen in App Trailers***
Real Racing 3 5.5.0
**#1 Top Free App in over 100countries**Real Racing 3 is the award-winning franchise that sets anewstandard for mobile racing games – you have to play it tobelieveit.This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-apppurchasingusing your device settings.Over 200 Million Downloads!TabbyAwards 2014 – WINNER: Best Action, Adventure, Arcade&Racing GameMobile Excellence Awards – WINNER: Best Mobile Game 2013Game Connect Asia Pacific – WINNER: Game of The Year 2013,TechnicalExcellence, Excellence in ArtMeffy Awards – FINALIST: Best Mobile Game 2013Real Racing 3 features an ever-expanding roster ofofficiallylicensed tracks with 39 circuits at 17 real-worldlocations, a43-car grid and over 140 meticulously detailed carsfrom topmanufacturers. Plus Real-Time Multiplayer, SocialLeaderboards,Time Trials, night racing, and innovative Time ShiftedMultiplayer™(TSM) technology, allowing you to race anyone,anytime,anywhere.**This is a resource-intensive game featuring extremely highqualityvisuals. Please make sure you have at least 1.5GB of freespace onyour device.**PRAISE FOR REAL RACING 3“Feels a full generation ahead of the competition” (IGN,9.1/10,Editors’ Choice)“A stunning visual masterpiece on mobile” (Touch Arcade)“Sets the new standard on mobile for racing games” (PocketGamer,9/10, Gold Award)REAL CARSTake the wheel of over 140 intensely detailed vehicles fromiconicmanufacturers like Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston MartinandMercedes-Benz and test your skills on an authentic 43-car racegrid– the most epic racing experience on any handheld.REAL TRACKSBurn rubber on a full lineup of 17 real tracks inmultipleconfigurations from top worldwide locations, includingSilverstone,Hockenheimring, Le Mans, Dubai Autodrome and manymore.REAL PEOPLEGo bumper to bumper with friends and rivals in global8-player,cross-platform, real-time racing with drafting. Or dropinto anyrace to challenge their AI-controlled versions inTime-ShiftedMultiplayer™.MORE CHOICES THAN EVERCompete in over 4,000 events including Cup races, EliminationsandEndurance challenges. Choose from a wide range of upgradestomaximize your car’s performance. Customize your car with ahugecollection of paints, vinyls and rims. View the action fromavariety of camera angles, tweak the HUD and fine-tune thecontrolsto your personal preference.THE PREMIER RACING EXPERIENCEPowered by the remarkable Mint™ 3 Engine, Real Racing 3featuresdetailed car damage, fully functioning rear view mirrors,anddynamic reflections for truly HD racing. Enjoy a rich,next-gengame with the most advanced cross-platform social andcompetitiveracing community ever. Real Racing 3 delivers it all andpushes theboundaries with every update.Welcome to the definitive racing experience.__User Agreement: terms.ea.comVisit for assistance or inquiries.EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’noticeposted on Consumer Information: requires a persistentInternetconnection (network fees may apply); Requires acceptance ofEA’sPrivacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.includes in-game advertising; collects data through thirdpartyanalytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy fordetails);contains direct links to the Internet and socialnetworking sitesintended for an audience over 13.
Fast Racing 3D 1.6
Burn up the street with the fastest andmostexhilarating 3D racing action in Fast Racing today! Live yourlifea quarter mile at a time as you take over the streets in this#1acclaimed 3D racing game.Fast Racing combines stunning, high fidelity graphics withaddictivegameplay that will have you swerving through oncomingtraffic,collecting power-ups, and knocking other racers off theroad. Withastonishing physics, eye-popping tracks, and awesomecars, FastRacing creates a new type of racing experience forAndroidusers.Game Features:- Cutting Edge 3D Graphics and gnarly impact-crashsoundeffects- Upgrade and customize your own vehicles- Earn cash rewards to unlock new cars- Race the way you want: you can touch or tilt to steer- Enjoy well over 10 hours of gameplay in the massive careermodewith 48 levels
CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2 – The next chapter to the #1dragracing series of all time has arrived!“Unbelievably good looking”, KOTAKU“So real it hurts”, CULT OF MAC“Obliterates the line between console and mobilegraphics”,POLYGONSetting a new standard in visuals, CSR2 delivers hyper-realdragracing to the palm of your hand. Compete against liveplayersacross the world with your custom built supercarsincludingLaFerrari, McLaren P1™, Koenigsegg One:1 and manymore.Team up with friends to form a crew, tune your rides formaximumspeed and dominate the competition in global crew events.CSR2 isall-new; download for free and start racing now!3D NEXT-GEN GRAPHICS• CSR2 redefines what you thought possible on mobile, withstunningdetail on all your favorite cars.• Meticulous level of detail inside every car, incl.originalmanufacturers’ trim options. Racing doesn’t get more realthanthis!REAL-TIME RACING• Race towards a new challenge! Compete against opponentsfromaround the world or race against friends inreal-timechallenges.CAR CUSTOMISATION• Cars can be customized with a wide range of paint, rims,brakecalipers and interior trims just like a real car.• Personalize your car with paint wraps, decals and customlicenseplates!UPGRADE, TUNE AND FUSE• Car upgrades are only the start. You can now get under the hoodtotune gear ratios, tire pressure, nitrous boost settings andmuchmore.• Stay competitive by stripping surplus cars for parts, andfusethem into your favorite vehicles.BUILD YOUR DREAM GARAGE• Collect beautiful supercars and show them off in yourhugewarehouse garage.• CSR2 features over 50 officially licensed vehicles fromtheworld’s most desirable car manufacturers including:• Ferrari• McLaren• Bugatti• Lamborghini• Pagani• KoenigseggCHALLENGE FRIENDS AND RACING ENTHUSIASTS AROUND THE WORLD• Prove your skill in fast-paced, synchronousmultiplayerchallenges. Master the unique timing of each car to comeout ontop.• Chat with other players live, and join a crew to roll withyourfriends.• Compete in fresh and exciting online events and increase yourrankon the PVP leaderboards.DOMINATE THE CITY• Compete in single-player Crew Battles across stunningraceenvironments.• Work your way from rookie to pro by defeating the top crews inacity where nothing is as it seems. Can you uncover thetruth?• Keep an eye out for events to earn extra cash for upgrades andwinrare parts for your rides. New events added daily!---------------------Make sure you play with your device connected to the internettogain access to the latest content and features, and to ensurethatyour profile is backed up.PLEASE NOTE! Must be 13+ to play. CSR Racing 2 is free to play,butit contains items that can be purchased for real money. Youcantoggle these purchases on/off in the ""Restrictions"" menu onyourdevice.To prevent unauthorized purchases, select “Set or Change PIN”fromthe Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, then enable the“UsePIN for Purchases” option. You will then be required to enteryourPIN before every transaction.Terms of Service: Policy:
Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing 1.7.0g
NO ROAD. NO RULES!Break free from the ordinary and enter uncharted territorywithAsphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing!So forget everything you know about racing, because all youneedhere is your instincts, real skill and a fearless desire forspeed.You’ll race around sand hills, charge through canyons, driftacrossthe dirt and climb past your opponents to reach the finishline aspart of an absolutely extreme racing experience!• 50+ MONSTER MACHINES: Set your inner beast free in a 4x4MonsterTruck. Feed your passion for fast wheels with a Muscle Car.Or justgo wild on the track as you drive an agile Buggy, ahard-hittingPickup, a dirt-loving Rally Car, a power-packing SUV orunstoppableTruck!• UNLEASH YOUR STYLE: There are no limits to the custom options,asyou pick from 7 offroad vehicle types, each with a unique flavorofgameplay. This allows you to constantly discover fresh,challengingexperiences. And thanks to regularly added updates,there’s alwayssomething new to try out.• THE BIGGEST BRANDS: We’ve unleashed Jeep, Ford,Mercedes-Benz,Predator, Dodge, Chevrolet and loads more of offroadracing’s bestlicensed motor machines.• REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER: Pick up some head-to-head online racingin8-player simultaneous free-for-alls! You’ll be facing sometightcompetition, so stay on top of your game as you climbtheleaderboard and rise above all your friends!• THE WORLD IS YOUR RACETRACK: Race in a variety of exoticandextreme locations from all over the globe. Prepare to shredtheglaciers of Svalbard, summit the Alps, speed through the hillsofCoachella Valley, cut through the jungles of Phuket, powerthroughDetroit’s steel mills & much more. Plus, there’s alwaysa twistaround the bend as new tracks get added in the future.• CUSTOMIZE YOUR RIDE: Need to pump up your motorsport car’senginepower? Feel like decking out your rally racer in style?There’s animpressive collection of custom setups and upgrades forall of thatto make every set of wheels a personal speedmachine.• GET THE FULL OFFROAD EXPERIENCE: There are always new obstaclestoclimb and experiences to try with 5 game modes, over 300Careerevents, more than 1,100 Mastery challenges, Limited-TimeEvents,Daily Missions, Special Projects and truckloads more on thewayevery update! The only question is, are you extreme enoughtohandle it all?• AN EXTREME EXPERIENCE: No other racer pushes the limitsofgraphics this intensely, real physics this insanely, orhigh-speednitro action this far! So gas up and take off fast,because thisgame can’t wait to get you in the driver’s seat andpeel out forsome amazing speed!Are you revved up yet? If not, you might just need a shot ofoctanein your life! This is the racer for anyone who doesn’tlikeconventional racers. It’s the game for those who break therules,think outside the box and can’t be constrained by the limitsof arace track! A game for fans of rally cars, real extremesports,drift racing, getting down in the dirt and free-flyingoffroadadventures! Are any of these you? Then download AsphaltXtreme:Rally Racing right now for FREE!Find out more about the game on the official site-- our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: : app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third party advertisements that may redirect you to athirdparty site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement:
Drag Racing 1.7.25
Drag Racing is the classic nitro fuelledracinggame for Android! Race, Tune, Upgrade and Customize 50+reallicensed cars from the world’s hottest car manufacturers.Climb the leaderboards and immortalize your name in the HallofFame! Challenge other players online: race 1 on 1, driveyouropponent’s car, or participate in real-time 10-player races inProLeagueLOTS OF CARS:Do you dream about seeing 1000+ HP exotics pushed to the limit onadrag strip? Would you pick an iconic Skyline GT-R, a classic69'Mustang, or a brand new BMW M4 as your ultimate drivingmachine?Buy your dream car, install performance upgrades and showyourskills in 1/4 or 1/2 mile racesUNLIMITED DEPTH:Do you think racing in a straight line is easy? Try to findtheright balance between power and grip while staying in yourclass.Tune your car and accelerate your way to victory, Add nitrousoxidefor more fun, but don't hit the button too early! Go deeperandadjust gear ratios to shave off precious milliseconds through10levels of cars and race categories.COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER:Racing on your own may be fun enough, but the ultimate challengeisin the "Online" section. Go head-to-head against your friendsorrandom racers, beat them while driving their own cars, orraceagainst 9 players at once in real-time competitions. Join ateam toexchange tunes, discuss strategy and share yourachievements.AWESOME COMMUNITYIt's all about the players! Connect with other car game fanaticsandenjoy Drag Racing together:Drag Racing Website: If the game doesn't start up, runs slowly or crashes, pleasegetin touch and we'll do our best to help.If you have any questions, make sure you check out our FAQat use one of the two ways to contact us through ourSupportsystem: or via [email protected]
Racing Fever
Racing Fever is an addictive game for thefansof arcade racing and driving simulations.THE ULTIMATE MULTIPLAYER RACEPick your favorite car and join the ultimate challenge!Join 6 different rooms with massive prizes from AmateurtoKingRace head-to-head against your friends or challenge randomplayersacross the globeHIGH SPEED DRIVINGRace at high speeds, drive against traffic and overtake cars!Nothing is forbidden in Racing Fever, More Danger =MoreCoins!HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICSEnjoy the cutting edge 3D graphics with realisticallycreatedenvironments and amazingly detailed cars.THE CAR OF YOUR DREAMSUpgrade your car to the limits, customize with paints, vinylsandrims.Make it better, faster, stronger and prettier.SLOW MOTION MODEDon't push your luck in sticky situations, slow time foreasiermanoeuvres.It does not last forever but quickly refills.EXPLORE DIFFERENT THEMESTake a ride in Village, Desert, City, or have a snowy oneinWinter.Each 4 environment are realisticly created andhighlydetailed.GAME MODES FOR EVERY MOODFeel the Fever in One Way and Two Way, rush a quick game inTimeAttack or drive calmly in Free Ride.DRIVE IT YOUR WAYControl your car as you like.Choose Steering Wheel, Buttons, Gyro or even Joystick.MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLESRace through traffic with Top or Back camera, or just dive intotheaction with Hood camera.Each camera angle offers a unique driving experience.LANGUAGE SUPPORTAvailable in 36 different languages and more soon!BONUSESEnter time limited quests to win big prizes!Get your daily bonus every day, multiply your bonuses witheveryconsecutive visit.Don't forget to visit mini game too!SHARE & COMPETEExchange keys with friends and win a brand new car!Compare scores on leaderboards with friends and drivers allaroundthe world.KEY FEATURES- Stunning 3D graphics- Smooth and realistic driving- 4 detailed environments: Village, Desert, City, Winter- 4 game modes: One Way, Two Way, Time Attack, Free Ride- 10 different cars (new cars on the way!)- Upgradeable Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Braking options- Customizable Paints, Rims, Vinyls- Rich traffic: Trucks, Buses, Vans, Pickups, SUVs & etc.- High, Medium and Low Graphic options- Time limited Quests & Bonus Game- Online Leaderboards and AchievementsPlease rate us and give your feedback for further improvement ofthegame.Visit our official site at us on Facebookat
Extreme Car Driving Simulator 4.13
Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the bestcarsimulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physicsengineEver wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you can drive,driftand feel a racing sports car for free!Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brakebecauseof traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you canperformillegal stunt actions and run full speed without the policechasingyou!Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burntheasphalt of this open world city!GAME FEATURES------------------------------------------NEW: Mini game checkpoint mode.NEW: Drive with traffic !!!!!Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.ABS, TC and ESP simulation. You can also turn them off!Explore a detailed open world environment.Realistic car damage. Crash your car!Accurate physics.Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometerorarrowsSeveral different cameras.
CarX Drift Racing 1.7.2
THE MOST WANTED DRIFT GAME EVERMore than 10,000,000 people around the world downloaded CarX!Warning! Be careful, this application may attract you on manyhours,don't forget to have a rest at least every 40 minutes!THE REAL DRIFTING SIMULATOR- CarX Drift Racing gives you a unique experience in the handlingofsport cars by the simple and the intuitive way- If you like to drift, get ready to spend many hours playingthisgame- Use separate handbrake button to start drifting- Paint donuts burning tires- Animation of the deep smoke while driftingTHE MOST REALISTIC MOBILE RACING GAME- Insane feeling of powerful sport cars- Unique driving on different surfaces - asphalt, grass, sand- Racing on high detailed tracks- You can customize your handling scheme- You can select different setups for every car - Stock,Turbo,Racing, Drift- You can change color of your car and discs- Live cameras and replays- You can upload your best replays to youtubeCAREER MODE- Win cups and earn coins- Unlock 26 sport cars and new tracks- Ghost Mode for competing with your best raceONLINE WORLD TIME ATTACK CHAMPIONSHIP- Compete with your friends and beat world records- Time attack racing mode with worldwide rankingTRUE ENGINE AND TURBO SOUNDS- Original engine sound for every car- Simulated turbo sound and the blow off valve!ADDICTIVE MUSICNEW 6 licensed sound tracksTIPS:- Your COINS, unlocked cars and tracks are saved onyourdeviceDO NOT DELETE game before you update it, or all your progresswillbe LOST!- To make game run faster close all another applications intaskmanager[double click round button and drag anotherapplicationsupside]- LIKE for news and updatesIf you like to play high-end racing games, get ready to spendmanyhours playing CarX.Enjoy your time with CarX Drift Racing!
Traffic Racer
Soner Kara
Traffic Racer is a milestone in the genreofendless arcade racing. Drive your car through highway traffic,earncash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. Try to be one ofthefastest drivers in the global leaderboards. Endless racing isnowredefined!KEY FEATURES- Stunning 3D graphics- Smooth and realistic car handling- 35+ different cars to choose from- 5 detailed environments: suburb, desert, snowy, rainy andcitynight- 5 game modes: Endless, Two-Way, Time Trial, Police Chase andFreeRide- Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.- Basic customization through paint and wheels- Online Leaderboards and AchievementsGAMEPLAY- Tilt or Touch to steer- Touch gas button to accelerate- Touch brake button to slow downTIPS- The faster you drive the more scores you get- When driving over 100 kmh, overtake cars closely to getbonusscores and cash- Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extrascoreand cashTraffic Racer will be updated constantly. Please rate and giveyourfeedback for further improvement of the game.FOLLOW US***
Beach Buggy Racing 1.2.17
Vector Unit
Drive into an action-packed,surprise-filledworld of off-road kart racing mayhem. Race against afield of rivaldrivers, each with unique personalities and specialabilities.Build a collection of crazy powerups, like DodgeballFrenzy,Fireball, and Oil Slick. Unlock and upgrade a variety ofcars, fromdune buggies to monster trucks. Test your skills in 6differentgame modes on 15 imaginative 3D race tracks, against apack oftropical-loving rivals with a serious case of roadrage!This is the official sequel Beach Buggy Blitz, the free drivinggamewith over 30 Million players worldwide. Fast, furious, fun andFREE,Beach Buggy Racing is a kart-racing island adventure forallages.• • GAME FEATURESEXCITING KART-RACING ACTIONUtilize your driving skills and a collection of creative powerupstofight your way to the finish line. It’s not just a great looking3Dracing game, it’s an epic battle with spectacularphysics-basedgameplay!COOL CARS TO CUSTOMIZEUse your winnings to collect and upgrade a garage full ofuniquecars, from monster trucks to muscle cars to lunarrovers!TONS OF AMAZING POWERUPSBeach Buggy Racing crushes other kart racers with over 25totallyunique Powerups ... and more Powerups are coming!15 SPECTACULAR RACE TRACKSExplore dinosaur-infested jungles, lava-spewing volcanoes,beautifulbeaches, and mysterious swamps. Each unique race track ispackedwith hidden shortcuts and surprises.COLLECT A TEAM OF RACERSRecruit a team of drivers to play with, each with a uniquespecialpower like teleportation, flaming fire tracks, andconfusionspells.SPLIT SCREEN MULTIPLAYERRace shoulder-to-shoulder with up to 4 friends on Android TV, oraTV-connected phone or tablet. (Requires In-App Purchase)GOOGLE PLAY GAME SERVICESCompete with your friends on Leaderboards, earn Achievements,backup your game to the cloud, and keep multiple devices in syncwithyour Google account.PLAY THE WAY YOU WANTSeamlessly switch between tilt steering, touch-screen,andUSB/Bluetooth gamepad. Customize the 3D graphics settingstooptimize your play experience.• • CUSTOMER SUPPORTIf you encounter a problem running the game, please email [email protected] Be sure to include the device you'reusing,Android OS version, and a detailed description ofyourproblem.We GUARANTEE if we can't fix a purchasing problem we'll give youarefund. But we can't help you if you just leave your problem inareview.For fast support on most common issues please• • MORE INFORMATION • •Be the first to hear about updates, download custom images,andinteract with the developers!Follow us on Google+ at us on Facebook at us on Twitter @vectorunit.Visit our web page at
MMX Racing 1.16.9320
Hutch Games
THIS IS IT! Your chance to createafire-breathing Monster Truck and race it head-to-headoverspectacular jump filled courses. Experience benchmarkgraphics,physics and adrenaline-filled excitement in MMX Racing,themust-have racing title of 2015.SCREEN-BUSTING TRUCKS If we made the trucks any bigger,theywouldn’t fit in!NERVE-SHREDDING RACES Blank out your opponent, nail yourstartand focus on the finish line. It’s going to be tight!UNIQUE GAMEPLAY No gear-changes in sight! Launch your truckoverhuge jumps, timing your throttle action to perfection tostopthings getting out-of-control.MONSTERIZE Pickup, muscle car, jeep or SUV...Upgradeandcustomise every aspect of your chosen ride. Turn it intotheMonster you know it wants to be.RIVAL CRUSHING 10 different events, 30 challenging tracksandTHOUSANDS of opponents in your way. Can you rise through theMMXranks and reign supreme?Enough reading! Download now and join the BIGGEST racing sceneonthe Google Play Store.
GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp 1.5.6a
GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience isatrue-to-life automotive journey featuring the most prestigiouscarsin the world!The best-selling franchise is back for free and it's designedtooffer an unprecedented level of driving enjoyment, whetherplayingsolo or multiplayer.LEADERSHIP: POSSIBLY THE BEST HANDHELD RACING SIMULATION• The richest handheld racing simulation game this year: 71licensedcars on 13 tracks, including the real Mazda RacewayLagunaSeca.• A superb collection of real cars from over 30manufacturers:Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford,and more.• Test your driving skills by completing 1,400 events,includingClassic Races, Duels, Knockouts and Overtakes.• 28 new challenges each week: improve your driving skills&maybe win a new car for free!AUTHENTICITY: A DEEPER DRIVING SENSATION• The new physics model offers the most realistic car dynamicseveroffered in a handheld game.• The sun is not always shining in GT Racing 2: Our trackshavedifferent times of day and weather conditions.• Race your way by choosing from among 4 differentcameras,including a breathtaking interior view, and feast your eyeson realcar designs!• No repair times or repair costs! We won't make you wait or paytorace in an event again.EXPERIENCE: ENJOY THE RIDE SOLO OR IN MULTIPLAYER• Compete with your friends or with real players from all overtheworld. Earn the fastest time on each race in multiplayer!• Join teams to play with other drivers and accomplishcommongoals.• New racer? Turn on Steering & Braking Assistance to get uptospeed in a flash!• Veteran driver? Tweak your performance in the garage with tonsofcustom options!No other games could offer you better realistic racingsimulationthan GTR2. Download it for free and enjoy the mostauthentic racinggame on the market!For fans of racing games, racing simulation games, rally games,andeverything related to cars! This game is free to play._____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming games.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft._____________________________________________This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Pocket Rally LITE 1.3.7
Major Update! The complete 65 levels ofthefull version are now all open!Pocket Rally is an attempt to combine the best of both oldschoolrally racing games and smart device experiences. Stunningvisualgraphics, realistic yet fun to drive car physics, all in thepalmof your hand. Take the rally racing anytime, anywherewithyou!Features:* Highly detailed and precisely made car models, beautifulandvisually convincing racing tracks located in variousspectacularsceneries including mountains, coastline and ancientcityruins.* Carefully tuned car physics to be both realistic and fun.Multipleground surface properties including tarmac, gravel, grassand ice.Each car has unique driving characteristics, and willevolve throughthe winning of races.* 6 control modes (including MOGA(TM) controllers andgenericBluetooth/OTG/USB gamepads) and 3 camera angles(in-gametoggleable) to choose from.* Strength adjustable AI opponents. Up to 4 cars canracesimultaneously in a game.* Introducing the Replay Mode. Performed a perfect power driftdoinga hairpin turn and want to show your friends? Too occupied inthecompetition not able to admire your own driving technique andwantto see it later? Replay Mode is the answer for you! Thereplaycameras are tailored for each track, recording the wholeevent frombest angles and play it back for you.* 2 main game modes to play: Challenge mode and Single Racemode.Additional cars and tracks can be unlocked by winningchallengesand to be chosen in Single Race mode.Currently there are 8 legendary rally cars, 8 tracks(includingforward/reverse direction) and 65 Challenge mode eventsin thegame, with more to come!The ads-free version of Pocket Rally can be purchased at: our Facebook fan page at:
Real Bike Racing 1.0.6
Italy Games
Welcome to the definitive motorcycleracingexperience! Real Bike Racing is a must have game for allmotor bikeriders!Start the engine, hit the gas and experience the thrill ofhandlinga 200 HP beast. Go bumper to bumper with elite riders towin theworld championship. Now get ready for adrenaline fueledracingaction and ride your way to victory in the fastest laneofall!Game Features:- Take the wheel of 10+ types of unique superbikes- Fully functioning rear view mirrors- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects- VR mode (virtual reality) which supports Google Cardboard&etc.
Dr. Driving 2 1.27
SUD Inc.
Dr. Driving drives you crazy!Dr. Driving is back in the sequel to the biggest mobiledrivingsimulation game of all time!Dr. Driving 2 starts a new era of driving simulation gameplaywithsuper stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage levelsandreal-time online multiplayer.Burn up the street with the fastest and most visuallystunningdriving game.SUD Inc.
Drift Max 4.92
It's time to leave your skid marks ontheasphalt! Keep your thumb on the throttle pedal and drift through12realistic tracks with high performance racing cars. Downloadthebest FREE drift racing game ever!FEATURES- Realistic 3D graphics.- 20 amazing drift cars (including a furious Sahin, anAmericanmuscle car, European sports cars and legendary Japanesedriftmachines !!!)- Car customization and modification: Paint your car with25different colors. Customize your machine with a variety ofdecalsand rim modifications.- 12 amazing racing tracks: Asphalt, winter, desert,industrial,downtown, village, roller coaster, tunnel, mountain,slalom, city,highway with beautiful skylines.- Cutting-edge car control system with touch or tiltsteeringoptions both including handbrake.- Different camera angles. New in car racing camera. Grabthesteering wheel and start drifting.- "Edge Drift”: Show your drifting skills by driving close tothewalls and earn more coins.- Coin system: Earn coins by making drift points, edge driftingorearning time bonus in game.- Learderboard: For each track, compete your friends and otherusersin the world and reach the top.- Detailed Quality settings.Tokyo drift lovers!!!! Accelerate and keep on drifting !!!!DriftMax is the king of drifting and legend of drift games!!!!One of the best car drifting games!DO NOT FORGET:★★★★★★★★★YOUR COINS AND PURCHASED ITEMS WILL BE DELETED PERMANENTLY(ANDCAN’T BE RESTORED) IF YOU UNINSTALL THE GAME!Follow Us:
Assoluto Racing 1.13.6
PRECISION COMPETITIVE RACINGAssoluto Racing is the next evolution of mobileracingsimulations.REAL CARSRace with beautifully modeled, officially licensed cars from thetopmanufacturers in the world.TRUE RACING PHYSICSThe most realistic physics engine on mobile will give youunmatchedcontrol on the road and under the hood.MADE WITH LOVEOur small indie team of racing enthusiasts has lovingly craftedthemost realistic mobile racing game on the market for you._______________________________________________________________________________________________________Join the Assoluto Racing Community and find out more aboutthegame:Web: Policy: of Use:
High Speed Race: Racing Need
No.1 Racing game has arrived! Race on16different tracks with many futuristic cars in severaldifferentmodes.Features:- drive 10 extreme cars,- buy upgrades and own fastest cars on the planet,- adapt car to your driving style,- high speed races in modern cities,- breathtaking city to explore,- collect improvements on the track,- test your skills against advanced AI,- thrilling career mode,- create your own Car design- fast racing in Tokyo environment,- high speed racing in Tokyo tracks,- colorful racing experience,- adrenaline pumping nitro-drifts,- adjust car mechanics and body,- real racing in illegal races,- become champion on asphalt racing,Futuristic Cars:Drive 10 extremely fast and beautiful cars on asphalt tracks.Startyour career, win enough races and buy new cars to compete inmoredemanding races.Start driving in unique cars - never seen before on theasphaltroads in reality and computer games.Tune & UpgradeBuy car parts (top speed, acceleration and durability) andupgradeyour car. Customize your auto and adjust to your drivingstyle.Doesn’t matter if you like high top speed or pureacceleration -you can modify your car and win races in your ownstyle. Choosewhich car do do you prefer and buy the one from yourdreams -respray the body, mount new engine, improve accelerationand nitro.Become the fastest driver in the city and earn respectfrom otherteams. Show them who is the real car racer.Futuristic CityUniverse of illegal races awaits for you. Race in different modesondangerous asphalt tracks. Show your rivals that you are the bestinreal competition with amazing speed. Pass beautiful modernbuildingsin high-tech cities, take unbelievable turns, achievehighestpossible velocity amongst sci-fi neons.Physics Based Driving ModelStart racing in arcade style, perform amazing stunts. Unique mixofarcade action and simulation way of driving. First simulatorofhigh speed racing. Start driving and earning rewards, collectallitems on the asphalt track and earn enough money to buyupgradesand new cars. Perform amazing drifts on high speed, brakeandaccelerate in unbelievable rhythm. Drag your career into highstakeracing.Lots of CarsRace and win competition to earn money. Spend them on carupgradesand new cars.Perform drag racing tricks on high-octane asphalt tracks. Everyautois completely different - some of them have astonishing topspeedand weak acceleration. Others have amazing durability andnitrocapacity. Adjust car to your racing style.
Street Racing 3D 1.1.1
#1 Free street racing 3D car gameBest racing car in street loved by racers, and show what yourtunedcar is capable of!Real racing, drift in the asphalt, only for speed. Bring fastspeeddriving experience, be the king of street racing. Improveyourdriving skills in racing car mode, and take part incompetitionwith your friends, and become the bet among streetracers.____________________________________________________________________________Start driving in unique car or never seen before on theasphaltroads. More extremely fast and beautiful cars on asphalttracks.start your racer, big surprise for nice cars and the testdrive!Easy controls and great car selection. Upgrade turbo engine,findthe tune for your car, colorful paints and cool stickers.Race in different modes of street scene. Show your rivals thatyouare the best in real competition with amazing speed.Takeunbelievable turns, achieve highest possible velocity bethe stronger, driving skill need to exercise in the differentmodecompetition, so start racing in arcade style, performamazingstunts. Unique mix of arcade action and simulation way ofdriving.Start driving and earning rewards, collect coins anddiamonds onthe street asphalt. Drag your careen into high stakeracing._______________________________________________________________________________Street Racing 3D Features:.Street themed asphalt racing.Drive 10+ extreme cars.High speed racing in street.Real drift racing for speed.Easy to control, only to tilt your phone.Beautiful background music.Paint the car you like.Collect more and more coins and diamonds.High speed races in mode.Drive skills is first.Become champion on asphalt racing.Street racing 3D has already started, drive your turbo car withthefast speed in the street asphalt. Racing is the best checkingforyour skills. Experience drift speed in the road, be the king ofcarracers.
Bike Race Free - Top Motorcycle Racing Games
Bike Race is one of the best racing gameonAndroid! Race and have fun against millions of players. BikeRaceis one of the top-rated free games! And it's free!Addictive racing gameplay- New game mode: Tournaments!- Race against millions of users on multiplayer- Train on single player to improve your skills- Fun guaranteed- Simple and intuitive controls- Challenge your facebook friends- Play without wifiAmazing features-Hundreds of crazy tracks and mad worlds-Cool stunts-Tons of amazing bikes- Don't miss the free updates with lots of new contentForget those dumb drag car racing games. To become amastermotorcycle, skills matter (a lot). As they say: no pain, nogain!So, start practicing right now to become a pro bike racer andrulethem all. It will be fun and addicting, we guarantee it!Bike Race is brought to you by Top Free Games - the creators oftheaddicting game: Racing Penguin.● Details about user created levelsIf you want to play more than 3 featured user created levelsperday, you will need to buy a level pack. You can play unlimitedfreelevels created by you or your friends if you have their codes.Youcan also play unlimited free levels shared publicly on theinternetby other users. Levels can not be created on a mobiledevice. Tocreate a level, surf to● Play it anywhereBike race free does NOT require any internet connection. youcanhave fun racing in the subway, while flying on a (real) plane,inthe car on the road, during services in a temple (or maybe evenonthe toilet!)● Low data usageThis free game will not consume tons of data from your mobileplanthat you'd want to use instead to surf the web, watchyoutubevideos and listen to free music● Compatibility and supportWe're continuously working (hard) so that all Android phonesandtablets run the game smoothly. please report any issue youmayexperience to [email protected]● Age rating disclaimerIt does NOT contain violence nor any other mature content. it'sjusta simple and straightforward racing game. feel free to play itwithyour boys and children. we bet it will be fun and they'regonna loveit!● Privacy policy
Dr. Driving 1.49
SUD Inc.
New! Dr. Driving 2 is released!Dr. Driving drives you crazy!Burn up the street with the fastest and most visuallystunningdriving game.Sign in with your Google account to play online multiplayer.You can get free gold when you finish mission before opponentinmultiplayer (Max 1,000 Gold).SUD Inc.
Traffic Rider 1.4
Soner Kara
Another masterpiece from the creatorsofTraffic Racer. This time, you are behind the wheels of amotorbikein a much more detailed gaming experience, but alsoretaining theold school fun and simplicity.Traffic Rider takes the endless racing genre to a whole new levelbyadding a full career mode, first person view perspective,bettergraphics and real life recorded bike sounds. The essence ofsmootharcade racing is still there but in the shell of thenextgeneration. Ride your bike in the endless highway roadsovertakingthe traffic, upgrade and buy new bikes to beat themissions incareer mode.Now it is time to hit the roads with a motorcycle!FEATURES- First person camera view- 26 motorbikes to choose from- Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes- Detailed environments with day and night variations- Career mode with 70+ missions- Online leaderboards and 30+ achievements- Support for 19 languagesTIPS- The faster you ride, the more scores you get- When driving over 100 kmh, overtake traffic cars closely togetbonus scores and cash- Driving in opposite direction in two-way gives extra scoreandcash- Do wheelies to get extra score and cashFOLLOW US***** No Timers, No Fuel *** Just pure endless fun!Traffic Rider will be updated regularly with your suggestions.Don'tforget to leave a review with your feedback.
Racing Moto 1.2.11
Racing Moto is a fast paced racing game.Younever dare drive so fast in the real world! Control your motowithincredible fast speed during traffic rush time! Alsoenjoybeautiful view during the journey - desert, city, bridge, seaandforest!Intuitive game rules:# Tilt phone to control moto direction# Tap screen to accelerateTips to win high score:# Keep accelerating moto so that the score will be boosted.Theboost factor is shown on the right top of the screen.# Watch out indicator light. Vehicles may turn left or right.Enjoy feeling super speedy moto racing! Please give usyourfeedback, rate or comment if you like this game!
Hill Climb Racing 1.34.1
One of the most addictive andentertainingphysics based driving games ever made! And it'sfree!Meet Newton Bill, the young aspiring uphill racer. He is abouttoembark on a journey that takes him to where no ride has everbeenbefore. From Ragnarok to a Nuclear Plant, all places are aracingtrack to Bill. With little respect to the laws of physics,Billwill not rest until he has conquered the highest hills up onthemoon!Face the challenges of unique hill climbing environments withmanydifferent cars. Gain bonuses from daring tricks and collectcoinsto upgrade your car and reach even higher distances. Watchoutthough - Bill's stout neck is not what it used to be when he wasakid! And his good old gasoline crematorium will easily run outoffuel.Features:- Lots of different vehicles with unique upgrades (manydifferentvehicles: bike, truck, jeep, tank, etc.)- Tuneable parts include engine, suspension, tires and 4WD- Numerous stages with levels to reach in each (Countryside,Desert,Arctic and the Moon! +++)- Share your score with a screenshot with your friends!- Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation- Designed to look good on low resolution and highresolutiondevices (incl. tablets)- Real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine!- Garage mode: build and drive your dream vehicle withcustomparts!- Get new boosters to drive even further- 27+ Levels!- 28+ Vehicles!Vehicles: jeep, motocross bike, monster truck, tractor, hippievan,onewheeler, quad bike, tourist bus, race car, policecar,ambulance, fire truck, snow mobile, super offroad, andmanymore!Hill Climb Racing is free to play but there are optionalin-apppurchases available.Remember that we're always reading your feedback and are hardatwork creating new vehicles, levels, features and of coursefixingany issues you may find. So we'd really appreciate if you'dreportwhat you like or dislike and any issues you may have with thegameto [email protected] and please include your device makeandmodel.Follow Us:* Facebook:* Twitter: @fingersoft* Web:*Instagram: of Use: Policy: Climb Racing is a registered trademark of Fingersoft Ltd.Allrights reserved.
Racing Rivals 6.4.2
60+ ALL-NEW FAST & FURIOUS CARSThink you have the skills to handle legendary cars from theFast& Furious franchise? Compete with infamous classics fromDom’sCharger R/T to Letty’s C2 Corvette from The Fate of theFurious,the newest chapter in the Fast & Furious saga.MILLISECONDS MATTERJump behind the wheel and risk your ride as you challengedriversaround the world. True real-time racing at your finger tips.RacingRivals lets you challenge or be challenged by live opponentsingame lobbies with feature race replays and live chat.RISK YOUR RIDEBack your bets with skill unless you're prepared to lose cash -oryour car! The stakes are high and the risk is real. Can youhandleit?LIVE THE LIFEAssemble your crew and dominate the Turf! Race inweeklycompetitions to control cities, earn gems, and bonuses foryourteam! Exclusive Prizes means cars no one else can buy, wrappedinlivery no one else has seen.WIN THE HOTTEST CARSRacing Rivals has the biggest collection of licensed carsrangingfrom tuners and exotics to classic American muscle. Featuredbrandsinclude McLaren, Subaru, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevrolet,RWB,Pagani, BMW, Honda, SRT and Ferrari with more added allthetime!TUNE & MOD YOUR CARFind the optimal tune for your car with hundreds performancepartsin thousands of combinations - everything from air filterstocrankshafts will impact your car's performance. Up your gamebyadding NOS, a supercharger or turbo, custom rims from thebiggestplayers like Volk Racing, Pacer, and SSR, plus real worldtiresfrom Nitto!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!Fast & Furious, The Fate of the Furious and all relatedmarksand logos are trademarks of Universal Studios. © 2017UniversalStudios. Licensed by Universal Studios. All RightsReserved.IMPORTANT: Racing Rivals requires an internet connection toplay,Android 4.0.4 or higher and 512MB of ram (Android 4.x, 1 GB oframrecommended)Find us on Facebook:
Find us on Twitter: or Suggestions? Visit ourforums: NOTE:- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay realmoneyfor some extra items, which will charge your Google account.Youcan disable in-app purchasing by adjusting yourdevicesettings.- This game is not intended for children.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears in this game.- This game may permit users to interact with one another(e.g.,chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending ontheavailability of these features. Linking to social networkingsitesare not intended for persons in violation of the applicablerulesof such social networking sites.- A network connection is required to play.- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data,pleaseread our privacy policy at: If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s“Help”feature.FOLLOW US atTwitter
N.O.V.A. Legacy 4.1.5
THE LEGEND REBORN & REMASTEREDN.O.V.A. Legacy brings you the best 3D sci-fi FPS experiencebasedon the epic first episode of N.O.V.A., which receivedcriticalacclaim -- all in a compact version of the shooter.Kal Wardin, our hero, is a veteran N.O.V.A. marine, summonedonceagain to don his Mobile Armored Suit and strike against theenemiesof the Colonial Administration forces.Helped by Yelena, his personal AI Agent, Kal must protecthumanity'sdestiny by engaging in combat against alien invaderswhileuncovering the mystery behind their sudden assault.TEST YOUR SKILLS IN MULTIPLAYER ARENAS- Deathmatch: Be the last shooter standing on an onlinemultiplayerbattlefield for 8 combatants. Try not to get caught inthecrossfire!- Team Deathmatch: Make every bullet count in a 4v4multiplayerstrike.- Customize your marine with a variety of special 3D modelsandskins.- Top the online Leaderboards and climb the leagues to achieveyourdestiny.- Watch 3rd-person ""Death Cam"" replays of anyone struck down byasniper, caught in the crossfire or blown up onthebattlefield.- Upgrade your Suit Cores to add different bonuses that canboostanything from the force of your bullets to your sniperrifleaccuracy.- Matchmaking: Set passwords for private multiplayer matches orusethe advanced online matchmaking system.A CONSOLE-LIKE EXPERIENCE ON MOBILE- An immersive offline and online shooter experience based onarenowned Gameloft FPS series in the same vein asModernCombat.- Craft and upgrade sci-fi guns and modern weaponry bycollectingcards, from sniper rifles with long-range bullets toplasma gunswith devastating force. Having the right gear iscritical!- Enjoy the original N.O.V.A. shooter experience with enhanced3Dgraphics and gameplay.- Play the single-player campaign offline to protect Earthanytime,anywhere.DEFEAT ALIEN FORCES IN VARIOUS GAME MODES- Story Mode: Delve into the story offline and fight to uncoverthetruth about these alien invaders in 19 action-packedFPSlevels.- Shadow Missions: Assault the alien Special Ops Forceonchallenging limited-time battlefields.- Special Ops: Launch a critical strike on uniquealienformations._____________________________________________Visit our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third party advertisements that may redirect you to athirdparty site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement:
Redline Rush: Police Chase Racing 1.3.8
DogByte Games
Jump into a super sports car and testyourdriving skills in this high speed highway racing game whereyouhave to weave through traffic to escape the police. Avoidcrashes,take down traffic cars, pick up power-ups and walk to thetop ofthe leaderboard! This game will challenge even the mostskilledarcade racing fans. You will feel the heat, you are WANTED!Rulethe highway!Features:- Breathtaking visuals- 8+8 sports cars- 3 amazing tracks- Epic crashes, nitro- Challenge your friends- Runs well on Tablets!- High speed highway police chase- Game Services Leaderboards and Achievements"It's a big heap of brainless, petrol-laced fun" the Chase! Welcome to Redline Rush!Follow @DogbyteGames on Twitter for news and updates!Created By Dogbyte Games, creator of Offroad Legends, BlockyRoads,Blocky Highway and Dead Venture.
Turbo FAST 2.1.20
Rocket to the finish line in Turbo FAST,thetop mobile racing game!Challenge your friends for slick shell upgrades and delicioustomatoprize pools!Head down to the Garage where Tito will show you the ropes andhelpyou trick-out your own sweet ride!Race, drift, slide and jump your way to the top oftheLeaderboards!Get special premium racers Turbo and the rest of the FastActionStunt Team!Features:• 13 unique race tracks to test your skills• Challenge Mode: go head to head against your friendstowin delicious tomatoes!• Special Race Events: Time Trials, Limited Fuel, Slalom andRivalRaces• Thousands of performance & design combinations:Shellupgrades, new paint jobs and neon glows• Pre-race mods enable you to improve your performance withthingslike extra speed, fuel and time• Ability to record your greatest race moments, watch oninstantreplay and share with your friends• Optional Facebook and Twitter posting to show off yourtricked-outshell and best scores• Leaderboards show how you rank amongst your friends and allthetop playersVisit for extra features and to viewthehit series Turbo FAST on Netflix!We love to hear from our players!On Twitter? Drop us a line @pikpokgamesHave a screenshot? Share it on Instagram with #pikpok
Speed Car Drift Racing 1.0.4
IFC Games
Super fast racing game in 2016#1 Racing game with super speed high-quality engine. Holdthesteering wheel. Ride on against professional racingrivals.Extreme speed car racing features:- feel the speed of pro driving,- drive fast & collect power-ups to boost your speed,- free car racing gameplay,- race on many tracks, to become racing driver legend,- 17 sport cars tuned for professional racing,- smooth control with precise steering,- drive modern and classic cars, progress through careermode,- HD 3D racing lap physics with astonishing sound,Fame of world champion racer never comes for free. You have togetthe best sports car and grab opportunity during chasing. Now anewrace is going on. Get into your car and prepare for a fastdriftacross offroads and dirt. Race during day and night anddon'tforget to use your nitro with no limit.The only way to win is to race as fast you can. Upgrade your cartoget more power, speed and durability. Grab the accelerationbar,accelerate and steer your wheel to show a perfect shift. Beatallrivals, win race competition, and get yourself crowned to betopracer in the world. Satisfy your need for top speed and becomeafusion of a pro racer and a stuntman.Super fast cars racing on the highway and asphalt, drag anddriftdriving with no worries for death! Wanna a difficult lapraceagainst your friends? Speed car drift racing will feed yourneed.Collect nitro boosters, unleash furious speed to leave yourrivalsfar behind. Race even faster than gt cars in wrc cup thatyou'venever imagined.Customize famous moto cars. Realistic driving model will driveyouto rallying heaven and really fulfill your thristy for speedinracing games.High speed driving and racing on asphalt tracks never getsoexciting.
Crazy for Speed 2.2.3051
The most dangerous real road from all overtheworld: Mountain road of Alps, Coastal road of Venice, Desertroadof Nevada, Muddy road of Amazon, Asphalt road of Monaco, Cityroadof Tokyo, Snow-icing road of Himalaya, Night road ofLondon,etc.Various supercars made by top manufacturers of the world.Selectyour sports car, paint on your favorite color, pack up allyourNitro, chase on the road with your opponents. Crash! Drift!Roll!Gallop! Overtake! Challenge the players from all over theworld. Bethe top racing driver. Crazy for Speed will give youanunparalleled racing experience.Features:* Realistic graphics, physics and sound effect* Plenty of sports cars and off road tracks* Driving license exam game mode and career mode* Upgrade and paint your cars
Hot Wheels: Race Off 1.1.7583
Hutch Games
** NOMINATED FOR THE 2017 GOOGLE PLAYAWARDS**Everything you love about Hot Wheels brought to life in anawesomeracing game:- RACE 25+ Hot Wheels cars across 50+ insane physicsracingtracks- BLAST OFF of boosters, loops, and jumps to stunt on the iconicHotWheels orange track- UPGRADE AND BUILD YOUR COLLECTION of Hot Wheels cars- CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS and the world in competitivemulti-playermodeHot Wheels: Race Off is pure adrenaline sure to get yourheartracing. Download the best free racing game today!
Driving Zone: Japan 3
Driving Zone: Japan - a simulator ofstreetracing on the cars produced in Japan.

In this game is presented a variety of cars of theJapanesemanufacturers: from classic city cars, to worship driftingcars andmodern sports cars. Each of the vehicles in the game hasit's ownspecifications and engine sounds. Well detailed body anddashboardcreate the effect of full presence and realism.The game offers four unique tracks with differentweatherconditions. Drive on scenic country road dotted withcherryblossoms, or go for a ride in the Japanese city, whichisparticularly beautiful at night, thanks to the traditionalJapaneselanterns, hanging over the road. If you are a real extremeracer,you should drive on winter track with dangerous icy road. Youcanchoose the starting time of the day, that willchangedynamically.Start the engine, press down on the gas and chase as quicklyaspossible. Earn points by overtaking traffic cars, you need themtoopen the new vehicles, modes and other features of the game.

This racing simulator gives you the ability to choose the styleofdriving that can be tranquil and safe or extremely racing.Theabundance of settings allows you to customize a level ofcarphysics realism, from arcade and simple to the most realistic,asin the difficult racing simulator in which you will need toshowyour driving skills.

Record your gameplay videos and share them to your friendsinsocial networks with Everyplay Service. You can edit recordedvideoreplays and comment them using the camera and microphone onyourdevice.

- Modern beautiful graphics;
- Realistic car physics;
- Change the time of day in real-time;
- Qualitatively modeled Japan cars;
- 4 tracks with different weather conditions;
- First person view / interior camera.

This game is quite realistic, but it is not designedtoteach you how to street racing. Be careful and responsiblewhenyou're driving real car. Enjoy virtual racing in heavy cartraffic,but please observe the traffic rules and be careful onrealroads.
Need for Speed™ No Limits
Race for dominance in the firstwhite-knuckleedition of Need for Speed made just for mobile – fromthe developerthat brought you Real Racing 3. Build your dream ridewith anunbelievable range of cars and customizations. Launchyourselfbetween chaos and control as you hit the loud pedal androll intounderground car culture. Win races, up your rep, then kickintomore races, more customizations, and more cars. Make yourchoicesand never look back. Tonight we ride!This app offers in app purchases. You may disable in apppurchasesusing your device settings.CUSTOMIZE EXTREME RIDESPick up the real-world cars you’ve always wanted, from theSubaruBRZ to the BMW M4, McLaren 650s, Porsche 911, and more. Thentrickthem out with the hottest customization system on mobile,fromspots like the Mod Shop and the Black Market, giving you over2.5million custom combos to play with. Your rides are waiting –takethem to the stages or streets to go head-to-head versusthecompetition and prove yourself.DRIVE FAST – AND FEARLESSSteer onto the streets of Blackridge, driving reckless and juicedassparks fly. Accelerate over jumps and around debris, intotraffic,against walls, and through high-speed Nitro Zones. Flip onthenitrous and thrust yourself into another level ofadrenaline-fueleddriving and drifting. Around every corner is afresh race as youclash with local crews and local cops. It’s aworld full of wannabedrivers – can you stay in front and earnrespect?RACE TO WINNever back down as you race anyone crazy enough to take youon,leave them gapped, and increase your rep. Dig, drift, drag,androll your ride to wins with police on your tail, hitting eachinchof the map hard by the time you reach the big end. Burn rubberinover 1,000 challenging races – and that’s just the startingline.Be notorious, own the streets, and score the world’s bestcars.Because one ride is never enough!---------------------User Agreement: terms.ea.comVisit for assistance or inquiries.EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’noticeposted on Consumer Information:This app: requires a persistent Internet connection (networkfeesmay apply); Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & CookiePolicyand User Agreement; collects data through third partyanalyticstechnology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details);containsdirect links to the Internet and social networking sitesintendedfor an audience over 13.
City Racing Lite 1.7.133
#1 Free 3D Car Racing game! City RacingLiteReleased!Incredible small size, Real racing competition, Mad tricksanddrifting, Online Battle your friends using WiFi connection!DrivingAhead, Race to Win!Features:• Super cars• Easy controls• Mad car drifts• Real racing competition• Upgrades and customize extreme cars• WiFi Multi-Player racing be supported• Small size game but really good graphics and effects• whole new level speed racing game!Lite Version Notes:For serve more game players, we developed this lite versionwhichcan support more Android devices. Get the full version,pleasedownload # City Racing 3D #Thanks for your supporting. We will always keep improving.
Turbo Driving Racing 3D
Conquer street and sky in Turbo DrivingRacing,a mix of high-octane driving and endless racing. TurboDrivingRacing is one of the best arcade endless racing games withstunning3D graphics.This is Turbo Driving Racing. The ultimate endless race in thecitystreets, countryside roads and seashores, featuringamazingvehicles, addictive gameplay and intense trafficcompetition.Barrel through packed streets, avoid crashes, take downtrafficcars, pick up coins and perform dynamic, high-speed aerialstunts!The game will challenge even the most skilled racingfans.Game Features:- Breathtaking visuals and amazing tracks- Earn cash to unlock and upgrade 8 high-performance vehicles- Pick your favorite colors with 9 paint choices- Customize your cars through 9 different types of wheels
Road Drivers: Legacy
Vart Dader
The breakaway hit Road Drivers: Legacyreturnswith more dynamic arcade racing road trip. Hop in the sportselitecar of your dreams and race down the legendary high speedhighwaysin Road Drivers: Legacy!Road Drivers: Legacy is a milestone in the genre of endlessarcaderacing. Drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash,upgradeyour car and buy new ones. Try to be one of the fastestdrivers inthe world. Endless racing is now redefined!Try cool cars in city!This offline racing adventure challenges you to race, speedandcrash your way to victory while you protect your turf anduncover astring of mysterious accidents and deaths in theracingcommunity.Drive via dumb cars, take a long road trip.Sport and Muscle CARSChoose from a selection of 30+ cars from the hottestmanufacturerslike BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Infiniti,Jaguar,Koenigsegg, Mazda, Nissan SkylineTry out the best game in 2017!KEY FEATURES✭ Stunning 3D graphics✭ Smooth and realistic car handling✭ Different new cars to choose from: sport cars, roadsters,musclecars!✭ Detailed environment✭ Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.✭ Basic customization through paint and other✭ Online Leaderboards and AchievementsGAMEPLAY✭ Use steering wheel, accelerometer or game buttons to steer✭ Press brake button to slow down✭ Buy better cars to have better handlingTIPS✭ The faster you drive the more scores you get✭ When driving over 100 kmh, overtake cars closely to getbonusscores and cash✭ Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extrascoreand cashAre you ready for the challenge? Show your friends what aspeeddemon looks like!Road Drivers: Legacy will be updated constantly. Please rateandgive your feedback for further improvement of the game.
Horizon Chase - World Tour 1.4.4
HORIZON CHASE CELEBRATES ITS 1stANNIVERSARYWITH HOT NEWS:- Australia Cup with 8 New Tracks + Bônus Track. Featuring:BrightonBeach, Uluru and Sidney.- 2 brand new cars! Beat your friends' records.❤ "ONE OF THE TOP 10 MOBILE GAMES OF THE YEAR!" - StuffAwards2015Horizon Chase is a love letter to all retro gaming fans. It'sanaddictive racing game inspired in the great hits of the 80'sand90's: Out Run, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES), Rush,amongothers. Each curve and each lap in Horizon Chase recreateclassicarcade gameplay and offer you unbound speed limits of fun.Fullthrottle on and enjoy!★ AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS- Gold Awards on Pocket Gamer- Best Game on BIG Festival 2016- Best Mobile Game 2015 STUFF - Nominee- Best Brazilian Game on Brazilian Game Awards- Best Brazilian Game on BGS by UOL Jogos- Best Brazilian Game on BGS by IGN Brasil- App of the Week - STUFF- Big Indie Pitch - 3rd Place❖ 16-BIT GRAPHICS REINVENTEDHorizon Chase brings back the graphic context of the16-bitgeneration and creates a style that is inspired in the pastwithoutletting go of its contemporaneity. The apparent polygonandsecondary color aesthetic accentuate the visual beauty of thegame,resulting in a unique and harmonic atmosphere. You'll feeltheretro soul of the game on a completely modern body.❖ A TOUR THROUGH THE WORLD'S HORIZONSHorizon Chase is a race around the world. With each new cupyou'llpilot your car through extraordinary places, watching thesunsetting, facing rain, snow, volcanic ashes and evenseveresandstorms. Be it day or night each track takes place inbeautifulpostcards from across the world.♫ BARRY LEITCH, SOUNDTRACK COMPOSER FROM LOTUS TC, TOP GEARERUSHHorizon Chase presents Barry Leitch, the musician behindthesoundtracks of classic arcade racing games Lotus TurboChallenge,Top Gear (SNES) and Rush. As you play the game, you'llbehypnotized by his charming tunes that compliment thegraphicalecstasy of each horizon.✔ 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GET HORIZON CHASE- Classic Arcade Gameplay- Challenge Your Friends- 16 Unlockable Cars- 9 Cups, 36 Cities, 82 Tracks- 7 Input Methods❖ GAMEPAD COMPATIBILITY- Android TV controller and remote- Google Nexus Player controller and remote- Green Throttle Atlas- NVIDIA Shield- OUYA controller- Samsung GP20- Razer Serval
Top Speed Highway Car Racing 2.2
Gamers DEN
Top Speed Highway Car Racing:Play and Beat Your Friends and Foes and become the no.1racerchampion in world.Top Speed Highway Car Race is the gift fortheSick of racing drift adventures games. Are you Sick of racinggameswith third person eye perspective? Need speed car mania isreal onefor your desires. Top new jeep speed Is Drift based dragsimulationfor Sick lover of racing action games. Drive your car onhighwayand feel like a drive as in real life.Play traffic highway racer : race in city tremendous speed cardriftrally to become a best rally racer to compete and beat yourfriendsand foe. You will have to get behind the wheel of a formulaone (f1) car and take part in challenge at the racing tracks withmostfast and speedy cars from the classic and modern pradocollection!Feel the thrill of authentic racing action in UltraMoto quad today!The most vibrant and super-charged 4x4championship car race 2017racing game you've ever seen on googleplay and never played beforeon your android devices. Extreme fastracing vehicles on dustykilling tracks through mountains, hills,desert, off road andhighway. Try to get as fast as possible. Playtop formula carhighway racing more and more win again and againand collect morecoins to unlock other game play and other insanefast furious heavysport cars and enjoy asphalt car driving driftracing .Enjoy endless car simulation game with in – car camera view;DriveCar on Highway is a Discovery in endless arcade car racinggames.highway traffic fast car racer will give you anunexampledexperience of Driving, overtake the traffic to find yourwaythrough the traffic and enjoy realistic environment.Don't forget to use your nitro boost for high speed in thisdrivingcity car drift racer game. Satisfy your need of top speedracing.Fulfill your fever of high speed car racing by playing thisturbomobile car driving game. This fast car driver game isdifferentfrom the other boring type car racing games 3d. Become afuriouscar racer and driver. Drag and drift your racer car with noworriesof death. This speed car racing will feed your need ofracing. Usenitro boost and reach at the furious speed to leave yourrivals farbehind. Get ready to race your crazy car and defeat someracingrivals. In this crazy tricky race no need to break and worryaboutto police. Your duty in this road driving asphalt nitro boostspeedcar game is to burn the city highway roads and acceleratesyour wayto race. During race use nitrous and drive on top speed toperformexcellent racing. Use your tricks and win the car race.Become aworld racing master and beware to leave the trail becauseit’swasting your time.Top Speed Highway Car Racing Key Features:Curvy environments included (city, offroad, desert,mountain,forest).Real car Physics.Heavy Duty Sport cars.Realistic driving experience.High quality 3D stunning graphics.Extremely fast and addictive gameplay.The most realistic 3D car driving simulation.Amazing Quality sound effects.3D realistic in – car view.Endless car racing.Different cars to choose for driving.Easy and smooth controls.Adventurous drive among city traffic.Drive in car and Feel like a drive as in real life.Sim your driving with drifting and overtaking on highway incitytraffic with branded cars like Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes,andNissan.Huge collection of luxury car includes Hyundai, Toyota, Audi,BMW,Lexus, hummer and land rover.So Gamers DEN offers you an absolutely free Top Speed HighwayCarRacing to download from Google Play store now.Download thisAndroidgame on your Android device and enjoy the game.
Hill Climb Racing 2
From the Creators of the Original HillClimbRacing Comes Hill Climb Racing 2! It's Bigger, It's Better AndIt'sMuch Much Funner!? 😉Check out the latest major update video:• 🔧 NEW! Tune - 14+ Unique and upgradeable Tuning Parts• 🚗 Vehicles - Unlock vehicles and choose the best one foryourplaystyle• 🔧 Upgrade - Improve the engine, suspension, tires & 4WDofyour vehicles• 🎩 Customize - Style your vehicles and character• ⛰️ Explore - Various environments with achievements• 👍 Great Graphics - Optimized for high and lowresolutiondevices• 💗 Social - Challenge your friends in daily andweeklycompetitions• 🏆 Compete - Climb the leaderboards, win challenges andbecome#1Vehicles: Motocross, Jeep, Formula and 7 more!Hill Climb Racing 2 is free to play but there are optionalin-apppurchases available.Remember that we're always reading your feedback and are hardatwork creating new vehicles, cups, features and of course fixinganybugs 🐛 you may find. So we'd really appreciate if you'd reportwhatyou like or dislike and any issues you may have with the [email protected], please include your device makeandmodel.Follow Us: 🔍* Facebook:* Twitter: @fingersoft* Web:*Instagram: of Use: Policy: Climb Racing™️ is a registered trademark of Fingersoft Ltd.Allrights reserved.
Fast Car Furious 8 1.0.2
Fast Car Furious 8 is a racing car game.Driftin the asphalt traffic road. Burn the asphalt of this openworldcity! Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. Gohead-to-headin Fastest Racing free-for-all! You'll be facing sometightcompetition.Race in a variety of exotic locations from all over the globe.Thereis an impressive collection of custom setups and upgrades forall ofthat. Race and get scores, Watch ads and Add points and Dounlimitedcustomization!Drive fastest circuits and own the leaderboards, let otherplayersbe envy of your driving skills - fell like a champ of mostfamousraces. Use your top gear and defeat other competitors in reallifemultiplayer race where your score on circuit may become thelegendamongst other race drivers.Fast Car Furious 8 Features:-Fast speed car free game-Experience Furious 8-Beautiful HD graphics-Racing on Asphalt Nitro traffic-Explore a detailed open world environment.-Realistic car damage.-Crash your car!-Accurate Control, turn left or right to avoid-Control your car with accelerometer!-Exotic locations and Environments to Race.Fast Car Furious 8 is a excited drift game, racing with yourfriendstogether!
Hovercraft: Takedown 1.5.1
Hovercraft: Takedown is the #1multiplayer,combat racing, custom vehicle building, totallyaddicting, physicsbased, action game of the year!Thugs have taken over the the Hovercraft highways! Build yourcustomHovercraft. Arm it to the teeth with machine guns, lasers,androckets. Then take to the streets and rack up thoseTakedowns!FEATURES* Build a completely custom Hovercraft and arm it with guns,lasers,missiles, and more!* Play with friends over Wi-Fi and fight throughMultiplayerSurvival Mode!* Smash enemy vehicles to pieces and cause crazy chainreactionexplosions!* Equip up to 6 weapons simultaneously, and customize yourloadoutfrom thousands of possible combinations* Long range sniper cannons? 360 degree tracking lasers? Triplefirehoming rockets? How about all of them, at the same time!* Blast your way through gorgeous rocky mountain passes atbreakneckspeeds* Counter enemy weapons with dozens of unique power ups andweapontypes* Upgrade your Hovercraft squadron and become evenmorepowerful* Endless loot! Collect & win tons of rare, epic, andlegendaryconsumables & gear from card packs* Real-time damage models affect all of your Hovercraft'ssystems,from weapons to thrusters* Experience insane physics-based combat racing, like nothingyou'veplayed before!FOLLOW US
Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game
OVER 840 MILLION PLAYERS GLOBALLY!Race with the Minions in the award-winning, fan-favoriterunner,Minion Rush!Run as fast as you can while jumping, dodging, rolling andknockingMinions off the track in despicably action-packedlevels.Rush to collect Bananas and play exciting Special Missionstoincrease your score as you enjoy unexpected Minion moments.ALL THE FUN OF THE DESPICABLE ME MOVIES IN THE OFFICIAL GAME!• Race as DAVE, CARL OR JERRY! And coming soon straight outofDespicable Me 3 -- MEL!• Wear incredibly UNIQUE COSTUMES, such as Lucy, the Surfer ortheNinja Minion.• Speed through ICONIC LOCATIONS inspired by the DespicableMemovies, like Bratt's Lair, the Anti-Villain League andancientEgyptian temples in The Pyramids.• Power up your Minions by riding the FLUFFY UNICORN orGRU'SROCKET.• Play SPECIAL MISSIONS to discover new content and new Costumesineach update!______________________________________________You can download and play this game for free. Please beinformedthat it also allows you to play using virtual currency,which canbe acquired as you progress through the game, watchingcertainadvertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases ofvirtualcurrency using real money are performed using a credit card,orother form of payment associated with your account, andareactivated when you input your Google Play account password,withoutthe need to re-enter your credit card number or PIN.In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting theauthenticationsettings within your Play Store settings (Google PlayStore Home> Settings > Require authentication for purchases)andsetting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutesorNever.Disabling password protection may result in unauthorizedpurchases.We strongly encourage you to keep password protectionturned on ifyou have children or if others could have access toyourdevice.This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or somethirdparties which will redirect you to a third-party site. Youcandisable your device’s ad identifier being used forinterest-basedadvertising in the settings menu of your device.This option can befound in the Settings app > Accounts(Personal) > Google >Ads (Settings and Privacy) > Opt outof interest-based ads.Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connecttothe Internet.______________________________________________Find out more about the game on the official site--http://www.minionrush.comFollow us on Facebook at out our videos and game trailerson our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: Policy: of Use: License Agreement: