Top 24 Games Similar to Real Football 2013

Dream League Soccer 2.07
First Touch
Top 10 Sports Game in Italy, Singapore,Belgium& Turkey!Soccer as we know it has changed! Dream League Soccer isYOURchance to build THE best team on the planet. Recruit newPlayers,upgrade your Stadium, and train your team as you marchtowardsglory, on your road to Soccer Super Stardom!Download Dream League Soccer for FREE now!* Includes Tablet Support! ******************************************BUILD YOUR TEAMUse our in depth transfer system to build the team of yourchoice!Sign players using coins or even spot a bargain in thefreetransfer market! Develop a team of up to 32 players fortheultimate experience, including the ability the create yourownplayers!INTELLIGENT AI, RAPID GAMEPLAY & SHARP VISUALSSmart defensive and attacking player AI form a challengingandaddictive experience. With intuitive controls &excellentvisuals, Dream League Soccer is the perfect Soccer packagewhichcaptures the true essence of your favourite sport.COMPETE ACROSS 4 LEAGUES IN A BID TO RISE TO THE TOP!Got the skills to gain promotion into the Elite Division? Orifthat’s not enough, it doesn’t just end there...Friendlymatches,the Global Challenge cup and a few extra prestigiouscompetitionsawait the very best Dream Teams out there!DEVELOP YOUR PLAYERS TO REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIALTrain your squad members in our unique player developmentprogram.Increase Ball Skills, Fitness, Distribution and muchmore!MEET YOUR TARGETSStrive every match to achieve your board’s season andmatchobjectives, also keep your fans happy with our very own fanratingsystem!GET INVOLVED!Watch matches come to life with over 60 uniquecelebrations,realistic cameras and ultra smooth animations.CRAMMED FULL OF ACHIEVEMENTS!Unlock challenging achievements to keep you engaged for hours,eachone giving you in-game currency to help build the ultimatedreamteam!*****************************************Exclusive soundtrack provided by Charly Coombes & theNewBreed, Dance à la Plage, We Outspoken & Secret Rivals.We hope you enjoy playing Dream League Soccer; thistitlewouldn’t be possible without valued fan feedback.PLEASE NOTE: This game is free to play, but additionalcontentand in-game items may be purchased for real money.Coins can be earned during gameplay or gained by watchingvideos,but can also be bought in packs ranging from $1.99 -$54.99.This app contains third party advertising. Advertisingisdisabled if you purchase in game currency from the shop.VISIT US: firsttouchgames.comLIKE US: US: US:
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 1.7.0
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team by EA SPORTSfeaturesover 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams. Plus,over 30real leagues and stadiums! Build a dream squad offootballers andput them to the test. From the English PremierLeague, La Liga, andMLS, to the German Bundesliga and beyond. Takethe thrills with youwherever you are with the most authentic soccergame on GooglePlay.This app offers in-app purchases. You may disablein-apppurchasing using your device settings.** This game has superior graphics and is packed with tonsofreal football leagues, teams, and players. Please make sureyouhave at least 1.35GB of free space on your device. **BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE TEAMEarn, trade, and collect superstars like Lionel Messi andEdenHazard to create your own fantasy team. Choose your playstyle,formation, kits, and more.PLAY IN QUICK SIMULATION MODEPut your management skills to the test with new QuickSimulations.Set up your squad, start the match, and watch itunfold. Make smartsubs, tactical tweaks, and gauge team effortalong the way. Yourmatch results depend entirely on your ability tomanage playerskills and chemistry – taking authenticity to the nextlevel.OR TAKE IT TO THE PITCH!If you’re new to FIFA on mobile, try out our “Casual Controls”,withelegantly simple buttons like “shoot”, “pass”, or “sprint”.Onceyou’re feeling comfortable, move on to “Classic Controls”,which letyou add either “through passes” or “skill moves” to yourgamingarsenal. Or, you can interact with your team directly,tapping onplayers to pass the ball and swiping towards the net toshoot. Plus,if you have an external controller – don’t miss thechance to use iton the pitch for the first timeREAL WORLD MATCH UPSPlay your favorite team’s next fixture, plus 3 other majormatch-upshappening around the world – every week!Jump into the action and feel the passion of your favoritesportwith FIFA 15 Ultimate Team!NOTES:Terms of Service: & Cookie Policy: EULA: for assistanceorinquiries.EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’noticeposted on Consumer Information: This app: Requires acceptanceofEA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA; Includesin-gameadvertising; Collects data through third party ad servingandanalytics technology (See Privacy & Cookie Policy fordetails);Contains direct links to the internet and socialnetworking sitesintended for an audience over 13.
First Touch Soccer 2015 2.09
First Touch
REALISTIC, IMMERSIVE, ADDICTIVE. FirstTouchSoccer 2015 is here, and it’s better than ever! Crammed fullofamazing features, modes, stunning graphics and fluid gameplay,thisyear’s edition is not to be missed. FIRST TOUCH SOCCER ISYOURGAME!* Includes Tablet Support! ******************************************LEAD YOUR CLUB TO THE TOPTake control of your team on and off the field in Manager Mode.Signnew players, negotiate contracts & fully customise yourclub’sstadium with our unique stadium editor. Manager mode is morerefinedto YOUR needs. Can you rise to the challenge?BREATH-TAKING VISUALS & SMOOTH ANIMATIONSFTS 15 is the definitive mobile soccer experience,featuringhundreds of unique animations, with stunning player andstadiumgraphics! Prepare to feel every goal, tackle & savefromwherever you are! With our dynamic lighting system, you’ll beevenmore immersed in what truly is the best mobilesoccerexperience.MASTERFUL AI & RAPID GAMEPLAYWatch your game come to life as you pass and dribble aroundyouropponents. Intelligent AI makes for the most realisticexperienceof First Touch Soccer ever. Score thunderbolts fromoutside thebox, or tiki-taka your way to goal. The possibilitiesareendless…DAILY MATCH CHALLENGETest your skills every day with our Match Challenge. Whetheryou’rethe underdogs, or clear favourites these matches provide areasonfor you to come back again and again.Soccer fans, this is a game for you.#firsttouchsoccer*****************************************Exclusive soundtrack provided by Bastille, Imagine Dragons&Black Kids.This game requires an Internet connection to downloadinitialcontent.Please note: This game is free to play, but additionalcontentand in-game items may be purchased for real money.Credits can be earned during gameplay or gained bywatchingvideos, but can also be bought in packs ranging from $1.99-$35.99.This app contains third party advertising. Advertisingisdisabled if you purchase in game currency from the shop.VISIT US: firsttouchgames.comLIKE US: US: US:
Score! Hero 1.71
First Touch
BE THE HERO! Pass, Shoot & Score yourwayto legendary status, as you explore the dramatic career ofyourHERO player over 560 challenging levels!Immersive free flowing 3D Score! Gameplay lets you controltheaction. Split defences with precise through balls, or bendshotsinto the top corner, putting you in control for anunrivalledmobile soccer experience.Download and play today for FREE!* Includes tablet support! ******************************************IMPORTANT* This game is free to play, but additional content andin-gameitems may be purchased for real money.* Hero Bux can be earned during gameplay or gained bywatchingvideos, but can also be bought in packs ranging from $0.99-$28.99.* This app uses wifi or mobile data (if available) to downloadgamecontent and advertising. You can disable mobile data usage onthisgame from within Settings/Mobile Data.* This app contains third party advertising. Advertising isdisabledif you purchase in game currency from the shop.*****************************************FEATURES* Over 560 levels and counting…* Win awards, win trophies, score goals, change clubs,representyour country and go for glory!* New Score! Engine that allows more freedom and strategic playthanever before!* Simple to play, tough to master* Stunning 3D graphics, cut scenes and animations* Customise your Hero player for a unique look and feel* Intelligent AI adapts to your passes, and shots making eachplaythrough different* Connect with Facebook to compete against yourclosestfriends!* Google Play achievements & leaderboards to see who ranksontop!* Sync progress between devices with Google Play Cloud!* Engaging Story charting your rise from an aspiring teen toaplayer making it big!Take your chances, score the goals, be the HERO!*****************************************VISIT US: firsttouchgames.comLIKE US: US: US:
Score! World Goals 2.75
First Touch
#1 Sports Game in Italy!Top 10 Sports Game in over 50 Countries including UK,Japan,Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Germany & France!Have you got what it takes to score the match winninggoal?Recreate your favourite goals in this unique football basedpuzzlegame. Football fan or not, this app will keep you entertainedforhours!Score! now features official goal packs from Chelsea FCandLiverpool FC!Score! World Goals is truly international in scope andcomespacked with thrilling gameplay. Recreate over 1,000 goals fromallover the world, including domestic leagues, European cupsandInternational tournaments. Amateur, Pro & Bonus modes willkeepyou endlessly engrossed.* Includes Tablet Support! ******************************************SUPER INTUITIVE GAMEPLAYScore! World Goals features a huge range of challenges to taxthemost skilled football player. Players can pass, cross andshootusing the intuitive swipe mechanics whilst controlsenablesensational top-corner shots. Smart defensiveartificialintelligence will react to shots and passes, making youfeel likeyou’re part of the action.AMAZING GRAPHICS AND SOUNDScore! World Goals features an ultra-realistic graphics enginewhichcombines with retina displays to make an even moreeye-popping,console-like experience than ever seen before. Over500motion-captured animations guarantee unparalleled levelsofauthenticity, whilst captivating audio and authentic commentaryputyou right in the heart of the action.A STREAM OF NEW AND UPDATED CONTENTScore! World Goals will stay fresh and exciting with newlevelsbeing updated regularly. There’s also a Goal of the Daycompetitiongiving you reason to come back each and every day!*****************************************Exclusive soundtrack provided by Dance à la Plage.We hope you enjoy playing Score! this title wouldn’t bepossiblewithout valued fan feedback. Follow us on Facebook andTwitter andlet us know what you think.This game requires an Internet connection to downloadinitialcontent.PLEASE NOTE: This game is free to play, but additionalcontentand in-game items may be purchased for real money.Credits can be earned during gameplay or gained bywatchingvideos, but can also be bought in packs ranging from $1.99-$38.99.This app contains third party advertising. Advertisingisdisabled if you purchase in game currency from the shop.VISIT US: firsttouchgames.comLIKE US: US: @firsttouchgamesWATCH US:
FIFA 16 Soccer 3.3.118003
Play beautiful with anewer,better,andfasterFIFA experience on mobile! FIFA 16 UltimateTeamletsyoucelebrateevery awesome attack, nail-biting goal,andpowerfulwinlike neverbefore with console-like graphics.Experiencethemostrealistic setof football features on Google Play.** This is a highly detailed game ofsuperiorquality.Pleasemakesure you have at least 1.4GB of freespace onyourdevice.FIFA 16Ultimate Team works best on MotorolaNexus 6,HTCNexus 9,HTC M8,Asus Nexus 7 2nd Gen, Samsung GalaxyS6,SamsungGalaxy S6edge,Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung GalaxyAlpha,SamsungGalaxy NoteEdge,Sony Ericsson Xperia Z2 Tablet,SonyEricssonXperia Z3,SamsungGalaxy S4, HTC Nexus 4, LG G2. **ALL-NEW ENGINEGet ready for better skill moves, moreexcitinggoals,moreresponsivecontrols, smarter teammates, andimprovedanimationsasyou play thematch. Plus, now it’s even easierto playlike aprowith EnhancedHybrid Controls that let you useGesturesorButtonsto control theball. Gain improved offsideawarenessandmore withAttackingIntelligence, then blow pastdefenderswithease.Alternatively chooseto simulate matches,takingthemanagerposition on the side of thepitch. Also, for thefirsttimeonmobile, you can trigger uniqueplayer celebrationsonthepitchafter you score!BUILD AND MANAGE YOUR ULTIMATE TEAMEarn, trade, and transfer superstarslikeLionelMessi,JordanHenderson, and Juan Cuadrado to createyourownfantasyteam.Choose your play style, formation, kits,andmore,thenbalanceplayer chemistry for thestrongestsquadcompositions.CHALLENGING SKILL GAMESWant to show off your skills on the pitchlikeneverbefore?Chooseyour daily challenge – from shooting,groundpassing,anddribblingto crossing, penalties, and more. Then,picktherightplayer andbeat the challenge to earn rewards!REAL WORLD FOOTBALLChoose from over 10,000 players from over 500 licensedteamsandgotobattle against other players from real leaguesinrealarenasfromaround the world. Recreate challengesfromcurrentlive-eventfootballmatches, too, withDynamicAccomplishments.PLAYER EXCHANGENow trade players and items you no longer needforachanceofunlocking something better. The higher valueitemsorplayersyoutrade, the better the upgrades you’ll getback!Ready to play the beautiful game, wherever youare?GetFIFA16Ultimate Team now! Important Consumer Information: ThisapprequiresapersistentInternet connection (network feesmayapply).Requiresacceptanceof EA’s Privacy & CookiePolicyandUserAgreement.. Collects data through third partyanalyticstechnology(seePrivacy& Cookie Policy for details).Containsdirect linkstotheInternet and social networking sitesintended foranaudienceover13.User Agreement: terms.ea.comVisit for assistance or inquiries.EA may retire online features and services after30days’noticepostedon
Head Soccer La Liga 2018 4.2.0
HEAD SOCCER LA LIGA is the official gameforSpanish League Soccer for 2017-2018 season! Choose yourfavouritesoccer player among the official LaLiga squads, unleashyourpowerful shots and take your football club to the top of theworldrankings! Score thousand of goals using the big head ofyourfootballer and become the ultimate champion and the hero ofyourdream team!Download now for free and enjoy playing football with all thesoccerclubs and superstars from LaLiga!Start as a newbie and level up through all categories:rookie,professional, champion, all-star… and finally reach the topof theworld and be a soccer legend. Impress the FIFA and the fansbyscoring incredible goals in the best official soccerstadiums:Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Calderón, Mestalla, San Mamés,Riazor,Sánchez-Pizjuán… What is your favourite soccer club? Selectafootball team from the dream league and play as a minifootballerwith a bobble head. Goalkeepers, defenders,midfielders,forwards... only Head Soccer LaLiga 2017 has all theofficialfootball players from LaLiga!Join millions of players in this exciting soccer game andenjoyplaying with all your favourite footballers: CristianoRonaldo,Messi, Aduriz, Piqué, Fernando Torres, Orellana… Now youjust needto choose your big-headed soccer player, get out on thefield, showoff your skills and win tournaments!Only the best players are able to take on this challenge! Showoffyour ball skills and beat each round as though it were a final!Tryto survive in the most astonishing soccer matches jumping ashighas you can, kicking stronger and sprinting faster than allyourrivals. Score amazing goals in every clash and win all thecups,leagues and tournaments to be the hero your fans arelookingfor.Do you think you've got what it takes to be a CHAMPION?DownloadHead Soccer LaLiga now!== GAME FEATURES ==OFFICIAL LICENSES FROM LALIGAPlay football in real stadiums with all your idols. The onlysoccergame with the original clubs and squads from the SpanishLeagueSoccer for 2017-2018 season!TRAIN AND IMPROVEEvolve your soccer players and their skills: SPEED to movequicklydown the field, SHOT to make it unstoppable, JUMP to leaphigher ineach attack and defense, SPRINT to overtake your rivals,POWER UPto reduce the time between special shots… Level up and betheultimate score hero!AMAZING SPECIAL SHOTSDefeat all the opponents using the shocking special kicks:DragonBall, Orange Machine, Falling Star… And more! Each withstunninglight and sound effects! Ultimate extreme football!DIVISIONSCreate your player and compete at the highest level. Choosefromthree categories: bronze, silver, and gold. Each category ismadeup of various divisions. Win matches to ascend in the divisionsandreach the Gold category!Win bonuses as you defeat opponents and beat your friends intheRanking. Victories will earn you rewards that you can use tolevelup your player.REACH THE GOLD DIVISIONGAME MODESTry the CUP, where champions are remembered! Go down inhistorythrough all of the rounds and enjoy playing in the FinalCup!Start a FRIENDLY match and play soccer against any clubyouwant!Consistency is key to success in the LEAGUE! You must face allofthe teams and gain points match by match to ranked at the topbythe end of the season.How many rounds could you survive in the SURVIVAL mode?Make your own huge head football player with theamazingEDITOR!BEAT YOUR FRIENDSSync your progress with Google Play Games and Facebook,overcomeyour friends and share your achievements: How many goalscould youscore?Even Luis Figo has fun playing Head Soccer LaLiga, check itout: in the Dream League, reach the Gold Division, play HeadSoccerLaLiga 2018!Visit us at:http://laliga.es
Flick Shoot (Soccer Football)
Flick Shoot (Soccer Football) presentsAndroidUsers the most entertaining soccer (football) experiencewithimpressive graphics and a realistic physics engine.★ 7 different game modes: Arcade, Tournament, One Ball,Multiplayer,Time Attack, Goal Post, Targets, Wall Kick (ProOnly),★ Improved graphics and playability★ Realistic goal keeper animations and physics engine★ Realistic kick and swerve controls★ Highscore for each game modePlaying football was never so fun! You will be amazed by howfunshooting freekicks will be with Flick Shoot (SoccerFootball).Flick Shoot is Football at its finest!
Head Soccer 6.0.14
D&D Dream
◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆100,000,000 Downloads!!◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆Move to the side, hard-to-control soccer !A soccer game with easy controls that everyone can learn in1second.Beat the opponent with fancy lethal shots such as dragon shoot,iceshoot and lightening shoot and win the tournament.You can also matchup with friends or global users throughthegamecenter.Play this fun soccer game anytime, anywhere.■■ FEATURES ■■+ Various 73 Avatars & Unique Special Shot !!+ 7 Game mode (Arcade, Tournament, Survial, League, Head Cup,DeathMode, Fight Mode)+ Online Multiplayer via Google Play Service+ Physics based gameplay (Box2d)+ Submit Facebook■■ D&D DREAM GAMES ■■+ Dinosaur Slayer+ Zombie Sweeper+ Crasher+ IChallenger: Return+ Tiny Brush+ Millionaire Show+ Head Basketball> Website:> e-mail: [email protected]> Facebook:
Football Players Fight Soccer
Bambo Studio
Football Players Fight Soccer 2016 isanaggressive combat in the soccer field. Fight to knockoutusingkicks and punches without any red car. Feel the action on thepitchwithout any referee. Choose any of the most killer soccerplayersto win the tournament in story mode. Game disputes willbesurrounded by the crowd on the line. Emotion at its finest whenyoufight your classic rival. The ball isn´t needed just yourspikeshoes and fists. A lot of players are in the bench ready tofightfor their teams, go ahead until the final! Fouls will neverbepunished by the referee because this is a knockout streetfightingstyle game. No players will get injured+Romualdo is one of the best soccer fighters in the world.Hedominates every martial art since he was a kid.+Nesi is simply the most magic fighter ever, his movementsaresmooth and you can barely see.+Merendona is an old fight glory. He knows every street gangsignand so it does when it comes to fight in the streets. Now youcanfight with him back in the pitch.+Raben is also a vintage football soccer fighter, very knownineurope is well known for its mega kick in the chest.Remember that this is only fiction. Don´t try to fight in thestreetand not even in the soccer field. Play on your mobile whenyou wantto fight. Fighting game of soccer players, soccer playersfight in 3rounds in a bout in the field, wins the Cup, battlingall players inthe world of football. Two soccer players engaged ina fight,multiple combos to defeat your enemy, vital waves,martial arts,thousands of tricks and combinations of kicks, punch,air strikes,multiple kicks and punches and many more undiscoveredKOs.Three game modes, World, Fast Start and Training.Realisticscenario, the Tier encourages public and encourages youwith theirwhistles and applause on the side of the pitch of thefootballfield.Choose your favorite team player, every player has skills,movementsand different tricks, plus a different way to fight inthe field.The gameplay Cup Football season is a tie between thebest teams inthe world, you have to beat your rivals, but will beeliminated fromthe World Cup. The training mode will help youlearn tricks andmartial arts, you can see this by pressing thebuttons and checkingthe effect of your shots to knockout youropponent.Real combat in this fighting game where soccer players engageina fight between the best players in the world ofinternationalteams and soccer leagues best known in theworld.2016Bambo Studio
Soccer Star 2018 World Legend 3.8.2
Genera Games
Become the ultimate soccer player in theworld.Lead your dream team to victory scoring crucial goals in thebeststadiums. Be your own soccer manager, improve your skills asafootball player and no goalkeeper will be able to defendyourpowerful shot. Take advantage of all opportunities that ariseinyour soccer career to be the real score hero! The bestfootballgame for the real soccer champions.Download now Soccer Star 2018 World Legend for mobile or tabletFORFREE!Have fun with this amazing soccer manager game and manage yourownprofessional football career. Get scouted as a striker,midfielderor defender and receive renowned sponsors. Hire youragent, whowill manage the finances to increase your income, andyour physicaltrainer, who will help you optimize your physicalcondition totriumph as a real professional football player.Make perfect kicks, score many goals, reach fame and your fanswillfollow you to the end. Become a football world-wideinspiration,manage your relations with the fans, and therelationship with themates of your dream team, coach and sponsors,making toughdecisions that will shape your career as a real soccerplayer. Itis the ultimate soccer game!Free kicks, penalties, dribblings… with your ultimate team andyourpowerful final kick no team or goalie will stop you. Be asoccerhero!Impress the sport press and FIFA with every goal, free kick,penaltyand assistance and support your team in the stadium. Workhard andtrain your skills (power, technique, free kicks...) to geta spot inthe starting lineup. Begin the 2018/2019 season with yourfavoritenational team and win trophies of each league orcompetition. Couldyou win the Champions League or the World CupTournaments?Rule the pitch with your goals and gain the highest score ineachgame. Overcome every challenge, get rewarded with everyachievementand earn the experience to level up to be the dreamteam. Purchasethe best sport equipment and train hard in the gym togive your allin every match. Be your own football manager andbecome a legend inall the leagues!GAME FEATURESCHOOSE YOUR OWN WAY★ Select the type of football player you want to be:forward,midfielder or defender, and impress the world with yourkickshoot.★ Play with your favorite national team: Brazil, Spain,France,England, Italy, Germany… Will you become the winningeleven?★ Improved soccer ball movement: amazing effects and shots!MULTIPLE GAME MODES★ Compete in multiple championships, leagues and categories,reachthe top and be the real score hero!★ Increase your profits by betting at the casino, racetrackorslots.★ Different training modes: free kick, penalty shootout, assistthestriker… Level up your soccer skills to be the new staroffootball.QUALITY DETAILS★ Realistic soccer manager in 3D, with player celebrations!★ Free and easy to play soccer game: flick to shoot, flicktoassist. Just one finger!★ Stunning 3D graphics, feel the soccer experience like if youwereat the football stadium.★ Simple and intuitive interface, new controls to playrealsoccer.PLAY WITH FRIENDS★ Record your best moves and share with the community, startrollingthe soccer ball!★ Integrated achievements with Google Play to see who ranksontop!★ Amazing daily rewards: powerful soccer boots, football kits,shinguards...Why not check out the trailer for the game? Real soccer!: in the biggest competitions around the world and wintitleswith your ultimate team to grow as a soccer heroes. Fame,glory,money... Can you become the hero your fans are lookingfor?Make history as a football player in the best soccermanagerapplication available on Google Play!VISIT US:
EA SPORTS UFC® 1.9.3097721
Step into the Octagon® with EA SPORTS™ UFC®formobile! Collect your favorite UFC fighters, throw downincompetitive combat, and earn in-game rewards by playing liveeventstied to the real world of the UFC.This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-apppurchasingusing your device settings.FEEL THE FIGHTEA SPORTS UFC brings the intensity of MMA to your fingertipslikenever before. HD-quality visuals, intuitive touch controls,andaction-packed gameplay create a unique combat experience fornoviceand veteran fight fans alike.TRAIN YOUR ULTIMATE FIGHTERChoose from over 70 fighters in four divisions and beginyourjourney to the top. From a Cain Velasquez takedown toGeorgesSt-Pierre’s Superman punch, each athlete boasts a unique setofspecial moves. Win bouts, unlock new opponents, earn coins,andlevel up abilities – all while building your UFC legacy.Battlethrough your career and invest in training to watch yourabilitiesskyrocket.PLAY LIVE EVENTS, EARN EXCLUSIVE REWARDSPlay some of UFC’s biggest real-world bouts through in-gameLiveEvents. Play fight cards for upcoming UFC events and earnexclusivein-game rewards. The more you play, the more rewards youearn! Riseto the top of the leaderboard and watch your payoffgrow.FIGHT YOUR WAY TO GLORYClimb the ranks and hone your striking, wrestling, andsubmissionskills along the way. With no lives or limits to how muchyou canplay, there’s always another fight just around the corner.See howyou stack up against your division’s best and earn in-gamerewardsfor dominating UFC icons in grueling Main Event matchups.Yourbattle for UFC glory starts now.Enter the Octagon and feel the fight!Important Consumer Information. This app: Requires apersistentInternet connection (network fees may apply). Requiresacceptanceof EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and UserAgreement.. Includes in-game advertising. Contains direct links totheInternet and social networking sites intended for an audienceover13.User Agreement: terms.ea.comEA may retire online features after 30 days’ notice postedon may retire online features after 30-day notice per e-mail(ifavailable) and postedon
World Soccer League 1.8.7
[Game Features]- There are around 60 national teams, 60 clubs and total of2000players.- Total of 4 modes provided: Exhibition, Cup, League,andTraining.- Real football game for you to enjoy splendid dribble andthrillingshooting!- Save and keep great image or video of each the moment.- Achievements and Global Activity are provided- Support 15 languages- Support tablet devicesHomepage: :
Madden NFL Football
KICK OFF AN ALL-NEW SEASON WITH OURBIGGESTUPDATE EVER, INCLUDING COMPETITVE TOURNAMENTS, PLAYERLEVELING,ENHANCED VISUALS, AND OUR FIRST-EVER STORY MODE.Be the G.O.A.T. in the greatest Madden NFL season yet. Become theGMof your favorite football franchise and handpick a team of starsandlegends. Train with the best as Tom Brady takes you throughhisfavorite drills and provides tips on building an unstoppableteam.Compete in Tournaments, win the Super Bowl, stay up to datewiththe real NFL, and play through the careers of currentfootballicons. It’s all here, it’s all fresh, in Madden NFL.BUILD YOUR ALL-PRO TEAMChoose your NFL franchise and take over as GM. Stack your squadwithcurrent stars and Hall of Famers, then level them up with rareSuperSkills. Complete Daily Goals to earn valuable rewards thatupgradeyour roster. Even combine cards and items you don’t need topoweryour best players, unlock new skills, and more.DOMINATE IN WEEKEND TOURNAMENTSProve yourself and rule rivals in all-new Tournaments. Earnticketswhen you go hard in challenges throughout the week – themore youget, the more chances you’ll have to compete. Climbtheleaderboards to gain bragging rights and pro rewards based onyourrank.CONNECT TO THE NFL 24/7If it happens in the NFL, you can play it in Madden NFL.Recreatebig plays, jump into real-world matchups, and follow thelatestrivalries in real time. Get notified about Live Events astheyhappen and head into the game to score big.GO FROM LONGSHOT TO LEGENDPlay as football greats as they rise from draft hopefuls toleaguelegends in Madden NFL’s first-ever story mode. Hit the linewithfresh chapters each month, delivering distinct storiesandchallenges. Make meaningful choices that determine your pathandunlock unique rewards to boost your team.Your Madden NFL season starts now!Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees mayapply).Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy andUserAgreement. Contains advertisements for EA and itspartners.Includes in-game advertising. Collects data through thirdpartyanalytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy fordetails).Collects data through third party ad serving andanalyticstechnology (See Privacy & Cookie Policy for details).Containsdirect links to the Internet and social networking sitesintendedfor an audience over 13. The app uses Google Play GameServices.Log out of Google Play Game Services before installationif youdon’t want to share your game play with friends.
Top Eleven 2018 - Be a Soccer Manager
Join over 170 million players worldwidetobecome the best soccer manager with the unbeatable excitementofTop Eleven! Build your club from scratch and control everyaspectof your team - Create your own strategies and formations andtakeon Mourinho, your friends and millions of other Top Elevenmanagerson a daily basis.Top Eleven is the most-played online soccer manager game!Beginyour journey as a soccer manager today!Name your club and build it from the ground up. In Top Elevenyouhave the opportunity to control every aspect of your club,fromtraining sessions, transfers, squad selection, formationset-ups,club finances and kit designs. In this free multi-playergame youcan join forces and compete against friends or test andimproveyour skills while playing against other managers from aroundtheglobe. Choose official jerseys and emblems from the PremierLeague,Bundesliga, MLS, the legendary Champions League and manymoresoccer leagues.There are players that have managed their clubs for over 7 yearsandhave won successive League, Cup and Champions League titles!Can youbeat them?Play Top Eleven and experience all the excitement of buildingthebest soccer club in the world from scratch★ Build and develop your stadium with allsurroundingfacilities.★ Scout & sign the best players in the livetransfermarket.★ Design your own training sessions to improve your players.★ Master your team's tactics and formations.★ Challenge other soccer managers daily in competitionsandfriendlies.★ Give your team instructions and influence the result in thebestlive-match experience for a soccer manager.★ Compete in the League, Cup and Champions League.Top Eleven is translated into 30 different languages!---For any issues or suggestions regarding the game, simply contactusat:https://nordeus.helpshift.comOur team offers support in 8 languages.Privacy Policy: of Service:
Soccer Stars 3.9.2
It’s the last minute of the game andyouropponent has the ball… but he’s lost it! What a chance to scorethewinner… you take aim, shoot… GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!With simple gameplay and great physics, Soccer Stars is easy topickup and fun to play! In true competitive style, challengeyouropponents all over the world for online table soccermatches!Compete in different tiers, from different countries! Playonlineagainst people from all over the world or against yourfriends!Login with your Facebook account and challenge your friendsto showthem what it means to be a Soccer Legend and take the cuphome! Oh,and you can also play offline against a friend in thesamedevice!You can also customize your Soccer Stars experience bycollectingthe different teams! Show off your style and defend yournation’scolors!What are you waiting for? Everyone else is already playingSoccerStars! Don’t miss out on this chance to have tons offun!KEY FEATURES:- Online and offline multiplayer game- Simple and fun gameplay- Amazing ball physics- Online tournaments against players from all over the world- Play against your friends- Collect different teams and cups
New Star Soccer
**Now over 1 million 5 Star reviews!**Welcome to New Star Soccer, “The best football game on mobileandtablets.” (Eurogamer). The soccer game acclaimed and adoredbyplayers and the gaming press en masse.You are the star of the show as you launch your soccer career asafragile 16 year old in this BAFTA award-winning, App Store#1sports RPG from New Star Games."A pristine game" 5/5 (The Sun)Build your skills, lifestyle and ride the roller-coaster of lifeasyou experience every emotion this great sport has to offer!“The perfect marriage of quick play phone game, footballmanagement,sim and RPG” (Kotaku).Manage your relationships, keeping team-mates, the coach,yourpartner and your sponsors happy as you face dilemmas andexcitingtwists along the way. Risk your earnings in the casino,exploresinister bribes and eventually retire to set a new careergamescore!Equally enjoyable as a snack game for a few minutes or anintensivefew hours, New Star Soccer will leave you entertained,amused andhungry for more, and it’s entirely free to play withoutanyrestriction!“An essential download” (Game Trailers)Over 30,000 user reviews averaging 4.7/5!!“New Star Soccer is one of the most addictive games ever”.(SundayMirror)Instinctive controls, laced with detail, entertainment,mini-games,shocks, surprises and sheer unadulterated joy, New StarSoccer is adelight from start to finish."So engrossing you'll be playing until your phone battery dies"5/5(Sunday Times)What are you waiting for? This huge, detailed football universeisyours to own. To the training ground and earn yourfirstcontract…KEY FEATURESFree to play! Hundreds of hours of entertainment atyourfingertips!Super addictive, exciting simulation of the modernfootballuniverse!Create your alter ego and make your way through the leaguestoInternational glory!Experience highs and lows, make key decisions and buildyourcelebrity lifestyle!Hire agents, trainers, learn new skills, develop your talent!Enjoy the casino, own race-horses and more besides - but keeptheboss sweet!★ Eurogamer - App of the Day - "The best football game on mobileandtablets."★ The Sun - App of the Year - "A pristine game." 5/5★ PocketGamer - Gold Award - "You'll suffer the highs and lowsofits simply presented matches with the grin of a trueaddictplastered across your face."★ Kotaku - App of the Day - "The perfect marriage of quickplayphonegame, football management sim and RPG."★ Gametrailers - App of the Day - "It's anessentialdownload."★ MSN - App of the Day - "New Star Soccer is gettingevangelisticword-of-mouth buzz from players who can't put theirphones down."5/5★ Sunday Times - "So engrossing you'll be playing until yourphonebattery dies." 5/5★ Telegraph - "It's a wonderful little game but it will eatyourlife." 4.5/5★ Modojo - "The best soccer game you'll ever play on yourmobile."4.5/5★ AllAboutTheGames - "I've spent an entire week playing NewStarSoccer." 5/5★ Sunday Mirror - "New Star Soccer is one of the mostaddictivegames ever."★ Edge - "Simon Read’s creation smartly captures the capitalism,theartistry and the sheer, glorious unpredictability of itssubject."7/10★ PCAdvisor - "Incredibly addictive andsatisfying."4.5/5★ GodIsAGeek - "It really can’t be over-estimated how brilliantNewStar Soccer is." 10/10★ MacWorld - Editor's Choice - "New Star Soccer aims fortheperfect mobile experience, and effortlessly hits the topcorner."5/5
Flick Shoot 2 1.26
THE LEGEND IS BACK!With 20+ million downloads, the best football/free kick game inthemarket is back!BIGGER, BETTER & MORE!Discover brand new Single Player modes, endless Missionsandrewarding Mini Game with countless hours of gameplay.ONLINE/MULTIPLAYER CHALLENGESPlay one on one matches in Multiplayer or join the OnlineTournamentfor the ultimate challenge against real users from allaround theworld.FOOTBALL AT ITS FINESTUnique Flick shoot control, improved 3D graphics andrealisticanimations for the best football/free kick experience.FLICK SHOOT 2, YOUR NEW ADDICTION!○ 6 different single player modes: Challenge, Arcade, Not Miss,TimeAttack, Dribbling, Practice○ Competitive Online Modes: Multiplayer & Tournament○ Dozens of customizable football/soccer players, jerseys, ballsandshoes○ Improved 3D graphics, animations, physics and Flick shootcontrolfor the best free kick experience○ Flick Shoot 2 is playable in English, French, German,Italian,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish!
Pack Opener for FUT 18 and 16 5.76
Smoq games
Open pack simulator based on Ultim. Team 18and16 cards.Open packs and collect all the cards! Find the best pack.You can open an unlimited number of packs.Ultimate FUT 18/16 version!Important! These packs are pure fantasy - there is no connectiontoyour FUT 18 and 16 club.
Stickman Football 1.7
American Football!, designed inawayyounever played it before. Be part of theaction,betheQuaterback, control your player directly.Tiredofjustchoosing moves from the playbook? Meet StickmanFootball,playanddirectly control your favorite hero ineverydetail,tackle,pass, run or trick the defenders while goingforyourfirsttouchdown!Stickman Football finally joins the well knownStickmanSportsgamecollection consisting of Stickman Soccer,StickmanSoccer2014,Stickman Tennis, Stickman Tennis 2015,StickmanBasketballandStickman Ice Hockey.Experience pure football fun with fast pacedgameplay,anastonishingatmosphere, stunning smoothanimations,simplecontrols, insaneaction and tons of replay value.Chooseyourfavorite football teamand rank up while playingvariousseasons,cups in spectacularstadiums or simple dominate in aquickgame orfuture football stylematches. You have full controloveryourplayers with manual running,passing and tacklingyouropponents.Choose your favorite footballteam from more than32differentskilled teams and lead them toglory!
• Stickman Football supports MOGA and other iOS7MFigamecontrollers
• From the makers of various top hits likeStickmanSoccer,StickmanBasketball, Stickman Downhill, Stick StuntBiker,StickmanTennis,Stickman Cliff Diving, Stickman BaseJumper,Rope'n'Flyandmore...
Features• Bone-breaking tackling action• Selectable tactics: short or long passes,running,punt,fieldgoals, …• Quick game and tutorial mode with football rulesexplainedbyyourcoach.• Different season modes: Short Season, LongSeason,TheBowl,Djinnworks Cup, North-West Cup, South-EastCup,Top8Tournament• Bonus Future Football game• 32 football teams to choose from• Various stadiums and configurable game time• 4 difficulty levels for longterm motivation(easy,medium,hard,pro)• Simple yet powerful touch controls with timing control• Match statistics• Smooth animations with 60 frames per second• Compete with your friends with theintegratedworldrankingleaderboard• Various achievements to unlock• MOGA and MFI Game Controller support• Pure football action!

Take a look at the StickmanFootballTrailer: free to post your ideas, we will try to implement themassoonaspossible
Thank you very much for all your support and interest inourgames!Wewould love to hear your suggestions!
Football Heroes PRO 2016 1.5
Run Games
NOW FEATURING: ONLINE LEAGUES!!!Football Heroes and the NFL Players Association are back forawhole new season of the hardest hitting arcade football game intheuniverse - Football Heroes PRO 2016. Take control of all theactionon the gridiron and fight your way to the end zone usingskill,strategy and special moves to smash the competition, level upandbring home the win. Draft your favorite players to buildtheultimate football team by selecting from more than 1,800 activeNFLPlayers. Football will never be the same again!"The Return Of Arcade Football" - Game Informer“Football Heroes is without question the best Americansportsportrayal on the app store.” - Touch Arcade2015 - 2016 NFL PLAYERS> Choose from over 1,800+ active NFL Players, including the2015Rookies. Each player has their own special abilities,attributesand player photo.ONLINE LEAGUE MODE> Take on players from all over the world in asynchronousonlinemultiplayer! Join a league and rank up to become the LeagueLegend.Win rewards that include player decks, coins and muchmore!FULL CONTROL> Simple touchscreen controls let you control ALL the actiononthe field: run, pass, spin and tackle -- all at the touch ofyourfingertips.CHALLENGING GAME MODES> Game modes that will keep you coming back for more: 2015CupMode & NEW 2016 Cup Mode, Quick Match, Sudden Death,CoinBattle and NEW League Mode!MULTIPLAYER> Play head-to-head over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.LEVEL UP> Level up your players’ abilities by catching passes,makingtackles and scoring touchdowns.MANAGE YOUR TEAM> Collect your favorite NFL Players and add them to yourstartingroster.CUSTOMIZE> Customize your team - upload a logo, customize teamcolors,city and team name.COLLECT> Collect your favorite NFL Players, each with their ownuniqueabilities.> Collect rare cards with custom art.INCREDIBLE SUPER MOVES> Over 80 incredible super moves including 40+ ALL-NEW Movessuchas Fumble Tackle, Anti Counter, Power Push, Distraction andtonsmore!> NEW Auto Perks - These perks will get you out of dangerwithoutthe press of a perk button. Auto Speed Boost, Auto Spin,Auto SuperBlock and Auto Big Push are just a few of these powerfulnewperks.CROSS-DEVICE PLAY> Cross-device syncing: play with the same team onyoursmartphone or tablet.FREE TO PLAY> No paywalls or timers.This app offers in-app purchases. You may restrictin-apppurchasing using your device settings.Already a fan of Football Heroes? Like us on Facebook andfollowus on Twitter: technical issues or if you require supportpleaseemail:[email protected]© 2015 Run Games LLC. All rights reserved.© 2015 NFL Players Incorporated. All rights reserved.Football Heroes® is a registered trademark of Run Games LLC.AllRights Reserved.This product includes software developed by the OpenSSLProjectfor use in the OpenSSL Toolkit.( product includes cryptographic software written byEricYoung ([email protected]).
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 Companion
This app requires an EA Account and FIFA16,available on Xbox One, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3,orPC. To use the FIFA Ultimate Team features, you must have aFUTClub.Updated for FIFA 16! Keep the world of football close athandwith the EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 Companion App! Manage your FUTClubanytime, anywhere.Features and great new additions include:• An all new look and feel for FIFA 16• FUT Draft: Build a squad from a draw of random players in ournewmode. Draft your squad on mobile, and play on console!• View TOTW Squad Previews and History• Manage your Squads and Club Items• Purchase Packs in the FUT Store• Stay in touch with your friends with EA SPORTS™FootballClubGetting Started with FUT:1. Create a FUT Club in FIFA 162. Setup a FUT Security Question the second time you login to FUTonyour Console or PC3. Login to the EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 16 Companion App and taptheUltimate Team™ tileThis app is available in English, French, Italian,German,Spanish, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese.Important Consumer Information: This app requires apersistentInternet connection (network fees may apply); requiresacceptanceof EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA;collects datathrough third party analytics technology (see Privacy& CookiePolicy for details), and requires FIFA 16 for the XboxOne, Xbox360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC and an EA Accountto play- you must meet applicable age requirements to obtainanaccount.Terms of Service: http://terms.ea.comPrivacy and Cookie Policy: http://privacy.ea.comGame EULA: for assistanceorinquiries.EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’noticeposted on
Puppet Soccer Football 2015 1.1.1
Spil Games
⚽ FOOTBALL GAME OF THE YEAR 2015 ⚽Do you think you have what it takes to take on theultimatechampions of the football field? Lace up your boots andpull yourshirt on, because this game was made for you! Jump in andplay asand against your favorite soccer stars of 2015 that you’veseen onsports tv. That’s what Puppet Soccer Champions 2015 isallabout.This funny and addictive soccer game includes:⚽ Over 30 soccer sock puppet teams⚽ More than 90 cartoon hand puppets of famous soccer heroes withbigheads⚽ Life-like soccer physics with jumping, hopping, and bouncingthesoccer ball to your opponent’s goal⚽ Climb to the top of the league season of 2015 withachievementsand highscores⚽ Smooth and easy to learn controls⚽ A silly and hilarious split-screen multiplayer mode fortwoplayers on the same device⚽ Over eleven hours of gameplayPick your team, play as your favorite soccer idol – or in thiscasedoll, and take on the world! Kick the ball or dribble, shoot,andfoul—it’s all here. Play in single player mode or team up withtwoplayers.What else is there to expect? Unlock power-ups to spread slime,iceand gum onto the field, making it difficult for your opponents,butbeware, they can do the same to you! With such a wide selectionofsoccer celebrities, you can choose from Robin van PersiefromManchester, Luis, Suarez, Pirlo, Shakiri, Modric, Rooney,Zlatan,Neymar, Gerrard, Eto, Pirlo, Buffon, Kahn, Lampard, Iniesta,Tevez,Ribery, Roben, Villa, Puyol, Figo or Fellaini! Don’tworry—yoursoccer success unlocks new stars and skills, and you’llsoon beable to pick your perfect puppet player!Change the control layout to suit your play style to giveyourplayer the best chance of victory. Practice tricks and kickstomake yourself a soccer puppet master of the soccer league!Playstriker, goalkeeper, defense, and midfield all at thesametime.Travel to all the real locations: Manchester, Donetsk,Madrid,Istanbul, Turin, Paris, Lisboa, Munich, Manchester, Pilsen,Moscow,Chelsea, Basel, Dortmund, London, Napoli, Marseille, Madrid,Porto,Wien, Barcelona, and Milan.Be the best, just like the legendary players: Ronaldinho,Pele,Beckham, Zidane-Zizou, Edgar Davids or Beckenbauer. All youneed isskill and the touch your fingers!
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Gamebasics BV
Do you want to be the manager of yourfavoritefootball team? Online Soccer Manager (OSM) offers you thatchance!This free-to-play game is completely renewed and containsallfootball competitions and clubs from all over the world.Choose your club and manage everything: line-up, tactics,training,transfers and more!• Over 5 million players worldwide!• Play with your friends in the same competition!• Solid 4.4+ star review in the Play Store for many years!• Download and play for free!OSM is an addictive football management game, which allows youtoact like the real manager of your favorite team. You are inchargeof deciding the line-up, the buying and selling of players,thetraining and many other aspects.Need a new striker? Send your scout to Spain!Your pitch is not good enough? Upgrade your field andstadium!Player suspended? Let your lawyer appeal the sentence!After you managed everything at the club, once a day a matchissimulated. It is up to you to prepare your team as goodaspossible, and make sure the results are good and stay good.Andwhat is more fun than comparing your soccer skills withyourfriends?What’s new in this version of OSM?• Official licenses of many clubs and competitions!• Design got a big upgrade!• New features, like the Business Club and Special Offers• Easier than ever to play with your friends!• More addictive than ever before!PLEASE NOTEThis is a one season game. At the end of the season you can selectanew team for the next one. This way you're able to manage a lotofdifferent teams over time, which is really awesome! You canmanage alot of different teams over time, which makes the gamemorechallenging, more varied and more up-to-date compared tootherfootball management games like. All your results will bestored inyour profile.When installing this app, we will ask you for permission toreceiveand send text messages. This is ONLY used when you decide touse anin-app payment option.You might wonder if this football game is really free. Well itis!You can play Online Soccer Manager for free as long as you want.Sodon't hesitate and install OSM now!The language in OSM is automatically set depending on thelanguagesettings on your device.