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Peekaboo! Baby Smart Games for Kids! Learn animals
Need children learning games for 3yearolds? Little forest animals and birds for kids with soundsinspeech games, sound games for kids. Smart games for kids forfreehere👶 These apps for kids ages 2 will introduce to different objectsandanimals sounds for kids. It will help your child to developmemory,comprehension & fine motor skills and increase theirattentionspan. Your child should be able to determine who ishiding in thehouse by the sound that comes from it.🐶🐰🦁 If you peek into the house you'll find out who lives there,andyou'll get to know each character more closely. After playingshortattention games and sound games for kids the little ones willlearnwhat sound each character makes.Your smart kids will know that a cow says "Moo", a roostersings"Cock-a-doodle-doo", cars go "Beep, beep" and clocks go"Tick-tock"with these funny attention games!“Peekaboo! Baby Smart Games for Kids! Learn animals”consistsof amazing kindergarten games and sound games for kids.Very cutecharacters such as wild and domestic animals for kids,toys and carswill help you to learn animals names and sounds forchildren andalso cars. It's inspiring and educational at thesametime!KEY FEATURES of the “Peekaboo! Baby Smart Games for Kidsforfree! Learn animals”:🐶 60 animated wild and domestic animals for kids🐱 7 different topics in educational games forkidskindergarten🐰 speech games for children 3 and under which develop finemotorskills🦊 attention games develops cognitive thinking and memories🐯 animals sounds for kids in kindergarten games🦁 easy to use interface of child games below 3 years🐵 children learning games for 3 year olds havesmashingillustrations and animations🐥 free learning games for kids in kindergarten haveparentalcontrol🦆 jungle animals games for kids: little forest animals and birdsforkids with sounds🦉 no third-party advertisingDomestic and jungle animals games for kids is awonderfulopportunity to introduce little one to the world throughan arrayof fun and entertaining learn animals names and soundsforchildren!About MAGE:These baby interactive apps for kids ages 2 have been createdbyMAGE, a software company which develops toddlers games for 3yearold and educational games for kids kindergarten, interactivebooksand nursery rhymes for young children and toddlers.Our games for children 3 and under are distinguished by highqualitycontent with particular attention to design. The simpleanduser-friendly interfaces of our smart kids games lite havebeenespecially created for little ones. The purpose of all ourgamesfor children 3 and under is aimed for your child'sall-rounddevelopment.With child games below 3 years your kid will learn thealphabet,letters, numbers and phonics. Baby interactive apps forkids ages 2help toddlers to develop memory, attention span, finemotor skills,vocabulary and speech, as well as other basicskills.As a company we strive to make our smart kids games litepractical,instilling a desire for knowledge, interest in readingandstudying. Our child games below 3 years and toddlers games for3year old contain no third party advertising and comply withthestandards of “Designed For Family”.
Monster Trucks Game for Kids 2 2.4.3
Raz Games
If your kids love all things monstertrucks,Then they will love this game! Monster Trucks racing gamefor youngkids and toddlers!Designed for young Children and toddlers between ages 2 to 8yearsold, Simple controls to drive the monster trucks along thecourse.the truck never flips ensuring your child always gets to thefinishline!Race against other trucks, Which slow down when they are ahead,togive your child the best chance of winning each race!Fun big buttons to Jump, Beep the horn and change the musictrackfor lots of fun sounds.Crush the cars along the course with the monster machines,Collectstars, Fireworks and balloon popping are at the end of eachlevelto give more excitement to the kids playing.There is 4 mini games included.Balloon PopMemory CardsPuzzlesColoring pagesWith 15 cool looking monster trucks across 42 levels toblazeacross, will create hours of fun for your toddlers.Monster Trucks Kids Game helps your child understand theeducationalmechanics of using mobile and tablet devices. withpuzzles, memorycard and heaps of fun racing action.Features:* 15 Monster Trucks to choose from* 42 Levels to play* Fun Cartoon HD graphics* 5 different kids music sound tracks for the child toswitchbetween.* Cute Monster trucks, engines, horns + much morevibrantsounds* Balloon pop game & Fireworks at the end of each race.* Mini Games such as Puzzles, Coloring pages, Memory Cards&Balloon Pop+ much more.Privacy Information:As parents ourselves, Razmobi takes children's privacyandprotection very seriously. We do not collect any personaldata.This app does contain advertising as that allows us to giveyou thegame for free – ads are carefully placed so kids are leastlikelyto accidentally click on them. and ads get removed on theactualrace screen. This app includes the option for adults tounlock orbuy additional in-game items with real money to enhancegame playand removing ads. You may disable in-app purchases byadjustingyour device settings.If you're having any problems with this app, or would likeanyupdates/enhancements, feel free to contact [email protected] We would love to hear from you as wearecommitted to updating all our games and apps for the bestpossibleuser experience.
Baby puzzles 5.2
Try out this fun educational learningbabiesjigsaw game with your little ones. Babies andtoddlerswill enjoy playing our baby game for a long time. Helpthe babylearn the animals, numbers, alphabet, fruits,transportation,professions, emotions, colors and musicalinstruments.- Keep babies entertained with interactive sound effects- The game is adapted to be handled easily.- It's specifically designed as an educational tool interfaceforbabies and up.・Suitable for right brain exercise, the graphics activatetheright brain. Improve the brain´s observation skills,cognitiveability, concentration, memory, creativity andimagination.・Improve the response speed and the coordination of thebrainand the body. Exercise visual ability to observe thedynamicobjects.・Simple and convenient, easy to operate. Suitableforchildren, the elderly, and their families and friends toplaytogether.・Improve level of education
Learning Colors for Kids: Toddler Educational Game 0.3.9
Our new educational games for kids“LearnColors for Kids & Babies” are an opportunity for parentsto gettheir little children acquainted with basic colors fortoddlers ina playful manner.The main advantages of the colors games:- Learning colors: red, green, yellow, blue, pink, purple,white,black, brown, orange, gray. This is the basic palette ofcolorsthat every child should know by the age of 5 years old.- Learning colours in several widespread languages:English,Spanish, Russian and some others. Multilingual study ofcolors isuseful for those children who plan to study foreignlanguages inthe kindergarten and/or at school.- Playing colors games your baby will broaden his or hervocabularyand expand horizon, as our color games include a lot ofnew objectsand words.- Our learning colours games for kids consist of 4 minieducationalgames for kids kindergarten. Playing these colors gamesfor kidsallows to play colors and learn colors name properly. Thecoloursgames for kids also provide baby coloring games.- You can download color games for toddlers for free. Colorgamesfor kids free help save family budget without compromisingqualityof baby’s education.- Our baby color games train fine motor skills,memory,attentiveness, perseverance, curiosity and other skills thatwillhelp your child learn better at school in the future.The baby colour games can be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2 to learn colorstoddlerfree- learning games for toddlers age 3 for learning colors fortoddlersfree- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid for learning colors forkidsfreeHow to play our colours games:Colors for kids learn is arranged in the following way. On themainscreen of the colors and shapes for kids app free preschoolthereis an oak of knowledge, its branches are swaying in thewind,exotic butterflies are fluttering around. There are circles ontheoak branches behind which colors for kids are sheltering. Ourcolorgames for babies provide a choice of how to learn colors -eitherplaying educational games for kids nursery separately (inthis casecolor games for kids have endless cycle), or entering thebigcircle with an image of a book where learning games for kidswillchange each other automatically.Now a few words about shapes and colors games for kids thankstowhich it’s possible to learn colors for children easilyandquickly.1 Coloring for kids. The coloring for toddlers free provided bythisbaby learning apps allows to paint objects in one touch. Yourbabysees a certain color and 3 items for everyday life whichusually arepainted in this color. Following the logic of thechildren gamesfree the baby clicks every object and it becomespainted in theabove-mentioned color. Animals become animated inorder to show yourchild the difference between the living andnonliving2 In the second baby learning games we study shapes and colorsfortoddlers with the help of 3 contours of ships painted indifferentcolors. Your baby sees an unpainted ship with a learntanimalonboard. The child is to recollect what color the animalshould beand to pull the ship into the corresponding contour3 In the third part of the children learning free apps wecontinueto study colors with water transport, this time it’s aboat. Thekid sees three differently colored berths. At the bottomof thescreen there is a boat with a certain animal. It is necessarytotrack the boat to the berth corresponding to the color oftheanimal seated in the boat4 In the last game your toddler will see an apple tree withapplesof different colors. One of the animals learnt before comesup tothe apple tree. The kid should feed the animal with an appleof thesame color as the animal is.All the games learning and consolidating knowledge of colorsweredeveloped in cooperation with children's educatorsandpsychologists. Your kid will definitely like to study colors inthenew format that our application offers
Drawing for Kids Learning Games for Toddlers age 2
Bini Bambini
Create animals that come to life inourdrawing games for kids! Painting games for kids with learninggamesfor kindergarten! Educational games for kids kindergartenneverwere so lively!🦋🐶Your child will learn to draw cute characters in a fun andplayfulmanner.The intricate combination of animations and drawings makes thisappsimply unique!🎨 Kids drawing games for free is an app whichgiveslittle children a wonderful opportunity to create and explorethecreative process of visual art.🤗 In kids drawing apps for free your little painter drawingcharmingcharacters such a butterfly, a frog, a car and many otherobjects.Every character comes to life after you finish drawing it.It's likemagic! Not many learning games for kindergarten havethisfeature!The butterfly happily flaps its wings, the hedgehog rolls intoaball, the rocket flies into space, and the frog is jumpingmerrilyaround… It’s unique for all fun drawing apps for free.Even the youngest toddler drawing all the characterseasily.Delightful sound effects as well as fun animations willbring lotsof joy to the little artists!“Drawing for Kids Learning Games for Toddlers age 2”:• 30 charming characters for toddler drawing games• Kids paint free in toddler games free for 2 year olds• Trace the lines and learn to draw kids drawing andcolouringapp• More than 100 fun animations and sounds• Developing fine motor skills and step by step drawingwithpainting for kids• Simple and easy interface of drawing apps free forpreschoolersfrom 3 to 4 years old• Amusing characters with lots of animation and interaction• Preschool and kindergarten games for kids download for free• Develop pre-writing skills• Fun sound effects in painting games for kids• Develop creativity coloring for kids• Amazing graphics for kids• Drawing app for kids from 2 to 5 years old• Possibility to save your drawings• Basic skills: attention, memory and thinking• Parental control• No third-party advertising (kids paint free!)Develop your child's creativity, fine motor skills andimagination.The most important thing is that drawing will turn intofun andintriguing process which will bring a lot of joy anddiscoveries toyour draw kids. It’s like magic!Сreate animals that come to life in coloring games for kids!🌟About BINI BAMBINI:🌟These coloring games for kids have been created by Bini Bambini,asoftware company which develops fun learning apps andinteractivelearning games for toddlers 2 years ol.Our kindergarten and preschool apps are distinguished byhighquality content with particular attention to design. The simpleanduser-friendly interfaces of our apps have been especiallycreatedfor little ones. The purpose of all our apps is aimed foryourchild's all-round development.As a company we strive to make our apps practical, instillingadesire for knowledge, interest in reading and studying. Ourappscontain no third party advertising and comply with thestandards of“Designed For Family”.With our learning games for kids learn the alphabet,letters,numbers and phonics. Games for toddlers 2 years o helppreschoolersto develop memory, attention span, vocabulary andspeech, as wellas other basic skills. Children are exposed towriting and countingthrough building puzzles, doing simple math,kids drawing gamesfree. Color book for kids.We’re very happy that from the great number of the apps youchooseexactly our app! We’re proud to have got Editors choiceandrecognition for our apps!👪
Baby Phone for Toddlers - Numbers, Animals, Music 1.0.28
“Baby Phone for Toddlers” is one ofoureducational games for kindergarteners which entertains babiesandand helps them learn numbers, animals for toddlers andanimalssounds for baby. Playing baby animal phone your toddler willtrainfine motor skills and develop various mental activities suchasmemory, logics and attentiveness. Our toy phone for kids withalively and colorful interface is suitable for little kids from1year old.Killer features of our baby phone app free:• Playing this baby first play phone your kid can exploredifferentanimals for kids. Your child can check the appearance ofanimals byfunny pictures with their images. In the phone book ofour babytelephone your kid will find a horse, a goat, a dog, a cat, achicken, a goose, a rooster, a mouse, a cow, a pig andasheep.• Learn animal sounds with the help of our baby phone withanimals.There is an ability to pretend phone calls for kids - themostinteresting and exciting part of the game when your baby callsacertain animal and it answers with animals voice! Moreover,fromtime to time kids phone calls your baby. Answering these callsinthe children phone your baby will be delighted to hear gruntingofa pig or growling of a tiger.• Learning numbers for preschoolers. Playing baby toy phoneyourtoddler will visually and interactively study 123 for kids: 0,1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Our toddler phone suggests to pressacertain combination of numbers to call a certain animal.• Playing baby phone numbers and animals your kid willdeveloplogical thinking, attention span and memory. With the helpof ourtoddler phone app your baby will recognize animals by theirsoundsand voices, while pushing the buttons of our baby mobilephonetrains motor skills.• Our baby phone kids game is actually the first kids baby phoneinthe life of your young child. Our baby phone number animal canbecalled a baby mode for your phone. The child will quickly learnhowto use the baby cell phone, so you can buy a real phone, not atoyphone games, in the future. Thanks to our real phone calls forkidsfree app your kid will even learn to use a recorder, recordingandlistening to his important conversations with animals.• Our kids phone games are available in 17 languagesincludingEnglish, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese,Italian,Chinese, Dutch, Israeli, Indonesian, Arab, Japanese,Polish,Turkish And Vietnamese.• Like in many educational games for kids nursery there arecatchysongs, music and rhymes in our baby phone kids. Your babywill loveto play our toy phone for babies.• Our kids phone app will provide at least 20 minutes ofdistractionfor your toddler while he or she play phone for kidscall.• Our babyphone stands out among other kids toy phone learninggamesand baby animal games as a really simple, fun andinteractivegame.• You can download and play phone for kids for free.Our baby telephone games can be recommended as educational gamesforkids kindergarten, namely:- educational games for 1 year old;- learning games for toddlers age 2 (toddler games free for 2yearolds);- educational games for 3 year olds (learning games for toddlersage3);- educational games for 4 year olds (educational games for kidsbabyphone 3 4 years);- educational games for 5 year olds.How to play our phone games for kids:First of all, you should download our phone for kids all in oneandchoose the language of the game. There are three modes ofplaying:1) animal mode, which is animal learning games, where yourtoddlerwill hear various animal voices upon pushing the buttons;2)numbers mode, which is baby phone games for babies with numbers,-pressing the buttons your kid will hear the names of numbersfortoddlers free from 0 to 9 in the chosen language; 3) music modeinwhich different musical sounds will be heard. The gameisautomatically programmed to send text messages and calls toyourphone so that your kid can answer them.
Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.3.6
New educational mini-games with Moonzy(Luntik)and his friends!This game contains 9 educational mini-games for kids:1 - Connect the DotsOn the screen shows one of the funny heroes of cartoon Moonzyandhis friends and disappears, a child needs to cut around theimage,connect all stars. When the task is done - you will see anewpicture with Luntik and his friends.2 - ColoringFor some time, appears a coloring cartoon hero and thenhedisappeared all colors. You need to coloring the Luntikcartoonhero as he was coloring before. If in the course of the gameyouhave any difficulty, use the hint, for this click thebutton"?"3 - Mixing colorsMoonzy have bucket of paint, help him to create the exactsamecolor. You must mixing colors. Add additional paint in anemptybucket, mixing colors and see what color you get.Fascinatingeducational mini-game for kids in which the child learnsby mixingdifferent colors to create the desired color.4 - PairsThe classic game of "Pairs". Game rules are very simple: onthescreen shows all pictures for a while and then the picturesappearflipped, your task is to look for a pair of images, whentheyopened two identical pictures - they disappear. And so itisnecessary to find all pairs. With each level ofcomplexityincreases. Try our pairs with funny Luntik.5 - MosaicThe screen shows image and disappears. The kids must repeatthepattern, put it out of colored mosaics. For tips, click onthebutton "?"6 - Picture scratchGame for the youngest - picture scratch. On the hidden image, toseewhat is shown in the picture - it is necessary to scratch thelayerthat hides it.7 - Puzzles "Association"Logic game for children from 2 years. In this game the child mustbeproperly decomposed images into place using associativeintuition.Available 3 types of games: decomposed images by color,by patternsor figures. The game is very interesting, although itis moredifficult than others.8 - 3D Puzzles.Collect exciting 3D puzzles that consist of 3D blocks. Rotatetheblocks in different directions so as to obtain thedesiredpicture.9 - Merry tunes.Musical games for kids. In this mini game you need to collecttheclassic tunes from the smaller segments. On the playing fieldofthe tunes are arranged. Listen to each part separately andassemblethe famous tune.At the beginning of the game is available 3 mini-games, foreachcompleted assignment you get 10 coins. To open the 4 gameshouldgather up 100 coins, 5 - 150 Coins, 6 - 200 coins, 7 - 300coinsetc.All mini-games contain a lot of funny heroes of cartoon Moonzyandhis friends. Cheerful atmosphere and good mood you and yourchildare provided.Enjoy the new game "Moonzy. Kids mini-games"
Game for kids and children 1.9.1
An amazing trip of fly trainy presentsthefeelings of joy and happiness to your child, which followsbybright emotions and incredible impressions.This game will attract the attention of children, developingtheirthinking, concentration, diligence and fine motorskills.In the beginning you should seat all the passengers into the vanoffly trainy and only then the train begins the trip. Your kidwillbe able to lead the train flying far above the clouds!Along the way your kiddy faces all the letters of theENGLISHalphabet, and a lot of other things: a giant ice cream, aflyingwhirl, a rainbow, rainy cloud and another! The main idea isquiteeasy – to come across all the items and observe whathappens.Happy train is developed for children of all the ages forleavingEnglish. For children at the age of 2 - 7 years it would bereallyvery interesting and your kid will never be bored playing thegamesof our company.
Coloring pages - drawing 1.0.26
Kids coloring pages are games for girlsandgames for boys of all ages, from the smallest to theolderchildren, which help to broaden their horizons, give an ideaof​​the world around them, make them observant and attentive,developtheir imagination.Coloring for kids give a unique opportunity for your kids totrythemselves in another form of children's creativity - thisisdrawing.Educational games, such as coloring pages, help kids from earlyonto learn to identify the main and characteristic featuresofobjects, their color, size and shape, distinguish themandestablish the simplest relationships between objects, anddevelopsmall motor skills, attention, memory, logical thinking Andcolorperception.Coloring allows the child to create his own unique and uniqueworld.When a child draws or paints a picture, he reveals hisinnercreative potential.When your child plays in coloring games, he begins toactivelyexplore the world, to explore everything that is happeningaround,therefore they occupy the most important place in thedevelopmentand life of the child.Coloring pages for kids is a great game for every child, whichgivesan opportunity to learn how to fun to draw various objectsandlandscapes, cute and funny little animals. But the main thingthatgives coloring pages for kids is the ability to create andpaintyour favorite pictures over and over again, change colors andleavethe most beautiful option. Such an occupation will nevergetbored.Coloring sheets will take the child for a long time and helpyouwith the kid fun, exciting and with great benefit to spendyourfree time.That's why we create educational games and other applicationsthathelp them to know the world around them, reveal their potentialandcreativity.You need only download coloring games for kids and startcreatingyour first artistic masterpiece.----------------------Be sure to visit our website at and alsoweat:Youtube:
Learn Colors for Toddlers - Kids Educational Game
Learning Colors for Toddlers is one of ourbesteducational games for kids in which your baby playfullylearnseleven colors for kids and paints coloring books. Learningcolorswith the help of baby color games is perfect for toddlersfrom 2 to5 years old.Why download our kids coloring games:1) Your kid learns 11 colors - red, yellow, blue, green,orange,purple (or violet), brown, pink, black, white and graywhileplaying the colors games;2) Learning colors for toddlers free is available in 20languagessuch as English, Spanish, Russian and many others. It’sreally coolthat your baby can learn colors name of colors fortoddlers in somany languages!3) Playing colors games for kids your preschooler getsacquaintedwith many new items and words. Learning colours games forkidsbroadens your baby’s horizon and enriches his orhervocabulary;4) Our colours games consist of 4 levels. The first stageislearning colours and remembering. The second and the thirdstagesare 2 color games to fix the received knowledge. The fourthstageis colours games for kids to apply the knowledge of colorsforbabies;5) Coloring for kids is one the most favourite occupations soweadded 10 fun pictures in color games for kids. Thesecoloringsadded to the baby colour games will be interesting forboth littleboys and girls;6) You can download coloring for toddlers free. Paint andcolorgames for kids free will save your family budgetwithoutcompromising quality. Apps with learning colors for kidsfree arean excellent way to entertain and educate your baby.Learning games for kids installed on a smartphone or a tabletarejust must-haves for modern parents. Such children learningfreeapps like baby coloring games can be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2,- learning games for toddlers age 3,- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid and educational gamesforkids kindergarten.How to play our color games for toddlers for free:- Learn colors toddler free. The “Submarine” door is forcolorstudy. Upon opening it, your baby will be showed one of thecolorsfor children, along with its name being pronounced.Then,one-by-one, the learn colors games reveal 3 illustrativepicturesto match the colors for kids learn. For example, lemon,sun, andchicken illustrate the yellow paint, on of basic colors.The childwill be amused by the bright cartoonish pictures that makethe babylearning games highly entertaining.- Test knowledge of preschool colors. The “Wood” door hidesmatchingcolor games for kids. Come in the educational games forkids nurseryto check the color recognition skills of your toddler.The child hasto match colors in the color games for babies: eachof the 3 paintedwindows to the frame of similar color. It’s likeplaying with colorflashcards in the color learning games forkids.- Colors play - set all in rockets. Under the plane doorofeducational games for kindergartenersis a rocket station. There are 3 differently coloredspaceshipswaiting to be filled with passengers and launched in thecoloursgames for kids. The task of these color games for kids freeis tomatch colors flashcards and rockets.- Painting and coloring games. Under the space door is acoloringgame with 10 pictures behind illuminators. Choose anilluminator,touch the palette and start to draw your masterpiece.The paletteoffers red, blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown,gray, greenand white paints. These mini games are similar to suchbabylearning apps like drawing games for kids withcoloringbooks.There are often troubles identifying and naming colors fortoddlers.These learning games for toddlers allows to teach yourpreschoolercolors and also to correlate them with differentobjects. If you arelooking for drawing games for kids andeducational games forkindergarten then download our games forkids. Games like matchingcolors will be very useful as preschoolactivities!
Sounds for Toddlers FREE 1.7.1
With „Sounds for Toddlers“ your childcaneasily learn the sounds of various things like animals,vehicles(car, ship, plane), music instruments and tools. Intuitivegesturecontrols make for a simple handling - so there's more timefor thefun and a little bit of learning. „Sounds for Toddlers“ isaeducational game for kids from 2 years and it is✓ FREE✓ NO ADS✓ FOR THE WHOLE FAMILYFEATURES=========★ 65 items65 carefully designed and colorful pictures in 5 categoriesraiseyour childs curiosity and the joy of discovery.▶ Farm: Frog, Cat, Rooster, Cow, Dog, Fox, Horse, Mouse,Pig,Sheep, Duck, Bee, Donkey, Fish and Rabbit.▶ Wild Creatures: Lion, Tiger, Seal, Owl, Bear, Penguin,Monkey,Hippo, Elephant, Reindeer, Zebra, Panda, Koala, RhinoandSnake.▶ Tools: Hammer, Anvil, Electric drill, Scissors,Pencil,Boxcutter, Axe, Screwdriver, Shovel, Saw▶ Vehicles: Tractor, Airplane, Bicycle, Off-road vehicle, Hotairballoon, Bus, Cruise ship, Dump truck, Helicopter, Moped,Rocket,Submarine, Train, Truck, Motorbike▶ Instruments: Trumpet, Guitar, Drum kit, Violin,Electricguitar, Drum, Maracas, Bongo drum, Electronickeyboard,Xylophone★ 250+ SoundsThe sounds play by a simple tap. Some items even have morethanone sound. That gives your child exploration capabilities rightathis fingertips.★ Easy controlsSwipe and tap - it's that simple! So no hassle stops thefun.CONTACT & FEEDBACK===================„Sounds for Toddlers“ will be continually enhanced withexcitingfeatures. Stay tuned!Do you have any wishes, suggestions or critique?► Send us an e-mail to [email protected] or visitourwebsite.ATTRIBUTIONS============Please visit
Baby Zoo Piano with Music for Toddlers and Kids 1.0.21
Baby Zoo Piano for Toddlers is anexcellententertaining and educational music game for little kids.Our babypiano is aimed to develop an ear for music, learn animalsfor kidsand animal voices for kids as well as learn music notesforkids.There are a lot of xylophone games and other musical games forkidswith different music instruments for kids, but our pianoforchildren stands out. Here are some reasons for that:- Our piano app for baby presents 3 types of clavier, each having8colorful baby piano tiles which correspond with certainmusicalnotes:1) A classic clavier of kids animal piano with just names ofkidspiano tiles and notes.2) The second clavier of kid piano games - an octet ofsingingcats.3) And the third clavier of kids piano with a mike forsingingcontains domestic animals (so called kids animal pianofree)introducing animal sounds for babies.So your baby can take different piano lessons for kids withinonefun piano for kids and learn to play piano for kids.- Our toddler piano acquaints kids with a number of domesticanimalsand also with animal voices for kids. These animalsinclude: a cat,a dog, a donkey, a wolf, a duck, a cow, a goat anda parrot. So akid not only learns different music instruments suchas my babypiano or baby xylophone but also animals and how they“talk”.- Our children piano contributes greatly to the development offinemotor skills, imagination and memory. Such piano games forbabiesdevelop an ear for music as well.- Music for kids: kids piano melodies are included, as well asarecord and play back feature. It means that a baby can createhisor her own melody, record it and play back to show themasterpieceto parents.- Our kids piano games have a very clear and intuitive interfacesoeven the youngest children will not have the slightestdifficultyto understand how to play the children piano game.- You can download all our children educational apps forfree.Toddler piano free will save family budget and providevaluableeducation of high quality for a baby.Piano for baby, one of our children learning free apps, canberecommended as:- learning apps for toddlers ages 1 to 2;- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid;- learning games for kids 5 years of age.How to play piano for babies:1) Start the kid piano and choose one of 3 bubbles (behindwhichmini educational games for kids nursery hide) on the mainscreenleading to 3 different claviers.2) Upon going through the pink bubble, a child will seeaneight-keyed piano in rainbow colors. The ordinary tones of ourbabyentertainer produced by each key are clear and distinct,rangingfrom Do to Do. The names of notes are indicated above thekeyboardof educational games for kids kindergarten to know how theyarespelled. The mid-day blue sky and a tree branch with a coupleofflying bees as the background, there and everywhere createanengaging atmosphere like in any other our learning gamesforkindergarteners.3) The green bubble will bring a kid to a fence with a bunchofcats. To play xylophone and piano for kids, touch one bottomplankfor the cat to jump and go meow. The kitties of the babypianogames are distinguished not only by tonality; each cat ofpianogames for kids for free has its own emotions, body type andcoatpattern.4) The instrument behind the yellow bubble of the educationalappsfor toddlers is topped with a range of animals. Swiping acrosstherow of keys of baby games piano will deliver a cacophonyofdiscordant animal voices, which can however be harmonizedbyturning on the demo melody.Piano games free for kids are suitable for both boys and girls.Theeducational apps for kids kindergarten combines entertainmentandeducation components, allowing a child to learn basics ofthemusical art in a playful manner while playing music games freeonpiano for kids.
Puzzler for kids 1.1.17
This is a cool learning game for you!Solvesome puzzles and have a lot of fun! Suitable forkindergarteners,preschoolers, and elementary school children.Download this gamefor Kids and get a little bit jigty!
Touch games for kids free 1.27
★★★ Great games for kids on the phoneortablet. ★★★The name speaks for itself. It's a lot of interestingeducationalgames for young kids today who love to touch alltheirhandles.Parents play with their children as a family. Themselvesinventstories and quests. For example, to tear off the petals ofacertain color.★★★ Develop memory, learn colors, better coordination ofmovementand reaction, teach notes and improve an ear for music,learn tocount, learn shapes, playing fishing games, plants games,puzzlegames, animal games, bubble games and other! ★★★Features:♥ A variety of games for kids rooms♥ Intuitive icons and navigation for easy kids games♥ All objects behave very realistic, lifelike♥ bright animated graphics, relaxing music and nature sounds♥ No domestic purchasesWe take care about the convenience of making intuitiveoperationwithout cumbersome menus of many tools and settings thatallowschildren to play without adult. While your kids are playing,youwill have additional free time.Touch Games For Kids free includes games for girls and gamesforboys and appeal to both young kids and teenagers.The game is constantly being improved and updated withnewfeatures.We will be happy to answer all your questions and accommodateyourwishes. Write on [email protected], and together we can makethegame the best children's app!
Balloon Pop 1.0.44
Balloon Pop for kids (free) is babygamebelongs to the category games for children up to 3 years.Entertaining Game for kids or toddlers - Balloon pop!Million flying balloons! Need to have time to play Balloon Pop!Plussoap bubbles, stars and birds soaring in the blue sky!Enjoy child game balloon Pop - is a great opportunity for parentstospend some time with their child usefully, everyone willenjoyplaying with colorful pictures.Educational baby games is a very important component of themodernbaby development. Free educational games for small childrenandbaby on mobile devices become a trend in the category of gamesforkids.If you like our game please rate it and visit our web site toenjoymore free educational apps for kids on
Smart Games for Kids for Free 1.6
DevGame OU
Kids smart games are kindergartenlearninggames free for 5 year old with memory training games. Learningames for baby 1 years old and child games 10 years below.Listen,spell, play! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻How to tell your kid about the world around? Through playingsmartlearning games for toddlers age 3!📚 😉"Smart Kids games for children" is free child games for growthanddevelopment, where kids will explore the world in thegameplay!Toddlers games for 3 year old too!It is difficult to find good games for 2 year old children freeandgames for baby 1 years old. We made this app with free gamesforkids for parents and their small kids to explore theworld.The world around us and even a single room in the house are fullofdifferent things! We know everything about them but toddlersstilldon't! This app is a great way for you to show and explainyourbabies everything while playing learning games for toddlersage3!There are helpers in the app named The Fixies, who will leadkidsthrough baby learning games with voice and sounds!In free games for kids they will learn:- What appliances are there in the kitchen and what do theydo(toddlers games for 3 year old to know home appliances)- What sounds do the musical instruments make (games for kidsfreeto know how musical instruments look like)- How to take care of pets (fiksiki will show what to feedtheparrot in baby learning games and spelling games for1stgraders)- What do we need the tools for (kids will be good at helpingtheirdads with repairing after playing child games for 2yearsold)After exploring children can play games and solidify theirnewknowledge in memory training games! The app is made speciallyforbaby smart and their parents to make the way of learning easierandmore fun!Features of games for toddlers:- Spelling games for 1st graders- Funny talking characters Fiksiki- Kindergarten learning free apps and learning games fortoddlersage 2- Memory training games for baby smartKids smart games are kindergarten learning games free for 5 yearoldwith memory training games. Learn in games for baby 1 years oldandchild games 10 years below. Listen, spell, play!Download learning games for toddlers age 2 and let'slearntogether!😊😊😊About DevGame Studio:We develop and publish educational games for kids 2nd grade freeandchild games 10 year below. Our free games for kids are fullofbeautiful and colorful graphics, interactive games andinterestingcharacters. Find more of our free children games for 2year olds onour developers page full of kindergarten learning freeapps: will find more of our preschool games free:▶The Fixies Quest Hidden Objects (Find hidden object in kidssmartgames)▶Fixiki Surfers Runner (baby games for boys)▶Fiksiki Cake Bakery and Chocolate Factory (delicious childgamesfor 2 years old and baby games for boys)▶Fixies Town: City games free (child games 10 year below)▶Kids smart games for children 3 and under (educational gamesforkids 2nd grade free)📩If you have any questions about games for baby 1 years old wearewaiting for your letters: [email protected] website:
ABCD for Kids: Learn Alphabet and ABC for Toddlers 1.1.36
ABCD for Kids - Learn Alphabet is one ofourbest educational games for kids which provides learningalphabetfor kids and tracing letters in a playful manner sothatpreschoolers learn abc and letter sounds quickly, easily andwith alot of fun.What does our alphabets learning app for kids teach yourbaby?- Our alphabet games for kids to learn make your kid learnlettersof english alphabet, learn russian alphabet and alphabets ofsomeother languages;- Alphabet sounds learning app teaches to pronounce correctlyvowelsand consonants of the abc for toddlers;- Practice writing letters: our kids alphabet games include tasksinwhich a toddler learns to trace letters;- Playing our alphabet games your child will developphonemichearing;- Abc toddler games contain a lot of new words, so your babywillexpand vocabulary;- Baby abc learning games for infants stimulate finemotorskills.Killer features of our a to z alphabet for kids:1) Our toddler abc includes 100 vivid and memorable cardswithimages to illustrate words that begin with differentletters;2) This abc toddler provides sequential study of eachletter:listen, recite, write uppercase and lowercase letters, learnthewords that begin with this letter;3) Such abc baby games as learning abc has tasks to consolidatethelearned letters: outline puzzles in which kids move the lettertothe correct shape, and a quiz;4) Learn letters and sounds for kindergarten:professionaloff-screen voice with perfect pronunciation spell theletters sothat your kid receives learning the sound and letters ofthealphabet for free, and perceives all the sounds to the earandutters them correctly;5) Our educational games for kids kindergarten like abclearninggames make the alphabets of 4 languages available: Russian,English(english alphabet for kids learning free), Spanish andPortuguese.The knowledge of ABCs of foreign languages is useful forfuturestudy at school. Apart from ABCs your baby will study manyforeignwords.6) Our ABC for baby can be downloaded for free. Our freevirtualabcd book will save your family’s budget and providevaluableeducation for your baby.Our abc for children can be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid;- learning games for kids 5 years of age.How to play our abc learning games for kids preschool:Recognizing alphabet for kindergarten: let’s learn letters!1) Our abc learning letters toddler begins in the bathroomwithbubble letters. At first, there are only A, B, and C lettersopenedin the educational games for kids nursery. But upon learningabcdfor kids, the child will unlock other letters. After choosingaletter in our abc games for toddlers and babies there will begiven3 hilarious pictures of objects that start with it. The kid istolisten to the voice and repeat the words illustrating abcforbabies.2) Learning abc for baby - tracing and writing letters.Our alphabet tracing games for kids offer to learn to writeletterson the fence tracing the prompts. In order to abc learn andtraceletters just take the brush and start tracing letters andnumbersfree with 3 capital and 3 small letters with yellowpaint!3) Guessing - a quiz.Once you are finished, the education apps for kids withwritingletters and numbers for kindergarten take your baby to thekitchenplayroom. Here the task is to guess the picture that startswiththe letter which your kid is currently learning.4) Play with toddler alphabet writing and learning -cut-outs.The last game among our learning games for kindergarteners istoposition the letters into their cut-outs. Besides fixingtheknowledge of ABC this game will train your baby’s fine motorskillsand develop attentiveness.The game, full of bright colors and amusing virtual toys, hasveryclear and intuitive interface, so your toddler will cope withiteasily.
Roacher: baby games for free 1.2
Roacher is a game for everyone and, firstofall, for kids.This game helps kids develop their finger motor skills, accuracyandintelligence!Your little boys and girls will have tons of fun with merrymelodiesand hilarious bugs.Simple gameplay and colorful design makes people of all ageslovethis lively and kind game.Just squash all bugs except the black one and don't miss‘em!Download Icebugs for free from any Android device!
Masha and the Bear. Educational Games 1.8
Discover the fantastic world of Masha andthebear through these 30 educational games. You will love it!Theeducational games of Masha and the bear are aimed at children upto6 years old.This game is based on the characters of the popular serie thatdealswith the adventures of Masha, a girl who is cared for by abear andher friends, animals like the tiger, wolf, penguin,squirrel,hare...Masha and the Bear Educational Games is composed of 6differentcategories of games for children to have fun:- Paint and color: the most fun drawings to paint withcolors.- Word Search: learn words in different languages- Memorize objects and silhouettes: They will help improvevisualperception and memory.- Solve puzzles: with pieces of different sizes and shapes.- Music and instruments: play the xylophone, the piano orthedrums.- Simple numbers and operations: learn the numbers from 1to10.A series of games featuring the characters of thechildren'sfavorite TV series with which they will learn whilehaving funplaying alone, with friends or with parents.Your kids will love playing with the educational games of Mashaandthe bear with which they will enjoy hours of entertainmentandassured fun.The "Masha and the Bear" series has become a family hitworldwidebecause it is a smart and fun entertainment designed toeducateboth children and parents. Masha and The Bear educateschildrenabout true friendship in a fun and intelligent way.THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!Edujoy has more than 60 games for children of all ages;fromkindergarten to teens.Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games. We lovecreatingeducational and fun games for you. If you have anysuggestions orquestions, feel free to send us feedback or leave acomment.
Kids Car Racing game – Beepzz 1.5.2
Buckle up and join us for a fun ride withourBeepzz rally cars. Choose your favorite vehicle and facethechallenges of unique uphill and downhill environments. OurBeepzzbuddies will take you on an unforgettable journey through thecity,farm, desert, snowy hills, Savannah forest, rocky mountain,holidaybeaches and the jungle. Learn multiple skills while youplay. Thiscreative arcade racing game will improve your child’sproblemsolving skills and working memory; and boost theirconfidence. Moreimportantly, they'll have lots of fun. Get ready toget addicted tothe most entertaining physics based easy racing gamefor littlekids.Features:Two finger touch simple racing game for young kids aged 2-6.Move forward and backward; jump the obstacles; flip the car ifyouget stuck upside-down; roll with laughter; race the animal carstotheir food.9 amazing topics with 108 diverse hill-climbing race tracks!Smooth physics simulation through both uphill and downhillracecourses.Collect coins to unlock new cars and themes.Different animated animal vehicles with variable enginepower,suspension, tyres and speed acceleration.Play with the dog shaped van; cat shaped car; bull shapedtractor;camel shaped truck; elephant shaped four wheel drive jeep;reindeershaped van; and cheetah shaped sports car.Different difficulty levels gradually introduced in the gameplaytostimulate the child’s mind.Keeping in mind that this app is for small kids, the cars donotburst or die.Privacy Disclosure:As parents ourselves, iAbuzz takes children's wellness andprivacyvery seriously. Our app does not collect personal data. Butyes, itdoes contain advertising as that’s our means of providingthe appfree of cost to you – the ads are carefully placed such thatthekid is least likely to click on it while playing.Feedback Please:If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we couldfurtherimprove the design and interaction of our apps and games,pleasevisit our website or leave us a [email protected] We would be glad to hear from you as wearecommitted to update all of our apps and games on a regularbasiswith new features and also want to get some ideas for futureappdevelopment.
Baby Touch Balloon Pop Game 13.1
A good old fun and easy to play balloonpoppinggame with animals, for young children to play and enjoy.Just touchthe balloons to pop them, and touch the animals, sun andclouds toenjoy sound and/or effects. Simple, yet fun for youngerkids1+.▶▶▶ OVER 2 MILLION DOWNLOADS!!! SO COME JOIN THE FUN.
Masha and the Bear: Vet Clinic 3.21
Indigo Kids
Are you looking for animal shelter gamesforkids?Masha is an animal doctor now and she is doing pet care inhervet clinic. New adventures of "Masha and the Bear"cartooncharacters will bring fun to every kid! There is a petclinicin the forest, a real animal hospital, where Masha takes petcareof her friends.🐻🐷🐰Wild animals living in the forest sometimes get bruises,scratchesand other unpleasant things. Who will help them all in thevetclinic? Animal vet Masha of course in her doctor hospital! 😍😉😄Thisrestless little doctor forgets about children games immediatelyandstarts with the animal care: this pet vet can put awaysplinters,clean scratches, fix teeth and even cure the flu. Thisfun animalshelter game for kids with Masha and the Bear isreallyexciting!Masha as a my little animal doctor in her vet clinic has a lotofanimal patients during the day. They are wolves, a goat, a bear,apig, a hedgehog, a panda, a tiger, a penguin and others. Inthisinteresting game for kids your child will learn how to takecare ofpets, what's a thermometer, how to measure the pressure andtakecare of teeth. There is a lot of work to do in the doctorhospital,that's why Masha needs the help of your kid! Masha Doctorwill runher hospital in this hospital games, join her! 👍👍🤗- 12 animal characters from "Masha and the Bear"cartoonseries- 35 ways of animal care- dentist games for kids (NEW)- three mini games with Masha Doctor as the animal vet- pet salonThanks to a funny subject, your kid will learn new thingswithpleasure in this kids game. If you are looking for animalshelterhospital games or dentist games for kids, “Masha and theBear: VetClinic” is a great choice for your child! There is no wayforchildren to get bored! The large set of instruments andanimalswill take the kid's interests for a long time. After a childlearnshow to treat pets in the vet games on the screen, he will beableto use the knowledge in real life. Vet games are the best waytoshow kids the reality. Animal games for kids have a lot of funandpositive emotions, especially when you meet there favoritecartooncharacters, Masha and Misha. 🙋🐻What do parents expect from pet games for girls andboys?Interesting plot, ability to cure pets in a vet clinicwhileplaying - our new game has all these features. Pet games forgirlsare not always interesting, but this is not about "MashaDoctor"!Every girl dreams about her own pet clinic. Masha and theBearexplain you everything about animal rescue and care, and howtotreat pets in danger in this kids game.This vet hospital is for kids from 3 to 10, because it hasinitialinterface that's easy even for little kids. Your child canplay onhis own while your are busy with cookbook and recipe book.The gameis interesting both for boys and girls.The main aim in the game is to have fun! Although, kids shouldnotforget to send animals home healthy and happy!Download the game and help everyone!➡️ Contact us if you have any suggestions or troubles! ⬅️E-mail: [email protected]: http://indigokidsgames.comFacebook page:
Fun Kid Racing 3.24
One of the best simple and fun racing gamesforkids! This free game is made for everyone, so feel free toplayyourself and invite your kids or family to watch or playtogether.Choose your ride and guide it to the finish line! Controlyour carwith just one finger and see how it flips, jumps and rollson it'sway. Use tilt control for better results and more excitingjumps.Other racing kids games become boring because of hard levelsorcontrols? This is what you were looking for! Fast, simpleandexciting fast car racing kids game!Use the game at kindergardenFeel free to teach kids about professions and jobs, Parentingandlife events, what is good and what is bad. We do our best toaddsituations that helps kids to expand their fantasy andunderstandthe world better. Every game for kid that we launchcovers adifferent theme and real world problems. By playing themkids arelearning and preparing for things that they will face inreal life.We strongly recommend playing any games together withkids as thenyou can explain for kids anything they don't understandand answerall natural questions that they come up with.Racing car games for familiesFun Kid Racing is a large series of racing games for family.Everykid game is different and entertaining enough to be playedbyadults, but at the same time kids loves to watch thefunnyadventure. If you want to get the best of our boys games - youcanencourage your children to play together. If you wantmorechallenge - try collecting all the coins (you will need themtounlock new worlds and cars)! Overall Tiny Lab Kids Gameshaslaunched over 70 boy games! So go ahead and try any other gameforkids made by Tiny Lab Kids!Prepare for a race by picking one of the fast sports cars, Jeeporeven a motorcycle! Gain enough speed to jump over the rampsorclimb to the stiff hill. Show off all the cars that you unlockandhow you play with them - also everyone loves surprises ineachlevel! Anyone can play Fun Kid Racing, this game has lotsofworlds, levels and cars to explore! Even any preschool childrenortoddlers can play this game without any problems!The tracks are designed so that you would do many stunts on therun,the car will spin doing front flips, backflips or even both -butwatch out not to land on the roof! The comic cars are funnyandcartoon soundtrack makes the mood perfect for the awesomeride!Tiny Lab is also creating kids educational games - so thisgamewill also help with hand-eye coordination! What more can youexpectfrom kid games?
Сolors for Kids, Toddlers, Babies - Learning Game
Colors is one of our fun and simpleeducationalgames for kids aged 2-5 years old. The colors gameswill introducethe basic colors for toddlers to your baby. Thecolours games willhelp your child learn colors name in differentlanguages and buildassociations with different objects such asfruit, animals andothers.The main features of the color games:1) Learning colors: red, pink, gray, brown, purple, blue,green,yellow and orange. So, your baby will learn 9 colors for kidsintotal. All the colors for babies are illustrated by threeimageswith the objects of the same color.2) Learning colours in many languages: English, Spanish,Russian,French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Chinese,Vietnameseand some others. Multilingual learning colors for kidsfree isuseful for those children who plan to study foreignlanguages inthe future. Each color name of our baby learning gamesis voiced bya native speaker with perfect pronunciation andcleardiction.3) Playing shapes and colors games for kids your baby willenrichvocabulary and broaden outlook, as our colors games forkidscontain a lot of new objects and words.4) Our learning colours games for kids consist of 3 minieducationalgames for kids kindergarten. With these colours gamesfor kids yourtoddler will play colors and learn colors properly.The baby colorgames also include baby coloring games.5) You can download color games for toddlers for free. Colorgamesfor kids free help save family budget without compromisingqualityof baby’s education.6) Our baby colour games train fine motor skills,memory,attentiveness, perseverance, curiosity and other skills thatwillhelp your child learn better at school in the future.The learning colours games for kids can be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2 to learn colorstoddlerfree;- learning games for toddlers age 3 for learning colors fortoddlersfree;- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid to colors forkidslearn.How to play our color games for babies:On the main screen of the colors and shapes for kids appfreepreschool there are three doors. Behind these doors there areminieducational games for kids nursery which will teach yourtoddlercolors for children.- Opening the first door of the baby learning apps, withaninscription “Learn” on it, your child will get to know whattheshapes and colors for toddlers look like. The gameprovideslearning colors name in english and other languages. Thebabylearning games for infants will also show what items ofeverydaylife are usually painted in these colors. Among the itemsof thelearn colors for toddlers game there will be fruit,vegetables,animals, trees, plants and other objects such as thesun, a heart,etc. For example, the yellow color in the learninggames for kidsis illustrated by a lemon, a chicken and the sun.While the redcolor in the children learning free apps isdemonstrated by aheart, a strawberry and a tomato.- Behind the second door of the learn colors games, withaninscription “Play”, your baby will see a wall with threepictureframes of different colors. Then, a square of a certaincolorappears in the bottom of the screen. The toddler is to decidewhichframe corresponds with the color of the square and drag thesquareinto it. It can be considered as a kind of coloring for kids.Suchbaby coloring games are especially useful for training finemotorskills.- Behind the third door of our children games free your toddlerwillsee a circle painted in one of the learned colors. Under thecirclethere will be three studied objects of different colors. Thelittleplayer of coloring for toddlers free is to decide whatobjectmatches with the given color.All the games for learning and fixing knowledge of colorsweredeveloped in cooperation with children's pedagogistsandpsychologists. The game interface is so clear and intuitivethatplaying it will not cause the slightest difficulty amonglittlechildren.
Fishing for Kids 1.0.39
Exciting baby game "Baby Fishing" is afavoritepastime for kids and for older children.In this game you have to go on a fishing trip. The goal of thegamefor baby is simple - you need to catch as many fish and collecttherequired number of points to pass the level. For each caught afishyou'll get points. But if you are caught on a hook shoe tin oradangerous predator - the points will be reducedUnusual and colorful fish attract the attention of children anddonot leave you indifferent, and the fisherman - the cat willlovethe children. Playing children's games , a child fun holdtime,because all the games for child are illustrated withcolorfulpictures, with a pleasant and fun music. Also, children'sgame willhelp in the development of such skills in childrenasattentiveness, memory, concentration. A good mood - is the keytosuccessful development.Starting from an early age the child actively learns theworld,exploring everything that happens around. Therefore,educationalgames for children at the forefront of a child's life.Educationalchildren’s games"Baby fish" broaden representation babyabout theworld, teach the baby to observe and highlight theproperties andattributes of objects, such as size, shape, color, todistinguishthem, as well as to establish the relationship betweenthem.Developing baby games fix children's knowledge of thesurroundingenvironment, forming thought processes. Playingdevelopingchildren's games, the child will enjoy its resultsandachievements. Educational baby games can help kids have funandhave fun, and at the same time will be an indispensable tool inthedevelopment and education of the child. Games from “YOVOGames”will help him to become observant, attentive, smart.Educationalgames for children to develop attention and memory, canhelp youwith your child fun and to spend your spare time!Kids fishing - fun game.Baby fishing - exciting game.Children fishing - your baby will have a good mood.Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Car Racing for Kids & Toddlers 1.3.3
New Car Racing for toddlers! Kids games free3years old.Do your kids like to play with car toys, or just love machineryandracing? Then this car racing for toddler is specially foryourlittle fan of speed! It’s the finest hour! Rush towards thewind,overcome various obstacles - it's racing trucks where you havetofix them and race online game, become the winner and get thePRIZE!Ready? 3…2…1… Go!Start the game and get 5 cars for free!One of the game’s features is that it’s possible to cross thefinishline watching the game as a cartoon but chances to winsubstantiallyincrease if children interact with the game. Kidsdon’t have todecide on how to overcome the obstacles on the way.Instead, theyshould pay attention to difficulties that appear onthe road and tapthem while the car teaches your child the best wayto comethrough.It’s a nice and simple cars racing games for toddlers to playandimprove fine motor skills, learn to be attentive on roads aswellas develop leadership qualities. Here we’ve reached agradualtransition from watching a cartoon about racing into carracinggames 2016. Moreover with this free educational game toddlersgetto know different kinds of vehicles, from truck and police carto afantastic concept car. Police car racing games for toddlers.Yet,the game is still quite interactive and easy to navigate.Even before race your child has fun time choosing a car from awidevariety and find the one he or she likes most. What vehicle isyourkid’s favorite – a police car, turbo truck or maybe jeep orbike?The process of selecting and upgrading vehicles will bringloads ofpleasure not only to boys but also to girls.Let your kids feel like a professional racer and win theirfirstmonster truck games easy for kids freek.!Features of truck racing games for kids under 6 for childrentoenjoy:- Build your car- An expansive collection of cars for hours of gameplay- Intuitive user interface and touch control make this race carsforlittle kids to 3 and up a perfect game- Animated high quality images and sound effects- Your little driver can accelerate the car and honkhornjoyfully- When obstacles appear on the road suddenly it’s high time totrainyour toddler’s attention and reaction time- These new car racing games 2016 are even more enjoyable ifyourtoddler pop clouds, tap animals and background objects to makethemmove and sound what makes the app really interactive.- A winner gets a nice cup with bright star fireworks.And the grand prize: A vehicle with unique design which is placedonyour child’s personal prize shelf. They can select a prize carandstart the next racing games for girls.- Amass a big collection of cars and other vehicles on yourpersonalprize shelf.If your child really enjoys machinery, машинки, cars andothervehicles then this application is the best choice. Thecollectioncontains 3 sport cars, bigfoot monster truck (reallyawesome!),cabriolet, four-wheeler, smart car, motorcycle,retro-beetle, van,race car, concept car, big jeep, 4x4 pickup and,of course, policecar. The collection is planned to increase!Motorcycle racing gamesfor kids freeThis game is one of really good car racing games for toddlersandkids.Our games are also designed for 2-3 year old children and helptodevelop their first comparison skills, fine motor skills,recognizenumbers, find out about contemporary and old-timer carsandvehicles and simply enjoy the blaze and the monster machinesracinggames free.All games are easy to use for little kids: preschoolers,toddlers,little boys and little girls.
Kids - racing games 1.1.0
One of the first genres of virtual gamesthatinstantly have achieved unprecedented popularity andremainspopular to this day became the race for children. Feelingsandexperiences that are given to us by car racing games cannotbecompared with virtually anything, so game racing car will neverbeforgotten. Playing race car is always interesting for boys, socarracing game toddlers and are often designed for them. Butcardriving games develop reaction speed and the ability toquicklyorient in unexpected situations entangled, so it is usefulforeveryday life and exciting for everyone. So race cars for kidsarerather popular among girls too, because they want to enjoy allthefeelings given by car games kids as well as boys.We offer you the best car children games for boys and girl,freegames for kids for smartphones and tablets. Do not limityourselfby playing educational games on a laptop or desktopcomputer,because boy car games and racing girls are appropriateeverywhere.Modern developers of virtual realities have managed tocreatemultiple versions of car games for kids and adults formobiledevices. These versions are no less interesting, excitinganddiverse than racing game for the PC. With these applicationsyoucan enjoy exciting and fun kid racing at any given time. Youneedonly a smartphone or tablet to play kids racing games. Sincethevast majority of people always carries with them theirmobiledevices, the implementation of such conditions will not causeanydifficulties - boy games, as - kids race cars, are alwayswithyou.What do you get playing our free car games for kidsandadults?Addictive gameplay. Here you will not find boring and dull kidscarracing games, in which everything is predictable and formulaic.Weoffer you only the best creations of the virtual gamingindustrydevelopers – really cool games for kids and their parents,the bestrace car kids. Gameplay in such car games for girls andgames forboys cars captures the player from the first minute andgives himan incredible experience.Incredible graphics. All of our race car games for kidsrepresentapplications, the creators of which were not too lazy touse allthe features of modern information technologies for thedevelopmentof extremely realistic graphics. You will be amazed athowaccurately the graphics of these games conveys all the nuancesandpeculiarities of the real world, and do not get less pleasurefromthe game than the real racers get from off-line racing onrealmachines.Sound accompaniment. Realistic sounds of roaring engine, creakingofbrakes and, of course, incredible driving music - the developersofgirl car games and racing games for boys always take intoaccountsuch features of the atmosphere of their applications.Realisticsound would complement the incredible graphics andfascinatinggameplay and provide your full immersion in the virtualworld, whichis ruled by speed, drive and love of cars.Download and install of all the, kids games “Baby cars” forgirlsand car games for boys that we offer is extremely simpleandtransparent. You do not need to spend a lot of time or space,lookfor patches, extensions and upgrades - you simply downloadtheinstallation file and run it, and nothing more. The process issoeasy that even a child would simply cope with it (notwithoutreason we offer a lot of racing games for kids, althoughthemajority of adults will also get the pleasure of playing such,kidscar games).If you are looking for interesting games that can brighten upyourleisure time with a high range of quality, the care gamesforchildren and free car games for adults are what you really need.Donot waste time on boring, not exciting games that are not abletogive you a real pleasure. Download racing games for boys orracinggirls games, as well as, games car racing -for adults, andplaykids learning games with maximum pleasure!
Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas 1.4
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents Thomas &Friends™:Go Go Thomas! - a fun speed game for kids. Race againstotherengines or select two trains to race against a friend! Usespeedboosters to help you race your fastest, and complete yourtrophyfor a special special delivery. Full steam ahead!FEATURES• Race as Thomas, Percy, James, Emily or Toby againstotherengines• Play in either “1 Player” or “2 Player” mode to challengeafriend!• Tap the green button as fast as you can to get going• Use speed boosters to puff even faster – a unique one foreachengine!• Speed through different 3-D settings, from the Countryside totheCastle• Unlock a new trophy piece with each win• Slide all of the pieces together to complete your trophy andgetthe special• Tablet compatibleSPEED BOOSTERS• Thomas’ Speed Boost: Accelerate your speed• Percy’s Track Jump Booster: Jump in the air and landfurtherahead• James’ Turbo Boost: Boost faster than any of theotherengines• Toby’s Lighting Burst Booster: The flashiest of them all• Emily’s Steam Boost: Boost further along her trackCOPPA COMPLIANTBudge Studios takes children's privacy seriously and ensuresthatits apps are compliant with privacy laws, includingthe ChildOnline Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a privacylegislationin the United States of America.   If you wouldlike to learnmore on what information we collect and how we use it,please visitour privacypolicyat: .If you have any questions, email our Privacy Officerat: [email protected] you download this app, please note that it is free toplay,but additional content may be available via in-app purchases.Thisapp may contain contextual advertising from Budge Studiosregardingother apps we publish, from our partners and some thirdparties.Budge Studios does not permit behavioral advertising orretargetingin this app. Note that any purchase made in the app willremovepop-up advertising. The app may also contain social medialinksthat are only accessible behind a parental gate.END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENTThis application is subject to an End-User LicenseAgreementavailable through the followinglink: .ABOUT BUDGE STUDIOSBudge Studios leads the industry by providing entertaining appsforkids through innovation and creativity. The company developsandpublishes apps for smartphones and tablets played by millionsofchildren worldwide.Visit us: http://www.budgestudios.comLike us: us: @budgestudiosWatch our app trailers: QUESTIONS?We always welcome your questions, suggestions and comments.Contactus 24/7 at [email protected] STUDIOS and BUDGE are trademarks of Budge Studios Inc.
Animal Dance for Toddlers - Fun Educational Game
Animal Dance for Kids is one ofourentertaining and learning games for kindergarten children oftheage 2-5 years old. Exciting music games for toddlers willcaptivateyour baby from the first seconds after the start and showanimaldancing movements!Killer features of dance games for kids:- Learn to dance together with a charming Cow! Dancing Cow isveryskilled in baby dancing and knows over 10 different moves. TheCowshows animal dance and dances with her shoulders and arms,stompsher feet, waves her hands and tail, hops on one leg or jumpsonboth, jingles the bell, claps her hooves and moves her entirebodyin a nice groovy cow dance.- Playing dancing games for kids, your baby will be involved inaninteractive gameplay with great pleasure. Watching funnydancinganimals for kids your toddler will not help repeating animalsongsand dance after the dancing games animals. Baby dance game issureto bring a smile on your baby's little face and providehighspirits, because, as you know, children dance has a positiveimpacton the health and mood of any child.- Dance games are a personal entertainment for your baby, whichwascreated taking into account the peculiarities of themusicaleducation of preschool children and educational appsfortoddlers.- Such music games for kids and fun animal games, as the let'sdancewith animals game, contribute to the development of motorskills,sense of rhythm and musical perception.- There are two modes of baby dance in this music games forbabies:in the first mode of the animal games for kids the Cowdances tothe music, in the second mode of the animal games fortoddlers theCow waits for the kid to initiate a movement.- You can download all our educational games for kidskindergartenfor free, as well as these musical games for kids. Freekids musicgames for toddlers are a great option for families will asmallbudget, because they get learning games for kidswithoutcompromising quality.- Animal Dance for Kids can be regarded as dance games for boysanddance games for girls.Our games with animals are suitable for children of thefollowingages:- games for toddlers 2 years ol - bright colors will developvisualperception and cheerful music contributes to the developmentofmusical ear;- games for toddlers 3 years ol (games for kids 3 years free)-interactivity will train fine motor skills, which is necessaryforthe development of speech;- games for kids 4 years old - merry dancing with kids animalswillencourage the child to repeat the moves, which will be agoodworkout;- learning games for 5 year olds - your child will learn howtodance and the basic dance moves, that will be useful forattendingdance classes or choreography.How to play animals games with dance:Opening animal games toddler will see that once in the morning,whenthe meadow was drenched with sunshine, the Cow decided to getalittle dancing exercise. Help her limber up and break asweatyourself playing preschool games for little kids!After starting baby games for babies choose a game mode on themainscreen. The oval portals of the educational apps for kids leadto ameadow, where the Cow places her disco on a tree stump andtakes ondancing. There are four colorful notes on each side of thescreenof the kids animal games. Kids can press them to make the Cowstartdancing or change over to a different movement. Who saysthatanimals are clumsy? Look at this virtuoso Cow!Tap the oval of learning apps for kids with the Cow dancingactivelyif you want to see a dance master class by the Cow. She'llmove tothe music on her own. Your toddler can watch her dance andtry torepeat every cheerful movement of hers. Such games forlittle kidswill cause an explosion of positive emotions!If you want to create a dance of your own in the games forlittlegirls and games for little boys, choose the other portal.She'll beawaiting your command and will start moving only after youtouch anote.
Три Кота Пикник от СТС! Детские развивающие игры 1.2.5
🖥 Мультик Три Кота и его персонажи котикиикошечка зовут играть в детские игры для девочек и мальчиков!Этоигры для малышей — собирайте овощи и фрукты, устройте пикникинакормите всех животных! 🐱🐱🐱Три Кота организуют пикник для всех своих друзей! Миумиумиу!😄Собираем продукты с собой, выбираем компанию, кормим всех котиковиустраиваем уютный день у костра.👍Персонажи мультфильма "Три Кота" отправляются загород. Два котаиодна кошечка — Коржик, Карамелька и Компот затеяли пикник, иимнужна компания, ведь они очень дружелюбные и рады гостям!Заходитев наш детский лагерь, вас ждет игра с котятами!Для пикника сначала нужно подготовить корзинку с продуктами:мамакошка знает, чем накормить домочадцев, надо следоватьееинструкциям!Затем предстоит выбрать друзей, с которыми отправимся на пикник!Этоигра с котятами, а значит есть все персонажи мультфильма,надопорадовать их всех.По пути в лес предстоит нелегкая дорога, важно избежатьвсехпрепятствий!Приглашаем вас в наш детский лагерь на пикник. Вас ждутминиигры,такие как игра ловить рыбу, игра собирать грибы в лесу,играсобирать ягоды, игра цвета и игра с котиками — играпикник:🐠 Игра ловить рыбу — попробуй поймать самую большую, игра три котаиодна кошечка🍄 Игра собирать грибы в лесу — играем в съедобное инесъедобное(детские игры от 3 лет)🍒 Игра собирать ягоды — складывай в корзинку правильныеягодки,важна сортировка и игра цвета🍢 Игра пикник — детские развивающие игры разведи костер,приготовьеду и накорми всех!Любите ли вы мультфильм Три Кота? Это СТС мультики!Тогда игра три кота и одна кошечка для вас!Загружайте детские игры для мальчиков 4 лет и для девочек игрынарусском, чтобы провести время с пользой. Это официальноеприложениеот СТС. Как СТС второй экран и СТС love.Игра для детей от 3 до 5 лет подойдет даже для самыхмаленькихпользователей: интерфейс мульт игры для мальчиков 4 летяркий, сподсказками и интересными заданиями, установите для девочекигры нарусском.Пока детей займет игра с котиками по мотивам мультфильма "Трикота"телеканала СТС, родители смогут насладиться тишиной и покоем,ведьпесни и музыка из мультика точно захватят вниманиемалышей.👉📱Загружайте детские развивающие игры “Три Кота Пикник”иотправляйтесь на приключения, два кота и одна кошечка -Коржик,Карамелька и Компот ждут вас! Миу миу миу!😄😻Попробуйте также другие наши игры для детей 5 лет: (не толькоСТСигры).😉Если у вас есть вопросы или предложения, пишите нам напочту[email protected]Вк:Наш сайт:Сайт мультсериала: 🖥 Cartoon Catandhis characters Kitty and cat name to play children's gamesforgirls and boys! This game for kids - collect fruits andvegetables,have a picnic and feed all the animals! 🐱🐱🐱Three Cat organize a picnic for all his friends! MiouMiou-Miou!😄We collect food along, choose a company, we feed all the sealsandarrange a cozy day at the fire.👍Personazhi cartoon "Three Cat" go out of the city. Two cats andonecat - Cookie Monster, caramels and compote started a picnic andtheyneed a company, because they are very friendly and welcomeguests!Come to our camp for children, you will play with thekittens!Picnic area, first you need to prepare a basket with food: Momcatknows how to feed the household, to follow herinstructions!Then, to choose friends who go on a picnic! This is a gamewithkittens, and therefore has all the cartoon characters, you havetoplease them all.On the way to the forest road will not be easy, it is importanttoavoid all obstacles!Welcome to our children's camp for a picnic. You are waiting foramini-game, such as game fish, game to pick mushrooms in thewoods,picking berries game, color game and play with seals -playing apicnic:🐠 game fish - try to catch the biggest game three cats andonekitten🍄 game to pick mushrooms in the woods - play in edible andinedible(children's games from 3 years)🍒 game to collect berries - piled in the right basket berries,gameand important sorting colors🍢 game picnic - children's educational games kindle a fire,cookfood and feed of all!Do you like Cartoon Cat Tree? This STS cartoons!Then the game three cats and one kitten for you!Download children's games for boys 4 years and for girls gamesinRussian, to spend time with benefits. This is the official appfromthe CTC. As STS and STS second screen love.A game for children from 3 to 5 years is suitable for eventheyoungest users of the game animation interface for boys 4 yearsofbright, with tips and interesting tasks, install the game ontheRussian girls.While children will take the game to the seals on the cartoonbasedon "Three Cat" CTC, parents will be able to enjoy the peaceandquiet, because the songs and music from the movieaccuratelycapture the attention of kids.👉📱Zagruzhayte children's educational games "Three Picnic Cat" andgoon adventures, two cats and one cat - Cookie Monster, caramelsandcompote are waiting for you! Miou Miou-Miou! 😄😻Try also our other games for children 5 years old (not onlygamesCTC).😉Esli you have questions or suggestions, please contact us [email protected]: website: site of the animatedseries:
Kindergarten : animals 1.1.0
For training the child for kindergarten,weadvise you and your child to play "Kindergarten" on the tabletorSmartphone. In this game it will be necessary to look afterkidsand to satisfy all their requirements so that they won't cry:tofeed, to play with them, to dress up, to put them to bed, etc.Itturns out that fussing with kids that the game Kindergartenoffersis very fascinating and educating. Children can imaginewhat'swaiting for them in a kindergarten, playing such games foryoung.Many of the children who already visit kindergarten don'twant topart with it even at home, and here our game willhelp.This fascinating occupation belongs to the category ofeducationalgames for kids as it promotes development of imaginationandcreative talents of the child. The interface offered intheapplication of the game for little boys or little girls issimpleand it doesn't need skills of reading to play it.To begin playing with kids, it is necessary to download andstartthe game. Then your child will plunge into exciting worldofadventures in kindergarten.Conditions of the game for children "Kindergarten" are so thatevenkids under three can deal with it.During the game process there constantly appear hints forchildrenso that kids play it with no problems or questions.Each stage of the game displays processes which happeninkindergarten. The child will be able to see how children spendtimein kindergarten together, on the example of animals'kids.The initial stages of the game about the kindergarten.At the initial stage of the game for kids the tutor will havetomeet all children, to seat them on certain chairs and to dressinthe bibs which are specially intended for everyone (all ofthemdifferent). The task of the player is to dress all inthebibs.At the following stage of the game for girls and for boys therewillappear food on the table separately for each kid. It needs tobegiven correctly so that everyone on a plate had about 2-3dishes. Ifthe child ate all, then he will show very clearly thatwishes to goto sleep.When the heroes of the games for kindergarten children are nearthebeds, the tutor will have to put them to bed and cover each withablanket which settles down near their legs. If eyes of allchildrenare in a half-closed state, then in this moment the gameabout kidsprovides a hint on the lamp that it is necessary to turnoff thelight. After that all will sleep very tight.Features of the game Kindergarten.These games for kids have conditions which allow to carry outalarge number of the most various fascinating actions: to draw,toplay with robots, planes, machines, to jump through a rope,tostart up soap bubbles, etc. Generally, in the course of thisgamefor kid to your child it will be very cheerful and he won'thavetime to miss.What the advantage of the game Kindergarten consists in?These childish games for the little ones allow your child togetinvaluable experience about how properly take care foryoungerchildren. Also he will be able to learn what is waiting forhim insuch educational institution as kindergarten, so it’s one ofthelearning games. These educational games are developing andtheydiffer in the fact that possess very bright graphics andprovideenough nice characters.Besides, these games for small children also attract greatinterestnot only of girls or boys, but also of their parents. Theywill beable to put themselves to the place of tutors and willunderstandthat their work is not easy as it can initially seem.Adults shouldplay children’s games for kids at least to understandtheimportance of work of tutors and teachers.Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Masha and the Bear Child Games 2.6.9
Indigo Kids
A girl in an exceedingly pink sundressisasking you to play learning games for toddlers! This can be asetof thirteen mini games free for kids based on famouscartoonsseries «Masha and the Bear». If your child love baby gamesforgirls and boys then this one is should have!If you wish good games for free for your kid, you may love it!Mashaand the Bear have many funny things to do in the forest andtheydefinitely need some help from your kid in these fun gamesforkids.Collect berries and sort them to create jam in kidseducationalgames! Keep the hungry bees away from honey. Saveanimals from theriver in our learning games for toddlers. Don'tforget to sort thelogs (good - for construction, bad - forfireplace) in these fungames for kids. Dinner preparation isanother cool task in babygames for girls and boys - you need tosearch for food all aroundthe house inside our mini gamesfree.The world of Masha and the Bear baby games for girls and boys isamagic place where children can fly an airplane. Walk withMashainto amazing forest, count butterflies and help her beatPenguin inhockey and other kids educational games. And once eveningcomes,it’s concert time!You can find all the characters of the «Masha and the Bear»cartoonin these good games for free - so children will love to bethe partof favorite story.13 mini games free provide children with many hours of joy andfun,moreover learning games for toddlers weaved into the gameplayandstories. Baby games for girls and boys assistdevelopconcentration, visual memory and investigation skills withnumbers,thus adults don’t have to be worry regarding their kidshanging anexcessive amount of time with a tablet and learn nothingnew. Ourkids educational games contain a baby intuitive interfaceandappropriate for boys and girls from two to nine.So what is on the agenda nowadays, Masha and the Bear? There’shelpcoming back from toddlers in fun games for kids!Before downloading Masha and the Bear good games for freepleasemake sure you have empty 250 MB on your device. Thankyou!App features:- 13 mini games free- talking Masha with the genuine phrases from the cartoon- learning games for toddlers aged two to nine years- fun games for kids train memory and visual memory- good games for free which based on «Masha and the Bear»cartoonseries- all characters from the cartoon in mini games free- kids educational games develop cerebration- teaches numbers and basics of math;- baby games for girls and boys develop reactionandcoordination- intuitive interface in these learning games for toddlers andgoodgames for free with Masha and Bear.We create fun games for kids about Masha and the Bear. IndigoKidsis a whole world of kids educational games and quality babygamesfor girls and boys! We believe that education should be freeandaccessible, and the knowledge gained through mini gamesfreeabsorbed quickly and for good. We have confidence that thetimespent by a baby with a tablet and learning games for toddlerscanbecome an extra supply of new discoveries.If you have questions write us!E-mail: [email protected]:
Super kid plane 1.3.5
Super kid plane is the best free racinggamefor kids! This puzzle game will help your child develop finemotorskills, combinatorial thinking and will bring a lot of funplayingas familiar characters. Your kid would definitely likeflyingcolorful planes, and you will spoil yourself with somefreetime.This free racing game for kids is for kids of any age, it is easytomaster, as your toddler will understand easily how to fly aplanethe wings will help him.Let your kid feel like a real pilot behind the steering wheel ofoneof our plane with the big wings while playing this puzzle gamefortoddlers.The game levels are designed specifically for kids game; thedesignis intuitive, and is similar to racing games for kids.Features:• Simple and user-friendly interface designed for kids gamesinracing• Intuitive-designed levels for comfortable control the planewithwings in this free racing game for kids• The opportunity to be a pilot of one of the favorite charactersofthe cartoon about super planes with wings• A puzzle for kids is made for your child development• Choose any character and start the kids game• Beautiful graphics in this flying game for free will surpriseyourkid• Pleasant background music written for kids gamesSuper kid plane which will allow your children to start theengineof their favorite plane and progress through the levels,reachingthe best race result. This simple puzzle game will grabyourchild’s attention from the first minutes!
Cars for Kids Learning Games 6.6
“Cars for Kids” is a free learning gameforchildren between the ages of 1 and 4.Learning about cars, vehicles and other type of transportationhasnever been easier. This educational game for toddlers comes withsomany learning flashcards with real pictures of cars andvehicles,so your kids can easily get to know more about them. Eachof theseflashcards for kids contain a high quality picture of thatcar, thevehicle sound and how it pronounces and spells.Once your kids finish browsing through the entirelearningflashcards, they get to take part in a fun quiz for kids tofindout how many of the words they have learned. So manystars,enthusiastic applause and floating balloons are waiting foryoursmart kid when toddler finish the quizzes with any amountofcorrect answers.This preschool educational game for toddlers has mainlybeendesigned for children from 1 to 4 years old and the interfaceis souser-friendly that your kids can easily get used to it and usethiskindergarten game without the parents’ supervision. Thegraphics isjust wonderful and the car pictures and vehicle soundsarereal.“Cars for Kids Learning Games” offers everything you shouldexpectfrom kid preschool educational apps and while it’s consideredas alearning cars for toddlers, it can be used as a kindergartengameas well. This game for boys and girls, supportsdifferentlanguages, so your kids can easily learn the name ofdifferent carsand vehicles in foreign languages. So, no matter youhave atoddler, a cute boy in kindergarten or a child in preschool,we’vegot you covered with amazing flashcards for kids and ofcoursedifferent quizzes.Cars for Kids Learning Games Main Features at aGlance:• Kids-friendly user interface• Full set of learning flashcards from “Cars and Vehicles”categoryis available for free• Learn more about car, truck, plane, ship, train, fireengine,police car, tractor and many other vehiclesandtransportation.• Shortened demo version of other categories: “Jobs”,“Buildings”,“Musical Instruments”, “Tools”, “Furniture”, “KitchenTools,” and“Clothing and Shoes.”• Real photos of cars and real vehicle sounds• Useful for kids between the ages of 1 and 7 years old and evenforschool-age children who learn the foreign languages• Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish,Russian,Ukrainian and Polish• Allows toddlers learn about vehicles and car sounds withfunquizzes• FreeThis educational flashcards game for boys is really easy to useandcan be easily named as your kids’ best companion when it comestolearn about cars, how they sound and how to write and spellthem.On the other side, your school-age child who is learning anewlanguage, will have free access to so many valuable wordsindifferent languages and can easily learn about them.Download “Cars for Kids Learning Games” for free and let usknowabout any bugs, feature requests or any other suggestions.Staytuned for more features and supported languages, and if youwantyour toddlers learn more words in different categories makesure todownload the “The Human World for Kids” full learningapp.
Learning Shapes for Kids, Toddlers - Children Game 0.4.6
“Learn Shapes for Toddlers” is one ofourlearning games for kindergarteners, in which kids studygeometricshapes playing several fun educational games for toddlers.Theseshapes games will teach your baby to distinguish betweenvariousshapes for kids as well as train your kid’s fine motorskills,intelligence, attentiveness and memory. Let’s learn shapeswithfun, quickly and efficiently!The main advantages of our games with shapes:1) Kids learn shapes - a circle, a square, a triangle, arectangle,a pentagon.2) In order to make shapes for toddlers more visual andmemorable,we came up with funny animations. Our kids shapespreschool arepresented by amusing and cheerful toddler shapes withlive facialexpressions and funny movements. Such smart baby shapeswill notleave indifferent any small kid and will make learningshapes themost favorite educational activity.3) Study of shapes toddler preschool is performed with the helpofsix infant learning games for babies to play. Theseeducationalgames for kids include a baby shape sorter, shapesmatching gamesfor toddlers, shape sorting games for kids free and ashapespuzzle.4) Learning shapes for kids is available in severalwidespreadlanguages - Russian, English, Spanish, German, French,Turkish andsome others. The names of all forms for kids arepronounced bynative speakers with perfect pronunciation and cleardiction. Theknowledge of new foreign words provided by suchlearning games forchildren will have a positive impact on thefurther study oflanguages in the kindergarten and / or atschool.5) Our educational games for kids nursery which providelearningshapes for kindergarten also train fine motor skills,perseverance,memory, attentiveness and other skills necessary forsuccessfulschooling in the future.6) You can download our shapes games for kids for free. Shapegamesfor kids free save your family’s budget and allow to educateanddevelop your baby with the help of educational apps for toddlersofhigh quality.Our learning shape puzzle free games for kids can be recommendedaseducational games for toddler age 2, educational games fortoddlerage 3 and educational games for 4 to 5 year kid. It meansthatthese learning games for babies are perfectly suitable forbothlittle kids and preschool kindergarteners.How to play learning games for toddlers in which little childrencanstudy geometrical shape:All our educational games for kids kindergarten are createdsosimple and intuitive, that its interface will not causetheslightest difficulty, even for babies. Nevertheless, we willtellyou what our shapes and colors for toddlers are and whatlearninggames for kids are included:- At first we get acquainted with and study kids shapes andcolorspreschool. In the center of the screen of our shape puzzlegames,behind the icon with a trencher-cap, all our merry shapesarehidden. Learning shapes for toddlers free begins with a redsquarefull of life. Then the baby paints its contour and itbecomesamusingly animated. The rest of shapes are learned in thesimilarway.- Now let’s play 6 learning games for kindergarten to check andfixthe received knowledge:1) dragging the shapes into the contours suitable for them;2) playing shape builder - creating various items with the helpofshapes (a snowman, a roly-poly, a cactus, a fish, a house, atree,a candy, a truck, and so on);3) sorting shapes descending on the balloon into the contours totheright and to the left of the screen;4) finding a pair for a shape out of a number ofdancingforms;5) pulling out an apple, putting shape puzzles on top ofeachother;6) feeding a funny animal with food of different shapes,watchingthe body shape changes after a certain shapes iseaten.Downloading our “Learn Shapes for Toddlers” game youwillundoubtedly develop your child's love for learningandcomprehension of new information from the earliestchildhood!
Learn Vehicles for Kids - Transport for Toddlers
Learn vehicles for kids is one of our funchildlearning educational apps for kids of early preschool age.With thehelp of transport games for kids, children will getacquainted withvarious equipment, machinery and vehicles fortoddlers which peopleinvented for different purposes. There arealso some educationalgames for kids kindergarten aimed to fix thereceivedknowledge.Main advantages of vehicles games for kids:1) Children will learn transport of the following kinds:rescuevehicles, farming equipment, construction vehicles for kidsandmilitary transport.2) 15 vehicles for learning kids:- Emergency situations - an ambulance car, a fire engine, apolicecar, a rescue helicopter, a lifeboat;- Working machines - a crane, an excavator, a tractor, a rollerforlaying asphalt, a harvester;- Military equipment - T-34 tank, armored personnel carrier,bomber,antiaircraft installation, warship.3) Playing vehicle games for toddlers, kids will heardifferentsounds of transportation.4) Learning transport for kids is available in several languages-English, Spanish, Russian and some others. The vehicle gamesforkids are voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciationandclear diction.5) Our transportation games for kids developsperseverance,attentiveness, logical thinking, imagination,curiosity, and trainsfine motor skills.6) You can download all our children educational apps for free,andcars games for kids as well. Educational games for toddlersfreewill save your family budget and provide learning games forkids ofhigh quality.7) Like all our educational games for kids nursery, the car gamefortoddler boy and girl has a very bright and at the same timeclearand intuitive interface. So even little kids will deal withthetoddler car games easily.8) Play cars and fix the knowledge with 5 learning gamesforkindergarteners.Our cars games for kids can be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2 (toddler games free for 2yearolds cars);- learning apps for toddlers ages 2 to 3;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- free learning games for kids 3 to 4 years old;- kids learning games free for a 4 year old;- learning games for 5 year olds.How to play our car games for children:After downloading and starting our toddler cars games free youneedchoose the language in which you want your baby to learn carsforkids. In the center of the screen children will see a bigspinningwheel with animation. To the left and to the right of thewheelthere are five kids cars games. In order to start playing kidscargames free, the baby should click the wheel. Then, vehiclespuzzlesfor kids will appear in turn, producing transport sounds.The nameof the vehicle in the chosen language is heard, and so welearn allthe vehicles puzzles for toddlers. After the firstacquaintance isover, we start to play car puzzles for kidsfree.1. The first game represents the following: the child shouldselectthe wrong transport among four suggested vehicles. Forexample,among the rescue helicopter, the tractor, the combine andtheexcavator - the helicopter is wrong. If the baby findsitdifficult, the game will make prompts.2. The second game shows a certain background and three puzzlecarsfor toddlers. Only one vehicles is appropriate for thisbackground.The correct variant should be dragged to thelandscape.3. The third game is a shadow puzzle. The baby is offeredfiveshadows of the learnt transport means and vehicles themselves.Herethe kid should guess which vehicle to put into itsshadow.4. The fourth game is vehicle repairing games. There is abrokentransport and four spare parts given. The baby should findout whatspare part is suitable and drag it to the vehicle in ordertorepair it.5. And the last - fifth - game is vehicles puzzle games. Littlekidsare fond of gathering puzzles, so it’s a great game toconsolidatethe received knowledge about different vehicles.
Baby Phone with Music, Animals for Toddlers, Kids 1.2.23
Baby Phone with Music, Animals isaneducational and entertaining game for children of earlypreschoolage. Playing baby telephone kids can easily learn 123 forkids,animals for toddlers and animals sounds for baby.Main features of the phone for kids:1) Kids learning animals - a snake, a monkey, a bear, a cat,amouse, a horse, a goat, a fox, a duck, an elephant, a pig, asheep,a parrot, a penguin, a lion, a tiger, a chicken, a rooster, acow,a dog. So, the kid phone includes both wild and domesticanimalsfor kids. Moreover, the kids phone presents animals for kidsfromdifferent climate zones. For example, there is learninganimalsfrom mixed forests, polar region, etc.2) Animal sounds for kids learning free. Our babyphone hasafunction to pretend phone calls for kids from animals. Duringthesereal phone calls for kids free app makes animals produceanimalvoices for kids. Playing toy phone for babies toddlers willhear aparrot chirping, a pig grunting, a tiger growling, a cowmooing, adog barking, a snake hissing, a cat mewing, a mousesquealing, aduck quack, a hen cackling, a cock crowing and otheranimals makinganimals voice for kids.3) Learning numbers for preschoolers. Children love to playphonefor kids, especially press the buttons of a toy phone. Ourphonefor kids all in one is an interactive baby toy phone inwhichbabies can push the bright colorful buttons with numerals forkidsand learn numbers for toddlers from 0 to 9.4) Our baby mobile phone trains fine motor skills,developsintelligence, memory, logic, mindfulness, curiosity.5) The toddler phone app is available in several languages-English, Russian and some others.6) All our educational games for kindergarteners are freetodownload, and this baby cell phone is not an exception. Babyphoneapp free will save your family budget and provide baby firstplayphone of high quality.7) Our baby phone kids was created in the tight cooperationofchildren illustrators and pedagogues. That’s why the kids phoneapphas such a clear, simple and intuitive interface easy to dealwitheven for the youngest babies.8) Our babyphone game has great entertaining potential . It’snotonly animal learning games with animals sounds for baby andnumbersfor toddlers free, but also kids entertainment. The childrenphoneis developed to play phone for kids call in such a way thatanimalswill call your baby from time to time. So, baby phonenumbers andanimals will never let your toddler get bored.Our baby phone with animals can be recommended as:- educational games for 2 year olds (or learning games fortoddlersage 2);- learning games for toddlers age 3;- educational games for 4 year olds;- educational games for 5 year olds.How to play baby mode for your phone:First of all, you should download the toddler phone onyoursmartphone or tablet. The baby phone number animal meets yourkidwith beautiful interface with juicy buttons. The navigation ofkidsbaby phone is very simple. When your baby presses the yellowbuttonwith a handset in the educational games for kids baby phone 34years, the baby animal phone opens the phone book withanimalcards. In order to play phone games for kids and call acertainanimal, to touch the image of the animal will be enough. Thebabyphone games for babies will never ignore your child and theanimalwill answer for sure. The baby telephone games are not onlybabyanimal games, but also musical games for kids. When yourbabypresses the blue button of the toy phone games (with the imageof anote on it), the kids phone games begin to play music notes inthedirect and reverse order. If your kid presses the light bluebuttonof the kids toy phone learning games (with the “play”inscriptionon it), there will be heard a nice melody in theeducational gamesfor kids nursery. The task of toddler learninggames here is topress the necessary button which the kids phonecalls will showwith the help of animation.
Not Like the Others Free 1.6.1
Irina Marina
This educational game is aimed at childrenages3, 4, and 5 years old and develops logical reasoning, which istheability to recognize and classify the important propertiesofobjects.Each round there are 4 objects presented on the screen, 3 ofwhichhave something in common— thus uniting them into a category.Thecategory always has a name (for example: furniture, toys,fruits).The fourth object doesn't belong to that category and is"not likethe others"—the kids need to identify it.Categories of objects found in the game include toys, dishes,tools,clothes, school supplies, flowers, mushrooms, fruits,vegetables,sweets, mammals, birds, insects, and marinecreatures.This logic game systematizes the child's knowledge about theworld,and improves the ability to abstract and solidifyconcepts.Teachers and parents can download and install the game for freeontheir Android phones or tablets.
Animal Farm for Kids - Learn Animals for Toddlers 1.0.22
Animal Farm is a unique educational gamewhichcombines kids entertainment and learning. While playing farmgamesfor babies, little preschool children are learning animalsandtaking care of animals. Also toddlers develop various mentalskillswhile doing game tasks of the kids farm games.Main advantages of our baby farm:1) Colorful, cozy and funny baby farm games look like a realone.Your kid will play farm with great pleasure trying tounderstandhow animal farm is arranged.2) Animal farm games include such domestic animals as a cow,ahorse, pigs, chickens, a dog. So our farm games for toddlers canbeeasily called chicken farm games as well as farms withotheranimals.3) Farm games for kids show your baby what taking care ofanimalgames means. Your son or daughter will take animal care andtry tofeed the cow, to bathe the pigs, to play with the dog andeven tohorseshoe the horse! Just like a real little farmer!4) Farm animal games demonstrate what good differentdomesticanimals for kids bring to people. For example, the cowgives usmilk (and your child will even milk her!) out of which wemake alot of tasty things - butter, cheese, yoghurt and so on; thehorseis a beautiful and very strong animal that helps peopleplowgardens and grow different vegetables and plants; the chickenslayeggs; the fast and agile dog barks loudly and guards otheranimals,the garden and the whole farm!5) Our farming games for kids are not only animal care games -thereis a garden in our little farm, so your child will learn howto growvegetables, berries and other plants playing farmer gamesforkids.6) There are 15 educational games for kindergarteners in ouranimalbreeding games, so your preschooler will not only learnanimalswhile playing our animal farm for kids but also develop finemotorskills, memory, attentiveness, imagination,perseverance,curiosity.7) Our farm games free to play are very absorbing, so your babywillwant to play it again and again. Animals farm will help youoccupyyour bored child when your are on the road or in theline.8) You will not have to care about the quality ofinternetconnection when playing our farm games withoutinternet.9) The farm game was developed in the cooperation withchildrenspecialists, so it has a clear and intuitive interface easyto dealwith.10) Animals farm saves your family budget because you candownloadall our educational games for kids nursery for free!Little farmers will love our farm animals for toddler as therearebright, funny and animated animals in our toddler animal gamesthatwill never let your children get bored. Animal care and farmgamescan be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid.Such educational games for toddlers as kids farming games, freefarmgames to play offline and animal farm games for kids arehighlyvalued by parents and grandparents. Animals farm is a placefor manyof them where they spent their childhood taking care ofreal farmanimals. So, breeding animal games are a greatpossibility to showtheir children and grandchildren nearly all themain charms of areal life farm.Baby farm animal games are an effective way to learn animals.Thanksto such animal learning games children not only learn howfarminganimals look like, but also what good domestic animals doto humans.Such children learning free apps as kids animal gamesand animaltoddler games will demonstrate to little boys and girlshow to takecare of different animals. It’s known that animal careis notreduced to feeding, bathing, healing and going for a walk.Veryoften care is something more. And what’s more - your babieswilllearn playing our animal games for children and educationalgamesfor kids kindergarten. Designed for kids of the pre-schoolage, thefree farm animal games for kids teach your toddler to takegood careof piggies and frisky horses.
Animal Puzzles for kids free 7.2.0
Animal puzzles for kids isafree educational jigsaw puzzle game for kids, toddlersandpreschoolers, aged under 5 years old. In this animal puzzlegameyour children will find 40 different animal puzzles to playwith.Your children will have fun while they develop and improvesomebasic skills for their growth: visual memory, concentration,finemotor skills, logical-mathematical intelligence andspatialintelligence.Animal puzzles for kids has been created for parents seekingthebest game experience for their own children.With this jigsaw puzzle game your kids will never lose any pieceofthe puzzle under the sofa or under the table, so you willbehappiest that with classical puzzle games.Children's puzzles have always been one of the mostvaluedchildren's toys for our children. From classic woodenjigsawpuzzles to paper jigsaw puzzles, children love puzzle gamesandjigsaw puzzles games.Our puzzle game is designed by parents for their own children.Thedifference between puzzle for kids and puzzles for adults isthecomplexity of the puzzle in itself. That's the reason becauseofthe tiles of our puzzles have a rectangular shape. With thiskindof tiles, kids enjoy more the puzzle game, and theirplayerexperience is higher than if the puzzle game has tileswithdifferent shapes. This is another kind of puzzle game, maybeforall kind of kids, of all the ages. In this game you will findadepurated style for kids under 5 years old, with a sweetbackgroundmusic that you can turn off and turn on, and with rewardsfor thekids.How to play to Animal puzzlesforkids:Each puzzle has 9 rectangular tiles and your children have toputthem in the correct place using the finger and drag &dropoperations. When the kid have put the tile into the correctplace,the game will give a reward to the kid, using a little starsand asound for it.And when the child have solved the entire puzzle, the reward willbebiger. A sound of applause, more little stars and some balloonstoexplode them, will appear on the screen as part of the rewardforyour kids. This will encourage the children to continue solvingmorejigsaw puzzles.Features of Animal puzzles for kids:★ Simple and intuitive interface designed for babies, toddlersandpreschoolers★ 40 fantastic animal puzzles for kids★ Fun and educational game★ Cute graphics, designed thinking in kids, toddlersandpreschoolers★ Cute animations and sounds★ Designed for young children from 2 to 5 years old★ Designed by parents seeking the best game experience for theirownchildren★ With congratulations and fun rewards to pop★ Sweet background melody with an on/off button★ All puzzles are available for free★ Easy navigation between jigsaw puzzles♥♥♥ If your children like the classical wooden puzzle games,theywill love this one. ♥♥♥This simple animal puzzle game is really a perfect jigsaw puzzleforyour kids.If your children have loved this game, do not forget to give usa5-star review. It would be very appreciated for us.Remember our website where youwillfind many other free games for children, jigsaw puzzlegamesincluded, sorted by age, and some game for parents who want tohavefun.
Kids Games free 4 years old 5.00.015
sparse kids
Loves your little toddler visiting the zoo?Headores all animals in the park? Then Animals Games freeishis first animal app. He can play funny games andlearnabout african wildlife. Cute animals from therainforest andthe grassland will conjure a smile on his face.Animal Games free is especially designed for littlekids.Downloading this app gives your little big game hunter:🐃 zoo puzzle🐍 animal matching games or animal memory games withmatchingpairs🐵 original nature sounds of wild animals: animal voiceEasy to play with:🙈 Touch the screen and try to match the animals hidden behindtheafrican sun, find the couples of the animal memory games andpairsmemory game for kids🙉 Enjoy your reward when an animal puzzle for kids in the puzzlezoois solvedSimple and intuitive, your baby will have lots of fun withAnimalGames free.This preschool zoo puzzles for toddlers and kids are theperfectanimal collective to become a zookeeper.A lot of animal games and pairs memory game are waiting for youinthis awesome animal games app. Within all animal apps this onehasa lot of features and multiple interesting and funanimalcollective games with zoo puzzles, sounds with animal soundsgamesfor kids free.This collection contains kids games free 4 years old. They areallkids educational game free for kindergarten and kidseducationalgame free for 2 to 3 years. If you look for little kidsgame forfree or a game for kids 3 year old, then kids games free 4yearsold is the right choice. These kids games free 3 years old areallfree kids game and can be played by kids game for 3 amd 4 yearoldstoddlers, animal puzzles for toddlers and pairs memory gameforkids.This little kids game for free 4 year olds boys is fun to playandare free kids game for boys age 4. They are all brain gameforkids, so download pairs memory game for kids and get fun kidsgamefor free. All this fun game for kids are kids games forfree.These games for two year old kids can be played as games forlittlekids under 5 and played as games for little kids under 3.Theperfect kids learning game, a cool little kids game for free 3yearolds toddlers can play. There is a memory game for kids totrainthe kids game memory with kids games age 5 - incredible gamesfreefor kids for boy to play educational games for kidskindergarten orfree learning games for kids in kindergarten. Youwill have funwith the best kids games, truly brain games for kidsthat areeducational games for kids but fun games for kids at thesame time.We implemented kids games hd as the best kids learninggames thatare suitable little kids games. Your are looking forpuzzle 4 kidsanimals free or kids games for 2 yt olds - here youfound the rightKids App. All of them are games for kids free - theycan be gamesfor kids in kindergarten or games for kids 3 yearsfree. It is acollection of free games apps for kids games only withfree gamesfor kids, containing a lot of learning games for kids.Find gamesfor kids on google with games for kids under 3 and plentyof freeeducational kids games for 3 and 4 years old. They are thebestgames for kids 3 and 4 years old. Download now and find gamesfortoddlers 3 years old boy, that are also useful freeeducationalkids games for 2 to 3 years old offline. We have toddleranimalgames, that you chose free learning games for kids 3 to 4years oldfrom spare kids. Also check out games for toddlers 3 yearsoldgirls and free games for 3 years old girls for wild animalgames.You will find little kids games for 3 years old, games fortoddlers3 years old boy for free and there are a lot of kids gamesfree 3years old for boys and educational games for kids 3yearsold.You can play the pairs memory game for kids findingmatchingpairs.Memory games for the mind for a 5 year old - believe it: kidsgamesthat are free AND the games of animals are fun animalgames.
Wash and Treat Pets Kids Game 1.0.3
Discover the world of Wash and TreatPets!A wonderful game for kids and toddlers with the cutest pets !Does your kid love pet games and want to play with dogs and cats?Does he love pet wash ?This is the app for you!Wash and Treat Pets is an educational andentertaininggame.It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game for girls, kidsandadults too!Easy to learn and to control:choose the pet on the city mapthese little animals are so dirty and messy, some are sicktake them a bath, wash well and cut nailfeed the pet that is hungrygive him injection to cure diseasehelp treat lice attack or do surgeryexamine the skin and get ticks off your little dogcheck X-Ray machine to find broken bonesuse microscope to find virusesAvailable for all screen resolutions and devices,includingtablet device as Kindle and Samsung !Simple and intuitive, your little girl and boy will have lots offunfor hours with this beautiful free game !This educational game will help your toddler to improve skillsinproblem solving,logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory.Features:- high quality free game for toddlers , preschool kidsandadults- Easy to use and control- fun for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers,schoolchildren and pre-teens, designed for preschool boys andgirls- Toddlers develop their fine motor skills by dragging thecleaningand surgery tools- Play with your child or let them play alone- use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied- lots of puppies and fluffy cats to treat- wash and cure your favourite pet- kids can take care of baby animals- Pet spa care game and pet doctor game- Pet vet doctor care with medical treatment, x-ray machine,virustreatment and surgery- Brush pets teeth and nail spa- Baby pet feedingThis is the FREE version (Ads supported),If your kid likes this app, then you can buy the FULL version and enjoyable to learn and to play, this is a musthaveapp!A lot of educational pets games for toddlers and young kids!!Your child will admire every kind of pet ready to bepampered!If your kid loves animals then you will just love this washpetsgame !Wash and Treat Pets is a great game for kids and girls.Ideal for children but also fun for adults who want to playwiththeir kids!What are you waiting for ? Start playing and be the best pet shopinthe world !This app is a funny game which also helps your toddler improvinghisabilities.A lot of game for children, the best games for kids, appsforbabies, games for girls, match game, puzzle for 3 yearold,educational games, all from romeLab !
Learning Animals for Toddlers - Educational Game
Learning Animals for Toddlers is aneducationalgame in which little kids can learn animals and animalssounds forkids playing various mini-games. Such animal learninggames aresuitable for toddlers 2-5 years old.Main advantages of our learning animal games for kids:1) With the help of our animal train game your baby willgetacquainted with 29 animals for kids from 5 differentregions:- animals for toddlers and kids from the Polar regions andtheArctic tundra - a walrus, a penguin, a reindeer, a polar bear,aseal;- toddler animals from Deciduous, Coniferous and Mixed forests -afox, a squirrel, a rabbit, a hedgehog, a bear, a wolf;- baby learn animals of the Rainforest - a monkey, a hippo,acrocodile, a tiger, a cheetah, a pelican;- kids learn animals names and sounds for children from the Desert-a camel, a turtle, a jerboa, a lizard, a fox-Fenech,anantelope;- animals from the Savannah - a giraffe, a rhino, an elephant,alion, an ostrich.2) Our animal games for kids will introduce not only adultanimalsbut baby animals as well. As a rule, little kids are fond ofbabywild and domestic animals for kids. In our baby animal gamesyourchild will learn wild baby animals names for kids inenglish.3) Playing our animal games for toddlers your kid will alsolearntoddler animal sounds. Animals voices sound so natural thatyourbaby will seem to find himself or herself in the middle of aforestor a desert.4) During learning about animals your kid will get to knowwhathabitats different animals live in.5) Kids learn animals with the help of puzzles playing ourlearningapps for kids. Collecting each animals puzzle your babywill learnthe parts of animal bodies - a head, a body, paws, atail.6) In order to fix the received knowledge of animals for kidslearnthere are 5 kids animal games:- Playing one of the games for little kids your baby will guesstowhat animal the hearable sound belongs. Animal voices andsoundsseem funny to little kids so they are happy to imitateanimals andlaugh.- The 2nd preschool games for little kids is animal puzzles forkidsfree. In this educational games for kids kindergarten yourchildwill be shown a picture with an image of an animal. When heor sheclicks on this picture it becomes split into severalelements thatshould be collected correctly. In order to help yourbaby there is asilhouette of the animal to which the puzzleelements should bemoved to accomplish animals learning.- In the 3d animal games toddler will get acquainted with ananimaltrain. Playing this toddler animal games your baby will seeapassing train with an adult animal seated in each railwaycarriage.Little animals for kids free stand along the platformwaiting foryour child to seat each of them with theirparents.- Playing the 4th learning games for kids your baby will seeacertain animal and three variants of a habitat for it. Canagiraffe live in the Polar region? Can a polar bear live intheRainforest? Your kid will get the answers to thesequestionsplaying such learning games for kindergarten.- The 5th baby games for babies continues to teach your babythehabitats of different animals. A picture of a certain habitatwillbe displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Therewillbe a few animals and your kid is to decide what animal cannotlivehere.7) Learning animals for kids will be appreciated by children ofbothsexes, so they can be regarded as learning games forkindergartenersboth boys and girls.8) You can download our animals games for kids games forfree.Animal games for girls and animal games free for boys fused inoneanimal game will save family budget of families with childrenofboth sexes.Our animal learning game can be recommended as:- games for toddlers 2 years ol;- games for toddlers 3 years ol (games for kids 3 yearsfree);- games for kids 4 years old;- games for kids 5 years old.
Baby Phone Game for Kids Free - Cute Animals 15.9
App Family
A classic baby phone game for kids,withcolorful graphics and cute animals! One of the best free appsforbabies or toddlers who love to play with their parents'mobilephones.No advertisements are shown while playing! :)Does your child want to play with your cellphone all the time?Thenyou use this app to turn your phone or tablet into a colorfulbabyphone, with cute graphics, high-quality music and lots ofgreatanimal sounds.This game features both a classic keypad with numbers and ananimalkeypad with hilarious animal sounds. When your child dialsanumber, an animal chosen at random will answer the phone.Yourchild can touch the animal to hear the sounds and watch itmovearound.Your kid can also change the design of the mobile phone topicktheir favorite 'skin'! Keeps children visually stimulatedandengaged.Want to call a particular animal to hear their particularsounds?Just press a single number and use the speed-dial!Fun features in the game:- 2 keypads- 6 colorful phone designs- 2 high-quality nursery rhymes as background music- 12 cute animated animals to dial and interact with- Lots of great sound effects- Learn the numbers 0-9Does your kid love it? Or do they hate it? Please write ashortcomment about our babyphone game and let us know!For more fun, have a look at our other fun kids games for babiesandchildren aged 1, 2, 3 and 4 years old.This app:- Does not contain third-party ads- Does contain a link to our Facebook page- Does contain promotion for our other apps- Does use anonymous data collection tools
Baby Pop Balloon 1.9
Download free games for kids, games for kids2or 3 years.Popping colorful balloons on the phone or tablet is verypopularwith the children.Balloon pop children's entertainment for kids, it is classifiedaseducational games for toddlers and children up to 7years.Developing baby games - a very important component of modernbabydevelopment. Learning games for kids and for kids on mobiledevicesbecome trend in category of games for kids.Entertaining fun for kids! Pop soap bubbles is child's play fortheyoungest children. A million bubbles! It is necessary to bursttheballoon while popping balloons fun. Ball boom Masharelease.Children's game pop the ball brings the children happinessandjoy.You need to have time to burst all the balloons! Plusairships,stars, bubbles and soaring birds in the blue sky!Play and have a good mood!Play "balloon Pop - game for children" because children liketoburst balloons and soap bubbles.If You like our free educational games please rate them andvisitour website to download more educational games for kids!
Animals for Toddlers and Kids 1.0.6
Discover with your toddler the animals !An amazing puzzle with a stunning collection ofdomesticandwildanimals ! The funniest game for your toddler !A wonderful, cute collection of puzzles and animalsfortoddlersandkids.Does your kid love pets and puppies ? This is the app foryou!Your toddler will love this app!Animals for Toddlers and Kids is aneducationalandentertaininggame.It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game fortoddlersandkids!Play with animal puzzles!A lot of different puzzles and many animals to keepyourkidbusy.Easy to learn and to control:-touch the screen and drag the animal on the right place-interact with all the elements on the screen whenapuzzleissolved-when a puzzle is completed tap the arrow to changetothenextlevelAvailable for all screen resolutions anddevices,includingtabletdevice as Kindle and Samsung !Simple and intuitive, your baby will have lots of funforhourswiththis puzzle game !This educational game will help your toddler toimproveskillsinproblem solving,logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory.Features:- high quality puzzle game for toddlers and preschool kidsfromages0to 7 years old with the cutest animals- Easy to use and control- fun for children of all ages, babies,preschoolers,schoolchildrenand pre-teens, designed for preschoolboys andgirls- learn to recognize animals of the jungle andsavannahandtheirsounds- Simple for toddlers and babies with increasing difficulty- Toddlers develop their fine motor skills bydragginganddroppingpuzzle pieces- Play with your child or let them play alone- use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied- A lot of animal puzzles! 27 in the FULL version- more than 80 adorable animals in the FULL version:bearcub,lion,tiger, gorilla, monkey, giraffe, hippo, elephant,penguinandmanyother wild and domestic animals !- randomly generated puzzles! this educational gamewillnevergetold!This is the FREE version (Ads supported),If your kid likes this app, then you can buy the FULL versionwith more puzzles, more animals and no ads and enjoyable to learn and play withgreatcolorfulpuzzles,this is a must have app!A lot of educational animal puzzles fortoddlersandyoungkids!!Your child will admire every kind of animal andwillhearrealisticsound effects!Animals for Toddlers and Kids is a funny game whichalsohelpsyourtoddler improving his abilities.A lot of game for children, the best games forkids,appsforbabies, games for girls, match game, puzzle for3yearold,educational games, all from romeLab !
Learning Transport for Kids: Vehicles for Toddlers 1.0.17
Meet one of our best educational gamesfortoddlers - a new game “Learning Transport for Kids”! Withthetransport games your baby will learn what kinds of vehiclesexistand play such toddler learning games like vehicle gamesandvehicles puzzles for toddlers to fix the receivedknowledge.The main advantages of our vehicles games:- Playing transportation games your child will get to know 3typesof transport vehicles - flying vehicles which move in the air,landor ground vehicles which move on roads or railways, andwatervehicles that people use to cross rivers, seas andoceans.- Our educational toddler games will present 15 kinds of carsandtransport for kids - an airplane, a helicopter, a bus,amotorcycle, a boat, cars for kids (or toddler cars), a ship,atrain, a rocket, a submarine, a truck, even with an air balloonandsome others. The names are pronounced in a distinctnativespeaker's voice which is very important for all educationalappsfor toddlers who are just learning to speak correctly. Eachvehicleis presented against an appropriate background: ships aresailing,aircrafts in flying vehicles game are hovering in the sky,andmotor cars are rolling on a highway.- Within the learning games for kids your baby can play car gamesin11 languages - English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian,Polish,Chinese, Malay, Arabic and others.- There are 5 engaging mini educational games for kids nurseryinthis child learning educational apps:1. In the first educational games for kids kindergarten yourbabyshould examine carefully a random selection of 4 vehicles.Playingcars games for kids lets your child touch the one that doesnotbelong in the picture. For example, a kid has to expel therocketfrom the group of motor vehicles playing transport gamesforkids.2.What type of transport suits the scene?In the second learning games for kindergarten kids are given ascene– the sky scattered with clouds, the highway, or the wavy sea– anda selection of three different vehicles. PIn order to playthis kidscars games your baby should pick up the vehicle thatsuits theparticular scene and drag it to the top of thescreen.3.Collect vehicles puzzles with silhouettes!The third kids educational game free for kindergarten isvehiclepuzzles for toddlers. In this toddler car games your kid hastoguess which vehicle each shadow belongs to. Thisdrag-and-dropactivity in the vehicles puzzles for kids is sure todevelop finemotor skills.4.Play cars for kids learning games, aircrafts and boats andrepairthem!This car games for children will be a special favorite amonglittleboys. Because playing this car game for toddler boy will makehimfeel like his father or grandfather who repairs his car inthegarage. At the same time there are many little girls who arefondof cars games for kids. Anyway, no matter a boy or a girl,yourbaby will scrutinize a car, a ship or an aircraft trying tofind amissing part. Looking like a puzzle cars for toddlers,isn’tit?5.Have fun solving car puzzles for kids free!The last toddler cars games free in this educational apps forkidsis puzzles with different transport vehicles.You can download all our children educational apps for free,andthis vehicle games for kids is not an exclusion. Such carsgamesfor kids 3 years free will save your family budget and educateyourbaby properly.Our game Transport Vehicles for Kids can be regarded as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning apps for toddlers ages 2 to 3;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- free learning games for kids 3 to 4 years old;- kids learning games free for a 4 year old;- learning games for 5 year olds.Besides the great educational potential, this game contributestooverall mental development of your baby - dragging objects onthescreen will train fine motor skills, rich colors -visualperception, high-quality sounds - auditory perception,puzzles -logic and attentiveness.
Puzzles for kids Farm Animals
SeDo Games
Puzzles for kids - FARM ANIMALS isaninteractive game for kids aged 1-5 that helps to developtactileand motor skills while playing and learning animals andanimalsounds.Features:- Intuitive child-friendly interface- High-quality puzzle graphics with cute farm animals- Easy navigation between puzzle for kids- Easy movement of puzzle pieces across screen- Tested and approved by kids- Phone and tablet support- Fun for the whole family- All puzzles are available for FREE !The game is available in Portuguese, English, Romanian,Russian,Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Spanish languages.Privacy Disclosure:- Does not contain links to social networks- Does not contain any in-app purchases- Does not collect personal dataThe app Puzzles for kids Farm Animals contains advertising asthat’sour means of providing the free puzzle app for kids, free ofcost toyou – the ads are carefully placed such that the kids areleastlikely to click on it while playing.At “SeDo Games”, we strive to make high quality games anddistributethem for free on Android.Our goal is to introduce children to the mobile world inaeducational and playful manner.We love to hear from our users. If you have any questionsorsuggestions don't hesitate to write us at:[email protected]
Trip to the zoo for kids 2.05
Your child’s intellect needs stimulationfromthe very beginning of life. Educational toys and aids thatallowour little ones to fully utilize their natural desire tolearn.When our children grow up and begin discovering theinterestingworld around them, it’s our job to help. We believe thatthisapplication will be very helpful.The application called "Trip to the zoo for kids" presentsvariousanimals in a zoo. The game introduces various animals to thechild(e.g. elephants, turtles, birds, dolphins and many others).Thechild leans what the animals eat, and how to fix a broken fenceortractor. This knowledge is acquired by performing actions intheright order, such as unscrewing a tractor wheel or washingandfeeding animals.The application has been designed to teach cause and effect.Itstimulates the child’s senses through pictures, soundsandtouch.The application is intended for children 3 to 5 years old. Mychildis 3 years old and absolutely loves it. I made thisapplication asa parent, so my child could learn about the world onthose cloudydays when it’s not so easy to just go for a walk.I plan to expand the application, so I would love to hearyoursuggestions and advice.I WOULD ALSO INVITE YOU TO RATE THE APPLICATION. If there is alotof interest, then we will definitely make new scenes.If you spot any errors please contact me by email!I hope you and your beloved children have fun using the app!