Top 24 Games Similar to Be Survive: Zombie

WithstandZ - Zombie Survival!
You want to get in a fun adventure based onanApocalyptic Zombie theme? So this game is especially foryou!You can play alone or Online mode with your friends, youwillcontrol the character chosen and survive in the zombie world,youcan get items in houses, villages, military and otherfields.WithstandZ BETA is an open world game in the emerginggenresurvival as much as multiplayer orsingleplayer. Based in the Unturned. Over the course of atypicaland epic adventure, you'll have to survive searching forsuppliesand equipment, and to being able to build yourownhouse/base/construction.SURVIVAL:You will have to learn and develop your own survival technique,goin search of food and equipment and keep the thirst, hungerandlife of your character in stable level.EXPLORE:The game features a map of open world, where who chooses wheretogo, it's really you! Therefore, you will have manyinterestingplaces to explore and loot.MULTIPLAYER:The multiplayer/online mode brings a new experience to playersonportable devices like smartphones, Tablets and other, that wayyouwill enjoy and have fun with your friends, and if you'replayingalone, it's up to you to decide if you will the player"Hero" or"Villain". :)ZOMBIES:Our zombies are constituted with an excellentartificialintelligence, that way if you are inside a House, youdon't have toworry about a Zombie appear out of nowhere, they willonly comeafter you if you really want.FEEDBACK:Our game is still under development, and we'd love to hearyourideas and constructive criticism, that way, if you are willingtohelp can send us an email with your feedback. :DPrivacy Policy ConsentBy installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:''
Occupation 1.43
First and Third Person Shooter.Stop zombie invasion and save your girl from zombie's hands!• Open 3D World to explore• Day/Night cycle to make a more immerse game• 11 different types of zombies and monsters• Allied NPCs to help you VS the zombie apocalypse• Possibility to recruit NPCs to help you while looking for ammoandfood in the city• Auto-aim for new players and manual aim for players that wantaharder game!• First and Third Person perspective can be used to make bothFPSand TPS fans happy!• Inventory system that consists in storing food and Health bagstohelp you during the apocalypse• Hunger system, stamina.• Market: Buy and sell items you find in thezombieapocalypse!• Non-linear missions• Additional endless game mode (unlocked after all missionsaredone)• VR Headsets support• Hardware input support - gamepads, keyboardsIf you have a fast device - try to turn the sun, moon and shadowson- they are disabled by default.You also can disable a gyroscope in the game settings.Please, comment/e-mail what's the problem in the game beforegivinga bad rating. It will be a pleasure to help my players!Thank You for downloading!
Trial By Survival 1.30
You have been banished to the wastelandtoprove your innocence. Your Trial By Survival has begun. Howwillyou survive?Trial By Survival is a post-apocalyptic, top-down action RPGsetin a zombie infested world long after civilization hascollapsed.Navigate through lush destructible environments to findwhat youneed to survive. Scavenge ammunition and supplies fromothercharacters. Build and level weapons to confront theinevitabledanger that lurks after every turn. Use the characterenhancingperks to fine tune your playing style and evolve yourtactics asthe game develops around you to escape permanent death.Every gameis a unique story that writes itself and will keep you onthe edgeof your seat.**Features**-Multiple Game Modes - Survival Mode and Arena Mode-Permadeath-Procedurally generated map - every game is unique-Destructible environments - Break down walls, blow up cars, settheworld on fire-Move freely around randomized levels, fighting through indoorandoutdoor encounters-Scavenge loot from real life players around the world-Glitch the dog will help defend you, fetch things for you andkeepyou company-Build and level up over a dozen unique weapons-Customize your playing style with a character enhancingPerksystem-Great Comic/graphic art style-Dual Stick or Drag/Tap Controls
ZOMBIE TOWN AHHH!!!! - A 3D Zombie SurvivalRPG- Survive in a world taken over by zombies. Use your fists,variousweapons and cars to defeat (or avoid) the zombies.FEATURES- Multiplayer Modes (Dedicated Servers + Local Multiplayer)- Survival Mode, Creative Mode, Death Match Mode- Defeat zombies to become stronger.- Drive & squish zombies with over 8 car types- Siphon fuel from cars to fuel the car of your choice- Search for food and weapons to survive- Destroy trees & cars for resources, craft new weapons- 80+ types of Humans/Zombies- 5+ vehicles to choose from- Lots of weapons to craft, find and use----------------------- Thank you for your support, we're working on making the gameevenbetter. Please buy Pro & brains to support development.Staytuned for more.- This game doesn't work on some devices. I see the comments inthereviews - I'm hoping that Unreal Engine 4.17 will increasedevicesupport - sorry if the game doesn't work for you :(- Game runs best on a Nvidia Shield Tablet & GooglePixelPhone- We have launched for PC on Steam- If the game worked and all of a sudden it doesn't, it might beanissue with saved games. You need to manually deletethem,uninstalling at the moment doesn't fully wipe your content -seehere for details- change log- to configure your game to play locally- (port forward port7777to your phone on wifi)To BETA test new versions of the game, make suggestions andreportbugs please join our Community-
SAS: Zombie Assault 4 1.9.0
ninja kiwi
Two new events available!ApocalypseandLastManStanding will test your zombie blasting skills!Purge the undead! Awesome upgradeable gunsandarmor,uniqueclassskills, and 4 player co-op! Play themostintensezombieshooter onmobile, from the makers of Bloons TD5.A virus outbreak on adistanttrans-federationplanetunleasheshorrors from humanity's past.Apowerful, rapidlygrowingzombiehorde threatens the very existenceofhumankind, andthe onlyonescapable of fighting back are thehighlyskilled,highlyweaponizedspecial forces of the S A S. Choosefrom3uniquecharacterclasses, maximize the fully customizableskilltree,andselectfrom hundreds of weapons and armor piecestobuildtheultimatezombie killing hero. Play dynamic,challenginglevelsinsingleplayer or 4 player cooperative multiplayerandgiveourravagedcivilization its last best hope for survival.INTENSE ACTIONZombies swarm the screen, exploding into bitsunderyourhailofbullets. Each of the 17 unique zombietypeshavespecialattacksand behavior, and they can evolve-manifestingterrifyingnewpowers as you progress through thegame.And just whenyouthinkyou've beat them all, savage boss zombieshuntyoudown,puking outacid worms or storming after you inragemode.Learntheirstrengths and weaknesses as you leadtheactionacross7story-driven maps with varying victoryconditions.UNBEATABLE 4 PLAYER CO-OPQuickmatch with up to 3 other players of similarlevelandusethecustom skills and weapons chosen by allplayerstoformaneffective fire team. Coordinateauto-turretplacements,highlevelroom-clearing powers like AssaultTeam,AerialBombardment,andZombie Antidote, and move physics objectstocreatetemporarycoverwhile you paint the room red.HEAPS OF EPIC LOOTOver 160 incredible guns and armor pieces arelockeduptightinsideincreasingly rare strongboxes that you canfindinsecretrooms oron the mangled remains of yourenemies.Yourloadoutincludes apistol and two rifle class weapons -choosefromfastfiringsubmachine guns, devastating shotguns,highdamageassaultrifles,brutal machine guns,flamethrowers,rocketlaunchers,lightningguns, and more. Armor up forprotectionagainstphysical,thermal,and chemical attacks, then roundout yourarsenalwithauto-turrets,grenades, and special high damageammo toripthroughthe undeadbefore they rip through you.AMAZING RPG-STYLE UPGRADESThe Assault, Medic, and Heavy Gunner classeseachhaveuniqueupgradetrees, giving each character 19skillstocustomize.Hundreds of gunsand armor pieces have a rangeofgradesand apowerful RED versionwhen you reach high levels.Inadditionyoucan add powerfulaugmentations to your guns andgearwhichenhancecore propertieslike damage and rate of fire, butcanalsoimprovereload time,resist damage, and heal.Download for free and play SAS: Zombie Assault 4 now!Please Note: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is free todownloadandplay(asidefrom internet, carrier, data, device, andotherservicesforwhich theplayer is financially responsible),butsomein-gameitems can bepurchased with real money. You canturnoffthepayment feature bydisabling in-app purchasesinyourdevice'ssettings.SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is recommended for players 12yearsofageandolder, and the fantasy violence, gibs, and zombiebloodaretobeexpected given the survival theme. We haveincludeda"Gore"settingon the Options screen specifically foryoungorsensitiveplayers,and this removes the blood and gibs whenGoreistoggledOff.
Thrive Island Free - Survival 2.42
John Wright
Multiplayer releasedhere: PC, Mac,Android: http://thriveislandsurvival.comThrive Island is an open world, sandbox survival game whereyourobjective is to survive and thrive in this hostileenvironment.Hunt, explore and craft to survive! Use your building,crafting,exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive atallcost.You are stranded on a lost island and to your horror you havenoidea how you got there. It almost feels like apocalypse.Explorethe vast island and forest, and salvage anything that mayhelp yousurvive before night comes! Are you a survivor? Survivorsonlylast.- Dynamic building systemBuild small shelters or huge buildings, to protect yourselfatnight- Explore worldRoam around the nature filled world, hunt wildlife and collectlootfor crafting and survival resources.- Travel the seasExplore the oceans in boats to find new islands- Explore the worldFind new deserted islands, volcanoes and more- Caves and dungeonsDiscover and explore the hostile dungeons for a wealth ofvaluableresources- Crafting & InventoryCraft and store all your collected items and raw materials andusethem to your advantage. Craft tools which can be used formining,woodcutting and even combat.- Battles / BattlingBattle and kill anything in sight for resources.- Potions & BrewBrew up your own recipes to help your survival- Realistic world / Day & Night cycleEnjoy the realistic environment as you explore and thrive onthisisland along with seasons and weather.- NatureExplore the forests, spooky woods, beaches, coasts anddesertsbiomes of this stranded island.- ResourcesCollect resources and food but be sure that it is safe toeat.Scavenge food and raw meat from animals- SurviveSurvive whatever the cost. There are many diseases and hazardswhichshould be avoided. Survivors survive.- HealthMake sure you eat enough food and stay warm. Make a fire to helpyousurvive. Make sure you rest enough and be sure to pick a safespotto rest. There is also lots of new aspects of survival thatmakethis a realistic fun survival simulator. Such as, Oxygen,swimming,drowning, radiation poisoning, poison, weapons, toolsandtemperature & much more..- Mutlilingual languagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish,Portuguese,Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish, KoreanI have many ideas and plans for Thrive island and willregularlyupdate. Current features and content in the pipeline forthe nextupdate is:Support, Like & Rate!Note: This is an early access game. There may be bugs and lockedoffcontent or missing features. There will be regular changestoeverything, including gameplay.
Dead on Arrival 2
MASSIVE UPDATE JUST ARRIVED!***************************************Think you know Dead on Arrival 2, well think again! Downloadthismassive update with all new undead action!- The zombies have mutated and are harder and faster than ever.Oneor two hits from the undead and it’s game over!- Jump into single player and try out the new killbasedscoring.- The steel mill now spans over 5 levels to massacretheundead!- Complete all new personal best bonuses and challenges toscoresome big Zbucks!- In a tight spot? Not to worry, we’ll come to your rescue withallthe gear you need, when you need it so take note of the weaponandpower-up prompts!- The mystery box now has a cool down timer before you can useitagain. You just need to stay alive long enough to give itanothergo.- One gun on the wall is just not enough to fight the zombiehorde.We’ve swapped this up with an entire arsenal of kickassweapons andpower-ups for you to stay alive.… Don’t like the new look and feel? Not to worry. Multiplayerisstill the game you know and loved so head on over with yourfriendsand take on the undead together.***************************************Intense co-operative zombie survival!!Tear through wave after wave of the walking dead as you fightforyour life in an industrial playground filled with deadly trapsanddeadlier enemies. An intense top down survival shooter,bringingconsole quality graphics to your mobile device.Featuring a Strategic Spending System, survival is based not justonyour skills but also the decisions you’ll make about how tospendthe precious Z-Bucks earnt from each kill. Making the wrongdecisionbetween more ammo now or a better weapon later could meanlife ordeath.Team up with friends or strangers in 2-4 multiplayer and applyModsto change the experience and give yourself the edge. Didsomebodysay Ice Bullets?How long can you survive the zombie onslaught?Yes that's right! You can fight the zombie horde alone orjoinforces and take on the bloodthirsty masses with up to 3otherplayers in co-op mode.KEY FEATURESCONSOLE QUALITY GRAPHICSAdvanced lighting and shaders bring you a dark and gritty versionofthe zombie apocalypseINTENSE ARCADE SURVIVALHow long will you survive against endless waves of theundead?2-4 PLAYER CO-OP MULTIPLAYERTeam up with your friends to fight the zombie horde together.EXPLORE AN EXPANSIVE, DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENTUnlock new areas of the map and use environmental trapstosurviveSTRATEGIC SPENDING SYSTEMWill you choose to buy more ammo for your pistol, unlock the doortothe next area or save your Z-bucks to buy the rocketlauncher?Better decide fast, the horde is right behind you!MODS LET YOU PLAY IT YOUR WAYUnlock and equip special modifiers such as Double Damage,IceBullets, Healing and more to change the way you play thegameCUSTOMISE YOUR CHARACTER WITH A HUGE RANGE OF COSTUMESJust because its the end of the world doesn’t mean you can’tfightthe undead as a dinosaur. Or in scuba gear.OPTIMISED FOR TEGRA 4Showcase the power of your NVIDIA Tegra 4 device (such as theNVIDIAShield) with Dead on Arrival 2The sequel to Dead on Arrival brings new graphics, new zombies,newbattlegrounds and new upgradeable weapons.Keep pulling that trigger and see how long you can survive.NOTE: If you have trouble loading the game or get an .obberror,please reboot your device and try again. You can alsotryuninstalling and reinstalling the game.We are also working to resolve loading issues with certainchipsetslike the Snapdragon 800 (LG G2, Xperia Z etc).
Call of Survival : Zombie 1.0.2
Your brain is the main food of the zombiesandzombies are very hungrykill zombies before they kill you-Each headshots gives you 3 rounds-Each Othershots gives you 2 rounds-if you kill a lot of zombies in a short time you winmoreroundsGood Luck...
Rage Z: Multiplayer Zombie FPS 1.25
True online multiplayer co op zombiesurvivalfps shooter for mobile devices!Fight epic online battles with friends!Two co op online multiplayer zombie modes: Survival andTeamSurvival, as well as three classic PvP modes: Deathmatch,TeamDeathmatch and Capture The Flag - and more to come infutureupdates!Single player missions available, with different challenges-hone your skill before joining online survival battles!*IMPORTANT* Rage Z requires a FAST, MODERN DEVICE, at MINIMUMaNexus 4 or equivalent phone/tablet.RECOMMENDED: Samsung Galaxy S6/Quad Core/Octa Core orequivalentphone/tablet. A stable WiFi/3G/4G Internet connection isrequiredto play.BLEND OF CO OP AND PVP ONLINE MULTIPLAYER FPS COMBAT> Team up with friends or strangers and shoot some zombiesinadrenaline pumping fights - up to 4 players in co op survival,upto 6 players in Team Survival> Take down waves of zombies and powerful bosses with yourfellowsurvivors> Epic team clashes in Team Survival (PvP + PvE) andTeamDeathmatch (PvP)> Join online games via automatic matchmaking or createcustomprivate gamesCHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE WEAPON> 20+ upgradable weapons, explosives and boosts atyourdisposal> Classic weapons such as AK47, M4A1, Mossberg 500,Jackhammer,M16A1, G3SG1, M249 and more!> Slay zombies with melee weapons: Katana, Baseball Batandmore!SOCIALIZE WITH PEOPLE> Online chat with other players in global and countrychat> Compete for high score in worldwide, country andfriendleaderboards> Add and find friends, make new ones - friend requestsavailableduring online play. Simply tap the person's name, andsend friendrequest!> Unlock achievements in single and multiplayerCUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER> Multiple character avatars> Customize the look of your character with hats, glasses,masksand more!UNIFIED PROGRESSION> Accumulate XP and level up by playing bothsingle-playermissions and online multiplayer games> Unlock higher-tier weapons by earning cash and gaininglevelsfrom multiplayer and single playSINGLE PLAYER MISSIONS> Fast-paced story missions with various challenges, serving asatraining for online play> Flawless graphics, music and visual effectsCUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS> Intuitive, smooth, highly customizable controls so you canplayjust the way you wantPlease like our Facebook page for latest news: game allows you to purchase virtual items within the appandmay contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.
Blocky Zombie Survival 1.0
Explore the huge 3D Open World in thishighaction Blocky Zombie Hunting Game. How long you survive dependsonyour shooting skills. Trust me, you want to find them beforetheyattack you. Aim and shoot away.Its a difficult game. Only the most skilled hunters will beableto score above 10.About the game play***The map is a huge open world.***You take your character around searching forzombiehideouts.***Search for objects like extra ammo***Thrive for a long time by playing fast and playing smart***The enemies move quickly, so be ready to race out ofdanger***Your survival depends on your marksmanship***Hint : Look for the Zombies near the buildingsRoam around the nature filled forest, hunt and collect lootforcrafting and survival resources. Keep a close eye on your foodanwater levels. Its a war with the block zombies, and theycameprepared to fight.Think you have what it takes to survive this harsh 3D world?Givethis next generation Blocky game a try.Note: We are currently working out the bugs with themultiplayerversion. We are also working on the players ability tocraftobjects. Please be sure to check out our Shark, Deer, andTiger 3DSimulators. Good luck!
Zombie Survival 3D IA 2.8
Mada Games
Zombies have taken control of the city. Youarealone in a world plagued by zombies and your only mission istosurvive the waves of zombies that attack you. Search the citytoget new weapons to stay alive.Features:- Zombie Survival mode with 3 scenarios- First Person Shooter in 3D (FPS)- 3D modern graphics for mobile platforms.- More than 10 different weapons to use.- Bullet time- Compete worldwide for the first place.- Play fun minigames with zombies (sniper, basket)- ...Zombie Survival:Choose one of the 3 scenarios in Zombie Survival mode and trytoresist as long as possible. Waves of zombies will come toattackyou which you must kill. For every zombie eliminated youreceivemoney to buy more ammo and better weapons or to open doorsthatwill lead you to new areas on the scenario.Sniper GameYou are a sniper on a roof and must protect civilians that therearein the street. Waves of zombies will come to attack them andyoumust kill the zombies with the sniper rifle before beinghurt.Basket GameFun game where you have to put a zombie in a basket makingitexplode with an RPG. Each successful shot will add ammunitiontocontinue playing. Compete for the best score in the worldwithGoogle Play Services.
Zombie Frontier 3-Shoot Target 2.00
FT Games
Featured multiple times amongstGooglePlay’s recommended shooting gamesA virus has brought about the zombie apocalypse, the waragainstzombie has broken out and people are in immediate danger ofa gorydeath. As a survivor and zombie hunter, it’s up to you tomake thestreets your battlefield and shoot your way throughnumerouschallenging levels. ZF3D is an all new zombie shooting gamewithexcellent graphics, unmissable if you are a fan of thrillersorhorror games.Keep your finger on the trigger as you try to ensure yoursurvivalin a virus ravaged world. Upgrade your skills as a survivorandzombie terminator in frontline fighting, enhance your arsenalofweapons, such as sniper guns shotgun and rifles.Fight for survival through multiple cool game modes. Testyourskills in sniper missions and lead survivors to safety insupportmission.Come and experience a truly immersive 3D world andexcellentgraphics in this zombie action game! The zombie apocalypsemay havehappened, but that’s no reason to just give up.Take on the role of a zombie terminator against the undeadtargetsand shoot your way to victory over this zombie purgatory ofmorethan 120 levels. If you’re a FPS and shooting game fan, thenZF3Dis your next adventure!Stunning 3D GraphicsA horde of zombies are upon you. Will you escape or shoot yourwayout? ZF3 is an amazing, fully realized 3D zombie apocalypsegamecompleted with fantastic undead animations and graphics, it isthenext level in smartphone thriller and shooting games.Awesome Sound & MusicSounds effects and music will take you into the world of thefirstperson shooter. Feel as if you were there and experiencing arealzombie war.Numerous different undead targetsChallenge yourself against some of the toughest undead onthefrontline battlefield and shoot every targets in the head. Agoodzombie terminator won’t waste a single bullet.Innovative Gameplay ModeAcross numerous battlefields, ramp up the action with 5bossbattles, 60 sniper missions, and 2 DLG map, many support levelsandregular special events.Multiple Scenes DesignFrom urban area to the industrial zone, under the subway or onthetropical islands, even to the latest snowfield are allyourbattlefield, so easy to become addicted to thisadventure!Cool Arsenal of WeaponsIt wouldn’t be a cool shooting game without an impressivearsenal.Choose from more than 30 different guns with which to headintocombat. Blast your enemies with an MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle,FNSCAR, HK 416, and many more shotguns and rifles! Let alonevariousprops like adrenaline and grenade. Get your trigger fingerready,the undead must be eliminated.Weapon Upgrade SystemUpgrade weapons in your arsenal, increase their power, range,firingrate and more to take down stronger zombies. You can evenequip themwith awesome decals! Upgrade your firepower and survivethe zombieapocalypse!Special EventsTake part in special in-game combat and sniper missions to wingold,coins and other prizes!Take part in the fight to rebuild cities and civilizationsfollowingthe outbreak of the virus in the latest action packedhorror gameFPS from FT Games!
ZomCraft 3D Online 1.2
We know there are some issues withDrivingright now and some keyboard issues, we will be looking intoit andmaking an update by the end of March!ZomCraft 3D Online pits you against zombies in an openworldwhere you can customize your character, craft weapons , drivecarsand more! You can play alone or ONLINE with others andexplore!This game is a bit of a resource hog for it's size, so wesuggesthigh specs if you're going into ZOMBIE MODE. Sandbox andDeathmatchshould work with most phones!Features Include :- 3 GAME MODES :ZOMBIE MODE : Play a small open world and collect items,craft,hunt, and survive!SANDBOX : All the items are given to you to test out and playwithincluding vehicles !DEATHMATCH : Test your accuracy alone or go online and playagainstothers- EVERY MODE HAS A SINGLE PLAYER and MULTIPLAYER OPTION!- INVENTORY and CRAFTING systems!- SANDBOX environment with DAY / NIGHT CYCLES!- Next update...GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK AND WHO KNOWS! We willupdatethe game once or twice a month depending on feedback!Don't take our word for how fun the game is, here aresomeawesome reviews!"It's like Day Z Meets Minecraft"- My Mom"I've never heard of this game, can you shootzombies?AWESOME!"- My Friend"Another zombie game ? Jee that sounds fun.."- My Ex-FriendThis version is ad supported but if you would like an adfreeversion in the future please let us know and we may update away toremove the ads in the future. If their are any bugs orproblems (which I know their will definitely be one or two ) let usknow bycontacting our email at admin at twocoins dot net. We willbe happyto help!
Zombie Survival Games 1.00
Pinemo Bya
The ultimate collection get the bestandtopcurrent zombie games in just one app on android marketandthepopularity ranking based on the number of downloads.This app helps to finding the best and top zombiegames.ZombieSurvival Games including scary games thatchallenge,shootingskills to kill zombies, Zombie Road Racing,Zombie Roadkill 3D(zombie shooting games) rankings and expertfeedback frommarketthe game decided rankings.You are brave to encounter horror and scary, fightagainstbloodyzombies to survive your life (zombie survival game,zombiekillinggames)Application have added the game images to help youselectforexcellent graphics.Feature:- Most popular and new releases zombie games- Ease of access and installing- Zombie Fun game- Full HD Games- 2D Platform- Full 3D Zombie Games- Single Player, 2 Player and Multiplayer Games- Excellent Screenshots- Kill Zombies, Zombie Road Racing, Zombie Shooting Games
Dead Trigger - Offline FPS Zombies Shooting Game 1.9.5
Visually Stunning First Person ZombieShooterArcade !!!More then 26M downloads !* Supports extended effects on Tegra 3 devices *“The world has collapsed.In 2012 modern civilization is coming to an end. Globaleconomicshave been disrupted, money has lost its value. People haverisenagainst the ignorant politicians who were just lining theirpockets– and they didn't spare any of them.However, those who really ruled the world were prepared -andescaped. Suddenly billions of people died from a strangevirus,while others turned into butcherly beasts with justonethought:TO KILL!Only a few people on the planet have survived, at least untiltheyrun out of ammo... or learn how to stop them...”Smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies * Secure vital supplies *Saveother survivors * Protect the Safe Haven * Explore the city *anduncover the provoking truth in this intense FPS actiongame!¤ Get the best out of your device- Stunning graphics with advanced lighting andpost-processeffects- Full 3D characters and environments with an unprecedented levelofdetail- High quality 3D audio and a lively music soundtrack- Character animations recorded using high-end motion capture- Intuitive controls- Spectacular ragdoll effects (Tegra 3 only)- Water simulation (Tegra 3 only)¤ Enjoy the zombie slaughter in many different ways: blast 'emoutof existence with lethal weapons, blow them up withpowerfulexplosives or chop off their limbs and let them dieslowly- Shoot away their heads, chop off their limbs... kill themwithcreativity- Evolving zombie AI will keep you entertained- Follow the story or enjoy unlimited random missions¤ Load your gun and save the Earth!- Equip yourself with splendid high-poly realistic weapons- Utilise powerful gadgets including a laser amputator,bladechopper, baits, mines, grenades, radar and more¤ New online service from MADFINGER Games- Receive free updates with new missions, weapons,gadgets,characters and more* Known issues:- TapJoy Offers Wall is not implemented yet- The game was not tested on Sony Ericsson devices, if youencounterany issues, please report them [email protected]
DeceaZed 1.0.6
Survival Zombies Sniper 3D shootinggames.Plays as Sniper and has a mission to save Survivors. Aim andkillall zombies accurately and save the Survivors before the daysisover. As the game progress, zombies will get stronger, buyandupgrade the Weapon for better output to snipe zombies.It’schallenging gameplay, an awesome game for us to aim forzombieshead and kill the zombies.Features:#Intense action in the Zombie shooter#Huge Arsenal to choose from and upgradeable#Slow Motion Effect and Critical Head Shot Effect#Endless Wave of Zombie#Changing Day/Night#Stunning 3D Graphics
Zombie Apocalypse Survival 1.0.19
You are stranded in a postapocalypticwasteland! Your only hope: to await rescue by helicopterfrom alone surviving military outpost nearby.Beware! Walking dead roam the earth - the zombieapocalypsehas arrived, and now it's all about zombie survival. Lookout forwalkers, roamers, and zombie boss threats.But you are far from defenseless! All kinds of gunsandammunition are waiting for you to come find them, from M99mmpistols to M4 carbines to automatic shotguns. And keep a sharplookout for arms dealers and black market merchants to stock uponweapons, ammo and supplies.Lock and load with high tech weaponry; and once you areheavilyarmed, take on some missions such as zombie survivor rescue,orhome defense, or zombie boss assassination for extra cash.Makesure you always stock up on ammo, or you'll have to fall backtoyour trusty machete to clear the way.Can you survive until rescue arrives? Play ZombieApocalypseSurvival and find out!Music by Kevin McLeod: Unlight, Decisions,Shamanistic,Oppressive Gloom, Mirage, Redletter, Satiate, OnlyStrings, Echoesof Time, Dark Times
Dead Effect 2
The nightmare isn’t over. Plunge intothedarkness aboard ESS Meridian again!Looking to push the boundaries of mobile gaming to anotherlevel,Dead Effect 2 is a console-quality action sci-fi shooter withRPGelements.Challenge yourself in of its enticing storyline, with tonsofupgradable weapons, gear and high-tech body implants.KEY FEATURES:CONSOLE-QUALITY GRAPHICS AND SOUND• breathtaking graphics using the latest Android &NVIDIAtechnology• realistic effects and stunning environments• narrated by professional voice actors• atmospheric soundtrack and movie-quality sound effectsRPG LAYER WITH DEEP CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT• 3 personas = 3 different personalities• character training and development• unique system of 100+ upgradable body implants and gearsets• 40+ upgradable weaponsIMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY WITH CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS• 20+ hours of campaign gameplay and 10+ hours ofspecialmissions• elaborate system of achievements• full controller support• fully customizable on-screen controlsOPTIMIZED FOR NVIDIA SHIELD DEVICES• Portable, TV and tablet• X1 exclusive features: HDR, Depth of Field, high qualitytextures,bloom effects ???Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected], orcatchup with our latest news on our official website or a socialmediachannel of your choice:www.deadeffect2.comFacebook: Dead EffectTwitter: @DeadEffectGameYouTube: BadFly Interactive
New York City is the epicenter ofaterrifying zombie apocalypse in this multi-award winningfirstperson shooter. Choose one of five unique characters and jointheelite team known as the Wolfpack, a task force assigned tocombatthe walking dead threat and discover the secret behindthecataclysmic plague. Take time out from killing zombies tochallengeyour friends in online PvP multiplayer battles. Good thingyoubrought plenty of bullets!“Big, silly, violent fun.” -“Luscious graphics and intense action.” - AndroidAuthority.comTHRILLING SOLO COMBAT MISSIONS. ONLINE PVP MULTIPLAYER.TONSOF UNIQUE GUNS.• The final frontier in the war between the living and theundead!Fight for survival over 150 missions with an epicstoryline.Target unique enemies and bosses, includingSHERIFF, DODGER,MINESWEEPER, BUTCHER and more.• Take on players from all over the world with first personPvPmultiplayer. Or build your own zombie army in Skirmish Opsandgo to war against other player’s bases with yourundeadhorde!• More than 40 weapons in five classes, featuring theLSATmachine gun, SAIGA-12K shotgun, and the M24 sniper rifle.Justdon’t run out of bullets...• Loads of skins are ready for you to customiseyourcharacter and guns. Be the best dressed killing machine inthezombie apocalypse!RIDICULOUSLY INSANE GRAPHICSAt MADFINGER Games we push the frontier of what is possibleonmobile devices! UNKILLED is a feast for your eyes,withpost-process effects to create an immersivecinematicexperience. There’s high resolution, real-time softshadows andhigh-polygon character models, and don’t even get usstarted on ourSpeedTree vegetation rendering! Not to mentionshooting zombies inthe face results in lovingly renderedgore...SMOOTH FIRST PERSON SHOOTER ACTION!• Our unique MADFINGER Games control system for mobile devicesisapproved by millions of players worldwide. Support for awiderange of gamepads.• Intuitive gameplay. Our autofire shooting system lets you focusonyour survival.• Experience the new Adrenaline feature and put your aim tothetest. Target as many undead domes as possible!FEATURES• Design your hero for PvP with customisable skillsandloadouts, then combat real opponents in fivedistinctiveenvironments.• Become the Champion in ranked duels and leagues.Earn“intel” by winning PvP matches, levelling up your hero with ahugeskill tree.• Accept challenges and earn multiple rewards: VIP chests,gold,gadgets, money…__________________________________________Don’t forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: a question? Check
Pixel Dead 3.2.5
Pixel Dead!!Hunt zombies through easy control(Automatic shooting) andvariousweapons!And craft powerful weapons gathering materials from zombiesThe materials are able to be collected from each map(Machine Guns, Bazooka, Pistols, Axes and Grenades etc..)#Features#-Weapon Crafting System-Automatic Shooting System-Various Maps-Various Monsters-Ranking System#Updated Contents#1. Challenge to new threat!-Defeat added ‘Bosses’ at each stage-Kill the bosses, and you will get lots of gold as a reward2. Significant discounts of starter pack-Select 70% discount starter pack3. No limits of weapon upgrade-Buy and craft guns by gathering gold-Defeat the extreme boss with one shot4. Challenge to extreme mode-Massacre crazy zombies of new extreme mode
Dead Trigger 2 - Zombies FPS Survival Shooter Game 1.3.3
Fight for survival in a zombieapocalypsewith this heart-stopping first person shooter. Choosefrom aninsane arsenal of combat weapons and battle against thewalkingdead in terrifying environments around the globe.60+ million players are now battling for the future of mankind -canYOU make a difference?“Hours of fun in marathon sessions or short bursts.”“The game is improving upon everything that made the firsttitlegreat.” - ArcadeSushi.comMASSIVE, CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED CONTENT.EVOLVINGSTORYLINES.The Dead Trigger 2 universe is constantly expanding itsfrontiers.Every update features brand new content to makeyour gameexperience even more enjoyable.• Battle your way through ten regions and explore 33uniqueenvironments.• Grab your favourite zombie annihilator from 50 typesofweapon. Sharpen your shooting skills and take zombies outwitha bullet to the head!• Dive into the action with more than 600 gameplayscenarios,including Solo Campaign, Global Mission and SideQuests.Complete achievements, smash challenges and receiveexclusivein-game currency.MOUTH-WATERING GRAPHICSYou’ll be blown away by our frontier-pushinggraphics,including real-time water reflections, dynamicvegetation, andenhanced ragdolls. Explore varied locations andkill the undeadin diverse environments ranging from the desertedmines of Africato the alleyways of Shanghai. The apocalypse neverlooked sogood!TEETH-RATTLING GAMEPLAY• Brutal enemies - Some of the easier to kill zombiesmightbe a soft target for a sharpshooter, but you’ll need more thanoneshot for a formidable array of bosses. Get ready forKamikaze,Vomitron and more - powerful walking dead with aninventiveapproach to your extinction.• Awesome weapons - Get to grips with melee weapons liketheBig Hammer, Boat Motor and Machete. What’s our favourite? Checkoutthe Grenade Chickens, Rocket Chickens and special MachineGunmounted to Chickens. You’re gonna love ‘em…• Real time story development - Join the GlobalResistanceand tune in to stay informed as the global gameplaydevelops, wherethe actions of every single player can directlyinfluence the tideof war. Immerse yourself in different types ofoperation includingStory, Global Mission and Side Quests.TONS OF FEATURES• Tournaments for Real Prizes - Get ready for someseriousshooting! Go to war with players from all over the world intheArena, featuring custom combat gladiator rules every week.Become alegend in the new Purgatory arena…• The Finger is Mightier Than the Gun - Choose between atouchcontrol target system designed especially for casual playersor anenhanced virtual joystick for FPS veterans. If you preferconsolegaming, then go ahead - Dead Trigger 2 supportsMOGA.• Explore your personal hideout and meet the Gunsmith,Scientist,Smuggler and Engineer. These NPCs will help on your questforsurvival as you unlock incredible new weapons and gadgets.__________________________________________Don’t forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: a question? Check
Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! 1.5.3
Lights! Camera! Zombies! Zombiewood isanawesome free action shooter game. Survive the zombieapocalypsewith thousands of other players!***** “Zombie killing has never been so fun”***** “Best game for zombie action”The frontier has fallen and zombies have invaded Los Angeles;theonce glitzy and lavish streets - lush with movie starsandcelebrities - are now overrun with hordes of the evil undead.It’stime to bust guts, kill zombies and wreak explosive havoc -forfree! It’s game on, baby!*****Welcome to Zombiewood!*****FEATURES:√ Dash, run and slaughter in fun dual-stick shooter action√ Shred through wave after wave of crazy zombies√ Zap, boil & burn zombies with 30 wicked 'n’ wildweapons√ Cartoon style inspired by a Hollywood setting√ Wage combat in 20 different movies and 10 unique game modes√ Mix and match funny, outlandish outfits√ Rise to the top of the games leaderboard againstyourfriends√ Regular content updates with more free movies, guns, goreandnon-stop action!But that’s not all, there’s much more zombie action funtuckedinside - so go ahead, install Zombiewood today. It’s funny,free,and one intense adventure!For fans of shooter games, free games, arcade games andzombiegames!_____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or like usonFacebook at to get moreinfoabout all our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailers on our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Zombie Apocalypse Gear Marines 1.0.7
Welcome Cadet in metal zombie survivalpostapocalyptic simulator game - Zombie Apocalypse Gear Marines!Starship is quarantined by the martian Colonial HulkBattlestarafter the morbid outbreak of a plague inc infection thatcausedresurrection of the dead and turned them into bloodthirstygrosskillers. Killzone zombie apocalypse is rising! Join elitewarframeMGS Space Marine Corps Inc for deathrun and first assaultthe Deadoccupation on infested and unkilled martian starship!Becomewarmonger executioner, mercenary savior of the ColonialHulkBattlestar Inc and trigger first living and walking Dead!Yourmission is to prevent starship from becoming rottenfalloutzombieland! Don't save the shells! Let the bloodbathgamesbegin!Take your solid gear warframe and rush to killzone defensetheinfested colony! Stop the rising occupation!- Morbid and doom HD graphics in evil post apocalyptic horrorscifirace setting! This game is not for the weak amateur!- Challenge your friends in rotten martian zombieland race!Reachhighest score and survive 5th wave!- Annihilate hordes of gross dead colony zombies like ZombieDefenseHulk, Yik Yak Apoc War Trigger or Machinehead Riff,Infected Unicornand dodge them in last minute! Attack first!Assault evil to itsextinction! Let the bloodbath begin!- Get cash and buy new types of bulletproof vest and jackets!- Unlock new heavy weapons like Scifi Inc Riff Gatling, YikYakGungrave, 911 Incognito Crossbow, mgs V, Death Note ReachApocWars, Colonial Assault Rifle! They will help you survivethiszombie highway!- Pyre and dash dead with explosives and amunition! Don't savetheshells! Pull the trigger!- Even more explosives in deathrun- Unlock support skills (yes... explosives!). Make falloutkillzoneon the infested and unkilled! They are notbulletproof!- Enjoy warframe bloodbath with solid metal music riff tunesfromour rockstar Dealer! Slay the unkilled walking dead in thispostapocalyptic run simulator!If you are enthusiast of solid heavy metal morbid action racegames,Zombie Apocalypse Gear Marines Corps Inc is for you!Morbid and thrilling horror infection! Take your warframe vestandfirst assault rifle and start zombie defense deathrunbloodbath!Pyre infection! Remember, this game is not for the weakamateur,but for real rockstar survival warmonger and executioner!Reach outto new gross death trigger mgs v games! Stop this zombierising.Reach in the shop for new weapons, they will help yousurvive thisunkilled zombie!Race with solid metal music riff tunes by rising rockstarDEALER!Hell yeah!Don't wait! Death and fallout doom are coming! Reach out tomartiancolonial mgs v space marine Corps! Stop the rotten zombieplagueinvaders on Mars! Slay infested and unkilled zombieland,clear thestarship from plague inc infection, stop the walking deadkillzoneoutbreak. Become mercenary savior of the martian ColonialHulkBattlestar Inc! You'll be transferred there as incognitoamateurmercenary conscript cadet, equipped with simple task noteandbulletproof vest from MGS Space Marine Corps Inc destined tobecomeveteran survival warmonger. Don't save the shells! Startdeathrunon starship and eliminate the infested walking deadoccupation!From cadet conscript to veteran infection executioner!See if youcan survive to 5th wave of infection!Trigger the morbid warframe deathrun bloodbath inzombieland!Become true killzone doombringer! Apoc wars is risingdead! Stopthe rotten plague infection outbreak! Grow from veteranincognitoamateur mercenary conscript cadet into pyrewarmongerexecutioner!Enjoy this new free zombie apocalypse survival raceshootingsimulator! Scifi on android was never so morbid and grosslike truezombie fallout infection! Post apocalyptic zombielandoccupationunicorn run simulator!Join Space Hulk Marine Corps Inc! Death note was sent!Download NOW on of best new free zombie shootingapocalypsesurvival simulator games!
Dead Effect 1.2.1
Be careful, you need at least 160 MB FREE RAM to run the game."Dead Effect is prettyawesome.""Graphically, the game is top notch."-toucharcade.com4/5Stars"Dead Effect [...] strikes an impressive balance between humorandfear" 4/5ESS Meridian System: Wednesday September 7, 2045… 178 daysofhibernation.Delta 3 Chamber, Active… Tissue and vital functions Check.Error! Disruption Detected… Critical Health Detected.3… 2… 1… Awakening!Something is not right, the hibernation pods are all empty.Whatis happening?You are an elite member of the Unit 13. Fight for your life inaSCI-FI FPS game that will send chills down your spine.• Grab your phone/tablet, get in control and bringinfectedhorrors down. Your interface is zombie-shootingready.• An epic single player campaign awaits you with more than 5hoursof story gameplay. Space is cold and full of horrors.• Throughout the campaign you will find new weapons and moneytoupgrade your armory.• Discover the mysteries of the ESS Meridian, and wander arounditsimpressive environments with intense background music.• Use your special ability to slow down the time and defeat eventhetoughest enemies!• Will you take up the challenge and try to defeat all yourenemiesin survival mode arenas? Unlock all the achievements and getallthe weapons available!FOLLOW More info inDev Brain:inDev is a super small indie developer leaded byexperienceddevelopers (who worked on many different PC, console andmobiletitles such as Vietcong, Mafia 2, Cold War), enthusiasts andGAMERSabove all. Brain is only part of a slightly more complexorganism.Future is coming!Thank you for your support.About BulkypixCreated in 2008, BulkyPix is an international digitalentertainmentprovider based in Paris and San Francisco. With closeto 100 gamesin its portfolio, such as MyBrute, Autumn Dynasty, TheSandBox andSaving Private Sheep, BulkyPix has gone on to become oneof theleading players in the video games market for smartphones,touchtablets (iOS, Android, Samsung, WP7, etc.), PCs and Macs inlessthan four years. BulkyPix has also created a BtoBdepartment,BulkyApps, in a bid to develop, produce and publishapplicationsand games for such major groups as Véolia, Hachette,Siemens,Orange, Samsung, Antalis, TF1 and France Television. In thespringof 2012, BulkyPix secured funding from Axa PrivateEquity.