Top 23 Games Similar to War of Tank BattleField

Counter Terrorist Attack FPS 5.0
Counter terrorist attack is the actionpackshooting game. It is the war game. In this game you have tokill orencounter the enemies in their basecamp using newdestructiveweapons. There are multiple weapons used in this gamelike MP4,MP5, Shotgun, Advance Sniper Riffle etc.In this game you are an assassin and a brave commando. Youarefrom army forces. You can play in this game as a counterterrorist.You have to assassinate terrorists. You have to strivehard in thisgame so that no terrorist can run away. You have to aimand youhave to shoot them. You have to take head shots. This is averyfast shooting game. You aim and shooting must be very accurateandprecise so that you can kill your enemies with moreaccuracy.One of the most interesting features of this game is that youcanchoose ammo of your choice like machine guns, pistols, shotgunsandyou can also pick weapons in different places. You can alsoplaywith a sniper. Zoom in to find the target and to take it down.Youhave to travel deep in the enemy’s area to locate them andtodestroy them. This game has amazing 3D graphics. The gameofferseasy controls for the beginners and is very interesting gametoplay.You can play different missions by selecting them. There aremanymission levels. All buttons are on the screen like shootingbutton,move up and down button. To get into the next stage, youhave tokill all the terrorists. There are many different auto,loaded gunsin the game. The aim will auto target the enemy, whenyou are closeto him. The game has a short range rifle and longrange rifle. Mapsare very interesting. The game is of 55 Mb insize. The uniquefeature of this game which differentiate it frombattlefield combat,swat terrorist attack, frontier target snipperand other such gamesis that it is also available in MP4 and MP5players.Last, but not the least, the best thing about this game isthatyou can enjoy it for free.
Modern Battlefield: Combat 1.1
In a war where you are thelastsoldierremaining, you have to battle against the terroristarmyandeliminate all the bomb threats. Shooting the terroristforceisonly the beginning. In order to win this war, you need tofindanddefuse all the bombs.So reload your weapon and get ready to shoot your enemiesanddefusethe bomb in Modern Battlefield: Combat!*** Features ***- Multiple types of weapon to use: Pistol, Shotgun,SMG,Machinegun- Realistic 3D & HD Graphics running at 60 FPS- Super Immersive Sounds- FPS Shooter Battle as you've never seen before!
Battlefield Blitz! 1.2.8
They have giant bugs, goblins, andmassivegolems... But you have numbers on your side!Upgrade your army and put them into the fray in thisfast-pacedtower defense game. How fast you can create your unitsdepends onyour skills as a leader! Summon your units and overwhelmtheenemy!* 7 different classes of soldier are at your command, eachwith14 upgrade tiers* Upgrade your turrets into cannons and launch a fiery volleyattheir ranks* Increase your fortifications by upgrading your fort into apropercastle* Battle against dozens of different types of monster that arebenton your destruction* 100 levels of frantic game play!* Featuring beautiful 2D art by Daniel Ferenčak_____________________________________________________________FAQ:Q: Is there a way to manually scroll the battlefield?A: There sure is! Go to Options and click on "Tilt Scroll".Thiswill enable manual scrolling, which happens by tilting thedeviceleft or right slightly.Q: My turret is really weak!A: The turret starts out being able to deal with level 1through5 enemies if they get too close to your fort. Beyond that,you haveto upgrade it's functionality. Upgrading the type of turreton theUpgrade screen will give a flat damage increase and changethe typeof projectile it shoots. You can also increase its range,damage,and distance. When maxed out, your turret becomes a veryeffectiveweapon indeed!Q: I don't have enough gold to continue!A: Try playing levels you've already beat. You won't getthelevel complete bonus, but you will get gold for every enemyyoubeat, depending on their toughness!Q: How does mana work?A: Mana starts with a maximum of 50 and a slow rechargerate.Clicking on the icon when your mana is at maximum will consumethemana and double both of these properties 3 times per battle.Thiswill also give your units a speed boost for 20 seconds(thishappens any number of times per battle). Upgrading maximummanawill also increase recharge rate, or you can increase rechargerateindependently. To add to this: defeating enemies gives you abit ofmana proportional to their health, so keep this in mindbefore yousummon units!
Bounty Killer: Crime City 2016 1.8
Bounty Killer: Crime City 2016You are one of the best shooting combat soldier and commandoofMexican Army for the year 2016. This time officials are goingtohire you in battlefield of crime city which is crawlingwithgangsters. Aim and shoot enemies with your pistol andassaultrifles in combat battlefield. Alliance will be availablesoon buttill then you had to fight alone and earn bounty.In 2016 Walled modern city was biggest city of Mexico and itwasguarded by skilled armed soldiers and other alliance, secretandundercover forces. One most skilled undercover soldier ofallianceforces found guilty for playing double agent role andsellingbiggest secrets of city protection plan to enemy forces.WhenMartial court tried to arrest this skilled soldier he escapedwithblueprints of security plan from modern city and asked enemyforcesto come for his help and attack the modern city because heknew theskill of commando of modern city that they will find him atanycost and will shoot him. Enemy forces were already ready toattackthe walled city and take control of modern cityresources.Walled modern city is guarded by especially skilledsnipercommando on its walls and protecting city from wildlifeattacks aswell as enemy intensive military attacks. After the enemysoldiersgot the blueprint of security they invaded city with everytype offorces, snipers took snipers at the great wall and tankandmissiles helped them to break the walls and commando compounds.Nowthe buildings stand alone without its citizens. Huntingenemysoldiers gave control of this biggest city to criminalshootinggangster.Enemy forces shoot down every soldiers and commando in thecityand took every citizen as hostage. Now people call it CrimeCity.People in their houses’ basements are being hunted downandhumiliated intensively. These gangsters are using resourcesofcrime city and hunting innocent citizen turning the cityintobattlefield. The enemy perks aim for every man, woman and childandshoot them on the spot. Gunshots are heard every day in thecityand battlefields.All of our soldiers are hunted down and now you arebeingappointed as bounty hunter and brutal killer. Kill everygangsterand every enemy soldier in battlefield of crime city. Thereis noalliance for time being and we are working to get somesnipercommando for your hunting help. You have to aim and shootalone inthe battlefield and show criminal terrorists and shootinggangstersyour gunshot skills. Giving you the best FPS gamecontrols. Destroytheir entire biggest hide out posts and shoot allof them before2016 ends.Game Features★ Several battlefield to fight in with terrorists★ Realistic gun simulations and animations★ Full zoom capability for closer look and shoot★ Pistols and rifles to buy in the store from bounty★ Highly intelligent criminals to fight against★ Smooth FPS game controls and view★ Live Radar map to show criminal positions during gameplay★ Real time sounds for superb shooter experience likeneverbefore★ Exciting 3D Map with Realistic battlefield and fire show★ Smooth gun control and addictive game play★ Great level progression★ Best Shooting Game of 2016★ More features will be added in the next updateDownload Bounty Killer: Crime City 2016 now!Help Us: games run on each significant android telephone andtablet.In the event that anyway you experience any issue whichdoesn'tgive you a chance to make the most of our work, pleasereport it [email protected]
Navy Battle Field 1.1
Navy Battlefield, is a war shootingsimulator.You have been given a task to give cover the front lineforces andcommandos troops with your sharp shooters, snipersandsoldiers.The enemy Naval Force has been sent on ships to attack your baseandassassinate your troops. You are the commanding officer of thebestteam with short and long range snipers equipped with modernweaponsto snipe the enemy marines before they arrive at thebeach.will beattacking you from multiple locations. You must actfast and keeppulling the trigger to keep yourself and you platoonalive.Navy Battleship, is one of the best First Person ShootingFreeGames, your Army has to conquer the battlefield and attacktheenemy naval forces with determination. Navy Battlefieldincludesrubber bullets and head shots options. Alpha Army has toexpressits professional expertise with clear vision without anyhesitationto clear the ground.How to Play:- Use left joystick to aim- Press scope button to zoom- Press shoot button to fireGame Features:- Realistic Environment- Interactive Gameplay- Smooth Graphics- 3D Special Effects
Gunner BattleField Shooter War 1.0
Battle Sniper Shoot is a totally freegame.Youare an army commando which have assaign a mission to fightagainstenemies.Its an Battlefield war in snow mountainEnviroment.Fight as brave soldiers in battlegrounds of World War iiexperiencea dramatic and sttunning battle, life-storysingle-player,death-dealing journey in the Day and Night in thesnow mountainenvironment.Commando had on duty as Frontline Commando at war time ofWW2:D-Day. Naval warfare WARSHIP on special mission inthebattlefield!Commando Mission: Enemy has occupy the Snow mountain armybase,there are huge store of light and heavy weapons includingshootguns, long range sniper rifle gun, grenade, Shotguns,Handguns,Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, RPG, Ak47,M16,Rockets and even missiles for transport to surround army troopsinthe snow, mountain and jungle battlefield. It is extremelyrequireto get army base back from deadly enemy to transportessentialammunition by military truck and trailer to surroundingbattlefieldfor save the world. Must complete the mission impossibleat anycost.Battle Sniper Shoot is a rescue type game.In this game yourmissionto find your civilians.Battle Sniper is a ghost commando warwhichhave ultimate Fury actions.In this game have Last missionisMission Impossible.BattleField Commando have gunner shooter like missionandactions.Its a contract Killer Base Game.You have assign acontractto save your civilians from enemies.Features:1:Excellent realistic simulator with FPS shooting rangeandmodern combat experience.2: Challenge commando covert strike mission - IGI 23: Realistic Snow Environment, Interactive And AddictiveGameplay,Smooth And HD Graphics and 3D Special Sound Effects4: Addictive And Attractive gameplay mission.5: Digital radar system provides real time enemies locationandmovements.
Stickman Battlefields Premium 2.1.1
Djinnworks GmbH
Now on sale foraverylimitedtime!Experience ultra realistic andactionpackedarcadebattlefield atmosphere in this awesometacticalarcadeshooter.Equip your favorite weapons, explosivesandgadgetsandbattle through the single player campaignortake partinthe realtime synchronous multiplayer onlinemodewhereyoucan even board vehicles, tanks or attack helicopterstobattleyouronline enemy players. Play in highlydynamiclandscapes,rangingfrom snowy mountains, beautiful beaches towindyforests.Destroytrees, blow out all the windows of buildings oruseyourtank totrample down everything right before youparachutebehindtheenemies lines.No Ads, No Gold, No Energy, No In-appsFEATURES:- Unlock everything by rank, no In-Apps or disturbing videos- Ultra realistic and actionpackedarcadebattlefieldatmosphere- Fast paced arcade military shooter- Story Mode and single player campaign withmorethan100missions- Realtime synchronous multiplayer mode- Bootcamp missions- Various different locations (Beach, Forest,Mountain,Snow,Rain,etc…)- Various weapons (M16, M32, M320, PP2000,Shotgun,M2010SniperRifle, AT4 Rocket launcher, Glock19, etc…)- Various explosives (Grenades, RGOs, AT Mine, etc…)- Various gadgets and equipments. (Parachute, LaserSight,BodyArmor,Camouflage, etc…)- Various vehicles you can control(Tanks,Humvees,Apaches,Stationary Guns, etc…)- Weather system (Rain, Snow, Wind, etc…)- Tons of upgradeable items and weapons- Integrated leaderboard and achievements to unlockTake a look at the StickmanBattlefieldsTrailer: free to post your ideas, we will try to implementthemassoonas possible
Thank you very much for all your support and interest inourgames!Wewould love to hear your suggestions!
Game of Battlefield : Warzone 1.1
Game of Battlefield: Warzone is a firstpersonshooting game. Your duty is to protect your base and holdyourenemy to not enter the city. The enemies attack is furiousandtheir strategy is to crush everything that comes in theirway.Being equipped with the latest machine guns and rocketlaunchers,you need to destroy their Tanks, Trains andHelicopters.Their military helicopter, war planes raid the publicplaces.Invading your country with the heavy machines and makingeveryplace as a war zone.Enemy has made alliance with the opposition and paid heavy pricetofew of gold diggers and traitors. The fire of ignorance is goingtoaffect all. In this clash of power everyone seems hopelessIt’s a call of modern warfare and it’s a monster strike.Thebattleships of enemies are on the shore and more troops areontheir way.You are alone in this warzone protecting your countrymen fromthebrutal army, attacking everyone.Loosing this battle is not acceptable; you need to win at anycost.Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel. Whoever wins,will beremember as a LegendThe mission you have been assigned are surely meant tobecompleted.Enjoy this amazing 3D shooter game "Game of Battlefield"! AndPleasedo not forget to leave comments about the game, yourcomments are sovaluable for us.Top game features-Multiple weapons-Variety of Armors to protect-Medical kit-Air strike-Enemies with Gunship helicopters, Humvees, Tanks-Challenging missions-Machine gun and upgraded RPG-Optimized controls-Amazing 3D environment
BFS multiplayer 1.3.15
BFS is a real multiplayer action spaceshooterdogfight game that has following great features:- Match up with other players online;- Incredible space shooter experience against real opponents;- Invite friends, share your results;- Get higher rankings by winning opponents;- Improve your results, enhance your level and unlockadvancedspaceships, weapons and perks for free;- Get awards for achievements and compete with other playersinchallenges;- Track your own and other players game statistics;- Challenging maps at advanced levels;- Training mode.Participate in game challenges, shoot more rivals, wintournamentand get special awards and game features!
Chopper Battlefield-Helicopter 2.6
In Chopper Battlefield-Helicopteryouwillbecome a helicopter pilot and suppress wars and terrorsinvariouscorners of the world.This is a helicopter battle action game thatcombinesthestate-of-the-art 3D graphic technology, flightcontrolsimulationand modern military information. Become ahelicopterpilot andengage in combat missions across the world. Themoment youstartthe game, you will lose yourself in the excitementof a newkind ofaction game that you have never experienced before.e307c8c675
Zombie Battle Field 1.0.1
Zombie BattleField is number 1 actiongameinstoreDrive your car through a zombieland ,Fire your guns and kill all zombies in your way and earn moneytobuyand customise new vehicles. Is your vehicle not strongenough?Whynot add a gun, or boosters, or even a spikedframe?enjoy with the amzing game Zombie BattleFieldControls :TILT the device left and right to steer the RIG intodebristokill the Zombies when they catch your RIG.TAP on the screen to shoot the ZombiesKill/Smash the Zombies and unlock more powerful RIGs.★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★★★ Intense zombie-blasting action and racing gameplay inadeadrace !★★ Kill Zombies to earn cash & buy powerful RIG.★★ Stunning 3D Graphics.★★ Three Different and Powerful classic RIG.★★ Shoot the zombies tsunami with Amazing guns★★ Endless mode.★★ Download free full version game and enjoy unlimited play!★★ Optimized Interface for a touch-based device.★★ FULL HD graphics with high quality★★ And more things Will know in the battle fieldthis Game " Zombie BattleField Dead Race " developed byDevStarif have any problem contact us
Tank Attack: Gunner War Sim 3D 2.2
The great 1990s panzer tank battle isallsetup with modern combat and war of tank with tank attackgunnerwar simulator ready to attack within the enemy territories ashugeGerman panzer gunner tanks are appointed behind the enemylines,the battle of metal mayhem, power and dominance of the worldtodominate the supreme land through the deadliest war of tankandworld war II has just begun, Major General Tanker is waitingtobrief you as huge enemy panzer tanks are all over the battlearenaloaded with deadly warheads, you will enjoy thisrealisticbattlefield game of panzer tank attack gunner warsimulator3d.As an army commando, you have been awarded with medal of honorthatplaces you into the role of an allied commando of panzer tanks,youare in command of huge panzer tank battalion, being an expertofmodern warfare and battlefield commander and ace panzertankoperator, engage yourself in tank attack gunner warsimulatorexperience. Fight your way through the enemy battlefieldand leadyour battalion of panzer tank attacks in the deserts withrealisticbattlefield environment, engage towards your enemy’sborders and donot go behind enemy lines as your opponent is fullyequipped withheavy artillery and gunner German panzer tanks fullyequipped todestroy your battalion, your objective is to engage theenemyforces to occupy key locations and supply points, lead yourlethalpanzer tank battalion with tank attack gunner war simulatorwithhigh-altitude bombing, ground firing and cruise missilesattackingin this panzer tank game that brings you back to thewar-riddenyears.Lead your panzer tank battalion with army commandos andenterdirectly into the war zone, lead your brigade from front intankattack gunner war simulator and defend your country’sintegrity, itis more important to engage yourself in panzer tankand stretchyour enemy an extreme destruction through war of tanks.You willface heavy retaliation from your enemy’s panzer gunnertanks, heavyduty machine guns, as your enemy is on high altitudeand haveambushed deadly obstacles and land mines laid down behindthe enemylines to avoid your panzer gunner 1990s tanks to crossthem.Another tank battalion along with solders, army commandosandsnipers is backing and supporting you, loaded with sharpshooterson foot to engage towards your ballistic enemy, you have anairattack support through your air strike jet fighters, apacheandgunship cobra helicopters as well. Beware of enemy’s aerialairforce and gunship helicopters.–– TANK ATTACK: GUNNER WAR SIMULATOR 3D GAMEPLAY ––Tank Attack Gunner War Simulator is a free-to-play game,prepareyourself for a real battle, take the hot seat and simulateyourpanzer gunner tank into the battlefield with intensecombat,survive against the legendary world war 2 armory like T-34,Tiger,Sherman, simulate into modern war fare like Merkava, Panzer,Tagiland mighty M1A2 Abrams, engage into the war of tanks fromallaround the world. Take control of this highly rugged and toughWarMachine, engage yourself into the battlefield, set anarmedformation and take your enemy at all Strike With Might.Completeextreme missions and eliminate targets successfully inthisfree-to-play game and engrave your way to further challenges,be anundefeated hero, your panzer gunner tank is an state of an artinmodern tank technology and is fully equipped with high-endwarheads and precision weapons with target focusing, maximumdamageability, efficient high end navigation system and radartrackingwith first person view controlling along with zoomshotfeatures.
Tank Toy Battlefield 1.0.1
Play this new adventure game called TankToyBattlefield by BrightestGames.Your goal is to finish all levels, get to the finish line inonepiece and destroy all your toy enemies with your cannon.Play this fun and exciting game and clear the battlefieldofenemies.Features:- Challenging gameplay- Many levels- Tricky obstacles- Realistic vehicle physics- Friendly graphic- UpgradesYour goal is to finish all levels and destroy your othertoyenemies with your cannon. In this fun and exciting tankfrenzygame, you will see how the gravity of the battlefield affectsyourtank. Don’t forget to make a pit stop at the garage aftereachlevel so you can refill your nitro or upgrade your tank withsomeawesome tires and more powerful engines. Be patient and try topassover the moving platforms. Increase your skills online and havethebest time here. Have a blast online, only here on yourfavoriteonline gaming platform!
Commando Jungle Action 1.0
Commando Jungle Action– Anamazingactionadventure game for everyone! Join the battlefield asanarmycommando. Enemy soldiers are everywhere and their missionistokill you. Fight against enemy’s army as a well-trainedcommandoandsurvive in this war so, try Commando Jungle Action.Great appforthose who love action and war games. Ambush and killenemiesbeforethey kill you, Survive at all costs! Feel like arealarmycommando, battling against enemy’s forces in jungleswiththisamazing war shooter game kill enemies with your gun to endupthisbloody war and stop the battlefield. Use wide gunarsenal,upgradeyou’re fighting and shooting skills to destroyenemies tosave yoursoldiers’ lives. Enemy has taken your land andthey maketheir campand making trouble in your country. You are onlylastperson leftfrom your force. It’s your challenge to killenemiesbefore theykill you and take back your land from enemy andbecome ahero. Theyalready got information about your mission andthey areready tokill you. Enemy is alert. You don’t have enoughammo tostole enemyweapon and use on them and complete your mission.Youhavedifferent varieties of weapon and best luck formission.Experiencethe ultimate 3rd person shooter with stunningconsolequalityvisuals, precise controls, advancedphysics,destructibleenvironments and full voiceovers. Jump into theheat ofbattle andpush your device to the limit. Masterchallengingobjectives inAssault, Sniper and Rocket Launchermissions to clearwar-tornstreets and rural villages of Axisinvaders, Becomespecialoperations solider to take down thedeadliest, high-profileWW2enemy officers and destroy valuablemilitary targets usingsnipers,machine guns and tanks. Make itpossible because no missionisimpossible when you are a trainedcommando. Wage the sniper waronthe enemy’s soldiers and demolishthem with your gun strike.It’sthe foz of the enemy so give them ahard push to defeat them.Youhave to destroy the enemy tanks,gunship heli flying over thesky.All the enemy soldiers will attackyou once they get alert.Thiswill be the real test of your commandoskills in enemy’sterritory.Kill all the soldiers before the rainingbullets smashyou out. Youare loaded with various weapons. There areoptions tochoose thedesired gun you like for shooting. You can viewtheenemiespositions in the radar and then attack on the soldierstokillthem. There is no chance to get back from this war sokeepyourselfcool and relax to take accurate aim of enemies. At theendyou haveto reach safely on aircraft carrier...Keep in mind; he is the vicious terrorist you are going toswat&kill. More advanced features of the crusade againstterrorallow yourchoice of ammo, like shotguns, Ak-47, andmachine-gunsfrom differentplaces during action.You have to destroy the enemy tanks, gunship helis flyingoverthesky. All the enemy soldiers will attack you once theygetalert.This will be the real test of your commando skillsinenemy’sterritory. Kill all the soldiers before the rainingbulletssmashyou out. You are loaded with various weapons.Features:• Addictive game play.• Rich graphics.• A FPS action shooting game• 5 levels of thrilling missions• Top quality weapons used• Real war arena• A combination of commando and sniper shooter• Use modern radar to identify enemy location.• 3D stunning graphic.• It’s totally freed game and easy to play.How to Play:• Touch the right half of screen for look anywhere left, right,upordown• Move forward, backward, left or right withjoystickcontrols.• for joystick touch and swap on left half of screen• Tap Fire button fire.• For enemies at far distance, use the telescopeforsnipershoot.• Detect enemies by the help of radar and Map.Join this jungle battlefield; Upgrade your gunarsenal,shootingskills and war tactics to kill enemies!Play Commando Jungle Action– amazing action game for everyone!
Diep Tank War - fun .IO game 1.3
Diep Tank War is kind of war ofgeometrygamethat slithering the tanks to move and shot othertanks.Try to shot as many tanks as possible.The tanks are beautiful geometry shapes.The enemies try to kill your tank and have to avoid themandtryto shot them.This game is a battle arenaThere are more than 10 kind of tanksTry to fight to defeat your friendsWarning: it is very COOL game!!! Diep Tank War 1.0.1 is a tank battle arena.Defeat enemy tanks.Upgrade your tank.60 Different kinds of tanks so far,more to come.
Tank War TD 1.0
A new game from Microsoft Innovation CenteratDuy Tan University!This game is a combination of side scroll tower defense gameandshooting game. Join the justice force and push backtheenemy.Game features:- 30 challenge level to complete.- Get higher level to increase shooting damage and HQ health.- Spend skill points to upgrade troops and skills.- Reach higher level to change turret and HQ appearance.
Frontline Gunner: Commando War 1.0
Frontline Gunner Commando: Think you areanarmycommando in this bloody war, you have been given amissiontoinfiltrate the enemy base, shoot down the enemies andeliminateallof them from remote enemy camp. You are expected tosucceed atallcosts. Wish you good luck and stay safe.The enemy is brutal, attacking with soldiers,gunshiphelicopters,aircraft, tanks and mobile gunner vehicles.Enter thebattlefield;reclaim your countries honor and stop theenemiesadvance throughsuperior gunner firepower and clearthefrontline!The fog of war obscures the battlefield, an alonegunnercommandois defies all odds to defend his country, againstthebrutal enemyinvasion. Holder of multiple medal of honor medals,heis the bestgunner in the army known to rip anything that movestoshreds in thebattlefield.Game Features:> Missions full of explosive warfare combat action> Enjoy realistic gun simulation> Sniper view system added> Great level progression> Smooth gun control and addictive gameplay> Also optimized for android tablet devices> First person shooting> Excellent Forest environment> Multiple weapon system> Easy GUI and controlsYour Mission Objective:You are dropped at night in a bad weather at a secret enemyarmycampnear jungle border. Use map and clear small enemy unitthatwill tryto protect the camp. Expect a great clash ateachcheckpoint, so showyour strength to kill enemy soldiers, makehellon earth for them,and advance step by step and reach thecenterpoint. Destroy allimportant enemy assets like fuel andammunitiondumps, target armorand military vehicles so as to breakthem.After that find and gethold a red box of classifiedenemydocuments hidden some where in thecamp.We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajorandroid phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissuewhichdoesn't let you enjoy our games, please [email protected] are happy to see your feedback with ratings. thanks
World War Battlefield Sniper
Become a world class top sniper anddefendyourfortress. The world war has begun and lots of greatsoldiershasjoined the fight. You are holding up the front linefrombeingassaulted by enemies army. Your task is to use powerfulweapontodefend.This will be a tough modern war and there are lots ofweaponslikecanons, tanks, rockets used for attacking yourfortress. Canyouprove yourself to be the best elite member inMarine team? Useyourgreat shooting skills and take down theterrorists. Win thiswar!
Army Commando Fury Shooter 1.0
Darkness Commando War Zone Rescue 3D isafreebattle zone rescue commando game with thrillingcommandowarmissions to rescue the troops in conflict zone bykilling theenemysoldiers. This is an action filled commando warzone killinggamein which you have to enter the battlefield and killtheenemiesusing heavy weapons like rocket launchers, ak 47, m4andhandguns.Have the real battlefield experience and realize whatoursoldiersWarrior, a rock-hard physique withdestructiveskills.Commando War Zone Rescue 3D is like combat war.CommandoWarZoneRescue 3D in dangers actions.SEE AND FEEL THE ACTION AND FIGHT WITH ENEMIESThe ultimate 1st person shooter with stunningconsolequalityvisuals, precise controls, advanced physicsanddestructibles. Jumpin the heat of battle and push yourAndroiddevice to thelimit!War Against the enemies.COMPLETE DEADLY MISSIONS AND SAVE YOUR COUNTRYEmerge from destructible cover points to take downhelicopters,jeepsand heavily defended enemy bases. Fight offincreasinglydifficultwaves of enemies over a variety of combatmissiontypes.Rescue Mission With Powerfull Game Play.COMPLETE DANGEROUS MISSIONSMaster challenging objectives in Assault, M24,MP5,SniperandRocketLauncher missions to clear war-torn streets andruralvillages ofAxis invaders! Become a special operations solidertotake down thedeadliest, high-profile WW2 enemy officers anddestroyvaluablemilitary targets using snipers, machine gunsandtanks.Its Like Mission Impossible.POWERFUL WEAPONRY AT YOUR COMMANDNew and improved weapons are at your disposal to help leadtheAlliedforces to victory. Fight with your whole arsenal andutilizemachineguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers,flamethrowers, andmore.Choose your weapon of war and eliminateyour targets!Battlefield commando sniper 3d is used Lot OF Weapons.DESTROY ENEMY BASES AND DEFEND YOURS AND YOUR COUNTRYAssault other players’ HQ, steal their resources, and defendyourIMFHQ against attack! Fortify your defenses with upgradeslikedrones torepel even the most stubborn attackersDestroy The Enemy Camps and Fight With Dangerous Enemies.HUGE VARIETY OF OBJECTIVES AND MISSIONSAssassinate high-profile targets, Eliminate all enemiesatstreetlevel, Survive sudden ambushes, Defuse hidden bombs,andGhost yourway through enemy lines.CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPON KITUpgrade weapons with scopes, silencers, and magazines andoutfitJackwith throwing knives, body armor, and brassknuckles.Download Battlefield Commando Sniper 3D NOW..!!Features:Excellent realistic simulator with shooting range andmoderncombatexperience.Challenging commando operation mission - IGI 2Challenging commando operation mission - FrontlinecommandoWithDeadly ActionChallenging commando operation mission - Frontline commando:D-DAYamost wanted game play.Challenging commando operation mission - ImpossibleMissionsAndDifficult Levels.Challenging commando operation mission - CONTRACT KILLEREffectAndActions.Challenging commando operation mission - Call Of DutyLikeEnviromentAnd AI.Challenging commando operation mission -Counter StrikeLikeGamePlay.Excited and realistic combat sounds with fire effects.Leaderboard to share your stuff to global mobile gameplayersandclose friends.Digital radar system provides real time enemieslocationandmovements.Addictive gameplay mission.Wonderful environment with mountain cliffs and hills.Superb sound effects while horrible clash.Marvelous GUI design and easy control.Fabulous first person shooter 3d game.Tremendous multiple Weapons with tons of ammunition.Burning fire make the environment extremely hazard.How to Play:- Drag screen, aim your shooting weapon- Use the joystick to move your character- Switch weapons quickly with one click- Use telescope to shoot long distance target- Unlimited shooting ammunition- Kill all the terrorists to win and rescue
Tank War - Battle Tank 1.0
Tank War in 2015 you fight aboardapowerfultank of war and need to defeat your enemies intheair,helicopters, and on earth, the army soldiers who shootinalldirections. Do not let the enemy defeat you, shootthehelicopterslaunch missiles on your battle tank, protectyourselfand attack!Download Tank War free and enjoy!
Tank War Attack 3D 1.1
Game Unified
The US enemy units have a launched amassivetank war attack to eliminate to the remaining Talibanterroristsfrom the mountains of Torabora situated in the outskirtsof theAfghanistan. US Army is using Tanks, Navy Gunships, andMarines inthis war attack. They never thought that this war attackwill turninto tank war as surprisingly Taliban also have massiveammunitionunder their belt . The tank war has just started and nowonly youcan save the captured US marines. This tank attack hasturned intoa mini war and the team has named it as “Tank War Attack3D”.Tanks and helicopters are considered to be the backbone ofanyarmy unit and keeping your strengths in mind, you have beenchosento drive a tank for this war attack and eliminate alltheterrorists. These terrorists are dangerous and haverocketlaunchers, tanks in their own armory. But they dun have asoldierlike you who can drive a tank attack without taking care oftheirown life. This is a modern tank war and tank attack is themostdifficult to survive in any war attackGame Features FeaturesGame Play:- Use the on screen navigational controls to move forwardandbackwards- Use gyroscopic controls for rotation and altitude control- You are equipped with two weapons, Mounted machine gun andmissilelauncher- Use the radar to track down enemy tanks and soldiers- Mounted machine gun can inflict damage from long range,whereasmissile launcher operates effectively at short rangeFeatures:- Real 3D Graphics environment.- Natural sound of Helicopter.- No connectivity required while playing.- Radar system to indicate enemies.- Loving, addictive and Full of fun.
Tank War 2016 : World War II 1.1
Funmart Games
Prepare for a real battle with TankWar2016:World War II. Get to the battlefield! Many World War IITankstochoose from. Cash on every mission by destroying enemytanks.Usecash $$$ to upgrade your tank or buy tank you want. Therearemanypower-ups to choose from to gain the power. In Short, TankWar2016is one of the best tank games of all the time.NO ANY IN-APP PURCHASES, JUST GET THIS GAME AND ENJOY3DTANKGAME.Tank War 2016 : World War II Features:- Stunning Fast 3D graphics- Different missions and locations: mountains,villages,cities- Training missions- Different Campaigns in Germany, Europe, SaharaDesertandRussia- Power-ups and upgrades- Unlimited ammo- Unlimited fuel- Improved controls- Real tanks from World War II- Soviets, German, British, Pakistani and American tanksAll tanks has different features and differentdamagelevel.Different parts of tanks has different level of damage.Enjoyallthe wonderful scenes in TANK WAR 2016!In Tank War 2016 : World War II you can upgrade yourtankfor:- Speed- Armor- Damage- Reload TimeEnjoy Tank Battle 3D: World War II and please write usbackwithsuggestions on how we can improve the game.