Top 1 Games Similar to Busy Traffic Roads 2016

Bumblebee Race 1.10
An amazing obstacle race! A bigbumblebeeisdodging cars, mischievous flies and other obstacles.More tasksforyou to get gold awards. Weather and time change, thesceneryisdiverse.Being big and heavy the bumblebee does not enjoy making itswayinbetween grass blades, rocks and trees. It enjoys flyinginvastspaces, which offer much room for its big body, andthebumblebeecan even take a nap during the flight. This is howhefinds itselfon a highway. And this is no good! No chance fortakinga naphere!Its life depends on its own agility and intelligence! Neitherbignorsmall cars take notice of the bumblebee flying towardsthem.Thusescaping them and speeding when necessary is thebumblebee’sownproblem. Motorcycles are no better – a special skillisrequired toavoid collision with them. If no escape ispossible,and a vehicle’swindshield is right there, promptly usethe brakes.Speeding is forthose who are not scared of anything andwant tosave time. All thismaneuvering takes so much energy!Therefore donot forget to collecthoney, which is necessary forsurvival! Thehelmet will help not tobe afraid of a one-to-onecollision with avehicle. The umbrella willprevent the wings fromgetting wet inthe rain and keep steering asif in dry weather. Beaware ofmischievous flies as because of themthe bumblebee can getintoturbulence and lose control of itsflight.