Top 24 Games Similar to Farm Truck 3D: Hay

Euro Truck Driver (Simulator) 1.6.0
Ovidiu Pop
Play thenewTruckSimulatorUSA: Truck Driver lets you becomearealtrucker!FeaturingEuropean trucks with lotsofcustomizations,thistrucksimulator delivers anexcitingdriving experiencethatwillmake you feel like driving realtrucks.Travelacrossmanycountries from Europe, visit incredibleplaceslikeBerlin,Prague,Madrid, Rome, Paris and more! Play thecareermode ofthistrucksimulator, make money, purchase newtrucksandupgrades,explorethe trucking world! Challenge yourfriendswiththeonlinemultiplayer mode, show off your customizedtruck!BecometheKingof The Road by playing Euro TruckDriver!New Multiplayer System!Features:• 7 European truck brands (4x2 and 6x4 Axles)• More than 20 realistic cities• Drive across country roads and highways• Easy controls (tilt, buttons or touch steering wheel)• Realistic weather conditions and day/night cycle• Visual damage on trucks• Detailed interiors for each truck brand• Amazing engine sounds• Improved AI traffic system• Online Multiplayer with Servers or Convoy mode• Achievements and Leaderboards• Request new trucks or features on our Social Pages!• Controller Support, play with yourGamepad!TryitonAndroidTV!
Truck Simulator 3D 2.1
Ovidiu Pop
Tired of parking trucks? Then you have toplayTruck Simulator 3D! Driving a big truck can be difficult, willyoube able to finish all the jobs? Truck Simulator 3D is set inUSA,inlcudes 11 big american cities, 8 cool trucks to choose fromand alot of unexpected features! Try to be the best Truck Driver intheworld, become the King of the road!Truck parking is nothing, become a real driver and playTruckSimulator 3D!Features:- American map including all the major cities- Realistic truck physics- Traffic cars system- Different trucks to drive- Truck customization- Day & night cycle- Realistic damage, fuel and fatigue- Tilting, buttons and steering wheel controls- Interior Camera for all the trucks!- Cool and smooth graphics- Challenge your friends with online rankings andachievementsTruck Simulator 3D is now MOGA Enhanced! Available atmajorretailers, carrier stores and onlineathttp://www.MOGAanywhere.comFor a smooth game play we recommend minimum 1GB RAM memory and 1GHZdual core processor. Have fun!
Truck Simulator : Europe 1
If you are tired of parking games this game is for you.Drive your truck between cities and highways!Select your job and deliver your cargo in an open world.Complete the jobs , become a real trucker!You can change position of camera by clicking camera buttonandchange angle of view by swiping on the center of screen.Features:- Realistic truck physics- 10 different trucks to drive- 11 different trailers- Day & night cycle- Damage and fuel- Tilting, buttons and steering wheel controls- Manual & Automatic gears- Interior Camera- Excellent HD graphicsHave a good drive!
Truck Simulator : City 1.4
Try to be the best Truck driver in thecity,become a real trucker!Find a trailer with the red indicator on your screen and parkyourtruck to the parking spot by following the green indicator.You can change position of camera by clicking camera buttonandchange angle of view by swiping on the center of screen.Features:- Realistic truck physics- 7 trucks to drive- Day & night cycle- Damage and fuel- Tilting, buttons and steering wheel controls- Manual & Automatic gears- Interior Camera- Excellent HD graphicsHave a good drive!
Grand Truck Simulator
Disclaimer: This is a beta version. Thegamewas not finished yet.Recomended hardware: Quadcore - 1GB RamGTS is a truck sim for mobile. These are some of itsfeatures:Realistic physicsRealistic fuel consumeMods: You can make your own skins for trucks and trailersordownload from other guysYou can modify suspensions, lights (xenon), pente na turbinaandautomatic brake assist (only for modern trucks)You can damage your body truck and broke glassesFull working truck and trailer lightsFull working truck dashboardAirhornReal life truck sounds for engines, brakes, horns,Different types of trailers: Chassis, chassis + trailer, 3axlesemi, 2 axle semi, 2+1 axle semi, bitren 7 axle, etc.Realistic sun system (Day and night)FogYou can hire drivers and buy deposits to park your fleetoftrucksThe map is based on some little citys from Sao Paulo - BrasilYou start with a basic truck and by getting experience willgetbetter trucks and jobsAnd remember, this game is not finished but we are working hardtomake your dreams true :)You can follow us on facebook to get the latest new aboutgamedevelopment or other players skinswww.grandtrucksimulator.com
Heavy Truck Simulator 1.970
Be the King of Road in "HeavyTruckSimulator"Features:- Beautiful Brazilians locations;- Many Trucks, from the old to the newest ones! (more trucks tocomeon next updates)- Great Graphics;- Realistic Physics and Gameplay;- Dirt Roads with bumps and Holes brings more reality and fun tothegame;- Many Trailers and jobs (more trailers will be added onnextupdates);- Day/Night Cycle;- Many cities based on Brazilian locations;- Fuel Stations;- Sleeping simulation, you can sleep on the wheel;- You can change the graphics quality to fit your needs;- On/Off Engine;- Traffic Ticket System (Speed trap);- Bi-Train;- Road-Train;- Rigid Truck;- GPS;
T Truck Simulator 8
Umisoft Games
Update 03.08.2017In a long, extensive and comprehensive map, you canexperiencerealistic 'Tire Simulator' driving pleasure with realtruck truckmodels. With superb engine control and air brakingsystems, you canexperience beautiful moments. 03.08.2017 With theupdate, Garageand new trucks have been added and a real truck trucksimulator hasbeen developed. You can park the bridge and earn goldand reachother trucks in the garage. Good games wish#umisoftgames03.08.2017 New Features Added# 5 Grain Real Truck Models Added.#The Garage is Integrated.The map has been expanded and improved.# Real Tr Car lorry and gold collection feature added.Game controls are optimized. Additional features were addedtoenhance driving pleasure.# The real truck truck simulator will continue to developandevaluate negative comments in every positive aspect youplay...# UmisoftGames is a nice and fun game.
Truck Speed Driving 3D 3.3
speed roads 3d game. this game is atrucksimulator game on roads. your goal is to put in the truckwithoutdropping the load to the end point you to deliver within thetimestipulated.- real truck simulator.- high quality graphics- realistic driving pleasurehave fun..
Off Road Cargo Truck Driver 2.0
Get ready for the realistic andexcitingdriving experience. Drive offroad cargo truck to explorehillyenvironment and test your mountain driving skills. Drivingonhills, mountains and steep paths is a real driving challengeinoff-road cargo truck driver simulator. Operate trailer trucktotransport people & cargo and become a real gigantictrucktransporter.Extreme Hill Climb driving is the ultimate driving duty totransportcargo through the rugged terrains, mountains and hills.Yourtransporter truck might be carrying dangerous cargo sodrivecarefully. Paths are difficult to drive on but you can handlethisjob with your perfect driving skills . Mountain truck drivingwithcargo transport is an awesome concept for everyone to playin2016.An objective based transport truck game where you have tohandleyour big truck with trailer. Attach the trailer with yourheavytruck and drive through hills. You will drive the heavytransporttruck in extreme hill driving conditions to yourdestination.Offroad terrain, hills, forests, mountains, extremetwists anddifferent weather conditions will test your drivingskills! Driveyour transport truck carefully and try not to damagecargo. Haveyou ever tried to drive huge transport truck withtrailer? Try itnow by playing Offroad Cargo Truck driver Simulatorgame!Drive mega transporter trucks and transport cargo to thedestinationon hill areas. Drive through the mountains and hillswith highspeed. Land sliding could block your path anytime.Extreme weatherconditions with rainfalls and lighting could makeyour drive evenmore difficult. Your ultimate truck drivingchallenge begins as aoffroad cargo truck transporter tycoondriving job. Drive theultimate off-road hill climber truckcarrying cargo. Show yourskills as the extreme pro trucker todrive heavy duty transportertruck carrying cargo like drums andtransport people as well. Becareful on dangerous twists and turnsand deliver cargosafely.Off Road Cargo Truck Driving Simulator Game Features:• Real Experience of Off road Cargo Truck Driving• 20 Exciting Game play Missions• Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting• Amazing 3D Graphics & City Environment• Pick & Drop to Transport Drums & Peoples• Thrill of Driving on Hills, Mountains and Steep Paths
Truck Simulator PRO 2017
Zuuks Games
Brand New Game from Producers of CityDrivingand Traffic Driver.Completely realistic missions and Truck driving experiencearewaiting for you.Build your own company and increase your revenue. Become the Kingofthe road by playing Truck Simulator PRO 2017.GAME FEATURES- 4 European and 4 American truck brands- Detailed interiors- Realistic truck driving- Realistic traffic system- 50+ Challenging level- Drive across country roads , city roads and highways- Various camera angles (Inner cam, Front cam, outer camandmore)- Realistic weather (Rainy, Snowy, Sunny, Foggy weathers)- Realistic traffic rules- Realistic pedestrian traffic- Amazing 3D graphics- Realistic Truck sound effects- Achievements and Leaderboards- Easy controls (Tilt, Buttons or steering wheel)- More than 15 language supportCompletely realistic Truck driving. Download Truck SimulatorPRO2017 game right now for free.HOW TO PLAY- Start your Truck by using Start / Stop button.- Fasten your seat belts.- On the right side of your screen, bring the shift to“D”position.- Control your Truck by using break and acceleration buttons.TIPS- You may choose how to control your Truck on theSettingsmenu.- During the night missions, you can turn the headlights on byusingHeadlights button.- When your Truck ran out of gas, you can buy gas from the Garagebytouching gas button.- If you follow traffic rules during the game, you will earnmoremoney.- The faster you complete the mission, more money youwillearn.You can reach us for any questions or [email protected]_________________________________________________________________Our website: http://www.zuuks.comFollow us on Facebook: us on Twitter:
Truck Simulator : Offroad 1.1.9
This is the most realistic truck simulatorgameon android market.Did you ever stuck in the mud? You will!If you want to became a truck driver and this is imposibble forsomereason for you you have to try this game. Incrediblemission,realistic physics and optimizated truly detailed graphicsfor everydevice.You can unlock items and share it on leader boards withyourfriends.What do you have in this game:>Realistic physics>Detailed enviroment>Optimizated graphics, it doesnt matter what yourdeviceis.>Ultra, High, Medium, Low graphic options.>Mud, Rope, River etc physics>Different kind of vehicles>Different type of seasons>Day/Night missonsAnd more of them waiting for you.
Truck Parking Legends 1.1
**game idea**What a nice idea to drive a real truck in the cabin of truckandenjoying each movement on the highway without any trafficintrudingthe drive to maximize the fun. Ultimate truckchallengedriving/parking now begins with the click on screen. Pakcargo withrealistic truck on highway with load inside to give yourealdriving and parking experience. Not bragging about featuressomeare described below.**camera views**Game continues and you can enjoy different camera view of roadanddrive with ease and get to the destination and deliver the cargoonits parking palace. Delivery cargo truck maybe is not in therightcamera view of your choice and you are not able to drive andparkproperly so you can change the camera view for your ease and attheend achieve high end results in the game play.**truck**We have tried to provide you with best truck model available tousand we have given you nice realistic physics control tomakeresults more feasible and provided you with different truck ineachenvironment as per requirement of the season in the scene. youcanuse this ultimate parking truck. You enjoy the experienceoff-roadbig wheel truck parking.**environment**Kid and parent are very sensitive to environment some want toplayin snow but some not and short to say every one want to playtruckcargo parking in his or her desired season with specificconditionbut we have provided you three different weather withdifferentvehicle on board. These heavy vehicle have properties oftheir ownand are not like other games as you have played before.Every drivehas a purpose and this drive has purpose to amuse you.Truckparking legends help you learning traffic driving and parkingtobecome old school driving master.**sound**Realistic physics and realistic sound effect provided insidethegame are really entertaining and will keep you busy andentertainedwith hand free in your head moving on the road orstanding onsubway in wait of your real school bus simulator. Trucksimulatordrive on off-road extreme mountain cargo with highly steeppathwith objective drive is ready for you to get duty.**duty**Be a responsible driver and carefully drive on the twist ofroadlike a pro heavy transport driver in real hill climb. Youshouldcarefully drive the truck for parking in its right palace andavoidto clash with stones. Rugged terrain may give you some hardtimebut you have to be prepared for land sliding and road blockwithoutdropping your luggage being transported for the relief ofpeopleyour job is to reach at required point carefully steeringyoursmooth drive with brake and be the road king. Each achievementofgoal will open a new exciting level think it like your jobanddrive American version of euro truck on Pak motorwayacrossdifferent cities. We guarantee you will not be tired orfeelfatigue by driving this amazing game with madness until yourmobilebattery die out without getting any damage to truck. Interiorviewand sky view both are provided and unlimited fuel make thisgameaddictive and you will be an amazing trucker driving bump overroadand avoid accident with hydraulic brakes.**characteristics**• Nice sound effect• Continuous supply of fuel so you can carry on till the endofbattery• Best cargo simulation truck parking game in store• No need to pay real money it is free for kids and all ages inallover the world• 3 different amazing game play• Every game play have 11 Different challenging levelsforparking• 22 wheeler and other large trucks• Customize camera view according to your need• Game screen adjust to all device types and all resolutiondevicesto give extra ordinary result• Hand break used for drifting• Steering wheel to control the truckdisclaimer game includes ads for meeting the expanses of team andweappreciate your positive reviews and rating and valueyourcontribution in making this game great. Write us in themail
Real Truck Driver 1.13
Rooster Games
You're legend of the truck anymore whenyouplay this game! You are driving a truck in 3 big cities, youcanget all jobs in these cities. You can carry cars, bigcontainers,huge vehicles and you can get more money for buying newtrucks.You'll create your own transporting carrier inside the game.We areoffering you an endless truck game.Game Features:*Excellent HD graphics*Realistic environment and vehicle sounds*Realistic traffic*3 different cities*6 different camera angles*Realistic truck physic*Realistic truck damage*Carrier mode*Brand new trucks*Endless game scenario
Mountain Truck Climb 2.2
Are you ready to drive lots of trucksonseveral countries?This is a truck simulator game that youcandiscover amazing graphics and intelligent trafficsystem.Manylevels on world tour.Improve your simulation truckexperience whenyou drive your truck on city highway or mountainroads with trafficcars.-Multiplayer will be activated soon.-Tilt or steering wheel option.-Intelligent traffic system.-various camera angles.-lots of truckClimb on mountains with gas button and stop truck withbrakebutton.
Truck Simulator 2014 Free
Drive your truck in this amazingsimulationgame for Android!Choose real trucks, to drive in real cities with real names inthiselaborate simulation.Many different trucks to explore the gorgeous landscapesandenvironments on Truck Simulator 2014.FEATURES:Trucks available:- Transport truck- Cargo truck- Tank truck / fuel truck- Fire truck- Peterbilt truck- Scania truckScenario- Very detailed city.- Detailed roads and landscapes- Lakes- Real traffic with accurate IA.- More then 40.000 kilometers (24.840 miles) of area coveredonlandscapes, scenarios and cities.The simulator is compatible with more than 5000androiddevices!We want to improve each day the experience of driving trucks inoursimulator, getting closer to real world driving! So please,contactus with your feedback!Have a good drive!"Optimized for Intel x86 mobile device"
Truck Parking Simulator 2 2.1
Truck Parking Simulator is a truck simulator with realisticcontrolsand dynamic gameplay.This game simulates various parking skill.In this game, you need to connect the trailer to your truck andparkto the desired parking spot.Find the trailer with the red arrow on your screen and parkyourtruck to the parking spot by following the green arrow.You can change angle of view by click camera button.Control your truck with steering wheel, acceleration andbrakepedals.Shift the gear to forward or backward as you need.------------------------------------------------7 trucks and 5 trailers.------------------------------------------------
Farm Truck 3D: Silage 1.3
Jansen Games
Welcome to Farm Truck 3D: Silage!As a farmer you sometimes have the fields far away from the farm,inthis situation it is more efficient to use a truck instead ofatractor, because a truck can drive faster and it can loadmoresilage. In this Silage edition of Farm Truck 3D you'll learnhow todrive with a silage trailer, you have to drive a cornerreverse, oryou have to drive forward into a tiny spot for example.In 15challenging levels you'll learn how to control your Silagetrailerand Farm Truck. You'll see that if you take your time,you'll beable to finish all levels. As a Farm Truck driver itisimportantto be patient.Farm Truck 3D: Silage features:- Farm environment- Air brake sound- Google Play Games- 15 levels- Easy truck controlsWhen you enjoyed Farm Truck 3D: Silage please support usbyfollowing us on Twitter:
Truck Driver 3D: Extreme Roads 1.26
Start traveling across the highways of Texas and become the kingofthe Route 66 and other roads, drive for hours as a real truckerandexplore the big and beautiful 3D open world in Truck Driver3D:Extreme Roads. In this newest and biggest american trucksimulator3D game of 2014. You can explore the career path of a realamericantrucker, as a trucker who be delivering important cargoacrosslarge and impressive distances. With a large amount of citiestoexplore, drive around in big rig american trucks. Test notonlyyour driving skills but also your endurance and more as youarepushing it to the limit! Start your engine and set off for thebigamerican roads in this awesome 3D truck simulator game.In this exciting 3D extreme trucker game you get to testyourdriving skill in a big open world, full of differentlocations,treacherous roads, travel across the road network, visitthebeautiful cities, fill up your fuel tank of your truck totravelacross the major roads in this insane 3D truck simulator gameonandroid. As this game is set in America you can pick realamericandesigned trucks to drive in. All the trucks are based onrealtrucks, drive, pick up a big variety of cargos, and make sureyoudeliver them on time in . Earn money to upgrade your trucks,getbehind the wheel of the trucks that are inspired by realbigamerican truck manufacturers. Deliver cargo between fourmajorTexas Cities. Start your Career as a real american trucker intheemployment of your own little cargo transportation company, workashard as possible to buy newer trucks, new cargo licensing.Upgradeyour trucks and keep them in the best conditions formaximumperformance on the Texas roads.Truck Driver 3D: Extreme Roads - 3D truck simulatorgamefeatures:Realistic 3D truck simulator environments30 different cargo types to deliver at distributioncentres,industrial area’s, farms and ranchesWatch out for traffic violations, don’t crash into crash orcauseaccidentsLevel system, the better you are the bigger the earningsRealistic damage, don’t fall asleep behind the wheel take somerestnow and thenTruck customization of the nicest american trucksthis 3D truck simulator game offers you three realisticamericantrucks to begin with newer trucks will be added lateronDifferent trailers for different kind of cargo’s, new trucksandtrailers will be added on later.Hours of gameplay, travelling massive roads will take time!So if you are tired of parking trucks, then you need to playthisnewest truck simulator 3D for sure! Driving trucks can bewayharder than driving smaller cars, busses and other vehicles ontheroad. So finish up your job earn cash and become the truckerkingof the american roads in this Truck simulator game, its aadventureof a life timePlease give us some support by rating our game on Google Playorfollowing us on:Facebook - -
Oil Tanker Transporter Truck 1.5
Let’s start the heavy duty oil tankertruckengine, drive the powerful oil tanker & enjoy the oilcargotruck driving experience to facing the off road mountaintraffic.Oil tanker transporter truck is one of the best liquid fuelcargotransporter truck game with an ultimate fun of oil tankerparking& driving simulator experience. Let’s play the oiltankertransporter truck game that has a real oil tanker drivingskills tocontrol heavy duty trailer on offroad tracks. Yourultimate duty isto make sure continuous oil supply to off road gasstations.Oil tanker cargo truck is an off road oil delivery duty&professional driving game in which you have to drive andcontrol along heavy trucks with an oil tanker attached to it.Yourresponsibility is to maintain fuel supply mountain areas&first of all you need to fill your oil tanker from oilrefinery anddrive to deliver highly flammable gasoline fuel todifferent offroad gas stations within time limits to meet thedemand of petrolor diesel. You will drive this heavy duty oiltransporter truck toits destinations with extra driving care &accuracy.Oil tanker transporter truck is a driving simulation game foryou& objective of this game is to drive from oil refinerytopicking up fuel and delivering oil to the offroad petrol&diesel gas stations. Your duty as cargo truck driver is toreachsafely on destinations. Oil tanker cargo truck is a drivinggame inwhich you have to drive a long heavy trucks with oiltankerattached to it. The main objective of this game is todriving,parking & transport safely high dangerous gasoline fuelfromoil refinery to different off road gas stations. Now put yourhandson the oil transport tanker steering and be the off roadmaster ofthe hills. Challenge yourself to become an expert driverof thisheavy fuel transporter truck.Oil Tanker Transporter Truck Game Features:Driving Experience of Heavy Transporter Truck with Oil Tanker10 Exciting Levels to Enjoy Oil Tanker Truck DrivingDriving Fun on Mountain Roads with Real TrafficHeavy Truck Driving Simulation with Smooth Steering &HydraulicBrakesDifferent Camera Angles to explore the 3D off RoadEnvironmentA Unique Concept of Mountain Oil TransportationAmazing Gameplay with HD GraphicsPlay As a Virtual Oil Transport Truck Driver Duty
Oil Truck 1.6
Off Road Oil Truck Transporter game is aimedtotransport oil from one gas station to the other gas station inoffroad environment. Your duty is to fill gas inside oil tankerand totransport your truck to its destination with your truckdrivingskills. Off Road Oil Truck Transporter is a truck drivingsimulationgame in which you have to drive beautifully designedspecial vehicleand tanker for oil transportation. The aim of thisgame is totransport high flammable gasoline to different gasstations.The gameplay is really beautiful with off road majestymountains,valleys, water, and soothing natural scenes. Enjoy oiltruckdriving in cloudy,rainy and night scene environments withextremefun. You have to drive carefully in rainy weather and whenyou aredriving at night to keep your oil tanker safe. Be thefurious truckdriver and transporter of oil tanker. Drive your trucksafely totransport oil tanker in required off road gasstations.It's wonderful to drive oil truck and work as transporter ofoilbetween beautiful hills and mountains. Play as the extrememountaintruck driver and transport oil tanker to gas stations. Offroad oiltruck driving is full of adventure and crazy experiencewithreal-time physics based transporter vehicle to drive aroundtwistedturns and breathtaking hilly scenes. You will enjoy the OffRoadOil Truck Transporter simulation game by playing it.★★★ FEATURES ★★★♦ Amazing controls and time challenging Gameplay♦ Awesome driving controls of truck♦ Real truck driver simulation experience in mountainsandhills♦ Extreme truck driving challenge to safely transportflammableoil♦ 10 Gameplay levels for user fun in complete offroadenvironment♦ Complete off road map of the paths for user guide♦ 4 different real transporter trucks♦ Different camera views including dashboard♦ Fill and deliver oil to gas stations as your duty☀ Don't forget to help us with your valuable ratings. Itencouragesus to make interesting games for you and for your familyandfriends☻
Transporter Truck Sea Animals 1.0.4
Top 3D Gamers
After Transporter Truck Farm AnimalsTop3DGamers is presenting you the new & excitingadventureofTransporter Truck Sea Animals. Sea animals transporttruck isanextreme city road driving simulator game. Drive bigrigdeliverytruck and rush on heavy traffic roads to transportseaanimals fromdock to aquarium, food factory and stores.Thisultimate driver andparking simulator game is fun and adventurewithultimatechallenges of driving in the highway traffic. Tocompletethe citytrucker duty you need to steer the grand euro truckwithultimateprecision and deliver sea animals. Don’t crashaccidentwith anyother car, drive safe and perform extremedriving.Driving big Lorries in small city streets is always abigchallenge.This transport trucker game will give you realisticandexcitingdriving experience with full on highway racinganddrivingchallenges. Loader truck game contains best andamazinggraphicswith realistic truck controls and transport truckingduty.You willalso face some impossible ultra parking lots where youneedto parkthe large trailer truck in limited time. You alreadyhaveplayedmany cargo, mountain climbing and logging trucks gamesbutthisgame have the most decent graphics and perfect controls.In this sea animals transporter game you need to loadseaanimalsincluding fish, sharks and other creatures from theharboranddeliver it to different aquarium and stores in the city.Tocompletethe mission you need to reach targeted location in agiventime, sobe ready and drive in rush to reach delivery pointandsupply seacreatures.
Sand Excavator Truck Simulator 1.0.6
Amazing Gamez
Ever wonder how it would feel like to driveasand excavator truck, how it would feel to control the heavydutyvehicles like digger, dumper, bulldozer etc. here you getthechange to drive and control a heavy construction truckforexcavation and transporting sand and rubble in a constructionsite.Set at a construction site your tasks should you choosetodownload and play this sand excavator heavy duty transportergamestart with loading the dumper trucks using real physicsenabledSand Excavator Crane and transport sand where requiredwithin duetime.Features- Awesome construction site environment 3D- Amazing sand excavator controls- Amazing dumper truck controls- Digger driving- heavy rubble transporter- Sand Excavator crane driving experience- 10 challenging sand excavator and sand transporter levels- Heavy truck driving simulator- Realistic physics controls for driving heavy sandexcavatorcrane
Trailer 2.7
iPlay Studio
Park your vehicle in Car Transport Traileranddrive cars to destinations. Do you think you can manage ahugetruck that can carry heavy load? Car Transport Trailer 3D willgiveyou the mega experience of driving car transporters andexperiencehauling the heavy load. With this ultimate cartransporter game,you’ll test your driving skills at parking carsinside thetransporter and driving the big trucks yourself.In this extremely fun driving & parking game, we challengeyouto try this mega vehicle carrier and transport cars tothedestination. Park the cars carefully and maneuver them onthetrailer so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot.Thendrive the massive truck while managing the load on top. Soyourparking troubles have doubled.These high value beautiful racing cars does not belong to you,yourduty is to transport them safely. Make sure to fulfil your dutyandtransport these awesome cars to the marked destination withinthegiven time.You need to use the 3D camera and maneuver your big lorrythroughthe streets of the city. These automobile transporter truckswillbe very crazy at the turns of the roads. So, be carefulwhileturning these big lorry trailer car transporters.Parking games usually are challenging yet simple, but this gamecanbe very crazy because you are not only driving a huge lorrytrailerbut that heavy duty lorry also contains expensive cars totransportthem to their destination.★★★ Features ★★★◆ Challenging and outstanding environment.◆ Select any of the 4 big trucks.◆ 20 Challenge Base Missions.◆ Clock is ticking so transport these racing cars on time.◆ Extreme precision 3D truck simulator.◆ Great dynamic game play.◆ Excellent sound effects.◆ Amazing 3D graphics.◆ Map of Whole City◆ Different camera angles that give you more control
Farming Simulator 14 1.4.4
Start your agricultural career inFarmingSimulator 14 on mobile and tablet! Take control of your farmandits fields to fulfil your harvesting dreams.As well as a refined look and feel, Farming Simulator 14 givesyoudouble the number of farm machines to control, allauthenticallymodelled on equipment from real agriculturalmanufacturers,including Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Kuhn,Amazone andKrone.Features:- New highly detailed 3D graphics and a slick user interfacetakeyour gameplay experience to the next level- Play with a friend in a free roaming open world in the brandnewlocal multiplayer mode for WiFi and Bluetooth- Plant wheat, canola or corn and sell it in a dynamic market- Mow grass, tedder and windrow it to create hay bales to feedtoyour cows, then sell their milk to the highest bidder- Make money by selling grass or chaff at the Biogas Plant- Hire computer-controlled assistants to help you withyourwork